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Not only the sugar, but the days

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There must be five hundred people at this party, and Zhu Yilong doesn't want to talk to any of them.

It's the birthday celebration of the Red Ox Productions studio head, and the ballroom is full of people in sober tuxedos and bright dresses, while wait staff with trays of drinks circulate in a steady dance between them.

Zhu Yilong has been holding the same glass of champagne for an hour and it's warming up in his hand despite the chilly air in the vast room. He knows that it's good to be seen on these occasions. The room is filled with influential people that he should be talking to in the hope of getting a good project. His last show was moderately well-received but didn't make a splash. The endorsements are still coming, but his agent has been fretful lately and sometimes when she looks at him he thinks she's wondering why she threw in her lot with this one-hit wonder. There are younger, more charismatic actors snapping at his heels, and he can't let everyone down.

He makes his way through the crowd, trying not to meet anyone's gaze. There's only one face he wants to see and he isn't here - probably miles away shooting his new show. He chokes off the thought. It's ridiculous to miss someone this much who probably doesn't waste a fraction of the time thinking about Zhu Yilong that Zhu Yilong spends thinking about him.

Zhu Yilong gives himself a mental shake and looks around. There's a film director his agent wants him to meet with - he should go find her, and maybe after that he can sneak away. He straightens his shoulders and feels a twinge of pain. The cold weather is setting off his old lower back injury, and it’s making him so tense his upper back and shoulders are starting to throb in sympathy. He breathes in deeply and tries to force his knotted-up muscles to relax.

A heavy hand knocks into his shoulder blade.

"Xiao Zhu!" It's the studio head, Chairman Wu, leaning in close and giving off a strong waft of baijiu. "Drink with me!"

Zhu Yilong carefully doesn't step back. He raises his glass politely and wishes the studio head good health and long life. Chairman Wu tightens his hand around Zhu Yilong's shoulder and he forces himself not to wince. "Xiao Zhu, I have a part I want to talk to you about. It's a romantic lead. Perfect for a handsome boy like you."

Every actor Zhu Yilong has talked to who's worked on Red Ox shows has muttered about being worked into the ground, about bullying, harassment and maybe worse. There's no way Zhu Yilong is signing up for anything if he can help it, but he can't be rude. He stretches his lips into a smile. "Thank you, that's very thoughtful."

Chairman Wu blinks at him a couple of times, bleary-eyed. "Do you have a girlfriend?" he demands out of nowhere.

"What? No." Too late he realises he should have said yes.

The chairman wags a finger at him. "We'll have to do something about that. Come and meet my daughter. She's a good girl and only twenty - not like one of these leftover women you get so many of these days."

Zhu Yilong can feel his eyes rolling, and hopes it isn't obvious in the dim light. The chairman throws his arm further over his shoulders and starts to drag him to one side of the room. Zhu Yilong's heart sinks. This is it for the rest of the evening now, and it isn't like there's anyone around to rescue him.

There's a blur of movement on the far side of the chairman, and a man in a dark tux bounds up, grasps his hand and starts shaking it enthusiastically. "Please forgive the intrusion, sir, I just had to come wish you happy birthday."

Zhu Yilong blinks tired eyes in disbelief as the blur resolves itself into Bai Yu.

His hair is neatly styled and he's clean shaven, which must be for a role, because there's no other way anyone could pry the shagginess off his chin. Zhu Yilong feels his lips turning up at the thought. Bai Yu is still shaking the chairman's hand while enquiring into his health, the health of his wife and daughter and that of a succession of other relatives. He sees Zhu Yilong looking at him and one eye shivers in a wink.

Chairman Wu releases Zhu Yilong and turns his attention to Bai Yu, seemingly just as caught up in the force of his magnetic personality as everyone always is. Bai Yu pauses the storm of flattery and throws his arms out theatrically. "Long-ge!" he exclaims, as if he's only just noticed him.

"Chairman, you know that Long-ge and I are old friends? We haven't seen each other in so long, let me borrow him from you."

Chairman Wu looks a little nonplussed, but doesn't object as Zhu Yilong finds himself being towed away in Bai Yu's wake, with Bai Yu trailing a stream of good wishes over his shoulder until they're out of sight behind a pillar. He stops and pivots to face Zhu Yilong.

"You're here," Zhu Yilong says foolishly.

