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Horns n Halos

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Music 🎶

This is shit Aziraphale, I know you can do better, or maybe I should get Sandalphon to write this biography."

Gabriel shouted at him as he always did. Aziraphale tried to keep his outwardly confident aura about him, but per usual was failing marvelously. He wrung his slightly sweaty hands, his heart was racing, internally he was shaking as he went to speak, "...but, but Gabriel, you see, umm, that was what Mr. Shadwell wanted, sir, I mean we're supposed to shine a good light on them." Aziraphale nodded almost frantically, Gabriel all but snarled at him, "Don't tell me what we're supposed to do Aziraphale I'm the fucking publisher."

Aziraphale's jaw closed with a click of his teeth, "Do it again, now get out, go burn your daylight hours somewhere else." Aziraphale picked up his tartan bag that contained his laptop and all his research on Mr. Shadwell, the good the bad and the ugly. Turning on his heel, he left without looking back, more afraid of what he would see, any confidence he once had was all but gone. Aziraphale's brain was filtering through every possible out of the building, knowing he had to go down the escalator and out the front door of the high rise. He truly loved how bright, clean, and heavenly it was, but Gabriel and his three favorites hated Aziraphale, mainly because he was talented by default.

Aziraphale was an exceptional writer, who had a knack for writing the truths about people, the ability to twist a bad light into a good one. It was a blessing incarnate, at least that's what he was told, to Aziraphale though it was a curse. Aziraphale had long since been writing his own novels and never getting very far. So he had taken up his current job as a writer and part-time editor to fill in until he was published. The problem was, he never had the nerve to ask anyone, show anyone, or even acknowledge he had written books, around seven to be exact.

Tracey caught a glimpse of Azirphale leaving E.D.E.N Publishing; she was going back in, lunch was over. Stopping, she waited for him to run into her; she chuckled, watching him mumbling to himself. "Gabriel again, Aziraphale?" Aziraphale stopped in his tracks, slightly startled at the sudden voice, "Yes my dear, I am sorry if you have to deal with him today, I may have set him on the warpath." he shook his head despairingly. Tracey placed a hand on his shoulder and looked into his eyes, "Hey, he's a right ass, we all know that we also know how good you are." with a pat, her hand dropped back to her side.

Aziraphale nodded, noticing a rather lovely cup in her hand. The cup was brown, a black snake encircling it, the mouth biting into an apple, on the top of the apple were horns, and above the apple a halo. Tracey followed the line of Aziraphale's eyes, lifting the cup, she turned it so he could read the back. The words followed the snake's body, ~"Horns ~n~ Halos"~ "What is that?" Tracey smiled, "New coffee shop, wish it had always been there; it's so good, go check it out, closer than anything else." Aziraphale looked down towards where Tracey pointed. "I am a bit peckish, do they have food?" Tracey nodded with a wicked grin adding, "The service isn't bad too look at either." Aziraphale looked shocked at her, bringing about a bout of laughter from Tracey, "Go on Aziraphale, and yes, they do have some food.". Aziraphale thanked her, setting off to "Horns ~n~ Halos."

Rounding the corner, Aziraphale took in a line of people waiting behind an a-frame sign. Music was pouring out of the door and down the street. Aziraphale stopped for a moment listening with a smile, realizing it was 1920's music, but with a twist. His feet carried him closer, that was when his brain decidedly entered the thought process of what he was hearing; this was electro-swing from the 1920s.

The sign above the door was beautiful. Black cast iron formed an actual snake looping around the sign, leading off the pole and onto the sign itself, the head holding an apple in its mouth. "Horns ~N~ Halos" was done in gold lettering outlined by apple red on the word Horns, white on the name Halos against the black signage.

Aziraphale stood at the back of the line waiting to go in, looking back up, enjoying the music, his foot tapping to the beat, he noticed little horns on the "O" in horns and a halo over the "O" in the halo. A playful smile danced on his lips as the music changed to another electro-swing song from the '20s, he was going to figure this one out, he knew the 20's, and if Aziraphale was honest with himself, he adored the 20's. Aziraphale's attire screamed as much, and some of it was from even older years, a grandfather incarnate. The line was quick enough moving in and out of the bistro, moving along with its path, he finally got to the front door, he squeaked slightly, hands coming over his mouth.

Aziraphale was giddy, a favorite song of his came on, "The Charleston." It was all he could from dancing right there. Oh, how he was loving the new bistro so far, even if it were just for the music, he would consider writing here, just for the inspirational aspect of it. Entering the Horns ~n~ Halos was another thing altogether, he was physically transported to a Paris 1920's Cafe. The walls were a cream color, the floor oak that matched the woodworking that was everywhere else, a large mirror against the back wall reflected everything behind the counters, tables were strewn about but carefully placed at the same time. Plants hung from the ceiling, beautiful and lush, real none the less, candles adorned matching oak tables and chairs, everything was warm and inviting. Smells from a kitchen somewhere, filled and floated through the cafe, Aziraphale was on cloud nine, the only thing missing was a silver lining, he thought to himself.

Aziraphale grabbed a menu from the stand at the door, smiling as he read the lineup, he was definitely going to try everything. Looking at the large mirror, he continued walking forward, watching the mirror, not so much where he was going. Behind the counter was a woman, long brown hair, falling in curls down to her waist, the front pulled up into a bun on the top of her head. The coffee was apparently what she did. Gracefully she moved behind the counter; steam would hiss, in what looked like magic puffs of smoke, her hands would fly back and forth. Froth was being tipped; art made; at the end of her motions, there was a flick of her wrists, and stardust would float through the air. Then as if God herself lifted the veil from his eyes, Aziraphale caught sight of the silver bar of the counter; he stopped walking, just as he was about to bump into the counter.

A squeak left his chest as someone cleared their throat, a low voice sounding more like a purr than a voice of a mere mortal broke the silence. "Wha's your poison?" Aziraphale's eyes lifted from the menu, landing on carefully perched black sunglasses. Aziraphale swallowed somewhat hard, as he took in the man in front of him. Taller than Aziraphale, he had to look up at him to meet his gaze, a wickedly coy grin spread on his face watching the blush creep across Aziraphale's face. His hair looked like it was set ablaze by a kiss from a flame, twisting up into spikes that looked more like horns than they should, the man wore all black, and a silver necktie that hung lazily around his neck. There's that silver lining, Aziraphale thought to himself.

The man looked past Aziraphale to the back of the line; he called out to the woman that there were only a few more customers, his glance now fully back on Aziraphale. "So, wha's it gonna be?" Aziraphale then realized at that moment, words were no longer available to the writer, speech apparently gone, and his brain had taken a sabbatical. Out of everything he wanted to order, "Tea?" was all he could muster. The man pulled out a cup, looking at Aziraphale, "Name?" Aziraphale just looked at him, the man tapped the cup with his pen, "Sorry wha,..what was that?" the man grinned at Aziraphale's distraction, "Name, your name, would be ever so helpful." he gave Aziraphale that wickedly coy grin as he waited, "Oh, oh dear, sorry, sorry. Aziraphale."

The man stopped, looked from the cup to Aziraphale, and back to the cup, "Umm, one more time?" it was Aziraphale's turn to smirk, "Aziraphale." he said it slower as though that would help the man spell it. "Ok, spell it?" Aziraphale moved slightly away towards the woman who was waiting for the order. "Surprise me." Aziraphale may have been flustered, but given a chance, he was an outright bastard and was currently powering up. With that, he beamed a smile only he could pull off, innocently a bastard, walking to the end of the counter he waited. Aziraphale needed a moment to gather his wits about him, his heart thrummed thinking of that man's grin.  In front of him, a woman looked at Aziraphale and then towards the man, his eyes watching the man work. "Hi, Aziraphale, you said? Quite a mouthful, isn't it. Rather an angelic name." she smiled kindly at Aziraphale, "Yes, rather. Might I ask when this open?"

She looked around the full bistro and smiled, "Oh, a month, maybe more, it's just this last week that its really taken off." Aziraphale nodded, "Well, that's good, the area needed something new, and it's so much closer." Aziraphale finally looked momentarily at the woman who was being amused by watching Aziraphale look over her boss. "You know, you aren't very subtle, Aziraphale." she grinned, taking the tea from Crowley. "Pardon?" She chuckled, "Anathema, that's me, and since your name is as old as mine, I'll give you some advice, firstly his name is Crowley; secondly, he knows you're staring at him." Anathema watched as Aziraphale blushed bright red, his eyes fully snapping onto warm molten chocolate eyes.

"Oh, dear. How do you know that." Anathema chuckled and turned the teacup around to face Aziraphale. If Crayola needed a new red color, his face was currently providing it, free of charge. Aziraphale looked down the counter to a smirking Crowley who waved. Aziraphale dropped the money for his tea on the bar, quickly turning around hastily left the bistro, face still burning as he walked out. Walking down the street, he turned the cup that failed to have his name on it and reread it, ~Do you like what you see? I'll be here all week.~ Oh, for the love of God almighty herself, he could never go back there.

Anathema watched as Aziraphale left, an amused smirk played on her lips. "You know that was not very nice, Crowley," Anathema shouted down at Crowley, the last few cups of coffee being made. Crowley sauntered down to her area, "I'm not nice!" he glowered at her, "Plus, he was staring." Anathema shook her head, curls bouncing against her back, "Yes, yes, he was. However, it isn't like you aren't stared at daily, with far less interest than he had. So spit it out, why'd you bother making a note on that one?" with a shrug Crowley turned and headed back to a new customer, "He kinda matches the theme here." Anathema smirked and let it be for now.

Crowley, as aloof as he tried to appear to be, was left utterly speechless at a rather angelic beaming smile given by one Aziraphale. Really though what kind of name was that he thought to himself, a name belonging to an angel, his brain decided to remind him. Shaking off his thoughts, he tended to the new costumers finding himself thinking of a halo of golden-white hair, eyes that didn't compare to any blue he had ever seen sprinkled with stardust. Anathema had been talking to him or trying to get his attention for a minute now. "Earth to Crowley, you here, or did Hell swallow you whole?" Crowley turned to her, an eyebrow raised over the rim of his glasses. "Can I have the cup, Crowley?"

Crowley looked down at the cup and handed it to her, heading into the back kitchens, Anathema looked at him shaking her head. Looking at the station, Anathema noticed three thrown out cups, all with an attempt of one angelic name. Taking the cup, Crowley handed she made the last coffee of the day, as she gave the cup to her last çustomer Anathema couldn't hold back the laugh. Shouting to the back kitchens, "Crowley!"


" Not everyone is named Aziraphale."


"Obviously, huh. Explain why the last four customers' cups were all labeled some off spelling of his name."

"Ngk...shut it, witch!"

Anathema laughed at Crowley; she cleaned up Horns n Halos for the day. In the back, she could hear Crowley mumbling to himself while getting the following days foods prepared; he was a genius in the kitchen. Food all but worshipped him as he created new and excellent meals, a growl later she caught a few words. Mainly a name, an old name like her own, a few curses, instead of lingering, she called out that she was leaving, locking the door behind her as she left. Crowley ran his fingers through his hair he sat down, wonder if he'll come back.

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Music 🎶

A few days later, Tracey found herself being pulled into Bee. L.Z. Bubs office, top floor, of course, that was where the owner was found. They weren't really kind, and Tracey would swear to you that when they died one day, hell would be afraid to let them in, probably take over. Bee tended to have her dynamic duo of idiots around them at all times, Ligur and Hastur, between the two maybe half a brain if Tracey were feeling generous. On this day, however, she wasn't, so the look she gave them, spoke of hell and damnation if they even commented about her. Both stepped back as they opened the door for her.

"Tracey, what can you tell me about the new bistro that's opened down the street? I have heard good things through the grapevine, but I know you've actually been there, so is it worth it?" Tracey was slightly taken aback by the non-professional question; she was sure Bee couldn't do anything but business. "It's truly wonderful, everything there is sinful!" Bee smirked at her wording, "Really now, how about the owner, and chef?" Tracey tilted her head, "Not sure who the owner is, but the chef is amazing, also not hard on the eyes." Bee nodded, calling over her two sidekicks, the cleaners, the asshats. Tracey kept her chuckle inside.

Bee sent them on their way to the bistro, Horns n Halos was picking up a reputation quickly. So was Crowley, he just didn't know it yet, storms were heading his way, and he didn't have a hope or prayer against them, nothing to protect him from this downfall. Bee waved her hands towards the door, Tracey took the hint and headed out, glad to be rid of all of that. Tracey headed for Aziraphales office, it was beautiful out, and she knew Horns n Halos had added outside seating.

"Aziraphale, grab your stuff. Let's have lunch!" Aziraphale jumped out of his skin, his chair sliding out from under him, his rear hitting the floor with a resounding thud. "Good Lord, Tracey!" Aziraphale grabbed his chest, standing, his hand slid to his rump, giving it a good rub. Tracey was no help at this point, tears ran down her cheeks, as her silent laugh was calling dogs from around the city. "It wasn't that funny, Tracey." gasping as she held on to the chair that dropped Aziraphale on his rear, "Oh, it was, really it was." Aziraphale frowned at her, wringing his hands.

"I can't go back there Tracey, I made a right nob of myself." Tracey stopped, looking at Aziraphale, "What happened love?" Aziraphale continued to frown his eyebrows knitted in an embarrassment. "I may have been staring at Crowley and got caught." Tracey started in with another bout of laughter, "It isn't funny, Tracey, dear lord, he saw me and wrote on my cup." Tracey, who was of no help, "Oh, please, what did it say." Aziraphale dropped his face into his hands and mumbled out, "~Do you like what you see? I'll be here all week.~" Aziraphale groaned loudly, while Tracey was tickled pink.

"Aziraphale, did you ever stop and think he was flirting back at you?" Aziraphale looked at her like she had sprouted a second head suddenly, "There is no way that man would ever look at, well look at THIS and be like, Ohhhhh, let's get that." Tracey started laughing again. "Oh my dear boy, you truly are adorable, is that really what you think?" Aziraphale nodded at her, "Love, no. You are beautiful, you have eyes both woman and men would kill for, your mouth people pay doctors to have, you are perfect!" Aziraphale loved Tracey, she could always give him confidence where there was none. "Alright, will go, but I am staying outside; you can order." True, she gave him confidence, but in this case, confidence from a distance.

Horns n Halos was doing exceptionally well; of course, it helped that Crowley was a fantastic chef, he had an innate ability to tempt people into trying his dishes. Try something new he would say, then start listing the whys, in a way that sounded more seductive and tempting than it should. Crowley always won. Without admitting it, and enduring the constant nagging from Anathema, Crowley had actually been looking for the angel, to come back. After a week, Crowley started to lose hope that maybe he went over an invisible line, perhaps the angel wasn't gay, and he had scared him away. Honestly, though, if he wasn't, then why was he staring, like that, and the blush that Crowley remembered, brought him to distraction a few times.

As his thoughts started drifting towards an angel, Tracey was standing in front of him, looking up at Crowley. Crowley had to look down at the tiny little lady, "Wha' s your poison?" Tracey adored the man, he was as cute as they came, his flaming hair, was a color she could only hope to achieve one day. "Alright, no, how are you today, Crowley?" she smirked at him, getting his coy grin right back, "Fine, how are you, Tracey, and wha' can I get you?" Tracey stood a bit straighter, that was better. "I need my regular, whatever you are serving off the cuff, and a Rose Petal Tea, please." It was at Rose Petal Tea that Crowley's eyebrows shot up over the rim of his glasses, "Under what names," Tracey watched as he looked past her, to the outside tables, she grinned to herself.

"That would be Tracey and Aziraphale, by the way, Crowley, nice message you left him on his cup." Slithering across Crowley's face was a sunset that stopped halfway up his face. Trying to look as cool as possible, just ended up with Tracey looking at an awkward teenager, trying to stand looking cool. "For the love of God and all she is, please, just stop. Why don't you go talk to him?" Tracey looked at him as he shook his head no. "Your loss love, he's a wonderful human, more an angel than human really." Tracey slid down the counter to Anathema, leaving Crowley to slither into his kitchen in the back.

Behind those closed doors was Crowley's kitchen, closer to the nine circles of hell, Dante would have been proud; positively, Lucifer had blushed at the curses Crowley could come up with. You could follow the path of destruction right up to where the ovens and flaming broilers were. Even then, though, everything had a place and was in it; this was where Crowley was confident, and it showed, with no one watching him, he showed off to no one but himself. Eloquent hands created art without really trying, floating over ingredients, he grabbed fresh apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, vanilla, creams, and more. Crowley flipped a knife into the air, catching it slicing the apple into tiny bits, tossing them into a pan with the other ingredients, he whipped together the thinnest of crepes, with the most flavor.

Anathema could hear the commotion in the kitchen, "Hi Tracey, should only be a few, I can have him bring it out to you...both?" Tracey knowingly smiled at Anathema, "Yes, love, I got him here, how are we going to get these two together?" Anathema shrugged, "I'll make him bring the food out, he has to see him and say something." Tracey nodded, paid the bill, and went outside to sit with Aziraphale. He was smiling, his laptop open on the table, Tracey slowly shut it on him, he looked at her with a pout. "Why?" Tracey sat back, "It's Friday, we're done with work, and we're having lunch together." Aziraphale nodded. "Quite right. Sorry."

"What were you working on anyway?" Aziraphale looked into the bistro, just as Crowley came out of the kitchen. Crowley hadn't seen them yet, Tracey saw the same thing Aziraphale saw, she just knew more. The cards were never wrong, and they spoke of love for the two, at least Tracey knew that. "I am finishing the alteration on Mr. Shadwell's biography, remember the other day when Gabriel was on me? Well, come to find out, that was all for two changes, a total of six words." Aziraphale frowned a look that should never be on Angel's face. As Tracey listened, she saw the altercation between Anathema and Crowley, she was pointing out, he was shaking his head, no, she was saying yes.

As Anathemas arms folded over her chest, Crowley tried pleading one more time, her look became sterner, her pointer finger pointing towards the door. Tracey could tell Anathema had stomped her foot at him, her finger now perfectly straight, and she was leaning slightly forward. Crowley relented, begrudgingly. Slowly Crowley walked outside, Tracey ever exuberant waved him down, causing Aziraphale to turn in his chair. As soon as he saw Crowley coming their way, he dropped his head into his hands, this was precisely what Aziraphale didn't want, or more so what he did desire. Crowley stopped right at Aziraphels shoulder, leaning over the table slightly, placing the apple crepes in the middle of the table.

Crowley's lean over the table showed a small slit of skin where his shirt wasn't quite tucked in all the way. Oh, how Aziraphale wanted to touch that, maybe put gentle kisses there, what was he thinking, a blush crawled silently across the face of an angel, it wasn't missed by Crowley, who looked at Aziraphale, with that devil may care grin causing a hitch in Aziraphale's breathing. Tracey held out her hand for her coffee, Crowley handed it to her and stood back up. Grabbing the tea from the side of the platter, he gave it to Aziraphale, handing it to him, their fingers brushed against each other, Aziraphale fully blushed. "I wonder how far down that blush goes, angel." This was said under Crowley's breath at a barely audible level, and in truth, was never supposed to have left his mouth. Just as quickly as Crowley was there, he was gone, back into the shop behind the counter, sitting on the floor looking up at a God that he could swear was currently laughing at him.

Aziraphale just sat there, not sure what just happened, did he even hear him say what he honestly thought he was implying. Maybe Tracey was right, but he couldn't just ask him out, could he? Better to be safe, plus again, why would he want me, crept back into his confidence. With the thought gone, Tracey and Aziraphel ate the sinfully delicious crepes. The crepes were the best Aziraphale had ever tasted, what made it better was whose hands created them. Now eating was one thing, everyone eats, but Crowley learned quickly as he spied on Aziraphale from the comfort of a mirror; eating for Aziraphale was a hedonistic experience; watching Aziraphale eat was a different kind of experience. Especially for the one who created what he seemingly was getting off on eating. Then again, maybe Crowley was the one enjoying it more than he should. Each and every bite carefully chosen, placed ever so gently on that pink tongue and pulled in past pink, plump, plush, perfect lips. Crowley watched each and every bit, he didn't know where or at which point he decided he wished he was the food, and especially that fork.

As sinful as the food was, Aziraphale was a thousandfold more sinful as he ate. It ended all too soon for Crowley, Anathema observed the entire thing and shook her head, "Just go talk to him, Crowley." He looked at her, "Ngk.." Anathema frustrated with this; even though it was only a few days could tell they were both smitten with the other, she started to wonder if she should just watch it happen from afar, "Ngk, isn't a word Crowley." Looking over the rim of his glasses at her, "It is now." Anathema frustratingly shook her head and decided to watch and wait for a little while. Crowley watched as Aziraphale picked up his cup and looked for his name. Aziraphale suddenly felt as though he was being watched, turning his head and locking eyes through the mirror with Crowley, time stopped. It may have only been for a moment in time, but it was a moment that neither could deny that their collective hearts thrummed, and thumped in their chests. Crowley realized at that moment he'd do whatever he needed to make sure that that angel kept coming back. Aziraphale, on the other hand, talked himself out of every thought in his head, figuring it was only him, but he would make sure to come every day to write, only here at Horns n Halos.

Just as soon as Crowley was forced to break the line of sight, due to a rather rude customer, at least that was what Crowley would tell you, Aziraphale excused himself from Tracey and headed for home, but not without his laptop and tea. As he drank his tea, he looked back, Aziraphale could see Crowley watching him walk away from behind some plants, it was nice, but he wasn't sure what to do. "I wonder if they spelled it right." Turning his cup, the name was once again nowhere to be found; however, what was there made him smile like a buffoon. Aziraphale found a small black snake on his cup, it was wearing shades, under the snake was ~ "Such aching mystery hides, in your stardust-glimmer eyes." ~ Aziraphale hugged his cup, no longer breathing he turned to look one more time, Crowley was gone.

