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Storms started to be heard as indicating the tearful raindrop going to happen. Hallways are packed with students coming in and out from their classroom. Lecturers on the phone discussing meetings that was about to happen. It is 10.30 am right now. Fuck I’m late. He thought to himself. please, please I can’t be late to class on the first day of the new semester He ran towards the nearest person he could find and asked, 

“Excuse me, pardon me for disturbing. If I may ask, where is classroom 0001?” 

“Oh, you go straight and at the front, turn right you will a sign of the classroom number there” replied the person he asked to. 

“Oh, I see. Thank You!!” he bowed in return and ran according to the directions given. In front of the classroom, he took in deep breath and adjusting his ID card. “Kim Ryeowook, phew you can do this” whispered Ryeowook to himself and proceeds to open the door in which earned him glances from the students in the class. Ryeowook looked around the class and noticed a man, his assumed lecturer, writing name of a few cases on the board. Fuck, don’t tell me they’ve started. I’m not that late am I? 

Ryeowook bit his bottom lip and closed the door behind him before walking to an empty seat. Before he could even arrive his aimed seat, the man who he assumed to be the lecturer greeted him with the most poisonous tone he has ever heard. “Somebody has been using his time…” the man checked his watch before continuing… “…wisely” said the lecturer as he looked at the small man with a deadly glare. Fuck I’m doomed

“” The latter’s eyes started to move around in flusteration as the man kept staring at him. His eyes stopped at his name tag.

Kim Jongwoon, sounds…authoritive and full of contro--. 

“I don’t accept unknown people in my class.” Said Jongwoon interrupting his thoughts as he walked step by step closer towards Ryeowook. Ryeowook looked around even more flustered. He bit his bottom lip tightly and keep blinking his eyes anxiously. Jongwoon looked at him in annoyance. Nothing pissed him off even more than a student late for his late. Especially, law students. Time management for lawyers are strict and disciplinary. 

“No law students shall be late to class. It is forbidden, an insult towards the respective judge and the court as you did not respect the time given. How do you think they would give back their respect to you if you lose it for a petty excuse you’re going to come up with once I’m done talking?” spatted Jongwoon towards Ryeowook like deep venom. Nothing in his voice sounds grateful nor it is understanding. It was deep in control and very authorotive. Ryeowook looked down on his feet. He felt shameful and degradeful as he tried to calm himself before he burst out in angry tears after being scolded by his lecturer. What is he doing? He is not a kid but why is the man, in front of him made him felt vulnerable. Ryeowook never felt so humiliated in his life. He was never late to his class either. However, out of all days, fate decided that he should be late today. Ryeowook gulped in fear. 

“My apologies…” said Ryeowook softly looking down on his feet. Jongwoon examined him from top to bottom. He looked at Ryeowook’s fingers that was fidgeting in flusteration. Jongwoon couldn’t help but to notice how small the man standing in front of him is. It gives him some sort of feel to protect him-

For fuck sake jongwoon, it’s your student. Regain your conscious. God damn it

“Is this how you’re going to act towards the defendant? Looking down in frighten? Look up!” Jongwoon raised his voice causing a flinch from the whole class including Ryeowook. Ryeowook looked up to Jongwoon as he bit his bottom lip nervously only to earn a deeper frown from Jongwoon. Fuck why did I do now? he thought. 

Jongwoon looked at his student ID before proceeding to glare at him deadly. Jongwoon has his blood pressure going up and his patience of scale. Fuck that lip bite, Jongwoon thought angrily as he’s avoiding to look at the latter’s lips. “Kim Ryeowook,” Said Jongwoon. 

“Just a fair warning, I don’t tolerate students who are late, regardless of their status and outstanding result. Time is gold. If you don’t respect time, time doesn’t respect you therefore I, won’t tolerate you. You can hippidi hoppidi in other classes but just so you know, for mine…” Jongwoon went near and whispered “It’s either come early or not come at all” 

Ryeowook gulped in fear. 

