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Anakin, The Gray Jedi Ranger

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During the Clone Wars, the Mid Rim planet of Naboo was twice affected by it.

The first conflict was when Doctor Nuvo Vindi, who sought to bomb all the key star systems with the Blue Shadow Virus. Thankfully that failed, otherwise the war would be the least of worries.

Second time was the attempted attack on Theed, which was thwarted.

Padme Amidala Nabberie of Naboo was deciding between refusing and accepting the prisoner trade. Her friend, Anakin Skywalker was captured. At the same time, General Grievous being brought to justice could mean the end of the war.

In the end, she decided that she would follow her head and allow the Jedi to rescue her best friend later. The war needed to be ended, as many people were suffering and Grievous was the key to the end. She also could not let Roos Tarpals' sacrifice to go in vain, as he died capturing Grievous.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot accept the trade," she said with sorrow in her tone. She had to do this.

"But Padme, she is our friend!" Jar Jar Binks said to her, as he was desperate to save Anakin.

"With Grievous captured, we could win the war. I am so sorry, but this is too big opportunity to be missed. It must be seized," Padme spoke, finally decided on the prisoner trade.

"I'm so very sorry Ani," she thought as she contacted Count Dooku, who said: "Senator, I trust that a right choice was made."

"I'm sorry, but I decline the prisoner trade," Padme said firmly.

"Very well then. You can have Grievous, but it shall avail you nothing," Dooku smirked as the hologram turned off.

Padme brushed off the words, believing that Dooku was tricking her. She decided to contact the Jedi to inform them of the incident and her decision of not trading the prisoners.

She was able to reach out to Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was Anakin's former master. Needless to say...

"How could you allow Dooku have Anakin and refuse the trade? We could capture Grievous any other time. But this..." began Obi-Wan, but was cut off by Padme. He was very upset with Padme and hoped that she could do better by accepting the trade.

"Master Kenobi, this is our only chance to end the war for once and for all. We can get Anakin back soon enough, as soon as war..." she began, but she was the one who was cut off this time by the angry Negotiator.

"We'll search for Anakin immediately and get her back. I thought of you as a friend, but you are willing to sacrifice Anakin's life to end the war! If we find out that she has died, it will be entirely your fault!" Obi-Wan said with a snarl in his tone as the hologram turned off.

"He did care for Anakin. Ani, please be alright, wherever you are," she thought as she shed tears.

Unfortunately for her, she would not hear from Anakin for a very long time. And unknown to her, her decision was to reveal the truth in Anakin's past.


Satisfied with the response from the Naboo Senator, Dooku took Anakin away in the ship to his homeworld of Serenno.

He was deciding of what to do with the young Jedi, as he sensed that something was wrong with his Master, especially with the whole Sith plan.

So, he took the blood sample from Anakin and had her in the chamber. The Jedi didn't like living in a comfort, since she was a prisoner, but she was thankful that Dooku was not going to do anything bad, yet.

The result revealed that Anakin had his former Padawan's DNA. She was Qui-Gon's daughter with another being, whose DNA was also revealed.

He was surprised to see what was on the screen, when he requested to have the result of the test-

Anakin Skywalker's species-One Quarter Vori Elf/Human*

Since Qui-Gon was a human, this meant that the other parent was a Half-Blood. There were hints to that, as Anakin had bit auburn hair in her brunette. The only red hair that Dooku remembered was Obi-Wan, but the latter was a pure human, so he was out of the question.

He decided to look up the history of Enroth and see if there were any notable events that touched the Vori. His search stopped at the artwork of a male Half-Blood, named Gelu.

According to the history, when he was a baby, he was found by Morgan Kendal, who raised him as his own son. His parentage was so mysterious that there were even rumors that he was a member of a Gryphonheart family, due that he had auburn hair. He joined the Forest Guard and became its leader after the previous one was murdered.

He had also played his part in the Restoration War, Demon Wars and the one that made his retire from the public life, the war where he killed King Kilgor of Krewlod.

That was where he gained a title of the Kingslayer, as he defeated Kilgor, who wielded the Sword of Frost. He wielded his normal sword, as he had cast aside the Armageddon's Blade, after he heard warnings from Tarnum, the Immortal Hero.

What were the warnings, no one knew. After the victory, Gelu retreated back to the forests, as he wanted to live in peace now and train his Sharpshooters in case a need for them would arise.

Through the Force, Dooku saw the images of the same man having Anakin, before losing her during the Restoration War. Dooku began to suspect that Anakin was taken from Gelu.

For one more day, he pondered on what to do, now that he knew that Anakin was a pawn in all of this. Sidious wanted to replace Dooku and the Count of Serenno now suspected that the one who killed Qui-Gon was the apprentice to Sidious.

So, he decided that he would avenge his former Padawan by betraying Sidious, which would start with returning the Chosen One to her biological father. He would certain that Gelu would love to see his daughter back.

Then, he would turn himself in to the Jedi.


In the morning of the departure, Dooku used the Force to block Sidious out of his mind and went to Anakin's room. He motioned the droids to escort Anakin to the ship.

Once there, it took off and Dooku set the course to Enroth.

"Where in the name of the Force are we going, you sleemo?" Anakin asked as she was guarded by the droids.

"Home, of course," Dooku answered.

"So you want me to be sent back to slavery?" Anakin asked again. She did not like it in any slightest.

"Slavery? No, that's a fate too harsh for someone, who has forgotten her true roots. I am sending the potential Ranger back to the Devil's Bane himself," Dooku replied.

