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H is for Hands

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Jimin couldn’t help the stream of tinkling laughter that poured from his lush, parted lips, gracing the air in its melodic notes. “Bun, that tickles.” A soft squeal followed suit as he felt a warm mouth brush across the sensitive skin on the back of his neck, leaving trails of sizzling, comforting kisses. A shock of delight quivered his body as the heated arms he was encased in squeezed him tighter, pressing him further into the crest of a broad chest. 

“Stay still, doll.” A low timber voice whined petulantly.

“You’re tickling me.” Jimin whined back and tried to escape off the comfortable, familiar lap he was seated in. He would love to stay put- this was absolutely his favorite spot to occupy- however, for the past fifteen minutes now he’s been battling with his boyfriend who couldn’t keep his lips and hands off all the easily tingled places of his body. 

It didn’t help that they were both off today and have been intoxicated on each other ever since that morning. It was now reaching the afternoon and being in bed all day resulted Jeongguk into being a clingy, overgrown pup.

“Excuse me, this is called loving and cherishing you.” Jeongguk countered sniffly as he picked up a small, soft hand glittering with gem rings and brought the cushiony palm to his lips with a contented hum. “Appreciating what I have.” His lips slowly, surely, with trained purpose, traced over each pretty finger gently. Layering and peppering the chubby digits with feather light, well thought out kisses. 

Jimin melted. Knees curled into his chest, he melted back against his boyfriend, sinking deep into his warmth while glazed mocha eyes marveled at his small hand being held by the larger one, soaking in the way heart shaped lips covered every inch. Watched as Jeongguk flipped his hand carefully and entwined their fingers before planting a loud smooch between his knuckles.

“Love your hands, baby. So much.” Jeongguk sighed like the love struck fool he was- and that Jimin himself felt like, with the way he was cheesing so ridiculously hard- and barely had time to blink before his baby wiggled around on his lap, sliding his thick, distracting thighs on either side of his hips and small hands cupped his jaw, ringed fingers fanned out to stroke his skin tenderly. 

“You’ve mentioned before.” Jimin glowed, eyes pretty crescents as he smiled down at the other. He teasingly slid his thumb down, allowing it to catch on the corner of Jeongguk’s mouth, giggling when lips captured the tip into wet heat. 

“Have I? These tiny, pretty fingers are wrapped around me.”

“Good. As they should be.” Jimin agreed cutely as he ducked and tucked his face into Jeongguk’s neck. He sighed, shifting about like a kitten seeking a warm cozy position and only found it when those arms anchored him down.

Hands gripped his hips, the same hands that have held his own, guided him, given him nothing but a security of safety and comfort. He loved these hands, wouldn’t let them go, they were his have, to hold, and cherish.