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The Summoning Hero

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Hisashi Midoriya was looking forward to teaching his son how to use his quirk. So much so that he accompanied his wife and son to the doctor’s office when he turned four. He was eager to know if his son inherited his quirk.


“I’m sorry. Your son is quirkless.” The doctor said.


All three Midoriyas were in shock at that declaration. Hisashi was the one to speak up, though.


“Are you sure? Maybe he just hasn’t gotten one yet.” Hisashi tried to reason.


The doctor shook his head. He directed Hisashi’s gaze to some of the test results, which consisted of an x-ray of Izuku’s toe joint and a few papers filled with different things. Hisashi couldn’t believe it. Izuku should have had a quirk! Both he and his wife had quirks! So why didn’t he?


“Th-Thank you, Doctor… I believe we’ll take our leave now.” Inko said, holding their distraught son in her arms.


“Y-Yes… We’re leaving.” Hisashi managed to say.


The two parents left with their son. Hisashi was trembling slightly as he walked out. It wasn’t supposed to be that way! His son was supposed to have a quirk!


They drove home in silence. Hisashi couldn’t stand the thought of having a quirkless son. He had a few contacts in the underworld. If he couldn’t have a son with a quirk, he could at least get some money off of him.


Once they returned home, Hisashi immediately went to his office and went through a couple of his underworld contacts. He got a reply in less than an hour. He smiled at the result.




Izuku was watching another All Might video with tears in his eyes. His whole world was shattered. He was told he wouldn’t have a quirk. He was quirkless. Could he ever become a hero?


His mother came into the room with tears in her eyes, seeing her son in such a distraught state. Izuku turned to her, barely able to hold back his sobs.




“Y-Yes, dear?” Inko asked.


“Can… Can I become a hero still? Even though I don’t have a quirk?” Izuku asked shakily.


Inko didn’t reply, only gaining more tears as she hugged her son.


“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” Inko sobbed.


Izuku’s sobs increased at Inko’s apology, thinking she was meaning that he couldn’t become a hero when he’s quirkless. He felt worse than he already did. Being a hero meant more to him than anything.


Hisashi watched the two crying from the doorway. He wore a serious expression on his face as he watched them. 




A few months passed until Hisashi finally set up a date where he could meet up with his contact. Hisashi walked up to his son as he was scribbling in one of his quirk notebooks he started writing after he got over his quirklessness.


“Hey, Izuku.” Hisashi said.


“Hmm? What is it, Dad?” Izuku asked in innocent curiosity.


“Want to go and get some ice cream?”


“Mom said I’m not supposed to eat ice cream, though.” Izuku said.


“She doesn’t have to know. C’mon. Before she gets home.” Hisashi said with a wink.


Izuku brightened up.




“Good! Now get ready.” Hisashi said.




Izuku ran away with excitement. Hisashi almost felt bad for what he was about to do.




Izuku was hopping lightly in the back seat of Hisashi’s car, excited that they get to get ice cream. For some reason, his father was taking a different route. Before he could ask his father why it was taking so long, he started to get tired. His eyes slowly closed and he fell asleep on the seat.


Hisashi finally stopped the car and got out of the car. In front of him were three people. One’s face was obscured in shadow and wore a suit and tie. The one beside him wore a bartender outfit his body looked to be made of mist. The third man wore a yellow suit and tie with yellow tophat. On the hat were three letter Z’s. A similar emblem was on his suit’s left breast.


“Hisashi Midoriya, I presume?” The man whose face was shrouded in darkness asked.


“That’s me. I brought him, like you asked.” Hisashi said seriously.


“Good. Mr. Sleep, could you retrieve the boy?”


The man in yellow, now revealed to be Mr. Sleep, nodded before walking to the back of the car. He opened the door and took out the limp body of Izuku, cradling the boy gently. He carried him back to the group. The man with the shadowed face placed a hand on Izuku’s forehead. 


“You’re right. This boy has no quirk.” The man said with approval.


The man then turned himself towards the mist man.


“Kurogiri, if you would please take Izuku Midoriya to where he will be staying.”


The mist man, now revealed to be Kurogiri, nodded before taking the child from Mr. Sleep and disappearing through a purple misty portal. The man was about to walk through until Hisashi spoke up.


“What about my payment?” Hisashi asked.


The man stopped before turning to Hisashi. He then walked up and placed a hand on Hisashi’s shoulder.


“That’s right. The payment.” 


Hisashi suddenly felt himself weak, dropping to his knees. Then, green fire spewed from the man whose face remained obscure in shadows, even with the light of the fire. The fire burned Hisashi Midoriya alive. Once the man was done, Hisashi was nothing but ashes.


“Consider that ample payment.” The man said before glancing at Mr. Sleep.


Mr. Sleep looked back at the man with curiosity.


“Get rid of the wife as well. Make it look like an accident.”


“You got it, boss. And I expect the usual wage?”


The man paused for a moment before replying.


“You’ll get a bonus for this.”


Mr. Sleep smiled evilly.


“In that case, it’ll be done right away.” 


“Good. Don’t report back to me until it’s done.” The man ordered before walking through the warpgate.




The first thing Izuku saw was a wooden ceiling. He instantly was confused. He was in his father’s car before. He sat up from his laying down position to see the rest of the room.


The room had dark oak wood floors with deep green walls. A desk was across from his bed and beside the desk was a large bookshelf. Immediately beside his bed was a nightstand with a lamp and clock on it. In relation to the door, the bed itself was in the back right of the room.


He turned his head quickly to the door as it opened. A mist covered man wearing a bartender outfit came in.


“Ah, you’re awake.” The man said.


Izuku backed up on his bed until he was against the wall.


“I apologize for the change of surroundings.”


“Where am I? Who are you?” Izuku asked in fear.


“You may call me Kurogiri. As for where you are, you’re in Sensei’s hideout.” The man explained.


“Who’s Sensei?”


“He’s your new owner.”




“Your father sold you to him for money. Truly a despicable man.”


Izuku was shocked. Why would his father do that? Didn’t he love him? What about his mother? Didn’t she love him? Kurogiri brought him out of his thoughts.


“I made food for you. Sensei will come for you when he wishes to see you.” Kurogiri said, opening a warpgate and pulling through a plate of food.


Kurogiri set the plate on the desk in his room before leaving the room once more. Izuku was too saddened and in thought to notice the misty man leave. Suddenly, tears start to fall as he finally concluded that his parents never loved him at all.




It was a few hours after Kurogiri left that the man who he referred to as Sensei came. Izuku had finished his food once his sadness lead to hunger, so he was once again on his bed, curled up.


His door opened, drawing his gaze to a man in a black suit and tie. Somehow, his head remained shadowed in darkness. Izuku thought it was the work of a quirk.


“Hello, Izuku Midoriya.” The man spoke.


“Are you… Sensei?” Izuku asked.


“I see Kurogiri has told you.” Sensei replied, his voice sounding like he was smiling.


Izuku wordlessly nodded.


“Good. That makes this next part easier.” Sensei said, his hands going behind his back.


Suddenly, Izuku noticed he was in a room with a cement ceiling, floor, and walls. It was completely empty. As soon as he realized he was in a different room, he jumped in surprise.


“Your father sold you to me. Do you know why?”


Izuku shook his head, tears threatening to fall again.


“Because you were quirkless.”


That reveal hurt, causing him to tear up.


“But unlike him, I see the value in a quirkless person.”


Izuku looked up in surprise. Right as he did, a hand gripped his head and suddenly a searing pain flowed through his body. Izuku let out a pained shout, trying to pull away. Sensei released him after a minute, Izuku falling backwards.


“Congratulations, Izuku Midoriya. You are no longer quirkless.”


“W-What?” Izuku questioned, holding his head.


“From this day forward, you will follow my orders. The quirk I gave you is called Pocket Dimension. You can summon anything you can think of from it. As long as your quirk is active, whatever you summon will stay in existence. When you release your quirk, it will disappear and you will have to take it back out again.” Sensei explained.


Izuku was barely able to process the sudden influx of information mixed with the lingering pain of being given a quirk.


“For the foreseeable future, I will be training you to harness this quirk. I will give you the rest of the day to process all this. Tomorrow will be the start of your training.” Sensei said.


The next thing Izuku knew, he was back in the room he woke up in. Sensei was nowhere to be seen. Izuku curled up on the bed once again, the events of the day processing in his mind. Tears started forming once more as a crying session started.




The following day, Izuku was summoned to that same blank cement room by Sensei. He was standing in front of Izuku with his arms behind his back.


“Today, you will be learning to activate your power. I will activate it for you first. Then you activate it yourself. Think of a book to start with.”


Izuku silently thought of one. Sensei extended his arm and tendrils shot out of his fingers, embedding themselves in Izuku’s mind. Suddenly, what looks like a window shattering appeared in front of him. Only instead of a window shattering, it was a small part of reality. On the other side of it was a mute purple color.


“Reach inside and take what you’re thinking of out of it.” Sensei ordered.


Izuku complied, reaching into the break in reality. He felt something in his hand and he grabbed it. Pulling his hand out, he could see a book was in his hand. Suddenly it disappeared in muted purple light. He turned back to see Sensei’s tendrils retracting.


“Did you feel anything when I activated it?”


Izuku looked at his hand for a moment before nodding.


“Good. Now activate it yourself.” Sensei ordered.


Izuku tried to call upon the feeling again. A small shatter in reality appeared in front of Izuku once again. He took out what was in it to see a small piece of paper.


“Hmm, interesting. We’ll have to work on that.” Sensei said in thought.


Izuku released his quirk, stumbling slightly. His first activation didn’t take anything out of him, but as soon as he activated it himself, he found himself exhausted.


“We’ll also have to work on your mental stamina as well. Let’s start with that. Create another thing.”


Izuku followed Sensei’s order, creating another piece of paper. He was barely holding it together, panting in exhaustion. He released his quirk once more, the paper dissipating.


“You were supposed to hold it for longer.”


“I… I can’t…” Izuku said.


Izuku felt Sensei staring at him intensely. Izuku was trembling under the gaze.


“Yes you can. You will.”


“But- AGH!” Izuku clutched his chest.


A painful sensation filled his body from his head to his toe. He twisted and turned on the ground, letting out sounds of pain.


“You want the pain to go away?” Sensei asked with a level tone.


“Please! Make it stop!”


“Then use your quirk again!” Sensei ordered.


Izuku tried with all his might to think of something. He pictured the paper he summoned and activated his quirk. In front of him, he saw white cracks as his quirk slowly activated once more. Finally, it broke open, revealing the mute purple abyss that was his quirk’s pocket dimension. He struggled to each in and pull out the paper once more, but didn’t release his quirk yet.


The pocket dimension disappeared but the paper remained. Thankfully for Izuku, the pain stopped as well. He kept hold of his quirk for as long as he could. He felt a touch of liquid under his nose and his vision started getting dark. 


Izuku passed out, his creation dissipating in his hands and his body going limp. Sensei looked on at the boy. He sighed, shaking his head in disappointment. 


“He’s weak now. But soon, he will be strong. A perfect successor to my empire.” Sensei declared.


He summoned for Kurogiri, the mist covered man appearing at his side.


“Take him to his room. Make sure he’s healthy for tomorrow.” Sensei ordered.


“Yes, sir.” Kurogiri said with a bow before taking the boy and leaving.


Sensei remained standing where he was, smiling. He was going to break that boy and turn him into someone that would make the world tremble. Pocket Dimension was the first… Of many more to come...

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For the next seven months, Izuku was relentlessly trained by Sensei to increase his control over his quirk. The training was torture. Every time Izuku wouldn’t follow Sensei’s orders, be it using his quirk for long periods of time or summoning a specific item and using it, he would use the quirk that instills pain in his body.


In that time, he was able to increase the duration he would be able to hold up his summons. All through that time, he wished his pain and suffering could end. He wanted nothing more than to escape. To leave the place he considered his torture chamber.


Thankfully for Izuku, his torture was quick to come to an end.




Izuku was walked back to his room after another day of training. His whole body was in pain once more. After his first few days, he was actually able to walk back to his room on his own. All For One instructed Kurogiri to walk him back to his room every day afterwards.


As they arrived at his room, a rumble was felt through the place. Izuku looked at Kurogiri.


“W-What was that?”


“Probably Sensei killing another hero.” Kurogiri spoke.


“O-Oh…” Izuku flinched.


Another, more violent, rumble occured right after Izuku spoke. Kurogiri glanced in the direction of it.


“Stay in this room.” Kurogiri ordered.


Izuku flinched and nodded. When the door closed again, Izuku felt another, larger rumble. The ceiling slightly fell. 


“If I fail this, Sensei will make me hurt… But I need to escape!” Izuku said to himself.


Izuku remembered passing by what Sensei called an armory when he went back to his room. He remembered seeing a large cylindrical tube with a trigger. It had a warning on the crate it was on, saying it had explosive bullets. Maybe he could create that and break out!


Izuku thought real hard, imagining the object and how it worked. He then activated his quirk. A crack in reality formed before it shattered open, revealing the familiar mute purple environment of his pocket dimension. He pulled through a smaller looking version of it. 


Izuku turned to the far wall of his room as the reality shatter disappeared. He aimed the weapon at the wall and pulled the trigger. What looked like a bullet the size of a bazooka round shot out of the weapon, the recoil of which sent Izuku falling onto his butt. The round sailed through the air and impacted the wall, causing the bullet to explode.


Light. He could see light peeking out through the wall. He got up and fired another round, sending himself onto his butt once more as the second shot broke through the wall completely. Light shined through from the other side of the broken wall. He released his quirk, causing the weapon to dissipate.


Izuku stumbled to his feet before running out. Looking around, he was surrounded by large buildings. Another explosive rumble made him stumble lightly. He turned around to see the man he recognized to be All Might fighting against Sensei.


‘So that’s why there was a bunch of rumbling! Alright! I need to get out of here!’ Izuku thought.


Izuku turned around and began running away from the fight. He didn’t focus on where he was, just that he needed to run far away from Sensei’s building. As he went deeper and deeper into the city, he noticed more people around. Every so often, he noticed a few looking at him with curiosity. He felt that he couldn’t trust them. He needed to be away from them.


Izuku finally stopped running, succumbing to his exhaustion in an alleyway. It was starting to rain as he did. He didn’t like the feeling of being in wet clothes. Thankfully for him, there was an overhang that would protect him from some of the rain.


As he sat there, his knees to his chest, he felt his eyelids start to become heavy. He knew it was a bad idea to fall asleep in an alleyway, but he couldn’t stop himself. He drifted off to sleep silently.




Izuku awoke to the sounds of the city. The rain had let up and was now sunny outside. How long had he slept? It must have been a solid twelve hours if the sun was out. His hunger immediately drew his attention. His stomach rumbled and ached for food.


He stood up slowly, his joints aching from the unusual sleeping position he was in. He groaned as he felt the involuntary need to stretch his legs and arms. He did so before leaving the alleyway.


Outside the alleyway, he saw crowds of people in business suits walking to their place of work. They didn’t bat an eye at him, but he felt afraid of them. Each one reminded him of his tormentor for the past seven months. He trembled in fear.


He swallowed his fear, however, as he needed to get something to eat. And none of them had shadows over their faces. That was good. He began quickly walking, searching for any place that had food. 


He was suddenly faced with a building that looked to be selling food. He was about to walk in when a guy who was obviously drunk walked out. The man stuffed a wad of paper into his jacket pocket as he stumbled out. The paper fell out as he walked by Izuku. He looked down at what the paper was to see it was cash. He remembered that he needed cash to pay for food.


Izuku looked between the drunk man and the building. He wanted to be good and give it back. But he needed food as well. He winced as he picked up the cash and walked inside. Already he felt bad. He didn’t want to steal! 


He shook himself from those thoughts, wanting to focus on something else other than his guilt. He looked at the list of foods behind the front counter. He looked between it and the cash. He was holding two thousand yen. He could get something good with that.


Izuku looked at the lady who was at the front counter. She just witnessed a five year old child walk in without any supervision and with money. She shook out of her shock to smile softly.


“Hello, little guy.”


“H-Hello. I’d like to get some food.” Izuku said, extending his arm with the cash towards her.


“What would you like?” She asked softly.


“I-I don’t know…” Izuku said, looking at the different things.


“Hmm… I know, I’ll make your order for you so you get something good to eat. Would you like that?” 


“Y-Yes please…” Izuku nodded.


The woman smiled softly before nodding.


“It’ll be just a moment, then. Feel free to sit at one of the tables. And keep the two thousand yen. This’ll be on me.”


Izuu nodded before pocketing the money.




Izuku looked around and spotted a free table. He walked over and sat at it, awkwardly looking around in nervousness. The woman arrived with a plate that had a sandwich with a muffin on the side. She also placed down a cup of juice.


Izuku looked between the woman and the food, his stomach letting out a rumble once more. The woman smiled.


“Go ahead. Eat up.” The woman said with a smile.


Izuku took a moment to look at the woman who was being so nice to him. She had a head of brown hair and yellow eyes. She had a kind smile on her face and was wearing a white dress shirt and a black skirt that went below her knees.


Izuku finally nodded before digging in. He was slow at first, but soon, hunger took over and he began ravenously eating his food. The woman watched with a concerned expression as she saw his hunger.


Izuku finished his food and smiled, satisfied.


“Th-Thank you.” Izuku said.


“You’re welcome.” The woman said with a smile.


Silence passed between the two of them for a moment before the woman asked a question she was curious about.


“Where are your parents?” She asked.


Izuku flinched. He looked down.


“They didn’t want me…” Izuku said lowly.


“That’s terrible!”


Izuku wordlessly nodded.


“Thank you for the food. I need to go…” Izuku said, getting up without another word.


“W-Wait.” The woman tried to get him to stay.


Izuku ignored the woman’s calls, leaving the building and running away. The woman watched him leave with concern on her face. She decided to call the police, telling them about the kid she just talked to.




Izuku ran into the nearest alleyway, wanting to lose anyone who would follow him. He kept running through the alleys until he was sure nobody followed him. He slowed down to a stop.