Bai Yu beams at him. "That's right! My agent really wanted me to come, for some reason. I almost said no, but now I'm glad I didn't."

Zhu Yilong's heart swells and he lets his eyes linger on the curve of Bai Yu's smile, longer than he should. His face is softer without his beard and the low light in the ballroom makes his eyes very dark.

Bai Yu's eyebrows go up. "You're wondering about this?" He jabs his finger into his chin. "I'm playing a doctor, got to look respectable." He tilts his head. "What do you think?

There's no way Zhu Yilong can tell him how handsome he looks. "Hm," he says.

Bai Yu breaks into laughter. "Long-ge, you're such a flatterer."

He swipes Zhu Yilong on the shoulder affectionately and Zhu Yilong stiffens as tension radiates down his back. Bai Yu looks quizzical. "What's wrong?"

Zhu Yilong doesn't want to burden him with his troubles when they've only just been reunited. "It's nothing."

Bai Yu frowns. "If you say so." He steps closer. "Do you need to stay much longer? Let me steal you for some gaming time - I still have to get you back after last time."

They’ve seen much more of each other in the virtual world than the real one over the last year and it's been too long since they last played. Zhu Yilong gives in to temptation. "All right. Let me just say goodbye." He looks around and sees his agent standing with a woman in red. She jerks her head towards the other woman meaningfully.

"Oh, that must be the Endless Ice director." The thriller had been a breakout hit at the Hong Kong International Film Festival the year before. "I should really go and speak with her." He turns and raises his hand to acknowledge his agent and can't help but wince as the movement sets off another wave of pain in his back.

Bai Yu steps in front of him, eyes narrowed. "That looked like it hurt. What have you done to yourself now?"

Zhu Yilong hesitates.

"Come on, fess up to your Uncle Bai."

Bai Yu referring to himself as an uncle is so ridiculous that it shocks a laugh out of Zhu Yilong. He shakes his head. "It’s just… there was a lot of harness work on Lost Tomb. I pulled something in my back again and it's taking ages to heal."

"Don't tell me, you let them dangle you over a cliff on a wire for days on end even though your back's already fucked up," Bai Yu says. "Now I'm definitely taking you home."

"These things have to look right," Zhu Yilong protests.

Bai Yu snorts. "What am I going to do with you?" He steps back. "Go do your thing, but meet me by the cloak room in half an hour?"

The promise of escape is delicious. Zhu Yilong nods at him and crosses the room to his agent. She's smiling over his shoulder at Bai Yu, who she doesn't look remotely surprised to see. For an instant Zhu Yilong wonders if she has something to do with his friend's sudden appearance but no, surely not. He must be looking quizzical because she smiles innocently at him and then introduces him to the woman in red.

Bai Yu's breath streams out in front of him in a white cloud, hanging nebula-like in the frosty air. He's wearing an absurdly large coat like an egg. Zhu Yilong envies him it - it’s unusually cold for a Shanghai winter and his own top coat is doing nothing to keep out the chill.

"What did she say? Your director."

"She has a script for a movie about police corruption she's going to send me. I think it could be good." Encouraged by the director's obvious passion for her project, he feels oddly optimistic about it, even without the script in front of him.

The wind is getting up, pushing the cold deeper into Zhu Yilong's bones. He shivers. Without a word, Bai Yu unwinds his woollen scarf and wraps it around Zhu Yilong's neck. He smooths one end down over his chest, and Zhu Yilong's heart rises up to meet his fingers.

They haven't talked about this.

When they first met, Bai Yu's exuberance, his teasing, his everything had made Zhu Yilong nervous. Then there were intense days of filming together, rehearsing together, sparking off each other in a way Zhu Yilong had never experienced with any other costar. And Zhu Yilong had begun to realise that the fluttering sensation in his stomach whenever Bai Yu looked at him wasn't just nerves but something else entirely.

Bai Yu had looked at him a lot. Through Zhao Yunlan's teasing eyes as he sucked on a lollipop and pressed close and sprawled out like an invitation and gazed up at Shen Wei through his lashes. Zhu Yilong was only human, damn it, how was he meant to withstand all that? And, as Zhu Yilong had started to hope towards the end, he was looking at him through his own eyes too.

