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welcome to class 2-a

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Aizawa Shouta has created a group chat.

Aizawa Shouta has renamed the group chat Class 2-A.

Aizawa Shouta has added Aoyama Yuga, Ashido Mina, Asui Tsuyu, and 18 others to the group chat.

Aizawa Shouta has given Iida Tenya and Yaoyorozu Momo admin privileges.


6:34 PM

Aizawa Shouta: I created this group chat for you all to use for school purposes.

Aizawa Shouta: However, I unfortunately know you all too well and I know you won’t be doing that at all. At least be responsible with what you say here.

Kaminari Denki: oh holy dadzawa why does only yaomomo and iida get admin rights :((((

Aizawa Shouta has changed their nickname to Dadzawa.

Dadzawa has changed Shinsou Hitoshi’s nickname to Shinson.

Shinson: oof sis the callout…. sksksksksksks

Dadzawa: Mina, please stop hanging out with my son.


Dadzawa: Because no one else talks like a VSCO girl.

Todoroki Shouto: gotta blast.

Ashido Mina: i think i finally understand what false imprisonment is

Kaminari Denki: our names are boring let’s spice things up a little

Kaminari Denki has changed their nickname to greased lightning.

greased lightning has changed Ashido Mina’s nickname to bootleg homestuck.

greased lightning has changed Sero Hanta’s nickname to Phil Swift.

greased lightning has changed Bakugo Katsuki’s nickname to has no rights.

greased lightning has changed Kirishima Eijirou’s nickname to crocs stay ON during sex.

Dadzawa has taken away greased lightning’s name changing privileges.

greased lightning: yeah i deserve that

Dadzawa: I gave admin privileges to Yaoyorozu and Iida as they are the Vice President and President of the class. 

Yaoyorozu Momo: And thank you for that, Sensei!

Shinson: please dstop talking all fancy like my brain is gonna short circuit harder than kaminari’s does after 1.3 million volts

greased lightning: yeah some of us here are stupid!

has no rights: I see you speak from experience

has no rights: ALSO FUCK YOU.

bootleg homestuck: bakugo is here :)

greased lightning: bakusquad sound off!

bootleg homestuck: HERE

has no rights: here. unfortunately.

Phil Swift: HERE. sorry I’m late

greased lightning: no problem! HERE

Shinson: half part of the bakusquad here

crocs stay ON during sex: HERE

crocs stay ON during sex: im crying how do you change ur name


crocs stay ON during sex: why do u want to see me suffer

has no rights: you are dead to me. 



crocs stay ON during sex: NO

Todoroki Shouto: are you two done with your lover’s quarrel 

has no rights: idk do you want to fucking die

Todoroki Shouto: gotta blast 

Midoriya Izuku: So just to be clear, we can say the Fuck Word right

Uraraka Ochako: >:0

Iida Tenya: As Kaminari may say; “Dekusquad sound off.”

Iida Tenya: Here.

Uraraka Ochako: HERE

Asui Tsuyu: here kero 

Todoroki Shouto: here

Shinson: also half of the dekusquad here

Midoriya Izuku: oh no

Iida Tenya has banned use of the following word for Midoriya Izuku: “Fuck”.

Midoriya Izuku: I believe this is what they call media censorship


Midoriya Izuku, you have been warned for using a banned word!

Midoriya Izuku: god is dead. life is meaningless

Midoriya Izuku has changed their nickname to depression.

Todoroki Shouto: okay calm down edgelord lol

Shinson: says u lol

Uraraka Ochako: SAYS YOU TOO??

Todoroki Shouto has changed their nickname to sexy zuko.

sexy zuko has changed depression’s nickname to sexy depression.

sexy zuko: now we match

Uraraka Ochako: alright Dekusquad time to match

Uraraka Ochako has changed their nickname to sexy moon truther.

sexy moon truther has changed Asui Tsuyu’s nickname to sexy rare pepe.

sexy moon truther has changed Iida Tenya’s nickname to sexy sonic.

sexy sonic: horrible.

Dadzawa has taken away sexy moon truther’s name changing privileges.

sexy moon truther: again, fair

greased lightning: uraraka, solidarity 

sexy moon truther: it’s ok u can say mlm/wlw solidarity 

greased lightning: me? Gay? Foolish

sexy moon truther: ok bottom can u shut up? the tops are talking 

greased lightning has gone offline.

Shinson: oh my fuckin god he fuckin dead 

Dadzawa: Language, Hitoshi.

Shinson has gone offline.

Phil Swift: can we get an F for our fallen soldiers

Phil Swift: F

bootleg homestuck: f

sexy zuko: F

sexy depression: F

crocs stay ON during sex: F

sexy moon truther: f

sexy sonic: F

sexy rare pepe: f

has no rights: F

Aoyama Yuga: F ✨

Satou Rikidou: f

Kouda Kouji: F

Tokoyami Fumikage: F

Hagakure Tooru: f

Yaoyorozu Momo: F

Jirou Kyouka: f

Ojiro Mashirao: f

sexy moon truther: wow even the lurkers did it

bootleg homestuck: shinkami truly brings us all together as a family huh 

Hagakure Tooru: The teamwork… it almost brings a tear to my eye

Phil Swift: i thought it was Kamishin 

bootleg homestuck: oh honey the top goes first in the name 

Dadzawa: The tea is scalding.

Dadzawa: Hey Siri, how to delete message.

sexy zuko: screenshotted and saved.

Dadzawa: Blocked and reported.

sexy depression: brutal 

Dadzawa has muted sexy zuko for 1 hour.

sexy sonic: He’s gone mad with power

sexy depression: :(

sexy sonic has unmuted sexy zuko.

sexy depression: :)

Jirou Kyouka: frightening. I love it

Yaoyorozu Momo: Thank you for joining us Kyouka!

