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From Student to First Man of the country

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Jing Ran was so stressed that he wanted one night of be just him, he had enough of all his history about who he should date, what he should do about his money or about his job.
Yes true he is one celebrity because of his family because his dad was one politician, he have money because of that. But he was just one normal guy.

He didn't really expect to be in one bar.
He was drinking wine at one table and then he saw one guy who looked handsome and so good looking. He looked at him, he hoped he didn't recognize him because of what he is.

"Hey, can I be with you?" asked the guy

"Sure, you want one?" said Jing Ran

"If you want, I just trying to not be alone because there one guy who looks at me and I kinda don't want him because of old history. Sorry I shouldn't talk about my life"

"That okay"

They drink together where it's was nice to have a company, they talk about some stuff.
Jing Ran think he should be friendly so the guy will be feeling okay

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't present I'm Yang Xiuxian"

"I'm Jing Ran"

"Pleased to meet you"

They had one good night, then Jing Ran says "Do you need a ride so you will be okay from the other guy"

Yang Xiuxian was thinking it's could be a good idea but he also needs to tell the truth at Jing Ran.
Yang Xuixian was one escort, he had many clients and the last one was the one who is following him everywhere.
And now he has meet Jing Ran and he really wants him, he is gorgeous.

"Maybe I should tell you first the truth," says Yang Xiuxian

"You don't need that okay, everyone have secret" says Jing Ran

Yang Xiuxian decides to kiss him for shut him, and damn he was one good kisser, he have soft lips. If he can, he wants this guy forever as his client. He would say no to the other and only stay at his service.
The kiss becomes hotter and they were still in the street near the car of Jing Ran.

"Jing Ran, if you want that something happens between us, I have to talk to you and maybe we should go to one hotel room"

Yang Xiuxian doesn't trust him enough to bring him at home, he never brings clients at his home.
He touched Jing Ran during the ride where his hand was on his tight.
And then they arrived at one hotel room and Yang Xiuxian was sitting on the bed and say to Jing Ran at the moment when they were kissing again.

"If you want we do other stuff, you have to pay me"

"Pay You?" said Jing Ran

"I'm one escort, I'm doing it because I need that maybe one day if you still want I will tell you why I do this. The guy that was I was escaping tonight was one my ex-client who was violent with me"

"How much do you want?" say Jing Ran

Then Yang Xiuxian tell him slowly at his ear and bites his earlobe and then say "You will not regret it at all and I promise I will be discreet it's will be only between us"

Jing Ran have paid him good money, he doesn't care how much he have spent and even tipped him, he really wanted him, one night of release before heading back to his family, the history of dating and the history about maybe be a politician too.
This night was wonderful, where they had multiple rounds. Yang Xiuxian have promised him he is clean and also he have always lots of protection in his jean.
They have spend the night together.
It's was wonderful, Jing Ran was so relaxed and Yang Xixuan was good.

The next morning when Yang Xixuan was dressed for leave and he said to Jing Ran "I had one wonderful night, if you want me again, I have left my number next to your phone" and he blows him a kiss.

Jing Ran was more relaxed when he arrives to the campaign and he texted Yang Xiuxian just to save his number, he was busy with sign contract because he was still one minister

His family drive him crazy "You should maybe date this girl? And maybe have a child?" say his mom

"Mom, I'm really busy and I don't want to be with this girl, I told you it's didn't worked"

Then when his mom have leave Jing Ran texted Yang Xixian "Are you free tonight? I will pay you good money?"

"Yes I'm free, I will book a chamber"

When Jing Ran arrives, Yang Xiuxian is already in the bed "Hello, sorry I have been late"

"It' s okay, I figured you were busy and had not a good day if you asked me"

Something surprise Jing Ran when he put his phone near the one of Yang Xiuxian is that there multiple papers who looked like classes. So the guy was maybe one student, he knew he was legal because he showed his ID.

Yang Xiuxian kissed his neck he said "Don't worry about the papers it's just some work I was doing before you arrive"

Then for distract him he begun to kiss him everywhere "You know you are gorgeous and you should be very popular with boys and girls"

"Not really, I don't find someone who can appreciate me for what I am and not just the person who I am."

"Relax, here you can be what you want, let me please you"

This night was also wonderful, they have also sleep close to each other.
And they had one quickie the next morning.

It's have happen almost every night now, where Jing Ran pay him good money and Yang Xiuxian have no other clients than him.

