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Why Love Has To Hurt?

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Chapter One: Can’t Get You Out Of Mind

Crap! Sou thought, looking at the clock. Half-past 12 already and I’ve not studied a bit since morning and these exams just about a month away… Oh God, how can I even manage this?!

But somehow, he could not take his eyes away from the computer. He kept on browsing the songs and videos of one of his favourite utaite and best collaboration partner ever, Eve.

Eve-san does seem to be hiding from reality. After all, he said it himself, “There’s no role I’m suited for…” in the song Dramaturgy. Oh, I do hope he’s fine…

Since a few days, all Sou could think about was Eve. It was as if his mind had taken a pledge not to shift from the particularly person. It was as if Eve had become the last thing he thought before going to bed and the first thing he thought after waking up. He kept having imaginary conversations with the man at every free time.

“Oh Sou, aren’t you a bit unmindful these days?” his classmates often said as they caught the brunette staring out of the window, dreamily whispering a song to himself.

“Be more attentive! Exams are knocking at the door.” His teachers would scold.

But somehow, he could not take his mind away from Eve.

At home, he would stare at his senior’s picture for long, or would browse down the long-ago Twitter feeds and Instagram posts and their old Line chats for hours and hours…

Suddenly, Sou noticed something. His last Line message to Eve was 2 weeks ago.

Sou : Would you please come out with me for a day tour, Eve-san? It would be really fun!! What do you think???

Eve hadn’t yet replied.

Is he ignoring me?

The thought crossed his mind as he remembered since then, they hadn’t had a proper talk.

He might be very busy at the moment.

He might have forgotten to reply.

 He tried to give himself excuses but his mind only hung on to one conclusion: Eve was ignoring him.