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Trip to IKEA

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Bakugou groaned, eyes blinking open. He coughed, trying to clear the dust away. He pulled at his arms, both pinned to his side. He grunted, feeling his shoes loose traction as he tried to wiggle himself through, "What the fuck?"

"Katsuki! Kat! Baby, are you okay? Where are you?" Bakugou growled lightly at the sound of the red head calling his name, he struggled against the rock again, huffing out a sigh. He was tired, sweaty, arms sore from a full day of work, trapped to his side. "Ei! Come get me out!" He called back, slumping against the rock that held him captive. 

He lifted his head when he heard the sounds of someone, he could hear small rocks falling, someone panting lightly, "'Tsuki, fuck, what happened?" Bakugou furrowed his brow as he looked around, trying to find the red head. He glanced down at where he was pinned by the rock, gritting his teeth, "Get me out." He jumped slightly at Kirishima's hands on his waist, fingers prodding at where the rocks pinned him. "Eijirou, get me out already." Bakugou growled, trying to shoulder his way out. 

"'Tsuki, wait, you're gonna hurt yourself." Kirishima's hands held Bakugou's hips still, thumbs rubbing soothing circles into pale skin. "I don't care! Get me out!" Bakugou thrashed, kicking his legs and bawling his fists. Kirishima grit his teeth, taking a step back to avoid the outburst, he looked up at the rubble, furrowing his brow. Bakugou panted, his brow furrowed as he calmed himself, he closed his eyes, straining to listen, "Eiji?" 

He sighed inwardly when Kirishima placed a hand on the small of his back. "'Tsuki, I'm here." Kirishima spoke softly, crouching down behind Bakugou, trying to find a hold to lift the rock. "You gonna get me out or not?" Bakugou growled, clenching his fists a few times. "I'm gonna get you out, babe. Just give me a sec." Kirishima put a hand on Bakugou's thigh, trying to sooth the blonde. His hardened fingers poked at Bakugou's belly, trying to see if he could force his hand between the toned muscles and the cement pinning the blonde. "Ow, Ei." Bakugou grumbled, trying to shift away from the touch. 

"I know, I'm sorry baby." Kirishima frowned, his hand sliding up and down the inside of Bakugou's thigh, testing the wall with his other hand. "Ei." Bakugou clenched his jaw, trying to move his leg away from the hand. Kirishima raised an eyebrow, glancing at Bakugou's hips. He slid his hand to the back of Bakugou's knee, watching the way the blonde lifted his foot and tensed his leg. Kirishima raised a brow, silently feeling his way up the back of Bakugou's pant leg. Bakugou let out a low growl, squeezing his thighs together. "'Tsuki?" "Eijirou, get me out already, fuck!" Bakugou's voice wasn't anywhere near as strong as it had been. 

Kirishima slid his hand up further, up Bakugou's thigh, to his ass, ignoring the way the blonde squirmed and kicked. He stood, kneading the plump asscheek through the baggy pants, he could feel it, the seams and the design under his fingers. "Eiji, please, c'mon, get me out." Bakugou huffed, pushing himself up on his toes, pushing against the wall holding him in place. Kirishima reached under the blonde, easily unbuckling the duty belt, swiftly tugging down the pants over Bakugou's ass, showing off the red lace panties, "Wow, 'Tsuki." "Shut up! Get me out, fuck!" Bakugou tried to struggle again, freezing when Kirishima hooked a finger under the lace, tugging it up his ass. "It's such a pretty color. Is this Red Riot merch?" Kirishima felt his cock twitch in his sweats, tracing over the Rs.

"Oh, baby." Kirishima ran his tongue over his teeth, "This too?" He wiggled the black base of the plug between pale cheeks through the lace panties. Bakugou's face was red, he knew straining against the wall was pointless but it didn't stop him, "Ei, c'mon." "You were just hoping something like this would happen, huh? That I'd find you bent over like this? You could have just told me you wanted my cock, baby." Bakugou squeezed his eyes shut, his ears burned. Kirishima pet the backs of Bakugou's thighs, dipping between them to rub over the blonde's cock, already stiffening in the panties under his attention, "That's my good boy." Bakugou whined low in his throat, hanging his head.

Kirishima slid his hand under the lace, gripped the base of the plug, lightly tugging on it until it stretched Bakugou's hole with the widest part, letting it go to watch it get swallowed back up. He pushed his sweat pants down to his knees, lightly tugging the panties to the side. He pulled the plug free, grinning at the clear lube that oozed out, "Wow, baby. You're so perfect." Kirishima lined his cock up, pushing himself in to the root. Bakugou gasped, his knuckles turning white from his closed fists, his legs tensing. "Fuck, baby." Kirishima sighed, leaning his head back as his eyes closed. He stilled, just feeling himself wrapped in that tight, wet heat. 

"How long have you had these panties, baby?" Kirishima squeezed Bakugou's lace covered asscheeks. He grinned when Bakugou gasped, the blonde's hands trying to grab anything, "Such a good boy for me." Kirishima gave in, reaching down and lacing their fingers together. "Eiji, wait! Wait!" Bakugou thrashed, his quirk activating in Kirishima's hand. The red head smirked, angling his hips to slam into the trapped blonde over and over, "C'mon, baby. Let me hear how much you like this." He could hear the muffled moans, his upper lip curling back, he swatted Bakugou's asscheek, "Don't bite your lips, let me hear you, baby." "Mhnn! Nnh!" Bakugou thrashed, kicking his leg, a large explosion catching Kirishima's full attention.