He thought back to the woman who helped him. He smiled softly.


‘She was nice…’ He thought to himself. 


Izuku looked down. What should he do now? His parents didn’t want him. Kacchan hated him. What could he do?


“She said he went down here. I can detect someone down there.” A feminine voice echoed from the alleyway.


Izuku looked back in fear. He started running away quickly.


“He’s on the run!” He heard as he started running.


‘She must be using her quirk. There has to be a limit!’ Izuku thought.


Izuku’s first thought on his pursuers was the fact that they could be Sensei’s men. He didn’t want to go back.


Izuku picked up the pace as he sprinted away. Izuku was thankful that the alleyway was a maze, otherwise, they would have caught up to him by now. He soon couldn’t hear them anymore. He assumed that he lost them, which he was glad about. 


Izuku walked over to a nearby wall and sat against it, wanting to rest after the activity he just went through. He closed his eyes and caught his breath, unaware of the new person who was there.


“Hey.” Came the sound of a girl’s voice.


Izuku jumped, his eyes snapping open.


“Woah! Hey! Don’t worry!” The girl said.


Izuku looked at the girl. She looked to be around his age. She had red hair styled in three bangs across her face. She had brown eyes and a friendly smile on her face. She wore a red T-shirt and brown shorts with blue shoes.


“Wh-Who are you?” Izuku asked.


“My name’s Shino Sousaki. I saw you from the entrance and you looked a little scared. Are you okay?” She asked with a concerned look on her face.


“I-I’m fine… You don’t need to worry about me.” Izuku said, looking away.


“You say that, but I still do.” Sousaki’s voice echoed in his mind.


Izuku jumped in surprise. He looked at Sousaki with wide eyes.


“How did you do that?” Izuku asked.


“It’s my quirk! It’s called Telepathy. I can only do this to one person right now, and doing it too long hurts my brain. But I’m training it!” Sousaki’s voice echoed in his mind, a smile on her face. 


For some reason, her voice seemed to calm him. It wasn’t like Sensei’s quirk. It didn’t cause him pain.

“So what’s your name?” Sousaki asked.


Izuku looked down.


“Izuku… Izuku Midoriya.” Izuku said.


“It’s nice to meet you, Midoriya.” Sousaki said with a smile.


Izuku looked up at her and saw her smiling. A small smile graced his features in response.


“What are you doing here, Midoriya?” Sousaki asked curiously.


Izuku flinched at the question. He looked away.


“Y-You don’t have to tell me if it makes you sad!” Sousaki said quickly.


“N-No… It’s okay… I uh… Ran away…” 


“That’s not good. What about your parents? Won’t they worry?”


“...They don’t want me…” Izuku muttered.


Despite his low voice, Sousaki heard what he said. She had a concerned look.


“Well, there you are.” A woman’s voice came from deeper in the alley.


Izuku jumped, instantly recognizing it from the group that chased him. He backed up slightly.


The woman had emerald green hair, large yellow eyes, and wore a costume that consisted of a sleeveless, collared top decorated with three straps and a bell, a large ruffled skirt, a tail, an orange belt with pockets, a silver buckle resembling a cat paw with blue pads, large white cat gloves with retractable claws, boots with vertical stripes lined with white fur and a communication device designed to resemble cat ears.


“Oh, hey Mom!” Sousaki said with a bright smile.


“Hey, Kitten!”


“Were you looking for me?” Sousaki asked.


“Nope. I was actually looking for your friend.” She smiled.


“Oh? Why?”


“Because someone called saying that a kid with no parents showed up at their work, and I was the closest.” The woman said.

“Oh! This is Izuku Midoriya. Midoriya, this is my mom, the Pro Hero Ragdoll of the Wild Wild Pussycats!” Sousaki said.




Izuku was silent, simply stepping back once more.


“Don’t worry, little guy! I promise I won’t hurt you. Do you trust me?” Ragdoll asked, extending her hand towards him.


Izuku looked between Ragdoll and her hand. Fear was slowly increasing. He was getting more and more worried for some reason.


“You can trust her. I promise.” Sousaki’s voice came through his mind.


Hearing Sousaki’s voice once again calmed him. The thought of her using her quirk to help him made him feel better. He felt he could trust her. He nodded at Sousaki before looking at Ragdoll’s hand. He looked up at her and extended his hand to hers, allowing her hand to surround his.


Ragdoll smiled.


“Thank you for trusting me. Now how about we go to the police station? I know this guy who will help you as much as possible. Okay?”


Izuku nodded wordlessly.


“Shino, do you want to come along?” Ragdoll asked.


“Can I?” Sousaki asked with a smile.


“Yeah! He’s your new friend, isn’t he?”


Izuku looked between Ragdoll and Sousaki. Sousaki looked at him with a smile.


“Do you want to be my friend?” Sousaki asked.


Izuku felt his chest warm when she asked that. Maybe having her as a friend wouldn’t be so bad. He nodded.




Ragdoll giggled at her daughter’s reaction.


“Alright, how about we all get going?” Ragdoll suggested.


Izuku nodded wordlessly, letting Ragdoll gently pull him along. He was free. And if Ragdoll kept her word, then he would be helped as well.

Chapter Text

Izuku was lead by Ragdoll to a police station. As he walked, he began feeling nervous once more, feeling people’s eyes on him. His hand unintentionally tightened around Ragdoll’s as he kept looking around in fear.


Ragdoll noticed the fear in the boy’s eyes and felt her heart squeeze. She gently squeezed his hand, drawing his gaze to her. She gave him a supportive smile and nod.


“Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” Ragdoll promised.


“You… You promise?” Izuku asked.


“I promise.” Ragdoll said with a smile.


Izuku looked at her silently for a moment before nodding. Sousaki decided to talk with him after that.


“Yeah! Mom won’t let you get hurt.” Sousaki said with a smile.


Izuku looked at Sousaki and found himself smiling slightly. Her smile was infectious. He liked that about her.


“Thank you…” Izuku let out quietly.


Sousaki smiled wider, happy he spoke.




They arrived at the police station and immediately went to the office of a detective. The staff watched as the pro hero brought two children to a detective’s office. They shrugged it off due to the fact that a pro hero was bringing them around.


Izuku looked at the name on the detective office.


Naomasa Tsukauchi


Izuku didn’t recognize the name, but he couldn’t really think about anything else before he was pulled into the detective’s office. Sousaki made sure to stay by Izuku’s side, wanting to help her new friend.


“Ragdoll? What’s up?” The man behind the desk asked.


The man, who Izuku assumed to be Tsukauchi, looked to be in his late twenties. He wore a white button up shirt with a black tie. Due to him being behind a desk, he couldn’t see what kind of pants he was wearing. He had short black hair and black eyes.


“Do you know anything about an Izuku Midoriya?”


“Midoriya?” Tsukauchi asked, shocked.


“Yeah. Why? Do you know them?”


“Not personally. There was a case of a fire at the Midoriya household seven months ago. All occupants were burnt and unidentifiable. The fire seemed to have started accidentally, but I’ve been investigating it. It just didn’t seem right to me.” Tsukauchi explained.


“Well, there’s one survivor.” Ragdoll said.


Tsukauchi looked down at the green haired boy currently looking away. He did resemble the most recent photo of Izuku Midoriya. He stood from his desk and went around to look at Izuku closely.


“Could you answer some questions for me?” Tsukauchi asked softly.


Izuku looked up at the man and slowly nodded.


“What’s your name?”


“I-Izuku Midoriya.” He replied.


Tsukauchi’s quirk told him that Izuku was telling the truth.


“Where were you for the past seven months?” Tsukauchi asked.


Izuku flinched and looked down. That concerned Tsukauchi.


“We’ll come back to that question later.” Tsukauchi said, placing a gentle hand on Izuku’s shoulder.


Izuku flinched once more at the contact, but slowly calmed down. Tsukauchi pat Izuku’s shoulder once before drawing his hand back.


“Do you remember what happened seven months ago?”


Izuku slowly nodded.


“Could you tell me?”


Izuku nodded once more. He took a deep breath, getting the courage to speak.


“My… My parents sold me… To this guy named Sensei.” Izuku said.


Tsukauchi’s eyes widen at the name. All For One had many names and Sensei was one of them that he noticed to be used commonly. This kid was sold to All For One by his parents. Were they in league with him?


“When they found out I was quirkless, I guess they didn’t want me anymore.” Izuku said sadly.


Sousaki noticed his sadness and offered him a hug, patting his back. She really didn’t want him to be sad. Izuku returned the hug and took a few minutes to regain his composure a bit.


Izuku’s statement brought more questions to Tsukauchi. Why All For One wanted a quirkless boy was one of them.


“Sensei… Gave me a quirk… And forced me to train it.”


Everyone in the room was surprised at that. Tsukauchi was surprised that All For One gave Izuku a quirk. Ragdoll and Sousaki were surprised such a quirk existed in the world and that it was in the hands of a villain.


“Could you show me your quirk?” Tsukauchi asked.


Izuku slowly nodded before looking around the room. He chose an object and activated his quirk. Everyone was surprised at the sudden shatter in reality. Izuku reached into the muted purple environment and pulled out a book. He then released his quirk and the book disappeared.


“I can… Create things from my mind. But as soon as I turn off my quirk, it disappears. Anything that happens with the object, like if I throw it and it dents the wall, the dent remains after my quirk deactivates. It mainly uses my brain power so if I overexert myself, I'll go to sleep. Also, things work how I think they do. So I can’t  make books if I don’t know what all the words are.” Izuku explained.


“That’s a very interesting quirk.”


Izuku nodded.


“I think if you chose to be a hero, you’d be very good at it.” Tsukauchi added, trying to bring his spirits up.


Izuku nodded once more wordlessly, causing Tsukauchi to sigh.


“So you said you were bought by this ‘Sensei’ person. So you were taken to his hideout?”


Izuku nodded.


“How did you escape?”


Izuku paused for a moment before speaking.


“I… Created this.” Izuku said.

Tsukauchi’s eyes widen as he saw Izuku pull out a bazooka with his quirk. He held it by the barrel, not even touching the trigger.


“You know how to use that? Where did you see it?”


“It’s like a gun, right?” Izuku asked cluelessly.


Tsukauchi mentally facepalmed.


“Could you turn your quirk off now?” Tsukauchi asked, not wanting to risk the bazooka from misfiring.


Izuku nodded, releasing his quirk. The detective released a breath as the major explosive threat was gone. 


“Well, Izuku. I need to make a few calls. Would you be alright if Ragdoll and her daughter wait outside with you?” Tsukauchi asked.


Izuku looked back at Ragdoll and Sousaki. They both were wearing soft smiles. He turned back to Tsukauchi and nodded.


The detective smiled.


“Good. I promise it won’t be long.” 


Ragdoll gently took Izuku’s hand once more and lead him out of the room with her daughter following them. The group sat down in the waiting room of the police station. Sousaki managed to get Izuku talking after a little bit.


“So, do you want to be a hero?” Sousaki asked.


Izuku nodded, a small smile gracing his features. Shino mentally fistpumped at the smile.


“I do. More than anything.” Izuku said.


“Me too! Ooh! We can become heroes together!” Sousaki suggested.


“You want to become a hero with me?” Izuku asked, surprised.


“Mhm! You seem like a good person! And your quirk is very cool!”


“Your quirk is cooler than mine.” Izuku said, looking away.


“Nuh-uh! Yours is better!”


“But yours is so good, too!”


Sousaki was silent for a moment before smiling once more.


“How about this? We both have great quirks!”


Izuku looked conflicted for a moment before finally agreeing.



Sousaki smiled.


“Tomoko?” A male voice spoke.


Izuku, Sousaki, and Ragdoll turned to see a man with indigo colored hair, bags under his dark purple eyes, and wearing a purple version of the Pussycat’s outfit. 


“Dad!” Sousaki shouted, running to the man.


Sousaki’s father smiled softly at his daughter, bending down and picking her up into his arms. Ragdoll smiled from her seat.


“Hey, dear. What are you doing here?”


“I just finished turning in a villain here. I just happened to see you.”


The man turned to Izuku who was beside Ragdoll.


“Who’s the kid?” He asked.


“He’s Izuku Midoriya. He just escaped captivity after being sold to a villain.”


“That’s bad. Have you contacted the parents?”


“They’re dead.”


“Hmm…” The man lowered his head, nodding.


The man looked down at the green haired kid. He gave the kid a tired smile. Sousaki squirmed a bit, causing the man to let his daughter down. She got onto the chair and wrapped a small arm around Izuku’s neck, pointing to him.


“We’re gonna be heroes together!” Sousaki declared.


The man chuckled.


“Are you, now?”


“Mhm!” Sousaki smiled brightly.


Sousaki looked at Izuku with a smile.


“My dad’s the Pro Hero Mew! He works with Mom in the Wild Wild Pussycats.” Sousaki explained.


Izuku nodded in understanding.


“So your parents are both in the Wild Wild Pussycats?”


“Mhm! And I wanna be a hero just like them!” Sousaki said with a smile.


“Hitoshi, could I speak to you in private?” Ragdoll asked.


Hitoshi knew that tone. It was a serious matter. He turned to smile at his daughter and her new friend.


“Stay here, alright?”


“Okay!” Sousaki nodded.




As the two children talk, Ragdoll filled him in on all that happened in the detective’s office. Hitoshi was surprised such a quirk like this ‘Sensei’s’ would even exist. And the fact that he gave Izuku a quirk no less was shocking.


“So, what do you think we should do about it?”


Ragdoll was quiet for a moment before speaking.


“What’s Kinoto up to?” Ragdoll asked.


“Jesse? He’s just been doing hero work and teaching at UA. Why?”


“Would he be willing to adopt him?”


Hitoshi’s eyes widen in surprise at such a question.


“You serious?”


“I don’t want this kid to go into the foster system, and since we already have Shino, I think someone else should do it. And we both know Jesse loves taking care of kids. Remember when he babysat Shino for us?”


Hitoshi smiled fondly at the memory. He nodded.


“Alright. I’ll call him. No promises if he’ll take it, though.” Hitoshi said.


“Thank you, honey.” Ragdoll said, kissing her husband on the cheek.




“I can’t believe he’s actually doing this.” Hitoshi said.


“I can. He loves kids.” Ragdoll replied.


“I still can’t believe it. He doesn’t even know the kid.”


“He will.” Ragdoll said.


Izuku and Shino were talking about heroes when the pro heroes Ragdoll and Mew came back to them. They saw Izuku looking a bit brighter than he was when they left. It was all thanks to their daughter. Ragdoll smiled at the two interacting.


“We are so going to have to bring Shino over for playdates with him.” Ragdoll said.


“My girl’s growing up. Soon enough, they’re going to date and then have kids. I’m not ready for that. It’s going too fast!” Hitoshi said in a hurried tone.


“Oh relax, honey. She’s only five.” Ragdoll said, playfully swatting her husband’s shoulder.


“That doesn’t matter! It can start early! Hell, we started dating when we were ten, Tomoko!” Hitoshi replied.


The two finally approached the children. Izuku was talking animatedly about a hero that just walked through the police station. Shino was talking with him with an equally animated demeanor and an excited smile.


“Hey there, you two.”


“Hey, Mom!” Shino greeted

“Hey Mrs. Ragdoll!”


“I see you’re feeling better.”


“Mhm! Shino helped.”


“Shino? Oh god, it’s already starting!” Hitoshi commented.


Ragdoll swatted her husband’s shoulder.


“When did you start calling her by her first name?” Ragdoll asked.


“She asked me to call her that.” Izuku replied.


“Mhm!” Shino nodded in support to Izuku’s statement.


Detective Tsukauchi came out of his room and walked towards them. When he arrived, he spoke.


“So, I told some people about what you said. I was told you would need to be watched, as having a quirk given to people has never been recorded, meaning there could be side effects.” Tsukauchi began.


Izuku became scared again. He didn’t like being watched.


“Don’t worry, I am going to set up someone to take you in and watch you. And I’ll make sure you’re alright with the person, okay?”


“With all due respect, Tsukauchi, we already called someone.” Ragdoll said.


Tsukauchi looked at Ragdoll in surprise and curiosity.


“What? Who?”


The door to the police office opened, drawing the three adults and two children’s gaze. A man walked through in a cowboy costume, a gas mask over his face, a cowboy hat on his head and dreadlocks tied in a ponytail coming out the back of the gas mask. A revolver was in a holster on his hip. The man tipped his hat. His voice had a western accent to it.


“Howdy there. I hear there’s a youngin in need of a rescue?” 

Chapter Text

Jesse Kinoto, also known as the Pro Hero: Snipe, immediately was filled in on the boy who he was called to meet. It hurt to hear a young child was hurt so much. He was interested in the boy’s quirk, due to the possibilities it held, but he decided to focus on helping the boy first. His quirk wasn’t important at the moment.


He looked at the two kids at the waiting room from Detective Tsukauchi’s office. He watched them for a moment before turning back to the heroes and detective in the room.


“I’ll do it.” Snipe said.


“Are you sure?”


“I am. This kid needs a family so I want to help him.” Snipe nodded.


“Alright. I’ll send you the papers tomorrow.”


“Okay. I’m gonna go see the little tyke now.” Snipe said, turning and leaving the room.




Izuku and Sousaki continued talking. The current subject was about the hero that just came in.


“So he’s the Pro Hero Snipe! He babysat me a lot!” Sousaki explained with a wide smile.


“That’s so cool!” Izuku replied.


“Mhm! He’s almost as cool as Mama and Papa!”


A chuckle broke them from their conversation.


“Almost? I’m hurt, little Shino.”


The two turned to see Snipe kneeling down to their level.


“Snipe!” Sousaki shouted, hugging the hero.


Snipe returned the hug happily, patting the girl’s back a couple times before pulling back from the hug.


“Working as a hero early, are you?” Snipe asked, patting Sousaki’s head.


“Mhm! I’m helping Izuku!”


“So I hear.”


Snipe turned his head to look at Izuku, who got shy under the hero’s gaze and looked away.


“So, I have some news, little Izuku.” Snipe started.