"My family drive me crazy, I don't want to marry the people that they propose to me"

"Why they want to put you with someone?"

"For have a family or have someone when I will take one big job.." he was a little evasive for not tell him that he wanted to be president.


2 months passed following these nights at the hotel. When their history has begun to change when Yang Xixiuan say to Jing Ran" I'm sorry I'm not free tonight, I have one issue "

"Do you need help?" ask Jing Ran on the phone

"If you could teleport where I am yes, I'm stuck at this place and my car is broken."

"I can be here in 20 minutes, so wait for me"

"You shouldn't do that…"

And 20 minutes later Jing Ran was here and say "For your car, I have asked someone to take it and look at it"

"You shouldn't do it, because I don't know if I can pay for this"

"It's not a problem I can pay, it's not one issue, "said Jing Ran while driving

"You should maybe deposit me at home, I don't have clients, and I'm not really in one good mood sorry"

"Just put the address in the GPS, and I will bring you here"

Yang Xiuxian was really uncomfortable for what do Jing Ran for him, he was just a client but he was so gentle, so nice, he doesn't deserve all of this.
He is falling little by little to this guy.

When he arrived home, he kinda break down because he also forgot food, he was so stressed.
But someone was hugging him "Let me help you" and this voice was Jing Ran

He couldn't stop crying it's was so hard, the final exams were here. He couldn't be all his life one escort, he needs to find a job.

"I'm gonna search food for us" says Jing Ran while kissing his head

He doesn't really deserve Jing Ran.

When Jing Ran was coming back with food, they ate together and they even joked a little.

"It's good to see you smile" say Jing Ran

"Thank you"

Then Yang Xixiuan say "I'm sorry you have to see me like this, I don't like to be seen like this especially with clients."

"You are human too, it's okay that sometimes your feelings are out, it's what you told me one night"

They even washed dishes together, he put his head on the shoulder of Jing Ran and then pull off because he shouldn't do this.

"You can do that I don't mind at all."

"I shouldn't do this"

Then Jing Ran takes the hand and lead Yang Xixuian on his sofa.

"I would like maybe we change our relationship"

"Huh Yes?"

"If you let me, you would like I become your sugar daddy/daddy dom, where we are exclusives. I know you need money I understand that. I want to help you and also have one new type of relationship. If you want this you can say just one Yes or Yes Daddy and if you reject me it's okay, I will just leave"

"Yes I would love it daddy," said Yang Xixuian

This is how they begun to talk about their new relationship where now it's work with also the fact they text each other more, every time that they need to talk to the other, to maybe understand the other more.

Before Jing Ran leaves for his home he said to Yang Xixuian "Give me your wishlist and I will see what I can do about that, baby" and he kissed his forehead.

They were texting good morning if they had one good night.
Yang Xixuian kinda sends him more pictures of him, one walking, one with food, and one with his courses.

When Yang Xixuian come back to his home he saw that they were a package who was a bracelet that he wanted since a while and a check signed by Jing Ran.
"Hope you like both gifts, the check is for the car"

Yang Xuixian send him a picture of the bracelet and say "Thank you so much"

"You're welcome and you should rest a little for your class tomorrow and for exam we will talk tomorrow"

The next day after the exam Yang Xixuian called Jing Ran "I'm free tonight and I kinda want to release my head from all the stuff, do you think you could come to my home?"

"Your home? Or you want one hotel room I can book it?"

"No my home is okay, I trust you now"

Some hours later Jing Ran arrives with one bottle of wine.

"It's for celebrate your exams and also one gift, I promise we will not be drunk"

Jing Ran was a very good cook and it's was awesome " One day you will make one man or one girl very happy with your cooking, it's just wonderful"

Jing Ran was pleased with this and he was smiling, he only wanted someone and he was in front of him it's was Yang Xiuxian.

This night they have kissed slowly and Yang Xiuxian say "Stay with me tonight please daddy"

"Of course"

This night was the first were Yang Xiuxian was a bottom and he liked this.
It's wasn't one night very kinky but it's was hot.


Some days passed, Jing Ran was frustrated because one event for his campaign was soon and he needed to bring someone even as friend because he doesn't want to be alone and have one date that his dad and mom have settled for him.

"Are you free today?"

