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“So basically, we’re doing a tie in with Baby Shark, and you two are going to be Mommy & Daddy Shark.” Martin stared at Kyle, feeling a deep sense of betrayal, and a desire to laugh hysterically. He very carefully did not look at Aaron.

“Why us,” he asked, trying not to let any nervousness show.

“Well, you’re both goalies, and we kind of want to downplay the...competition thing.” Martin winced. “Anyway, we’re doing the Vlasic & Finn bobbleheads, and we thought this would be a fun follow up. Joe & Brent have already agreed to be Grandma & Grandpa Shark.”

Martin heard Aaron snort, and couldn’t help but smile. “Who’s Grandma?”

“Burnzie. It’s the smile.” That made sense.

“And us?”

Kyle looked a little nervous. “Well, Aaron has the beard…” He trailed off as Martin looked at him flatly. “I mean, we can let you decide, how about that, you can decide.”

Martin did laugh at that. “It’s fine. What do we have to do?”

“Well, there’s the dance and we have a bow and…” Martin tuned out at that point, stuck on imagining Burnzie wearing a bow. He tuned back in long enough to catch that this was all going down at the Stars game, and followed Aaron out the door.

As they walked down the hall, Aaron bumped their shoulders together. “Amazing how straight people are obsessed with who’s the girl. Can you imagine if they knew? At least now it’s just about a beard.”

Martin made a noncommittal sound. Almost there.He reached out for the door they were passing and pulled Aaron in with him. He wasn’t sure why arenas like the Shark Tank always had unlocked deserted rooms, but far be it from him to complain. He backed Aaron into the door. “You know I don’t care about that. I like you because you’re all man, but so sweet for me.”

“Yeah, I know. Are you going to kiss me, or is there another reason we are in this suspiciously roomy storage closet?”

Martin laughed, and fit his hand around the back of Aaron’s neck. He brought their mouths together, loving the way Aaron just opened up for him. He knew this was dumb, but he didn’t care, and he knew Aaron wouldn’t stop him. He might not be guaranteed that starting spot anymore, but he would always lead here. He reached between them for Aaron’s fly. Aaron gasped when Martin got his hand on his dick. He loved knowing that even after all this time, he could take him apart with just his hand, lips, tongue, and some well applied teeth. He loved how Aaron couldn’t do anything but lean his head against his shoulder and try to be silent as he came. It was convenient how there was a roll of paper towels and a trash can, just right fucking there. Aaron was totally come dumb, so he did up his pants, kisssed him, and said, “Wait a few minutes.”

He slipped out and ran straight into Jumbo. “Oh, uh.” He cleared his throat and said, “Oh, hi, what are you doing, how’s it going,” loudly and too fast.

Joe just grinned and gripped his shoulder. “Joner, you’re a millionaire. You can do better than a supply closet. Now come on, Burnzie will make sure no one catches your boy.” Martin looked around, and sure enough, their resident wookie was leaning on the wall, smirking at him. What the fuck was happening? He realized Joe was talking, “If you really must, there’s an empty office by the visitor’s locker room. Just...knock first. It doesn’t have a lock.” Martin stared as some things became clear, while his brain absolutely refused to go near others.

“Uh. Thanks?” What even was his life? “I’m just going to go,” he said and walked quickly towards the locker room. While he was strapping on his pads Aaron came in, looking just as dazed as Martin felt.

“Did...did that just happen?”

“Yep.” He tightened a strap.

“Jumbo & Burnzie?”



“Yeah.” He picked up his helmet. “Let’s go before there are any other surprises. Somehow, dancing to an earworm seems less appalling than it did an hour ago.”