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Two Sides of a Conversation

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Face opens the bathroom door and peers inside. Hannibal’s still in there, standing in front of the mirror, shaving cream on half his face. He snickers quietly, boss looks like the Phantom of the Opera like that. He closes the door behind him with a greeting and starts to undress. He can’t wait until Hannibal’s finished, he’s got places to be and women, err, things to do. Plus they’ve all shared bathrooms lots of times before, so it’s not really a problem or anything.

Face opens the shower’s door. It’s still all warm and foggy in here and it smells… Face sniffs. Smells familiar, like Hannibal. Comfortable. Nice. He turns on the water and starts washing.

Over the sound of the water he hears a faint sigh. Is the boss alright? He was looking a bit tired earlier. Frustrated. Worn down from their latest job, maybe? Nah, that was a cake-walk. Maybe he’s getting old? Nah. Hannibal will never get old; he’ll always be there, with him. Some other kind of frustration then? The boss hasn’t had any action in quite some time, has he? Face tries to remember the last time he saw Hannibal leave with a woman. That cute redhead from Boston? No, that was over six months ago. God, has it really been that long? Hannibal seriously needs to get laid. Maybe Face should help him? Wait. Didn’t Ellie tell him about this friend of hers? Who just got dumped and feels lonely? Maybe he can push this friend in the boss’ direction… now there’s a thought.

“Hey boss? So I met this woman earlier, Ellie. She wants to meet for drinks in the bar in about half an hour, apparently she doesn’t know anybody here yet…”

“And you graciously offered your company, of course.”

Face chuckles and lathers his privates. Clean body, clean soul. Well, and dirty mind… Ellie sure looked like she has quite an appetite. And those lips… “I’m a gentleman, what can I say…”

“Right.” Hannibal sounds bitter. Probably jealous. No problem, Face will totally fix him up with a date. Least he can do.

“And she has this friend, you know? So, how about you come with me and we’ll ease the ladies’ loneliness together? Ellie said she’s really nice and all…”


“Come on! Why not? You never go out with me anymore! Are you still upset about the thing with the twins? I swear, I thought she was into you, I was very surprised when they both went for me…”

“I said no, kid.”

And now Hannibal sounds angry. Well, damn. Face isn’t ready to back down, the boss deserves some relaxing, he’s been pushing himself to the limit lately. BA and Murdock noticed, too. He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat, drinks way too much and always mopes around. But Face will fix that, he’ll…

… or maybe he’ll just shut up. Because when he’s opened the shower door, he finds the boss directing his fiercest glare at him. Eep.

“Okay, okay, got it. Jesus, sorry, I only wanted to help.”

“Stop it.”

“Whatever. Hey, can I use your aftershave? It smells really great.”

Hannibal sighs and starts drying his cheeks. Face decides to take that as agreement and picks up the bottle. The boss is taking up a lot of room in front of the mirror and he has to kinda press up against him to be able to look into it. Hannibal shudders and Face pulls back apologetically. “Sorry, I’m still all wet.”

Hannibal sighs again. He’s been doing that a lot lately, too. Probably really tired. And tense, he notices when he brushes against a hard shoulder.

“Hey, do you want a massage before I leave? Those are some serious knots you got there, boss…”

Hannibal twists out from under Face’s hands and takes several steps back. “No, I’m… I’m fine.”

Face shrugs, a bit offended. “Just trying to take care of you.”

In the mirror he can see Hannibal’s eyes soften. The boss rests a gentle hand on his neck. “I know, kid. Thanks.”

Face beams at him. “No problem. Maybe tomorrow, then? I got this sweet oil, perfect for relaxing all kinds of tension…”

Hannibal gives him a little smile. “Yeah, maybe.”

He watches Face style his hair for a moment, then sighs again and turns away. “Have fun tonight, kid. Don’t get into trouble.”

Face grins. “Oh, I’m rather looking forward to a certain kind of trouble. Ellie’s room has a hot tub, you know. But fun, yeah, I’ll definitely have fun tonight!”

Hannibal gives him another smile before he leaves the bathroom. It’s… almost wistful, and Face vows to get him a lady soon. Hannibal really needs to cheer up.

And now… what to wear?