Then filming was over, and the press tour had come and gone, and Bai Yu had still been looking and Zhu Yilong had still felt poised on the edge of something huge, and scared to jump. So he hadn't, and through their months of separation it's become a bitter might-have-been. And now Bai Yu is here like an unexpected gift on a winter night. Zhu Yilong wants to do the unthinkable - wrap his arms around him, burrow under his stupid coat with him and share his warmth.

Bai Yu gives the scarf a little tug. "You OK? Frozen stiff?"

Zhu Yilong bats his hand away so he doesn't do anything his traitorous body wants, like grab him. "First you want me to call you uncle, now you're acting like my granny, are you OK?"

Bai Yu swats back at his hand, Zhu Yilong slaps back like they're toddlers in a playground, and Bai Yu giggles. Their fingers tangle together, and Zhu Yilong goes very still. Bai Yu's thumb winds around his, and then they're holding hands in the bright light spilling out from the ballroom, neither of them speaking. Zhu Yilong's heart is beating so hard he feels like Bai Yu must be able to hear it. He swallows roughly.

The purr of an engine heralds the arrival of their car and Zhu Yilong lets go quickly and finds refuge inside it.

Back at the hotel, Zhu Yilong bends gingerly to unlace his shoes as Bai Yu shucks off his coat and hurls it to envelop a chair. He takes off his tux jacket and stretches, flexing the muscles of his back, then his long fingers tug at his bowtie. "Mmm, it's warm in here." He nods towards Zhu Yilong's PS4. "Gonna let me kick your ass?"

"What, like you did last time?" Falling into their gaming rivalry feels comforting - safe to talk about when there are so many things he can't say.

Bai Yu snorts. "A fluke!"

They load up Call of Duty, settle onto the hard-backed hotel couch, and play for a while. Zhu Yilong can't find his usual refuge in the game - his reaction times are even worse than normal, his back twinges every time he moves, and his head is a muddled mess. Beside him, Bai Yu is hammering enthusiastically at his console, his knees occasionally brushing Zhu Yilong’s as he shifts on the couch. Zhu Yilong dies in a hail of bullets and sinks his head onto the back of the couch in frustration.

Bai Yu scoffs at him, but not as much as Zhu Yilong would have expected. Then he gives Zhu Yilong a considering look. "Are you still hurting? You look rough."

Zhu Yilong huffs out a laugh. "Thanks very much."

"Do you have anything to take for it? Painkillers?"

Zhu Yilong does, but he's left them in Beijing. "It's OK, it's not too bad. You don't have to worry about me."

Bai Yu looks mulish. "Someone needs to," he mutters. His face clears. "I know what will help - a hot bath! I'll go run you one."

Zhu Yilong is managing fine, despite his body letting him down. He's OK on his own. But having Bai Yu here, concern all over his face, is making him feel needy, like he wants to let go and be taken care of. He knows this is dangerous, because soon Bai Yu will be gone. If Zhu Yilong allows himself to be drawn in, parting from him again is going to hurt even more. Stupidly, he feels tears stinging faintly at his eyes.

He tries to distract Bai Yu from noticing by chucking him teasingly under the chin, as he's done so many times before. Too late, he realises that this is a terrible idea, because Bai Yu is clean-shaven now, so Zhu Yilong's fingers glide over soft, warm skin. His thumb is so close to Bai Yu's mouth that if he reached up an inch he could caress his full bottom lip. Bai Yu's eyes are wide but not shocked. He blinks lazily and his lips start to curve into a smile.

Zhu Yilong jumps up off the couch like he's been electrocuted, jolting his back. "A bath sounds like a good idea." His voice comes out thready. "I'll go run one."

In the sanctuary of the bathroom, he stares with loathing at the idiot in the mirror. Why can't he just act normally? He managed it for the whole shoot and the press tour, so he doesn't understand why Bai Yu being here now is making him lose his equilibrium. Or, and he makes himself examine this head-on for once, he could just stop being such a coward. He considers this and rejects it. From a couple of things Bai Yu has said over the years it’s obvious that he likes men, but that doesn’t mean he likes him. If Zhu Yilong responds to the warmth in his eyes the way he badly wants to and it turns out he's been reading Bai Yu wrong all along, that could be the end of their friendship. Zhu Yilong doesn't think he could bear it.