“Come early next time okay?” whispered Jongwoon deeply. He distanced himself and gave Ryeowook a smile. Or shall we say, a poisonous one that says come late and you might not see the daylight again. 

“now go to your seat!” instructed Jongwoon and his frown came back. Ryeowook quickly went to an empty seat and took out his books. Jongwoon gave him a deadly glare before walking to the front and to start what he was writing, “So for today’s class, we will discussing the criminal liability of this specific case. Open your book page 14…” said Jongwoon as he started his lecture. Ryeowook opened the instructed page and listened to the lecture. As he goes deep in to lecture, he noticed how soothing Jongwoon’s voice can be when he’s teaching. It sounds so strict and in control. So... dominant

Ryeowook shook his head in disbelief. Did he just lowkeyly fantasized about his lecturer? Ryeowook frowned and bit his bottom lip in frustration. Little did know, that pure action of his has caught someone's attention. As Jongwoon was explaining the facts of the case, his frown got deeper as he did not like what he was seeing. Ryeowook was biting his lip again causing Jongwoon's eyebrows twitched in annoyance as he noticed Ryeowook’s little action. Jongwoon stood far away from where Ryeowook was sitting. It annoys him that Ryeowook’s little action made him felt uncomfortably hot. Jongwoon then looked somewhere else and unloosening his tie to let some air in. “Um…sir” said a student softly

“yes?” answered Jongwoon in annoyance. “Should I decrease the temperature of the air conditioner?” asked the student carefully after seeing how Jongwoon wiped his sweat from his forehead. “yes, sure” said Jongwoon. Fuck why am I sweating Jongwoon thought in annoyance. He looked at Ryeowook who was also fanning himself at the back. Seems like somebody is hot as well. 

After remembering how Jongwoon whispered to him, Ryeowook felt chills on his neck but then lets out a deep breath in frustration after realising how he’s thinking towards his lecturer. fuck I should stop Ryeowook took his water bottle before turning to the other side politely and drank his water. Him drinking his water bottle in the class only increased the anger Jongwoon has in him. The way the water dripped down from his throat. Too much…Too much for him to handle. Jongwoon looked at the clock and realised he has an hour before he could end his class. An hour and he is free from the tightness in the class. He exhaled and took a deep breath before continuing his lecture on criminal liability. He made a mental note not to focus much on that particular student of his. 

It’s 12:00 pm in the afternoon, indicated the end of his lecture class. “Since it’s your first day, I want each and each one of you to make a case report and submit it this Thursday. We will continue and discuss about it. Give me at least 2 examples cases. It must be complete including the stare decisis and ratio decidendi” instructed Jongwoon strictly. The class sighed in defeated. A whole fucking report for 2 example cases? You must be kidding sighed Ryeowook. “If anything, I will inform your class rep. "Any volunteers?” asked Jongwoon. The whole class looked away because who would want to work with a lecturer who literally spit poison at you just because you’re late to his class. the class reaction caused Jongwoon to let out smirk. “As expected. Well, I’ll choose then” said Jongwoon as he looked around the whole classroom like a hunter searching for it’s prey. Ryeowook, for the first feeling grateful for his size tried to hide as much part of his body as he can to make sure that he didn’t stumbled into an eye contact with Jongwoon. Or even get Jongwoon to notice him. On the other hand, Jongwoon grabbed the name list from the desk and scanned them names.  

“Kim” He started. 

Students with other surnames sighed in relief except the Kims. 

“Ryeo…wook” said Jongwoon looking at the name list. “where is he?” asked Jongwoon. Ryeowook slowly raised his hand. Fuck out of all kims, why him? cursed Ryeowook in his mind. Jongwoon looked at him and his frown came back. “Oh, It’s you” Jongwoon said unimpressed. The whole class glance at Ryeowook which earned Ryeowook a few whispers saying how a not so punctual law student could become a class rep. Ryeowook then gave them a dead glare for staring. I’m late for class but my results are still way ahead from you shitty ass bitches, he said to himself in his head. 