Bakugou tried to bite down at the cock that forced between his lips, something hard and plastic keeping his teeth open just enough for the cock to work in and out of his mouth. He growled, trying to angle his face away. His nose was pinched, and he had to suck a breath through his teeth. He whined in his throat, digging his nails into Kirishima's hand, he kicked at Kirishima's leg again, catching him on his shin.

Kirishima furrowed his brow, hips stilling. He could hear panting, a soft grunt, and Bakugou's muffled groan. His eyes lifted from where he was connected with his boyfriend, to the rock in front of him. His right arm hardened, in a heartbeat his fist was through the rocks. He pulled his arm back, seeing a terrified face looking back at him. Kirishima's hand went back through the wall, he grabbed the man by the face, ripping his arm and the man through the rock. Bakugou coughed, eyes squeezed shut as he spit out a small, plastic spacer. Kirishima threw the man behind him, looking over his shoulder as he watched the limp body, waiting to see if he dared to move. 

"Fuck, fuck!" Bakugou shouted, spitting and shaking his head wildly. "How fucking dare someone- What the fuck?" Kirishima grabbed Bakugou's hips again, slamming into his boyfriend. Bakugou's breath caught in his throat, the brutal pace stabbing into his core. "Ei! Ah! Fuck!!" Bakugou felt tears prick the corners of his eyes, hands gripping at the air. "How fucking dare someone think they can even touch you?" Kirishima's hips slapped against Bakugou's asscheeks, the lace catching on his cock with each withdrawal. 

He glanced over his shoulder at the man laying on the ground, gritting his teeth, "Who the fuck takes one look at you and thinks they can even look at you again? They think they can approach you? How fucking dare he. How fucking dare he even come near you. He fucking touched you!" Kirishima shouted, hips snapping forward, "How fucking dare he touch you!" Bakugou choked out a sob, tears spilling down his cheeks, "Ei, Eiji, please, gods, please." Kirishima ran his tongue over his teeth, watching the blonde, watching the way his hands reached as much as they could. He laced their fingers together, holding both of Bakugou's hands as he fucked his boyfriend with all he had.

Bakugou held onto Kirishima's hands tight, sucking in a sharp breath between moans. Kirishima growled, forcing his fat cock in and out, "Katsuki. You are mine. Only mine, do you hear me?" Bakugou sobbed, nodding his head as he took everything Kirishima gave him. His guts were being punched, filled up and left empty in the same heartbeat. He cried out, his thighs trembling as he was thoroughly wrecked, "Eijirou! Fuck, fuck!" "That's right, baby. Say my name, 'Tsuki." Kirishima growled, burying his cock in his boyfriend. 

"Eijirou! Ei! Fuck me, Ei!" Bakugou shouted, his hard cock slapped against his belly, confined between his abs and the lace panties. Kirishima's cock stabbed his prostate head-on with each thrust, knowing how to angle his hips just right, watching the way his boyfriend took him like he was made for him. "I can't believe he, fuck, just walked up and fucking-" Kirishima snarled, cutting himself off. "Eiji, Ei, cum, please cum in me, please, fuck!" Bakugou rambled out, pushing his hips back as much as he could to try and meet the red head's thrusts. 

"I'm gonna fill you up, baby. I'll always take care of you, 'Tsuki." Kirishima panted softly, sweat dripping down his neck as he worked his cock in and out of the blonde. He grabbed both of Bakugou's hips, pistoning himself in and out. His cock head would catch on Bakugou's rim with each thrust, his brow furrowing in focus. Kirishima growled, Bakugou crying out, clenching around him like a vice as he came in those red panties. Kirishima rolled his eyes back, burying himself into that tight, wet hole, spilling his load into Bakugou. His cock twitching with each convulsion. Bakugou let out a soft whine, his hands gripping at the air again. 

With hips pressed firmly to pale skin, Kirishima caught his breath. He slowly opened his eyes, looking down at his boyfriend. They stayed like that for a long moment, Bakugou clenched around Kirishima's spent cock, "Eiji, my back hurts." Kirishima's eyes snapped open, he smiled softly as he slowly pulled his cock free, his stomach tensing at the way Bakugou's hole clung to him. He pulled the red panties up, watching as Bakugou tried to clench his hole to keep Kirishima's cum inside him. Kirishima hardened his arms, grabbing at the wall and tearing it apart with ease. Bakugou slumped forward, his arms finally free. Large chunks of concrete fell to the ground in front of him before he was pulled up, hugged tightly in those thick arms. 

Kirishima pressed kisses over Bakugou's shoulder and neck, his eyes closing but his face focused. Bakugou leaned his head back, taking a deep breath. "C'mere." Kirishima turned the blonde around in his arms, leaning in. Bakugou pushed against the broad chest, craning his head way, "No, Ei." Kirishima couldn't stop the snarl that tore through his throat or the way his arms hardened just enough to be noticed, "Bakugou." "Ei, please. No. I... I need to wash my mouth. He put... Don't kiss me yet." Bakugou pleaded, covering his mouth with the back of his hand, not meeting Kirishima's eyes. 