He contemplates drowning himself in the bath, then decides to stay in there long enough that Bai Yu will get bored and leave and he won't have to face him. But when he emerges, warm and pruney from the hot water and wrapped in a hotel bathrobe, Bai Yu is still there. He's sprawled out on the couch, all sleek long limbs, scrolling through something on his phone.

The pillows which were flat to the bed when Zhu Yilong went into the bathroom have been piled up into a welcoming cluster and he sinks down onto the bed and leans back into them carefully. The hot water has dissolved some of the tension from his muscles and he thinks if he doesn't move too much he'll be able to sleep OK. Bai Yu has stopped staring at his phone and is looking over at him from the couch. He doesn't seem annoyed by Zhu Yilong's rapid exit and the silence between them feels peaceful. Comfortable.

Zhu Yilong stretches out his legs, enjoying the relief from pain. "A bath was a good idea, thank you."

Bai Yu sits up. "I didn't know your back was still that bad. Are you seeing a physio?"

"It's OK…" Zhu Yilong trails off at Bai Yu's frown. "I mean, I've had to cancel the last couple of appointments. It's been so busy."

"Promise me you'll make a new one tomorrow? Can't have my Long-ge broken."

Heat rushes to Zhu Yilong's cheeks at the old endearment. "OK," he says. He swallows awkwardly. "I'm sorry I haven't been very good company tonight."

A soft smile lights up Bai Yu's face. "Ai, Long-ge. You're always good company."

Zhu Yilong finds himself smiling back. The moment stretches out, but Bai Yu looks away first. "I should head off and let you get some rest." He starts to get up.

"Don't go," Zhu Yilong blurts out. Bai Yu freezes with one hand on the back of the couch.

"I mean," Zhu Yilong grabs at a justification. "It's cold out and you said your hotel is across town, right? You should stay here."

Bai Yu opens and closes his mouth a couple of times. "OK… I can sleep on the couch."

Does Bai Yu not want to share a bed with him? Or does he think Zhu Yilong doesn't want to share a bed? Zhu Yilong tells his brain to shut up. "Like this bed isn't big enough for both of us? You can sleep here."

"OK," Bai Yu says again. His voice is a little rough, like maybe he's getting ill. He starts to unbutton his shirt. Zhu Yilong concentrates on putting half the pillows back on the other side of the bed so that he doesn't watch, but the whisper of cloth as Bai Yu takes off his trousers does terrible things to his imagination. Bai Yu turns off the main light and gets into bed beside him. The quick glance Zhu Yilong allows himself before Bai Yu settles under the covers reveals that he's in his undershirt and dark boxers, showing off what seems to Zhu Yilong like miles of alluring skin. Bai Yu yawns hugely and flicks off the bedside lamp. He wriggles around, puppy-like. "This bed is way more comfortable than the one in my hotel, this was a great idea. G'night, Long-ge."

"Good night," Zhu Yilong echoes. He closes his eyes firmly and waits for sleep to claim him.

And waits.

After what seems like hours of lying awake in the darkness, he realises that Bai Yu was wrong and this was a terrible idea. His mind is racing, and he's hyper-aware of the few inches that separate him from Bai Yu's warm body. The events of the evening replay themselves in his mind; Bai Yu's fingers wrapped around his. His smile when Zhu Yilong had touched his chin. Zhu Yilong turns his head on the pillow, trying to find a cool spot. It might be so long since he’s slept with anyone, man or woman, that he's probably forgotten how, but he's a long way from being a teenager. He shouldn't be acting this stupid while trying to work out whether his crush likes him back. Not just a crush, a voice whispers at the back of his mind.

He sighs hugely, and as if in answer, Bai Yu shifts in his sleep and starts to let out tiny, wispy snores. The sound is soothing rather than irritating; Zhu Yilong finds his own breathing deepening to match Bai Yu's rhythm. They breathe together in the soft darkness and eventually Zhu Yilong finds the tension in his limbs melting away as he sinks into sleep.

When Zhu Yilong wakes, at first he doesn't know where he is. It's still and quiet, and there's a warm weight across his stomach, lightly anchoring him to the bed. He opens his eyes and in the faint light filtering past a partially-drawn curtain, sees that Bai Yu has rolled closer in the night and thrown one arm over him. He's still breathing slow and deep, his face peaceful in sleep in a way that Zhu Yilong has never seen him before. Zhu Yilong lets himself look. A faint shadow of stubble is blooming on Bai Yu's top lip and his hair has gone fluffy and is falling across his forehead. There's a tiny mole right by the corner of his mouth that Zhu Yilong wants to kiss.

