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Cold Hands [ Elsamaren ]

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Elsa strolled through the woods of Northuldra, her pet salamander named Bruni snuggling into her shoulder. She learnt to create a snow cloud to cool the spirit down.

It was early morning in The Enchanted Forest, the birds were singing an all too familiar song, the Earth giants peacefully slept in a nearby river as their snores echoed throughout the land and Gale the wind spirit wondered through the air, going no place in particular.

Elsa, after a few minutes of walking, found a calm spot by a small lake and sat cross legged under a huge oak tree. It towered over her, almost protecting her.

She didn't tell anyone, but she had kept writing in a journal type of book to express her feelings. She wasn't necessarily writing a diary, she was just bad at expressing her emotions considering she used to be locked in her room for years on end.

Elsa sighed and began scribbling down the routine she had done today.

"-Woke up.
-Had breakfast with Ryder and Honeymaren!
-Carried logs from woods to camp
-Flew a letter over to Anna in Arendelle
-Practised controlling powers"

Elsa found herself smiling when talking about Honeymaren. She had never really knew why, but when she talked to the brunette her knees would feel shaky and her heart became warm.

It was in these times she felt like she needed her sister. Anna would always babble on about her feelings, saying whenever she was with Kristoff she felt 'free' but 'nervous'.

"'Maybe I should talk to Anna, what do you think Bruni?" Elsa smiled at the small creature as it attempted to lick the falling snowflakes around him that she created.

The creature smiled and cooed at Elsa, rolling over onto its back and sticking its tongue out.

Elsa giggled and scratched its belly. "You're a cute one!"

A loud neigh could then be heard in the distance. Elsa's head snapped into the direction of the beach and grinned to herself. The water nokk wanted to say hello.

The blonde quickly got up and shuffled over quietly to the beach, only to see an amazing site.

Honeymaren was topless, using a spear to try to catch fish. The brunette seemed to of noticed the water horse and eased closer to it.

"Man.... she's fit....and toned.... and pretty.... wait what? Get it together Elsa! She's your friend, you shouldn't be nervous."

Bruni jumped off of Elsa and into a nearby tree, smiling his cute grin at the site of Elsa's red cheeks.

Elsa however didn't seem to notice, as she was paranoid if the water nokk would react positively to Honeymaren.

Honeymaren was mid thigh deep in the water, slowly edging towards the water horse. She held out her darker skinned hand and cautiously shuffled in the water towards the horse.

It neighed and trotted all around her, sniffing and giving the girl a once over. Elsa was just about to reach out and stop the nokk from hurting her special friend, but stopped herself when the horse nudged it's nose into Honeymaren's hand. It was like the horse knew the fate of the girl and trusted her.

"Good boy. So you're Elsa's water horse that she keeps talking about." Honeymaren scratched the creatures chin as the horse lifted its head proudly and ran back into the cold water.

Elsa sighed softly, happy that the water horse liked Honeymaren. She then decided to sneak up on the tanned girl.

She slightly crouched and stepped onto the water, ice forming around her for once covered feet (as she was wearing boots), trying to be as quiet as an ice making spirit could be. Honeymaren seemed to be mostly distracted by the beautiful sight of the early morning sun glowing on the water spirit that jumped in and out of the ocean sea, instead of the noises around her, which benefited Elsa.

The Fifth Spirit launched a small shoot of ice around the brunettes waist, making her stuck. Elsa then ran up to her and whispered in her ear. "Hi there."

Honeymaren flinched in surprise, glaring at her playfully. "Hey there Elsa, what brings you here?"

"I was just strolling around, and then I heard the water spirit running around and decided to check it out, and it seems it led me to you." She smiled slightly, her voice soft and low.

The brunette chuckled and shook her head. "Can you um, maybe get me out of here?" Elsa then went slightly red out of embarrassment.

"Oh yeah, I sorta forgot to do that didn't I." The blonde with a flick of her wrist effortlessly erased the ice around Honeymaren's waist. She then pulled her up to her ice platform. Elsa felt Honeymaren's soft skin on her fingertips and realised she was so close to the brunette and was holding her waist. She could analyse every feature on the girls skin, from her chocolate brown eyes that were so light they could be like gold in sunlight, or her faint freckles dotted around her button nose, or her toned stomach.