Kirishima grit his teeth, glancing over his shoulder at the man that still lay on the ground. He released Bakugou to try to stalk over to the man, Bakugou snatching him by the arm, redirecting him, "Ei, take me home, please." Kirishima hesitated, glancing back at the blonde. It took him a long minute to fight with himself over whether he needed to put the man further into the ground or comfort his boyfriend. "Please." Bakugou asked again, lightly tugging Kirishima's arm. The red head turned, wrapping his arms back around Bakugou, pushing his face into blonde hair. Bakugou slid his arms around Kirishima's middle, pushing his face in Kirishima's neck. 

Regardless of who they passed on the street, Kirishima had an arm around Bakugou's waist, keeping the blonde pressed against him. Bakugou didn't fight it, not right now. He could almost feel the dark aura around the red head, Kirishima would stare hard at everyone they walked past, anyone that got too close to Bakugou. He pressed himself against the taller man's side, would lean his head against Kirishima's shoulder while they stood, waiting for the subway. Kirishima liked that, he would press kisses to Bakugou's temple, press his nose into blonde hair. They didn't speak, even up to the door. 

Kirishima fished his keys out of his pocket, unlocking the door and gesturing for Bakugou to step inside. He didn't let the blonde get much further, grabbing just above Bakugou's elbow to keep him in place while he locked the door behind them. Bakugou mumbled about how he needed to wash his mouth, tried to make a joke about gargling bleach. Kirishima didn't respond, guiding the blonde through the entrance, eyes focused on every single one of Bakugou's movements. 

Bakugou chewed the inside of his cheek at the light coming from the hall, the television on in the living room. He didn't want to walk through it, but the stairs were on the other side. Bakugou tried to take a step away from Kirishima's side, trying to put a little space between them. The group knew they were dating, had been dating, but he was still a little uncomfortable with public affection. 

"Oh! It's Kacchan and Kirishima." He almost jumped at Deku's voice. Kirishima was already grabbing Bakugou closer, his jaw clenched. "Eiji, I want to go upstairs." Bakugou whispered, trying to get Kirishima to focus on him. 

"Hey guys, we're watching movies if you wan-" Midoriya's voice cut off, "Kacchan, are you okay?" Kirishima growled, loud, "Not now." Bakugou swallowed hard, trying to discreetly pull his arm away from the red head's death-grip. Kirishima dug his blunt nails into Bakugou's skin, eyes still locked on Midoriya's. "Kirishima, what's going on? Is Kacchan hurt?" Midoriya tried again, brows pitched up in confusion. "Fuck off." Kirishima's upper lip curled back in a snarl, taking a step closer to Midoriya, his free hand balling up into a fist. "Hey, chill the fuck out." Bakugou jerked his arm free, squaring his shoulders. Kirishima spun on the blonde, showing off his sharp teeth. Bakugou narrowed his eyes, his hands opening as he readied himself to use his quirk, "Enough, Kirishima."

Midoriya glanced up as Todoroki put a hand on his hip, lightly tugging him back. The freckled man opened his mouth but fell short when he was shushed, Todoroki keeping a careful eye on the pair that looked ready to swing on the other. "Let's leave them be." Todoroki insisted, their attention fully on the couple in front of them as Kirishima's quirk-hardened hand snatch Bakugou's arm, sharp fingers digging into pale skin, his voice a low warning, "Katsuki." Bakugou tried to rip his arm free, immediately freezing when the sharp fingers pierced his skin. Kirishima took advantage of the hesitation, stepping forward and grabbing Bakugou's throat with his free hand. Bakugou's eyes widened, he wet his lips, furrowing his brow as he processed the reaction. 

Bakugou took a hesitant step forward, into Kirishima's chest. The red head's grip slackened, his hand around Bakugou's throat moved to cup the nape of his neck, tugging him closer. Todoroki pulled Midoriya behind him, backing them into the living room, shushing him when he tried to ask questions. 

Bakugou was careful as he started leading the red head to the stairs again, keeping their eyes locked. Kirishima would grab his shirt in a fist when Bakugou got a step too far away. Kirishima pressed up against him, leaning his forehead on Bakugou's shoulder when they got to the door. "Brush your teeth quick." Kirishima growled as the door was opened, following the blonde in. Bakugou nodded, waiting for Kirishima to back off him before he tried to walk into the bathroom. 

He quickly uncapped the mouth wash, taking a mouthful and swishing it around his cheeks. He glanced up, meeting Kirishima's eyes in the mirror, the red head leaning against the door frame. He had those powerful arms crossed over his chest, looking almost annoyed that he had to wait even a second. After half of minute, Bakugou spit the blue liquid out in the sink. Kirishima straightened, pausing only when Bakugou reached for the toothbrush, squeezing out the paste, he brushed his teeth fast and aggressively, Kirishima's eyes watching every twitch of muscle through the mirror. 