"I'm bored at home, I just want to get out and refresh my head"

"I go search for you, I want to bring you somewhere"

He has bring Yang Xuixian to his tailor "Hello I would like one suit for this guy next to me"

"With pleasure, sir"

"For which occasion?" asked Yang Xixuian

"Last night I checked your wardrobe and you didn't have one and I want to bring you with me at some event I have to go, I will tell you later but please trust me"

It's was one wonderful suit who was made for Yang Xuixian and who will be perfect with the suit of Jing Ran in 2 days.

When they arrived at the home of Yang Xiuxian, Yang Xiuxian kiss him "You know it's too much this suit"

"I know and I don't mind, I want that you are happy"

Jing Ran sits on the sofa and decides to talk "I would like in 2 days you come with me at one event, my campaign is on for the future election and I need someone at my side. We could be seen as friends for that people not ask question."

"I think it's a good idea because people will ask you questions if they see us as lovers…" says Yang Xiuxian à little sad they were not lovers they were just something who was difficult to say.

Jing Ran says after this "I will present myself at the election, I think you know me as the minister of Culture" he said with a little laugh.

"I knew what you are but I say nothing because I guessed you were in the bar because of your job, your family and the pressure"

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you, darling"

"I have also be discreet before, but you said we should be more open about each other," say Yang Xiuxian


This night Yang Xiuxian have pleased Jing Ran for thanks him for the gift.

The day of the event arrives Jing Ran have searched Yang Wixiuan where they have take a selfie "I just want to keep it with me" says Jing Ran

"Would you send it for me?" says Yang Xixuian

"Yes darling, and you look handsome like this"

During the event, Yang Xuixian was near Jing Ran where he was telling him story about who it's was, what happens etc,
He knows that Jing Ran wanted to touch him but every time he pulled out.

"You can touch me all the way you want tonight after you take me to my home"

"So I will have the privilege of taking your suit off"


When the parents of Jing Ran arrived, Yang Xiuxian began uncomfortably because the dad of Jing Ran was the actual president and he was impressive and he always has heard that his wife was one strong person.
Jing Ran presented Yang Xiuxian as his friends, they have invented one story that they knew each other since university but that they have been lost each other when they finished and they have finally found each other again.

Her mom and dad say "I would have preferred to see you with one girl tonight so they could have presented her as the future first wife.."

"Mom, Dad"

The parents of Jing Ran knew that Jing Ran doesn't want to really date, that he has the engagement off because he doesn't like her. But they didn't want him to be alone

Later at night Jing Ran say "I'm sorry for what happen with my parents"

"You have already told me it's would be difficult"

For cheer the mood of Jing Ran, Yang Xiuxian had one idea "Would you like to take a shower with me and then after we go to bed together"

"Yes and please remind of what I say about it's me who take off your clothes"

"Yes I didn't forget"

This night have changed his mind of Jing Ran where he was more relaxing, more smiling.
It's was the Jing Ran that Yang Xiuxian likes to see because he was the real person


Jing Ran was also someone who likes pervert, kinky stuff.
Because one afternoon they were together almost the whole day, he was one the phone and at the same time he touched Yang Xiuxian where he told him "You are not allowed to cum while I'm on the phone, so try to keep it"

The phone call was long and Yang Xiuxian was so hard it's was so complicated he wanted to beg for Jing Ran, he wanted to think at other stuff but it's was so complicated.

When he finished the call Jing Ran say to Yang Xiuxian "Good boy, you can cum now"


Yang Xiuxian was just so awkward because he still doesn't know how to call their relationship because it's feel like if they were in relationship and dating.
Jing Ran was one excellent lover, he doesn't have much in comparison since it's was always hookup.
But he loved that and he was also scared to lose everything.
He also knew why they were only at his home because of privacy especially since the campaign.
Jing Ran was so busy that they didn't see for a while.

Then one day Jing Ran send him one text saying "Check your email there one plane ticket it's for you to come to see me. It's at Hainan"

Hainan was a little island who was a little paradisiac for some people and it's was a little rich.
Yang Xiuxian had the information about the hotel it's was one five stars with one pool.
He wanted to try the pool, maybe he could bring Jing Ran with him.

When he arrived at the hotel, the personnel give him the key and the room had the size of his flat and also the view of the sea it's was beautiful.

"Did you like it?" said Jing Ran while kissing his neck and back hug

"Yes I like it, but for which occasion it is?"

"I want to spend time with you, relaxing"

It's been one week since they didn't see each other, they kissed very hard and they had one session of fucking near the windows where Jing Ran tell him "Watch the sea while I'm inside you, it's will make you some new memories"

At the moment Yang Xiuxian wanted to shout "I love you" but he bit his lip.