Anathema walked over to Crowley, who was lying on the ground at this point. "Wanna share?" Crowley's coy grin was back and ear to ear. "Nope!" Anathema shook her head, "You realize I still had to make their drinks you shit. I read what you wrote." she smirked as she watched that false front slither away. "Oh, yeah true, can you see him, did he read it yet?" Stepping over Crowley she looked out the window, finally seeing Aziraphale who had all but stopped in his tracks was hugging the cup, she smiled. "Yeah, I would most definitely say he saw it." Crowley looked at her, "Welllll? Don't keep it to yourself." Crowley's eyes wide behind his shades, Anathema walked back to her station, saying nothing. "Anathema! Witch!! What happened, he isn't out there anymore." Anathema smirked, "Well, only if you'll say hello to him the next time he is here." Crowley frowned, "Fine, but spill it, witch!" For added flair, she threw some of her stardust into the air, "Well, he hugged his cup, after he stopped moving."

Crowley smiled and headed into the chambers of hell. "Right!" Anathema smiled and let out of heavy sigh, she had known Crowley for many years, knew he had a hard exterior, but it was a front. Anathema had seen him in good and bad times, he had chosen not to look for anyone, shutting himself away from everything but the few friends that were truly friends. She knew she was one of his faithful friends along, with Newt, a few others here and there. Crowley had been young and had been tricked into thinking someone liked him. It was a trick that had sadly ended with Crowley in the hospital, it was his story to tell, and she would not be the one to give out any of that information. Since then, it was a one night stand here or there or nothing at all. Anathema felt that Aziraphale or Angel as Crowley was now calling him would be suitable for him, upon her toes, she peeked into Dantes Inferno, Crowley was in a good place right now.

Crowley was in his kitchen, ingredients laid out before him, and he had already started the cutting. Always the showman, knives were flipping and flying in the air, juggling them, and then somehow everything was sliced perfectly, tossed into a pot. Potatoes got the same treatment, into the pot they went, with a twist, a spin, and a grab he was seasoning everything. Anathema thought for a moment, that's right it was going to be Saturday, Shepards Pie was on the menu, the thought made her have to swallow. Crowley flipped out some dishes, lining them with crumbled lamb, filling, mashed potatoes, grabbing the decorators bag he lined the edges with potato stars. Music was blaring in the back kitchen, still varying between the 20s to the 40s, Crowley adored the music. Of course, it was Electro Swing, but it still counted, right?. Anathema smirked and closed up shop, leaving a pleased boss in her wake.

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Bee looked down at the top of their desk, the food was strewn about from Horns n Halos. Bee's darkened eyes looked at Ligur and Hastur, wondering why they just dropped the food on their desk to start with. Not picking up on the subtle queues that Bee was giving them, Ligur and Hastur, figured that their boss wanted to see Crowley and get a description. Both started talking at the same time while showing snapped pictures on the phone, Bee placed their face in their hands, shaking their head.

"Oh Jesus on a stick, shut it. Juszzt one at a time." with a sigh, Bee points to Ligur, obviously just slightly smarter than Hastur. "Apparently, from what we gathered, his name is Anthony J. Crowley, and not only is the chef but also the owner." Bee nods as they listen, thumbing through the food with their fork, tasting here and there. "Ummm, well, well, that's it, boss." Again Bee finds themself sighing, owners didn't sigh, but apparently, this one did.

"Well? What does he look like?" Ligur shrugged, "A guy?" Hastur found his way into the conversation always better with descriptions than technical, you know the important stuff. "Well, he has flame-red hair, spikey, can't tell you much about eyes, nice sunglasses though, kinda tallish, thinnish but not, nice face." Hastur seemed rather proud of his description, looking at Ligur, who patted him on the back. Bee sighed into their hands, waving them away. Watching them leave, they sat back and groaned at the absurdity of the help they had given them.

Picking up the phone, they buzzed Gabriel directly. "Hey there, gorgeous, feel like doing me a favor?" Bee smirked, "No, no, not that kind, well not right now anyway, later, maybe if you're a good boy." They laughed brightly, "Yeah, I need whatever you can find on Horns n Halos, owner, Anthony J. Crowley." Bee hummed in agreement over the phone, "Everything, the address, phone number, everything you can. It seemszz that they are pulling business from our other cafes in the area. Find me something to use." Bee chuckled into the phone, leaning back, "Yezzzz, I can talk for a few more."

Tracey overheard Gabriel's name, the door had partially been left open by Hastur and Ligur, so being the ever-loyal worker, eavesdropped. Tracey heard everything from this end of the conversation and could fill in the blanks, everyone already knew that Gabriel and Bee were a thing. She shuddered at that combination of humans, good lord, they were unfortunate enough to deal with separately, no one ever wanted to deal with them together. Only one person had ever survived that combination without quitting, having a nervous breakdown, or dying altogether, and that was Aziraphale. He had to be an angel.

Escaping from the top floor with none the wiser Tracey headed for Aziraphales office, they needed to have a conversation. Looking down all corridors and sneaking in and out of office blocks Tracey finally made it to Aziraphale's office, ducking down under his desk, she sat on the floor. Aziraphale squeaked, covering his mouth as he watched Tracey ducking under his desk. Golden eyebrows shot up onto his forehead, threatening to fly away.

"What in her name Tracey is going on? Why are you down there?" Tracey put her finger to her mouth, shushing him, pulling his chair in front of her to hide her. "Oh dear, I think you have the wrong cubical." Tracey smacked his leg as he smirked down at her. Aziraphale leaned forward, placing his elbows on his desk, he heard people coming up the corridor, and this would be not very easy to explain. They walked by, never even paying mind to the oddity that was his current office situation. "Dear girl, please do get off your knees, I mean, I know I am ohhh so irresistible, but you do not have the preferred parts."

Aziraphale covered his mouth, laughing rather hard as he was swatted and pushed by Tracey. Clambering out from under his desk, "Oh, you, I guess you wouldn't." Tracey was not helping the bout of angelic laughter that was leaving Aziraphale, she leaned on the desk, waiting for him to stop. However, the longer she waited, the sterner her look became, the harder Aziraphale laughed. A wickedly evil grin crawled across Traceys entire face, "Oh love do stop laughing, or I will be forced to go visit Crowley and let him know just how far head over heels you are for him." she grinned and leaned forward whispering in his ear, "I do believe HE does have the preferred parts?"

*cough* "Yes, quite, so you wanted to see me?" Aziraphale sat straighter in his chair, fixing his vest, audibly clearing his throat. Tracey smirked, so she was right, she hadn't been positive just how far gone Aziraphale was, but now, she realized he had fallen, and he had no idea. Tracey couldn't help but feel sorry for the in love fool, she would have to let Anathema know. "No, Aziraphale, I just wanted to crawl under your desk." tilting her head slightly with a smirk. "Obviously! Bee and Gabriel are up to something, meet me outside in five minutes. Before you start sputtering about it being early, I know, just leave."

Aziraphale had, in fact, started to sputter about leaving early only to have a finger in the air and his mouth shut just as quickly. Simply nodding at Tracey, she turned and left going a different direction than the usual way out. Knowing that Aziraphale was a creature of habit, and even if he thought about it, he would still walk out the front door. Aziraphale quickly gathered his items, shutting down his computer, he swore the computer network hated him. Looking both ways before he left, the perfect image of sketchy is what he looked like, he made it to the escalators before Gabriel stopped him.

"Leaving early Aziraphale?" Gabriel smirked arrogantly at him. "The building yes, however, work, no. Going to go see Mr. Shadwell, can't seem to get him on the phone, and since, well, doing a biography, I figured, I would just, well, umm." Gabriel rolled his eyes, "Oh, do shut up Aziraphale, stop stammering, I regret asking, just go." Aziraphale watched as Gabriel continued by him, releasing a breath he didn't know he was even holding. Quickly he left the building finding Tracey just outside, she looped her arm through his and walked towards Horns n Halos.

"Okay, I am here, even had to talk to Gabriel, what's going on Tracey?" Looking over her shoulder, seeing no one following, she may have been a bit paranoid. "Bee sent Hastur and Ligur to Horns, they actually got some information. Not enough for them, but they called in Gabriel to finish finding out information on Crowley." Aziraphale looked at her, "...but why would Bee be interested in Horns, it's not a threat to them in any way.." Tracey shook her head, "They are if its pulling business away from other companies owned by know they have more than just the publishing." Aziraphale nodded, "Maybe you should let Crowley know Aziraphale, watch his back."

Aziraphale stopped walking, choking slightly, "I haven't even talked to him, all I have accomplished it staring at him, running away, hiding outside, and then what he said..." It was Tracey's turn to have her eyebrows fly off her face, "Oh, do tell, Aziraphale, what did the man say?" he looked at her, "You mean you didn't hear it?" Tracey shook her head, "When?" "Aziraphale smirked, "When we were outside." Tracey tapped her foot, "Aziraphale tell me, you bad angel!" Aziraphale chuckled, "Fine, Tracey! He may have asked how far down my blush went..." Tracey smirked as she watched that very blush start on his cheeks and crawl lower.

"Was that right before he left and vanished from sight, accept for him sitting on the floor in front of that large mirror?" Aziraphale nodded, his blush deepening. "You two are going to be the death of me, however, guess you know where his mind went, huh Aziraphale!" she poked at him, his slow demise was all but too amusing for her. "Stooopppp" he whined at her. "You're too cute, okay, just go tell him. There's your in to say hello with a reason, not just because you find him, to be everything." she pretended to swoon, spinning and falling against Aziraphale, who caught her rolling his eyes. "You really are more dramatic than I am, Tracey. I think you missed your calling." Aziraphale looked down at the small woman smiling mischievously up at him, standing she gave him a swat on the rear. "Now go, actually say hello, Aziraphale. Plus, without joking here, tell him about Bee and Gabriel, everything you can. If you don't, tell Anathema or me he needs to know. Bee doesn't have cleaners because they clean her office."

Aziraphale nodded, turning and realizing, Tracey had walked them directly to Horn's n Halos. "You evil woman," Tracey smirked, blowing him a kiss as she walked away back towards E.D.E.N. Aziraphale may be able to leave whenever he liked, but she could not and would be missed. Aziraphale watched her leave before taking a deep breath, standing in front of the door, he gathered what courage he could. Mumbling to himself everything he was going to say, a tap at his back made him squeak. Anathema chuckled, patting his shoulder, "Easy Aziraphale, just me, you know we're not open yet, right?" Aziraphale nodded, then shook his head no, then shrugged.

Anathema rolled her eyes, "Jesus, you shrug answers too, wonderful, come on in, it must be something important for you to be here, alone." Anathema looked for Tracey, "No, Tracey, you actually made it here alone??? Hmmm?" she eyed him. Aziraphale looked at her quietly, answering while wringing his hands, "No, no Tracey, she, well, she just, I can go get her!" Anathema grabbed his arm, looping it through hers, "Oh no, you don't, in." Opening the door Anathema all but dragged him inside, she put her finger up to her mouth, hushing him, pointing at her ear for him to listen. Aziraphale stopped walking and listened, from the back somewhere he could hear music playing, he knew that song, all too well, it was The Charleston.

Anathema smirked walking him to the kitchen doors, she went up on tiptoe looking in, she looked at Aziraphale releasing his arm. Bowing slightly to him, she pointed at the window and went to go get ready to open within an hour or so. Aziraphale smiled at her, not knowing what was going on, so he looked through the door, in the back was not what he expected. Anathema watched Aziraphale for only a moment, catching the swallow as his eyes widened, watching Crowley in the back. It only took a moment for her to realize, that Aziraphale didn't even register her being there anymore, oh he's done stick a fork in him, she thought to herself.

Everything in Aziraphale's world slowed; everything tangible disappeared, his eyes widened, taking in what, if he admitted to himself, was everything. Crowley was in his element, the kitchen, doing the one thing that a hedonistic angel happened to love. Cooking food. Crowley was wearing his usual dark jeans, but no jacket; it was just a black tee-shirt, that fit him. Aziraphale followed the lines of Crowley's body as though his life depended on memorizing him. Anathema watched what had to be the biggest longingly filled sigh she had ever seen in her entire life, she could only shake her head.

Crowley spun with serpentine grace as he flipped knives into the air, catching them without even looking, causing an angel to gasp at the door. Aziraphale continued to watch at the door, he was tall enough to see in, but the longer he stayed somehow, he ended up on tiptoe following where Crowley went. Picking up an entire tray of Shepard's pie, Crowley walked it over to the ovens sliding it in, turning quicker than Aziraphale could duck. Aziraphale quickly dropped to his flat feet, turning around and leaned against the kitchen door. A dropped pan caught Anathema's attention, just as Aziraphale's back hit the swinging door, her hand in the air, mouth opened in a warning. Too late.

"Ohhh Fuck!" Aziraphale crashed back through the doors landing squarely on his back, he squeaked as he fell, his eye squeezed shut, waiting for the impact. A rather loud crash later, he kept his eyes closed, this was not happening to him. Not again, not like this. God was laughing at him; he knew it. Slowly he opened one angelically blue eye only to find a rather amused devilish grin looming above him. "Hi." Aziraphale blushed, he couldn't even sputter, he waved from the floor. "So, are you planning on staying down there, orrrr, would you like to get up?" Aziraphale was mortified as it was, this was not the way he wanted to say hi. He had cursed, now he waved because his mouth decided not to work, some author, he couldn't even think of words while looking at Crowley.

~Yes my dear boy, please assist me up, I am so sorry about crashing through your door and cursing, I usually don't do this.~ was what Aziraphale wanted to say what actually came out was "Up." Crowley reached a hand down to help Aziraphale up, Aziraphale looked at it before taking it. Crowley realized as Aziraphale's hand trembled slightly, fit into his hand perfectly. Aziraphale's hand was perfectly warm, perfectly soft in comparison to his own, and perfectly fitting in his own. Aziraphale slowly got up, standing directly in front of Crowley; his eyes slowly came up to Crowley, looking down at him. Crowley was perfectly fucked, and he knew it.

Crowley didn't move for a moment, he actually couldn't he was locked into place by being just a touch too close. Being stilled by two blue eyes that were even more beautiful close-up, and he decidedly didn't want to be any further away from them. Aziraphale could only see his own eyes reflected at him, but his feet wanted to close the distance between them, Crowley inadvertently chuckled. Aziraphale's curls moved slightly, causing him to drop his eyes for a moment and step back. It took everything in Anathema's soul not to just push Aziraphale that few inches more, but she couldn't interfere any more than she had. Anathema just frustratingly shook her head.

Crowley followed Aziraphale out of the kitchen into the cafe. Looking over at Anathema, sticking his tongue out at her, he knew she had something to do with this. She laughed to herself, counting out the money for the till. "Anathema put the new Swing in, made it last night." with a nod, she went to the back, turning it on, lowering the volume, so they weren't blasted out. "So Aziraphale, hard name to forget, what brings you crashing into my kitchen? " he smirked at him. "Oh, yes, right, well first, Hi, I don't think I ever actually introduced myself. Well, without everything else, that is." Crowley watched the slow crawl of that beautiful blush, he sighed, "Well, I'm Aziraphale Fell. Rather redundant and obnoxious, but so are my parents, and there it is then." Crowley nodded.

"So, that is why you're here before we open and crashing into my kitchen?" Crowley had Aziraphale's number and making him blush and become flustered had just become a favorite past time. "No, well, my dear, that isn't exactly, I..oh, I..." Crowley's heart thumped hard in his chest at ~My Dear~, but he was still going to let the angel keep going. "No, I, get it together Aziraphale, I need to warn you." Crowley's mind was slowly descending into one of the nine circles of hell, wondering what else he could get the angel flustered into, that was before hearing an angel say ~to warn you~. "Warn me abou' wha'?" Aziraphale looked around, then back to Crowley. "You're new here, I don't know if you know anything about E.D.E.N. Publishing and all of their businesses?" Crowley shook his head no, "Okay, well I work for them, I write nothing important or even remotely good, but that's not important, the owner Bee L.Z. Bub is having Gabriel look into you. They already had the cleaners check into you, you caught their attention, something about stealing business." Crowley didn't look all that concerned.

"Oh, dun worry abou' it. What can they possibly do?" Aziraphale looked at him, "They can get rid of you." Crowley looked at him, tilting his head. "How so?" Aziraphale looked over his shoulder again and just caught sight of Hastur and Ligur just pulling up outside. "Oh that's not good, I need to get out of view." Without waiting, Aziraphale went through the kitchen doors, Crowley followed, "Anathema lock the front door till we open." she did. "Okay, Aziraphale, why are we back in my kitchen?" Aziraphale looked slightly panicked, wringing his hands. Crowley wasn't sure what was going on, but he didn't like seeing the angel that way; his heart corrected him, your angel. "Those two men are Hastur and Ligur, those are the cleaners, they have already been here." Crowley peeked out the kitchen door seeing them at the front door, luckily it was locked.

"Okay, maybe you need to tell me more." Aziraphale nodded.

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Music - It goes with each song listed. 🎶

Six months had passed since their first actual conversation, granted it was a warning, but still a conversation none the less. Every day since then, Aziraphale could be found at Horns n Halos writing on his laptop at lunchtime, what he was writing no one knew but him. Crowley had asked on quite a few occasions to let him see, and to no avail, no matter what he promised, whether it be wine or something made especially for Aziraphale, he always said no. The two had become quick friends, both denying and or ignoring their feelings for each other, which was driving Anathema and Tracey insane. Hastur and Ligur kept tabs on the bistro, but no mention from Gabriel or Bee. It was quiet, albeit, a tenuous quiet, something was brewing, they all knew it.

This day though at Horns n Halos was going to be the first open mic night with live music, everyone was going. Maybe not everyone wanted to go, Aziraphale swore he wasn't going to go, Tracey had other plans, he was going to be her date. Tracey was well aware of how well Aziraphale could sing, in her humble opinion, angels wept when he sang. Aziraphale knew where his talents lay, Aziraphale damned well knew he could sing and was a showman, but didn't like crowds. Tracey had already made him promise to take her; even now, he was trying to find an out; he knew, at his core, this would never work. So sucking it up, he gathered his belongings and waited outside for Tracey.

Tracey changed in the bathroom before coming down, she was wearing a red swing skirt with a black top, her hair back to being blonde was entirely done around her face, a big smile as she saw him. "Well, look at you, you showed up." Aziraphale shook his head, "I very well couldn't stand a lady as beautiful as yourself up, now could I." Tracey smirked, linking her arm with his, together the two walked down to Horns and Halos. Anathema was holding open the door for the drummer, she was counting as the instruments were brought in, and checking everyone in. Tracey whistled, grabbing Anathemas' attention, pointing at Aziraphale; this was not lost to Aziraphale, who leaned down slightly. "What are the two of you up too?" Tracey grinned, "Now, why would you think I am up to anything love?" she batted her lashes at him. "Oh, you certainly did something, you're not that innocent, and neither is she." Tracey just grinned, much to Aziraphale's dismay.

Anathema came forward, giving each a hug, "Glad you both could make it, hurry on in, I saved a table upfront for us. Crowley's running late, I hope he can make it." Tracey winked at Anathema, both the paramount of innocents, especially since the wink got by undetected. Anathema closed the doors, it was a full house, she walked them to their table. Aziraphale pulled out the chair for Tracey and then sat down. Looking around, the place was packed, not a chair empty, not a table without people sitting around them having a drink. Anathema brought them a glass of wine, a bottle left by Crowley for them. Aziraphale smiled and took a sip.

Lights twinkled like starlight along with the ceiling, and around the stage, sparkled white and black velvet stage drapes were hanging, it was all very romantic, beautiful. Aziraphale took another sip, being thoroughly impressed with what he was looking at, his heart ached looking at it, drifting off into a daydream all his own as the band played.

Suddenly Anathema had his hand, and he was being pulled up on stage, the band was playing Dream A Little Dream before he could even register what was happening, they had him singing. Aziraphale tossed a knowing frown at Tracey, she had ratted him out to Anathema...

(Feeling Good)
The crowd applauded at the end of the song, waiting for him to sing another song, the band started playing Feeling Good, the group looked at him, and he nodded signaling he knew the song. Aziraphale tipped his wine glass to his lips, taking a quick sip of his wine. He found his confidence and fell into a rhythm with the band, something not seen in him very often. Anathema was standing next to Tracey in awe, the showman had arrived, even though Tracey knew he could sing, this was beyond what he had ever let her see, there was more to Aziraphale than met the eye. The band found their own comfortable groove with Aziraphale, they were only missing the pianist who was running a tad late.

Aziraphale undid his tartan bowtie leaving it hanging around the collar of his blue button-up and releasing the top two buttons of his shirt; he had single-handedly taken over the open mic. People were excited, kept ordering drinks, and cheering, some dancing. Anathema tapped Tracey, pointing in the back as Crowley walked in, both watched as he hit the swinging door open to the kitchen. Just as disappointment rested on their faces, the door swung back and didn't shut, walking back out of the kitchen looking straight ahead was Crowley. Anathema and Tracy watched as he turned towards the stage, dropping his belongings where he stood in the back. Crowley watched an angel on his stage, singing like it was an everyday event for him. Both women patted each other on the back, sighed sitting down, and waited.

Anathema and Tracey observed Crowley longingly stare at Aziraphale, for a moment as the starlit lights danced off of his white gold curls, his eyes were shut as he sang, his face expressing the emotion from the song. Watching his facial motions revealed how lost Aziraphale was in the song. If you didn't know this particular angel, you would have never thought he had an anxious bone in his body. Not a touch of anxiety anywhere on or around him shown, blue eyes lazily opened, looking out over the crowd of people as he sang. The music loved him, the notes flowed off him like angelic divinity, wrapping around the songs, his voice moved through and caressed Crowley's soul. Forgetting his belongings where ever they had fallen, Crowley didn't care; he saw nothing but the angel. Crowley more than sauntered up to his piano to hi-jack the songs that he wanted to hear come out of that angel's mouth.

