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Twisted Tristan

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Warnings: I do not own or claim to own the original content to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Angel”, the comics or any of the original characters from the “Buffyverse” all rights belong to Joss Whedon.

15 plus, displays of Violence, Gore, Torture, M/M, F/M, F/F.


Faith found herself running through darkly lit underground tunnels her feet drenched by the sewer water her feet was running through while holding a new-born baby wrapped in blankets constantly looking back frantically before turning a corner to find Willow who is standing next to an opened portal anxiously awaiting her.

“Willow there’s just far too many of the bastards if we go through that portal, they’re only going to follow us.” Faith said to her while trying to rock the recently awakened and loudly crying baby back to sleep.

“Then I guess we have no choice but to put the little guy through first and place him somewhere safely while we deal with the unwanted followers.” Willow replied before taking the baby off Faith’s hand and beginning to walk towards the opened portal.

“Don’t worry I’ll hold them off for as long as I can.” Faith promised as she pulled out a wooden stake from her jacket pock while Willow ran through the portal with the baby in her arms.

Willow appeared from out of the other end of the portal with the crying baby boy still in her arms to find herself in a dark alleyway before looking for somewhere safe to place the baby so she could return to help the others.

“Well I’m definitely not going to win any best aunt award anytime soon for dumping my new-born nephew in some dank alleyway, but I promise aunt Willow will be right back the minute she and mummy slay the mean old monsters.” Willow said to the baby boy as she took of her jacket, wrapped it around the baby and placed him on the ground. “We will be right back I promise.”

The baby boy continued to cry louder and louder as Willow ran back through the opened portal to return to the underground tunnels finding Faith fighting with several vampires. Willow quickly summoned a sunlight ball instantly turning the vampires within the proximity to dust.

The joy didn’t last long as the portal suddenly shut itself leaving no trace of it ever being there just in time for Buffy to appear running from around the corner.

“Willow where is the portal?” Buffy asked frantically. “Willow where is my son?”

“I don’t know.” A confused and heartbroken Willow replied.


A random brown-haired girl found herself running down a dark alleyway one night one like the alleyway in which Buffy’s son was abandoned. The girl continued to look behind her truly terrified of whatever was chasing her until in a typical cliche fashion she found herself reaching a literal dead end only for the girl to laugh as fear fell from her face.

This girl was no ordinary girl she was a slayer and she had just lured a vampire into a trap believing she had the upper hand in the situation not truly knowing what she had just let herself in for.

“You literally have no idea who you are dealing with.” She smugly said as a tall dark and handsome man appeared from out of the shadows only to laugh at her response before twisting his face into revealing his vampire face.

The girl quickly stormed her way towards the vampire after pulling a wooden stake out of her jacket leading to her kicking the vampire in the face only to find him quickly jumping back from her hit to punch her across the face as the slayer and the vampire began a fight to the death.

Upon several minutes of brutal fighting between the slayer and the vampire she finally got the better of the vampire kicking him to the ground and prepared to steak him but before she stood a chance a tall, skinny, long raven haired man appeared from out of the shadows instantly grabbing the slayer’s attention.

“I guess there’s a new slayer in town,” He bluntly said, “I thought your kind knew this was my city now.”

The slayer rushed towards her next opponent only for the stranger to quickly get the better of her delivering several punches before kicking her into some nearby bins. However, the girl was no quitter and quickly jumped back onto her feet at the same time the dark-haired vampire raised to his feet.

“Leave this one to me Dante.” The stranger ordered the vampire as the slayer marched over towards him.

Another fight began between the slayer and the stranger this one even bloodier and more brutal than the slayer’s fight against the vampire only this time this seemingly human man was getting the better of her.

In a last-ditch effort to win back the fight the slayer launched her wooden stake towards the stranger’s chest only for him to catch her arm instantly snapping it with force before pushing her down to the ground.

“Wooden stakes only work on vampires darling,” He revealed to her. “And I am no vampire.”

The sinister stranger with long raven hair was not a vampire although his friend Dante was, this man was none other than Tristan Summers, Buffy’s son, the baby who was once abandoned in an alleyway like the one he had just taken down a slayer in.


Following a successful night hunting Tristan and Dante found themselves making out behind the counter of a demonic dive bar located within New York, a dive bar in which the two men ran together as the demonic, monstrous and vampiric clientele drank their varied drinks throughout the busy bar.

Tristan and Dante’s intimate moment together was quickly interrupted when three male vampires came bursting through the front door.

“I heard you caught another slayer boss.” The first vampire said with excitement. “We came as soon as we heard.”

Tristan pulled himself away from his vampire lover before jumping over the bar counter and walking towards his three vampire minions who are instantly terrified by their boss’ quick movements before staring his minions down making sure they feared him and getting off on that fact.

