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Timing Is Everything

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Your brothers, Matt and Nick, were signing photographs while you painted your toenails on the hotel bed. “I mean, I really just don’t understand why he has to come with us.” You sighed, reigniting the fuel to a fire you’d started earlier.

“Come on, y/n. You know why. He’s our best friend. Just because he broke your phone doesn’t mean you get to hate him forever.” Nick replied, continuing to sign posters.

“Uhm, I think that definitely justifies my anger, Nick. I know he did it on purpose.” Ok, so you knew Kenny didn’t really drop your phone on purpose, but you weren’t ready to forgive him yet.


It had been two weeks ago and your brothers along with Kenny were accompanying you to a match in Osaka. After the show ended, you were walking to the rental car. A text from Travis ‘Flip’ Gordon had come through and you were quick to reply.

“Who are you talking to y/n?” Kenny asked, poking you in the ribs.

“None of your business, Ken.” You replied. Flip was congratulating you on your match and you couldn’t help but smile since you had developed a little crush on the high flyer.

Before you knew it, Kenny had snatched your phone away and proceeded to scroll through your text messages. “Boys, I think we need to have a talk with Gordon. He’s flirting it up with your little sis.” He smirked, “’You were amazing in your match. Your ring gear was really awesome. Especially the shorts. *winky face*.’” Kenny read the message aloud.

“Ty! You fucking asshole! Give me my fucking phone!” You yelled, jumping up while he held the phone over his head.

“Whoa whoa whoa. Flip was saying that to you? Y/n, you know dating wrestlers is strictly forbidden.” Your brother Matt retorted, grabbing you around the waist and pulling you away from Kenny, but before he could remove you completely, you kicked Kenny in the stomach.

“Fuck y/n! You can’t do that without warning!” He cursed. You stared in horror at your phone which was now immersed in a puddle of water. He had dropped it when you kicked him.

“Ohhh shit,” your brothers said in unison.

“What?” Kenny asked, not yet realizing what had happened.

“Kenny fucking Omega!” You dove to your knees, grabbing your phone from the ground and attempting to dry up the water.

It was no use. The screen was shattered and nothing but a faint light flashed across the screen before completely going black. You looked up at him, first in anger and then through tears as you realized just how annoying this whole situation was going to be.

“Shit, I’m sorry y/n. I’ll get you a new one.”

“How? Can you even buy an American phone here? Can they even access my account? I’m here for another week! What am I supposed to do without my goddamn phone, Ken?!” You screamed, rising to your feet and chopping him across the chest.

“Well, it’s your fucking fault for kicking me!” He yelled back, trying to defend himself.

“You never should have taken it to begin with!” You shoved him hard, sending him back a few steps.

Nick grabbed you, pulling you to the car. “That’s enough y/n. Just calm down. He said he’d get you a new one.” They knew your temper got the best of you sometimes. Hell, it’s why you’d taken up wrestling to begin with. It helped to relieve that pent up rage inside.

“Also, your knees are bleeding.” Matt pointed to your gravel and blood covered knees. You reached down to wipe away the mess.

Kenny winced at the fact he had caused you physical pain. He had no intention of any of this happening. “I’m going to catch the bus.” He stated, walking towards the bus stop. Your brothers tried to convince him to ride with all of you back to the hotel, but he refused.

You had gone to bed upset and angry with Tyson that night. He bought you a new phone a few days later, but the damage had been done. Your brothers were now aware of your little thing with Travis Gordon and they would not let you live it down. Nagging you at every chance and making you wish you’d never even started talking to Flip.


“He’s coming with us and that’s final.” Matt replied and Nick nodded in agreement. Typical.

“Fine, but you better tell him not to fucking talk to me or I’ll super kick him so fucking hard his curls will straighten out.” You sneered, “I’m going to get a drink.” You climbed off the bed and started towards the door.

“Oh yeah, you should probably know. He’s on his way over.”

“WHAT?!” You screamed, “why?!”

“Doing a live stream for the channel.” Nick shrugged.

“This is such BULLSHIT!” You yelled, slamming the door on your way out, rage getting the best of you. Going back to that room wasn’t an option with Kenny and your brothers in it. Facing Kenny after your violent outburst on him was too embarrassing and not enough time had passed. Weighing your options at the vending machine, you decided on a soda. Reaching down to retrieve the Diet Coke from the slot, you heard a familiar voice.

“Mind if I get one?” You turned to face him. Kenny stood there, hands in his pockets.

“Go ahead.” You began to move away before he stopped you, placing a hand against the vending machine, keeping you pinned between it and him.

“How long are you going to stay mad at me, y/n?” He asked

“As long as I want,” you shrugged.

“Oh, come on! How many times do I have to apologize, y/n? I got you a new phone. What else can I do?“

“Well, you could get my brothers to stop harassing me every second of every day about who I choose to talk to. Maybe you could take back your idiotic choice of reading through my messages. What if I did that to you, huh? Would you like it, Ty?” I stared at the top of his head as he kept his gaze on the ground. His body was mere centimeters from mine. I could feel the heat radiating off of him.