The crowd was enthralled and spellbound by the angel on the stage, Crowley got behind his piano on the scene, sitting down on the bench, Aziraphale didn't notice him there as he continued to belt out the song like it was the most natural thing on Earth for him. Crowley was enraptured, gazing wantonly at Aziraphale, thankfully Crowley knew how to play all the songs by heart on the list that the band and himself had discussed, so he played, watching his angel. My angel, his soul, spoke, his heart high fived his spirit, our angel. Crowley's eyes closed as he played, listening to Aziraphale, fingers danced on ivory keys, as the crowd couldn't help but stand on their feet, as an angel sang his heart out for them. Aziraphale went into the last part of the song and dominated it, he scaled the notes, amazing the crowd. The Heavens were definitely watching Aziraphale but would have to wait for his arrival. Crowley played but watched in awe of his angel, he wondered to himself if he could make an angel sing.

Smiling brightly with a laugh he bowed as the song came to an end, he turned at the sound of the piano, it wasn't being played when the song started, Crowley grinned, winking at him. Smiling Crowley watched that blush creep down Aziraphale, from his cheeks to his neck; that was when Crowley noticed that a tartan bow tie wasn't fastened anymore. It was loose, and as far as Crowley was concerned, Aziraphale could finally breathe. Crowley swallowed as his eyes danced down the throat of his angel.

That wickedly coy grin was back, and Aziraphale was about to leave the stage; Crowley shook his head, ~no~, and started to play L.O.V.E., nodding his head towards the microphone. The band picked up the song quickly, Aziraphale smirked, two could play at this, so he sang the song Crowley picked out to him directly...

L is for the way you Look At Me...
O is for The Only One I See...
V is very, very, Extraordinary...
E is even more than anyone that you adore can
Love is all I can give to you...

Each and every time he had to spell the song, he would look directly at Crowley, who, in turn, kept blushing much to the delight of one angel. Anathema couldn't help the swooning smirk on her face as she saw her best friend blush in earnest, to someone who truly loved him. Aziraphale played to the crowd, including them in on the song; still, those blue eyes would find Crowley every time the song spelled out L.O.V.E. As if by clockwork, Aziraphale would be back on the stage in time to belt the melody, primarily if it worked on a blush from Crowley. Aziraphale owned the stage and owned Crowleys heart more than he ever knew.

Anathema watched Crowley deliberately; she was watching when she saw the last of those walls he had built around himself, crumble down around Aziraphale's feet. Tracey whispered into Anathema's ear only to get a nod, both squealed with delight. For the rest of the night, they would sit back and enjoy the show. Just to watch it play out, purely for prosperities sake, of course. *cough* They swayed together to Aziraphale's singing and the band playing.

During the musical interlude of the song, Aziraphale would sit either on the piano and sing or lean on it but would get a sip of wine. Singing directly to Crowley, especially if it was during the letters, then with a grin would spin back to the front of the stage. Aziraphale, showman incarnate, would sing to the ladies and the gentleman making both swoon, but always returning to Crowley for each spelling of the words.

L is for the way you Look At Me...
O is for The Only One I See...
V is very, very, Extraordinary...
E is even more than anyone that you Adore can Love
Love is all I can give to you...

Aziraphale decided to channel his inner Frank Sinatra towards the end of the song. Belting it out while singing to Crowley, directly leaning on the piano.

L is for the way you Look At Me...
O is for The Only One I See...
V is very, very, Extraordinary...
E is even more than anyone that you Adore can Love
Love is all I can give to you...

Holding his wine glass, he swirled it, as he held the last note. As the song came to an end, Aziraphale went to the bassist and drummer, whispered a song to them. The band looked at Crowley and back at Aziraphale, with heads shaking, grins spreading across their faces, they started to play Fever.

To which Aziraphale the Bastard, powered up, he sang to the crowd for a moment before turning towards Crowley. Blue eyes with blown pupils somehow seemingly locked on to wide-eyes hiding behind those damned glasses, Crowley swallowed and played, he had to play, so did Aziraphale. Sitting on the piano bench, he leaned back against Crowley, who could do nothing but listen, and have an angel fully leaning against him, singing, drawling some of the words more seductively than needed. Letting his breath hitch, or stagger when breathing through some of the words. Making his voice drop lower on some of the ending portions of words. Always and only when near Crowley.

Tracey and Anathema were not expecting this particular performance, they were cheering with the rest of the crowd anyway, Crowley was trying to breathe, something his body thought it didn't need anymore or entirely forgot how to do. Keeping his hands where they needed to be was a sheer battle of will, he was eventually going to lose this fight.

Aziraphale slowly stood back up, dragging his fingers down bare arms, his eyes igniting Crowley, slowly Azirphale walked to the front of the stage again. Crowley was left on the bench playing a song that an angel choose to sing to him; that was definitely to him, wasn't it, either way, Aziraphale left him internally shaking. Aziraphale returned to the pianist, Crowley shivered as angelic fingers played up the back of his neck into his hair, and quickly pulled away back to the front to the stage. Aziraphale played the crowd for a while, always looking back once in a while to make sure he had Crowley's attention. An insanely unangelic smirk stayed kissing the lips of an angel.

Aziraphale winked at Tracey, twirling her in place, dipping her, slowly bringing her back up before returning to the stage. Sitting back down on the piano bench, Crowley's breathing was ragged at best as Aziraphale leaned against him, that smirk still there. Aziraphale leaned forward, his elbow on his knee looking out into the crowd, telling a story. Leaning back against Crowley, he sang of Romeo and Juliet, standing with a spin, let his pointer finger slide up Crowley's throat, tilting his head back slightly, his eyes dropped to Crowley's mouth. Returning to the front of the stage, he finished the point of the story, glancing behind him he winked at Crowley.

No one noticed in the back of the room, seven people had been watching from the shadows. Looking throughout the sold-out venue of Horns n Halo's first-ever open mic was Bee, Gabriel, and the rest. Gabriel, frowned as he realized it was Aziraphale was singing to a roaring crowd, giving him their full approval. No one ever noticed the people in the shadows who were used to getting all the attention where ever they went, here they were nothing, and the one the treated like nothing was everything. Especially to the owner of Horns n Halos, it was beyond evident that they were in love, and Crowley was utterly entranced by Aziraphale. Growling they left, this was going to end.

His voice seductively caressed the rest of the song, tearing at Crowley's resolve. Sitting on the bench with Crowley, he leaned against him, his heat filtering through Crowley, he let his free hand gingerly roam on Crowley's leg, purposely hitching his breath. Crowley turned his head toward his angel who was singing, ever so slowly, Aziraphale slid a finger down his cheek, pushing off him with his head. Standing he walked back to center stage to finish the song, on the last few words of the song he looked at Crowley. Letting his eyes drop to his mouth again, lingering there long enough that there was no way on God's green Earth that Crowley didn't see that. If Crowley had any doubts about what Aziraphale felt for him, it was rapidly disappearing as the songs continued and became more direct.

Crowley had one card left to play and decided to pull one last song out of his pocket. The song slowly came to a close with a final touch, a slow drag down Crowley's arm, he ended in the front of the stage. Aziraphale took a bow.

(When I Fall in Love)
Crowley played another song, the band falling into place. Aziraphale stopped breathing for a moment, catching himself just as he needed to start singing. Aziraphale fully turned for a moment while singing, looking at Crowley with more love in his eyes than Crowley had ever seen, Aziraphales eyes softened, and spoke volumes of everything that needed to be said to Crowley but he hadn't. Finally, tearing his eyes away from Crowley, he turned back to the front, placing the microphone back into its holder. Holding the stand, Aziraphale sang, with as much emotion as his grace could muster, his heart wouldn't let this particular song go on a whim. Singing into the microphone, his heart thrummed against his rib cage, he performed like a true showman, he graced the stage with a performance of a lifetime, and as his eyes looked over his shoulder, he smiled. A smile that first stopped Crowleys heart in his tracks, and as he continued to sing, anyone watching knew Aziraphale was singing to Crowley.

Anathema and Tracey listened to Aziraphale sing, knowing that Crowley had picked that one song out, for sure. They held on to each other, trying to hold back the tears that threatened to fall down. The love on that stage was palpable. Tracey and Anathema watched on, they both knew they had done the right thing on this night. It was their idea, after all, it was the two of them that set everything up, it was never an open mic night, it was always going to be Aziraphale who would be singing, and Crowley wasn't late, he was right on time. Anathema and Tracey had talked and found the two men had a love of music, one could play the songs that the other could give life too. Maybe just maybe, that connection would let them say everything they couldn't and give life to them together.

Aziraphale took the microphone and leaned against the piano finishing the song, singing it directly to Crowley with no pretense, just love. When the song ended, the two men stayed that way for a moment longer than needed before Aziraphale turned back to the front and bowed to the crowd. Opening his arms to the rest of the band to get the cheers as well. Smiling, he took a bow with them.

(You Don't Know Me)
So much could have gone wrong that didn't, both sighed in relief, at the end of the song, Anathema put on the music that would play for the rest of the night, giving two idiots a chance to talk. Maybe really talk. Anathema was clearing a few drinks away as when she looked up, Aziraphale had turned towards his name being called, a hand grabbed him, he smirked and disappeared from the stage.

Tracey saw the two walking in the back of the stage area, hand in hand. Anathema saw Tracey waving her down, calling her over, this was a little voyeuristic but neither cared, they wouldn't stay long, just long enough. That long enough took all of a minute, Crowley looked down at Aziraphale, his angel. Aziraphale still riding a high from the singing, the lights, and Crowley himself, reaching up to take those damned glasses off his face. Crowley looked down, only to have an angelic hand slide past his cheek, he looked up. Molten gold was all Aziraphale could see, and his breath hitched as he said, "Beautiful." That was all Crowley needed to hear; he lifted his angels face up slightly, blue eyes finally locked onto his. The gentlest of kisses were placed on lips that he had only dreamed of; Aziraphale took any doubt that Crowley had and threw it out the window when his hands slid into Crowley's hair pulling him closer.

Tracey and Anathema, true to there word, quietly stepped away, leaving the two alone. A hug later they had a drink, a cheers to their best friends, and to each other. They did an excellent job. Anathema opened the mic for real now, and people came and went, but Horns n Halos finally had its Halo. For now, everything was perfect, two opposites finally stopped being ineffable idiots, at least for the foreseeable future, their together had just started. Tracey and Anathema danced the last dance together, a celebratory dance, and a last drink of wine.

Clearing out Horns n Halos, no one saw them, and they weren't looking, but Anathema shut the lights down, and let the music play, the only lights left on for them, were the soft twinkling from the starlit lights of the stage.

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Aziraphale slowly opened his eyes; the smile on his face was brighter than the sun, thinking over the night before. Touching his lips, he blushed, remembering the kiss, their first kiss, the way that Crowley had tasted, the way his arms felt encompassing him, his eyes. Golden amber almost glowing, the way they dilated with their kiss, the way his fingers felt in his hair, Aziraphale sighed. Was it real or a dream, Aziraphale sat up in his bed, looking out the window on a day that was effortlessly more glorious than any other day he could remember? Aziraphale got out of bed heading for his kitchen, he needed a tea, without realizing he touched his lips again, while he remembered gentle kisses on his neck and nothing more. It was enough, for now.

Aziraphale's thoughts drifted in and out of the songs. The looks they had each given each other, to the songs that they had both picked for the other. How Aziraphale wanted to do that again, but maybe with just Crowley this time. To have him play the piano, with those beautiful fingers dancing on the ivory keys, he sighed. "I wonder if he can make me sing?" Aziraphale thought out loud then proceeded to blush. The thoughts that man brought out in Aziraphale were deliciously tempting, and oh how he wanted to do them all. It was the weekend, so Aziraphale had it off, but Crowley didn't, he had to work.

Aziraphale poured his hot water over the tea leaves, gently bobbing the tea leaf holder, watching the color bleed out from the silver holder. A knock on his door startled him out of his thoughts, frowning just slightly, only for a mere second, he was far too happy. Aziraphale went to the door as he opened it he was scooped up into Crowley's arms, and thoroughly kissed against the wall. Crowley kissed him breathless before pulling his head back just mere inches from another kiss. "Morning Angel." Crowley grinned down at Aziraphale who was looking up, he frowned, reaching up he took Crowley's glasses off, letting his arm rest on Crowley's shoulder. Aziraphale dangled the glasses from his fingers as he looked into Crowleys eyes; he had tilted his head to the side just enough and pulled Crowley toward him.

Crowley was all too willing to kiss him again, without meaning too, his kiss dragged a slight moan from somewhere in the back of Aziraphale's throat. Crowley growled, nipping down his throat before looking at him again. "Easy Angel, can't tarnish you just yet," Crowley smirked and lifted his hand that was holding a paper bag. "I made you these, thought you might be hungry." Aziraphale smiled but also already missed feeling Crowley against him, and he touched his lips, his eyes dropping to the floor as his blush threatened to consume him. Crowley chuckled, handing him the bag. "So, lead the way Angel, I haven't been here yet." Aziraphale left the wall, sighed, taking the bag and Crowleys hand leading him to the kitchen, pointing out where things were.

The kitchen, the living room, the downstairs bathroom, dining room, each room Crowley seemed to be making mental notes about things in it. Aziraphale watched with interest, "What are you doing? You either really like each room, orrr?" Crowley gave him that wickedly coy grin, cocking his eyebrow, "Oh, just looking, for viability." Aziraphale stopped dead in the middle of his kitchen, Crowley slid his arm around Aziraphale waist, pulling him against him, biting his way up his neck. Aziraphale couldn't help but lean back against him, wanting to feel every point of contact he possibly could. Crowley let his hand slid down to Aziraphale's hip, pulling him into his hips, Crowley let his head fall against Aziraphale's shoulder. "You feel so good, Angel. You are sinful."

Aziraphale blushed, but pushed back into Crowley, just a bit more, he heard that little growl, he knew he did. Crowley playfully bit him and let go, getting an entirely spoiled sounding groan of disapproval from his angel, he loved it. "Go on, go eat. Mind if I stay?" Aziraphale spun around and kissed him, "Of course you can! How did you get the day off?" Crowley tilted his head looking at him; the realization dawning on him, Aziraphale had no idea that he owned Horns n Halos. That made his heart swell even more; the doubt of using him for what he had left, the angel in front of him had no idea. So he wanted him even if he was just a barista, Crowley pulled Aziraphale slowly too him, tilting his head back gently with his fingers he kissed him slowly. His tongue was sliding over Aziraphales' lower lip, begging for an entrance that was willingly given to Crowley. Once Crowley pulled a breathless groan from his angel, he let him go.

"Maybe we should sit, angel." Aziraphale looked concerned for a moment looking for anything out of place that should worry him. There was nothing there but caring, love? Maybe. With a nod, Aziraphale motioned for the table, turned grabbed a plate to put the delicacy that his lover, his boyfriend, Huh, they would have to figure that out, had made for him. "Do you want a coffee, Crowley?" Crowley nodded, Aziraphale was all too happy to get him a cup. "It isn't as good as yours, but until you tell which you like, it will have to do." Aziraphale opened the bag with a gasp as Crowley had made him crepes, strawberries and cream filling, drizzled with chocolate, strawberries cut to fit perfectly on the top. Aziraphale quickly came back to the table, sitting.

"Okay, Crowley, what do we need to talk about?" Aziraphale cut a small portion of the crepe, placing it on his tongue, his eyes closed. His perfectly plump lips wrapping around the fork, pulling the crepe into his mouth, a sinful groan barely audible left his chest. Crowley adjusted the way he was sitting as he watched. "Well, I, Jesus. Can you just not eat another bite for just a moment." Aziraphale noticed that Crowley's breathing was slightly faster, and his eyes were slowly dilating, he grinned, realizing what was going on. "Oh my dear, are you sure you want me to stop eating this?" With that Aziraphale took another slice, leaving his eyes locked onto Crowleys, he never faltered, sliding his fork into his mouth and slowly pulling it out of his mouth. Crowley, however, was internally screaming, wanting to reach over the table and pulling the angel onto it, ravaging him.

"Dear God, Angel, are positively sinful in every way." Crowley swallowed as his tongue danced across his lips; he was going to be good, though. Crowley was not going to rush what his heart was telling him, that this was real, wait. "Angel, I have the day off because I own Horns n Halos. You didn't know?" Crowley watched Aziraphale as he placed his fork down, looking at him, he could read Aziraphale by now that he, in fact, did not know. "No my dear, I didn't, why didn't you tell me before?" Crowley shrugged, "I just never thought of it, you didn't ask, so it just was never brought up, does it change anything?" Crowley looked concerned, "Of course not, my dear. I am rather glad I didn't know. I probably would have had a harder time even talking to you." Crowley smirked, "Oh, is that what you were doing as you fell into my kitchen?" Crowley watched the blush crawl down his angel's cheeks, god how he wanted to know how far down that blush went. ~One day~ he told himself.

Aziraphale took another bite silencing the demon, and a satisfied grin plastered itself on Aziraphale's face. "So cat got your tongue darling? Would you like to see the rest of the house?" Crowley adjusted himself slightly, to the onlooking, unangelic smirk of his angel. It wasn't fair, that a being that had a grin that devilish, could still be that angelic, oh how he was in trouble. Aziraphale took him by the hand and led him through the house when they got to the second floor, Crowley stopped, it was open, there were no walls, it was one big spacious room, the bathroom was enclosed, of course. It was rather significant, an overly large tub and shower, the rest though, an open library. Bookshelves lined the walls, even the middle of the room had shelves, all lined with books of varying ages, varying topics. Beyond the shelving was a bed. It was a four-poster bed, draped with sheer white drapes, it was beautiful, a cream-colored tartan duvet was thrown over the large bed, the entire area screamed of his angel.

Aziraphale tugged on his hand to follow him, against the other wall behind the bookcases was a smaller room, looking up as Crowley entered the room he couldn't help but smile, the ceiling was all glass, as was the upper half of the outside wall. Looking at Aziraphale for what this was all for, "I love looking at the stars, and this room has the best view of them. I can sit here for hours and write my books." Crowley caught that, Aziraphale had said books, not just the one he wouldn't let him see. "Angel, how many have you written for yourself?" Without thinking about it, because the way Crowley had said Angel, it took his breath from him, "I have seven, so far." Crowley's jaw dropped, "You have written seven novels so far, and you've published none?" Aziraphale caught his mistake, knowing it was too late to pull that information back. Instead, he shrugged with a nod.

Crowley shook his head, looking around the room, he decided that the couch was his, he motioned for Aziraphale to sit in the chair. Crowley took over the setee like it was his and he was home, legs and limbs just everywhere. Aziraphale watched with adoration, Crowley was his, he already knew he would never let him go, he would always be there for him. Aziraphale couldn't help but sigh. "I would offer you wine, which is what I was going to show you next, but it is a bit early," Crowley nodded, "Not getting out of this conversation Angel, why won't you let me read anything, and why won't you publish anything?" Aziraphale looked to the floor and sat there touching the books, disappointment, in Crowley, no, the disappointment was in Aziraphale, himself, that would just not do. Crowley rolled off the couch, kneeling in front of his angel, taking Aziraphale's chin in his hand, tilted his face up, so he could see those stardust eyes.

"What's going on, Aziraphale?" a drawn-out sigh, "Just not good enough, I guess. I tried once, but it was turned down. Rather abruptly, with everything they said was wrong with it, I just didn't want to do that again. So I write for myself." Crowley was not happy with what he could see in his angel, hurt, failure, disappointment in himself. He thought of the angel on his stage the night before. There was no lack of confidence, nothing, Aziraphale had been a beacon of light and energy, he could have taken on the world and won. "Angel, who told you it wasn't good enough? If I may ask." Aziraphale's eyes glistened from tears that he had never let fall, he had a lump in his throat, and he felt stupid. Why couldn't he hold back his emotions when Crowley was there, Crowley pulled Aziraphale into his arms, his head against his chest. Aziraphale could hear Crowleys heart beating in his chest, "Gabriel," Crowley was thankful that Aziraphale couldn't see the anger that ripped through his eyes at that name, the one that was going to keep tabs on his bistro? The man that tormented his angel, on anything he did, whenever he could. Crowley was going to have a discussion with Gabriel, he pulled Aziraphale closer to him, his arms holding him.

"Aziraphale, can I see that one book, since it was already seen, let me look at it." Aziraphale nuzzled up under Crowley's chin, pointing to the floor under a bookcase Crowley could see a book, tucked under the bookcase. Knowing by now how Aziraphale was with his books to see one that Aziraphale had written, hidden on the floor under a bookcase, made him want to protect Aziraphale and destroy Gabriel. Crowley scooted over on his rear, as an angel was refusing to leave his seat in his lap, with his head tucked under his chin, not mention Crowley was getting gentle kisses along his throat, that was making him shiver. The angel could stay, his rear could move them. Crowley reached for the book, he picked it up and placed it on the couch behind him, Crowley leaned back, his angel following suit. Crowley slipped his fingers under Aziraphale's chin, lifting it. Minor complaints were sounded before being silenced by Crowley firmly kissing Aziraphale, removing all his thoughts. They stayed that way in each other's arms, kissing, touching until Crowley cleared his throat, sitting up a bit. "As much as I would love to stay here, and do far more than this, I do need to get back. I may have forgotten to drop something off." Aziraphale looked at him, cocking an eyebrow. "What?" Crowley smirked like a child who got caught being somewhere he shouldn't have been. "Well, the money from the bank, and myself." With a gasp, Aziraphale scrambled out of Crowley's lap, "Crowley!"


"Get up, you need to go!"

Crowley looked at him and didn't move, "Crowley!" he looked down at the man who was smirking up at him now, "I can't go do this by myself, it's your shop, I'm the writer! You're the owner!" Chuckling, Crowley sighed at the man who had just gotten out of his lap from a rather deep kiss, for well over an hour. "Umm, I am having a moment here! Just go over there or something!" Aziraphale stopped, looked down at Crowley, instantaneously exploded in full blush, and walked into the kitchen, leaving a highly amused and chuckling Crowley, to well, adjust. Eventually and begrudgingly standing up, he called out to Aziraphale, who had planted himself firmly into a chair facing away from him. Crowley couldn't help but chuckle, ~That bashful little shit.~ was all he could think, "Angel, come with me!" Aziraphale stood up with that smile, one reserved wholly for Crowley and nodded. "Come on then, Angel."

