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Order of Events

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There was a moment of stillness within Geralt as he watched what was going on in front of him. It might be time to consider a small vacation toward the South - As the North was honestly more trouble than it was worth. The problem being the farther south you go, the more dangerous the contracts. Whereas the Witcher work in the North was relatively safe and easy, making a good amount of coin quickly for killing a Nekker. The same couldn’t be said in the South. Vampires especially were more likely the farther South you looked. 

Yet maybe that rule couldn’t be relied upon. After all, the threat in front of him right now was no small thing.

In fact, it was the most dangerous thing that Geralt had ever found himself faced with - and he had been part of the Wild Hunt. 

Gaunter O'Dimm was anything but an easy enemy. 

The smart thing to do here was just to let Olgierd meet his fate…

Yet Geralt would be lying if he claimed that he hadn’t started to like Olgierd. He was a fascinating man, and above all, he was a morose man. Regretful of the things in his life that went wrong, though even the dimness of the immortality that he had gained. Well educated, spoken, and he had a group of people that followed him faithfully. Yes, Geralt had come to like Olgierd von Everec.

“Wait.” Geralt heard himself say.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that Geralt had shown obstinacy toward an extremely powerful being. 

"Do not interfere, Witcher. Remember what I did to the last fool who interrupted me?"

Geralt ran through all that he’d learned from the old professor. There was a way to beat him at his own game - Olgierd had tried. He thought limits to the power of the being in front of him and thus attempted to use clever phrasing. O’Dimm had found a way around that. It wouldn’t be smart to attempt it, knowing well that O’Dimm was quite good at conversing those particular waters. 

“I was thinking we could make this a little more interesting,” Geralt found himself starting, still with no idea where he was going, but not willing to test O’Dimm’s willingness to wait for some sort of response, “I propose a game. Higher stakes, more risk, more reward.” 

O’Dimm as a person wouldn’t be able to turn down at least hearing the offer. Geralt seemed to have read the man correctly, for he stopped moving toward Olgierd and looked at the Witcher. 

“And what did you have in mind,” O’Dimm asked, that now-familiar smile rising to his face. 

“I have now repaid my debt to you, which means that I should be in the clear to make another deal, right?” Geralt paused only long enough to get a nod from O’Dimm, “I propose thus; we bet on a game. If you win, you can have Olgierd’s soul and my service. The same service I have done for Olgierd, lasting until I die a Witcher’s death, at which time you can take my soul as well. However, if I win, we both get to walk free, and I get one wish, that wish is to be fulfilled with your greatest understanding of my intent.”

Geralt got the strange feeling that O’Dimm was pleased with that turn of events because he had never seen the being so happy.

“So, what do you purpose we play, Gwent?”

Somehow, Geralt found himself doubting that O’Dimm played much Gwent, so the ball would be in the Witcher’s court for that one, “I wouldn’t mind that.”

O’Dimm waved his hand dismissively, “No, no. That would be letting you off easily, wouldn’t it? You’d have far too high a chance of winning, and we can’t have that. No, if we are doing this, we are going to do it my way.”