Izuku looked back up at Snipe. His expression was curious.


“How would you like to have a new family?” Snipe asked.


“I… I don’t know… My last one didn’t like me…” Izuku said.


“Well I know this new family will like you tons more.” 




“Because I’d like to take you in.” Snipe revealed.


Izuku looked surprised. 


“But… You just met me…” Izuku said hesitantly.


“That’s true. But I know a good heart when I see it. And a little birdy told me you want to be a hero someday, too. Don’tcha?”


Izuku brightened up.


“Yeah! I wanna be a hero!” Izuku said.


“With me!” Shino added, hooking an arm around Izuku.


Snipe chuckled.


“Oh, Em’s gonna just love ya. Alright, little one. What do you say? Wanna become a part o’ my family?” Snipe asked.


Izuku looked from Shino to Snipe. He then made his decision.


“Yes please.” Izuku answered.


Snipe smiled under his mask, nodding a couple times.


“Alrighty then. With that settled, I suppose it’s time to bring you home.” Snipe said.


“Can I see him again, Snipe?” Shino asked hopefully.


“Of course you can. Just ask your mama to call me and we can set up a little playdate.” Snipe said.


“Yay! Thank you!”


It was then that Ragdoll and Mew returned to the waiting room as well. 


“Mom! Dad! Can I go visit Izuku on a playdate soon?” Shino asked almost immediately.


Hitoshi wore a worried expression, concerned that her little girl is growing up too fast. Tomoko was smiling softly.


“Of course. But Izuku has to get settled in first. So we won’t visit tomorrow.”


“Ohhhhh!” Shino pouted.


“Don’t worry. You can visit the day after.” Izuku commented.


“Oh yeah! Okay! I’ll see you then!” Shino said with a bright smile.




After bidding Shino and her family goodbye, Snipe took Izuku to his truck and drove back to his house. On the way there, they stopped in a concealed spot and Izuku was able to see his new father’s real appearance.


Underneath Snipe’s costume, he was wearing a dull salmon red T-shirt, jeans, and he changed his cowboy boots out for a pair of brown work boots. He let his dreadlocks fall from its ponytail. 


His face was rugged with a couple scars, one on his forehead and one along his chin. His eyes were a warm brown color. His face shifted to a soft smile.


“You alright, little one?” Snipe asked.


Izuku finally realized he was staring and blushed, looking away.


“Y-Yeah… I’m fine, Mr. Snipe…” Izuku said.


“When I’m out of costume I’m Jesse Kinoto. Just call me Jesse if you want, kid.” Jesse said, patting the boy’s head a couple times.


Izuku nodded wordlessly, looking down in shyness. Jesse started his truck up again before driving the rest of the way to his home.




Izuku looked outside of Jesse’s truck to see a two story house. It was quite ordinary, the exterior walls having a white color and the roof being black. It made sense since Snipe didn’t want everyone knowing he lived there.


They drove up the driveway and parked there.


“Home sweet home.” Jesse said.


Izuku looked to the man. Jesse nodded with a smile before getting out and getting the door for him. Izuku let out a quiet thank you to him as he got out. Jesse held out his hand for Izuku to take. Izuku looked at it before looking at Jesse. He then hesitantly reached out and took the hand. Jesse smiled softly at the boy.


“C’mon now. Let’s go meet your new mama.” Jesse said.


Izuku nodded before letting the man gently pull him inside. 


“Em! I’m home! And I got a surprise for ya!” Jesse called from the door as he closed it behind them.


“Ooh! Is it another one of those bouquets of joke flowers that squirt water?” A woman’s voice called from inside the house.


Footsteps came from deeper inside the house. Izuku looked towards it to see a woman with seafoam green hair, green eyes, and a wide smile on her face come into view. She had a very athletic body for the most part. The only thing that looked off from her look was the visible bump in her stomach.


Izuku immediately recognized her, despite her not in her uniform. She was the Smile Hero: Mrs. Joke. He looked at the woman in awe for a moment before realizing he was staring and looked down shyly.


The woman saw Izuku and gasped, her smile never leaving her face. She approached the two at the door at a slower pace, noticing the look of caution in Izuku’s eyes. When she arrived, she crouched down.


“Hello there, little guy. What’s your name?” The woman asked softly, her smile softening slightly.


“I-Izuku… Midoriya…” Izuku said shyly.


“Come tomorrow, he’ll be Izuku Kinoto.” Jesse commented.


The woman looked up at Jesse with surprise.


“He will?”


“Yeah. Kid’s had a rough life this past several months.”


The woman looked back down at the kid with a sympathetic look in her eyes.


“Well, Izuku, I’m Emi Kinoto. I’m going to be your mother from now on.” Emi said softly.


Izuku looked at the smiling face of his new mother and found himself with a small smile on his face as well. He nodded.


“Em, could you help the youngin’ get situated? I’m gonna cook some early dinner.” Jesse said softly.


“Sure.” Emi said, standing up and offering a hand to the kid.


Izuku took Emi’s hand, silently enjoying the warmth it gave him as she lead him through the house. The two of them went upstairs and walked to a room. Inside, there was a queen sized bed, a dresser, a door to a small walk-in closet, and a nightstand. The walls were white with the floor being a nice dark brown and the ceiling being the same white as the walls.


“This is where you’ll be staying, Izuku.” Emi said softly.


“This big room… For me?” Izuku asked.


“Mhm!” Emi chirped with a happy smile.


“Okay…” Izuku nodded.


“Hey…” Emi started.


Izuku looked up at her only to get embraced by the woman. Izuku suddenly felt all his emotions flood out in an instant, tears falling and sobs starting. He clung to his new mother for dear life, afraid that she might sell him, too. 


Emi hummed softly, gently rocking the boy side to side and patting his back. Her heart broke when she heard his pained sobs. She wanted more than anything for him to laugh and smile, but didn’t want to use her quirk to make it artificially happen.


Soon, Izuku’s sobs calmed down. In his exhaustion of the whole day, he fell asleep once more, clinging to the woman even in his sleep. She looked down at the boy with concern on her face. She gently surrounded the boy with her arms and picked him up, carrying him to the kitchen.


When he got in there, she saw her husband cooking at the stove. She smiled softly at the scene.


“Jesse?” Emi said, getting his attention.


He looked back and saw the two of them.


“Yeah?” He asked.


“We need to talk about him.” Emi said seriously.


Jesse nodded, putting what he was cooking off the burner. He was at a point where he could stop cooking and resume later. It was more important that they talk about Izuku first.




One explanation about everything Snipe was told about later and Emi was holding Izuku’s sleeping body closer, not wanting to let the boy go.


“That’s horrible…” Emi said softly, her mind instantly imagining her child in her stomach being sold to villains.


She shook her head, dissipating those thoughts. She looked at Jesse with a determined look.


“We’re going to take care of him. And we’re not going to let him think we don’t love him with all our hearts.” Emi said.


Jesse smiled.


“I’m glad we’re on the same page, darlin’.” Jesse said.


The boy in Emi’s arms stirred slightly as he woke up. When he remembered what happened, his eyes snapped open and looked around. He saw Jesse and Emi looking at him with smiles on their faces.


“Hey there, little one. You hungry?” Jesse asked.


As if to answer his question, Izuku’s stomach rumbled. Jesse chuckled.


“Well I say that’s as good an answer as any. Don’t worry, Izuku. Dinner will be soon.” Jesse said, ruffling Izuku’s hair as he stood up.


Izuku watched Jesse leave before turning his head to Emi. She was still smiling at him.


“Did you enjoy your sleep?” Emi asked.


Izuku nodded silently.


“That’s good. Don’t worry about us, Izuku. I promise we’ll love you like your real parents should've. Okay?” Emi asked.


Izuku watched Emi’s face. It looked so sincere. He nodded again, a small, grateful smile appearing on his face.


“Thank you…” Izuku said quietly.


Emi’s heart warmed at the sight of Izuku’s smile. She ruffled Izuku’s hair once.


“Alright, how about we make sure Jesse doesn’t burn the food?” Emi suggested.


Izuku let out a couple chuckles, nodding. Emi fist bumped as she made him laugh. She then lifted Izuku up and carried him to the kitchen. 


Izuku was happy. He didn’t know how, but he knew his life would turn out for the better in the coming years. For the first time in the past year, he was looking forward to what the future would bring.

Chapter Text

In the months following Izuku’s adoption, he got to know his parents a lot better. Jesse, contrary to his hero motif, was actually a sci-fi buff. When Izuku found out about Jesse’s love of sci-fi, he was surprised.




Izuku hadn’t gone into his parents room before when he was asked to get something from their room one day. When he opened the door, he was flooded with dozens of posters of multiple different sci-fi series.


“Woah…” Izuku let out, looking at the different posters.


Izuku noticed a visible divide in the different sides of the bedroom. One was covered with sci-fi apparel while the other had posters of different comedians and comedy movies. He looked more closely at the sci-fi side, looking at the different figures on shelves. 


He even saw a silver cylinder on a stand. It had black segments as well as a golden rim on what looked like the nozzle. More golden rectangles were just below it about three quarters of the way around. A black segment was on the last bit of it, and on said segment was a red button. It seemed like it would activate whatever it was. In the middle of the cylinder, there was a plate with “BAMF” on it.


“I see Mace Windu’s lightsaber drew yer eye.” Jesse’s voice said from the door.


Izuku jumped slightly and turned around.


“S-Sorry, it was just-”


He was cut off by Jesse’s laughter.


“I get it. Curiosity. Wanna know more about it?”


“Yeah. But… I’m curious…”


“‘Bout what?”


“I thought you were into things about American cowboys.” Izuku replied.


Jesse paused before chuckling slightly.


“Just ‘cause my hero costume is western doesn’t mean I don’t like sci-fi. I personally thought being a space cowboy wouldn’t make me quite as iconic as just a regular one. So I thought I’d do the normal cowboy look and see where that took me.” Jesse said with a shrug and smirk.


“Oh.” Izuku said, taking in the information.


“So, wanna know what that’s from?”


“Mhm!” Izuku replied, curiosity and interest taking form in his expression.


“Alrighty then!”


He called out to his wife.


“Em! Izuku and I are gonna have a movie marathon! Wanna join?”


“Sure! I just need to finish this before high noon!” Emi called back.


Izuku chuckled slightly at Emi’s joke while Jesse facepalmed before smiling fondly in Emi’s direction.




Jesse was quick to get his son in on the sci-fi train as well. A whole week was dedicated to Izuku and Jesse just sitting and watching sci-fi flicks. Emi smiled fondly at the thought of having two sci-fi nerds in the house instead of one.

Speaking of Emi, she was actually a lot more relaxed than her hero persona. While Emi was still a jokester, she wasn’t spouting jokes every second she opened her mouth. She was also a big hugger and cuddler. She also loved watching comedies, which Izuku took after a slight bit.


In terms of Izuku’s behavior, thanks to his parents as well as Shino, he became a bit more open and comfortable around them. When he did, Emi started showing him some pranks. She even showed how he could incorporate his quirk into it.




It was the morning and Jesse was the first to wake up. He usually was during the week days since he had to get to UA. He heard muffled voices after a while of cooking. He plated what he cooked.


“Emi! Izuku! Come an’ get breakfast!” Jesse called.


Emi came in first and was wearing a wide smile. It was the kind of smile he was suspicious about. Emi saw his suspicious face and giggled.


“What are you planning?” Jesse asked cautiously.


“Oh, nothing…” Emi replied mischievously.


“Do you know if Izuku’s up?” Jesse asked.


“He’ll be down any moment.”


At that moment, Jesse heard a knocking on the floor below him. He saw a grenade with the pin removed. He didn’t think and only acted, diving away from the grenade. Suddenly the grenade went off and Jesse expected a large explosion. What he was greeted with was an explosion of confetti.


It was then that he noticed Emi and Izuku laughing. Izuku was on the ground rolling and holding his sides. 


“Oh c’mon, you two!” Jesse shouted in annoyance.


“Haha- Sorry, I- Hahaha- I couldn’t resist! Izu’s quirk allows so many possibilities!” Emi managed to say between laughter.


“Now I have to deal with two of you in this house? Kill me now.” Jesse muttered as he stood up.


“Oh don’t be like that. You love us.” Emi said, still giggling.


“You’re right. I do, unfortunately.” Jesse said, a small smile tugging at his lips.




Speaking of his quirk, Izuku was told he would be able to improve his handling over his quirk when he got into middle school, so he was excited about that. He was bummed out that it was still a long ways away, but he was still excited for it nonetheless.


Something that happened frequently was Shino visiting. It all started the second day of him being a part of the Kinoto family.




Izuku woke up to the sound of his new mother calling him to breakfast. He got out of bed, stretching out a bit. He looked around, still unfamiliar with his room. He got out of bed, looking at himself and his green pajamas he got the previous day. He walked to the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he walked.


“Good morning, sleepyhead. How was your sleep?” Emi asked, a soft smile on her face.


It always felt nice seeing her smile at him. He could feel the affection coming from it.


“It was good.” Izuku said quietly.


“Well, that’s good. What do you think of pancakes for breakfast?” Emi asked.


Izuku looked at his adoptive mother for a moment before nodding.


“Those sound good.” Izuku said with a nod.


“Good! Because I kind of made too much.” Emi said, giggling.


Izuku nodded.




After Izuku finished eating his food, a knock came to the door. He looked towards it as Emi got up from her chair. She walked towards it and opened it.


“Oh, hey!” Emi said with a happy voice.


Izuku decided to investigate, walking to the door. It was then that he saw Mew, Ragdoll, and Shino all in civilian clothes. As soon as Shino saw him, she brightened up.


“Izuku!” Shino said with a bright smile, running towards him and hugging him.


Izuku was surprised at the hug at first but quickly returned the hug.


“It seems our children are getting to know each other.” Emi joked.


“Please, Emi. I’m already worried enough!” Hitoshi said in a pained voice.


“Oh shush.” Tomoko said, elbowing her husband.


“Come on in!” Emi said, gesturing for the two pussycat members to come in.


“Hey, Izuku! Show me your room!” Shino said excitedly.


Izuku felt Shino’s excitement seep into him and he slowly got excited as well. He nodded quickly before running with her to his room.


“Oh no, it’s starting already.” Hitoshi muttered.


“Dear, she’s only a kid. They’re not doing that at that age. I get it you’re protective but calm down. Even I know he’s a good kid.” Tomoko said, elbowing her husband again.


“Oh fine…” Hitoshi grumbled.


Emi giggled.


“How about we talk in the living room.” Emi said.


“Sure! I’ve been wanting to talk to you for a while. I miss our talks.”


“Sorry about that. As you can see, I’m kind of busy.” Emi said, gesturing to her stomach.


“I can see that. How is it coming along?”


“It’s going well. I just have to…”




As Tomoko, Hitoshi, and Emi were talking in the living room, Izuku was showing Shino his room.


“Woah! Nice bed!” Shino said.


“Yeah, it’s really comfy.”


“Your room’s so barren, though. I mean, look at the walls! I’d have tons of posters on there if this was my room!” Shino said.


“Of what?” Izuku asked curiously.


“Heroes, kitties, stuff like that.” Shino explained.




“What do you like?” Shino asked.


“I guess… Heroes?” Izuku said.


“Then get a few posters of that! Maybe some figures! Spruce up your room a bit!” Shino said encouragingly.


“Okay. I’ll do that.” Izuku nodded.


“Good! Now c’mon! I know a place in the back yard that we could play in! We could play heroes and villains!” Shino said with a wide smile.


“Okay.” Izuku nodded.




The rest of the time Shino was over, Izuku played with her outside. Emi, Tomoko, and Hitoshi relocated to their patio to make sure they didn’t get hurt when playing. A few hours later, Jesse came back and the men and women talked amongst one another as they watched their children play.


After a while longer, Hitoshi and Tomoko had to head home with their daughter. Shino promised that she would come again soon after asking her parents. After that, Izuku bid goodbye to his friend. 


After that day, Shino visited every day she was able to. Izuku’s parents were glad he had a friend his age. They were also glad they got to visit with their friends during the time their children got to play. 


As the months went by, Shino got to visit him more often. It also helped that Izuku entered Shino’s school when the new school year came around. Thankfully, it had been a few months since he became a Kinoto, meaning he was a bit more comfortable around people. That didn’t make him any less nervous about going to school.


His nervousness overloaded the day before the first day of school. Thankfully, Shino was there, as she knew her quirk could help him. He said so before that it was calming to him. So she talked to him through her quirk, speaking gently and trying to calm him down. In the end, Izuku was able to calm down and Shino was happy to have helped.


The first day came and went. Shino was with Izuku every step of the way, helping to ease his nervousness around new people. After the day ended, Shino and Izuku waited for their parents to pick them up together.


Izuku slowly got into the flow of school. Shino helped a lot with it, making each class pleasant to be in with her in it. Shino also found that class was more fun with him around. The two really complimented one another during school.


More months passed and Izuku’s adoptive mother grew closer and closer to her due date. A couple weeks before Izuku’s birthday came, it finally happened.




Izuku was in lunch with Shino when they got called to the office. They were told that Shino’s parents were going to pick them both up and go to the hospital. Izuku immediately thought the worst until they were told that Emi was going into labor. Izuku then realized his little brother was going to come into the world.


A short time later, the two were driven by Shino’s parents to the hospital. When they got there, they went as fast as they could to Emi’s room. They got there just in time to see Emi holding the baby after giving birth to it. She was sweating profusely and panting, her face red. But she was smiling happily as she looked down at her new son. 


Jesse was beside his wife, looking down at the child in her arms. He then looked at the door when it opened. He smiled when he saw Izuku look at them with curiosity.


“Come here, Izuku.” Jesse said with a soft smile.


Izuku complied, coming to Emi’s bedside. 


“Meet your little brother, Izuku.” 


“What’s his name?” Izuku asked as he looked at the little boy in Emi’s arms.


Emi was the one to answer him.


“Satsu. Satsu Kinoto.” Emi said softly, a smile on her face.