Together they walked outside, Aziraphale turned to start walking back to Horns n Halos but was abruptly stopped. "Where are you going, angel?" Aziraphale looked confused as he watched Crowley walk to one of the most beautiful cars he had ever seen and opened the door for him. "Get in, Angel!" Aziraphale took a few steps forward, reverently touching the vehicle. "Careful angel I might get jealous of my car," Crowley smirked and swatted Aziraphale on his arse, which elicited a squeak from his chest. "Crowley!" he shrugged, ushering Aziraphale into the car. "Wha'? You have a cute arse, needed a swat after the way you left me." Closing the door to the blushing, babbling author, Crowley couldn't help but laugh, oh how he loved causing Azirapahel to be speechless and babble. Watching Crowley walk to the other side of the car, Aziraphale realized that the vehicle and Crowley matched rather well, both sleek, intimidating yet soft, and squishy on the inside. Aziraphale chuckled to himself.

Any semblance of stability left Aziraphale as soon as Crowley's car roared to life, his foot slammed the gas pedal to the floor. The car lurched forward, tires screaming, and the insanity that was Crowley, laughed, hearing Aziraphale squeak, watching as Aziraphale's hand slammed into the ceiling and grabbed the dashboard. "Crowley! You can't do ninety in town!!" Crowley let go of the steering wheel looking at Aziraphale, his hands lifting in question, "Why not?" Aziraphale closed his eyes and prayed to the god, almighty herself, that they would survive the drive. Crowley parked in a spot that he had marked off himself, like a parking spot, it wasn't one. Aziraphale all but spilled out of the car, holding onto the door and then the roof, finally straightening his vest. Crowley couldn't stop smirking, watching Aziraphale, walking over he slid his arm around his shoulders. "Come on, then." Crowley stopped and went to open the door for Aziraphale when the sound of a voice crawled over Aziraphale's skin like slimy maggots.

"Aziraphale, can we have a moment." Gabriel wasn't smirking, but his voice was; Aziraphale could feel it, his eyes glancing up at Crowley, who looked down at him and then back at Gabriel, who had narrowed his eyes, seeing that Aziraphale looked at Crowley for an okay. "Now, Aziraphale." Crowley went to take a step forward when Aziraphales hand touched his chest, and he shook his head, no. Turning, he walked back towards Gabriel; in turn, Gabriel looked at Crowley, "Alone, our business with our employee has nothing to do with you." Crowley clenched his jaw, stepped into the doorway, door open, looking dead at Gabriel, "Problem? I am in my business, and you are bothering my angel." Aziraphale couldn't help but feel warm, and his heart thrummed against his ribs, the blush that crept into his cheeks was adorable in Crowleys eyes. Gabriel glared at Crowley dismissively. "Aziraphale, your biography on Shadwell was shit, so we incinerated it, you took the softest approach on the man, much like you keep yourself, soft and distasteful." Gabriel's grin became sadistic as he ridiculed Aziraphale in front of Crowley.

Crowley took two strides forward, placing himself between his angel and Gabriel. "Get away from my building and off my property, you worthless, overhyped, untalented hack." Crowley stood just slightly taller than Gabriel and looked down at him, violet eyes looked up at Crowley. Crowley, unabashedly not phased by the man in front of him, took a step forward. "Your property, you don't own this." Crowley grinned, "You aren't very good at research, are you, maybe you're the hack. Do you think I don't know you're looking into me, what I own, and don't own? Go back to your master, you spineless rodent, you aren't even worth Aziraphale's time." Gabriel took a step back and went to speak, Crowley cut him off as he possessively slid his arm around Aziraphale, his angel, "Get the fuck off my property, now."

Gabriel straightened his spine, turning he walked away with Hastur and Ligur quietly following in his wake. Aziraphale was pulled in closer to Crowley, he let himself be protected and was ushered into the bistro. "What a piece of shit, are you okay, Angel?" Crowley looked down into blue eyes, who nodded up at him with a smile reserved for Crowley. Anathema came over, "What was that about?" Crowley shook his head, "You need to get a new job Angel, maybe publish some of your own work? You don't need that." Aziraphale sighed and nodded, "You are right, but where would I work? Who would publish me?" Aziraphale quieted, looking down at the ground, walking to a seat slightly away from Anathema and Crowley. "Anathema, we need to get him out of there, he was fine before that asshole showed up." Anathema nodded and looked guilty, "Witch, spill it."

"Tracey told me that Gabriel and the rest go out of their way to make his life hell, he's too good at what he does, so they just, well they have meetings to make sure they keep him in his place, Crowley." Anathema looked at Crowley, who had taken his glasses off watching Aziraphale, the fires of hell lit in his eyes. How dare they go out of their way to hurt his angel, just to take advantage of him. His soft, loving, voice of an angel, love. Crowley stopped as his mind added in love, maybe he did love Aziraphale, it felt right, it made him happy, but he wasn't ready to say that, just yet.

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Crowley watched Aziraphale sit at the table looking towards the stage, and he sighed, he didn't like seeing his angel like this. They had a perfectly beautiful night, a wonderful day until Gabriel came into the picture. Shaking his head, it dawned on him; he might be what Aziraphale needed right now, maybe alone wasn't what the angel needed. Tentatively walking over to Aziraphale, Crowley gently placed his hand on his shoulder; without warning blue eyes looked up at him, Aziraphale had turned in the chair his arms wrapping around Crowley, burying his face against him. Crowley felt him sigh and relax against him; he was right, no one had ever just needed him to be there, and it was enough, he was enough. It was nice.

Gently he placed his fingers under Aziraphale's chin and lifted his face to look up at him, Crowley slid his glasses off, sliding them onto the table as he bent to kiss his angel. Aziraphale sighed into the kiss as he relaxed, Crowley's arms wrapping around his angel. Aziraphale felt protected, safe and cherished, the feeling that Gabriel left in his wake being erased out of existence by a man he never thought he would ever have, or be loved by? Aziraphale wasn't sure what all these feelings were; he only knew they were there, and he loved them all.

Anathema had come out of the kitchen, seeing the two she smiled to herself, her best friend was finally happy. She could tell by the way he had his arms around Aziraphale, he was protecting him and possessively at that, she cleared her throat, bringing the moment to an end. "I am sorry to have to break up this little moment? However, don't look at me like that Crowley; do you want me to lock up, call it a day or..what?" Crowley had inhaled profoundly and exhaled rather irritatedly at the interruption. "Yeah, go home, go see Newt, go see your mother, go to the moon, just lock the door on your way out." Anathema stuck her tongue out at him.

Aziraphale couldn't help but chuckle at the exchange between the two friends, he not only had the man of his dreams but a new friend as well. There wasn't much more he could be happy about, so screw Gabriel, he wasn't going to let him take any more of him than he already had. Anathema finished up and watched Crowley escort Aziraphale up to the flat above the bistro, she smirked, walking out of the door she noticed two men ducking behind the corner. Locking the doors, she double-checked it, making sure it closed; taking out her phone, she sent a text to Crowley, letting him know about the men. Anathema felt very uneasy; she quickly called Newt to meet her on her way home and to hurry.

Tracey had to work that Saturday, Bee L.Z. Bub had appointments for the coming week with new clients. At her desk, she was typing out dictations that were left for her. Now and then stopping to check to see if anything else was needed. Tracey was there when Gabriel came storming in, Hastur and Ligur quietly following him. Gabriel never even stopped to entertain the fact that Tracey was there. Little did she know it was for the best that he hadn't, both Hastur and Ligur regarded her and then dismissed the fact she existed. Good less for her to have to deal with. Tracey flipped a switch on her phone, the sounds in her ears changed, though she continued to type.

Gabriel came across loud and clear in her headset, her phone was an intercom into Bees office, and Bee, who didn't bother to learn, never knew it was always on. Tracey couldn't shut it off, so might as well use it, right? As their voices became more evident, Tracey had to focus on not running to Aziraphale and Crowley, but she had to listen.

"You promised me, Bee, you said if I did what you wanted, I could have him." Bee looked at him, shaking their head. "Is it my fault that he met someone who saw what he is? It's my fault you wanted to demean him into thinking that you were all he could get, and you would swoop in to save him?" Gabriel growled out, "You told me to do that, you said he needed to be controlled, you said it was the only way." Bee smirked at Gabriel, "You listened so well too, what makes you think that I wanted to let you go and not keep you for my own?" Gabriel's voice lowered even more to a threatening degree, "I don't care, you promised me, and I earned it, fix this." Bee chuckled slightly, "Fine, Gabriel, I will fix it; how would you suggest?"

Hastur and Ligur both showed up in front of Tracey's desk looking down at her, ever the brilliant actress, she held up one finger as she finished typing, reaching over she flipped a switch killing the intercom, immediately putting the recording back on. Tracey looked up with eyes filled with disgust, "What do you want? I have to finish this them so I can go enjoy what's left of my weekend." Tracey's voice was dripping with a complete and utter distaste for them. "Let me see the headphones." Tracey held them back from them, "You put them in your ears, you owe me new ones, or I will let Bee know to get me new ones." With a dismissive wave, Hastur sticks them in his ears only to hear Bee's voice on the other end barking out orders. Hastur tried to hand them back, Tracey withdrew her hand again. "I told you no, you could go let Bee know why I can't finish this." With that, Tracey stood up and pushed past the two them, making it a point to push them.

Tracey went out the front of the building, looking behind her she ran into Anathema, both women shrieked slightly. Tracey noticed two figures following Anathema, looping her arm with Anathemas Tracey turned to keep walking away from the bistro. Newt saw the woman and pulled up to them, both quickly getting into the car, the figures turning back around heading back towards the bistro. Anathema immediately sending a text to Crowley, ~Anthony, eyes open, was followed by two, on their way back your way. Ana~, Newt placed his hand on Anathemas thigh, he could feel her shivering. "What's going on? Hey Tracey." Anathema went into everything that had happened and invited Tracey to stay with them since she lived alone. Tracey agreed and then went into everything she heard; she was scared for herself and her best friend, and the three talked back at their apartment. Gabriel was insane that much they had to the conclusion of, and Aziraphale was in danger.

Aziraphale heard the piano being played in the other room; he washed up in the bathroom, washing his face from the tears that had fallen earlier; the song he heard was familiar. He couldn't help himself; it started as a hum, then he remembered the words, later it became something he needed to sing. He followed the sounds into what he would call a music room, two guitars stood in the corner, on the wall were saxophones, a trumpet, then he saw his Crowley on the piano, his fingers tickling the ivories of a baby grand. Coming into the song entirely, he surprised Crowley; his head turned to see his angel, he kept playing enjoying the sounds of Aziraphale's voice, his soul desperately loved his voice, needed his voice. Aziraphale came to the front of the ebony baby grand; it was shiny, sleek, beautiful. Gold lettering labeled the baby grand as a Young Chang, its tone perfect, every bit Crowley.

Any thought of Gabriel had vacated the premises as soon as Crowley had started to play. Aziraphale only saw Crowley, his music, the way his fingers moved on the keys, the way he watched him. Nothing else mattered, only him, it was new but seemed so much more than that, he knew he would never be apart from Crowley, Aziraphale had fallen, and he knew it as he sang while his love played.

Crowley played, not hearing his angel come into the room, but his voice beckoning him to look and listen. The song, seductive, slow, he never had anyone sing this song as he played by himself before, he couldn't help but love this. Crowley played so that he could hear Aziraphale actually scale his voice, from lower to higher and every note in between. Aziraphale undoubtedly followed along with how Crowley played; as far as Crowley was concerned, no being should have a voice like that, he could listen to Aziraphale for hours. Breathy, raspy, clear, it carried the promise of more, the promise of what could be, his voice begged, it pleaded for the listener to do whatever he asked, whatever he sang for. It called and pulled at Crowley's entire being, his will to wait, for any more time dissipating, quickly.

Aziraphale carried the melody as Crowley ran his fingers up and down the piano, filling in what Aziraphale needed to make the song their own. Every here and there, Aziraphale would let his voice slide into a moaning note, catching Crowley with it every time, a smirk letting him know it was intentional. Crowley stopped playing entirely for a moment, making Aziraphale's voice ring through the room on its own. His voice running down Crowley's spine, through his soul, he started playing again, slowly bringing the song to a close. At the end of which Aziraphale chuckled watching Crowley's face, slowly Crowley stood up and pinned Aziraphale against the piano, looking down at him, blue stardust eyes staring back into his own.

Aziraphale brought his hand to the side of Crowley's face, touching, sliding it slowly down his cheek, following the line of his jaw, memorizing him, Crowley's eyes closed. Aziraphale followed his fingers with his eyes as he followed the line of Crowley's neck to his collarbone, he looked back up into molten gold. Aziraphale melted under his gaze, and he shivered, Crowley's arm slid around his waist, pulling them closer together, Aziraphale tipped his head back slightly as Crowley lowered his head into a kiss. He could feel his knees start to give out from under him, Aziraphale couldn't help it, melting under Crowley just happened and this kiss was different. Somehow it just wasn't exciting; it wasn't just a kiss, it was far more, Aziraphale needed it, it fed him, he wanted to give back every feeling he was being given, it was love, all-encompassing.

Crowley slowly ran his tongue against Aziraphale's lower lip, nipping it gently, feeling Aziraphale part his lips against his own, he deepened their kiss. Crowley placed his free hand on the piano to hold them where they were, Aziraphale wrapped his arms around Crowley's neck, gently entwining his fingers in his hair, pulling them fully together in a kiss that seemed to speak more than either dared. It couldn't end, not now, not like this, Aziraphale gave back as much as Crowley was giving, neither making any attempt to slow down or stop. Crowley pushed off the piano, pulling Aziraphale with him, for as plush as Aziraphale claimed to be Crowley easily picked him up, turning with him, as he hitched his legs over his hips. A smirk curled into their kiss as Crowley walked them into his bedroom.

Aziraphale was what Crowley needed, everything he had ever thought disappeared from his mind; he would be alone forever, disappeared. There was only the angel in his arms, his kiss against his lips; he would never let his angel go, he breathed in Aziraphale, a sigh leaving him. Gently Crowley laid them down on his bed, neither wanting to leave the kiss, being forced to, they crawled up further onto the bed. Aziraphale reached up for him, pulling him back into the embrace he so desperately needed, he wanted to be lost in. Crowley would give him whatever he needed, anything he wanted would be his, he slid his leg slowly in between Aziraphale's. Crowley felt his fingers tighten in his hair, hearing a breathy gasp as Aziraphale's body rolled against his. He was intoxicated by his angel, his sounds, the way his body started to move against his, he wanted more. Crowley needed more.

Aziraphale slid his hands down Crowleys back, following his spine, rolling his hips against his knee, he couldn't help the gasps that left him, and he didn't want too. He gripped onto one of Crowley's hips pulling his against him, he wanted to feel him, Aziraphale needed Crowley to touch him, he couldn't get close enough to his love. Another slide and they both ground against each other, Crowley shivered in Aziraphale's arms, as he heard his name breathed into a moan, as he kissed him. The kiss deepened, Crowley slid an arm under Aziraphale leaning on it holding them there, Aziraphale lifted his leg over Crowley's hip, he rolled his hips into Crowley as he pushed down against him. His angel felt so good against him; he needed to touch him, his skin on him, his free hand trying to undo buttons, his angel had too many buttons.

Aziraphale helped him with the buttons needing the same thing Crowley needed, wanted the same something. Finally getting the shirt unbuttoned, Crowley growled, there was another layer, "Jesus angel." Aziraphale chuckled slightly, putting his hands over his head, Crowley leaned back unceremoniously, removing the offending clothing. Aziraphale's hands came quickly back down, pulling at Crowley's top, "Please." Crowley's heart thumped, his body reacted to his one single word, he quickly pulled his shirt up and over his head, tossing it wherever it may land. Aziraphale ran his fingers down Crowley's throat to his chest, back up, pulling him down against him. He was so warm against Aziraphale, feeling his hands running up and down his bare back, he moved with more need. Aziraphale moaned his name, clearly his name, his eyes had closed, then as if God decided to be cruel, the phone started going off.

They ignored it until they couldn't. Well, until Crowley couldn't, Aziraphale was lost in Crowley, Crowley could not only hear the phone, but it was vibrating off the table next to them. It went off again, this time, though, he listened to the audible growl from the angel under him, "Oh pleassssse, no. Please." Crowley felt his angel, his love pulling him back down, and he freely went, fuck the phone right, Crowley's mouth wandered down his angel's neck, gently biting, finding a spot on Aziraphale that dragged in a sudden gasp his body pressing up into Crowley. Letting his tongue drag and tease over that area on Aziraphale's collarbone, Crowley bit down harder, and his name was panted out, fingers dragged down his back. Aziraphale could feel his lips curl into a smile. Crowley teased over the bite, and then without warning, he dextrously rolled his hips against Aziraphale as his teeth bit into him.

Aziraphale arched into the bite, and he could feel Crowley hard against him, he felt them grind against each other, his hands scrambled down his back, pulling at his pants, "Please, god, please..." Crowley slid his hand between them just as his fingers found Aziraphale's buttons, again, with the buttons, the phone went off again, and it kept going off. "Angel, I have to get that, I will kill whoever it is, but I have to answer it." Crowley could swear he heard his angel sob slightly as he stopped and reached for the god damned phone. It was Anathema; he was going to actually kill the witch. Burn her at the stake, drown her, and burn her again. Before Crowley was able to answer the phone, Aziraphale turned his face to him, kissing him as desperately as he felt, leaving Crowley breathless. "What the fuck do you need witch."

Anathema heard the tone, heard the words and it all registered, oh shit, she called at a horrible time. She felt awful; she knew her best friend hadn't been with anyone in years, and all but gave up until Aziraphale. Anathema also knew that Crowley wasn't going to rush anything unless it happened on its own, and she just interrupted it, for the second time that day. She was dead; she could feel it. So instead of easing into a conversation, she blurted it out.

"Anthony we were followed, they were on their way back to you, we have Tracey with us, and, well I don't know how to put this." Crowley sat up, Aziraphale sliding up against his side, one leg behind Crowley the other over his lap, tracing patterns up and down his bared back. "Witch it better be more than that, wait, followed?" Aziraphale heard followed and waited, resting his head on Crowley's shoulder. "What else." Crowley looked down at Aziraphale's leg over his lap, decidedly running his free hand up to his inner thigh. Eliciting a silent gasp, only Crowley could hear the intake of air, Aziraphale fell back against the bed, Crowley slowly sliding his hand further up.

"Aziraphale was a gift, a promise to Gabriel." Everything in Crowley's world stopped in that one moment; he grabbed Aziraphale's hand, pulling him up against him. Possessively his arm wrapped around his angel as though if he let go, he would disappear. "Say that again, Anathema, how do you mean, and who said that?" Anathema explained everything that Tracey had heard between Gabriel and Bee, the promise, the tactics, all of it. Crowley held onto Aziraphale that much tighter, not sure on how to tell an angel he was supposed to be a present, a gift, an object to Gabriel. Crowley's blood flowed with hellfire, as everything sunk into his being, his thoughts. He looked into those blue eyes, that fluff of disheveled white curls, perfect lips, and the love that so quickly was given to him. Crowley would never let them near him again, he would take care of him as long as he needed, but they were not going to get to him.

Outside the bistro under cover of night and away from the lights, Gabriel stood there. Anger flowing through him as he watched. First, Gabriel heard the piano, and the window had been open, then Aziraphale singing, how dare Aziraphale sing he didn't have permission to sing, let alone be where he was... Looking up, he caught the sight of Aziraphale standing there as he sang, then as it quieted, he saw Crowley stand, pulling them together. Then the kiss, the way Aziraphale had not moved, had welcomed it. Gabriel fumed, he would end this, one way or another, Aziraphale belonged to him, and this was going to end.

Chapter Text

Crowley's arms tightened around his angel as he hung up with Anathema, tossing the phone as far from them as he could. Looking down on questioning trusting blue eyes, Crowley didn't want to see the pain that was going to cross those eyes; he didn't want to be the one to tell him. The words seemed wrong to even say, who in this world thought of anyone like that, just going to give him away without him even knowing, not having a choice. Crowley remembered his own time, he remembered and couldn't imagine his angel, HIS angel being treated like this. Crowley tilted Aziraphale's head up towards him, his angel let himself be moved to where Crowley wanted him. How could anyone hurt this angel, his lips gently kissed him, resting his forehead against Aziraphale's. "We need to talk, Angel. We're fine, we'll always be fine. Nothing is wrong with us, just don't let that be a worry." Crowley felt Aziraphale tense then relax as he spoke, he was glad he told him not to worry, but his trust in Crowley gave him that much more reason to be angry with Gabriel. Hate quickly built within him.

Crowley pulled Aziraphale up, urging him to sit on his lap facing him, he wanted to see his eyes and be able to hold him. Crowley looked into the bluest of eyes he had ever seen, almost feeling inadequate to be graced by him, by his love. Crowley could see the worry growing, wrapping his arms around Aziraphale's waist he pulled him closer before he started talking. "Tracey is with Anathema, something is going on with EDEN, and Gabriel." Aziraphale instantly tensed within Crowley's arms, he knew Aziraphale would, he held him, gently tracing patterns up and down his bared back. "Are they alright?" Crowley's heart dropped even lower, of all things, he was worried about Tracey, about Anathema, didn't even think of himself or asking why. Crowley nodded, still tracing patterns along Aziraphale's back. "Angel, have you ever been involved with, in any way, Gabriel?" Aziraphale went to reel back from Crowley, his arms held him. "Stop, there is a reason I am asking you, please just answer me."