He was barely able to spit the foam out of his mouth when Kirishima started grabbing at him, pulling him away from the counter. Kirishima slammed their mouths together, Bakugou reaching back blindly to set his toothbrush on the counter before placing both hands on Kirishima's chest. The red head's tongue forced it's way between Bakugou's lips, the blonde submitting immediately, tilting his head to deepen the kiss. Kirishima's chest rumbled, his arms were tight around his middle. 

Kirishima pushed Bakugou's shirt up, groping the blonde's tits, squeezing them as their teeth clicked together. Kirishima didn't care, he needed to reclaim that mouth, erase even a ghost of a thought of what he let happen earlier. He just let that man walk right up to Bakugou and put his- "Ow, Eijirou." Bakugou mumbled against his lips. He blinked, glancing down. He had a harsh grip on the blonde's bicep, hardened fingers digging into the skin. Kirishima forced himself to relax, brow pitching up, "I'm sorry, baby." He soothed over the marks he left, gentle as he caressed the blonde, "I'm sorry." Bakugou pressed their lips back together, his hands sliding up from that broad chest to his shoulders, lightly squeezing before wrapping around his neck.

"I love you, Eijirou." Bakugou whispered against his lips, Kirishima stared into those red eyes, smiling softly. He pressed their foreheads together, arms wrapping around Bakugou's waist, "I love you too, baby. I love you so much." Bakugou tilted his jaw, pressing a soft kiss to his boyfriend's lips. Kirishima walked Bakugou backwards until the back of the blonde's knees met the bed, pressing soft kisses against those pink lips. He eased Bakugou back onto the bed, crawling over him. The blonde held onto the red head, eyes barely open as Kirishima positioned them length-wise on the bed, laying over top of his boyfriend. 

Bakugou licked into Kirishima's mouth, humming in his throat. Kirishima smiled, letting his full weight pin the blonde to the bed. It was a gentle, but raw, tears lining Bakugou's eyes. His hair was pet back, he was kissed on his forehead, on his nose, his cheeks and over his eyes. Kirishima whispering soft praises, "I love you so much, 'Tsuki. You're so pretty, so perfect. I'm sorry I didn't stop-" "Eijirou." Bakugou growled, "Shut up about that. Say more nice things." Kirishima snorted, shaking his head slightly, "Of course, darling." He pressed another kiss to the bridge of Bakugou's nose, "You're so perfect, Katsuki. You're so powerful, such a great hero." 

Bakugou smiled up at his boyfriend, reaching up to run his fingers through Kirishima's hair as best as he could with the gel holding it in place, "Eijirou. You're so good to me." The red head pressed kisses into Bakugou's jaw, humming in his throat. "I don't think I'd be the same person I am today without you." Bakugou spoke quietly, staring up at the ceiling as his boyfriend nosed up his neck, pressing kisses to exposed skin, nibbling at an ear lobe. "I'm so fucked up over you." Bakugou smirked, finding Kirishima's arms, rubbing them, squeezing at the muscle.

"Good." Kirishima spoke low, he raised himself up, staring down at Bakugou. He cupped Bakugou's cheek, rubbing under a red eye with his thumb, "Katsuki, promise me you'll always be in love with me." "Always." The word left Bakugou's parted lips before the red head had even finished his sentence. Kirishima pressed his forehead against Bakugou's, a wide grin on his face. 

Kirishima's breathing was even, his eyes narrowed slightly as his hips worked back and forth, slapping Bakugou's asscheeks with each thrust. He deeply enjoyed the way the blonde fell apart under him, broke into pieces, only for him. Pale thighs covered in cum, trembling under Kirishima's palm as he stroked them.

Bakugou panted, his eyes unfocused. He was covered in sweat, the room smelled like it could combust at any moment. Blonde hair plastered to his face, chest pressed to the mattress. His left arm held behind his back, Kirishima using it as leverage to fuck into his boyfriend harder, keeping Bakugou's back arched. 

It must've been hours they had been going at it, time was all a blur. Their alarm clock had been knocked off the side table long ago. His cock swung uselessly between his legs, his skilled partner having wrung every orgasm out of him that he could. Yet Kirishima still pounded into him, a steady pace of firm, hard thrusts. 

Bakugou couldn't form words, his mind solely focused on the way his insides were filled and emptied in the same breath, over and over. Soft, pathetic moans and whines flowed freely from his red lips. Prostate bruised and battered as his partner continued his assault. He thought knew the red head had came inside him multiple times, but couldn't tell how many. With the way his pace had yet to falter, he questioned if Kirishima actually did.

He tried to call out to his boyfriend, but couldn't form words, his eyes rolled back into his head as he groaned, his cock convulsing as another dry and painful orgasm rippled through him. He could do little more than roll his head, drool pooling out of his parted lips, soaking the mattress even more than he already had.  Whimpering softly as Kirishima leaned over him, his lips pressed close to Bakugou's ear, words low and soft, "I love you like this, Katsuki. When you can't do anything but take my cock, take my cum. My perfect little cumdump. What's going through your head right now, baby? There's nothing in there but how good my dick feels, huh?"

Bakugou's stomach muscles tensed from the words, if his cock didn't ache, he might've grasped it. "This is what you're meant for, Katsuki Bakugou. Taking my cock in your pussy." Kirishima bit down on Bakugou's shoulder, clenching his jaw until his sharp teeth pieced skin, earning a high pitched cry from his mate. He snarled around the flesh in his mouth, hips still working his cock into the used hole. 

