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In Sickness and In Health (Now accepting Requests/Ideas)

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Choi Siwon was raised in a family of cops. From the time he was young it was expected that he would join the force and work his way up. Hopefully, one day taking over as police commissioner from his father. His life was set, mapped out for him before he could even walk, and nothing would get in the way of that. Nothing, except for a young man's rebellious phase and need to go abroad for a little while. So Siwon went to London, and spent a year living there and going to school there. Finally returning when the year was up and entering the police college. 

Siwon had been taught from the time he was young what was right and what was wrong. His family had a very black and white way of looking at the world. And if it hadn't been for the so-called 'black sheep' of his family he might never have known that shades of grey could exist. But he was grateful to Seunghyun, because of the other he knows there is more to what is right and wrong than just the law. And he is glad he learned that before he became a cop. He didn’t want to be like his family, he wanted to be better. 

But he had never thought he would have a secret that he would hide from everyone. He can honestly say he never saw it coming. He had always been honest with his family, not hiding things from them. But one trip abroad would change everything. And even though he was home now some secrets were too important to be shared. So he kept them to himself. Never telling anyone. And he’d have stayed that way if it wasn’t for Leeteuk. 

Leeteuk, born Park Jeongsu had met Siwon at the academy, and unlike everyone else hadn’t let Siwon’s family influence how he felt about the other. He didn’t hate him on sight, thinking he was just top of his class because of his family's reach. But he also didn’t worship the ground he walked on and tried to befriend him simply for his family's influence. No, their friendship started slowly and was realer than any other friendship Siwon had ever had. But it was by complete accident that Leeteuk and his fiance had discovered Siwon’s secret. And they had proven their friendship and trust by keeping it a secret. 

Which Siwon was ever grateful for. 


When Siwon showed up at work he was expecting his shift to be quiet. Siwon worked the night shift, which was because after becoming one of the city's Chiefs of Police he had been put in charge of the Organized Crime Unit. So the night shift made the most sense, given that the local mafia did most of their work at night. But still, it had been quiet the past week, and Siwon was hoping it would continue into tonight so he could finish up some important paperwork. 

He should have known better. 

He had done no more than take off his harness and jacket and sat down when the alert arrived. It was from the district by the docks and detailed how a shipment for the mafia was expected to dock tonight. They were asking for backup and help set up a perimeter. So Siwon stood back up, calling in his team, and pulled on a flak vest and his harness, rolling up his sleeves and heading out. He met the others at the garage, watching them pile into the SWAT vans before climbing into his own car. A flick turned his siren on and with that, they tore out and headed to the docks. 

    Arriving at the docks they saw the van being filled immediately. Siwon also caught sight of a few recognizable figures. Climbing from his car he waits for the others to fall into line before pulling out the mega horn and bringing it up. He uses the siren on it to grab the attention of the gang members and, once he heard cursing, turns it off and moves to speak. 

    “This is the SPD! Come out with your hands up!” He knows it's futile, but he also knows that he has to alert them to who he is. Otherwise, they could claim they were unaware they were being arrested. There’s scrambling and more cursing and then the first bullet rings out. Siwon ducks down to hide behind the door of his cart and lets out a sigh. Soon enough bullets are being fired back and forth. A couple of cops get grazed and Siwon moves forwards, trying to block off the others as the two injured are moves to safety. Siwon lifts his gun, firing cover fire to try and protect them. As he fires someone moves out from behind the van, obviously trying to say they are ready to go, unfortunately for him he’s right in the path of one of Siwon’s bullets. 

    “Heenim!” There’s screaming from one of the men in front, as the other male crumples to the ground. And then it’s chaos. The gathered mafia members moving to shield the one on the ground and lay cover fire. Only they have semi-automatics. Cursing Siwon ducks behind a storage unit as the fire is laid down, peaking back out he manages to see everyone get in the truck and then it’s tearing out of there. Siwon moves to fire at the wheels but he misses, and soon enough the truck is far enough away that they can’t do anything. 

    Siwon moves to call it in, requesting an ambulance for the injured police officers and setting them up with a couple of guards before taking the others in his squad to go check over the shipping yards. It's empty mostly, and when they get to the shipping container that had been emptied they aren’t surprised to see no evidence of what had been in it behind. But they still decide to tape it off and wait for the forensics team. Doing a final sweep is when they find the body. 

    An old man in old ragged clothes curled up between two shipping containers. They’re pretty sure he was a homeless man who died from the weather, but they set up another barrier and request a medical examiner as well. Siwon shakes his head and moves to wait for everyone to arrive. Directing the ambulance to the cops in need and then sending any who aren’t needed back to the station. 

    When the black car pulls in Siwon has been waiting all of ten minutes, and relief is evident on his face when he sees the two men that step out of it. Saying nothing he leads them back, sending the cops who had been guarding the two sites out front to search for anything else. It's an excuse for them to do something so they go right away. Siwon shows the two men with him the two crime scenes as the others disappear from view. Once he is sure they are far enough away he lets out a curse, turning to slam his fist into the solid brick wall behind the shipping container. 