Crowley could feel the panic rising in Aziraphale, his breathing quickened, he shook his head no, it was too much panic coursing through Aziraphale. "Angel, breath, tell me what happened with him, I will tell you, please." Aziraphale looked at him; the hurt he didn't want to see ran through him, staining his blue eyes with panic in its wake, Crowley never wanted to see that again, he was going to erase that from his angel. "A few years ago, I had just started with EDEN, he was still the publisher, he would always tell me how exceptional my work was, that he had more jobs for me to do. I didn't know that he wasn't looking at me as just an employee, it wasn't till I was there a few months." Crowley could feel the shivers running up and down his angel, his anger building, keeping it in check, he pulled his angel closer. "Gabriel called me into his office, said he had a new project for me to do. Gabriel didn't, he tried to get me to agree to go out on a date with him, I said no, I wasn't interested. That wasn't good enough, so I went to leave, he got up behind me and cornered me. All he did was kiss me before I got out of there." Crowley pulled a growl back that was threatening to leave. "After that, a few days later, he became cruel, I tried to get out from having him be my boss, but Bee wouldn't let me. So I stayed and have just put up with everything they do. I figured I must have done something to have that happen."

Crowley lifted Aziraphale's chin, "You did nothing, Angel, even if you flirted or joked you said no, that should have been enough. Don't think you did anything wrong." Aziraphale smiled just slightly, blue eyes flicked to his lips for a moment before locking back on to his eyes, his angel was beauty incarnate, lightly he pressed his lips to Aziraphale's. Pulling his head back, he looked at Crowley, "Why did you ask that?" It was Crowley's turn to stiffen, it didn't escape the notice of Aziraphale. "Tell me." Crowley sighed, letting his forehead rest on Aziraphale's shoulder. "Tracey heard a conversation between Gabriel and Bee; you can't go back, Angel." Aziraphale leaned back, making Crowley look at him, "Why?" Crowley growled, "Well, I for one don't want you too, but that's up to you, however, please don't. Tracey heard that Bee promised Gabriel a gift." Aziraphale looked confused, "Okay, why is that a bad thing, everyone knows that they are a thing." Crowley shook his head, how do you tell someone this, "No, apparently they aren't, it's a thing yes, but the gift, well..umm." Aziraphale looked irritated, "Good Lord, Crowley, spit it out." Crowley's eyes dropped, his voice barely a whisper, "The gift is you."

"Sorry, what was that?"

"The gift is you."

Crowley watched as his angel stopped working, there was nothing in his eyes, they were blank. He waited a moment, Aziraphale hadn't moved, he wasn't sure he was breathing. "Angel?" Nothing, he just stared, looking through Crowley, not even at him. Crowley pulled him closer to him, he felt when Aziraphale started working again, he felt the intake of air, felt the shiver, and then the trembling. "Aziraphale, you don't have to go back, stay here with me." Aziraphale nuzzled up under his chin pulling his arms in, and under him, Crowley tightened his arms around Aziraphale. Crowley felt the sigh that left Aziraphale, he kissed the top of his head, his curls tickled his nose, tilting his head up, Aziraphale looked up at Crowley. "I won't go back, but you don't need to keep me here, I don't want to be a bother." Crowley looked down at him, "You are so far from a bother angel; you are more along the lines of air, can't live without it." Aziraphale blushed tilting his head back, Crowley kissed him, trying to pour his feelings into a kiss rather than saying them. "Please stay." Aziraphale's eyes shimmered with his answer, he nodded, pulling him into a kiss.

(Explicit starts here, not needed to continue the story)

Crowley released them from the kiss, looking at his angel, who was beaming at him, he couldn't help himself as he placed kisses all over his face. Kissing the tears from his cheeks, kissing his forehead, his nose. Aziraphale reached up, stilling Crowley, his hands on either side of his face. With a smile, slowly he placed kisses on his face, a kiss placed on each eyelid, his forehead, each cheek, his nose, then slowly Aziraphale, placed a kiss on his lips, letting his tongue touch upon his lips, begging for entrance with a sigh he felt his lips part. Tilting his head just slightly, he slotted their mouths together. Crowley's hand slid into the back of Aziraphale's hair, holding him there, Crowley pulled his hair back, Aziraphale let his head follow where Crowley pulled him, his mouth found Aziraphale's neck.

Crowley placed kisses against Aziraphale's fluttering pulse, he could feel it, against his lips, he felt it speed up with each kiss. He heard how much he was wanted with every sound, with every gasp, with every sigh that left his angel, Crowley knew it was because of him, it was because Aziraphale wanted him. Crowley rolled them back onto the bed, pushing Aziraphale back up to where they were before the phone call. Starting again wasn't required, they both picked up exactly where they had left off. The phone gone, there were no more interruptions, no more distractions, just them. Crowley's thoughts vanished when he felt his angel roll his body against him, causing friction between them. A gasping moan was more than music to Crowley's ears; he could feel just how much Aziraphale wanted him as he set a rhythm between them. He was in no rush; he intended to wipe any memory, or any feeling of Gabriel off his angel forever.

Aziraphale let his fingers travel along Crowley's spine, down his side, over his ribs, slowly up over his neck and into his hair, letting his fingers tangle in his hair. Crowley leaned down, bracing himself on his arm, his hand under Aziraphale's head, with his free hand he slid it down Aziraphale's side, stopping on his hip, holding him there. Crowley shifted his hips as he rolled them against Aziraphale, he could feel his angel hard against him, he heard his angel say his name reverently in barely a whisper. Crowley did it again, feeling fingers tighten in his hair, Aziraphales breath hitching on his every movement. His lips kissed down the side of Aziraphale's jaw; Aziraphale tilted his head back against the pillows opening his neck for Crowley. Keeping his hips slowly driving Aziraphale on edge, his lips pressed kisses along his neck, finding his collarbone, biting gently. Crowley was addicted to that gasp of air that would leave his angel when he did just the right thing, it became a need, he needed to have a gasping angel under him.

Crowley kissed over Aziraphale's shoulder, gently biting his way back up to his neck, letting his tongue touch along the side of his neck, nuzzling up under the delicate skin under his ear. Aziraphale turned his head towards Crowley, "Please, kiss me." Crowley smiled at him, looking into Aziraphale's eyes, his pupils dilating, Crowley was mesmerized looking into them, it was as if he was watching the stars being pulled into a black hole surrounded by a nebula. As if his angel was not already beautiful enough, he was lost in his eyes until he felt himself being pulled down to meet his angel's lips against his own. His eyes closed feeling Aziraphale open under him, his tongue danced with Aziraphale's, running his tongue against the sensitive roof of his mouth, feeling the gasp that escaped Aziraphale, rolling their hips against each other. Crowley slides his hand down to slide around the top of Aziraphale's trousers, teasing his side with his fingers, he looked at Aziraphale, "Is this okay angel?" Aziraphale pushed up against Crowley, dragging a moan out of him. Letting his head fall against Aziraphale's shoulder, kissing his neck, "I guess that was a yes?" Aziraphale grinned, "Yes, please."

Crowley kissed him before slowly moving down his neck, kissing over a shoulder, pulling his arm up, kissing his palm, the inside of his elbow. Continuing, slow open kisses, down his sides, biting, hearing gasps, and on occasion, a giggle. "Ticklish?" Aziraphale pulled Crowley's hair back, eliciting a gasping moan as he sat up and kissed Crowley thoroughly on the mouth, leaving him breathless, looking down into golden pools of light, "Yes, very." Aziraphale grinned, rolling Crowley over onto his back. Mischievous, fully blown eyes looked at him. Pushing Crowley back against the bed, Aziraphale wholly kissed him. Gently kissing him down the center of his chest, letting his perfectly manicured fingers drag down his sides, pressing in here and there, pulling sounds from Crowley that he had only dreamt of. Aziraphale spread his hands out along the sides of Crowley as he reached his hips holding him there, instead of fingers he left kisses along the top of his all too-tight jeans, that couldn't be comfortable anymore. Blue eyes looked up from where he teased with his tongue. Crowley glanced down at his angel, "Jesus angel, yes, don't stop now...please."

One very hedonistic unangelic angel was grinning wickedly while undoing buttons and all but tearing Crowleys all too-tight jeans off. Crowley watched as blue eyes devoured him before his angel kissed him from his ankle, sliding his tongue along his inner leg, to his thigh, while skimming his hands over both legs. Crowley dropped his forearm over his eyes, trying to hold his hips still, his angel was going out of his way, to kiss and touch everywhere but where Crowley needed it most. Aziraphale, kissed up his hip, along his stomach and avoided touching him, returning to kiss along the other hip. Crowley frustratingly groaned, as his demonic angel evaded him again, he may have heard a rather low chuckle, the bastard. Still, it was quickly forgotten as Aziraphale, slid his tongue from the base of Crowley's cock to the tip, running his tongue along the rim and up under the V, flicking his tongue. Crowley's hips pushed up into Aziraphale's mouth but were halted by Aziraphale, who pulled back and looked up at Crowley. "Stay still." Crowley swallowed at the command in his voice, he nodded, "Good, my dear." Aziraphale started again at the base of Crowley, running his tongue to the tip, opening his mouth and letting the tip of Crowley rest on the tongue that had always driven him to distraction.

Aziraphale purposely waited for Crowley to open his eyes, golden pools of light opened and locked onto oceans of blue, Aziraphale slowly closed his mouth around him. Keeping his eyes on Crowley, he made sure that he saw his cock disappear into his mouth, slowly he slid back up. Crowley groaned, hearing him Aziraphale went down on him, pushing himself until his nose touched Crowley's stomach, his hips moved, but he held them. Aziraphale grabbed one of his hands, entangling it in his hair, urging Crowley to move his head. Crowley looked at his angel, who, with a look, told him what he wanted. Crowley lost his breath as his head fell back, moving his angel's head, letting his hips push into his mouth. Crowley heard his angels moans, sinful celestial harmonies consistently being released with every thrust of his hips, urging him to continue. It was when Crowley held Aziraphale's head still, and he thrust up into his mouth, did Aziraphale push him over an edge Crowley didn't realize he was at. Aziraphale waited, and when Crowley pushed up into his mouth, he pulled hard against his hand in his hair, taking his cock into his throat and forcing a gag around Crowley.

Crowley couldn't help when his hips pushed up further into his angel's mouth. Aziraphale knew what he was doing and had wanted to do it for quite some time. Crowley gasped out Aziraphale's name as he was pushed over his resolve, unknowingly there, Aziraphale drank him through every wave of his orgasm, not missing a drop. Crowley panted, pulling his angle off of him, "Angel, stop, Jesus. You're going to kill me." Aziraphale grinned rather smugly as he wiped his mouth off, letting his tongue lick over his lips. Crowley watched the smug bastard, grabbing him by his shoulders; he flipped Aziraphale onto his back and looked at him. "My turn, angel." Aziraphale grinned, "Oh, I think you just had your turn." Crowley just looked at him, "Wow, for an angel, you do have an awful lot of demon in you, don't you?" Crowley's angel looked at him, a wicked grin replacing any semblance of divinity, "Not yet I don't." Crowley's jaw dropped at his angels' wording, "Well guess we'll have to do something about that." Crowley couldn't help his own grin as he crawled up Aziraphales' body.

Crowley had it in his mind to bring Aziraphale to more than just want, he wanted him to need him, desperately, he wanted to hear him beg for him. Crowley could use the break, without Aziraphale doing anything to him, but his angel had not been tormented like he had been. Crowley smirked as his fingers undid Aziraphale's trousers, "More buttons, Angel, really?" Aziraphale chuckled, "Would you like help, my dear?" Crowley smirked and rolled off of him, "I would love to watch you." Now what Crowley didn't know was that one hedonistic angel with an oral fixation had no problem with himself and rather enjoyed being watched. Aziraphale slid off the bed, standing in front of Crowley, reached down, pulling him up, so he was sitting at the edge of the bed his feet on the floor. Aziraphale leaned down, kissing him before standing back up, his fingers slowly undoing each button.

Crowley's eyes flicked between Aziraphales fingers, his eyes, his mouth, and back to his fingers. Crowley decided he was not going to be getting the break he needed, Aziraphale wasn't even touching him, and all he wanted to do was ravage him, or be ravaged by him. Aziraphale undid the last button, slowly sliding his trousers down, never leaving the front of Crowley, stepping out of his pants, he took Crowleys hands, placing them on either side of his thighs. "You finish unless you want to watch me." Crowley's breath decided it was no longer needed, his brain stopped functioning, Aziraphale didn't even have the courtesy to blush at his words, this, this right here was the angel that was on his stage. Crowley's mouth went dry, looking up into blown out blue eyes, "Watch..." was all he could get out. With a smirk, Aziraphale took Crowley's hands, sliding them to his undergarments, "You can at least slide them off of me." Crowley nodded, it was the only function that was left.

Crowley looked at his hands on his angel's thighs, he couldn't help but place kisses, bites while letting his hands go to and slowly pull Aziraphale's undergarments down. There was more to his angel than one would think, and he was thoroughly not disappointed, his eyes flicked up to a grinning angel. The bastard knew what he had and was keening under Crowley's gaze, a sharp intake of air. Crowley forgot he had said that he wanted to watch, Aziraphale, however, had not. So when Crowley went to lean forward, wanting to taste his angel, a hand in his hair suddenly held him away, just far enough that he couldn't touch or taste. Crowley whined, he didn't even know he could make that noise, he watched as Aziraphale took himself in his hand, wrapping his fingers around himself. Crowley watched, wishing he hadn't said he wanted to only look while at the same time was beyond turned on again.

Crowley watched his angel's hand slide over his cock, slowly up over the head of his cock with a twist before sliding down again. Crowley licked his lips before he swallowed, Aziraphale watched him, saw his pupils dilating again, saw him getting hard again. Aziraphale kept Crowley just out of reach, but close enough so he could see when the first bead of precum stood out on the head of his cock, he grinned. "Open your mouth, if you want, my dear." Crowley looked up and then in front of him, his mouth opening, welcoming him. Using Crowley's hair, he pulled him forward, sliding his cock over Crowley's tongue. Crowley closed his lips around Aziraphale, who pushed further into his mouth, groaning out his name, before pulling back out, his fingers tightening in his hair thrusting in again. Crowley's eyes had closed, Aziraphale started to thrust in earnest, getting closer to an edge he didn't want to tumble over just yet. "Crowley, please, in...fuck, stop." Aziraphale pulled him off of him, looking down, his hands on his shoulders, pushing him back up the bed.

Crowley grinned, "What do you want, Angel." Wanton eyes of an angel bore into his soul, "I want you to fuck me." Crowley stopped grinning and flipped Aziraphale onto his back, kissing him deeply, he stopped for a moment, reaching the side table where the phone had been, opening the drawer pulling out a smallish bottle. Crowley slid between Aziraphales legs, hitching one of his legs onto his hip. Aziraphale pulled him down into a kiss, desperately wanton, needing Crowley. Fighting with the bottle, with one hand, trying to keep his angel's lips against his, Aziraphale left the kiss and was kissing and biting up and down Crowley's neck. Between fighting off shivers and trembles that Aziraphale was causing, Crowley managed to get the bottle open, and overly filled his hand with lube. Crowley didn't give two shits.

Crowley tilted his head up and looked down at Aziraphale, "Are you sure?" Aziraphale smiled at him, "Please, Crowley, I need you." Crowley shuddered as his breath hitched. Crowley held Aziraphale's knee against his side, letting his fingers gently slide and tease around his rim, Aziraphale gasped, pressing down against fingers that wouldn't go any further than where Crowley allowed. Enjoying the sounds his angel was making, he slowly slid one finger inside him, arching off the bed and pressing himself down on his finger, Crowley grinned. Determined to take his angel apart, Crowley slowly, ever so slowly, slid his finger in and out of him, never thoroughly rubbing against him, just barely enough to take his breath away every few slides. Crowley could see his angel was getting frustrated with one, so slowly he added another, opening him just a bit more, watching Aziraphale writhe under him, his moans coming out in breathless gasps, he combined a third.

Crowley continued carefully thrusting his fingers into his angel, Aziraphale's fingers clawed down his back, lowering his lips to Aziraphale he kissed him. Fingers grazed across Aziraphale's prostate, he arched up against Crowley's body, moaning loudly into the kiss. Crowley held him there, removing his fingers and not letting him fall over the edge, keeping him there, on edge, desperately needy. Listening to gasps of pleading and breathless begs of an absolute angel, Crowley slowly started to slide himself into Aziraphale; he was still a bit tight around him, so he slowed, letting Aziraphale adjust around him. Aziraphale was writhing under him, trying desperately to press himself further onto Crowley's cock. Aziraphale had Crowley to distraction, and keeping his angel from fucking himself on his cock was taking more effort than he had anticipated. Sliding his hands under Aziraphale's shoulders, Crowley grabbed onto his shoulders, pulling himself up and fully into Aziraphale.

Crowley's head fell onto Aziraphale's shoulder, holding on as his angel arched up under him, calling his name, manicured nails ripped down his back. Rocking his hips, Crowley pushed himself just that much deeper into his angel, gasps for air, desperate keening wanton begs of his name. Crowley looked at his angel, his head tilted back his neck fully available. Panting breaths were leaving his mouth, Crowley licked his neck before biting into the flesh there. Aziraphale whimpered in pleasure, sliding himself partially out, he pressed himself back in. Aziraphale tilted his hips, wrapping his legs around the back of him; he pulled him into him, a quick intake of air, and Crowley found himself on his back with a dangerously aroused Aziraphale on top of him.

Crowley went to speak, a tilt of Aziraphale's head, and a quick shift of his hips shut Crowley up. Aziraphale rolled his hips back, up and then slid down on him, deeper than he had been. Crowley arched up into Aziraphale, hitting him just right, Aziraphale rocked again, "Do that again, please." Crowley did the same movement again, "Oh, god, Crowley please..again" Crowley placed his hands on Aziraphale's hips, and repeated meeting his angel's hips every time they came back down onto him. Aziraphale reverently calling out Crowley's name, every time he fucked himself down onto Crowley. Aziraphale's let his head fall back, as Crowley thrust up into him particularly hard, his air leaving in a gasp.

Crowley grinned, his eyes fully blown, his need just as much as Aziraphale's, he was going to be damned if his angel was going to last longer than him, again. Wrapping his nimble fingers around Aziraphale's length, he slid his hand up and over the tip, taking the precum in his hand, sliding between his fingers. Aziraphale s hands grabbed onto Crowley's thighs bending back just slightly, holding on, rolling his hips in time with Crowley's hand on him. Trembling with each pump of his cock, Crowley would squeeze on the way up, twisting around the tip before quickly sliding back to the base of his cock and pumping him suddenly before starting over. Aziraphale was trembling, under Crowley's whim, "Do you want to cum, Angel?" Aziraphale shivered, he nodded. "Beg me, Angel." Crowley's hand stopped.

Aziraphale's eyes flew open, blown out blue locked onto a molten gold, Aziraphale shivered, he had stopped breathing for a moment. Aziraphale was beyond rational thought, he was entirely at Crowley's whim, and right now, it was too make him beg for what he wanted most. Crowley slid his hand over Aziraphales cock, then stopped, he heard the gasp, "Beg me, Angel." Aziraphale decided, and not with his brain that he was not beyond begging. "Yes, please fuck me, Crowley, please make me cum." Crowley grinned. "Get on your knees, Angel, you're going to say my name." Aziraphale scrambled off Crowley, turning and dropping onto the bed, knees up, his forehead on the bed. Crowley slowly got up, dragging his nails over Aziraphales' body, enjoying the shiver that he could see go through his angel.

Aziraphale glanced behind him, feeling hands on both of his hips, he could feel Crowley teasing him, pushing the head of his cock into him, letting the rim catch and then pulling out. Dragging whimpers out of his angel, Crowley slapped his ass and buried himself inside his angel. "Oh..go...Crowley." Crowley grinned, "That's once." Aziraphale looked over his shoulder up at Crowley, who slapped the other side of his ass, slamming into him again, "Oh fuck.." Aziraphale buried his face in the blankets. "Close Angel, but that wasn't my name; it is what I am about to do to you, though." Aziraphale keened under Crowley's command, he would do whatever that man wanted him to do, Aziraphale was in need, in need of Crowley. Just as he promised, Crowley started to fuck him in earnest, Aziraphales hands twisted into the bedding, panting, "Please, god, oh..please..." Crowley grinned, "Nope, wrong diety Angel, right now, I'm your god, beg me, Angel..."

Aziraphale cried out, "Crowley, please, oh god, please..." Crowley slammed into his angel a little harder, eliciting more cries and moans. Purposely missing hitting that little spot of nerves to send his angel over the edge, "That's twice, I am going to use you until I hear my name and only my name, then I'll let you cum for me." Aziraphale rolled his hips as he pushed unexpectedly back into Crowley, two could do this. Crowley stuttered for a moment, "Bad angel, pleassssse, ssshit." Crowley all but hissed out, he rocked his hips into Aziraphale, deeply, hitting the bundle of nerves, slowly sliding over it, he heard his angels growl, wanton desperate, needful...Crowley leaned over Aziraphale, letting his body mold against the back of Aziraphale, rolling his hips into him again. Aziraphale started to moan out a mantra of Crowley's name, over and over again. "That's better."

Reaching under his angel Crowley wrapped his fingers around his leaking cock, letting the precum slide over his cock, he stroked him in earnest, rolling his hips in tandem as he fucked his angel. Aziraphale arched his back, even more, opening a tad more, it was enough, just enough, "Please Crowley, oh...please...cum in me, please..." Crowley almost tumbled over the edge without his angel, barely holding on, "Cum for me angel, let me feel you cum in my hand...let me hear you." Aziraphale didn't need to be told twice, as Crowley fucked him with his hand, and slammed into him, Aziraphale came, hard, calling out his loves name. Crowley followed suit as his angel rolled his hips and slammed back into him, then writhing and squeezing around him with every pulse of his orgasm. Crowley collapsed on top of his angel, who, in turn, collapsed onto the bed, with a giggle.