Chapter Text

Shino was in awe at the baby in Emi’s arms. Just a while ago, that was inside Emi’s stomach. It was so amazing! And the baby was so cute! 


While Shino was thinking about how cute the baby was, Tomoko and Hitoshi were having flashbacks of their own child’s birth. Hitoshi was remembering the happiness he felt when he held his daughter in his arms for the first time. Tomoko was remembering the happiness she felt just simply looking at her daughter for the first time.


Both parents were happy for their friends. While that little bundle of joy might be a hassle at first, they knew that they would love every second of that child’s existence. Shino and her parents stayed back while the Kinoto family celebrated the birth of their newest member.




Dealing with Satsu was actually not as hard as the Kinotos thought. Tomoko and Hitoshi always talked about how hard Shino was when she was an infant, always waking them up in the middle of the night crying. Satsu only woke Jesse and Emi up once in a while at night.


Izuku helped his parents take care of Satsu, allowing them some time to rest. Shino came over a lot more often to help Izuku take care of him as well. Much to Shino’s amusement, Izuku began introducing his little brother to sci-fi shows. He didn’t know if it worked, seeing as he was not even a year old, but he was trying.


It was around eight months since Satsu’s birth when something amazing happened.




“Alright Satsu! Time for nappy nap.” Izuku said as he cradled the infant in his arms.


“Yeah, and we get to tell you a story today.” Shino said from beside him.


Satsu giggled childishly, squirming slightly in excitement in the arms of his older brother. Izuku chuckled at his little brother’s reaction before looking at Shino with a smile. She returned the smile as the two went over to the infant’s cradle and set him in it.


“So, what story should we tell him today?” Shino asked.


“How about the story of the brave knight that saved the day?” Izuku asked.


“Alright! Let’s start then!”


The two proceeded to tell Satsu a story. They could tell the story was working, as Satsu’s eyes slowly got heavy. Their story trailed off when they saw the baby sound asleep. They covered the child in a blanket before backing away. Shino decided to use her quirk so she wouldn’t wake Satsu up.


“Let’s get some food then come back to watch over him.” Shino said through her quirk.


Izuku looked to his friend and nodded. The two of them left the room quietly, returning after they had full bellies. Emi was napping in her bedroom, meaning Satsu was in Izuku’s room for the time being. 


A lot changed after Shino’s first visit. What was once a barren white room was now a room with green walls and posters of multiple different sci-fi posters littering the wall. Additionally, Izuku had a poster of his mother and father along with other sci-fi styled heroes. Izuku also had shelves with different figures and models of sci-fi things. He even had a replica of Satele Shan’s double bladed lightsaber from Star Wars The Old Republic. His father helped him find it, much to his happiness.


Izuku and Shino watched over the infant’s sleep for a while until he woke up. When he did, he let out a noise.




Both the kids looked at each other with wide eyes.


“What did you say, Satsu?”


“Zu!” Satsu let out again.


“He said something! Shino, I’m gonna get Mom!” Izuku said excitedly before running out.


Satsu kept shouting it, the excitement of Shino getting to him and causing him to repeat it. When Emi came in and heard it, she was ecstatic. She called Jesse and told him the news, which caused him to come home early.


The family celebrated the baby’s first words, all the while Satsu was simply excitedly speaking, wondering why all the excitement was going on.




As the months turned into years, Izuku and Shino grew closer to one another as Satsu grew up. Izuku’s little brother sported a forest green head of hair, brighter than Izuku’s hair and darker than Emi’s. His eyes were seafoam green just like Emi’s eyes.


When he was four years old, Satsu discovered his quirk. It seemed like a combination of Snipe and Emi’s quirks. They called it Mental Flick. As it was when he tested it, he was able to launch an object in a specific direction. He couldn’t adjust the trajectory of it like his father, but it was still a cool quirk in the eyes of his parents, brother, Shino, and her parents.


With the activation of his quirk, Izuku and Shino began using their quirks as well when playing heroes and villains. Satsu always played the hero’s sidekick while Shino and Izuku switched off playing the hero and the villain.




“Mwahahahaha! Tremble before the might of Reality Breaker!” Izuku declared in an evil voice.


“We have to stop them, Mind Speaker!” Satsu said passionately.


“You read my mind, Catapult!” Shino declared, getting into a dramatic fighting pose.


“You can’t beat me! I have the power of reality on my side!” Izuku said, creating a toy lightsaber with a round plastic blade.


“I don’t even know what that word means, but we have to stop him from controlling it!” Satsu declared.


“Let’s stop him!” Shino said.


The two heroes charged at Izuku who was wearing a mock evil expression as he watched the two of them advance on him. He saw dodgeballs shoot his way, which he deflected with his toy lightsaber.


“Those won’t stop me!” Izuku declared.


“But I will.” Shino’s voice echoed through his head.


Izuku smirked before charging at Shino, blocking more of the balls that were shot his way. He lightly tapped Shino’s side when she got close. She clutched her side where she was hit and collapsed onto the ground, letting out a groan.


“He got me!”


“No! Mind Speaker!” Satsu shouted.


“You’re next, Catapult!” Izuku declared, pointing the tip of his plastic blade towards Satsu.


“Not… If I… Can help it!” Shino grunted before grabbing him.


“Now, Catapult!” 


Izuku was then pummeled with dozens of balls shooting from every direction he deflected the balls to before. He collapsed on the ground.


“You have defeated me!” Izuku declared, releasing his quirk and causing his toy blade to disappear.


Shino climbed on top of Izuku, holding his arms together.


“You’re under arrest, vile villain.” Shino declared.


The two smirked at one another, their gaze never leaving one another. What interrupted the staring contest was Satsu.


“Eww! Mom! Dad! Shino and Izuku are going to kiss!” Satsu called, running to the house.


Both of them blushed.


“Wha?! No!” They both shouted, getting off one another and running after Satsu.




Izuku and Shino entered middle school a couple years after Satsu discovered his quirk. With that, their quirk training started. And where better to train than at UA? Tomoko was thankful that Snipe was able to train Shino with Izuku. Hitoshi was still worried about his daughter's 'innocence', so he didn’t get a say in whether Shino was allowed to do it or not.


Izuku and Shino were lead into a gym on the UA campus by Jesse, who was in his Snipe costume. When Izuku and Shino entered, they were welcomed by who they recognized as Principal Nezu, Midnight, and a scruffy-looking guy wearing all black and a scarf.


“Aww! Snipe, you never told me your kid was adorable! Or that he had a girlfriend already!” Midnight said, cooing at Izuku.


Izuku and Shino blushed at Midnight’s gaze. Their embarrassment was broken when Nezu cleared his throat.


“Hello, you two. I am quite interested in the two of you. Snipe isn’t one to ask for favors, so him asking if he could bring you two here to train has me curious.” Nezu said with interest in his eyes.


“What are you doing here, Aizawa?” Snipe asked curiously.


“I’m curious as to what your son’s capable of. Since he’s most likely coming here when he’s out of high school, I might as well see what he’s made of now.” Aizawa said with a shrug.


Snipe nodded.


“Fair enough.”


“I have a question before you start.” Nezu said before they began.


The two kids looked towards the rodent principal with curiosity.


“Are you, by chance, the child who was kidnapped and then forcibly given a quirk?” Nezu asked bluntly.


Izuku flinched at the reference. Shino noticed the flinch and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Midnight smiled softly at the sight, internally shocked at the information that he was given a quirk.


“Yes… I am.” Izuku nodded.


“Hmm… Thank you for answering my curiosity. You may start now. We’ll be watching from the sidelines.” Nezu said.


“Alright, Izuku. I want you to use your quirk and create an actual weapon instead of a toy. We will start with the blaster as it is the safer alternative compared to the lightsaber.” Snipe kindly told Izuku who smiled and focused intensely on ensuring he made it properly.


After a moment, Izuku pulled his hand out of the misty break in reality and pulled out a small black pistol with a scope. Izuku then shifted it around in his hand and looked at Snipe.


“I believe I got the blaster done.” Izuku spoke up.


“Alright, now shoot it at the wall over there.” Snipe suggested as he pointed at the wall away from everyone.


Izuku then got into a terrible stance and took aim, after trying to steady his arm for a minute, he pulled the trigger. A red projectile flew through the barrel and was barely visible before it struck the instructed wall and exploded, creating a small crater in the wall. Nezu realized a small flaw and spoke up.


“Hmm, seems I should get Cementoss to create targets for you to use your quirk on. Feel free to let go of the weapon until Cementoss arrives.” Nezu said as he pulled out a phone and started interacting with it.


Izuku knew he should listen to the principal, does as requested. Izuku talked with Shino for a few minutes while they waited. After a few minutes, a man with a blocky grey appearance, casually walks into the training room.


“Nezu, you needed my help?” Cementoss questioned as he made his way inside, offering a wave to Shino and Izuku, who both smiled and waved back.


“Yes, I requested you here to allow us to better train this student’s quirk. You can see the damage he can do if you look at that wall opposite of us.” Nezu answered.


Deciding to see what type of damage he was looking at, he saw his fortified walls had suffered a pretty big beating.


“Wow, how many hits was that?” Cementoss questioned as he made his way up to the two kids.


“That was from one shot, I will need to improve my accuracy with this though so I don't go the way of a stormtrooper.” Izuku answered.


“Yeah, don’t worry, I plan on giving you all sorts of weapon training and explosive training so you can better understand the weapons and other stuff you’ll be using as a hero in the future.” Snipe said as he tipped his hat.


“Alright, let me create several test walls so we can see just how powerful you were with that attack.” Cementoss said as he placed his dusty hands onto the cement floor.


A few minutes later, several walls had formed, each one a greater thickness than the last. Once the walls were set, Cementoss stood back up and wiped off his hands.


“Alright, now do what you did last time, but after each shot move on to the next one. This is to determine the power behind your attacks.” Cementoss said clueless on what Izuku was going to do.


He was shocked to see Izuku reach down and pick up a weird looking pistol. The pistol then got aimed at the first wall, and Izuku pulled the trigger. The wall got torn apart, and it impacted the safety wall behind it. He was in shock. Izuku had just fired a gun that shot an energy blast. After a minute of watching the walls get decimated by the energy projectiles, the third last wall finally survived the blaster.


“Well I’ll be damned, that pistol packs a serious punch, I’d reckon that is on par with a high powered rocket launcher.” Snipe spoke in shock at the damage dealt by the blaster.


“Yes, I do agree with your earlier testimate about getting him some weapon training, we should ensure he doesn’t have any lethal weapons when we train him next time with guns. Now you mentioned a lightsaber earlier. While you work on creating that, Cementoss if you would repair all the damage and return most of the gym to what it was at prior to this training session, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, leave the highest durability wall there, we need to see how effective this weapon truly is.” Nezu spoke with his sadistic smile that sent shivers down the teachers backs.


After a minute spent returning the gym to what it was at earlier, Izuku finally felt satisfied with the image of the saber, and he pulled it out. Once the lightsaber was out, Izuku admired the design on it and looked for the on button. After a few seconds, he found it and held it as far away from himself as possible when he turned the lightsaber on.


Everyone’s eyes were instantly drawn at the sound of the lightsaber turning on. Everyone stood amazed at the beautiful weapon Izuku held. Izuku had chosen to make an emerald green lightsaber, and Izuku held the posture the Jedi he had seen had when holding this highly dangerous weapon. Everyone stood clear as Izuku slowly and carefully made his way to the wall.


Once he was in front of the wall, he took a deep calming breath and swung the lightsaber down. He was surprised at how easily it was going through the concrete. After ten seconds, he had hit the floor and he quickly deactivated his quirk, feeling the strain finally hit him. Izuku sat down and panted. He felt satisfied with how his quirk practicing went.


All of the teachers stared in shock as the wall that few pros could destroy, was seemingly effortlessly cut in half by a lightsaber. Recovery Girl had heard the commotion and saw what happened. Needless to say, she was furious.


“What the hell are you idiots thinking? Why did you allow a boy to wield such a dangerous weapon without teaching him how to properly use said weapons. Did you want permanent injuries? If you're going to train him, keep him away from anything that I won’t be able to heal should an accident happen! Got it? And Nezu, how could you allow this to happen with your quirk giving you extra intelligence? Am I the only sane person here in this God damn looney bin you crazy people call a school!?” Recovery Girl ranted to the adults as she wacked each one with her cane.


“I was simply curious on if it was actually capable of living up to the fictional version. I was genuinely impressed to say the least. And besides, had he shown any real danger, Aizawa here would have erased his quirk. So worry not, we had it under control.” Nezu replied with his smiled as he sipped at tea he had pulled from somewhere.


“Now, I think it’s best we train Shino here while we wait for Izuku to recover.” Snipe replied as he wanted both kids to gain benefits from this day of training. 


The teachers didn’t really hold back against the kids in their training. Both Izuku and Shino could barely walk after the thorough hell they went through at U.A. But both were pretty satisfied with their progress.




For the rest of middle school, Izuku and Shino would go to UA after school and train under Snipe and some of the other teachers. The days seemed to go with a normal flow for the first couple years of middle school, but when the last year of middle school started, Izuku was in for a drastic change of schedule. For better or for worse...

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Izuku and Shino got closer over the years of middle school, but the last year of middle school showed the most development of their relationship compared to the entire time they knew one another.


It all started at the beginning of their eighth year.




It was a week before the first day of eighth grade. Izuku was outside with Satsu and Shino. Satsu asked if they could teach him sword fighting since they were being taught that by Jesse and a couple other teachers.


They decided to use toy lightsabers since they were lightweight and easy to use for beginners. Well that, and because they wouldn't be able to kill each other easily with toy lightsabers. A short bit into the practice, they were called inside by their parents. Once they were inside, they were told to sit down on the couch. It seemed serious.


“What’s this about, Dad?” Izuku asked his father.


“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Shino asked her own father.


Hitoshi took a moment to look at his wife before turning back to Shino.


“We’re going to have to go back to the forest, Shino.” Hitoshi said softly.


“What?” Shino asked.


“There’s been an increase of activity there and the Pussycats need all hands on deck.” Tomoko said softly.


“But… But I don’t want to go back there! I love spending time with Aunt Ryuko and Uncle Yawara… But I don’t want to leave Izuku.” Shino said sadly.


“That’s why you aren’t coming with.” Tomoko pointed out.


“Wait what?” Shino replied, shocked.


“We’ve talked with Izuku’s parents and they’re alright with you staying here while we work.” Hitoshi explained.


“That won’t mean we aren’t going to see each other between now and UA. We will be visiting you on times off. And of course, you’re always welcome to visit during the summer like the past years.” Tomoko added.


Izuku and Shino looked at each other, processing the news. He nodded with a smile. She smiled and nodded in return. She turned back to her parents and got off the couch, moving to them and hugging them.


“When are you leaving?” Shino asked.


“Two days from now.” Hitoshi said softly.


Shino looked back to Izuku.

“I’m gonna spend the rest of the day with Mom and Dad.” Shino said.


“Yeah, go ahead.” Izuku nodded.


Shino smiled at her friend before returning to hug her parents. After a little bit, Shino’s family left the house, leaving Izuku and his family alone. Emi was the first to change the subject.


“Alrighty! How about we get a room prepared? We still have one more room to spare.” Emi said.


“But isn’t it cluttered with the stuff we haven’t unpacked from the move?” Jesse asked.


“Which is why we’re gonna get started on unpacking it now!” Emi smiled.


“Yeah, let’s get to work!” Izuku nodded in agreement.


“Yeah!” Satsu said energetically.




The next two days were extremely active for both of the families. Shino had to pack her things for the move over to Izuku’s house and Izuku had to help his family clean up the spare bedroom. Izuku missed Shino, but understood why she was gone. Her family was going to be gone for long amounts of time with short visits when they had down time. Izuku promised himself that he was going to be there to comfort her if she needed it.


The day Shino moved in was also a busy day. It was like she brought her whole room over. At the end of it, Shino said goodbye to her parents. It was a tearful goodbye, mostly on Hitoshi’s part. Tomoko was sad to have to leave her child, but she knew she’d see her again soon.


After the move, Hitoshi and Tomoko left to continue their hero work in the forest. Shino was sad that her parents left, but was glad that Izuku was helping comfort her. Satsu was there as well, but Izuku’s presence made her feel better than the resident little brother of the trio.


Their last year of middle school started the following week. As school started up again, their training did as well. It was slightly easier when going home since Jesse didn’t have to drop Shino off at her parents’ house. 


As the months went on, the proximity of Shino and Izuku caused them to grow even closer than they were. Before, they would only hug when they bid goodbye to one another. As they got closer, their hugs became more frequent. It was the same with them holding hands. They even cuddled together on the couch when watching movies. Emi was the first to see it happen.




Emi just finished cleaning the dishes in the kitchen. It was her turn to do the dishes that day. Her husband was fast asleep in bed due to a particularly long and exhausting day with his students, meaning she was the last adult awake. She was planning on cuddling her two sons while watching a comedy once she finished the dishes.


She dried her hands off and walked to the living room. What she saw was adorable to her eyes as well as providing her ammunition for teasing. She smiled widely at the sight.


Izuku and Shino were cuddled together, their arms around one another and their heads leaning against one another as they watched the television. The television was currently playing a sci-fi show she recognized as Cowboy Bebop. Izuku must have been showing Shino the show as Emi knew Izuku watched the show multiple times already.


She looked around in search for Satsu to find him not in the living room. She decided to check his bedroom. She found him there building a model kit at his desk. She smiled.


“Not watching Cowboy Bebop?”


“No. Izuku and Shino are being gross.” Satsu said childishly.


Emi giggled.


“Well, how about I stop them from being gross?” Emi suggested.




“Watch.” Emi said mischievously.


She leaned out the door before calling to Izuku and Shino.


“Izuku! It’s cuddle time!” Emi called.


“How does that stop them?” Satsu asked.


“Follow me and see.” Emi said with a smirk.


Mother and son walked to the living room to see Izuku and Shino sitting apart from one another. Emi smirked knowingly before bending down and whispering to Satsu.


“See? Told you.” Emi whispered before standing up.