“Stay after Class. Lecture dismissed” announced Jongwoon. The students started to walk out the class leaving Ryeowook and Jongwoon being alone. It was awkward and uncomfortable especially after your lecturer just literally humiliated you infront of the whole class just for being late, how on earth are you supposed to be comfortable? Ryeowook sighed in defeat. His head told him to be confident but he can’t stop fidgeting his hand and biting his bottom lip in anxious. Jongwoon who was looking at him from the desk frowned even more. What’s with this kid and his bottom lip? Standing up, Ryeowook walked to Jongwoon and stood a few feet from his desk. Jongwoon rolled his sleeves, revealing the masculine arms of his as he packed his stuff after. Jongwoon signalled with a nod Ryeowook to follow him out from the class. 

The journey of them walking is very full with…tension. 

They both stopped at the most cornered room at the end of 3rd floor hallway. The door was written ‘LECTURER – KIM JONG WOON’ 

Jongwoon pressed his password on his office door, unlocking it. Ryeowook noticed how most office doors of the lecturer buildings are filled with ID scanners and Pin Number Lock. How fascinating, I thought only houses have it Ryeowook thought. “Come in” opening the door, Jongwoon made some space for Ryeowook to walk in first then came in. “It’s fascinating” whispered Ryeowook at the highly advanced technology in the office. “It was renovated to prevent more law students sneaking in during Final exam for its answers” said Jongwoon as he walked to his table. Jongwoon’s office felt…clean and home-ish, quite oddly. Ryeowook stood a spot infront of Jongwoon’s desk. 

“so…” his attention averted to Jongwoon in which he did not expect is in a position that could make his heart skipped a beat. 

Jongwoon was leaning against his desk with his legs crossed and arms both on the sides of the table as he looked directly towards Ryeowook. Ryeowook, unknowingly scanned him from bottom to the top only to realise Jongwoon was looking at him. He then looked away as his face turned flushed as he knows what he felt on his body is not how he supposed to feel towards his lecturer. However, the position that Jongwoon in made it impossible to look away from him. In frustration of his anxiousness, he sighed in defeat before giving up his mind and bring his head up to look at Jongwoon. “I heard you performed very well from your past semesters and before.” Jongwoon started. He knows. 

“N..not quite” Ryeowook replied. fuck why am I stuttering

Why wouldn’t he when Jongwoon was staring at him like Ryeowook just killed someone and currently being consulted by a lawyer. He huffed softly in annoyance. 

cute, he’s flustered chuckled jongwoon in his head. 

“Come on now, no need to play coy with me. We all have seen your result let’s be honest. You know you performed well.” Said Jongwoon. “But that doesn’t mean I will tolerate with you being late to class earlier.” 

Ryeowook stood silent without a word, preparing what ever is coming towards his face. At least it’s not public. He thought to himself. 

“However, I will give you a chance to explain yourself.” 

That statement somehow earned a ‘huh’ from Ryeowook. Has he gone mad or does he need to be brought to the church for exorcism? 

“Pardon?” said Ryeowook just to make sure he heard what Jongwoon said was right. 

“Since I have seen your result from your last semester, I know for a fact you’re not the type to come late to class without a proper reason.” Said Jongwoon. “Hence, I’m giving a chance for you to explain yourself. Perhaps before I change my mind and take back my offer if you ask any more questions.” 

Jongwoon signalled his hand as he waited Ryeowook’s explaining on his excuse.

“Pardon me for being late. I was having trouble on my way here.”

“What trouble?” asked Jongwoon. 

“Ugh, I was walking towards this café to get my breakfast until this piece of shit as a man bumped onto me without apologies and accidentally dropped his coffee on my clothes.” Ryeowook rambled. “which then caused me to go back home again because there is no way I’m entering the class on my first day of the semester with a coffee stained shirt.” 

“did you see the guy?” asked Jongwoon. 