    “That bad, huh?” Leeteuk moves forward, eyes on his friend and not the crime scene behind them. Siwon looks back at the other, heaving a sigh and moving to straighten his clothes. He had held back, knowing he couldn’t let his hand be bloodied from a temper tantrum, but it still stung slightly. 

    “It was bad… This morning is gonna be hell.” Is the only response he gives, making sure it's vague enough in case they are overheard. Then he turns and begins to direct them. “Ok so we have the container that we need to be checked over, chances are it’s wiped clean so we won’t get anything, they aren’t lazy after all. But the more pressing issue is this,” he shows them the body, “my visual examination makes me think he’s just a homeless man who got unlucky. I don’t see any wounds that would indicate he got caught in the crossfire but you can’t be too sure. I need you both to work on this together, and contact me when you can.” 

    Leeteuk and Kangin share a look, the older male sighing and nodding before moving to head to the shipment container. The younger, buffer male moving past Siwon to set up his medical bag and examine the body on the ground. As he does he talks to Siwon. 

    “I’ll come by after my shift to check you over, wouldn’t want you to have fractured anything with that punch.” Siwon sighs and sends the other a look, knowing what he is doing he leans against the wall before answering. 

    “No need, I didn’t fracture anything and I’m sure everything will be fine when I get home.” He says softly, knowing no one besides Leeteuk would understand the code they are using. Kangin gives him a look and nods slowly. Finally, Siwon pushes off, “good, I’ll await your reports. Meanwhile, I have my own to file and men to check up on.” And with that, he heads off to his car. Calling the other’s in and leaving only a couple behind as guards for the forensics team. 


    Heading back to the station he sends the others back to their desks to work on the cases they had been working on before the call. Once he is sure they are all settled in he sits down and begins his report. Glancing at the clock again and noting that it had been a few hours since he had come into work. Time always got away from him when he was working. Sighing he rubs a hand over his face and reaches for his coffee. Taking a sip of the now cold beverage he settles in to write his report. 

    Another half-hour later and the report is in, leaving him with a choice. Paperwork or checking on the two cops who were at the hospital. There was no choice. Standing up he swings his holster and suit coat on. Fixing his appearance for the public and downing the last dregs of his coffee before heading out. 

    He took one last glance around his office, before making sure to turn the lights off and lock the door. As a Chef he could have had the largest corner office possible, instead, he kept one of the smallest shittiest offices in the building. He had made it his when he was promoted to Lieutenant, despite everyone expecting him to chose a larger office. And he had kept it neat and clean ever since. It was his, the only place in the station that was truly his, and it mattered. Because it reminded him that it wasn’t the money, or office, or prestige that he wanted. It was justice. 

    On his way out he is stopped a couple of times, moving to talk with the detectives who are working on their cases and give them a helping hand as he can. Finally, he manages to make it outside and to his car. Going to his car he sighs, he was hungry, but the officers at the hospital mattered more. Driving to a nearby convenience store he picks up a couple of Kimbap rolls and some tea. Eating in his car as he drives to the hospital. 

    Once there he is escorted into the two officers, both of whom are sharing a room in the ER. Heading back he nods to the two cops stationed at the door, ones he doesn’t know well enough to talk to yet. Heading back into the room he smiles at the other two in the room. One is sitting up, a bandage on his arm and an IV in but otherwise looks fine. The other is slightly worse off, but only slightly. Taking a look over them he gives a small nod before speaking. 

    “Sungmin, Ryeowook,” he said softly, watching their eyes flick over to him and both men sitting up in their seats. 

    “Sir,” they reply in unison and Siwon has to hold back a smile, they are young and eager, but he’s just glad they aren’t that bad off. 

    “How do you both feel?” He asks softly, pulling a chair up between them to let them relax. There’s a moment of apprehension on the face of Sungmin but Ryeowook just smiles at him. 

    “We’re all right sir.” He laughs, even though he is the worse off of the two. “Just a little banged up, but they say we’ll be ok to go home in a couple of days. So long as we promise to behave.” Siwon has to hold back a snort at that, he knew Ryeowook and the other was not one to behave. Shaking his head in amusement he looks over at Sungmin. 

    “You can talk freely Sungmin,” he says softly, able to sense the other is worried. There's a moment where he still looks worried but Ryeowook reassures him by teasing Siwon some more. Soon enough the two men are laughing and Siwon nods. Standing up he heads out, only to stop curiously as he sees two a man standing aside as if he is unsure. Siwon looks at the guards who shrug, before heading over to the other male. 

    “Hello,” he smiles but keeps himself steady, unsure about the other. “Can I help you?” The other male tenses slightly before swallowing and giving a small nod. 

    “Uh… I’m looking for Officer Kim Ryeowook?” His voice is soft, very beautiful and Siwon has a feeling he’d be an amazing singer. “I’m his emergency contact…” He trails off as if uncertain how to continue and Siwon smiles to put him at ease. 

    “Ah! You must be Yesung,” he laughs, “I’m Choi Siwon, please come on in. I’m sure Ryeowook would be glad to see you.” There’s another moment of indecision before the other nods and lets Siwon lead him to the room. Sure enough, Ryeowook’s face lights up and Yesun is over by his side fast enough to look him over. Siwon has to hold back a smile as he hears the other nagging the officer about being more careful. 