Satsu chuckled, smiling.


Emi and Satsu got onto the couch. Izuku and Satsu cuddled with their mother with Shino sitting beside them and leaning into the cuddle. Emi moved so her arm was around both Shino and Izuku beside her. Satsu was on the other side, happily cuddling with his mother.


The four cuddling on the couch watched a comedy movie the rest of the night before separating and going to bed, bidding one another goodnight.




The cuddles kept up through the months and about halfway through the year, they slept in the same bed together. It started with a sad event.




The family just left the living room. They all bid one another goodnight and went to their rooms. A while into laying in his bed, Izuku felt his stomach rumble. He left his room to get a small snack. Once he finished his snack, he went back to his room. He was about to get into bed when he heard a knock at the door.


He looked back at the door, waiting for a second to make sure he heard correctly. Suddenly, he heard the familiar echo of Shino’s voice in his head.


“...Are you awake?”  


It sounded hesitant. He didn’t remember the last time he heard her voice being so hesitant. He walked up to the door and opened it. He saw Shino’s eyes were red like she just finished crying. Immediately, he felt worried. His hands went to her shoulders.


“What’s wrong?” Izuku asked worriedly.


“I… I had a nightmare…” Shino said.


Izuku gently brought her inside the room and closed the door behind it. 


“Could you tell me about it?” Izuku asked.


“Mom… And dad… They… They never come home… Then… I hear that they…” Shino’s voice trailed off into sobs.


Izuku pulled her close and let her cry into him. She was trembling as she sobbed.


“They died…” Shino finally said.


Izuku then understood what got her so sad. He hugged her tightly, gently rubbing circles into her back and rocking her from side to side.


“It’s okay… They’re alive. They’re gonna visit this weekend. I promise.” Izuku said softly.


“R-Right… Right…” Shino repeated, trying to calm herself down.


Izuku looked down at her with concern. There’s no way he was leaving her alone overnight. He gently brought her to his bed, meeting no resistance as he did. 


“C’mon, Shino… You need to sleep.” Izuku said softly.


“But… But what if I have another… Nightmare…?” Shino asked shakily.


“I’ll be right here with you, okay? You can cuddle with me just like we cuddle on the couch. Just laying down instead.” Izuku said softly.


Shino looked at him in the eyes. He returned her gaze and saw her face soften. She nodded.


“Thank you, Izuku…” Shino said softly.


“It’s my pleasure, Shino. Now come on.” Izuku said softly, gently pulling her into the bed with him.


Shino latched onto him almost immediately. She cuddled up to him and Izuku could feel her almost immediately relax, enjoying his embrace. He smiled softly at Shino. He closed his eyes soon after. 


“Good night, Shino.” Izuku said softly.


“Good night, Izuku. Thank you…” Shino said softly.


“It’s my pleasure…” Izuku replied.


The two of them fell asleep soon after.




After the first day they slept together, they started doing it again and again until it was almost every night. They tried to make sure Izuku’s parents didn’t notice, but they did. They were happy that the two of them could find comfort in one another. Of course, Emi told Tomoko, who squealed in happiness at the news. She kept the news from Hitoshi, though, knowing he’d overreact.


Middle school soon came to an end. The last week of middle school, Shino and Izuku once again took another giant step in their relationship.




The bell for the end of their final class sounded and Izuku and Shino’s classmates all started getting up and packing their bags to leave school. Izuku and Shino were a part of the group that started moving.


When they did, they didn’t think about it, they just locked hands and walked together out of the classroom. Some of the students saw it and started gossiping. Izuku and Shino seemed to be oblivious of it as they put their school shoes in their lockers and got their street shoes on.


Once they did, they rejoined their hands and walked out of the building. It was then that they were approached by one of their friends.


“Hey Sousaki! You’re going out with Midoriya now?” The boy asked.


“Huh? What do you mean?” Shino asked, both her and Izuku turning to the boy.


“You’re holding each other’s hands. Couples do that sort of stuff.” Their friend said.


“Oh, we’re not a couple.” Izuku said.


“Then why are you holding her hand?”


“You know, Izuku, he’s right. We shouldn’t hold our hands if we aren’t a couple.” Shino said in agreement.




“Yeah. So how about we go on a date tomorrow after training?” Shino asked.


“What?” Their friend asked.


“That’s a good idea. Does ice cream sound good?” Izuku asked.


“Yeah, that sounds good.” Shino nodded in agreement.




“Alright. Now how about we get going home?”




Shino once again grips his hand and walked away with him, leaving the shocked classmate staring at them with a gaping mouth.



Chapter Text

“So, whatcha planning for the date?” Shino asked.


She currently had her arms draped over Izuku’s shoulders and her head perched on his left shoulder, looking at what he was doing on his computer. He was looking at different designs of sci-fi weaponry that he could possibly create. At Shino’s question he smirked.


“Aside from going to the ice cream stand?” Izuku asked.


“Uh-huh. I know we won’t just stop at that. So spill!” Shino said, a smile on her face.


“Nope! That would ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it?” Izuku said with a teasing glint in his eye.


“You’re mean, you know that?” Shino asked.


“I know I am, but you still like me.” Izuku replied, placing one of his hands on her arm affectionately.


Shino leaned her head against Izuku’s.


“I do. And I can’t possibly know why.” Shino joked.


Izuku chuckled lightly.


“So, wanna cuddle on the-”


“Izuukuuuu!” Satsu called from his room.


Izuku sighed.


“Nevermind. I’m guessing Satsu wants to play.” Izuku said.


“I guess so. C’mon.”


The two locked hands and walked over to Satsu’s room. It turned out he actually did want to play. Sword fight to be specific. The three went outside and began playing, smiling all the way through it. Emi and Jesse watched the three play with fond smiles on their faces, side hugging one another as they observed them. After a bit, Jesse decided to join in.


“Hey! That’s not how ya do it!” He said, breaking the hug and walking over to the group.


The trio stopped and looked at Jesse. He walked over to them.


“Izuku, if ya’d be so kind?” Jesse said, reaching his hand out in front of him.


Izuku nodded and broke reality right over his outstretched hand. He learned that if the portal to his pocket dimension was pointed downward, the object he wanted to spawn would fall out of it. Jesse caught a fake lightsaber and smirked.


“Ya aren’t supposed to do it like you are, it’s supposed ta be like this.”


As soon as Jesse finished his sentence, he swung lightly in Satsu’s direction, lightly thwapping him in the head. Satsu let out a shout of surprise before giggling as he retaliated against his father. At Jesse’s initial blow, the play fight gained another member as the four of them fought. Emi laughed fondly at her husband’s silly antics.




The following day came and the soon-to-be couple went about their school day normally. They earned many glances and knowing smiles as they walked down the hallways to each of their classes and walking to lunch. They weren’t bothered by them in the slightest.


After classes, they went to their training as usual. They got a rather varied response to the reveal that they were going to go on a date.




Izuku and Shino walked into the training hall holding hands, and almost immediately afterwards, Midnight attempted to tease the two of them.


“Aww! You two are holding hands! Soon you’ll be going on dates and being boyfriend and girlfriend!” Midnight said teasingly.


“We’re actually planning on going on a date after this.” Izuku said, shocking the entire room, including his father.


What happened next, happened almost instantly. Jesse, in his Snipe costume, dashed away with his phone and called his wife. Izuku could hear him shouting at Emi about the two of them dating and how proud they were. 


Cementoss and Aizawa stared on silently with wide eyes and shocked faces. Cementoss remained frozen but Aizawa quickly recovered and nodded in approval that the two of them got together. 


Midnight squealed in delight over the reveal that the two of them were going on a date and quickly dashed up to them to tug them into a happily tight hug, giggling happily as she did so.


“About time, you two! I’ve seen you two make lovey dovey eyes at each other for months now!” Midnight exclaimed, keeping them locked in a hug as she spoke.


“We… never really thought about it before.” Izuku said.


“Yeah, we just did things we were comfortable with.” Shino added.


“You two are so adorable! I’m so happy for you two!” Midnight cheered.


“Thanks, Auntie Nemu.” Izuku said with a small smile.


“As much as I’d love to celebrate this, we gotta get to work. Can’t have these two late for their date, do we?” Snipe asked as he returned from the phone call.


“Right! Let’s go! We can go a little easier because of their date later, right?” Midnight asked, looking at Aizawa in particular.


Everyone, even Cementoss, looked to Aizawa for an answer. The man wore a blank face, remaining silent for a while before he made his decision.


“Fine… I guess this once we can go a little easier.” Aizawa said in a groan.


The two students brightened up slightly, as did Midnight. After thanking Aizawa, everyone got to work on training the students.




After the two of them arrived back home, they quickly got ready, taking showers to wash their sweaty bodies and grabbing finer clothes to wear on a date. When they came back out after they got dressed, they appraised one another’s attire.


Shino was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a red vest dress over a white long sleeve shirt. The dress went halfway down her thighs and her long sleeve shirt went three quarters down her forearm. Izuku knew she wore it mostly for fashion rather than functionality, and he had to admit that it looked good on her. Red and white were the two colors that looked good on Shino.


Izuku was wearing a pair of blue jeans similar to Shino’s, only a bit lighter in color, with a dark green polo over his torso. It was simple, attractive, and Shino really liked how he looked. She smiled softly at him as she closed the distance and hugged him. He returned the hug comfortably, smiling softly at the show of affection. Shino pulled back after a few moments, smiling at him.


“Ready to go?” Shino asked.


Izuku smiled softly, nodding at her.


“Definitely. Let’s go.” Izuku said softly.




Izuku and Shino were holding hands as they walked down the sidewalk. Shino didn’t know if they were going straight to the ice cream parlor or if they were going to do anything else beforehand. Even so, she was excited about the date.


Her curiosity was quelled slightly as the ice cream parlor came into view. The two of them entered the parlor and went to order their ice cream. Izuku got mint chocolate ice cream while Shino ordered neapolitan ice cream. Once they got their cones, what Shino expected was to find a seat outside the parlor and enjoy the sunset from there. Instead, she was gently pulled out and away from the ice cream parlor, slightly confused as to why they were leaving.


Her confusion gave way to realization as she saw them getting closer to a park. She smiled softly in anticipation as she let herself get pulled inside of it, noticing how they were heading towards one of the benches.


“To be honest, I couldn’t think of what else to do other than this.” Izuku said with a sheepish smile.


Shino giggled at his admittance.


“It’s alright, Izuku. I already love the date.” Shino said softly.


The two of them sat at the bench, getting into a comfortable position leaning against one another as they watched the sunset. The two of them remained silent, simply enjoying one another’s company and licking at their ice cream as the sky showed the wonderful colors of the sunset.


The two eventually finished with their ice cream cones and simply cuddled with one another, continuing to watch the sunset until it was below the horizon. Shino’s head was nuzzled in his neck and Izuku’s was resting against it. Their arms were around one another and Shino’s legs were over his.


“We should really get home soon.” Izuku said softly.


“Just a few more minutes… I like being like this.” Shino said softly.


“We can be like this all night if you want. We just have to do that at home.” Izuku replied with a gentle smile.


“I know, but I still wanna stay here for just a little bit longer.” Shino said.


Izuku smiled softly, his hand gently running up and down her back affectionately a couple times before settling on the small of her back.


“Alright, we can.” Izuku said softly.


“Thanks, Izuku.” Shino replied with equal softness.


He felt a slight bit of warmth press on his neck before the feeling of her hair came back to it. He blushed slightly at the thought that ran through his head. Was she really that comfortable with the two of them being in a relationship that she’d willingly do something like that? It both made him blush a bit more and his chest feel all the more warm. He settled with smiling happily as the two cuddled, containing his feelings so that he wouldn’t disturb their cuddling.


Eventually, the two of them got up and left the park, walking hand in hand back to their house, satisfied smiles on both of their faces. When they entered through the door, Emi greeted them, giving them a knowing smile that made the two of them blush.


“Hey there, you two. Did you finish the date with a nice stroll in the moonlight?” Emi asked, wiggling her eyebrows as she questioned them.


“Y-Yeah, we did.” Izuku said, blushing at his mother’s teasing.


Let it be known that even though he was subjected to teasing every day from his mother, he would never get used to it. Because every time he thought he did, she’d do something different to knock him off balance.


“Good! How about you two cuddle on the couch while I make dinner? I’m sure you two would love to do that as a perfect way to celebrate your first date.” Emi said with a wry smile.


The two blushed a bit further at being found out.


“Oh yes, I know all about your cuddling on the couch when we’re not around. A mother always knows these things.” Emi said, her wry smile changing to a clever one.


The two gave no reply, still blushing. Emi giggled, deciding to let up on the teasing for now.


“Go on, you two. You can be embarrassed together on the couch.” Emi finished before leaving the two.




The rest of the night was a bit less embarrassing due to Emi not teasing them as much. Despite not teasing them, she always looked at them with a look that got them blushing. It was a look they knew meant she was thinking of teasing them but remained quiet. 


After dinner, the whole family and Shino settled on the couch and watched television for a while before going to bed. Even though they had a suspicion that Emi knew about them cuddling together in the same bed, they still tried to be sneaky about it, just in case she didn’t know about it. They didn’t want to give her more fuel for teasing.


“I’m coming in.” Shino’s voice echoed in Izuku’s mind.


He looked up from the book he was reading to the door, which was slowly opening to reveal Shino in a pair of red pajamas. She turned around and smiled at Izuku, a slight blush on her cheeks. She made her way to his bed slowly, walking softly to keep the noise down.


Izuku couldn’t help but let the thoughts of how cute she looked out into the open.


“You look very good in that, Shino.” Izuku said, a slight blush on his cheeks.


Shino smiled shyly.


“Better than the clothes I wore on the date?”


“I don’t think you couldn’t look good in anything, Shino.” Izuku said.


Shino smirked.


“Even if I wore the ugliest clothes?”


“Well I mean…” Izuku trailed off.


The two of them shared a soft laugh before Shino got into bed with him. Izuku placed his book onto his nightstand before melting into a cuddle with his best friend turned girlfriend.


“Tonight was embarrassing, wasn’t it…” Shino said.


“Yeah… But don’t worry. The teasing will let up… hopefully.” Izuku replied.


Shino giggled, the noise sounding like music to Izuku’s ears, causing him to smile softly. Shino then nuzzled her head into his chest.


“Goodnight, Izuku…” Shino said softly.


“Goodnight, Shino.” Izuku replied, pulling her deeper into the cuddle slightly as he slowly drifted off to sleep.


The two of them drifted to sleep with smiles on their faces, enjoying the warmth of the person they cared about the most.

Chapter Text

Izuku and Shino began their first year of highschool a month after they went out on their first date. They handled their first week of highschool very well and were the talk of the school for that week due to the two of them becoming officially boyfriend and girlfriend. After the first week, though, everything was back to normal.


Something that changed permanently though when they got into highschool was their training. While they were training hard in middle school, they weren’t training as hard as in high school. Aizawa brought in more teachers like Vlad King, Ectoplasm, and Thirteen, all of whom quickly gained a soft spot for the two students and couldn’t help but enjoy training with them.


The couple continued to go on dates and develop their relationship even further. Shino’s first kiss against Izuku’s neck wasn’t the last one she gave him. She gave him her first real kiss a few months afterwards, and it was the most memorable kiss of their entire relationship.




It was the last day of their midterms. They had just finished the final test that they were given and were absolutely exhausted at the end of it. They two found that the tests were way more difficult than the actual assignments. In middle school, they didn’t have tests this hard!


The two trudged to Jesse’s car after changing their shoes. Jesse gave them an amused smirk as they entered the car. They practically collapsed into the seats with how tired they were.


“Fun day?” Jesse joked.


“So… So fun…” Izuku played along, grimacing as he spoke.


“I take it you want to just go home?”




“Too bad! You got training to do!” Jesse said.


“Nooooooooo…” The couple groaned together as the car drove away.


Needless to say, that day of training was the most painful experience they ever had.




Two days passed before the two got their results back. The two waited with nervous excitement as the teacher handed out their results. Izuku looked to his page with wide eyes, an “A” at the top of his test page. He looked to Shino to see she was in a similar state of excitement. 


“I got an A!” Shino’s voice spoke into his mind with a voice trembling in excitement.


The two smiled widely at each other, sharing a momentary celebration before the teacher brought everyone’s attention back to her, resuming the class.




The two walked together to lunch and sat down. The two of them wanted to celebrate and were wanting to tell the other what they thought would be a good thing to do to celebrate. They sat down and finally brought the subject up.


“Hey, we should celebrate/Let’s celebrate!” Izuku and Shino said at the same time.


The two paused for a moment before laughing at what they just did. They calmed down and spoke again.


“Ladies first.” Izuku said politely.


Shino smiled softly.


“Thank you, Izuku. Anyways, what I was thinking was we should celebrate, like you already heard. Maybe we could go to a restaurant? Or we could go to that sci-fi convention, though that’s a few months away…” Shino trailed off, muttering to herself.


Izuku chuckled.


“How about this...” Izuku started, getting Shino’s attention. “We go to a restaurant tomorrow, and then in a few months, we go to the sci-fi convention?” Izuku suggested.


Shino smiled, nodding in agreement.


“Thanks.” Shino said.


“You’re welcome, my wonderfully indecisive girlfriend.” Izuku said, pulling her into a hug. She lightly hit his shoulder.


“I can’t decide when there’s so many good options.” Shino said in a pout.


Izuku chuckled.


“Of course. But to be honest, just a day spending time with you would be enough.” Izuku said softly.


Shino smiled.


“I couldn’t agree more with that statement… But we’re still going to the restaurant.”


“Of course.”




Just like they agreed, the following day they went to a restaurant to celebrate. It was a rather formal restaurant with a dining area and an area for slow dancing. There were a few people already on the dance floor when Izuku and Shino entered.


Izuku was wearing a dark green suit and tie that his parents helped him get the previous day, his messy hair still messy despite trying to fix it for their date. Shino didn’t mind it at all. A key detail was that the tie was tied immaculately. He didn’t do that. Shino had to help him along, much to his shame.