Waking up with Bai Yu feels so good. It feels right. He might be able to have this for real - Bai Yu in his bed, in his arms. If he was just a little braver and not so afraid of the consequences. It's like he hadn't even realised how lonely he was until Bai Yu's sudden appearance, and the thought that this stolen moment will soon end makes him ache.

Bai Yu's eyelids flutter and Zhu Yilong catches his breath. He knows he shouldn't be caught staring, but he can't look away. Bai Yu sighs and squirms a little, fingers wiggling where they're resting on Zhu Yilong's chest. Then his eyes open wide.

"Uh… morning Long-ge." He moves as if to roll away. "Sorry about the cuddling."

Zhu Yilong closes his fingers around the bare skin of Bai Yu's bicep, holding him in place.

Bai Yu's eyebrows go up. "What are you...oh."

Zhu Yilong, feeling like he's leaping over a cliff, skims his fingers upwards, over Bai Yu's warm shoulder, touches the crease at the base of his neck. He turns to face him, ignoring the twinge in his back as he does it. His heart is beating so hard he can feel it in every inch of his body.

Bai Yu says, "Long-ge?"

Zhu Yilong puts his hand to his jaw, traces his fingertips over the morning shadow on his top lip. When Bai Yu breathes out, he can feel it against his fingers. Shaky heat is growing in Zhu Yilong's belly, making his limbs go heavy and loose. Bai Yu says, "Long-ge," again, voice gravelly.

Zhu Yilong's own breath is coming fast. He can't make himself move forward, and the few inches between them seems like a vast gulf. Bai Yu's face is open, expectant, his pink mouth framed by Zhu Yilong's fingers. Zhu Yilong realises in horror that he doesn’t know if he can take the leap. He squeezes his eyes tight shut.

The arm around him tightens across his ribs. Bai Yu says, "Oh, you." And then warm lips are against Zhu Yilong's. It's barely a ghost of a kiss at first - a tentative hint of more that makes Zhu Yilong needy for what it promises. He sucks in a hasty breath, slides his hand round to Bai Yu's nape, pulls him closer and kisses him back. Bai Yu squirms forward and his bare legs tangle with Zhu Yilong's, shockingly intimate. With his head half-mashed into the pillow Zhu Yilong can't taste all of Bai Yu's mouth as he wants, so he yanks clumsily at him, tipping himself onto his back. Bai Yu ends up mostly on top of him, bracing himself like he's trying not to put too much weight on him. His fingers brush across Zhu Yilong's forehead and down his cheek. There's a question in his eyes. "You too?"

Zhu Yilong nods

"I didn't think you…" Bai Yu shakes his head. "God, we're idiots."

He smiles from ear to ear and Zhu Yilong tilts his head up and kisses his smile. Bai Yu breathes against his mouth and then his lips open to Zhu Yilong's, hot and inviting. He tastes a little stale from the night and Zhu Yilong doesn't care - he touches his tongue to Bai Yu's and Bai Yu shudders. His mouth is stealing the breath from Zhu Yilong's body, making him liquid with want. He sinks his fingers into Bai Yu's hair and drinks him down like he's been longing to for so long.

His phone alarm blares.

Zhu Yilong's world has narrowed to the heat of Bai Yu's mouth and the sound is a physical shock. Bai Yu tears his lips away and gulps for breath. "Is that for anything important?"

Reality intrudes. "My flight is in two hours. Shit."

Bai Yu looks crestfallen. "Can you move it? Mine's not till tonight." He glances away. "We don't have to do anything. Just stay here. Stay in bed with me."

Giddy happiness suffuses Zhu Yilong's body. He rubs his thumb over Bai Yu's bottom lip. "What if I want to do something, though?"

Bai Yu swears expressively and drops his head to kiss Zhu Yilong's neck. "That can, uh, be arranged."

Zhu Yilong texts his assistant apologetically, asking him to move the flight and drop in to walk Cola and Oscar. The message is a mass of typos because Bai Yu is mouthing at the base of his throat in a way that's very quickly making him lose his mind. The phone thuds to the carpet as he tosses it to one side.