Crowley kissed along Aziraphale's back, he could feel his angel tremble under him, then a giggle. Crowley shook his head rolling off of his angel and onto the bed, breathing deeply, Aziraphale didn't bother moving, he turned his head and opened his very tired sated blue eyes and grinned at his love. Crowley laid on his side, looking into his angel's eyes, "You okay?" Crowley asked honestly, running his hands gently over Aziraphales back. Aziraphale smiled, "Yes, but that feels very nice." he giggled again, letting his eyes close. "What are you on about Angel?" Aziraphale looked at him, and grinned, "Well my dear, I am going to be a bit sore, you aren't exactly small." he giggled again seeing the smirk that crossed the face of his love. Aziraphale knew he would see that reaction, he couldn't hold back a smile of his own. Aziraphale started to doze off, while Crowley drew random designs along his back, looking at him.

Crowley watched as Aziraphale's breathing slowed, his eyes were closed, and he was quite thoroughly and happily fucked. Reaching out Crowley moved the tousled curls off his love's face, he sighed, quietly he whispered, "I love you, you bastard." Laying his head on the pillow, he draped an arm and a leg over his love, cuddling into Aziraphale as his eyes closed, unexpectedly a sleepy angelic voice broke the silence, "I love you too dear." Crowley's eyes opened to see an angelic face, eyes closed, but a smile plastered on his face, Crowley smiled, kissing Aziraphale gently, they fell asleep.

Outside Gabriel had been waiting for Aziraphale to leave the bistro, to go home, where he should be, home alone, where Gabriel could keep track of him. Hours had gone by, and no Aziraphale, no Crowley, no movement, only the lights in the front room of the second floor. Gabriel thought of just going in but thought better of it. It was when the lights all went out on the second floor, and all was quiet on the street that Gabriel made a realization. Aziraphale wasn't going home that night, he was staying with Crowley, alone, in his house, with him. Gabriel reeled when he had remembered the kiss he saw, the way Aziraphale had tilted his own head to entice a kiss from Crowley, and Aziraphale had, he had kissed him, willingly. Gabriel fumed, taking out his phone he texted Hastur and Ligur if Aziraphale wasn't going home then they were going to take his home from him.

Chapter Text

Aziraphale woke early the next morning, long before Crowley would, he looked down on his sleeping face, a smirk played on his lips, Aziraphale hoped he was part of that dream. Getting dressed, Aziraphale was going to head home to collect some of his writing supplies and was going to come back. Not going back to EDEN, seemed to lift a weight off his shoulders, he felt free, he could breathe, and it was because someone cared enough about him to want to help him, help himself protect himself. Placing a careful kiss on Crowley's forehead, he heard a little grumble as his hand flung out onto the bed. Aziraphale waited to make sure Crowley had fallen back to sleep before he left.

Crowley made no more noise, his breathing was consistently slow, comforting, Aziraphale debated whether to get back into bed, but he needed his writing gear for the day. Aziraphale sighed and headed downstairs into Horns and Halos; as he walked through the kitchen, he smiled, thinking of Crowley spinning with knives flying listening to his favorite Electro Swing. Aziraphale couldn't help himself, he started to hum and sing on his way out into the bistro. Walking through the swinging door that once upon a time, he fell through landing him squarely on his back with a devilish grin above him, he stopped. Something felt off, he didn't want to go any further, maybe it was all the windows and the fact that it was still dark, just before the sun would rise.

Aziraphale shook it off, he was becoming paranoid, it made sense after what he had been told, of course, he would be a bit off. Continuing on his way, he walked to the front door, turning the lock and setting it again so it would lock behind him. The air was fresh, but it wasn't too far from his house. Picking up the pace, he tried to continue to hum to himself, he felt like he was being watched. He hurried just a bit faster; everything in him was saying to run, he was being paranoid right? Aziraphale turned the corner, the last road to his house, his mind screamed ~RUN~, so he did. He got to his porch, hurriedly unlocking his front door, he dropped his keys cursing at himself, "Oh, Fuck." That was all he remembered, all he saw was his keys on the ground, he felt a sharp, searing pain in the back of his head, and then nothing.

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . .blink.
. .... blink, blink. Groan.


Crowley woke sometime later, his arm sliding out over where Aziraphale should have been, he wasn't. Rolling over Crowley smiled, he knew that Aziraphale probably went home to grab some of his things. It wasn't like Aziraphale was known for sleeping a lot. Sleep, oh shit, what time was it. Crowley scrambled for his phone, a sticky note stuck to it, in the most perfect cursive he had ever seen, obviously Aziraphale. The smile and the warm heaviness in his chest couldn't be denied; it merely said, ~I Love You, Yours~ he got up, sticking the note to the headboard of the bed. Floating on a cloud, Crowley took a quick shower, jumping out, grabbing his clothes he got dressed, quickly heading downstairs. Anathema wasn't there yet, then he remembered she had Tracey with her. He'd call in just a bit.

Thump. . . . crash. . . crackle, crackle.....
. . . . crackle. . . creak, crack, crash, . . . .crackle..

Anathema finally showed up, she knew she was running late, and Anathema had interrupted them twice last night, when she saw Crowley he put his hand, "It's fine, don't even worry about." Anathema stopped dead in her tracks looking at him, this was a first, "I thought I was going to die." Crowley was in his own little heaven; looking up at her, he looked like an in love puppy. "Oh dear god, you got laid, by an Angel." Crowley glowered at her, "Don't say it like that please, it was more than that." He smiled, it was creeping Anathema out, "You're in love. That's awesome." Anathema squealed and ran over, hugging him. "It's about time, where is he? You didn't send him home, did you?" Crowley looked at her as if she was insane, "Hell no, he probably went home to grab his stuff and come back."

Anathema went ahead getting the music up and going, getting back to her station, she happened to look at the window. The sky seemed strangely dark, she walked to the window and looked up into the sky, it was black, grey. "Hey Crowley, come here for a sec." Crowley came over to stand with Anathema, she pointed up. Looking up, he saw the same thing, the sky was black, grey...his heart dropped into his stomach, he didn't know why. Crowley ran into the kitchen, grabbing his phone, running back out, Anathema watched him as Crowley dialed Aziraphale. Nothing, he tried again, the line was dead, there wasn't even a ring, nothing. There was nothing, his heart suddenly died.

....Crackle, sizzle, crunch, bang, windows shattered, things were starting to come back, in brief glimpses. Aziraphale tried to move, something was on his legs. Oh, his head hurt. Hot, it was hot, so very hot, he couldn't focus. Why was it so bright, pain, why was he in pain. Where was Crowley, why was everything so hot, so bright.

"Crowley...Crowley." *cough, cough*

Firetrucks zoomed past Horns n Halos, Anathema could see the panic in Crowley's face, "Crowley go." she turned to look at him, but he was already out of the building, and the Bentley was flying down the street and gone. Crowley turned the last corner to Aziraphale's house, his breathing all but stopped, he could see where the house should be, but it was nothing more than a ball of flames. Screeching to a stop, Crowley jumped out of the Bentley. Running up to the sidewalk in front of Aziraphale's house. A firefighter stopped him as he tried to get by him, "Do you own this house?" Crowley looked at him, "Do I look like I own that house?" The firefighter looked at him; he could see the terror in Crowleys eyes, "Is there anyone in the house?" Crowley stopped and looked at the man, "Aziraphale, I think he's in there."

Crowley looked up at the house as windows shattered out, he watched the firefighter running over to tell the others there was someone in the house. Before he knew what he was doing, Crowley's feet carried him past the firefighters and into the house. Crowley could hear them screaming at him to stop, but didn't care, he wasn't going to lose him, his Angel didn't die this way. Die, the word that crossed his mind, his heart stopped, he started screaming in the house, the heat was almost too much to bear. "Aziraphale, where are you??" Crowley kept yelling, he saw the stairs, Crowley knew he was going to get burnt, he yelled one more time, "Crowley, *cough* crowlll." it was barely there, but Crowley heard it. "Cough Angel, something anything, please" There was nothing, then, as if God granted him one final wish, he listened and heard Aziraphale's coughing wheeze.

The second floor was starting to fall into the first floor, he leaped over stairs that were falling or barely there, glancing around, holding his arm up to the flames that licked at his legs and his feet, he saw a fluff of white. The backroom. Where they were supposed to watch the stars together. Where Crowley was supposed to be able to lay on the settee while Aziraphale read and combed his fingers through his hair. None of that mattered without Aziraphale; he ran into the backroom, seeing a beam that had burnt and fell onto his Angel's leg. "Aziraphale, hold on baby, I need to get this off you." Crowley looked down at him, he could see the blood pooling around his legs, the burns, his hair matted with blood. Looking around for something to put on the beam, it was still burning, quickly grabbing the tartan blanket that Aziraphale had on his chair, Crowley wrapped it around the pole, and lifted, it barely moved,

Aziraphale coughed, sobbed, and suddenly stopped making any sound, any movement, Crowley panicked and grabbed hold of the beam he lifted it off of Aziraphale. Adrenaline was all Crowley was running on as he bent down, rolling Aziraphale over he saw that his wrists and ankles were bound. Anger, pure anger now ran through his veins as Crowley slid his arms under his Angel, lifting him, Crowley couldn't go back the way he came in, but he was in a glass room. Seeing a bottle of wine near the couch, not broken yet, Crowley leaned Aziraphale against his leg, sitting him on the floor. Picking up the bottle, he slammed it into the glass, nothing, he did it again, the window cracked, with everything Crowley had in him, he shattered out the window with the bottle, his hand, his arm. It didn't matter, his Angel wasn't moving, nothing.

Crowley screamed out of the broken window, he would wait only a few moments before he dropped Aziraphale and himself out of the second floor, it was a better chance than burning alive. Crowley screamed once more, Anathema had followed, she heard her best friend, she grabbed a firefighter and dragged him, yelling that she heard them. Crowley was about to jump when he heard Anathema screaming, "NO," he stopped, relief flowed over him. Seeing the firefighters another wave of relief, Crowley looked down at his Angel, it was then that Crowley realized, Aziraphale was turning blue. Oh, dear lord, his Angel wasn't breathing, he was dying. Crowley screamed down at them all that Aziraphale wasn't breathing to hurry, please hurry. It was going to take too long, four firefighters linked arms, telling him to drop Aziraphale down. Crowley looked at his Angel, his injuries, he wasn't sure, not being able to walk was one thing, not breathing was entirely different.

Crowley gathered what strength he had left, lifting Aziraphale he brought him to the window, holding him under his shoulders, Crowley slid him out and as far down as he could before letting go. Crowley's hands slipped off of Aziraphale, watching him fall through fire and flame, his heart went with him, he watched his Angel fall. The firefighters had him running to the front with Aziraphale. Crowley waited rather impatiently for them to come back and get him, as soon as two got there Crowley scrambled out, holding the edge, glass cut into his fingers, Crowley still kept lowering himself as far as he could, then dropping backward. He, within the embrace of strangers, they calmed him, told him he was going to be okay, that was when all went dark.

Crowley wasn't sure where he was when he woke up, or even when, but his eyes opened to see a beaming smile through a tear-stained face. It was Anathema, she was with him, she never cried, why was she crying, then he remembered Aziraphale. Trying to sit up, she stopped him, "Anthony, you can't your feet and legs have pretty bad burns, they need to finish wrapping you." Crowley never liked his first name. Whenever it was used, it was never right. "Anathema, where is he? Please tell me he's okay, Anathema." Anathema looked at the floor, Crowleys heart dropped, "No, Anathema, no, no." Crowley couldn't stop the instant tears that welled up and spilled out. Anathema carefully put her arms around him, "No, no, Anthony, I don't know yet, they did get him breathing, but he hasn't woken up." Crowley stuttered his breathing, it was better than the alternative, but it still wasn't satisfying. "I have to go get the police, they want to talk to you." Crowley knew that was going to happen, Aziraphale was bound, he left him that way so they could see it.

Two detectives came in, introducing themselves as Pepper and Adam, forget the formalities, Crowley wasn't suspected of anything. Crowley told them everything he knew, about Gabriel, what was said who to talk to, and everyone was more than willing to talk to them. Both detectives took notes, asking questions, and then "You know, he was lucky to have you, any longer and he wouldn't have made it this far. You must really love him." Crowley looked shocked, what a weird thing to say, Pepper added, "We were told what you did, you could have died, strangers, friends and such don't tend to do what you did, but love, you'll die for, and that's what you did. We'll take care of this, that's a promise, we'll bring armageddon down on EDEN if we need too." Crowley thanked them, doctors came in to finish bandaging him, "Can you tell me anything, please."

Doctor Wensleydale looked at his pleading, and slightly burnt face, "Are you family...maybe his spouse?" the doctor waited for a moment, Crowley simply nodded, "Spouse then? I need you to lie to me here." the doctor smirked at him, "Yes, he's my husband, it isn't a lie." the doctor smiled at him, "Good for you, he's lucky to have you. Aziraphale has severe smoke inhalation, his lungs are burnt, that will take some time to heal, his leg was broken from the beam, and of course the burns, but all in all, he should be okay. Now his head, that wasn't from the fire or from anything falling. We already informed the police, but someone hit him, a quarter of an inch to the left and it would have hit him in the temple, that would have ended his life. I would say you are both fortunate." Doctor Wensleydale looked at Crowley, who was already finding a route to find Aziraphale. "Hey, no walking, but, if you like, you're okay enough where we can wheel you in so you can see him alright, just give me a minute."

Crowley waited. As promised, the doctor came back with two other nurses. They lowered him into the wheelchair making sure he didn't walk. Finally, after what seemed forever, the doctor, Anathema, and Crowley were heading to Aziraphale's room. "Now, he is still unconscious, we are monitoring him, feel free to talk to him, whatever, we need him to wake up, so don't be quiet, maybe hearing you will help." Crowley and Anathema both nodded as the door was opened, Aziraphale was in the hospital bed, one leg in a cast, the other fully wrapped in gauze, one of his arms was wrapped, as well his wrists, his head was bandaged. Crowley let his tears fall, not caring who saw, he loved Aziraphale, he never wanted to see the pain in his eyes, but this was something that Crowley couldn't bear, he was going to kill Gabriel. Reaching up, he held onto a bandaged hand. Anathema went to the other side of the bed, that was when the door opened, and Shadwell came in with Tracey.

All four gathered around Aziraphale's bed, taking turns talking to him, and each other. Tracey sobbed as she hugged Crowley thanking him for saving her best friend, her brother, her family. Shadwell had his arm around Tracey, he had apparently taken a liking to her, as well as thinking Aziraphale was an Angel. Both Crowley and Shadwell were in agreement there, the man was an absolute angel, and no matter what it took, they were going to do whatever they needed to find out who did this, and they were going to pay.

Chapter Text

Anathema came back the following morning, she glanced into Crowleys room knowing he wouldn't be there, with a deep sigh she continued toward Aziraphale's room. Of course, he was there, Anathema quietly stood in the doorway looking into the room, you could feel Crowleys worry, his heartache drowned the place. Looking past Crowley was Aziraphale still silent, no movement, holding on, his lungs were barely keeping him where he was, and no one knew where that was exactly. Talk of putting him in a medically induced coma and using life support until they healed was talked about. Crowley learned quickly about Aziraphale's family, when he had called, instead of hate towards Crowley, they were panicked about both of them, asking as much as they could, Crowley told them everything he knew. Aziraphale's mother stayed on the phone with him for a few hours, trying to comfort him, asking more about him.

Aziraphale had already told his family about Crowley; for the first time in Crowley's life, he was wanted by a family, and his love wasn't ashamed of him, he was proud to be with him. Aziraphale's family was going to be getting on a plane to get there as soon as possible, and they thanked Crowley for their son for saving his life. That they loved him, and couldn't wait to meet him, to keep their son safe and not give up. Crowley looked at his angel, he indeed was an angel, he decided right there he would stop time itself to keep his angel alive. Anathema sighed, looking at the smile that was on Crowley's face, she could tell that any wall or worry that he had left was wiped away by Aziraphales family and it was about time that Crowley was truly loved.

Anathema came back later to check on Crowley, slowly she walked in, Crowley didn't move, so she walked around the bed and looked. Crowley was asleep, holding Aziraphale's hand in his, his head on the bed. A doctor came in, waving Anathema out of the room, she nodded and went with him. "We need you to help us out, Anthony needs to rest as well, he should have his legs elevated, he hasn't left him since he first came in yesterday,: Anathema sighed again, "Okay, I'll get him to rest, but, is there any way to get a bed moved into this room? He isn't going to leave him for long, that I can promise you." The doctor nodded, "I can check, maybe get something in here." With that the doctor went about his business leaving Anathema to try and get Crowley to go back to his room, at the far end of the hall, she already knew it was going to be a wasted effort.

Placing her hand gently on Crowley's shoulder, his eyes slowly opened, begrudgingly taking in his angels face still quiet, bloodshot, swollen eyes looked up at Anathema. She could see he was lost, in pain, from both his physical wounds, and his mental state was in no condition. "Crowley, you need to rest, please, you aren't going to do him any good if you get worse, please come lay down for a while?" Crowley scooted closer to the bed, his hand holding further up onto Aziraphale's arm. "No. what if he opens his eyes, and I am not here. What if something happens and I can't say goodbye..No, just no. I can't." Crowley sobbed, dropping his head back onto the bed, Anathema went to him, wrapping her arms around him. "He's going to be okay Crowley, he's too stubborn, and just enough of a bastard to drive you crazy."

Anathema stayed that way, Crowley holding Aziraphale's hand, while she held Crowley. There wasn't much else they could do, but wait, she hoped the police would do something before Crowley got back on his feet. Anathema knew there was no way of knowing what Crowley would do, and god forbid Aziraphale die, she didn't even want to consider what would happen. They just stayed that way, waiting. Finally, Anathema had to go; she was running Horns n Halos while Crowley was injured and healing, and well, she wasn't sure when he would indeed be back. Placing a kiss on his cheek, she left him with Aziraphale, letting the doctor know there was no way they were moving him from that room. So a couch was brought in for him to at least lay down on, which he never actually used.

Three days later, Crowley was asleep. his head on the bed, Aziraphales hand carefully placed in his own. A gentle hand was placed on his shoulder, it was small, warm, lovingly it rubbed his shoulder. "Anthony?" came a melodic female voice. Opening his eyes he took in six people looking at him, next to him was a tiny little woman with curly white hair beaming a smile at Crowley, she could only be one thing, and that was Aziraphales mother. Crowley's eyes were a dead give away of how much pain he was in, how many tears had fallen from them. "Aziraphale was right, you do have the most beautiful eyes, even if they have been crying. It just makes them all the more beautiful because it is for my son."

Crowley nodded as tears welled up, her arms wrapped around him, "He's strong, he will pull through this. He has too, doesn't he." Crowley nodded, letting his arms wrap around her waist, he sobbed, a stronger hand came down in a pat on his shoulder. Aziraphale's father, Crowley tried to stand, but he was stopped by everyone in the room, "No, that lovely Anathema told us that you are not supposed to be walking and that you haven't slept." Crowley adjusted in his seat, as everyone in the family introduced themselves, asking Crowley questions about himself, the business, and then a more in-depth conversation about what had happened. Crowley told them everything leaving nothing out, he thought Aziraphale's father, who was rather tall and much like Aziraphale plush, he thought the man was going to go kill Gabriel right then.

Anathema made a stop in to check on everyone, they all thanked her for being there for their son. Visiting hours were coming to a close, the family gathered themselves, as they were going to be at a hotel for a while until they had to go back, but Aziraphale's mother was going to stay the night. Crowley didn't know why she was staying, other than it was her son, but he was wrong; she had stayed for him. Sitting on the couch she called him over and tapped her lap, "Rest your head here please young man, you are not doing my son any good if you are wearing yourself out.," Crowley was about to say something. She gave him an Aziraphale look, he crumbled and crawled up onto the couch, she had a book in her hand and was getting ready to read. Crowley placed his head down, her tiny fingers slipped through his hair as she read, it was a motherly touch, one filled with love and care, he couldn't help it as he drifted to sleep.

Two weeks had passed, and Crowley was being sent home; Aziraphale's family had to finally go home, but he promised to keep them informed of everything. That became a daily call, to both check on Aziraphale and himself, it felt beautiful to Crowley to have a family. Aziraphale hadn't woken up yet, but he was getting stronger. Crowley was beside himself having to leave, having to leave his angel behind. Anathema was coming to get him, so they let him stay with Aziraphale until Anathema got there. Crowley brushed Aziraphale's hair off his forehead, his curls, frizzy, not kept like he would have done, his angel was a mess. "Angel, Aziraphale, please, my love, you have to wake up, you can't give up, don't leave me. I promise I will be back every day until they kick me out, and even then, I won't want to leave you." Crowley kissed Aziraphale's forehead, then gently on his lips, "Please, my angel, wake up." Anathema was in the doorway, she wished there had been traffic, but Crowley needed to go home, he was a mess. Crowley turned to leave, letting go of Aziraphale's hand, but it didn't drop, he felt a slight tightening on his finger. Turning Aziraphale hadn't woken, but he was holding onto Crowley's finger.

Crowley's eyes filled and ran down his cheeks, it was something, his angel was in there, he was fighting to get out. "Keep fighting Aziraphale, please. Don't give up, I love you." Anathema couldn't hold back the tears, she would have to tell Tracey and Shadwell, flagging a doctor down he came in. Crowley looked at his fingers, Aziraphale was holding on to one of them, weakly but it was there. The doctors had to have them leave so they could recheck everything, see where they were at, Crowley went begrudgingly, but it was something he knew needed to be done; he needed his angel back. Anathema wheeled Crowley out, per hospital rules; as soon as they were out the door, Crowley was up, limping, but on his own two feet. Anathema opened the door to the car for him, Crowley passed out within minutes of the vehicle rumbling towards Horns n Halos.