Kirishima released Bakugou's shoulder, growling, "Tell me how good it feels to have your pussy fucked by my cock." He watched the way rose colored lips started forming words, stuttering and rasping as all he managed was 'g-good' before the words broke back down into moans and whimpers. Kirishima pressed a kiss that was mostly teeth to the broke flesh, lapping up the blood that ran from the wounds. His hips stilled, he continued his kissing, sucking marks into the pale skin, Bakugou's nape and shoulders. 

One of his favorite parts was admiring the claiming marks after. The bruised bites, the red hickies that crowded Bakugou's pale skin. He could see them down Bakugou's arms, his wrists. Back up and over his back, his asscheeks and thighs, his calves and ankles. And he loved it. He closed his eyes, humming in his throat as he pulled his hips back far enough, slipping his cock free from the ruined hole he had been buried in for hours. 

Bakugou arched his back, letting out a soft whine. He wanted to beg Kirishima to fill him back up, to cum inside of him. The only sound that came out was a broke sob. Kirishima jerked himself through his orgasm, painting Bakugou's lower back, a few spurts reaching his shoulder blades. The blonde's body jolted with another sob, pushing his face back into the mattress. Kirishima panted softly, his hands massaging Bakugou's lower back, smearing his cum into pale skin. Bakugou tried to push his ass back, begging to be filled back up, wanting all that cum filling his guts. Kirishima shushed him, rubbing his cum up and down Bakugou's back. 

The red head huffed out a sigh, dropping to the bed next to his lover. "C'mere." Kirishima reached out, lightly grabbing Bakugou's arms, pulling the blonde to his chest. Bakugou whined in complaint though he was compliant as he curled his arms between their bare chests, laying his head against Kirishima's shoulder. "It'll dry." Kirishima pet blonde hair, shifting so he laid back against the headboard. Bakugou hummed, knowing he wasn't going to win the argument. He closed his eyes, listening to Kirishima's heartbeat, letting it distract him from the drying cum on his skin. 

Sleep took over quickly, as soon as his eyes shut he was done for. He wasn't out for long enough when a knock at their door startled him awake, Kirishima snarling and his muscles flexing under him. Bakugou raised his head, only to have a warm hand pushing his face back into that broad chest. Kirishima's eyes were trained on the door, his jaw clenched. He held Bakugou to him tight. The blonde rubbed small circles over Kirishima's skin with his thumb, trying to soothe him, to get him to relax, "Ei." Kirishima glanced down at him, pressing a kiss to his temple. There was another knock, this time lighter, more hesitant, "Kirishima, Kacchan, we have breakfast if either of you are hungry." Midoriya's voice was soft, just incase they were sleeping. 

Bakugou looked up at Kirishima, trying to gauge the red head's thoughts on the matter. Kirishima just stared at the door, on edge, tense. "Eiji, I'm hungry." Bakugou spoke softly, voice barely working as he waited for the reply. Kirishima took a long moment before he met the blonde's gaze, his brow knit together. He swallowed before grunting in his throat, his grip going slack. Bakugou whined softly, eyes closing as his brow furrowed. He could hear the grin when Kirishima asked if he could walk. Cracking an eye open to look up at him, he huffed, pushing himself up as best he could. Kirishima swung a leg over the bed, helping Bakugou to it, standing and pulling the blonde up with him. 

He grinned, proud of his work when Bakugou's knees buckled under him. Thick tan arms keeping him from dropping to the floor. Kirishima balanced Bakugou, finding discarded shorts on the floor and helping his boyfriend step into them, tugging them up his waist. He was quick to dress himself in pajama pants, the pastel blue ones with unicorn llamas on them, the ones Denki had gotten for him a few holidays ago. He found one of his sleeping shirts, offering it to Bakugou as he searched for one of his own before escorting the blonde to their bedroom door. 

Midoriya jumped when the door opened, but he recovered quickly, giving the pair a wide smile, "Hey! I didn't wake you, did I? I just wanted to see if you guys were hungry." "We are." Kirishima wrapped his arms around Bakugou's shoulders, pressing his nose to blonde spikes as he inhaled. They followed him down the stairs, Kirishima mumbling a quiet joke about the way Bakugou limped. The scent of breakfast was quick to fill their lungs, making them both realize how hungry they actually were. Kirishima grabbed at Bakugou's hip, tugging him back, the group that was strung around the kitchen and the table put him on edge.

The blonde slowed his step, making sure he kept himself close to his boyfriend as they made their way to the far corner of the table. Kirishima pulled Bakugou's chair out for him, earning a grin from Ashido. Bakugou huffed, sitting down slowly and leaning back in his chair. Kirishima bent down, pressing a kiss to blonde hair, giving a soft squeeze to Bakugou's shoulder, thumb pressing against the cruel bite mark on the side of his neck, earning a soft gasp. He walked into the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of water before starting a cup of tea for Bakugou. 