Linked to his arm was Shino’s. She was wearing a rose red A-Line dress and a cream white flower brooch over the right breast of the dress. She was smiling softly, happy that she was there with her boyfriend.


“Do you want to dance now or after we eat?” Izuku asked softly.


“Hmm… I think after would be better.” Shino said softly.


“Alright. Let’s get ourselves a table, then.” Izuku said equally as soft.


The two of them walked with one another to the front desk. They weren’t there for long before they were brought to a table. The table had a deep forest green color with a medium brown wooden rim to the table. The booths were a similar green, only a bit darker with the same colored brown outlining the cushions.


The two of them sat beside one another and shared a menu, desperately trying to figure out what to eat. It didn’t take long before they decided and they handed the menus to the waiter. As they waited for their food, they decided to silently enjoy one another’s presence, lightly leaning against one another as they waited.


The two of them soon had their food delivered to them. With it being an Italian styled restaurant, Izuku wasn’t able to order his favorite food, so he settled with a spaghetti and meatsauce dish while Shino ordered a pasta carbonara dish. The two ate in relative silence, breaking the silence with a bit of idle chat about how they liked the food or just talking about the restaurant in general.


The moment they were waiting for finally came after they finished their food and paid for it. Shino’s hand was taken and she was gently taken to the dancefloor in the restaurant. When they were standing on it, Izuku looked at her with a gentle smile.


“Sorry I didn’t ask. May I have this dance?” Izuku asked softly.


“You didn’t even need to ask.” Shino replied, her breath taken away by the sight of Izuku’s loving smile.


Izuku’s smile got wider as the two wrapped their arms around one another, lightly swaying to the music. Shino’s head was resting against his chest as she swayed with him. His head found its perch on the top of her head, smiling softly as he enjoyed the close proximity of the girl he loved.


He felt her pull back slightly, drawing his gaze down to her. Shino was looking up at him with soft eyes. The close proximity of their face was lost on the two of them as they tuned the music out in favor of focusing on one another. They were in their own little world where the only thing that mattered was them at that moment.


Slowly, their heads neared one another, tilting to the side slightly as they got closer. Their lips met in an electrifying kiss that made their hearts thump and their chests warm. Their kiss held for a few moments before they drew back, resting their foreheads against one another.


“Wow…” Izuku let out.


“Yeah…” Shino replied.


Without another word, the two shared another soft and loving kiss. Izuku’s hand lowered to the small of her back and pulled her closer to him as they kissed. The two pulled back once more and smiled at one another.


“This just topped my list of best dates.” Shino said.


Izuku chuckled softly before moving in and kissing her one last time.


“Mine, too.” Izuku said softly.


“Thank you, Izuku. For everything.”


“It was my pleasure.”


The two were silent again as they neared each other and gently swayed to the music again, a whole different air about them as they danced with one another. The joy of their first kisses bleeding through to one another as they smiled joyfully while they danced.


It was the best day ever. And it only got better from there…




As the two of them got used to high school, they actually started blazing through classes. Years passed quickly for the two of them. Each week day, they would take their classes, train after school, then head home. They reserved the weekends for dates or full days dedicated to cuddling. 


Their final year of highschool came. Their first day was filled with activity, both good and bad, that started with what they wanted to do after highschool.




“Alright, everyone. I know it’s the beginning of the school year and you have the rest of the year to figure out what you want to do, but I want you all to get started thinking about it now, so I’ll be handing out papers for you to fill out on what you want to do when you leave highschool.” Izuku and Shino’s teacher said.


She grabbed some papers from her desk and passed them out to the students in the classroom. Izuku and Shino had no problem thinking about what they wanted to do after highschool, knowing they wanted to be heroes together. They wrote down their answers and waited for everyone else to finish.


Unsurprisingly, their classmates all wanted to be heroes as well. Their teacher read through three of them before smiling.


“You all want to be heroes, don’t you?” The woman asked.


In response, almost everyone cheered energetically, some using their quirks due to their excitement. Izuku and Shino just nodded, not vocalizing it like their classmates. Their teacher settled them down and got them to resume their class.




After their first day of the last year of school, they went to training like they normally did. It was a relatively easy day surprisingly. Aizawa was unable to attend, which explained the fact that it was easy. The underground teacher would always assign the hardest training regimens to them.


Snipe had some paperwork to do after the training session, so the two elected to walk to the train station and take a train back home. Izuku’s father was hesitant at first, but they promised him that they would just head straight there.


They broke it almost ten minutes into their walk…




They were nearing the train station when they heard a rumble nearby. The two of them looked at one another in surprise before hearing another rumble. They looked in the direction and saw a crowd of people beside an alleyway with heroes keeping them where they were. They decided to run to the edge of the crowd and look at what was happening. 


Izuku noticed a blonde haired boy fighting to try and keep a large mound of sludge from swallowing him hole. He shared a look with Shino, knowing she saw it as well. They nodded, knowing something had to be done to save the boy. The heroes were certainly not doing anything.


They rushed in, much to the protest of the heroes restraining the crowd.




Snipe was finishing up another piece of paperwork when Nemuri stormed inside.


“What?!” Snipe let out in surprise.


“It’s Izuku and Shino!” Nemuri let out.


Snipe felt adrenaline already start to take root. Nemuri turned on the television in his office and changed it to the news. It was there that he saw his son and his girlfriend rush towards a villain.


He was out of his office and in his car in no time flat.




Izuku activated his quirk, knowing he and Shino wouldn’t be able to take the sludge villain through conventional methods. Izuku grabbed what looked to be a double barrel shotgun from his portal. The barrels were stacked on top of one another rather than to the side like traditional double barreled shotguns. The majority of the weapon was a slight metallic grey. 


Shino drew a red colored lightsaber from her portal. She ignited it, the blade a greyish white, and rushed forward with Izuku. Izuku attacked first, pulling the trigger. To everyone’s surprise, energy beams scattered out of the barrels, piercing through the sludge and getting the sludge villain’s attention.


“Hey ugly! Get away from him!” Izuku shouted.


“More kids? What, do heroes send kids to do their work for them now?” The sludge villain asked. “No matter, I’ll just capture you two as well.”


“Not if we have anything to say about it!” Shino said, slashing away a tendril of sludge.


The sludge attempted to capture them multiple times. Each time, they were met with energy blasts or a lightsaber blade stopping them. The sludge villain was getting annoyed.


“You guys are a bit more annoying than usual. You actually put up a good fight. Fine, I’ll just kill you!”


As if all restraint disappeared, the sludge villain surged forward at Izuku’s girlfriend. Shino was about to strike with a lightsaber when he quickly changed directions and attacked the unprepared Izuku. Izuku shot twice with his weapon and saw it had no effect. 


Suddenly, shocking both the onlookers as well as the villain, Izuku’s weapon split near the middle, the handle pivoted until it was parallel with the barrel that wasn’t split. The part that was split pivoted downwards until it looked like an additional handle. From the two flat spots that were now exposed, two large energy beams sprouted out and combined with one another to create a massively large and flat blade of energy.


Izuku swung upwards with the blade, splitting the sludge villain and revealing the blonde haired boy that was captured by the villain. He knew he had to keep the sludge villain at bay, so he called out.


“Shino!” Izuku shouted.


“Got it!” Shino said, grabbing the blonde and pulling him away from the sludge villain as he reconstructed his sludgy body.


“You damn kids. You’re just getting on my nerves. I’m really mad now!” The sludge villain yelled.


“I’M AFRAID YOU WON’T BE HURTING ANY OF THESE KIDS TODAY, FOUL VILLAIN!” All Might shouted, lunging in past the crowd.


“All Might!” The sludge villain shouted in surprise right before a fist impacted his body.




Instantly, the villain exploded into many specs of sludge on the wall and ground of the alleyway. Seeing as the villain was dealt with, Izuku released his quirk. He panted in exhaustion now that the adrenaline was slowly decreasing. It wasn’t over yet. Izuku and Shino were pulled away and scolded by the heroes.


“That was majorly irresponsible! You should have left this to the professionals! This was-” Death Arms was cut off by an ear piercing whistle.


The heroes that were there looked to see Snipe walking towards them.


“I wouldn’t be so quick to scold them, Death Arms. What they did, while irresponsible, was certainly better than doing nothing.” Snipe said, a hint of anger in his voice.


News companies were recording the event.


“Snipe, they-”


“Used their quirks to save the boy who caused a large mess using his quirk. If anything, you should be scolding him. If he didn’t use his quirk, Kamui Woods would have been able to capture the villain. And even if the area was on fire, you three did nothing. Are you heroes or fashion models?” Snipe asked, causing the heroes, including Mount Lady, to flinch.


Snipe wasn’t finished, though.


“And you, Mount Lady. You are not even capable of fighting in this environment. This is a small alleyway that, if you used your quirk, would have caused more damage than its worth. In my eyes, the only one who actually did something useful was Backdraft. The rest of you just stood there and did nothing. So, while you scold this boy for using his quirk to screw up your rescue, I will take these two to their home to their parents.” Snipe finished, grabbing the shoulders of Izuku and Shino and pushing them to his car.


‘That’ll teach you to scold my kid. Only I get to do that, Death Arms.’ Snipe thought as he waited for them to enter his car.


Izuku and Shino looked down in shame as the car started up and drove away. They eventually arrived at a concealed spot so that Snipe could change out of his super hero costume. It was then that he decided to speak.


“I don’t know what to say.” Snipe said.


“Sorry…” Izuku muttered.


“I can’t decide whether to be proud of you for saving that kid when no one else did or be disappointed in you for breaking your promise. You said you’d just head home.”


“We didn’t mean to, Dad. We just saw it and couldn’t just leave him. They weren’t doing anything to save him.” Izuku said.


Jesse sighed, running a hand through his hair.


“I’m just going to say that I’m proud but disappointed. I won’t say anything else on that matter until I’ve talked with your mother.” Jesse said before starting the car again and driving off.


Izuku and Shino were proud that they saved someone, but they couldn’t help but worry about what Emi would say on the matter. The car ride was silent, no one wanting to speak. Jesse wouldn’t vocalize it due to the fact he needed to scold them, but he was absolutely proud of his son and Shino.


‘They’ll make amazing heroes.’  

Chapter Text

If Izuku and Shino thought they wouldn’t get an earful when they got home, they were wrong. It started out well, with Satsu shouting with excitement at how cool they were when fighting the villain. But that excitement ended once Emi arrived. 


Emi was conflicted, just like her husband. On one hand, she was proud at how well they handled themselves against a villain, but on the other hand, they weren’t supposed to be doing that sort of thing. It scared her to no end seeing her son and Shino go up against the Sludge Villain. She decided to settle it the only way she knew how.




“IZUKU HOW COULD YOU WORRY YOUR MOTHER LIKE THAT! I WAS SO WORRIED!” Emi shouted, swinging Izuku around like a ragdoll as she hugged him tightly.


Shino watched Izuku being flung around by an overly worried mother from Jesse and Satsu’s side. She found it amusing how he was being thrown around. But that amusement turned to fear as soon as Izuku was dropped and Emi darted for her. Her face was shoved into Emi’s chest and she was then shaken around.




“Mff mffmff mffmff.” Shino replied.


“I’m sorry, what?” Emi asked, pulling Shino back.


“I’m sorry, Emi…” Shino said.


Silence passed over the two of them for a moment before Shino was shoved back into Emi’s chest.


“You should be!” Emi shouted.


Izuku, after he recovered, Jesse, and Satsu all watched Shino get thrown around, sweat dropping at the sight.




After a bit more reasonable scolding than just Emi crying about how worried she was, everything calmed down and Satsu finally was able to talk about how cool he thought they were, much to their amusement.


Shino thankfully wasn’t called by her parents, due to them not seeing the news. Emi did tell her mother, but she didn’t want to scold her due to Emi already bringing up all the points she would have brought up.


As the months went on, Izuku and Shino continued training after school, continuing to improve themselves during that time. About a month from the entrance exam, what started as a normal day changed to a rather interesting one.




Izuku woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. Shino, like always, was cuddling close to him in her sleep. The sight of his girlfriend’s sleeping face beside him warmed his heart. He reached over and pressed the button on his clock, turning off the alarm. 


Shino seemed to be sleeping, so he decided to peck her cheek and move to extract himself from their cuddle. Surprisingly, she was actually awake and as soon as he pulled away from the peck, she grabbed the back of his head with a smile and pulled him into a loving true kiss.


Izuku melted into her embrace as they kissed. Pulling back after around a minute or so, they smiled at one another.


“You got me.” Izuku said with a soft chuckle and smile.


“Yeah I did.” Shino said, sticking her tongue out teasingly.


Izuku kissed her nose in response.


“I’m gonna wake Satsu up for school.” Izuku said.


“Aww… No more cuddle time?” Shino asked with a pout.


Izuku could hardly say no to that pout. But he didn’t want to miss a day of school.


“Sadly, no. But when we get back, you can cuddle with me to your heart’s delight.” Izuku said with a smile.


“You make a compelling argument. Very well. You have a deal.” Shino said in a mock formal voice.


Izuku and Shino chuckled, giving one another one last kiss before getting up. Izuku left his room and walked to the door that was on the other side of the hallway. He didn’t even bother knocking as he opened up the door.


“Satsu, time to wake up.” Izuku said.


His little brother’s room was similarly decorated as his, with the differences being the large majority of hero memorabilia compared to Izuku’s room. While Izuku was a nerd, both hero and sci-fi, his little brother was a full blown hero nerd.


“I don’t wanna…” Izuku heard Satsu’s muffled voice under the blankets of his bed. 


Izuku fixed the lump under the blankets with a fond smile. He gained a mischievous smirk on his face as he summoned a bucket of ice cold water.


“Are you sure you don’t wanna? Because I have an ice cold bucket of water that says otherwise.” Izuku said, nearing the edge of the bed.


“You’re lying.” Satsu said with uncertainty.


“Am I, though?” Izuku replied, his smirk getting wider.


To emphasize the point that he wasn’t lying, he summoned a portal pointed downwards towards the bucket. Ice started falling out of the portal and into the bucket, making splashing noises. Izuku could see the blankets trembling.


“You have five seconds~” Izuku said in a singsong voice.


“Okay! Okay! I’m up!” Satsu shouted, throwing the blankets off of himself.


Izuku laughed, releasing his quirk as he did. He was pelted with foam cubes from his brother as he laughed. 


“You’re mean, big brother!” Satsu shouted with a pout.


Eventually, Izuku calmed down, approaching his still pouting little brother. He ruffled the boy’s hair.


“Sorry, little bro. Gotta make sure you get up. Next year I won’t be here to be your personal alarm clock, so you gotta get started waking up early on your own.” Izuku said, patting Satsu’s head once before retracting his hand to his side.


“That’s gonna be a lot less stressful of an awakening.” Satsu muttered.


“Don’t deny how you love my wake-up calls.” Izuku teased, poking his brother’s forehead once.


Izuku smiled at his little brother before walking to the door, glancing back at his brother.


“Mom and Dad are already at work, so I’ll be making pancakes today.” Izuku said.


“Those are the best!” Satsu said, his pout disappearing and giving way to a smile.


Izuku chuckled.


“I’m glad you think so. Get ready for school.” Izuku said.






Izuku and Shino were about to leave for school when Jesse came through the door.


“Good, you’re here.” Jesse said.


“Dad? What’s the occasion?” Izuku asked, thinking his father was back early.


“Is Satsu still here, too?” Jesse asked, not answering.


“Yeah, he’s finishing his food.” Shino said.


Jesse breathed a sigh of relief.


“What’s going on?” Izuku asked worriedly.


“There was a villain attack near school. No way in the h-e-double hockey sticks am I going to let you guys go there today.” Jesse said.


“Oh, alright. So… You came all this way for that?” Izuku asked.


“That and I need to tell you two something. But first, let’s get out of the front door.” Jesse said.


The three of them went to the kitchen, seeing Satsu with a surprised look on his face.


“Dad? You’re back early.” Satsu said.


“Yeah, and you get to have no school today.” Jesse said with a smile.


“Really? Nice!” Satsu said with a happy smile.


“Nice indeed. Now go get changed. You’re going to be coming along with me to UA.” Jesse said.


“Really?! This is amazing!” Satsu shouted, running to his room.


“He is?” Izuku asked as Satsu left.


“You all are. The main reason is because Nezu wants to talk with you two.” Jesse explained.


“He does? Why is that?” Shino questioned.


“It’s pertaining to the entrance exam. That’s all he told me, sadly.” Jesse replied.


“Well, if that’s the case, let’s get changed.” Izuku said to Shino.


“Right.” Shino replied.




Izuku and Shino sat next to one another in the back seat while Satsu sat in the front seat of Jesse’s truck as he took them to UA. When they arrived, the four of them walked through the halls, heading to Nezu’s office.


“While you two talk with him, I’m going to take Satsu on a tour. Tell Nezu to call me once you guys are done and we can head back home.” Jesse explained as he walked with them.


“I get to go on a tour of UA, the greatest hero school in Japan?! This is so awesome!” Satsu shouted in glee, causing the others to chuckle at his excitement.


“That’s right, Satsu. And if you are good, I might introduce you to some of the other pro hero teachers here.” Jesse said, making Satsu gasp in excitement.


They soon arrive at Nezu’s office, Jesse knocking on the door when they arrived.


“Come in!” Nezu chirped on the other side.


“Good luck, you two. I don’t know what he wants, but he’s planning something.” Jesse said, his voice sounding suspicious.


Izuku and Shino chuckled at the man’s suspiciousness before entering the office. They were met with the white haired rodent smiling brightly at the two of them.


“Ah, Izuku, Shino. It’s good to see you.” Nezu said.


“Dad said you wanted to talk to us?” Izuku asked.


“Yeah, what is it about?” Shino questioned.


“Ah, yes. Straight to the point. Before I get to that, would either of you like some tea?” Nezu asked.


“Oh, yes please.” Izuku said with a polite smile, Shino nodding in agreement.


A few moments later, the three of them were sitting with teacups in their hands. Nezu decided to cut to the chase once they were seated.