The other days they were relaxing, walking in the sand hand linked and Yang Xiuxian have finally see Jing Ran with a swimsuit and he was also very beautiful.

"You could have been one model you know that"

"Maybe," said Jing Ran laughing

"I would love maybe one day to paint you," say Yang Xixuan in his thoughts

"I would love that, I saw your pictures when we are at your flat and it's great," say Jing Ran

Yang Xiuxian had the perfect holiday that he wished for a while it's was just perfect.


Unfortunately, the good moment leaves a little when Yang Xiuxian didn't have the answer he expected from the school he wanted to be one teacher.
He was miserable that he went to drink, and he kinda send one message at Jing Ran telling to fuck off.
Jing Ran when he had the message knew something was not good and have left for the bar he knew he would find him.

"What happen?" say Jing Ran

"I didn't get the job I wanted to the school I wanted, now let me drink"

"Nope, we are going to my home where you will try to sober a little" say Jing Ran in one strong voice.

When they arrived at the home of Jing Ran, he takes the clothes of Yang Xuixian and put him with one cold shower then one nightgown with painkiller and water.

The next morning Yang Xixuan had one bad headache "Oh bad boy have wake up"

Yang Xiuxian wanted to put the pillow under his face...

"You need to take the painkiller" say Jing Ran

"Yeah I know"

"Then after we need to talk about what happens and I will decide at one punishment for have drink again."

Yang Xuixian remembers that when he first started the sugar daddy stuff he says to Jing Ran that he will stop drinking because he was something Jing Ran requested and also to stop hooking.

After the little discussion, Jing Ran say" Maybe I should cuff you to the bed and tease you with this and he show Yang Xiuxian one vibrator "

" Yes daddy"

"And you will not cum until I tell you yes"

It's was like torture but it's was incredible.
Where he have only cum when Jing Ran told him "it's okay you are forgiven"

They stay the day together where Jing Ran was acting like a good boyfriend and taking care of him.
But Yang Xiuxian wanted to tease Jing Ran like he does to him as punishment and he planned to do it when he will be on phone.

Jing Ran was on the phone when Yang Xuixian decides to give a little revenge about the last time and decide to suck him.
And he knows that Jing Ran will not resist it. Especially since he likes to touch the hair of Yang Xuixian.
When he finish the phone call Jing Ran say "You are amazing, I almost cum while I was on the phone and it's was important"

"You have corrupted me, daddy"


Yang Xuixian was watching the TV when he saw the news about Jing Ran that he was getting married to one popular actress.

Yang Xiuxian was so angry and say "Don't come to see me anymore I hate you"

He was miserable after this because he have totally fallen in love with him.
He hated this, he has tried to have hookup after this but it's doesn't work and feel the same
Jing Ran has ruined him forever and he missed him.
He was depressed, he doesn't know what to do if he would fight for him or give up.

Then one week after he takes the decision to see Jing Ran he know where he live and he knock at the door "Yang Xiuxian"

He pushed him in his home and begun to slap his torso "It's the end of us, I thought maybe between us it's was serious, I was ready to tell you I wanted to be your lover, to say I love you, to maybe tell you I'm ready to be the first man to you when you will be président" he was crying he couldn't stop crying.

"Baby it's not what you think, the girl is my ex-girlfriend it's my parents who have released this, I don't want her I don't want any girls, I want only one person and it's you Yang Xiuxian I love you, my dad support us.
I had one fight with my parents.
I'm so sorry I know I have hurt you"

"Jing Ran…"

"You know that if it's official between us, you know your privacy will be complicated"

"I know and I don't mind, I just want to be with you"

"Did you mean it about the fact that you wanted us to be lovers?"

"Yes of course"

"So you have to promise me that we have to talk about everything"

"I promise if you do the same"

And they kissed later at night before they make love Yang Xiuxian tell Jing Ran that he have tried to replace him but it's wasn't the same.

"It proves that you loved me"


During some days they were saying I love you for reminding them this.
A little later Jing Ran and Yang Xiuxian go see the parents of Jing Ran where they try to have one talk.
They kinda change of opinion after they realize that they love each other and also that it's time that the country changes a little.

Some weeks After Jing Ran denied his relationship to his ex-girlfriend and officialize with Yang Xiuxian.

Jing Ran become president after, Yang Xuixian becomes the first man and he was his advisor.