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Dr. Helen Sharpe. Beautiful. Charismatic. World-renowned. Celebrated in her field. And now: without love...her relationship
with Dr. Akash Panthaki is over. And the man who she pines for (LONGS FOR), Ma Goodwin, is still in love with his deceased
wife. Certainly, pushing the widower into a new romance is not the thing to do. She must wait, patiently wait, until he gets there
on his own.

Clearly, there have been moments : many, many of them. Theirs is not a one-way, un-requited attraction...not based
on the near kisses, the meaningful, extended eye contact between the two.

Speaking of the ertswhile Medical director, the elevator car coasts to a stop, and of course HE steps on.

now comes one the says the other person's name as a greeting part :

"Dr. Goodwin"

"Dr. Sharpe"

"Your color's much better; your eyes clearer and less jaundiced, and your scrubs don't hang on you...good show."

Max grins his 'Max grin'. "So: not a monster."

Helen is about to respond when a couple of interns enter the elevator car, wheeling an elderly patient on a gurney.
Both of the young physicians nod and extend greetings to the Goodwin and Sharpe, who nod and murmur their own

"Will you have time later for a quick word, Dr. Goodwin." Helen asks in her clipped British accent.

"Sure...will 330 work?"

"See you then."



Hobbling stiffly down the hospital corridor, Dr. Lauren Bloom reflects on last night's carnal activities with Reynolds.
Also, she hasn't actually broken things off with her physical therapist, Zach Ligon. Zach is a hook-up, a way to keep her
mind off the horrible pain resulting from the recent operation on her leg (injured in the ambulance crash.) Reynolds is NOT THAT:
she'd considered a life with the handsome, accomplished surgeon, before he ended their brief relationship for what Bloom
considers the silliest of reasons.

It can't go on like this. One of them will have to go. Bloom is no prude, but banging two men simultaneously goes against her moral


At home again with infant Luna, whom he's just put-down for the night, Max gets another visit from Georgia.

"She likes you, Medical Director Maxwell Goodwin."

"Can deceased people be delusional? Or is that too soon?"

"Not too soon, but let's face facts, My Heart. Anyone can see the way she looks at you, the way she lights up when she's
near you.You are the delusional one if you can't admit that she's drawn to you...and you to her."

"I wouldn't put it like THAT", Max protests, less than convincingly.

"It's fine, Max. It's time. Time to be happy again."