He shoves his hands under the covers, running them down Bai Yu's back - his skin burning hot under the thin cotton of his undershirt. Bai Yu mutters, "Yeah, that's good," and lets his full weight drop down on Zhu Yilong, pinning him to the mattress with his long body. His hard cock presses against Zhu Yilong's thigh and it makes his own dick throb where it's trapped against Bai Yu's stomach, makes him frantic to be touched. He feels possessed, like he can dare to do anything. His hands close around the globes of Bai Yu's ass and Bai Yu groans against his throat and writhes against him. And then rockets up like a scalded cat, landing to one side in a tangle of quilt.

Zhu Yilong gapes at him, filled with dread. "What's wrong?"

"Your back!" Bai Yu says. "I don't want to hurt you."

Zhu Yilong can't believe Bai Yu is worrying about his back at a time like this. "My back's fine."

"You'd say that even if it wasn't, wouldn't you?" Bai Yu strokes a hand down his cheek.

Zhu Yilong nuzzles his face into his palm. "...No?"

Bai Yu clicks his tongue, and then pulls his hand away gently and kisses Zhu Yilong's mouth. It's a soft kiss, but full of heat and promise. He kneels up and pulls back the covers. His fingers trail down Zhu Yilong's throat and to his chest, tracing over the skin not covered by the bathrobe, which has come mostly untied and is barely covering him. His eyes linger on where Zhi Yilong's cock is pushing up at the fabric and the look of need in them makes Zhu Yilong's skin go hot.

Bai Yu smirks. "I like how you blush. You used to do it a lot while we were shooting."

Knowing that Bai Yu had noticed how he'd been affected by him makes him blush harder.

Bai Yu tugs gently at the cord of his bathrobe. "I told myself you were just really getting into character."

"It wasn't just that," Zhu Yilong admits.

"We've wasted so much time." Bai Yu sounds a little sad.

"So don't waste any more."

Bai Yu laughs, startled. "Oh my god, you're bossy in bed. I love it." He swoops to kiss Zhu Yilong again, deep and hot, and when he pulls back he's breathing hard. He flattens his hand out over Zhu Yilong's chest. "If we're gonna do this, you're going to have to lie really still for me, can you do that?"

Zhu Yilong isn't sure he can when Bai Yu is looking at him like he wants to eat him alive, but he'd agree to a lot of things to get more of Bai Yu's hands on him. He nods. His promise is immediately broken when Bai Yu licks, wide and wet, over his nipple. The shock of sensation makes his shoulders jerk. Bai Yu plants one hand over his bicep to hold him down and dips his head lower, tracing a line of fire down towards Zhu Yilong's belly with his tongue.

Bai Yu's mouth against his skin is something Zhu Yilong urgently needs to see more of. He cranes his neck up off the pillow.

"Wait - I want to watch."

Bai Yu’s eyes go big. "Long-ge, do you know how hot that is?"

Zhu Yilong didn't think he could blush any more, but turns out he was wrong. He scrambles to prop himself up against the pillows. Bai Yu is resting his head against his chest, his breath coming fast against Zhu Yilong's skin. His mouth is so near Zhu Yilong's cock, only barely covered by the bathrobe, that it makes him ache with need.

But has he been presumptuous? He strokes a hand over Bai Yu's shoulder and up into his hair. "Is this OK? You don't have to."

Bai Yu chuckles against his skin. "Maybe this is bad," he says, low. "But I started thinking about blowing you about five minutes after I first met you. Can I?"

Zhu Yilong's voice fractures. "Please."

Bai Yu lifts his head and unties the bathrobe, pushing it back and freeing Zhu Yilong's cock to bob against his stomach. He licks hotly up the underside from balls to tip and the jolt of arousal almost undoes Zhu Yilong immediately. Bai Yu blows air over his sensitive skin and follows it with his mouth, making heat rise to the surface wherever his lips touch. He envelops Zhu Yilong's cockhead in his mouth and Zhu Yilong can't help but thrust up, too hard. Bai Yu backs off a little and Zhu Yilong's cock pops from his mouth with a wet smacking sound. It bobs against his cheek, leaving a glistening smear of precum.