Bakugou watched Kirishima's back silently, he had been wrapped up in those arms for what felt like days, and he honestly wouldn't think twice about staying like that for the rest of his life. Bakugou blinked, eyes focusing as Midoriya stepped between him and his partner, setting a plate down in front of the blonde. "Is everything okay, Kacchan?" Midoriya asked, worry written all over his face. Bakugou swallowed, tilting his head up, "Yeah. Just tired." Midoriya frowned, his hand reached up but froze. Bakugou leaned his head back on instinct, his upper lip curling back slightly, "Don't." "You aren't sick, are you?" Midoriya pressed, lowering his hand back to his side. "I'm fine, just... don't." Bakugou spoke low, eyes flickering over the man's shoulder. 

Midoriya nodded, giving him a soft smile, "Get some more sleep, okay? Spend a few more days with Kirishima and rest up." Bakugou huffed, leaning back in his chair, "Yeah." Midoriya seemed content with that, moving on and placing the rest of the plates. Bakugou immediately met Kirishima's eyes, those thick, powerful arms crossed over his broad chest, red eyes were narrowed in irritation. The blonde couldn't break the eye contact, wetting his lips on instinct. His chest felt tight, his heart rate jumped up. Kirishima stared him down from across the kitchen for a long moment, finally breaking eye contact to pour the water from the kettle into a mug. Bakugou parted his lips to suck in a shuttering breath. 

The red head walked back to the table, to his chair, setting the mug in front of his lover. He placed the tea bag in the steaming cup, glancing down at the blonde. Bakugou was helpless to watch the taller man, feeling trapped in those eyes. Kirishima took his seat, his arm going around the back of Bakugou's chair. The blonde was quick to scoot himself closer, the chair making the movement obvious. Kirishima grinned at him, leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to Bakugou's temple. It cleared his head, calmed him, his hand went to the red head's knee. He needed the physical contact, felt alien without it. Tilting his head to run his nose over Kirishima's jaw.

He sighed softly when Kirishima's hand went to the small of his back, his fingers playing with the hem of the over-sized shirt. He slid his hand up under it, stroking warm skin with his thumb. All Bakugou could think of was the dried cum on his skin, the way his hole was still gaped and slick, cum leaking out of him. Heat flared up his chest and neck, his ears burning at the thought. He pressed a kiss to the tanned skin of Kirishima's neck. The red head purred softly, touch light as he grasped Bakugou's side under his shirt.

Deku was all smiles as he served food, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, all the breakfast foods one could think of. Kirishima had to glance off to the side when the man served their plates, trying to keep from growling at him. He grabbed Bakugou's wrist, moving the hand on his thigh to his crotch, forcing him to hold his cock through the thin fabric. The blonde glanced at him, leaning up to press a kiss to a sharp jawline. Kirishima gave the wrist a tight squeeze in warning before releasing him. Bakugou wasn't about to find out what would happen if he moved his hand, he resigned to eat his food left handed, picking up the fork to stab at food on his plate. 

Kirishima was cooling off, his arm around Bakugou as they ate, the background noise filled with light chatter. He hummed in his throat as he ate, the food was good, he felt like he hadn't actually sat down and had a real meal in over a week. He was okay with this, okay with all these people being around Bakugou. Only just okay. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard someone say Bakugou's name, his red eyes fierce as he looked up from his plate to find out who. 

Bakugou shrugged absently, voice soft, "'S alright." Kirishima glanced at him, then back up. "C'mon, Kacchan. It's better than alright. Don't be mean." Midoriya teased him, a smile on his face, "You've almost cleaned your plate. You like my cooking." Kirishima couldn't control the way his upper lip curled back, the way he bared his teeth at the man across the table. Bakugou furrowed his brow, looking over when the hand on his hip gripped too hard. Midoriya swallowed the words on his tongue at the way Kirishima stared him down, slowly leaning back in his chair. Todoroki put a hand on Midoriya's thigh, watching Kirishima closely. 

"Hey." Bakugou whispered, leaning up, pressing a kiss to Kirishima's cheek, mumbling that it was okay. The red head let out a low, short growl, re-focusing on his boyfriend. Bakugou gave him a small smile, both hands cupping Kirishima's face and he scooted closer, turning Kirishima's face towards his as he kissed him. The red head exhaled sharply through his nose, trying to calm himself. Bakugou hummed in his throat, his eyes closed as they shared breath, tilting his head to nose at Kirishima's jaw. The red head's chest rumbled as he spoke, "C'mere." He tugged gently at Bakugou's arm, guiding him out of his seat and into his lap. He parted those thick thighs, grinning as Bakugou straddled him, arms wrapping around his neck. It wasn't the first time he was in Kirishima's lap in front of everyone. It had taken getting used to, but he allowed it, it was easier than trying to stop the red head from punching Midoriya into next week. 

Kirishima seemed to completely re-focus himself once Bakugou was in his lap, facing him, looking down at him, inches from his face. His hands settled on Bakugou's hips, he sighed softly, relaxing in his chair. Bakugou ran his hand through red hair, enjoying the way Kirishima's eyes closed at the feeling. The group had relaxed again, quiet conversations starting back up. Bakugou pressed a soft kiss against Kirishima's exposed forehead as he pushed the red hair back. Kirishima smiled lightly, hands moving to grope plump ass cheeks through the thin fabric of the shorts Bakugou wore, no underwear beneath. His own cock was twitching in his pajamas, finding more interest in their position by the second. He leaned up, a wicked grin on his face as he spoke into Bakugou's ear, "How much cum is leaking out of your cunt?"

