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Tease and missing you

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Bai Yu and Zhu Yi Long were in the same town after some weeks of be not together because of their schedule.
They knew it's would happen when they began their relationship but they were okay with this.
They make it work since they are together and manage to have one great relationship.

They have spent most of their day be together and enjoyed it even if Zhu Yi Long knew he had to be in one award ceremony later.
He doesn't want to leave and be away from Bai Yu.

"I wish I didn't have to go at the ceremony awards"

"Oh it's rare from you" tease Bai Yu while kissing his neck

"I just want to be with you and not have to leave"

"It's only for some hours and then after you will come back to me"

"Always," said Zhu Yi Long while kissing Bai Yu

"And also I will have to take off your suit and your garters that you wear"

It's was one of their things together, that when they reunite they have to appreciate how they take off the clothes, sometimes it's a little slow, sometimes not. Sometimes they just enjoy watching the other with underwear or without. Then also the garters.

"Oh yes"

"I like it that you wear it and that I get on my knees just for appreciate this" say Bai Yu with a grin

Zhu Yi Long liked to use gathers that how He was a little inspirated because for Shen Wei and then after this he begun to have a little collection because he likes it and also Bai Yu offer him a lot as joke gifts or as "It's would look so handsome on you"

When Zhu Yi Long had opened the gift, he was laughing and blushing but say "I will wear it when I will think of you when we are not together, because it's will make me think at you"

Zhu Yi Long was at the ceremony awards but was so bored and just wanted to be back at their home and he couldn't stop thinking of Bai Yu. He was thinking of coming back to his lover and be with him.
And it's will happen soon.

During this time, Bai Yu looked at the dresser and watched all the garters and he was thinking while he was on Taobao which one he should buy to give him.

When he came back to their home, Bai Yu have told Zhu Yi Long that he will take off his clothes as he has said earlier.

"You are so handsome everything you wear and I also like that you are naked or when you wear my clothes"

"It's the same for me" say Zhu Yi Long