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Do I Wanna Know?

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You slumped against the door as you quickly shut it behind you, eyes closing momentarily before two strong hands wrapped around your upper arms, pulling you aggressively towards him.  You slammed into his chest, eyes opening to meet his startlingly blue ones as they bore into you.

“You’re late.”  He frowned down on you, grip tightening.  “Made me worried you wouldn’t show.”  You cast your eyes down to the floor, acting as if you were interested in it’s oddly colored pattern.  You wanted to say so many things, that he’d seen you there earlier in the day so he must have known you were coming, and why would you fly all the way out here if you were going to bail on him…. but you didn’t dare.  One of his hands let your arm go to grab your chin, forcing you to look at him again.

“I’m so sorry, sir.”  You made your voice as small and innocent as possible, slowly sinking to your knees in front of him.  “I am so sorry.  You should punish me sir, for disobeying you.  I need to learn my lesson.”

“Yes you do, little slut.”  He growled at you, quickly unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it to the side.  “You’re wearing entirely too many clothes.  Strip, girl.  Strip for me, and then it will be time for your punishment.”

“Yes, sir.”  You stood up, but still tried to make yourself appear smaller to him as you removed your clothes quickly, not daring any movements that would tease him.  He regarded you carefully, arms crossed over his bare chest as you stepped out of your underwear.

“Good girl.  Go bend over the bed for me.”  you obeyed, walking steadily to the king sized bed of the motel room and bending over, legs spread and hands put behind your back.  He clicked his tongue approvingly at you, and soon you felt cloth binding your wrists immobilized behind your back.  You tested the bonds when he finished, knowing they were a bit tighter than you normally liked but… nothing you couldn’t handle.  

His hand pushed down on your neck, breaking your balance so you fell face first onto the sheets, ass up in the air for him.  An experimental slap landed, and you jolted a little before calming yourself.

“I want you to remember these words for me.”  He rumbled from behind you.  “Russia.  Clock.  Vector.”  Each word was accentuated with another, slightly harsher slap to your ass.  You nodded, your eyes slipping closed.  “Repeat them back to me, girl.”

“Russia.”  He spanked you again.  “Clock.”  And again, harder this time.  “Vector!”  You waited for the final slap, but it didn’t come.  You let your body relax, but his hand violently came down on your skin, making you jump and your skin sting as you were sure he left his hand print.  Tears were stinging at the corners of your eyes, and you gritted your teeth to stop yourself from crying out.  The safe word came to the tip of your tongue before you swallowed it down.

You heard his belt buckle hit the ground with a low thud as his hand pressed your forward again, and you could feel his erection now pressing against you.  You subtly opened your legs up wider for him, and he pushed into you, grinding his hips into small circles when he was fully sheathed within you.

“You can open your mouth.” He hissed in your ear, draping his body over yours.  “I want you to cry out my name, want Jensen and Jared to hear you from the next room over, want your voice to be hoarse for days…”  He pulled out of you, torturously slow, until barely the tip of his cock was inside of you before pressing back in at the same slow pace.  

“Sir…”  You whined, moving your hips against his as he pulled out again, pausing.

“What’s my name, slut?  Who’s fucking you?”  He questioned, hands wrapping around your hips as he held still.

“Misha.”  You whimpered.  He laughed and pressed in only an inch before pausing once more.


“Misha!”  You yelled, and he thrust harshly back into you, pace immediately going from slow and steady to harsh and fast, pounding into you as he chased his release.  One of his hands ran around your front for his fingers to play at your clit, rubbing and flicking it in an offset rhythm with his thrusts into you.  You stilled your hips, letting him use you as he saw fit.  The coil in your stomach tightened far too quickly, as it always seemed to do with him.  You bit your lip, feeling your imminent release before crying out to him.

“Misha!  Please!  I’m going- I’m gonna…”  You let out a long moan as he pressed against your clit harder, almost sending you over the edge right there.  But you knew you couldn’t, not without his explicit permission.

“Okay, girl.”  He panted, placing his lips on your neck.  “Can you remember for me?  Then you can cum.”

“Russia.”  His pace increased farther, which you didn’t think possible.  “Clock.”  You were barely holding on, legs about to give out.  Your hazy brain made it difficult to concentrate, to find that last word.