“I was just about to start a game of darts.” Tristan said with a sinister smirk before ushering their attention over to the other end of the bar to reveal the girl he and Dante had caught earlier tied down in chains to a wooden table flipped on its side.

The slayer was bound and unable to move or escape from her chains while blood poured out from her on various wounds on her broken and bruised body looking in a lot of pain with several darts launched into her body which only served to amuse the bar’s customers.

“The trick to being a good darts player is not only changing the dart board to something of your own liking,” Tristan said demanding the entire bar’s attention as he picked up a dart from a nearby table and launched it in the slayer’s direction, the dart launching into her shoulder and causing her to scream in pain. “It also helps to dip the darts in some poison so if it’s not a bulls-eye it’s still going to hurt.”

“They will come for me and you will all be nothing but dust and bloody limbs.” The slayer screamed at the entire bar.

“No this is a respectable business please don’t be threatening my staff.” Tristan replied sarcastically while walking over towards the slayer.

“How could you turn on your own kind for these monsters?” The slayer asked him as she came face to face with her defeater.

“These monsters are some of my closest friends in fact some I would go as far to say were family.” Tristan corrected her while grabbing her with force by the throat. “Slayers are all fools playing heroes which only serves to shorten your life span.”

Tristan wasted no time in tearing out two darts from the slayer’s weakened body before launching the darts one into each eye causing the slayer to scream out in agonizing pain before Tristan grabbed a hold of her neck once again this time with both hands before snapping her neck and by doing so claiming the slayer’s life.

“We were supposed to keep her alive long enough to get some information about who sent her to New York Tristan.” Dante moaned before jumping over the bar counter and beginning to walk towards his twisted lover.

“You worry far too much my darling,” Tristan responded before passionately kissing his boyfriend. “She’s probably just another foolish slayer who took a wrong turn just like the others.”

“My love we can’t afford to take chances not with her constantly on the move.” Dante warned the love of his undead life.

“Feel free to feast away boys I’m sure the poison would just a little kick to the taste but once you’re done snacking, dump the body outside of city limits like usual.” Tristan ordered his three minion vampires.

His vampiric minions waste no time in rushing their way over to the slayer’s corpse and sinking their fangs into several different locations on her body while Dante continued to look at Tristan unimpressed by his actions.

“What if other slayers knew where she was?” Dante asked. “What if she knew where she was?”

“New York City is ours and nobody will take it from us.” Tristan stated before kissing his lover once again.

“Your mother has proven to be quite the opponent over the years I’d hate for your ego to hurt you my love.” Dante warned him before grabbing Tristan by the waist and pulling him in for another kiss.

“I’ve been ready to meet Buffy Summers for years I can’t wait to see how I fare against the legend herself and I can’t wait to see that look on her face when she realizes she was bet by her own blood.” Tristan replied smugly clearly ready in his head to meet his mother.


A few nights later a clearly not aged Faith found herself riding down a dark road in the outskirts of New York City on her black motorbike before pulling up at the side of the road before getting off her bike and  walking into the forest as she pulled a phone out of her pocket switched on a torch setting and dialed Willow in loudspeaker keeping her hands free to walk through the forest and find what she was looking for.

“I know when hunting woods for a body comes across your mind you instantly think of me but it’s no fun looking for the body the fun is in burying it.” Faith said sarcastically to Willow after she answered her call.

“Well I’m afraid woods and dead bodies is kind of a touchy subject for me since the whole well you know.” Willow replied through the phone. “We need to find out if this girl is the dead slayer we’ve been looking for because if she is then we have some serious problems rising in New York.”

“Okay well now I’m officially hoping it’s her no offense to the girl or anything but if her dead proves the rumors then it means I’ve got myself a party to attend to in the big apple.” Faith responded while continuing to walk through the woods in search of the dead slayer.

“Sadly, I’m pretty certain your going to find her my spells are rarely ever wrong these days.” Willow admitted just as Faith found the slayer’s bloodied and wounded corpse abandoned on the ground without a single fear of the body being found.

“Well congratulations Will it looks like you’re right once again,” Faith revealed while examining the corpse. “It looks like these fuckers really went to town on the poor girl.”

“Oh, goddess this isn’t good,” Willow sighed through the phone. “I know what you’re thinking Faith but please don’t step foot in New York until we send some back up.”

“No offense Willow but I’m not waiting around for the brownie brigade we both know I’m more of a one-woman army.” Faith replied making it clear to Willow she wanted to handle this situation solo.

“Faith the last time a slayer went into that city well your looking at what happened.” Willow warned her.

“Not one to cause offense while literally lingering over the girl’s dead body but a newbie slayer hardly has anything on me.” Faith boasted before hanging up on Willow not allowing her the chance to try and talk her out of her mission.


A shirtless Dante walked into his bedroom within the apartment located above his and Tristan’s bar while holding two glasses of champagne in his hands eager to cheer up his sulking lover Tristan who was sitting on the edge of their bed looking far from impressed.