Elsa's cheeks became a bright pink as she awkwardly put her hands at her side. "U-Um—."

"It's okay Snowflake, I don't mind it," Honeymaren winked with a small smile, "lets go for a stroll." Elsa became speechless and flustered at the nickname as the tanned girl took her hand in hers gently and walked back to the end of the ice path, deciding to sit in a warmer part in the sand that wasn't affected by water.

Elsa demolished the ice leftover in the water and joined her friend on the sand, sitting with her legs spread out, shoes off and to the side.

They sat in silence for a few moments. The two girls felt so comfortable with each other, even with all the confusing moments they had been having lately with one another. The subtle flirting, touches and the like. They were both too oblivious to notice half the time, especially Elsa.

Honeymaren was the first person Elsa felt incredibly comfortable with, apart from her sister, and it made her feel warm. And for a girl who could create literal ice, snow and living creatures, warmth on her skin was a rare thing.

All her life she had been just a cold, lonely girl. Now she was somewhat free, to a standard. She now was a protecter, but a free one at that.

"What's on your mind Elsa? You seem a bit out of it." Honeymaren giggled, fidgeting closer to Elsa. They were now merely inches apart, if they both looked towards each other there would probably be about an inch long gap between their faces.

Elsas breath hitched as she tried to get out the words. "I-I don't know Maren it's just, all my life I've been locked in a sort of cage, I've been restricted to the same room, same clothes, same routine. It was a prison cell, all because of one stupid mistake I made when I was like eight," The blonde stopped her words and took a deep breath in, she needed to get this out and luckily Honeymaren understood, as the brunette put her hand on top of Elsa's, "and I thought maybe one day I could get out and apologise to Anna and everything would be happy. But then m-my parents died and everything happened at the wrong time and I went completely nuts. I needed to be free, I couldn't be a queen. And I thought I was doing good by pushing everyone away. I even hurt my sister, and that was the last straw for me. I thought these powers were an awful curse that I was just destined to have, but then I met you...."

Elsa stopped herself for a second and then went red, Honeymaren noticed this and smiled to herself, "YOU and the tribe! I met you and the Northuldra people and it was just so—nice. It was so nice to relate to people in some way. I feel so free here and I finally know my purpose. So I guess I'm saying my thanks to everything in this forest. Even though I do miss my sister and friends."

"Wow, that's quite a lot Snowflake. I mean, you are the fifth spirit. You're an actual goddess and we only told stories of it before you arrived. You are meant to be here, and I'm glad it was you that ended up being the spirit, you're cute, adorable and fitting, 'Ice Queen'." Honeymaren teased, imitating Elsa's snow powers with her free hand and making dorky noises.

Elsa rolled her eyes playfully and made it snow above Honeymaren's head. The brunette gasped and annoyingly wiped it off her hat, huffing like a toddler. Her cuteness made Elsa chuckle. "Call me 'Ice Queen' one more time Maren, I dare you." The fifth spirit smirked, making Honeymaren turn away shyly with a sheepish smile.

The blonde ended up zoning out after a while and looking down at then ground, only to find that her fingers were intertwined with Honeymaren's. She didn't know when this had happened, but she wasn't complaining. She also got a view of the girls stomach.

Elsa was cut out of her thoughts when she heard Honeymaren giggle, it was an angelic sound. It was soft and sweet sounding, it was warm. It was the opposite to her. The brunette rested her head on Elsa's cold shoulder, sighing contently, as she had seen Elsa's zoned out staring. She looked like a goofy little kid on Christmas. Elsa found herself getting more flustered and awkward by the second, accidentally making light frost appear on Honeymaren's hat. Usually she could control her powers, but this time for some reason she couldn't.

"You always feel cold, don't you..... ice queen." Honeymaren mumbled teasingly, feeling how tense and cold her friend was.

Elsa took a deep breath in and blinked hard, restricting her laughter. She turned to Honeymaren and sighed.

"Honey, I'm gong to give you a ten second head start because of my powers, but I suggest you start running."

That comment made Honeymaren squeal like a little child.