Anathema pulled behind the Bentley, she gently tapped on Crowley's thigh, waking him, looking out the window, he could see he was home. Anathema watched the sigh that left him, she got out of the car, opening his door, they both went inside. "Let's get you upstairs, Crowley, he held your finger, its something." Crowley nodded and headed for the stairs, Anathema didn't follow as she could hear the sniffle, and he needed time to process everything on his own for a bit. Anathema turned to leave, "Thank you for everything Anathema, really, you heard me, if it wasn't for you hearing me, we both would have been far worse than we are, Aziraphale wouldn't be here at all, so thank you, I am in your debt." Anathema watched as he closed the door and went inside, slowly and quietly she left the bistro, making sure to lock up. Taking out her mobile phone, she called Tracey and let her know what had happened.

Crowley crawled into bed, it felt empty, that was when he noticed over in the corner was Aziraphales shirt, the button issue. Crowley got out of bed picking it up, he held it to his face, it still smelled like Aziraphale, he cried crawling back into bed, where Crowley stayed, until he cried himself out, sleeping. Crowley's dreams were horrible, the doctors told him it was to be expected. It didn't make it any better, as Crowleys dreams would start with a kiss from his angel, and then flames would overtake him, Crowley not being able to get to him and seeing him fall into the fire. In one dream, his angel had wings, and as he fell, they turned black, he burned in the fire, falling into a pool of boiling sulfur. With that, Crowley startled awake again. Crowley was still holding onto Aziraphale's shirt, he sniffled, all cried out he had no tears left.

Getting out of bed, he went for a shower, it would make him feel better, the hot water on his body felt amazing. His legs and feet didn't appreciate the warm water, but at least he was clean, his hair washed. Looking at the time, he noticed it was almost visiting hours, he smiled as he headed downstairs. Anathema was already there, music was playing, but he couldn't stand the sound, it would never be the same. His angel graced this place with his songs, with his angelic voice, singing celestial harmonies as though god herself was in the audience. Crowley waved at Anathema, she gave him a nod preparing for the day, he left, getting into the Bentley. The roared too life, the radio coming on, softly playing Queen, he could swear the car had become sentient, it felt as though it was trying to comfort him. This went on every day for another week, Crowley would go to bed, get up, go to the hospital, get kicked out and start over.

Arriving once again at the hospital, Crowley had stopped and brought a bouquet of flowers; the room was depressing. Crowley got to the floor where Aziraphale was, the nurses and doctors knew him well by now, and they nodded to him, one had a strange look on their face as they nodded. Crowley turned into Aziraphale's room, his angel still quiet, he sighed, placing the flowers in a vase, sitting in his spot by Aziraphales bed and taking his hand. Crowley quietly sang to him, "L. is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see, V is very, very, extraordinary, E is even more than anyone that you adore.." he kept humming...

" for the way you look at me....." a rather raspy, breathy, and quiet voice tried to join in.

Crowley didn't register it at first, he kept singing, then it hit him, his head slowly turned towards Aziraphale's face, his breath coming in gasping hitches. Brilliant blue star dusted eyes were open and looking at him, tired, still some red mixed in on the whites of his eyes, but all Crowley saw was that they were open. Aziraphale, as tired as he was, looked at his love and smiled a smile that was reserved wholly for Crowley. Tears ran down Crowley's face, he stood without thinking, touching Aziraphale's face, careful kisses were planted all over Aziraphales face as Crowley cried. Aziraphale brought his bandaged hands up to Crowley's face, stilling him, "Eyes my love" Crowley reached up and tossed his glasses, not caring where they went. Aziraphale gently pulled Crowley towards him, more so directed, and Crowley followed, putting a kiss on each eyelid, each cheek, his forehead, and lastly, a brush of a kiss against his lips.

Crowley felt the air from Aziraphales breath on his lips, it was more than he could have ever asked for, he teared up not caring who saw, the nurses and the doctor had waited to see his reaction. Aziraphale had been examined in the early morning hours, what Crowley had done, and that he had not left his side the entire time he was in the hospital was relayed to Aziraphale. Doctor Wenslydale closed the door to the room, Crowley carefully slid his arms around his angel. "You came back, Aziraphale, you're here, you came back." Aziraphale nodded, burying his face in Crowley's neck, "I'm sorry it took so long, my love, I didn't mean to worry you so." Crowley rested his head on Aziraphale's as his angel nuzzled up under his neck, he took a deep breath, he could breathe again. Crowley's heart thrummed again, he held him to his chest, he was never letting him go, not now or ever. "Thank you, Crowley, you saved my life, you could have died, and you still saved me, my husband."

Crowley nervously chuckled, looking down at a smirking little bastard, he was back. "I don't mind Crowley, I never would have minded." Crowley smiled at him, "Well, when we get you home, we'll do something about it." Aziraphale smiled at him again, "Really, are you asking me then??" Crowley hugged him, "Angel anything you want, and it's yours, I would be honored if you wanted me as your husband." Aziraphale rested his head against Crowley's chest, "I would." Crowley kissed the top of his head, squirming his way into the bed next to Aziraphale, being oh so careful, as not to hurt him. "It's going to take a while till you're back on your feet. Your lungs and throat took a lot of damage." Aziraphale nodded, "I know they told me, singing may be out, but I am alive, and I have you, you saved me because you love me, I have nothing to complain about." Both quieted, Aziraphale fell asleep against Crowley's chest, listening to his heartbeat, Crowley, for the first time since the fire slept without a nightmare.

Anathema had gotten a call from the hospital, letting her know that Aziraphale had indeed woken up and was doing fantastic. She asked if Crowley knew, and the chuckle told her all she needed, Anathema was informed that they were both sleeping together, contently. Calling Tracey to let her know, they all got together and headed for the hospital, as they rounded the corner to turn into Aziraphale's room they all stopped. Taking in the two sleeping together, Anathema teared up; Crowley had a slight smile on his face, his arms wrapped around Aziraphale, who was asleep on his chest. You could feel the change in the air of the room, there was hope and love again, and of course, Anathema was about to interrupt it, or was she.

"Let's go get something from the cafeteria, give them a little more time. They've been through a lot." Tracey and Shadwell both agreed, so the three friends headed to grab a bite to eat, leaving the two to sleep a bit longer.

Chapter Text

Two weeks had passed since Aziraphale had woken up, he was doing surprisingly well. Other than the apparent injuries, everything proceeded to continue to heal, nothing detrimental or permanent, other than a few scars, and because of Crowley, his life was spared. Crowley had gotten to him in time before he had stopped breathing, shattered out the window giving Aziraphale fresh air, even if it was for only a few minutes it was just enough. As far as the doctors, Aziraphale, Aziraphales family, and everyone else, Crowley had performed a miracle that day. Crowley didn't care about what they said he had done for Aziraphale. It was pure instinct; he needed his Angel, he loved him, and Crowley would do it again if he ever needed to, Crowley wasn't going to live without him.

The mood at the bistro had picked back up, music played happily, Crowley came back to work, at Aziraphale's encouragement. They had decided that Aziraphale was going to move in with Crowley above the bistro. His house was gone, his leg was broken, plus the other injuries that were going to need care, Crowley stepped up, plus for selfish reasons, Crowley loved him, as for Aziraphale, there was nowhere else he wanted to be.

Aziraphale's family had come back, only for a few days, but they needed to see their son and to thank Crowley again. Aziraphale's father pulled Crowley to the side, letting him know that he thanked god almighty for him, but he better not break his son's heart. Crowley promised he never would, with that the family gave their blessing and welcomed him into their family, as Aziraphale turned bright red. Without Aziraphale knowing Crowley had talked with his parents, alone, for what, no one else knew but Crowley and Aziraphale's parents. Crowley swore that Aziraphale and his family were all angels of some kind, and he was the luckiest man in the world.

Today, however, was the day Aziraphale was coming home, Anathema had come in early to help Crowley out. Crowley, though was beyond controllable and already apparently had the bistro up and going. Anathema sat back and watched him dance and sing about the bistro, making sure everything was perfect, Rose Petal Tea was on hand, the kitchen had been scoured and treats already made and ready to be cooked. The smile on Crowley's face was permanently plastered there, Anathema couldn't help but smile and feel happy, Crowley was vibrating with it. "Crowley! Slow down!" Crowley stopped, looked at her, grinned widely, "NO!" he chuckled at her. Crowley kept going as she shook her head. Anathema was impressed, the music was going, all of Aziraphale's favorites, of course, the till was done, everything was ready to go, and as she turned to open her mouth, she watched the Bentley with Crowley grinning and waving at her, drive away.

"Well, then."

Aziraphale was up; he had eaten, hospital food, not exactly what he wanted, but he ate. The nurses helped him change into something that he could wear home and would be easy to get on and off. His belongings were nowhere to be seen, as Crowley had absconded with everything the night before, making sure that they couldn't keep his Angel. Crowley had stopped on the way to the hospital, picking up an angel teddy bear, roses, and he had something else planned for later, he was nervous. Aziraphale was waiting in the wheelchair as Crowley came skidding into the room, "Hi Angel!!!" Aziraphale couldn't help the giggle that escaped him, a sound that made Crowley float even higher than he was. "Ready to go home, love?"

"No." Crowley looked at him, confusion and worry suddenly there, Aziraphale saw it, "OH NO, love, no, not until I get a kiss." he pouted. Crowley perked right back up, going to Aziraphale's side, "Every day, all the time, anytime you want, love." Aziraphale smiled at him, reaching up he took the glasses off, "I missed being able to look in your eyes whenever I wanted." Crowley melted, gently placing a kiss on his angels' lips, something he thought he was going to lose forever, not that long ago. "What's behind your back?" Crowley had forgotten he was carrying anything at all with the kiss, "For you..." Aziraphale squeaked at the teddy bear, hugging it to his chest. The roses he inhaled deeply, looking at his love he melted, "My love, I am an author, a wordsmith, I have gone and received a doctorate in English, yet when you look at me like that, I can't even remember a single word in the English language." Crowley blushed, "Alright, the wordsmith is back." Aziraphale knew that his words melted Crowley.

They waited a few more minutes, the paperwork finally showed up, signed, dated, and Crowley was removing his Angel from the hospital. The nurses and doctors said goodbye as they left, and Crowley couldn't keep the smile off his face, every few feet he would bend down and kiss his Angel on the head, whispering he loved him, it didn't matter who saw Crowley wanted to make sure Aziraphale knew how happy he was. The Bentley was outside, Crowley had a blanket, a pillow to help adjust Aziraphale, comfort was a must. After some hit and miss, they were able to figure out how to comfortably sit Aziraphale in the car. Crowley climbed in, looked at Aziraphale smiled and started the car, much to Aziraphale's amazement, Crowley actually did know how to drive like a normal human being. Aziraphale knew he was doing it for him.

"Crowley, can we drive by my house? I haven't seen it yet."

Crowley glanced over at Aziraphale, debating if he should bring him, or talk him out of it. "Angel, Aziraphale, are you sure about that, it isn't good in any way and with what happened." Aziraphale dropped his gaze for a moment, looking back up at Crowley he nodded, "I need to, everything I ever wrote was in there." Crowley took a deep breath, turning his gaze back out over the road. "Alright, Angel, promise you'll remember I am with you, you aren't alone." Aziraphale couldn't help the love-filled smile that showed up on his face, "My love, if I was alone, I wouldn't be here. You are my guardian angel, even with your mischievousness, my demonic Angel, yes, that's what you are." Crowley couldn't help the chuckle, "You're own personal fallen angel, huh?" Aziraphale nodded, still smiling at him.

Crowley slowed the Bentley down, reaching for the radio, it seemed to quiet on its own, feeling the impending doom of what Aziraphale was about to see. Slowly the Bentley came to a stop outside the burnt-out wreckage of what was left of Aziraphale's heaven. There was no sound from Aziraphale he looked out the window of the Bentley, Crowley gently placed his hand on Aziraphale's thigh, he watched as his Angel flinched. "I'm sorry, angel, I didn't" Aziraphale had turned to look at him, his eyes filled to overflowing with tears. "It's not you, my dear, I am sorry, I was just lost for a moment. Can we get out?" Crowley looked around, "I don't see anyone, but are you sure you can use the crutches?"

With a nod, Crowley got out of the car. Reaching for the crutches, opening the door and helping Aziraphale out of the Bentley. Aziraphale leaned on Crowley. The crutches adjusted under Aziraphale's arms, his leg carefully watched for by Crowley, he fluttered around Aziraphale like a mother bird. They both stood there looking at the front of the house, there wasn't much to look at, charred, blackened, collapsed, hollowed out, memories went through Aziraphale's mind. A tear slid down his cheek as he looked at Crowley, "Your cups were in there. I don't have them anymore." Crowley looked at him for a moment, not understanding what he meant. Aziraphale sighed, leaning against Crowley, "The cups, the first things you ever gave me, I kept them. They are gone." Crowley felt the sob, "Angel, this won't be easy, but you have me, and maybe we can make new memories together." Aziraphale smiled with a nod, holding onto Crowley just a tad tighter.

"I want to see where you got me out of. I need to know." Crowley wasn't too sure about that. Looking towards the side of the house, the way to the back, Crowley trembled, his memory of it was far more than complete than Aziraphale's, Crowley wasn't sure if he was ready for that. Aziraphale felt the trembling, his eyes looking up at Crowley, for the first time since he had ever met Crowley he saw fear, terror, loss. "Crowley, my love, I am so sorry, I didn't think that it would, I should have realized. Let's just go home, our home." Crowley nodded silently, he slid his arm around Aziraphale's waist, gently pulling him against his chest. "I can't lose you, Angel, I couldn't then, it didn't matter if we both died in the fire, I just didn't want to live without you. I'll bring you back here, just not right now." Aziraphale rested his head against Crowley's chest, inhaling deeply, "Whenever you are ready, if ever, I don't need to see anything really, it won't change anything. It won't change the fact that my books, oh, my books are ash."

Crowley smirked, releasing Aziraphale from his arms that surrounded him like the wings of a guardian angel, with a disgruntled humph from his Angel he walked to the back of the Bentley. "Now, don't be mad at me, Angel, buttt...." Crowley pulled a leather bag out of the back of Bentley, walking over to Aziraphale he handed the bag to him, "Well, you weren't doing anything with them but hiding them underthings, so I may have been sneaking them out, so I could have a real publisher look at them." Aziraphale looked between the house, the bag that held his most precious of things he had ever written and back to Crowley, who stood there. A look that Crowley had never seen bowled him over, the love that poured out of his Angel was almost too much for him to bear witness too. "I love you too, Angel."

Crowley helped Aziraphale slide into their bed, the smirk on Crowley's face was not innocent, Aziraphale kept looking at him. "Are you alright, Crowley?" Crowley glanced up, trying ever so hard not to smirk at him directly but failing oh so wonderfully. "Crowley!" Crowley shrugged, feigning innocence, just adjusting pillows behind Aziraphale's back, moving to the front of him. Aziraphale was watching his mischievous demon, "What are you up too?" Once again, Crowley said nothing as he started to slide the hospital version of pants off of Aziraphale. Carefully sliding the leg off of the casted leg, putting a pillow underneath his ankle holding the leg just slightly raised. Aziraphale leaned back, watching, his eyes narrowed.

"You are up to no good."


Crowley's grin was less than angelic, it would have made Lucifer blush, lord almighty herself knew that Aziraphale was. Aziraphale tried adjusting himself feeling a tad vulnerable, his pants were gone, wasn't like he could get up and go anywhere, and he had a rather mischievous demon looking at him as though he was a buffet. "Umm, Crowley, what are you, why, ummm," Crowley's smirk grew seemingly wider than his face going far past lascivious. "Oh, I am just enjoying the view, Angel. I guess, in a way, I have captured an angel." Aziraphale's blush glowed red as it crawled from his cheeks and down his under the collar of his shirt. Crowley watched that blush with interest. "So, there's that blush, I always wondered how far down that went, I think now would be a great time to find out."

Crowley carefully crawled into the bed, gingerly sliding between Aziraphales legs, making sure not to hurt him. "Crowley, what on earth...ohh." Aziraphale quickly went silent, well except for a few non-words, maybe a few moans, perhaps an attempt at calling god herself and hitching breathe here and there, but Crowley was determined to make up for the lost time and make his Angel quite content.

Gabriel had caught wind that Crowley had rescued Aziraphale from the fire, and both had survived. Pacing his office, angrily trying to figure out his next move, because he was not going to be disrespected like that. Bee walked into Gabriel's office, being trailed by Hastur and Ligur, "So, couldn't wait for me, had to go do something stupid." Gabriel growled at Bee, "Knock your shit off, you pulled this crap, couldn't wait, I already had an idea, now it has to wait. You pulled interest in on us, so now you wait." Bee looked at Gabriel, "Try anything else, and I will dump you at the police station myself, dragging you kicking and screaming by the scruff of your neck." Gabriel watched as Bee's eyes became lit with the light of hell as they spoke. Gabriel nodded and sat in his chair, both Hastur and Ligur followed in the wake of a would-be Prince of Darkness, the door slamming behind Bee.

"Fuck you."

"I heard that."


Bee went back to their office, looking at the two asshats that followed them, knowing full well they were good at one thing, cleaning. Dropping into their chair, they tried to see what good it would do them to be involved with this at all. Gabriel pulled this on on himself, went behind their back. "Why should I care, maybe let him get himself out of this." Looking at Hastur and Ligur Bee nodded, they knew what Bee wanted, and they were not looking forward to it. Even they couldn't see what the point of this was, but they trusted Bee and would do their bidding.

Shadwell and Tracey had been getting along wonderfully together at every moment since the fire. You could find them daily at Horns n Halos waiting for information, checking on Crowley, worrying about Aziraphale, but he was there, he was back. As the two walked in, they could hear music again from the street, it was what they remembered, Tracey couldn't help the smile on her face when she saw her favorite redhead.
"Wha's your poison?" Tracey frowned playfully at him, this had become banter, "No, young man, ask me how I am first?" with an exaggerated sigh, "Fine, How are you Tracey and Wha' can I get you?" Tracy beamed, smiling at him, "Ohh, my normal, whatever you have off the cuff and a Rose Petal Tea." Crowley tried to look shocked, "Oh, and under whose name??" Tracey grinned her wicked grin, "Oh my dear, I am pretty sure you have him in your bed.,.."

Crowley actually blushed at that, but couldn't help the chuckle, he was too happy, "You are evil Tracey, the best!" Shadwell gave Tracey a squeeze, "How is our boy doing today?" Crowley continued to blush, "He's sleeping, recouping." Tracey eyed him, "Crowley, you need to not sap all his energy, my god, you'll kill him." Crowley grinned, "Oh God had nothing to do with that, that was all me." He winked, Tracey blushed, and Shadwell laughed at her. "Oh, you asked for that, Trace, you really did." Tracey leaned back against Shadwell, "You are not helping." with a kiss on her cheek, "I can later, dear." Both Tracey and Crowley looked at him, Crowley giving him a thumbs up while Tracey slapped his arm playfully.

Crowley looked out the windowed front door, across the street was Hastur and Ligur, the growl that ripped out of Crowley's chest grabbed Shadwell's immediate attention. Turning, he saw the men, saw Crowley going up and over the counter heading for the door. Shadwell grabbed Crowley by the waist pulling him back with all his might, "Crowley, no. They want you to screw up, Stop." Anathema and Tracey blocked the front door, "Crowley, please, call the police to let them do their job." Crowley leaned against Shadwell, trying to calm himself, "Go upstairs, go make sure Aziraphale didn't see them, go let him calm you down, go see why you aren't going to risk yourself." Shadwell was almost whispering to Crowley and then patted him on the back. Crowley nodded, walking to the kitchen, they all heard when the glass in the back shattered, and they all ignored it.

Anathema called the police, she let them know what happened, and the next time they would get pictures for them. Crowley made it up to the flat, taking a few deep breathes; he walked in. Looking in on a sleeping angel, he couldn't help but calm down, his need to protect him though would not be tamed down. Toeing off his shoes, Crowley carefully climbed back into bed with Aziraphale, wrapping himself around his Angel, Crowley closed his eyes and breathed him in. Crowley felt when Aziraphale opened his eyes, he could feel him smiling at him, and he snuggled that much closer into him, hearing the little giggle that always made him smile. In the back of his mind, though, was a protective animal curling deeper into his soul, curling deeper within his body. No one was getting near his Angel, not again.

Chapter Text

Aziraphale ran his fingers along Crowley's scalp, lovingly twirling dark apple red hair around a finger. Breathing slowed, became consistently content, the sigh that Aziraphale was waiting for, the telltale sign his love had fallen asleep, came into existence. Aziraphale was determined to get out of bed without assistance, he needed to get out for a bit, just downstairs would be enough. Slowly, ever so slowly, he maneuvered himself out of bed, Crowley's arm draped over him as though he were protecting him with an angelic wing, Aziraphale couldn't help but smile at the thought of his Crowley with wings. Imagining it for a moment, the wings would be enormous, black of course but shimmery, mysterious all-encompassing, just like Crowley, with a nod at his thought he managed to get out of bed.

Bare feet touched the floor, it was cool, a shiver spiraled through his spine, the crutches were just against the wall next to him. Aziraphale's casted leg, the main problem here, the weight alone was balance throwing, carefully he reached, grabbing one crutch and then the second. Pushing himself up, the crutches under his arms, Aziraphale smiled at himself, so proud of his accomplishment. Just as he was about to head towards the stairs...

"Going somewhere, angel?" Crowley sounded slightly amused.

"Oh, just, well, please, I need to go downstairs, just down there; I am going to lose my mind, my love. Cabin fever and all, come with me? I am sorry that I woke you up though, I tried to stay silent." Aziraphale blathered a bit before Crowley spared the world of it.

"Silent, because you are or think you are a sneaky little angel." Crowley stifled a chuckle watching the offended angels look.

"I am rather stealthy, I'll have you know."

"Of course, angel, let's get you downstairs for a bit, but, if you get tired at all, you tell me, understand?"

"Of course, my love, everything will be tickety-boo!" That angelic smile was back, causing a sigh from Crowley.

