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Fifty Shades of Blue: A Professor Cumberbatch Story

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Anna sat at her desk in her Shakespearean Studies class listening to the velvet voice of Professor Cumberbatch. He had been discussing the different ways Billy Shakes wrote about love, and acts of love, and professions of love. He was currently quoting R&J. The balcony scene. Not her favorite work, but as iconic as they come. Idiotic, hormonal teenagers, these two. She had no sympathy. Romeo…he was nothing special. But he did have some good lines. Lines that her professor was so proficient at reading, that she felt herself getting wetter and wetter.
"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks. It is the East, and Juliet is the Sun. Arise fair Sun and kill the envious Moon, who is already sick and pale with grief that that thou, her maid, art far more fair than she."
She really wanted to touch herself right now, but opted instead to have a little meeting with him in his office after the lecture. Her class after this one had been cancelled for the day. Miss Blighy was sick, and while Anna was sorry about this, she was relieved that she would have some extra time to "work" with Professor Cumberbatch. He finally wrapped up. To her mercy. He had given her a taste of his style and now she couldn't get enough! She must have him again.
Anna hung back a bit after everyone filtered out, pretending to check an email on her tablet. When the last of the other students are trickling out and he's nearly finished tidying his desk and meticulously stacking his belongings to ease of transport in to his adjacent office, she waltzes up beside his desk, expectantly.
"Miss Wallace, how can I help you today?"
"I wanted to talk to you about the possibility of some more extra credit."
"Certainly! Step into my office." He seemed so calm, so even. She wondered if he was hardening at her request. He had opened the door, told her to have a seat, and deposited his things on his desk. As he walked back over to the door, he asked, "So what brings you in today?" and she heard the door latch. A mischievous grin spread across her mouth.
"Truthfully, sir, your lecture made me so wet that I considered masturbating during class. So I thought you could help me relieve some of my frustration. Since it's your fault, it's really the least you can do!" She hoped he wouldn't argue.
"I have a staff meeting starting very soon, can it wait until after?" He asked, true disappointment plaguing his handsome features.
"You tell me." she stepped up to him, her body flush with his, hitched her skirt up, took his hand, and placed it over her body so he could feel how wet she was from his voice alone.
He moaned at the feeling. With her other hand, she pulled him down to her by the neck, and kissed him with such desperate need, that had he been water, one would think she was dying of thirst.
"Just give me a bit of you!" She said, when she broke away, both of them breathless. "I need to feel you. Fell something of you. Please give me something!"
He stared into her very soul with those eyes of his that seemed to be the color of every gemstone. He grunted and sighed.
"Fuck it! I've got tenure!" and he caught her up in another violent embrace.
He sat her down on one of the chairs across from his desk. "Wait here."
He went to get something from a locked bottom drawer in his desk and came back with two lengths of nylon cord that seemed to have loops at either end of them.
"After our last session, I thought it might behoove me to bring a few of my supplies from home and keep them here just in case. So glad I did. Been dying to try these out on you!" he hung one length around his neck as he walked to the back of the chair. "These restraints are forgiving, and easy to get out of, should the need arise. At least if you have help." He tied her hands together behind the chair back with the cord, but she couldn't tell how. He stood before her, slid her flats off, took the other length from around his neck, and slid a leg into each of its loops all the way to her knee. The cord that connected the loops he placed behind her shoulders, bracing her knees almost to her chest. She could not move. She would not be able to writhe and stretch to accommodate the pleasure she knew he would give her.
"Now. You are at my mercy. I could leave you here for the janitorial staff to find. I could pull you out into the hall like this and display you for all to see, trussed up in restraints, your glistening pussy in full view with your skirt bunched at your waist. I could take what I want, give you nothing, and walk away. But this is why activities such as those in which we engage are only to be attempted if there is a mutual trust. I won't leave you this way, I won't humiliate you, and I certainly won't physically hurt you. This pain is for pleasure. It is fleeting. I should have explained this to you before, but I got caught up and carried away, and for that I am sorry. Now, are you ready for what I have to give to you?"

She couldn't be more ready. "Yes, Professor."

He knelt before her, caressing with his hands, planting soft, moist kisses to her presented flesh, avoiding her sex for now. She was aching for him to take her further. To put his lips and fingers where it really counted. But his torture continued. "Please, sir! Please! Touch me!"
"But I am touching you, my sweet." he said, proceeding with his delicious torment.
"No, please!"
"Tell me what you want. Be explicit."
"I want you to use your fingers inside, and your mouth outside of me. I want you to finger and mouth fuck me until I come. Please, sir! Please!" she was almost in tears.
"Well, why didn't you say so?" she was so wet, he went in with two fingers to begin with, teasing her opening before diving further in and finding her G-spot. He tended to it slowly, making her writhe as much as she was able under her restraints. Mercifully, he went on, lowering his mouth to her wet folds, tonguing the swollen bead between them. It was bliss, his tongue, pleasantly rough against her, like flint and tinder, each pass creating a spark ready to ignite in a moment. He moved against both of her pleasure buttons in tandem for what could have been hours, prolonging her pleasure. Then he did something that she should have expected, but somehow, she did not. He dragged his thumb across that *other* opening. She gasped at the naughtiness of it. The taboo of anal pleasure had never drawn her in, but this man could make her want it. She wanted him in every way he was willing to be hers. He repeated the movement, bringing her own moisture back to ease his cause. This added pressure increased with each pass until he had breached her. She gasped. It was too much pleasure. She would not survive this. Her heart would surely stop. She was using extra heartbeats here, and she couldn't be bothered to care. It would be a sweet death, coming with no regrets, only pleasure. Immense, mind-blowing pleasure.
"Come for me, Anna. Let me taste your release." And she obeyed her master, straining against the cords he had adorned her with, but not able to move quite enough to satisfy her. She wanted to move away from him, but couldn't. And he wasn't stopping. He forged onward, coaxing her toward another orgasm.
"Stop, sir! Please!"
"No, pet. I want you to come again." And in a moment, that's exactly what she did. He lapped at her, divesting her body of the excess moisture of her climax, and slowed his assault. She thought he was done. She hoped…and yet she didn't…that he would release her. He didn't. She moaned again, in pleasurable agony.
"Once more, darling. You can do it. Come for me, love." And once more, she fell apart under his touch. He gently brought her down from her peak before removing the restraint from her legs. He kissed her gently on the lips, letting her taste her sex on him. He walked behind her to remove the ties on her wrists, freeing her. She stood immediately and threw her arms around him, kissing him passionately.
When they broke apart, he sighed and asked, "So, will that hold you over until we can do things properly?"

She giggled. "Oh, I'll survive." She grabbed his bulging member through his black slacks. "Will you?"

She picked up her bag, skipped over to the door, unlatched and exited, leaving him painfully aroused for his staff meeting.

"She'll pay for that later." He muttered under his breath as he attempted to ease his frustration as quickly as possible before having to sit in a room full of his colleagues.