“So, this is about the entrance exams. I assume you’re wanting to take them and not be recommended students?” Nezu asked.


“Yes, sir. We’d like to take the entrance exams.”


“Splendid! Now, what I wanted to talk to you about is your quirk usage during the practical portion of the test. As I know both of your capabilities, I am wanting to put an extra layer of difficulty to your test.” Nezu said with a grin.


“Oh?” Izuku asked, not liking the sound of Nezu’s grin.


“Yes. Your handicap will be that you are required to defeat opponents with a new weapon each time for your points to be counted. Although, if you hit more than one opponent with a weapon like, say, a bazooka, they will still be counted.” Nezu spoke.


“W-What? To earn points, I have to take them out with a different weapon each time?” Izuku asked, surprised.


“Yes. And as for Shino, you are required to acquire fifteen points without the help of Izuku.” Nezu spoke.




“Yes. You are a very smart girl, and I know you can think of ways to defeat the mock villains by yourself despite not having a quirk fit for combat.” Nezu spoke.


The couple’s shoulders dropped. They knew there was no way to go against Nezu.


“Oh, chin up. I have faith you two can do it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be giving you these requirements.” Nezu spoke.


“Okay…” The two spoke at once.




The two of them conversed with Nezu, the rodent wishing to know how their school lives were going. Eventually, the two of them left the Principal’s office, Nezu having to deal with things pertaining to UA. Izuku and Shino were told to just go to the parking lot and Jesse would meet up with them.


The two of them arrived to see that Jesse was indeed there with an overly excited Satsu. When they arrived, Izuku was the first to speak.


“Enjoy your tour, Satsu?” Izuku asked rhetorically.


“It was the BEST! I even got to meet Thirteen and Cementoss! It was so awesome!” Satsu gushed.


After telling Jesse about what Nezu wanted to speak to them about, they all piled into the truck. Turns out, Jesse had a substitute come in after leaving the first time, so he could stay home for good that day, which everyone was happy about.


After they got home, everyone piled onto the couch. Jesse managed to persuade all of them to playing an old game called Halo Reach. Shino wasn’t really a fan of first person shooters, but the shenanigans her boyfriend and his family got into on that game made for a hilarious experience, regardless of genre. 


Emi came home to hearing the kind of laughter she loved hearing coming from the living room. When she saw what everyone was doing, she quickly got changed and joined the chaos, stealing her husband’s controller sometimes while watching other times, all from the comfortable perch of her husband’s lap.




As the night came to a close, everyone retired to their bedrooms. Izuku and Shino, like usual, slept in the same bed. But they had to wait until everyone was asleep to do so. Izuku remained awake until the time came when he heard his girlfriend’s wonderful voice in his head.


“I’m here.” Shino said in his head.


Izuku got out of his bed and walked to the door, opening it slowly for her. She tip-toed her way into the room after it was open enough, allowing him to close the door behind her. He looked at her usual cherry red pajamas with a fond smile. She always looked beautiful in them.


“You going to stare all day or are you going to take me to bed~?” Shino teased with a seductive growl.


Izuku blushed brightly, drawing a quiet giggle from Shino. Something that changed from their first kiss to their current situation was how Shino would tease him. He swore Midnight had a hand in her teasing nature with all the risque teases she would give him.


“Y-You’re too good at that…” Izuku muttered.


Shino giggled once more in response.


“C’mon. Let’s get to bed, Izuku.” Shino said softly.


Izuku nodded in reply, climbing into bed with his beautiful girlfriend. They didn’t take long getting into a comfortable cuddling position, initiating a gentle kissing session, whispering sweet nothings between them. After that, they settled down, just enjoying each other’s embrace.


“I’m the luckiest guy in the world, you know.” Izuku said softly.


“Oh? Why’s that?” Shino asked with a gentle smile that warmed his heart when he saw it.


“Because I have the most beautiful and amazing girl as my girlfriend. With the most comforting quirk out there.” Izuku said softly.


“You just earned yourself some brownie points, mister.” Shino said with a smile, moving a hand up and booping his nose. 


Izuku chuckled softly, gently reaching up and taking the hand that booped him. Shino smiled fondly at him. She knew he loved it when she used her quirk on him. He told her how comforting it was when he first escaped his captors and since he told her, whenever she noticed he seemed stressed or worried, she’d use it to calm him down.


“Alright, we need to get up early tomorrow. So kiss me and let’s go to bed.” Shino said with a smile.


Izuku returned her smile.


“My pleasure.” Izuku said, moving in for a kiss.


Their lips met in one final passionate kiss that left the pair breathless with the amount of passion in it. They relaxed once more into one another’s embrace and fell asleep, whispering their goodnights as they drifted off together into the land of dreams.

Chapter Text

The anticipated day had finally arrived! It was the day of the entrance exams and both Izuku and Shino were excited beyond belief. They woke up at the first ring of their alarm and quickly got themselves ready. The two actually managed to beat Emi in waking up early, and she still had to drop Satsu off at school and get to her school’s entrance exam! 


Emi offered to drive them to UA, but they declined, not wanting their mother to be later than she already was. They instead decided to take the train to UA. Throughout their journey to the school, they were practically vibrating with excitement. While being in UA for training was fun and they were desensitised to being there, actually being enrolled in the school filled them with so much excitement that they couldn’t calm down.


When they arrived at UA, people were already filing into the main building. They really hoped they would be able to sit next to each other. When they arrived at the testing auditorium, they were thankful to see that the seating arrangement was decided by which school the examinees went to, meaning Izuku and Shino were able to sit next to each other.


After a few more minutes, the last of the examinees arrived and the written test got started. The proctor for the written part of the test was Aizawa, who fixed the entire auditorium with a bored glare.


“Welcome to UA’s written entrance exam. My name is of no concern to you, so I won’t bother with introducing myself. Your written tests will be passed out to you. When you get them, start them. Turn them in to me when you finish them and move on to Auditorium Three for the practical exam.” Aizawa explained boredly.


As soon as Aizawa was finished, multiple people in suits passed out papers to the examinees sitting in the auditorium. When Izuku and Shino got their papers, they started right away. 




Unsurprisingly, they were two of the first people to finish their tests and move on to the practical exam. When they went to the practical exam auditorium, they went to the seats labelled for them and looked ahead to the front and saw Present Mic was there. When Present Mic saw them, he smiled and waved, the two waving back in response.


Eventually, more people filed in until the auditorium was filled once more and the practical was underway, starting with a rather loud greeting by Present Mic.



Izuku and Shino, needing no real prompt, shouted back with equal energy.


“HEEEEYYYY!!!” They shouted.


Present Mic laughed, wiping a tear from his eye at how proud he was of them.




Present Mic pressed a button and a screen lit up beside him, showing the picture of a robot.




The hero then pressed a button and the picture switched to the Two Pointer Robot that was in the pamphlet as well. Present Mic explained it and moved on to the Three Pointer. He then went on a tangent, interrupting his explanation of the fourth robot.




“Excuse me!” A blue haired examinee with glasses interrupted the hero.


Izuku and Shino glanced to look at the boy while Present Mic stopped speaking. The boy had his hand raised and his other hand moving robotically as he continued.


“You have only mentioned to us three robots, when this pamphlet clearly has four types! If this is a typo, then this is highly unbecoming of-”


“THANK YOU, LITTLE LISTENER! BUT I WAS JUST ABOUT TO GET TO THAT!” Present Mic said, interrupting the boy’s rant.


The hero pressed a button, revealing a hulking fourth robot.




Izuku and Shino looked on the back of their pamphlets. Izuku was assigned Field F and the same was said for her.


“This seems somewhat convenient…” Shino commented.


“I’m wondering if Nezu had anything to do with it…” Izuku said in thought.


“I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.” Shino replied.


“Well, c’mon. Let’s go.” Izuku said.


“Right.” Shino replied.




After the two reached their assigned field, they prepared themselves.


“You sure you can handle it without my help?” Izuku asked.


“I don’t know. Those robots looked pretty dangerous.” Shino replied.


Izuku looked to be in thought before an idea struck him, smiling cleverly.


“Nezu said I couldn’t help you, but he never said anything about me giving you some tools to help.” Izuku said.


“Exploiting loopholes in rules? Has Nezu been teaching you without me knowing it?” Shino asked teasingly.


Izuku chuckled before using his quirk. He pulled out a lightsaber hilt and handed it to her. Shino took it with a smile.


“Thanks. Can I have an energy sword as well? Those make a bit less noise so it'll be easier for me to sneak up on any unsuspecting robots.” Shino said.


“That makes sense.” Izuku said with a nod, taking out an energy sword as well and handing it to her.


“Thanks, Izuku.” Shino said, kissing his cheek.


“You’re very welcome.” Izuku replied, pulling her into a lip-locking kiss.


Shino placed the energy sword hilt onto her own belt. Growing curious about what type of lightsaber she was given, she points it away from the students and ignites it, enjoying the familiar sounds of the saber activating. She then noticed that the lightsaber was red, and she gave a small pout.


“Are you calling me evil?” Shino said with a curve to her lips, and a raised eyebrow.


“Only a crazy person like you would dare to steal my heart!” Izuku said as he pulled Shino into a tight hug.


The two of them pulled back with a loving smile. It was then that they heard the doors open. They turned to the open doors and heard Present Mic shout “START!”.


“That’s our cue!” Izuku said, running in.


“That’s right. Good luck!” Shino replied, running in and splitting off from him.


This was gonna be a really interesting exam…




Izuku spotted his first robot a few seconds in, and without a second of thought, he summoned a magnum from Halo. The robot noticed him, and Izuku quickly pulled the trigger twice. The robot wasn’t designed to take military grade bullets, so it fell easily. Izuku noticed that it was a 1-pointer and sighed.


He then continued his journey through the mock city, the next robot he stumbled upon was two 3-pointers. Quickly whipping out a Halo sniper, he lined the shot up so it would tear through the two robots and hit a wall. The robots also had ranged options, so when they spotted him lining up a shot, they fired a dozen small missiles at him. Izuku then pulled the trigger before throwing the sniper into the missiles, adding onto his quick thinking, he summoned a small metal piece and quickly activated it on his forearm.


A massive clear barrier formed out of the piece, and soaked up all of the rockets. As he continued his search, he spotted a cluster of various robots making their way behind a group of test takers. Smiling in glee, he whipped out a Covenant Fuel Rod Gun, and launched it directly at the group of robots, exploding them instantly.


Knowing how easy it was to take out the robots, he started jogging forward in search of more.




Shino knew that Izuku was smart enough to easily gain tons of points, and that he no doubt had countless weapons he planned on using. Of course, she knew that her own exam would be easy, assuming Izuku didn’t accidentally unsummon her own gear. She quickly hopped over a three pointer, and swung her saber straight across the body of the robot, watching it fall in two pieces.


She then spotted a two pointer closing in on a green haired girl that was tossing robots with her long tongue. Quickly hilting the lightsaber, she started dashing as quietly as possible to the robot and igniting her energy sword. Right before the robot could hit the girl, Shino swung the sword at the hand of the robot, causing some sparks to fly out from the clash of the robots fist on the sword. Of course, the robot’s arm couldn’t tank the extreme heat of the plasma in the sword, and ended up just swinging through the blade, causing the arm to split in two.


Hearing the noise behind her, the girl turned to see what was going on, only to witness the girl tackle the robot to the ground, and then pull a weird crystal blue sword out of it’s chest. Deciding to ask about the weapon, she spoke up.


“Thanks for protecting me, kero. What weapon is that?” The girl questioned with a tilt to her head.


“Oh this? It’s called an Energy Sword, my boyfriend gave it to me to help me with beating the exam. I gotta say, I'm pretty interested in learning more about your quirk after the exam, I'm sure my boyfriend would enjoy learning about it.” Shino explained with a smile, before jogging off to find more robots.




Izuku was having so much fun, but he was starting to feel the signs that he is closing in on his limit. He had already used a needle rifle, needler, shotgun, gravity hammer, pulse bomb, plasma grenade, his own green lightsaber, assault rifle, a Star Wars blaster, and many more. He currently guessed his points were somewhere around sixty based off of his mental count.


As he searched the streets for a robot to add to his collection, he suddenly felt the ground shake as if an earthquake was happening. Quickly sprinting to where he could guess the source was, he spotted a gigantic robot looming over everyone on the street. Realizing it was the 0-pointer, he quickly glanced around and spotted Shino, they quickly met up.


“That must be the zero pointer.” Izuku said to her as he studied the robot.


“We should wait to see if we can help anyone who trips or something.” Shino said as she waited to rush in to help anyone needing it.


However, to the shock of everyone present, suddenly the large arm swept into the building nearest to it, sending rubble and debris everywhere. None of it was big enough to seriously hurt anyone, but they were there to cause distractions and to trip them up. Sure enough, several students ended up panicking and falling onto the ground and getting pinned down by the debris.


“Oh crap. Shino, you help everyone pinned by the rubble, I’ll see if I can stop it!” Izuku said as they both immediately began bolting into the disaster the zero pointer caused.


Izuku knew that Shino could do her task pretty easily, so he started brainstorming different theories on how to put a stop to the giant robot. Knowing that he would need to slow the robot down to ensure he can put an end to it without too much danger to the others, he pushed past his own limit and summoned a wraith. 


Quickly climbing inside, he quickly looked around and felt happy that visualizing the Wraith with labelled controls made it easier to figure out how to properly use it. Looking through the visual display, he aimed the Wraith’s plasma launcher directly at the leg joints of the robot. Everyone was shocked at the sudden and loud materialization of a vehicle mid exam, and they were even more surprised to see it fire blasts that crippled the zero pointer.


As sudden as the vehicle appeared, it vanished. Izuku immediately sprinted at the zero pointer, he knew the best place to disable it, would likely be at the back of the neck. The first immediate issue Izuku thought of, was getting to the neck, but then he figured out the perfect way to get up there. Once he got close enough, he quickly tied a jetpack to his back and threw a small plate onto the ground. 


The plate immediately gained a blue glow around its edges, and Izuku sprinted and jumped right onto the plate, which launched him twenty feet into the air. Not wasting the momentum, he activated his jetpack based off of Halo Reach’s armour ability. Just as he felt the upwards momentum slow, he reached the shoulders of the giant robot. Quickly taking away his jetpack and the jump pad, he summoned an energy sword as he felt extremely exhausted.


He quickly sprinted right at the neck of the robot, and started to cut open a hole into the neck armour. As soon as he tore a chunk into the robot, he began to smile, grab a bunch of the wires, and recite a line he remembers fondly.


“You have been quite disastrous, and so you must be silenced.” Izuku said as he sliced the energy sword through the robot’s wires, causing it to twitch, before it collapsed from lack of a connection. 


Izuku realized he was running on empty and decided to try to slide off of the zero pointer like an idiot. Shino saw him sliding down the robot with the energy sword tearing through it. She saw his expression and recognized it as the ‘seconds away from collapsing’ expression, and immediately dashed under him so she could catch him once his quirk gave way. Sure enough, his energy sword vanished and he fell down.


Luckily, he was low enough that his body didn’t accelerate too much, which allowed her to safely catch him before he hit the ground. As soon as she caught him, she set him down against a chunk of concrete. Right after she did that, the buzzer rang out, signalling the end of the exam.




“Is there anyone injured?” Shino heard the elderly voice of Recovery Girl ask.


She looked back to see Recovery Girl with a bunch of medical robots carrying stretchers. She waved towards the heroine.


“Recovery Girl, Izuku’s unconscious. Can you bring him to your office?” Shino called.


“Of course, dearie! Are you hurt?” Recovery Girl asked as she came over.


“I’m fine. Just could use some rest.” Shino replied.


Recovery Girl ordered a couple robots to bring Izuku to her office on a stretcher. Shino followed the robots to the heroine’s office, leaving Recovery Girl to assess the rest of the students and any of their possible injuries.




At the same time as Izuku being taken to the Recovery Girl’s office, Snipe was looking over both his son’s score and Shino’s score. He smiled at the results.


“Good job, you two.”

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up in an unfamiliar place at first. The last thing he remembered was being out in the field. How did he get there? As his mind woke up, he realized he was in Recovery Girl’s office. Now the question was why he was there.


“Sleep well, Izuku?” The soft and heartwarming sound of Shino’s voice drew his gaze.


She was looking at him with a gentle smile that made him want to kiss her and show her how much he loved her. Though in that moment, he could only smile in response. Save the affection for later.


“I did. But why am I here? Did I get hurt or something?” Izuku asked curiously.


“You overused your quirk… Again.” Shino said, frowning for a moment.


“Ah… Sorry…” Izuku apologized, flinching slightly.


“You better not make a habit of this. I don’t want you passing out all the time,” Shino said, her expression softening to one of concern.


“I won’t… Believe me, I’d rather not feel like I could take a nap for a whole week straight,” Izuku said, smiling slightly.


Shino couldn’t help but giggle as he said that, lowering herself so their faces were in front of one another. They shared a loving kiss that held for a few moments before they pulled back. They smiled at one another once more.


“How about we meet up with your dad now so we can head home?” Shino suggested.


“Sounds good. I could use some relaxation on the couch,” Izuku said softly.


“You want to use my lap as a pillow?” Shino said teasingly, a smirk on her face.


Izuku blushed in response, but didn’t say anything in response, the thought of laying his head on her lap was very enticing. Shino’s smirk turned into a full-on smile as he remained silent. She leaned forward and kissed his nose, drawing his attention again.


“C’mon, silly. Let’s go,” Shino said.


“R-Right…” Izuku said, blush remaining on his face.




Izuku and Shino met up with Jesse and they all went to his car, the hero having finished work for the day. As he drove them home, he told them their results.


“So I don’t know if Nezu’s alright with it, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. You both passed,” Jesse said.


He grew a smirk on his face as he heard an excited shout from both of them. 


“How many points did we get?” Izuku asked.


“Yeah! Yeah! How many?” Shino asked.


Jesse chuckled.


“That, I’ll leave for the official letter that’ll be sent. Can’t tell you everything, after all,” Jesse said with a smirk.