He finally looked up at me, his gaze intense, “No, I wouldn’t like it.” He moved his hand from the vending machine to your upper arm, slowly running down its length entirely before brushing his fingers along the tips of yours. A shiver ran up your spine.

“Do they have any Monsters in that thing?” Nick asked, breaking both of you out of a trance.

“Yeah, they have your favorite.” you answered him, stepping around Kenny and making your way back to the hotel room you were sharing with Nick and Matt. When you reached the room, Cody, Adam, and Marty were already there. “I’ll be back later. Don’t wait up.” you told Matt, complete ignoring your other friends. He tried to protest, but you shut the door before you could process his words.


Going for a walk around the city felt like the best thing to do. You stepped out onto the streets of Tokyo, making your way down the sidewalk. What had just happened in the hallway? You couldn’t quite understand why Kenny had touched you like that. It was like a whole new feeling with him. Sure, he’d joked and wrestled around with you over the years of your friendship, but it never felt like it had just now. Or maybe you just hadn’t seen it before?

The way you’d find him staring a little too long. How he’d keep his hand on your waist whenever the two of you were around a lot of people in a possessive way. You’d never thought anything of it. Hell, you undressed in front of the guy more times than your last boyfriend due to sharing a room with him and your brothers each time you were on the road. You even shared the same bed each time. Often waking up with his arm draped over you and his morning erection against your ass, but that was normal, right? Could you have been missing something this whole time? You shook your head. No way did Kenny Omega have feelings for you. You were just really good friends was all. Not to say you hadn’t thought about it before, but Matt and Nick would literally kill you if you tried anything.

Lost in your own thoughts, you had been walking without realizing where you’d ended up. You only knew a small bit of Japanese and definitely couldn’t read it. “Great,” you mumbled. Your brothers might be able to help a bit, but you knew who you were going to have to call.


Kenny stared at the wall while his friends and fellow Bullet Club members conducted a live stream. Kenny only replied when he heard his name. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Would she ever forgive him? He knew he’d fucked up when he invaded her privacy by reading those texts. It was worse when he told Nick and Matt what the messages said. After that, the rest of their friends all knew about her chats with Flip.

It had been two weeks, but she was so stubborn. He didn’t know what else to do. Cody was answering a fan question when Kenny’s phone began to buzz in his pocket. He reached down seeing her name flash across the screen and the cute picture of the two of them he’d saved to her contact info. “I gotta take this guys,” he stood up and exited to the hallway. “Hello?“

“Hey,” her sweet voice filled his ears.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked, knowing she wouldn’t call if something wasn’t the matter.

“I’m- I’m lost, Ty.” She sighed, “I was walking and then I realized I didn’t know where I was. You’re the only one of us who can read this language. I need your help.“

“Can you FaceTime me?” He asked, worry in his voice.

“Yeah, hold on,” she held the phone up as his face appeared. She looked beautiful standing under the bright light of the lamppost. Her hair was tucked behind one ear and her collarbones peeked through her hoodie. He licked his lips, thinking of his mouth against the thin flesh of her chest. What he wouldn’t give to taste it.

“Hello?” She waved her hand in front of the camera, “Did you hear me?” She asked, thinking he had frozen on the screen.

“Shit, sorry. Uhm, are there any street signs?”

“Yeah,” she turned her phone towards the closest sign.

“Ok, I know where you are. Just stay there. I’m coming to get you. Don’t move.“


You followed his orders, finding a bench to sit on as you waited for him to rescue you. The lights of Tokyo held your attention. You watched the people walk by, some smiling, some frowning. It made you wonder where they were going. Things started to feel familiar as you began recognizing different landmarks.

Sitting on that bench gave you time to think about what had happened two weeks ago. When you had hit him, it felt like a release at the time. But afterwards, you knew you had crossed the line. He had every right to hurt you back in your opinion. You had brought harm on him first. You knew him dropping the phone was an accident and although he had invaded your privacy, it was still no excuse to put your hands on him in anger.

It had been about fifteen minutes and you were starting to get cold. You shivered, pulling your knees up to your chin and wrapping your arms around them.

“Y/n?” Your head snapped up, meeting Kenny’s light blue eyes.

“You found me.” You smiled, despite your anger with him.

“Of course I did. I would never leave you out here alone.” He smiled back, his eyes crinkling.

“I wouldn’t blame you if you did,” you looked back down at your feet.

“What do you mean? Did you know we’re only a few blocks away from my apartment? I’ll take you there.” He reached out with an open hand.

“I knew it looked sort of familiar,” you grinned, placing your hand in his. You walked down the street in silence. Each traffic light you approached, he put his hand on your waist to guide you through the crosswalk. It shouldn’t have been a surpruse since he’d always done this, but this time… it felt different. Maybe this was how it was always supposed to feel.