"Ticketyboo Angel? Really?" Crowley got out of the bed and stood directly behind his Angel, sliding his arms around him, gently hugging him. "We could have done other things besides downstairs Aziraphale..." Leaning back against him, Aziraphale shuddered a sigh, "Who says we can't after." With a light smack on Aziraphale's ass, Crowley opened the door, walking backward down the stairs helping Aziraphale every step of the way. It took a while, but they both made it after a few stops so Aziraphale could catch his breath. "You doing alright, Angel?" Aziraphale looked a bit worse for wear, but he nodded. "Maybe other things would have been better," he said with a slight grin.

Crowley knowingly shook his head and picked up his Angel and walked him the rest of the way to a seat. "I don't want to hear it, Angel. Need to feed you more, still too thin." Crowley looked at him. Aziraphale pinched around his waist, knowing he had lost a lot of his weight during the hospital stay, and Crowley was cooking almost non stop trying to fatten him back up. For the first time in his life, Aziraphale realized that his love preferred him, wanted him to be soft, because that was what he found attractive. Aziraphale smiled lovingly at Crowley, who kissed him lightly and disappeared into the kitchen.

Anathema bounced and twirled over to Aziraphale, bits of her witches dust flying about her, smiling all the while happy to have Aziraphale back downstairs where he belonged. "Hello, Aziraphale!" Aziraphale smiled at her, looking in her hand was a cup with Rose Petal Tea, "Oh thank you Anathema, I really needed this!" Anathema held up her finger and grabbed something from under her counter. Placing it on the counter in front of him, Aziraphale almost cried, it was his laptop, he thought it was gone. "How where??" Anathema smiled, "Well, dear, it seems you and the boss didn't have time to collect everything?? Hmmm?? I may have found it on the seat behind the piano." Aziraphale blushed brightly but still nodded, mumbling out a thank you.

Aziraphale opened his laptop, and there in front of him was the story he had started writing shortly after meeting Crowley. He couldn't help the smile as he read the first chapter where they met on a wall, the most unlikely of friends and their slow ascent into love and the adventures they found themselves in. The new episodes would shape the story, something he was missing, the fire, Crowley saving him, but differently. Aziraphale's fingers started flying as the love, the new ideas, and all the new experiences fell into the laptop from a mind at ease. The world around him disappeared as he was teleported into Eden watching from the sidelines as he could hear the demon, and the Angel speak to one another.

Anathemas gasp and loud ~NO~ was what broke Aziraphale's concentration, his eyes slightly glossed over from focus on the laptop screen didn't see when a hand landed on his shoulder, spinning him around. Aziraphale's casted leg slamming into the chair next to him, a loud groan leaving him, Stardust eyes flew open to meet blazing violet eyes. Anathema was already on the phone to the police, praying that Crowley didn't kill anyone, or if truth be told, she was genuinely hoping Crowley would leave a piece for her to take care of. Crowley had been in the kitchen, he hadn't heard anything, and was unaware of what was going on out front. Gabriel had fisted his hands in Aziraphale's shirt, keeping his face not more than an inch from his face.

"This seems familiar Aziraphale, last I remember you were going to be mine. I haven't forgotten, if you think your little plaything is going to stop this, you are wrong. I'll make it, so he disappears before you do unless you play by my rules. Lose your playtoy, or I'll make sure you do."

Aziraphale tried to back up from him, there was nowhere to go, Anathema had been all but ignored, but she just hadn't been seen, but she heard everything, and she recorded it. As much as she wanted to help, she remembered the police saying it needed to be recorded. Anathema waited until Gabriel got to the end of his spiel and leaned closer to Aziraphale as though he was going to kiss him, Anathema screamed as though her life depended on it. Pans in the kitchen dropped, possibly glass shattered for the amount of noise that came out of the kitchen.

Crowley flew out of the kitchen, seeing Gabriel with his hands on Aziraphale leaning closer to kiss him, was too much. Crowley was over the counter next to Aziraphale, his hands already on Gabriel, dragging him back and away from Aziraphale who hadn't breathed since Gabriel's arrival. Crowley slammed Gabriel into the glass of the window behind him. A rather sinister grin played lovingly on Crowley's lips. Holding him where he was, Gabriel grinned, "Go ahead, do something, I'll be out of jail in a moment's time, and you, you'll be put away for assault." Anathema grinned as she spoke up, "Hey Crowley, guess what I recorded? Nothing is going to happen to you." Crowley glanced back at Anathema, who was waving her phone back and forth with a wicked grin.

"Seems your time is up, asshole," Crowley smirked. Crowley slammed him once more against the glass, loving the sound of Gabriel's head knocking off the glass. "I wonder how it would feel if I lit you on fire Gabriel, do you think it would feel like falling into hell." Crowley came within a millimeter of Gabriel's face as he growled out a warning, only Gabriel could hear it, but he paled as Crowley slammed him once more into the window, a crack in the window appeared. Crowley was about to do more when the police actually arrived, both detectives there, easing Crowley off Gabriel, talking him into letting him go, but it was his Angel that broke through to him.

Dropping Gabriel Crowley went to his Angel's side, wrapping his arms around him, Aziraphale buried his face in his neck. "You're okay my angel, Aziraphale, you're okay." Aziraphale nodded but stayed in the protective embrace of Crowley, he was warm, safe, and he knew no harm would come to him as long as Crowley was there. The police talked with Anathema, taking her phone, she wasn't happy about losing it, but they promised to have it back in a few days. Coming back to Crowley and Aziraphale, they checked in on them, reassuring Crowley he was in no trouble but would need a statement. Crowley looked out the window to the police car that contained Gabriel, he couldn't help the smug smirk on his face as he held Aziraphale against him.

Shadwell ran into the Bistro Tracey in tow, all looking out the window at Gabriel, who had a look of a caged animal, his eyes never leaving Crowley. Crowley tilted his angels face up, who willingly let Crowley kiss him, lovingly so, Azirphale caught the look of Gabriel. With a grin, Aziraphale felt emboldened and lifted his arm around Crowley's neck, pulling him into a world tilting, time-stopping kiss, his eyes defiantly looking at Gabriel as the kiss ended. Crowley chuckled, kissing the top of his angels head. "Feel better, my love?" Aziraphale looked up at him, "Yes, but what would be better are other things!" Crowley looked at Aziraphale with a wicked grin, "Are you done with us detectives?" Crowley glanced at them, seeing the nod, he picked Aziraphale up both looking at Gabriel one last time before heading up to their home.

Crowley placed Aziraphale on the edge of the bed and smiled at him, letting his fingers trace his jawline. Aziraphale looked up; Crowley had removed his glasses without being asked, taking his breath away. Smiling at Crowley, Aziraphale leaned into his hand, his eyes never leaving Crowleys. Aziraphale saw something change in those golden eyes, love, fear, nervousness, he couldn't tell which, but something was different. Crowley just looked at his Angel for a moment, then without warning knelt in front of Aziraphale. Aziraphale eyes never left Crowleys, he watched as slowly Crowley reached into his pocket, pulling out a little velvet box and held it up to Aziraphale.

Aziraphale looked from Crowley's golden eyes to the little red and black velvet box, his eyes returning to Crowleys. Slowly Crowley opened the box for Aziraphale, who looked into it. Sitting there, sparkling back at Aziraphale was a ring; he had never seen one like it in his life, not even in his wildest dreams; three stones sparkled back at him. One the color of Crowleys eyes, that Aziraphale adored, another matching the blue of his own eyes, and lastly in the middle, a sparkling black stone sprinkled with what looked like a nebula and stardust. The band was a black and red serpent spiraling around his finger, protecting the snake were two wings, black fading into gold.

Aziraphale eyes glistened and filled with unshed tears as he looked back up at Crowley, nodding his head. Crowley smiled at him, "Yes? Really?" Aziraphale laughed as tears fell from his eyes, "Of course, yes, with everything I am, yes!" Crowley threw his arms around him, holding him to him kissing his face, tasting the salt from tears of happiness. Crowley somehow managed to find Aziraphale's lips kissing him deeply, a longing sigh escaping Aziraphale. "Umm Crowley, love?" Aziraphale managed to get out in between sighs and kisses. "Ummm, what angel?" Aziraphale chuckled while kissing Crowley, "Think I could, I don't know, wear the ring?" Crowley stopped and looked down at his hand, still holding the box, a light blush crossing his cheeks, with a nod he took the ring out. Aziraphale looked at him and held his left hand out, Crowley carefully took his hand, placing the ring on his finger.

Looking at the ring on his now fiances hand, Crowley smiled, a heart-melting smile that Aziraphale all but melted into Crowley's arms. Crowley tilted Aziraphale's head back and brushed his lips against Aziraphale's. Crowley quickly brought Aziraphale back to where they were, the first kiss of them being engaged to be married. The beginning of time for them, their forever was just starting, but first, some things had to be dealt with, for tonight it was them.

Gabriel sat in his cell, only to hear Bee at the door. "So didn't go all too well then, Gabriel?" Gabriel shook his head. "I told you to wait and make sure Crowley was gone, you're lucky I know people, I got the phone back. We're done here, and so are you; let this go, Gabriel." Gabriel never said a word simply standing to be let out and go back home. To him, this wasn't over, but he'd let Bee think whatever they wanted.

Chapter Text

Six months had passed; it was Valentine's Day, and not a noise or sighting of the EDEN group had been anywhere near Horns n Halos. The bistro was getting prepped for a dance-off, a competition of the 1920's dances to Electro Swing, and they were going to be packed, the dancers were entered, but the people watching, those tickets were sold out. Crowley was going over everything with Anathema, all the plans were in place, they only needed to open. Crowley laughed joyfully at Anathema, who was now practicing dancing with Newt on the dance floor since everything else was done.

Shadwell was swinging around his mansion, in and out of rooms, he had a date with Tracey. Calling to his butler, Shadwell went over the arrangments, flowers, chocolates, one of Tracey's favorites. Shadwell was determined to win her over. To keep her as his own. With a nod in a mirror at his current attire, he ventured into his office. There were a few calls to make, a few evil witches and demons to remove from power, he was just the man to get it done.

Shadwell had become quite fond of Aziraphale during their arranged appointments for his biography. Appreciating the time Aziraphale had taken to make his errors in life seem more of a learning experience than a downfall, that angel as far as he was concerned was amazing. Crowley had been an instant confidant, how could he not be, the sneaky little bastard made Shadwell smile. However, seeing them in pain, seeing the aftermath of almost losing them both in the fire, and holding his Tracey barely together as she sat with Crowley praying that Aziraphale would open his eyes.

Shadwell was not as nice as Aziraphale had made him out, his learning experiences were more along the lines of carefully planned out endeavors. Gabriel had placed himself as a definite endeavor, Shadwell was going to make sure that Gabriel didn't enjoy his "vacation." Grinning ear to ear, Shadwell hung up, signing off on his plans with his associates. Shadwell's friends were going to be well taken care of; his best friend's wedding was not going to be interrupted, especially as he was the best man.

Tonight though, tonight was for dancing. Horns n Halos was hosting a dance-off for Electro Swing. Shadwell was taking Tracey, and from what he understood from her, she could dance, so with a smile and a nod, Shadwell signed them up. Gathering what he needed, he left his house, flowers, candies, and himself were carried off into his Corvette to get his Tracey, his love.

Tracey looked in the mirror one last time, turning this way and that, she nodded at herself in approval of her look. Aziraphale was in her living room, he had been trying to sing again and didn't want anyone else to hear him, his hope was slowly failing. Tracey listened and heard the telltale break in his voice as he tried, and the more he tried, the more his voice strained, she heard the sob.

Tracey went to him in the living room sitting at her piano, mystical arms slid around his shoulders. "You'll get there, Aziraphale," Aziraphale sniffled and leaned his head against her arm. "Tracey, what if I don't" a tear ran down his face, one that Tracey caught on her finger and swept it away. "Trust me, you'll get there. Now come on with you, tonight is for dancing and having fun." with a smile and a teasing grin, "I am sure your fiance will be in awe of your dancing skills."

Aziraphale giggled, "He doesn't know I can dance Tracey."

Tracey stopped and looked at him, "Is this going to be another night like when you..." Tracey stopped herself before she finished the sentence, she saw Aziraphale's face drop. Hugging Aziraphale to her chest, she ran fingers through his hair. "We'll get you there, Aziraphale, we will. I have a friend that owes me a favor, think it's time to call it in." A gentle kiss placed on platinum curls, with a release of an angel they both got up. Aziraphale said his goodbyes and headed home to get ready.

Aziraphale had been gifted a Smart Car by Crowley. Small sky blue with the cream-colored interior, Aziraphale loved it, although Crowley teased him often about it. Crowley didn't want Aziraphalke walking any distance when things were still not settled with Gabriel. Rubbing his leg, more out of habit now than anything, Aziraphale smiled that he had healed so well. Crowley had a lot to do with his healing, waiting on Aziraphale hand and foot, even to overcooking. With a smile, Aziraphale poked his waist quite happy that he was gaining a bit of weight, but Crowley was still checking him daily, and nightly if you asked.

Driving home, he slowly passed his house, the tape was still there, but Crowley had yet to bring him back. Even after six months, Crowley was on edge about what happened, Aziraphale could understand why but he needed to see for himself. Pulling off the road, Aziraphale stopped his car that was probably smarter than Aziraphale was being. Closing the car door behind him, he stopped, looking at the ground he went to the passengers' side and leaned against the car. Keeping his eyes shut, he imagined his house before, then he opened his eyes.

Black, charred, and falling in on itself was his home, his sanctuary, his old sanctuary Airaphale reminded himself. Sighing Aziraphale pushed himself off the car and started for the back of the house, the place he had not been allowed to see. Taking a much need breath and slowly letting it out, Aziraphale walked to the back, his eyes averted to the ground, not genuinely wanting to see, but needing too. Here and there, he would see a page from a dearly beloved book, charred, burned, stepped on breaking his heart with every step. Facing away from the house, he looked up and turned, his breath being stolen from him. Seeing the shattered glass on the second floor where Crowley had somehow managed to get him too, Aziraphale could see the staircase that had collapsed under the weight of burnt wood, falling debris.

A shuddering breath later with no understanding of how either of them survived the fire, Aziraphale hugged himself. Realization of just how much Crowley was willing to give for him, his angel. Aziraphale realized without a shadow of a doubt Crowley would die for him, it was a sobering and humbling thought as tears welled up. Aziraphale was feeling overwhelmed and needed to go, quickly he started back for the car when something shimmery caught his attention. Aziraphale stopped and picked up a violet-colored wing, not realizing really what it was he put it in his pocket.

Quickly heading back to the car, he popped in and headed for home, his home with Crowley. Aziraphale arrived, snuck in and headed upstairs, Crowley quickly saw Aziraphale's car but let him think he was a stealthy little angel. Throwing the violet wing on the table Aziraphale jumped in the shower, he was running a smidge late and wanted to impress his love it was Valentines Day after all, and he was going to dance.

A shower later, a fluffing of his curls into perfection, he donned a beautiful cream-colored suit, a vibrant blue button down to make his eyes pop. Knowing that Crowley loved to look in his eyes, he added a touch of eyeliner, just enough to outline them slightly more than usual. Aziraphale looked at his tartan bowtie and reached for it, he almost left it, almost, with a quick flick of his wrist, his bowtie was perfect. A set of golden angel wings Aziraphale added to his lapel, a gift from Crowley, Aziraphale adored them. With a final going over, Aziraphale was quite happy with his attire and the look he had given himself.

Music started to filter up into the flat, Aziraphales queue to get a move on. Sliding his shoes on he grinned and hopped off the bed, traversing the stairs he made it into the kitchen, the music booming. Aziraphale could hear the people coming in; he carefully slid out of the kitchen, keeping himself against the wall. Moving down the wall, he went to where he had his table, it was slightly away from the crowds. So Aziraphale could see all angles, all entrances, and on this night Crowley was locking the door, the only way in was by key and going out was watched by security.

Horns n Halos was decked out to the nines golden balloons, silver lights sparkled, and the 1920s ruled the rest. Aziraphale was giddy with excitement! Crowley watched from across the room and chuckled, seeing his angel wiggle in his seat, looking around. With a flick of a switch, the lights dimmed and created a Valentine Heaven. Red, pink, and silver lights flipped on, fading in and out, the tables were dressed with Valentine colors, a single red or white rose on each table. As Aziraphale looked around, Crowley appeared next to him, holding his hand out to Aziraphale.

"You look absolutely stunning, Angel."

A blush crossed his angel's face, and that smile that was just for Crowley appeared, never failing to steal his very breath away from him. Aziraphale took his hand standing, his eyes bashfully looking away, until from behind his back Crowley pulled out a dozen or so perfect red and white roses. Aziraphale pressed his hand to his chest before taking the roses and inhaling them. Taking a step towards Crowley, Aziraphale was pulled into a kiss meant to make his dizzy, it worked.

"Happy Valentine's, my love." Crowley smiled lovingly down at Aziraphale, who was trying to gather his knee strength back.

"Happy Valentines, my life, my love and.." from a pocket Aziraphale pulled out a single black box that shimmered with iridescent looking scales. Opening the box as Crowley watched his eyes flicking back and forth from Aziraphale to the box was a unique ring. A black and red snake that matched Aziraphale's, but it was sleeker. The ring would wrap around Crowley's finger twice, the head of the serpent resting just below the knuckle, eyes of gold, small sapphires ran down its back, in its mouth a small red ruby in the shape of an apple. Crowley looked at Aziraphale, taking the ring from the box, Aziraphale dropped to his knee and looked up at him.

"You may have asked me my love, but would you also do me the honor of being my husband?" Aziraphale held the ring up from his kneeling position. Anathema looked on as her best friend in the world was being proposed to, like he deserved, she couldn't help the tear that ran down her face watching Crowley nod his head ~yes~. Aziraphale slid the ring onto his finger, standing back up Crowley pulled Aziraphale into a kiss, they hadn't realized they had gathered a crowd. Horns n Halos erupted into cheers for the two, then the dance floor cleared it was time for the competition.

Aziraphale held Crowley just a moment longer before names were being called forward. Anathema and Newt went up against a good size group of people, crowds cheered them on, but even as good as they were, Newt somehow managed to trip, pulling Anathema down on top of him both laughing. The Dj called for a free for all dance-off before the next set.

Crowley turned to go check on things when he heard the music change to the Charleston, he closed his eyes with a slight grimace and turned. There on the dance floor with the other competitors was his angel, and his angel was far too happy to leave out there all alone. With a smile, Crowley slid onto the dance floor, whipping his angel into a spin before continuing to dance with him. Neither knew the other could dance, even though they should have. Aziraphale and Crowley were both smiling as they spun off of each other's backs then broke into a full Charleston.

Aziraphale was still healing, so he was taking it easy on his leg, his partner though took over the dance floor. Crowley, not only could do the Charleston, he knew steps to all of the dances and was doing them much to the delight of Aziraphale. Aziraphale kept up by doing the Charleston his favorite dance ever, but Crowley was on a whole different level that Aziraphale wanted desperately to just watch. As Crowley spun around Crowley and slid back to next to him, arms wrapped around Aziraphale waist, turning to face Crowley, they danced as one.

Tracey and Shadwell came onto the floor dancing next to them, both couples smiling, dancing. Valentine was a beautiful day for them all, looking off to the side Aziraphale stopped, as did Crowley, then Shadwell and Tracey all looked in the direction of Aziraphale, all dreading the worst. Before them, off in the corner was Newt on bended knee, Anathema in tears and nodding crazily yes. The group rushed over hugging them, it was a good day, a beautiful day, and that was when the music came to a close. The DJ called for the last group of people, Shadwell and Tracey, amongst them.

Tracey dropped her covering cloak to the floor as she entered the dance floor. Pooling around her feet in a black velvet pool was the cloak, stepping to take Shadwell's hand. She was all shimmer and shine. Tracey had stepped right out of the 1920s, golds, reds, silver beading draped her in a flapper dress, her blonde hair in tight curls, she was the epidemy of beauty. Shadwell blinked and had no words, the group wasn't sure if he was going to be able to move, but as soon as her hand touched his, the glided across the floor.

Shadwell, in his black suit, complete with hat slightly tipped danced Tracey around the floor as though she was a goddess. Aziraphale smiled brightly as his best friend was being wooed by someone who would love her, leaning back against his demon Azirphale grabbed Crowley's hand, pulling his arm around him. Crowley's finger-tipped Aziraphale's head up just enough to place a gentle, loving kiss upon perfectly formed lips. The competition finally came to a close, Shadwell and Tracey winning best dressed and the competition they had entered. The two smiled and danced away for the rest of the night. Finally, the music changed again.

Crowley placed his hand on Aziraphale's lower back, bringing him to the dance floor. Aziraphale was tired; his leg was bothering him, but one slow dance was fine, it was fine. Tracey and Shadwell were already dancing around the dance floor in a waltz while Anathema and Newt just stared into each other's eyes at one of the tables under the sparkling lights.

Under the sparkle of Valentine's lights, the candles that lit the tables and the smell of beautiful roses, music played on. Aziraphale looked up at his love; Crowley placed his forehead against Aziraphale taking a deep breath, releasing a breath he had been holding for a very long time. Together they slowly danced in each other's arms, forever knowing they had each other. It was Valentine's Day, and on this day, at least all was well. Love ruled the day, and fun had been had at Horns n Halos, they both knew that it was only a matter of time but, they had a wedding to plan, they had loved, and they had a world of trouble with EDEN.

At the end of the night, Shadwell and Tracey went off, in each other's arms, and apparently up against a Corvette as Shadwell kissed Tracey senseless. Aziraphale was scandalized by what he saw while Crowley was rather too happy to watch, with a slap on his arm and a chuckle later, Anathema and Newt left walking on cloud nine. Aziraphale smiled and sighed, watching the love of the night, and seeing his Crowley close up and double-check the locks, he absently rubbed his leg. Crowley didn't miss that, up into Crowley's arms Aziraphale went and up the stairs with much complaining of an angel, until a kiss shut him up, a door could be heard being closed in a very empty Horns n Halos.