Bakugou squeezed his eyes shut, his breath hitched in his throat. Kirishima tilted his jaw, catching Bakugou's lips. Bakugou tasted like syrup, sweet and thick. His cock was standing up, ready to be buried in his lover's body again. Bakugou tensed, furrowing his brow, he watched Kirishima's face, looking for an explanation on how they were going to deal with it. Kirishima grinned, he slowly bunched up one leg of the shorts, working it up until he could pull it to the side, slipping fingers between Bakugou's cheeks to prod at his sloppy, leaking hole, "You're so pretty, 'Tsuki." 

Bakugou flinched, blush crawling up his neck as he stared, wide eyed at Kirishima. The red head released Bakugou's ass, reaching under him to find the hole in his pajamas and feeding his cock through it. He guided it to Bakugou's hole, letting the fabric of the shorts cover his length as he pushed up, easily finding the gaped, abused pussy hole. Bakugou gasped, his eyes locked on Kirishima's as he was filled back up. "That's better." Kirishima spoke with a grin, his voice dropping to a whisper, "You're so wet for me." Bakugou whined in his throat, grinding his hips down to sheath Kirishima's cock deep inside him. 

Kirishima soothed a hand up Bakugou's back, glancing over the blonde's shoulder to see if anyone noticed what they were doing. No one seemed to really care that they were just 'making out', some having moved to the living room, a few others still hanging around the kitchen, nursing mugs of coffee. Which means he could keep fucking his boyfriend in secret.  His movements were slow and short, only really moving an inch in and out of the blonde, "So perfect for me, 'Tsuki." Bakugou leaned forward, tears lining his eyes as he bit into Kirishima's shoulder to hold back the pathetic sounds that sat in his throat. 

He'd press kisses to the red head's neck, trying to busy his mouth. Kirishima petted blonde hair, a pleased smile glued to his face, being careful as he worked an inch of his fat cock in and out of his boyfriend's slicked, abused hole. Bakugou clung to Kirishima, a quiet whimper stuck in his throat, embarrassment the last thing on his mind.

Every short thrust into him had his cock twitching in his shorts, it was a gentle massage of his insides, it felt so nice, so sensual. Kirishima petting his hair, mumbling soft words about how good his pussy felt, his thrusts reaching deeper, still going just as slow as he started. Bakugou raised his head, brushing their cheeks together, tilting his head to press kisses to Kirishima's jaw. "My good boy." Kirishima praised, he grabbed the backs of Bakugou's thighs, pulling him up before pushing him down, impaling him fully on his cock. Bakugou gasped, his blunt nails digging in to Kirishima's tanned skin under his cotton shirt, his cock convulsed as he came dry once again, the red head nailing his prostate head on, "Oh, fuck!"

The soft sob was so loud in the silent room, everyone's full attention on the pair sitting at the table. Bakugou whimpering softly, Kirishima with a grin plastered to his face as he looked at each and every one of their close friends. He pressed kisses to Bakugou's neck, "That's my perfect boy. Couldn't help but moan as I fuck your pussy, huh?" Bakugou nodded as he started bouncing himself on the thick cock buried in him, in his cum filled pussy. "I love you, 'Tsuki, you're so good. So perfect for me." Kirishima chanted, placing his hands on Bakugou's hips as he took over the pace, lifting and dropping his boyfriend on his cock.

Bakugou ground his hips down, a broke sob ripping from his throat. He couldn't feel the eyes on him, nothing existed outside of Kirishima and the thick cock inside him. The red head wrapped an arm around Bakugou's middle, standing up, he swiped plates and dishes off the table, glass shattering against the tile floor. He laid Bakugou on the table, grabbing handfuls of red fabric, shredding the shorts off Bakugou with a quick flick of his wrist. It earned him a loud sob from the blonde, who grabbed at Kirishima's arms, tugging at him. The red head made quick work of both their shirts, quirk activating as his claws tore through cotton fabric. Kirishima growled again, looking up at the group as he wrapped Bakugou's legs around his waist, giving a harsh thrust in. 

Kirishima leaned over Bakugou, eyes locked on their unexpectant audience, "Look, 'Tsuki. They're all watching you get fucked open on my cock." Kirishima growled at the base of Bakugou's neck, tongue running up the length of his throat. Bakugou leaned his head back, red eyes cracking open, he could see all of them, watching. Astonished to see Bakugou in such a vulnerable position, watching him get fucked open, seeing the way his cock lay, covered in his own cum. Midoriya couldn't seem to tear his eyes away, fixated on Bakugou's own eyes. Kirishima purred, pressing kisses to his throat, his teeth catching skin. He grinned when Bakugou's back arched up, he zeroed in on the spot, sucking the skin into his mouth, teeth sinking in. Kirishima worked his way lower, down to Bakugou's chest. Leaving a trail of fresh marks in his wake, he found Bakugou's nipple, grinning as he sucked it into his mouth, enjoying the broken sound that tore from the blonde's throat.