“You have to remember before I cum.”  He groaned.  “Or else you won’t get to.”  You screwed your eyes shut tighter, trying to focus on something else other than the pleasure.  It was something odd, not a word you would expect from him…

“Vector.”   You whimpered, body tensed and awaiting his approval.  His hand smoothed down your back.

“My good girl.  Cum for me.”  So you did, unraveling underneath him, inner muscles clenching and squeezing around him as he found his own completion, painting your insides with his warmth.   He slumped against you, breathing hotly into your neck.  He pressed a parting kiss to your skin before pulling out of you, leaving you to clench at the sudden emptiness.  “I didn’t push you too hard, did I?”

“I almost safe worded.”  You admitted to him as he untied your wrists.  You stretched your arms out above your head, working your shoulder muscles before pushing yourself up to stand.  Misha sighed from behind you, picking you up easily in his arms before crawling onto the bed and laying you across his lap.  You curled up to rest your head on his chest, letting his fingers gently work through your hair.

“I’ll try to go a little easier on you.”  He mumbled, placing a kiss to the top of your head.  You sighed, listening to his heart beat.  “Did you think about moving?”

“Misha, I-”

“There’s an apartment.  It’s nice.  Not too much, just down the street for me.  I know the realtor and got him to hold it and see if you wanted it.  There’s a bookstore not far.  You’re in walking distance from the apartment to there and my house.  I’ll help you if money’s a problem-”

“Misha, did you tell Vicki yet?”  You looked up at him, and his eyes darted away from yours, and you knew the answer.  “You’ve gotten me tickets and flown me out to how many conventions after that first one, when you called me up on stage and slipped your room number in my back pocket?  You call me every day, we text nearly every waking minute and I… I can’t be the other woman, Mish, I can’t move down there so close and be a side-”

“You won’t be.”  He promised, looking back down at you.  “I’ll tell her when I go home this time, I promise.  I’ll tell Jensen and Jared tomorrow.  Just please… I can’t keep…. I can’t keep being so far from you all the time.  If you move, I promise-”

“Okay.”  You sighed, rubbing your eyes and rolling off of him so you could lay down and rest your head on the pillow.  “Okay.  I’ll…. I’ll see the soonest time.  Tell the realtor I’ll take the apartment.”

“Thank you baby.”  He moved to lie next to you, wrapping one arm around your waist.  You sighed, moving back to feel his chest pressed against your back.

“I love you, Misha.”  You whispered.

“I know.”  He whispered back, fingers splaying across your stomach as you clenched your eyes tighter closed at the pang that shot through your heart.  That was the closest he’d ever gotten to saying it back.


I miss you, babe.  I  can’t wait till you move down here.

A week left, Mish.  That’s all.  How’s Vicki taking it?

Oh, she’s fine baby.  Caught her a little off guard, but she’s fine.  She can’t wait to meet you.

Okay.  Can I talk to her?

When you get down here, we’ll all talk.  I can’t wait to see you.  I’ve bought a surprise for you….

Oh really?

The next message that came through was Misha in front of his bathroom mirror, navy blue lacy panties stretched out across his hipbones, barely containing his erection.  You gulped and looked around nervously, despite the fact that you were alone.

Kinky bitch.  I love you.

I know I’m kinky.  I’ll let you pack, and I’ll call you tomorrow.

Mish, did you tell Jensen and Jared too?

Oh, they already knew.  Wasn’t a shock to them.  You should seriously get back to packing babe.

Alright.  I love you?


You sighed, throwing your phone onto the couch and turning back to the mess in front of you.


“Baby.”  Misha greeted you at the airport, running towards you and pulling you into his arms.  You buried your face in his light blue Superman shirt he was wearing, hopping up to wrap your legs around his waist.  You tilted your face up to his, letting him kiss you deeply as his hands moved down to your ass to support you.  You kissed until you felt faint headed, pulling away but pressing your forehead to his.

“God, I missed you, babe.”  You whispered to him, leaning forward to briefly capture his lips again.  His hands squeezed your ass gently before he set you down, taking both your luggage and your hand.  

“I want us to have dinner at my house tonight.  The kids aren’t home tonight and Vicki’s going out with friends so we can be by ourselves for your first night down here.”  He squeezed your hand lightly, thumb running across the back of your hand.  “Just the two of us.”

“Okay.”  You smiled at him as he led you to his car.