Sweat is pooling at the base of Zhu Yilong's throat, damp at the back of his knees. Bai Yu sticks out his pink tongue to lap at his cockhead and makes a humming sound. "Long-ge, you taste good."

"Xiao Bai!" Zhu Yilong says, feeling absurdly a little embarrassed.

"Nothing but the truth." Bai Yu guides Zhu Yilong's legs apart and wriggles in between them, stretching out on his front. He puts his hand around the base of Zhu Yilong's cock, squeezing gently like he's testing something out. "How do you like it?" The tight circle of his fingers runs up Zhu Yilong's erection, and back down. "Fast, or slow?"

Zhu Yilong is rapidly losing his words. "Like, just like that."

Bai Yu chuckles. "OK, then." His fingers continue to tease at Zhu Yilong as he takes his cockhead back in his mouth, sucking him deep. His cheek bulges out around Zhu Yilong's erection and Zhu Yilong reaches down and touches the shape of it, runs his fingers around the O of Bai Yu's pink, wet lips where they're stretched around his dick. Bai Yu bobs his head, heat and suction perfect around Zhu Yilong's cock and Zhu Yilong feels it right down to his toes. He's abruptly panting for breath, hanging on the edge of orgasm.

He looks away from Bai Yu's busy mouth, trying to last just a little longer. Then he sees that Bai Yu's hips are moving in the same rhythm as his mouth, undulating on the mattress as he sucks Zhu Yilong down. Knowing that's he's getting off on this makes waves of lust swell through Zhu Yilong's body, finding their urgent centre in his needy cock. He squeezes his eyes shut, grabs at Bai Yu's shoulder in attempted warning, and comes in his mouth.

Stars go off behind his eyes as pleasure floods through him - Bai Yu's mouth stays around him, warm and tight as little after tremors hit. He licks at the very tip of Zhu Yilong's softening, oversensitive cock and Zhu Yilong sucks in a breath that's almost a sob. He opens his eyes to see Bai Yu pull off and look up at him, a little wild-eyed. A trickle of pearly fluid is running down his chin. He swipes his hand across it and then licks the smear off the back of his hand. Zhu Yilong pulls at his shoulder. "Oh god, Xiao Bai. Come here."

Bai Yu squirms up the bed and props himself on his elbow next to him. He's breathing fast and the tip of his hard cock is peeping from his boxers, flushed pink. Zhu Yilong touches it with his fingertips, smearing around precum. Bai Yu makes a throaty sound. Zhu Yilong pushes cotton out of the way, frees his length and wraps his hand around it and Bai Yu's hips stutter forward, driving into his hand. A rush of tenderness for him overwhelms Zhu Yilong. He pulls Bai Yu closer and kisses his pleasure-soft mouth, swallows down the noises Bai Yu is starting to make as Zhu Yilong squeezes his hand around him and jerks him in a slick glide. Bai Yu's movements get more frantic and his moans are setting off potent echoes of feeling in Zhu Yilong's blissed out body. His hips piston into Zhu Yilong's hand, he shakes, and hot droplets spatter over Zhu Yilong's chest and stomach as he comes.

He slumps forward onto Zhu Yilong, breath wild and ragged. Zhu Yilong cradles him against his shoulder, buries his face in his hair and breathes him in. This still almost feels like a dream, and it's one that he doesn't want to end. After a long, hazy time, Bai Yu stirs and kisses his throat. "Ai, Long-ge." His voice is thick. "You're a miracle."

Zhu Yilong strokes his hair and Bai Yu makes a purring sound and wriggles against him in contentment. Then he props himself up on one elbow and looks down at him. "And you're a mess," he says, sounding pleased. Streaks of his come are spread across Zhu Yilong's stomach and the sight makes Zhu Yilong’s face heat happily.

Bai Yu reaches off the side of the bed, and emerges with a scrap of cloth which turns out to be a sock. He starts dabbing at Zhu Yilong's skin with it. The intent look on his face makes Zhu Yilong giggle and Bai Yu laughs too, eyes crinkling. The sound makes Zhu Yilong giggle harder and suddenly he can't stop. He pulls Bai Yu down on top of him, the sock discarded between them. Zhu Yilong's heart feels it's about to burst with joy. Bai Yu is vibrating with mirth, his legs tangled around Zhu Yilong's, warm and sated and in his arms, and exactly where he was always meant to be.