“I’m still mad at you for disrespecting me in front of our peers the other night,” Tristan moaned as he stood up to face Dante. “You know I don’t like it when you argue with them in front of me it gives them the idea that I’ll tolerate disrespect of any king.”

“I was merely worrying about my lover’s safety.” Dante replied while flexing his impressive muscles before handing Tristan his glass of champagne.

“You should have more faith in me by now.” Tristan snapped before downing his glass of champagne in one long gulp.

“Tristan Summers you are well and truly remarkable the most delightfully wicked thing that has ever happened to me.” Dante admitted to his dangerous and deadly boyfriend. “I just fear sometimes about losing you and everything we’ve worked so hard for.”

“You know for a soulless blood sucking creature you are quite the caring boyfriend.” Tristan said with a sinister smirk almost as if he was mocking his lover for caring about him.

Dante down his drink in one gulp just like his lover before grabbing a hold of Tristan’s glass and throwing both glasses against the wall causing them to smash instantly as he looked at Tristan furiously before exposing his vampire face once again much to Tristan’s own enjoyment.

“Now that’s the monster I love.” Tristan said before Dante ripped his shirt open with his hands and threw Tristan down onto the bed before climbing on top of him and kissing him passionately.


Faith got off her motorbike once again only this time she had parked it in a parking lot just outside of a seeking looking motel as she stood looking at the building with a dreaded sense of nostalgia having spent most of her adult life living in motel room after motel room.

“If you’re doing any tricks in the room love then you have to pay by the hour.” The old fat and balding male receptionist said to her as she slammed money down at the reception desk.

“I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or beat your ugly ass for calling me a whore lucky for you it’s been a long night, so I’ll take it as a compliment.” Faith snapped at him before collecting her keys and walking back out of the reception and down towards her motel room.

Before long she found herself in her bed and fast asleep after a quick shower but unfortunately she didn’t get much sleep before being awakened by the sound of foot steps in her room wasting no time to attack she quickly launched herself out of the bed before pushing a dark figured man up against a wall harshly only to switch the lights on to see Angel in front of her eyes.

“I know you’re a girl who’s fond of her sleep but you’re not really going to kill the closest thing you have to a friend just for waking you up, are you?” He asked her jokingly as the two laughed about the confusion before she let go of her vampire friend.

“You should know better than to sneak up on me Angel.” She replied. “I thought you were a vampire well one of the soulless varieties.”

“I’m actually here because of a certain vampire called Dante,” Angel revealed to her as he pulled a folder out of his jacket and threw it down on her bed. “I’ve been following him and his powerful little friend for quite some time now and I’m guessing Willow sent you here for the same reason.”

“So, the vampire has himself a witch friend then?” She asked before picking up the folder, opening it and beginning to have a skim through the pages.

“He’s supposedly human but much stronger than your average human in fact he’s taken down a few slayers allegedly.” Angel explained to her. “There’s rumors that he’s actually one of the very few male slayers in the world and went rogue.”

“So, I’m hunting down a rogue slayer got to love the irony.” Faith said sarcastically while continuing to skim through the pages.

“This supposed slayer and his vampire friend are quite the troublesome duo they’ve got many in New York utterly terrified of them.” Angel admitted.

“I guess that means one dead slayer and one pile of dust coming right up.” Faith responded before throwing the folder back down on her bed. “What are you not telling me.”

“Dante was sired by Drusilla in fact she considers him a son and he lives up to our twisted family legacy.” Angel revealed to a shocked Faith. “He’s very dangerous.”

“I’m guessing this means you want to tag along for the ride so you can have a reunion with your sired one’s sired one.” Faith guessed correctly.

“Dante is dangerous enough by himself and his friend seems to be just as powerful a threat we need to take this one seriously.” Angel warned her.

“Okay then boss man what’s the plan?” She asked.

“It’s time for the original rogue slayer to meet the latest slayer gone bad.” Angel replied with a cunning smile.


Tristan found himself stood up against the wall outside of his demonic dive bar during the day while smoking a cigarette only to be left shocked to see a brunette rogue beauty appear from around the street corner before the rogue beauty walked up towards him.

“You don’t happen to have a smoke going spare?” She asked him.

“Humans don’t normally have the courage to come around this party of the city.” He replied while continue to smoke his cigarette.

“Well it’s a good thing I’m not entirely human.” She revealed to him. “I’m a slayer in fact I’m probably the most infamous slayer ever to live.”

“So, slayers are just actively seeking me out in the daylight now.” Tristan laughed before throwing his cigarette across the street. “A death wish really does come with the calling then.”

“I’m not like most slayers you see I’m infamous for a reason,” Faith went on to say instantly grabbing Tristan’s attention. “I’m Faith and something tells me you’ve heard all about me.”

And Tristan did hear about Faith he heard all about Faith Lehane and was very happy to finally meet her.