    Shaking his head Siwon heads out, moving to his car and taking another look at the clock. Sunrise was later now, and it was still a few hours off. Sighing Siwon runs his hands over the buttons to warm his car up. Heading back to the station to get to work on the paperwork, he still had a couple of hours before he had to be home. But he set an alarm just to be safe, knowing he has a habit to just keep working. 


    When the alarm goes off finally Siwon winces, looking up he sees the first rays of light falling through his office window. Reaching out he turns off the alarm, then turning to stack the papers and move to drop them in the outbox. Done he locks up and heads out, skipping the police car he keeps at the station he moves to the bike at the back of the lot. Slipping a leather jacket and helmet on he revs it before driving off. 

    He has a way to go before he will arrive at his house. When he gets closer to the forest he stops at a grocery store. Picking up a meal for two and some ingredients for tomorrow's dinner. Slipping them in the carry case of his bike he turns and drives into the forest. There's a small way until he reaches the mansion. It's an old-world style building, with new additions in the sides and back to modernize it. Driving forward he moves to the keypad, entering his code and watching the gates slide open. A last glance back at the forest before he drives in the rest of the way. 

    Pulling his bike into the garage he parks it and pulls the groceries out before heading into the main building through a side entrance. When he enters the living room he is greeted by the sight of another man on the sofa. The other is dressed all in white and looks like he just came from a club. He’s obviously sleepy as all he does is send Siwon a half-wave. Siwon nods in response and moves to take off his coat and holster. Locking the gun up in a small safe in the closet before slipping off his shoes and picking the food back up. 

    He moves to put everything up and set the meals on a tray before looking at the other male. The other is lounging over the sofa, a bottle of whiskey on the coffee table, two glasses partially drunk out of sitting next to it. One glass is missing, leaving the last glass upside down on the tray. Moving over Siwon pours himself a couple of fingers and takes a drink. Finally moving to talk to the other.

    “How bad is it?” he asks softly, causing the other male to finally move slightly. He lets out a chuckle, leg bending and head tilting back to look at Siwon. He grins at him in amusement before swinging up and turning to look at him. 

    “I mean not the worst case I’ve seen. But I’d say a solid 7 to 8.” Siwon groans softly and looks in worry down the hall to where he knows the bedroom is. This is gonna be hell. The other male chuckles again, finishing off his own whiskey as they wait. Soon enough they hear the sound of the door opening and closing and another male enters the living room. 

    He’s dressed in all black, leather and mesh with his hair styled to look like he just rolled out of bed. His eyes are lined in khol and he gives Siwon a small glance before moving to the other male on the sofa. Slipping onto his lap he pulls him into an intense kiss, making Siwon roll his eyes at the two men as he finishes his whiskey. Finally, he looks over at Siwon, pulling away from the kiss. 

    “Hello Siwon,” the other sends him a smirk, making Siwon sigh heavily. 

    “Hyukjae,” He says in acknowledgment, watching the other’s face twist in annoyance before he slides off of his lover's lap and to the floor. Taking the other male by his hand he tugs him up and moves to leave the house. Tossing a final comment over his shoulder as they slip out the front door. 

    “Hae and I are going to bunk in one of the guest houses.” Siwon grunts in acknowledgment, finally turning to pick up the tray of food and head back to the bedroom. The walk down the hallway only takes a couple of minutes but is done in complete darkness. Siwon not bothering to turn lights on when he knows where he is going. Coming to the end of the hallway he stops at the large door, reaching out to swing it open and step inside. 

    Siwon manages to take a single glance around the bedroom. Catching the sight of white bandages on the burgundy sheets. Bloodstained ones already in the trash can at the corner of the room. He takes a moment to steady himself, knowing if it was bad they other would have the doctor here. Finally, his eyes flick away from the bed, all-mahogany wood and dark soft sheets. The mahogany wood reflected in the sitting area and the matching nightstands and vanity, burgundy accented with other dark fall tones. Blackout sheets pulled down over the window to block the rays of sunlight, and two cats and one dog sat on the bed or floor. Finally, Siwon’s eyes flicker to the other person in the room. 

    He has his back to him, red hair pulled back from his face so Siwon can see the bandages peeking out from his muscle tank. The cop winces, moving to set the tray of food down and clearing his throat. The other male tenses and then slowly turns to face him, and Siwon sees their third cat in his arms, before looking up to catch the other's eyes. The other is looking at him with barely contained fury and Siwon knows this isn’t going to end well. Swallowing he speaks softly, trying to be joking and soft. 

    “Hi honey, I’m home… how was your day?” Obviously, that was the wrong thing to do, because the last cat is being let go and the other is glaring at him so hard he takes a step back.     

    “How was my day?” His voice gets louder and higher, causing the animals to run for cover, “How was my day? You. Shot. Me.” He growls, reaching to pick up the vase from his nightstand, not turning away from him. “That's how my day was! You JERK!” The last word is punctured by the throwing of the vase and it shattering next to Siwon’s head.  The cop wincing and gulping down as he stares at his husband.