"The Devil's Bane?" Anakin thought.

"He is a Hero, like you. I discovered that you have his people's blood in your veins along with my former Padawan's. So I am doing the favor to both of them," Dooku explained.

Anakin wondered on that. Qui-Gon was related to her? And who was this The Devil's Bane character?

Her thoughts stopped, when she felt the ship land and saw Dooku leave it. She could see the forest, which meant that they landed on the planet similar to Naboo. The droids still guarded Anakin, as they waited for Dooku's command.

"Who are you?" the stranger asked. It was a male voice.

"I am Yan Dooku. I am the Count from the planet of Serenno. I believe that I am speaking with Gelu himself," Dooku replied.

"You are, Count. Why are you here?" Gelu asked. Anakin wondered of why she was brought to him of all people.

"Why am I here? An easy answer. I am returning something that is lost to you, something that I suspect my Master stole from you," Dooku began as he motioned for his droids to escort Anakin outside of the ship.

Anakin was released from her cell and the droids dragged her, until a gasp was heard.

The Heroine with No Fear saw the Elven Hero himself. He had snow-white skin, which was decorated with stripes, long auburn hair, pointy ears and black eyes. He wore black leather armor and he had a bow along with a sword and dagger.

"That can't be! Even twenty one years later, I still recognize those blue eyes! That's Anakin!" Gelu exclaimed as he ran towards them.

Anakin realized that this man could be her biological father. But the whole notion that she was taken from Gelu bothered the young Jedi and made her to suspect that there was more to her bloodline.

"I suspect that my Master abducted her to twist her into a Sith, so she could replace me. I decided to foil his plans by returning your daughter to you. I am letting her go now," Dooku spoke as the droids let Anakin go into Gelu's arms, who embraced his now twenty-year-old daughter. Anakin felt the long auburn hair next to her skin.

"Thank you, Count Dooku. I advise you to leave now. And if I see your Master, who stole my Anakin from me all those years ago, I will see to it that he dies for what he has done," Gelu spoke softly, before his tone turned threatening.

"I am done with my business, so I will go back and lie to everyone that the great Anakin Skywalker has been killed. It would be better off, don't you think?" Dooku asked.

"Maybe. Someone will discover that you have lied, you know. Leave now," Gelu warned.

Dooku realized that the Half Vori was true to his threats, as he had his hand on his bow, so Dooku began to leave.

"It will be the last time I see you, or your daughter, because I am turning myself in," the former Sith said as he then walked into his ship. The droids also went back.

Gelu and Anakin watched the ship take off and leave. The Elven Hero held his long-lost child close as tears shed from his eyes.

"I can't believe it. Until today, I thought that you died. But you finally being here confirmed my hope that you survived, my little princess," Gelu spoke softly.

"Okay, how about we talk somewhere, where they can't hear? I also need explanations of my past," Anakin said.

"Exactly. I will lead you to our new home. You look worn out by that journey. I will let you rest, before I explain everything," Gelu replied as he helped Anakin to walk, since she was dragged by the droids.

Anakin needed a lot of explanations and she hoped that her new father could give the answers. So she nodded as she felt the light wash over her heart and mind.


Dooku flew on his ship to Corusant without looking back. He felt the bond between the father and daughter bloom and he wondered how Qui-Gon even missed the fact that Anakin was his daughter.

No matter, Anakin was back with his other parent and Dooku hoped that the Chosen One would be prepared, as Gelu was one hell of a legend, since he trained Sharpshooters of his organization known as the Forest Guard, who protected Erathia and Av'lee.

So, his ship landed onto the dock of the Jedi Temple and he came out. Yoda was already there, along with couple of other Jedi.

"Turning yourself in, are you?" Yoda asked as he looked at his former Padawan.

"I am. I want to avenge my former Padawan by helping the Order," Dooku replied.

"You sleemo! Where is my best friend? What have you done to her?!" Ahsoka Tano exclaimed.

Dooku thought to lie about her death, until the very familiar "Someone will discover that you have lied, you know." spoke in his mind.

"You are not thinking to lie about her death, are you?" Obi-Wan Kenobi asked, who sensed the thought.

"No. But you shall learn the truth of her parentage soon enough. And believe me, you have been deceived," Dooku replied.

"What are you talking about, sleemo?" Ahsoka asked.

For that, they got no response, except that Tru Veld found a datapad that stated-

Master Kenobi

Ever since I've heard the news that Senator Amidala refused the prisoner trade, I've been meditating to focus on Anakin's whereabouts.

For a few days now, her whereabouts were either Serenno or Dooku's ship. Now, it is on another world. I and R2-D2 are going together to investigate this, because I sense something changing in Anakin. I will send you a message, when I reach that other world and find my love.

May the Force be with us all.


Obi-Wan was glad to see that Ferus was after Anakin. These two were rivals at first, then Anakin confessed that she and Ferus were together when they were eighteen.

After Darra Thel-Tanis's death, Anakin was the sole reason why Ferus stayed in the Order. Siri and Obi-Wan knew their Padawan's relationships, thus they had no problems and even encouraged it. The two Masters were in love themselves, until Siri's death after the beginning of the Clone Wars.

Now, Anakin needed help and Ferus left for that unknown world, to seek her out and help her in case Anakin was to be in the big trouble.

However, little did they know, that Padme's decision to decline the prisoner trade was to save the whole Republic and the Galaxy.