Jirou Kyouka: always a pleasure.

bootleg homestuck: :)

sexy moon truther: :)

sexy rare pepe: :)

Hagakure Tooru: :)

Jirou Kyouka has gone offline.

Hagakure Tooru: Cowards. The lot of you

Hagakure Tooru has changed their nickname to furry lover.

sexy depression: ???

furry lover has changed Ojiro Mashirao’s nickname to furry man.

sexy depression: nvm

sexy rare pepe: quick someone delete the incriminating messages before the gays come back and riot

Dadzawa has deleted 4 messages.

sexy zuko: Sensei you never deleted your comment 

Dadzawa: I’ll leave it to let Hitoshi wonder what happened and never get an answer.

greased lightning is online.

greased lightning: give me name privileges rq

Dadzawa has granted greased lightning name changing privileges.

greased lightning has changed Aoyama Yuga’s nickname to tamatoa.

greased lightning has changed Shouji Mezou’s nickname to big hugs.

greased lightning has changed Kouda Kouji’s nickname to disney princess.

greased lightning has changed Tokoyami Fumikage’s nickname to ebony darkness.

greased lightning has changed Satou Rikidou’s nickname to vanellope von schweetz.

greased lightning has changed Jirou Kyouka’s nickname to lesbian jesus.

lesbian jesus is online.

lesbian jesus: denki what the fuck

greased lightning: kyouka i love u but it’s the truth :(

greased lightning has changed Yaoyorozu Momo’s nickname to lesbian jesus #2.

greased lightning has changed Mineta Minoru’s nickname to [REDACTED].

Dadzawa: Hm. Acceptable. You may keep your privileges for now.

greased lightning: YES thank u daddy ;)

Dadzawa has muted greased lightning for 1 hour.

Dadzawa: Disgusting. Never speak to me or my son ever again.

sexy moon truther: shinkami is dead fellas

bootleg homestuck: forbidden love

sexy depression: iida aren’t you gonna do anything

sexy sonic: Sensei, I’m so sorry an ugly bitch like him would say that about you.

lesbian jesus: fucking RIP denki the bitch deserves it

Shinson is online.

Shinson: I resent that

sexy zuko: welcome back homosexuale 

Shinson has gone offline.

sexy zuko: gay ass bitch.

sexy depression: come back here and face the FACTS.

furry lover: sensei WHY did you add the One Who Shall Not Be Named

furry man: ???

furry man: you mean Mineta??

furry man, you have been warned for using a banned word!

furry man: sorry my bad I mean M*neta

Dadzawa: He’s apart of the class.

Dadzawa: You all do know that he can see this entire chat right.

[REDACTED] is online.

sexy zuko: GAYS. SCATTER.

19 people have gone offline.

Dadzawa: shit

Dadzawa has gone offline.

[REDACTED]: What the fuck

8:29 PM

[REDACTED]: Did you guys fucking seriously all leave as soon as I got here

[REDACTED]: What did I even do


Shinson is online.

Shinson: What

Shinson: oh god damnit

Shinson: I finally finish my studying and I log on and all I see is u

[REDACTED]: What the hell what did I do

Shinson: how many braincells do you have

[REDACTED]: who put this as my name

[REDACTED]: kaminari What the fuck i thought you were my bro

Shinson: gross

[REDACTED] has changed their nickname to sexiest man alive.

Shinson: gross.

sexy sonic is online.

sexy sonic: Sir, your vibes are absolutely rancid.

sexy sonic has muted sexiest man alive for 10 hours.

sexy sonic has changed sexiest man alive’s nickname to [REDACTED].

sexy rare pepe, sexy moon truther, furry lover, and 3 others are online.

lesbian jesus: oh thank god.

greased lightning has been unmuted.

lesbian jesus: nevermind

lesbian jesus has gone offline.


lesbian jesus is online.

lesbian jesus: smh needy bitch

greased lightning: you know it :)

greased lightning: I MISSED YOU GUYSSSSSS

sexy moon truther: you saw us in the common room a few minutes ago

greased lightning: yes but my true self is revealed through text

Shinson: so daddy kink?

greased lightning has gone offline.

bootleg homestuck: look what you did. You killed him

Shinson: twas just a question mlady

bootleg homestuck: yuck

Shinson: ur right I hated that I’m sorry

crocs stay ON during sex is online.

crocs stay ON during sex: is the grape whore gone :(

sexy rare pepe: Iida has banished the evil for 10 hours!

Dadzawa is online.

Dadzawa: oh thank god

Dadzawa: wait @greased lightning could you see the chat while muted

greased lightning is online.

greased lightning: ya 

Dadzawa: Good to know.

Dadzawa has deleted 1 message.

Dadzawa: Anyways, like every night, be in bed before 10:30 or else.

Shinson: Your threats rlly don’t scare me anymore old man

Dadzawa: Son, lets see if you can beat this old man in a 1v1 then.

Dadzawa has muted Shinson for 2 hours.

Dadzawa: Run.

sexy zuko is online.

sexy zuko: is this what a real family is like

sexy depression is online.

sexy depression: oh my fuckin god he fuckin dead

greased lightning: [shinsousdead.png]

greased lightning: being in the kitchen right now was the best decision ever

furry lover: careful he might see you

Dadzawa has muted greased lightning for 2 hours.

furry lover: FUCKIN RIP.

crocs stay ON during sex: f

Phil Swift is online.


Dadzawa has deleted 1 message.

Dadzawa: They’re still emotionally constipated. Anything like that and their tiny brains might explode. Be careful.

lesbian jesus: Sensei don’t kick them while they’re down

Dadzawa: Everyone go to bed.

bootleg homestuck: it’s 9 pm

Dadzawa: bed.

11 people have gone offline.