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At a Better Place, In a Better Time, Thing simply are Better

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It was a cold November night, on the other end of privet drive an old thin man just disappeared, leaving a baby behind, in a basket, with nothing but a thin beautifully woven blanket and a thick letter to protect it from the cold. On this side another thin old man appeared, this time with a flash of blue light.

This man, unlike the other, did not have bright sparkling eyes, instead they sadly located the baby. “So this is the reason all four decided to bring me here...” he muttered to himself.

With an old wrinkled hand he took the letter and read it, suddenly a storm raged within those eyes. “Well then, let’s get out of here”.

And with a flick of his wand, he created an exact copy of the baby, progressed to take the real one and with a deep breath, Merlin Emrys disappeared in that same flash of blue, taking Harry Potter with him.

Leaving behind a softly breathing golem.


Helga Hufflepuff was a proud woman, she had a lovely husband Salazar and Just Founded a scool. Helga Hufflepuff was also a sad woman, as she, once again, had a miscarriage.

It felt like walking a walk of shame as she thought of a way to tell her husband that no, the baby wasn’t coming  and no, she didn’t think it ever would. She knew her Sal would understand, but she couldn’t stand the look in his eyes as he sadly regarded her tummy. The broken look as he thought of leaving his line and title of Lord Slytherin to his deranged brother.

Suddenly, there was a flash of blue light outside. Witch she knew could only mean one thing, Merlin had returned. She startled herself out of her stupor and went to welcome the current Lord Emrys.


It truly was a sight to behold, Merlin Emrys walking with a baby in his arms.

As soon as was polite Helga took the little tyke and relived the eternal wizard from his suffering. She vaguely registered Rowena as she baby opened his eyes and she was engulfed in a sea of glowing green.

“And who is this?” She asked, continuously cooing at the babe.

“That would be Harry Sirius Potter-Black, Heir to the Houses of Potter, Black, Peverell, Le fey and Vidan, born one thousand years into the future,” Merlin started to explain, “the Four, all four mind you, asked me to retrieve him so he could have and actual childhood and some training. He is the subject of a prophecy you see, it states that he either has to kill the dark lord of his time, or die trying to.

“Lord death didn’t particularly like the fact that his future master was left on a doorstep of an abusive house too, so that probably also is one of the reasons. Oh, before I forget, Helga, Salazar, Behold your new son, you can name him as you please but try to keep it in the direction it is in now. Lady Life Made Sure that he biologically speaking truly is your son so you don’t have to blood adopt. Now, the universe awaits my help, but I will be back to help him train, good bye”

and with that, Merlin disappeared in an again flash of blue light.


“I swear, that man gets crazier every time I see him” Godric mutters to himself as the founders are all back inside.

“What will you name him?” Rowena ask to the married couple that is still looking down at the baby, their baby, in awe.

“Hariwalt Sirius Godric Potter-Black-Slytherin,” The new Father decides, “If you would be the godfather of course Godric”

Rowena laughed as Godric could only nod, now also looking at his godson in awe.