He opened his eyes, glaring up at the group. His voice was nothing but a growl, "You're pussy was made for me, baby. Such a good boy for me, such a slut for me. Only me, only for my cock. Leaking with my cum." Bakugou's next moan was loud, he could hear it in his own ears. With how Kirishima slammed into him, strong enough to cause the table to inch forward on the floor, he couldn't help it. He clawed at tanned skin, arching his back as he cried out, his pussy greedily taking everything that was given to him. Kirishima had ripped all that pride and ego out of him with every thrust, and every filthy word that dripped from his mouth like honey. 

Kirishima slid his cock out, shushing the loud whine of protest that followed. He easily spun Bakugou on the table, the blonde's head now even with his lover's hard cock. "Open." Kirishima growled, eye's locked on Midoriya. 

Bakugou obeyed the moment the command was spoke, eyes closing as Kirishima's cock pushed in to the back of his throat. He was tugged forward, just enough that his head hung off the edge of the table. Kirishima leaned over him, grabbing under Bakugou's knees as he spread pale thighs. He lifted Bakugou's legs, parting them wide as he showed off thick cum oozing from the gaped hole. His hips pressed firmly against Bakugou's face, his cock lodged in the back of the blonde's tight throat. 

"Gonna have to plug your pussy up, baby. Can't let all my cum leak out like this." Kirishima shivered at the vibrations around his cock as Bakugou hummed in agreement. He tucked Bakugou's legs under his arms, rising his ass high in the air. Using his thick fingers, Kirishima scooped the cum that had managed to escape back up to Bakugou's hole, pushing his fingers in easily. Bakugou swallowed hard around the cock in his throat, trying to ignore his need to breathe. Trying to take everything he was given. 

Wet squelching from his ruined pussy could be heard around the room, Kirishima grinning as he pushed his cum back into the gaped hole, watching it get swallowed back in. He glanced down, slowly drawing his hips back as Bakugou gasped, a satisfied grin on his face as he waited for those red eyes to peer back up at him before he pushed himself back into his sheath. He looked back up, finding wide green eyes, "Do you see it? How this pussy opens for me? How it's stuffed full of my cum?" 

Midoriya swallowed hard, his face dark red, ears matching. If Kirishima cared to look any harder, he'd say the man was trembling, or would take note of how his cock stood at attention in his sweat pants. 
Kirishima grinned, leaning forward as pressed kisses over Bakugou's spent cock, his ballsack, and finally his abused hole. His hips had started up a rhythm, working his cock in and out of Bakugou's throat with easy, the blonde swallowing him down, every one of his holes made for Kirishima's cock. 

He lapped hard at the smooth skin between Bakugou's scrotum and his pussy, enjoying the way the blonde moaned around the length in throat. "Do you want me to cum in your throat, or your pussy, Katsuki?" Kirishima pulls back, Bakugou trying to follow the thick cock as it left his mouth. He whined, high in his throat, "Ei, anywhere, please." Kirishima thinks about it, and by thinking about it, he found Midoriya's eyes again, jamming three fingers easily back into Bakugou's hole as he feigned a 'hmm' sound. 

"Ei-" Bakugou was cut off as the cock was shoved back into his mouth, right back into his throat. Kirishima curled his fingers, holding on to Bakugou from the inside as he pounded into his boyfriend's throat, "You're so good for me, 'Tsuki. Taking everything I give you. Gonna fuck you full of cum." Kirishima growled low in his throat, his thrusts growing erratic as Bakugou gagged down the thick length. The red head's upper lip curled back as he held Midoriya's eye contact, "Take my fucking cock, Katsuki." His whole body tensed as he convulsed, his cock twitching in Bakugou's throat. His eyes rolled back, his grip in Bakugou's hole tightened, earning a soft grunt. 

He jerked his hips back, the last few ropes of white cum coating Bakugou's face. The blonde's mouth open, his tongue out as he tried to chase it. Kirishima gasped, panting softly as he came down, his cock giving a few more twitches as he emptied himself all over his boyfriend's face. He sighed softly, looking down as Bakugou swallowed, trying to inch himself closer to the thick length still in front of him. 

Kirishima lowered Bakugou's legs back down to the table, catching his breath. He cupped the nape of Bakugou's neck, sitting him up. The blonde was grabbing for him, cum striped over his right eye, smeared over his lips. Kirishima grabbed Bakugou's jaw, forcing him to face the group. The lust disguised him, made him look like a different person to them. Not even Midoriya seeing this side of him before. Kirishima leaned over Bakugou's shoulder, pressing a firm kiss to Bakugou's neck. The blonde's thighs were still spread wide, showing off his hard cock and wet pussy, his cum covered face completed the picture. The definition of lust. 
Midoriya wet his lips, fingers twitching at his sides. 

Kirishima spoke into Bakugou's ear, "Filthy little slut, showing off your pregnant cunt to everyone." Bakugou's face was dusted with blush, his eyes closed and he leaned his head back, his fat cock giving a twitch at the words. He picked up the blonde with ease, pressing their mouths together before giving their audience a grin, walking past them to the stairs.

"Alright. So after we burn this table and wash our eyes out with bleach, who's coming to IKEA with me?" Sero asked, glancing around the still shell-shocked group.