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Star Trek Drabbles

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“Tell me, where’s my old friend, Damar?”

“He died trying to free Cardassia.”

“What’s left of it.”

It had been a foolish thing to say, considering whose finger was on the trigger of the disruptor. Of course, Weyoun couldn’t have been expected to know the depth of his devotion to the Union, Garak supposed. But then, Dominion intelligence had proved impressive, even to the critical eye of a former member of the Obsidian Order. Surely they had at the very least kept tabs on an exiled spy with good connections and a high level security clearance, living among their enemies. Perhaps the Vorta had a death wish. Unable to truly comprehend the reality that the Founders – and by extension the Dominion itself – were defeated and on the brink of oblivion, he had baited one of the most ruthless Cardassians among the ranks of the Resistance… And received the desired result.

Garak gazed down at the smoldering hole that marred the Vorta’s otherwise crisp clothing and delicate torso. He only wished he could have made him truly suffer.