“UGH!” Both of them pouted, making Jesse smile in amusement.


“Look on the bright side! You both passed!” Jesse said.


“But we wanted to see who had the higher score!” Shino replied.




“What, did you have a competition where the winner takes the loser on a date?” Jesse said teasingly.


“N-No!” Both of them shouted, having been found out.


Jesse laughed louder in response.




When they returned to their house, Izuku and Shino changed into more comfortable clothes and went to the couch. Jesse kept his regular clothes on instead of changing into more comfortable clothes, as he had to pick up Satsu from school in an hour.


Izuku and Shino cuddled on the couch happily, watching television together until Jesse left to pick up Satsu. When the door closed, Shino gained a teasing smirk.


“Well, we’re alone. Want to test out my lap pillow?” Shino teased.


Izuku blushed in response, freezing up for a moment before taking a deep, shaky breath to hopefully calm himself. He looked to see a light blush on Shino’s face, meaning she was at least somewhat shy about this. 


“M-Maybe…” Izuku said shyly.


Shino’s smirk widened slightly and her blush increased.


“Then let’s do it…” Shino said, a bit more confident in what they were about to do than her boyfriend was.


 The two adjusted themselves so Izuku was in a good place to lay down while Shino got comfortable in her sitting position. Izuku looked at Shino’s thighs with an ever growing blush. He slowly lowered his head to her thighs.


Soft. They felt very soft and warm. And plushy. But despite that, he could also feel muscle in there. There was no doubt about it, these thighs were comfortable. So comfortable that he could feel his consciousness… drifting…


Shino looked down to see her boyfriend’s eyes droop and then close, his shallow breaths of nervousness changing into calm and relaxed deep breaths. She smiled softly at the sight, knowing he fell asleep. She knew he was still tired from the exam so she was happy she was able to help him rest.


She reached over and turned the movie they were watching beforehand down before lowering her hands to his hair, gently playing with the soft and shaggy hair of her boyfriend. She smiled softly as she did, taking in the handsome features of her lover.


“What did I do to have someone as amazing as you…” Shino asked rhetorically to the sleeping face of Izuku.


She, in fact, knew exactly what she did to have someone like him. She saved him, helped him recover, and became a source of positivity and comfort for him. And it was in doing that that she and him bonded together. And she didn’t regret a single thing. 


Shino didn’t know how long she had been in thought, thinking about her boyfriend, but she soon heard the door open up and Satsu’s energetic voice shouted that he was home. After Satsu shouted, she heard a gentle groan below her. Looking down once again, she saw Izuku had woken up. He smiled softly up at her, warming her heart at the sight. 


“Good afternoon,” Shino said softly, drawing a warmer smile from Izuku.


“Hey…” Izuku replied, gently taking the hand still in his hair and bringing it to his cheek, relishing in the warmth.


“I take it my lap’s pretty comfy if it knocked you out as quickly as it did,” Shino joked, giggling when she saw the blush on Izuku’s face.


She lowered her head down and kissed her lover on the cheek before moving to kiss him on the lips. As his lips brushed against hers about to kiss, Satsu interrupted them.


“Eww! Dad! Shino and Izuku are being gross again!” Satsu shouted, running out of the room.


Izuku and Shino shared a collective sigh, resting their heads against one another. Satsu, despite maturing a bit, still had a knack for interrupting them if they weren’t in their room. 


“I’m so getting him back for that…” Izuku grumbled.


“Oh? What do you have planned?” Shino asked curiously.


“Nothing yet… But I’m sure something will come to me,” Izuku replied with a sigh.


“Well, while you think, how about we talk about the fact that we have a whole week before results come back.” Shino started.


“What about it?” Izuku asked.


“Well, on one hand, we could continue training… But on the other hand, I really wanna be lazy and spend the week just cuddling with you,” Shino said, pouting slightly and looking at him with a needy look in her eyes.


Izuku couldn’t say no to the face she gave him. He was weak to her adorableness, meaning he quickly agreed.


“Cuddling it is. Though, won’t it be boring to just cuddle?” Izuku asked.


“Well, what do you suggest?” Shino asked.


“Maybe we could spend the rest of today cuddling, then maybe go somewhere tomorrow, and cuddle the following day?” Izuku suggested.


Shino smiled happily, kissing his cheek.


“I like that a lot. Now, let’s get back to cuddling! I need to absorb as much cuddle energy so I can function tomorrow.” Shino said.


“Cuddle energy?” Izuku asked with a smirk.


“Oh shush. Just cuddle with me,” Shino said.


“Yes ma’am,” Izuku replied, sitting up and quickly getting pulled into a cuddle.




Izuku and Shino spent the rest of the day cuddling, joining the rest of Izuku’s family for group cuddles after dinner. And it didn’t stop there. After they all went to bed, they cuddled in their bed like they usually did, sharing loving words before falling asleep in each other’s arms.


After that first day, they went out to the mall. What started out as a simple date evolved into shopping for things they realized they needed to get for when they moved into the dorms of UA. Thankfully for both of them, they were alright with it. After all, just being with one another was good enough for them.


The next day, like they agreed, they spent the entire day cuddling. There was barely any activity aside from bathroom breaks, getting food, and overall just readjusting themselves to get comfortable again. Of course, when the rest of Izuku’s family joined them on the couch, they adjusted themselves to cuddling with them as well. It was one big cuddle pile at that point.


They kept up the schedule of outing day then cuddle day for the rest of the week, and during one of their days out, they found something really interesting.




Shino and Izuku were walking home from their outing in town, their arms hooked around each other’s. They both wore soft smiles and were talking about what they had just done.


“I have to say, today’s destination was amazing. A kitty cafe? I honestly didn’t know there was one so close,” Shino said.


“Well, now you do. And I’m glad you liked it,” Izuku said softly.


“Liked it? I loved it! We gotta go there again before we get into UA,” Shino said, drawing a chuckle from Izuku.


“I think we can do that before moving into our dorms.” Izuku said with a nod.


“You’re the best, Izuku,” Shino said softly.


Izuku smiled and was about to reply when the two of them heard a feminine voice nearby.


“Thanks again for helping me with that.” 


Turning to the source, they saw Satsu standing at the door to the house with a girl. She had shoulder-length silver hair, red eyes, and a kind smile on her face. She looked to be Satsu’s age as well.


Izuku and Shino looked at each other and nodded before jumping behind cover. They peeked out and watched the exchange.


“N-No problem! I’m just glad to help! I-I mean, heroes always help those in need, right?” Satsu replied, blushing.


The girl giggled cutely.


“Then I guess that makes you my hero, Satsu,” the girl said.


The elder brother and his girlfriend shared a wide-eyed look at the use of his first name. They quickly refocused on the scene unfolding before them.


“I-It was my pleasure… K-Kagaya…” Satsu replied.


Kagaya pouted cutely.


“C’mon, Satsu. I told you to call me Kaga…” The girl replied with a pout.


“R-Right… S-Sorry…” Satsu replied.


“Say it…” Kagaya said, her voice low and her face pouting.


“S-Say what?”


“Say it!”


“O-Okay! K-Kaga…” Satsu looked away with a deep red blush.


The girl smiled.


“I’ll see ya next week, Sa-tsu!” The girl said, waving before running to the end of the sidewalk.


She stopped at the sidewalk and turned to Satsu again.


“I’ll text you when I get home!” she called, waving once more before running down the sidewalk.


Izuku and Shino watched as Satsu waved, a large blush on his face. They smiled, knowing exactly what was going on in his head. They waited a few moments before coming out and walking to Satsu, who was still staring at where Kagaya went off to. Izuku decided to break his brother out of the daze he was in.


“Nice! You got yourself a real friend in that one, Satsu. Maybe more?” Izuku teased.


THAT got his attention. Immediately, his face turned beet red.


“W-WHAT?! I-I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!” Satsu shouted, running inside, leaving Izuku and Shino laughing in response.


“What’s going on out there?” Emi asked, coming into view after Satsu disappeared inside.


“Sorry, Mom… Just teasing Satsu a bit,” Izuku said between laughs.


“What about this time?” Emi asked with a smile.


“Satsu’s found himself a lady friend,” Shino said with a smirk.


“Ooh? He has?” Emi said louder, hoping Satsu had heard her.


“We’re in middle school, Mom!” Satsu called from his room.


“Why haven’t you told me you found a girlfriend? Oh, my little boy’s holding secrets from me! What am I to do, honey?” Emi called.


“I’d say we invite the little lady over and have a nice family chat with her.” Jesse put in his two cents.


“Dad, not you too!” Satsu called in despair.


Izuku laughed with his girlfriend and mother at Satsu’s response. As he laughed, he couldn’t help but think of one thing.


‘I love my family.'

Chapter Text

“They’re here!”


The sound of Izuku’s mother’s voice immediately woke him and his girlfriend up completely. They looked at one another with excitement in their eyes, sharing a quick kiss before leaping out of the bed.


Charging out of their room, Izuku managed to reach his mother first, sliding to a stop and looking at Emi with a bright smile. She giggled fondly.


“What’re you excited about?” Emi asked teasingly.


“You said they’re here,” Shino said, once she caught up to them.


“Did I? You must have heard me wrong,” Emi teased.


“Moooooom!” Izuku whined.


Emi laughed.


“Alright, here you go, you two. And no going to your room to see. You review the letters in the kitchen so everyone can see,” Emi said, handing Izuku and Shino their envelopes.


Izuku quickly snatched his and ran to the kitchen table, Shino following close behind. He heard Emi’s laughter from the front door as she slowly made her way to the kitchen table as well.


Izuku looked at Shino with an excited expression.


“Can I open mine first?” Izuku asked.


“Yeah!” Shino nodded.


He opened his envelope and a disk slid out, confusing him and Shino. Looking up, they saw Jesse and Emi standing in front of the table and watching them with knowing smiles on their faces.


Hearing a static noise, Izuku and Shino turned to look at the disk and saw a hologram flicker to life above it. In front of them stood a small holographic replica of Izuku’s father in his Snipe costume. The hologram tipped its hat.


“Howdy, Izuku. Nezu gave me the priv’lege to tell ya your score. O’course, there’s no question with you passin’ the written test. What really impressed me was your score on the practical portion.”


Snipe’s hologram gestured to the side where a dark rectangle with a number on it appeared.


Izuku Kinoto: 55 Villain Points


“Passin’ grade, yet not really top of the scoreboard. But wait, there’s more! There’s another part to the practical: Rescue Points.”


The hologram changed to show a montage of Izuku’s feats of heroism during the entrance exam; the highlight had been Izuku disabling the Zero Pointer using both a Wraith and an Energy Sword. As the hologram switched back to Snipe and Izuku’s score, the hero started laughing.


“I’m very proud of you, son. Usin’ somethin’ like that brought a tear to my eye.”


Snipe cleared his throat and straightened up.


“As I was sayin’, Rescue Points are awarded for heroic acts that aren’t just destroyin’ evil robots. Savin’ those kids gave you fifty more points.”


The black rectangle updated his score, adding both his Rescue Points as well as his total points to the display.


Izuku Kinoto: 55 Villain Points| 50 Rescue Points| 105 Total Points


Izuku’s eyes widened at the score. Refocusing on the miniature hologram of his father, he continued to listen.


“Great job, Izuku! With that, your place on the leaderboard is…”


Snipe’s hologram pointed to the score display that expanded into a scoreboard showing only the scores of the other examinees. 


1: Izuku Kinoto: 55 Villain Points| 50 Rescue Points| 105 Total Points

2: ||||||||||||||||||||||: 45 Villain Points| 50 Rescue Points| 95 Total Points

3: ||||||||||||||||||||||: 77 Villain Points| 0 Rescue Points| 77 Total Points

4: ||||||||||||||||||||||: 30 Villain Points| 32 Rescue Points| 62 Total Points

5: ||||||||||||||||||||||: 50 Villain Points| 5 Rescue Points| 55 Total Points

The scoreboard lingered for a few moments before disappearing, with only Snipe’s hologram remaining.


“Now, before I continue with your class placement, I have a message from Nezu, who’s too busy at the moment to just come in an’ tell you himself. He’s impressed you managed to stretch the rules the way you did. He sends you his congratulations for doing so. Now, onto your class placement. You’ll be placed in Class 1-A and will be moving in this weekend. Again, I’m proud of you, son.”


The hologram of Snipe nodded before dissipating. It was then that Izuku realized he was tearing up, a wide smile on his face. He was pulled into a hug by his girlfriend, which he tightly returned before running up and hugging his father, who smiled and returned the hug.


“Thank you…” Izuku said.


“No thanks necessary, Izuku. I’m always proud of you,” Jesse replied, patting his son’s back.


Izuku held onto his father for a few more minutes as he cried tears of happiness. Eventually, he calmed down and pulled back, smiling at his father once more before turning to walk back to his seat. On his walk back, Emi yanked him into a tight hug.


“Don’t forget to hug me, Izuku. What am I, chopped liver?” Emi joked, drawing a chuckle from her son.


Izuku returned the hug happily before pulling back and finally returning to his seat beside Shino, who wrapped an arm around him affectionately. He took a deep breath to calm himself fully before speaking.


“So… I guess this means I get to pick the date location,” Izuku said with a smile.


“I guess so... “ Shino replied, pouting for a moment before smiling and kissing his cheek.


“C’mon, your turn! We can talk about that later,” Izuku said, getting excited again.


“Oh, right!” Shino said, grabbing her envelope and opening it up, letting the disk slide out.


Instead of Snipe, it was Nezu that appeared on the hologram. Jesse was notably disappointed.


“Why that damn rat! He said he was busy!”




Nezu was writing at his desk with a smile on his face. Suddenly, he got a tingle in the back of his head before he began laughing. It started out as a simple chuckle but soon increased to a maniacal laugh.


Aizawa, who was outside the door and was about to open it hesitated in grabbing it. After a couple moments of listening to Nezu’s maniacal laughter, he slowly stepped away from the door, keeping his gaze locked on the door until he turned the corner.




“Greetings, Ms. Sousaki! I’m giving you a personally recorded acceptance video! So first off, your written score! You passed it! Not surprising considering your intellect! I may have to take you on for some private tutoring, along with Mr. Kinoto as well.”


“That’s… a scary thought…” Jesse commented.


“Shh!” Emi shushed.


“Next up!” A dark rectangle appeared beside him similar to Izuku’s acceptance letter. “The practical! You received a relatively average score of forty-five villain points.”


The dark rectangle revealed her score as he spoke.


Shino Sousaki: 45 Villain Points


“While that’s enough to pass as it is, there was also another aspect to the exam. ‘What is it?‘ you may be asking. Well, I’ll tell you! This aspect has to do with heroism, not just by fighting villains but by also saving those in peril. To give credit to those acts of heroism during the exam, we have a special system: Rescue Points!”


The hologram switched from Nezu and the display of her score to a recording of Shino’s heroic actions. The highlight first showed her saving a frog quirked girl, then switched to a recording of her saving the people from the Zero Pointer while Izuku distracted it for her.


Izuku smiled, wrapping an arm around her shoulder, giving her a side hug, and kissing her cheek.


“Good job!” Izuku whispered.


Shino smiled softly, leaning against him in response as they refocused on the recording. After a few moments, it switched back to Nezu and Shino’s score.


“For these acts of heroism, you received fifty Rescue Points!”


Shino Sousaki: 45 Villain Points| 50 Rescue Points


Nezu paused for a moment to let the score sink in.


“I am really proud that you did so well on this exam and I look forward to watching you become an amazing hero in the halls of UA! Congratulations, you have passed! I shall show you your standings on the scoreboard before I give you one last piece of information.”


Nezu’s hologram disappeared, leaving only the scoreboard up as it expanded into a scoreboard showing the top five. Just like in Izuku’s recording, only her name and score was fully revealed.


1: ||||||||||||||||||||||: 55 Villain Points| 50 Rescue Points| 105 Total Points

2: Shino Sousaki: 45 Villain Points| 50 Rescue Points| 95 Total Points

3: ||||||||||||||||||||||: 77 Villain Points| 0 Rescue Points| 77 Total Points

4: ||||||||||||||||||||||: 30 Villain Points| 32 Rescue Points| 62 Total Points

5: ||||||||||||||||||||||: 50 Villain Points| 5 Rescue Points| 55 Total Points


The scoreboard remained for a couple minutes before it switched back to Nezu, still wearing his wide smile.


“One final piece of information I will give you is that you will be in Class 1-A. That makes things easier for when I want to pull you and Kinoto out of class for private lessons. The move-in date will be this weekend, so be prepared. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did manage to get you rooms beside one another. You can thank me for that later.”


Nezu chuckled, as if his hologram knew the two of them were blushing.


“I look forward to seeing both of you on UA’s campus! Have a pleasant day!”


With that, Nezu’s hologram disappeared, leaving the room silent. Izuku turned to see Shino smiling widely, seeming to barely contain her excitement.


“Shi-” Izuku’s attempt at saying her name was cut off by her yanking him into a tight hug.


“WE GET TO GO TO UA TOGETHER!” Shino squealed in excitement.


“Y-Yeah, we do! Just don’t scream in my ear!” Izuku replied, returning her hug.


“I’M SORRY, I’M JUST SO EXCITED!” Shino continued.


Izuku blushed slightly as his parents laughed at his and Shino’s excited embrace. Despite their teasing, he beamed brightly, the thought of him and Shino being heroes together filling him with joy.


“I am, too!” Izuku replied happily.




Somewhere in Musutafu, a blond haired boy was staring at a hologram showing a score.


3: Katsuki Bakugo: 77 Villain Points| 0 Rescue Points| 77 Total Points


“Who the fuck got a higher score than me?!” the boy yelled.


“KEEP IT DOWN, BRAT!” A woman’s voice with a similar growly yell came from outside the boy’s door.




The door to his room was kicked in, revealing a woman with similar blonde hair as the boy’s.




The woman stormed up and gripped the boy’s ear with the practiced strength.










Outside the room, a man in brown hair wearing glasses simply sighed in exasperation, taking a sip from the mug in his hand.


“Every day…”