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The Tale of Five Gackts

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And so that concludes The Tales of Five Gackts. Who knew that one person could cause so much chaos? And then to multiply it by five…


Where was I, might you ask? Well, while Közi was recklessly adding band members to Malice Mizer and Mana was winding up Gackt by hanging around with Hyde, I was working hard behind the scenes, keeping this band together. Those Malice Mizer Blu Rays didn’t ship themselves! And adding a new member requires a lot of paperwork. I’d gotten so far into it when the others decided to kick Gakupo out… I wish I could say I was surprised. Anyway, stay tuned for more tales of Malice Mizer, since I seem to be the only one around here that bothers writing things down!

Count Yu~ki