“No, the sun was blocking me. But I swear to god if I know that guy, I’m dragging his butt to court after what he has done to me. He needs to take responsibility” spatted Ryeowook in frustration. 

Jongwoon stayed silent and nodding everything he said. 

“But yeah, that’s my explanation. I hope you could understand” said Ryeowook. Jongwoon nodded understood. Jongwoon gave in a few thoughts before continuing..

“Explanation accepted. But don’t you think dragging him to the court might gone too far?” asked Jongwoon as he went to a shelf near his table and searched for something. 

“No. He deserved it. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have been nag—lectured by you in class” Ryeowook said. Phew thank god. I nearly got into the trap. 

Jongwoon just replied with a nod. He then took out a book from the shelf. That is one thick ass book. Ryeowook said to himself. He put the book down on the table. 

“Back to the report, I need you to give me the details of each section involved. All the facts needed everything basic that I believed you guys have done last sem.” 

“You mean…a whole portfolio of a report?” asked Ryeowook not to piss him off.

“Is there any problem?” asked Jongwoon. 

“No but…searching and detailing one case has been hard enough and knowing that we have to send it by Thursday? I believe it’s quite unfair, sir.” Ryeowook said the word [sir] too loudly causing Jongwoon to frown because that [sir] of his is definitely doing something to him. 

“Could you give us more time? We have more assignmen—” 

“No” Jongwoon cut him off. 

Ryeowook bit his bottom lip in annoyance which added more frown on Jongwoon’s forehead. “Stop it” Jongwoon demanded causing Ryeowook to flinch a bit. Shit his strict-self came back. Why so early oh my god Ryeowook thought to himself. 

Ryeowook then asked“stop what?” as he looked at Jongwoon innocently yet so tempting. oh god, behave Jongwoon. You’re a lecturer. This is your student. What are you doing? Jongwoon thought to himself angrily. Jongwoon then shook all the thoughts from his head and pointed down at the book on the table. Ryeowook needs to leave. 

Away from his thoughts. 

Away from his office.

Most importantly, away from him. 

“Use this book” 

“What is this book?” asked Ryeowook as he took it from the table and scanned everything. The book was filled with cases and legal principles. It’s amazing how everything was written very beautifully. The handwriting on the book was so mesmerising and beautiful. Anyone who reads it would never get bored of it. Unknowingly, Ryeowook touched the notes on the book as he let himself admired the beautiful handwriting. This is the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen. It’s so lawfully pretty. Ryeowook said in his thoughts. Suddenly a cough interrupted him. 

“use that book. It has all the things needed for your report” 

“Oh? Really? That’s amazing. Look at the handwriting. It’s the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen” said Ryeowook as he flipped through the pages. 

“I wonder who’s book is thi ---” Ryeowook turned on to the front page and stumbled upon a name he did not expect to be the owner of the book.

“Book Belongs to Kim Jong Woon” Ryeowook reads it aloud. “Oh my god it’s yours?!” Your handwriting is so lawfully good!” said Ryeowook as he still flipped through the pages. Jongwoon who was lowkeyly blushing at the moment, looked away and let out a not so fake cough. “That book could help you for your report. But don’t tell anyone about the book or I’ll deducted half marks from your report” jongwoon said. 

“But why tho?” Ryeowook asked as he puts the book in his bag. 

“because I’m that piece of shit as a man, the one who bumped onto you.” answered Jongwoon earning a jaw dropped from Ryeowook. After what he said to his lecturer. That…explanation of his. 

“The book was written by me when I was in college. It helped me a lot during my case research. So, I’m lending that to you as an apology for staining your shirt with my coffee and also for not apologizing” Jongwoon said. Ryeowook looked at him dumbfounded. He is pissed yet he felt so confused. If Jongwoon was not his lecturer, he would have gone on full smackdown session on him but unfornately the situation said otherwise. 

“Oh…okay…but what about the na--- I meant the lectures before?” asked Ryeowook in frustration. Jongwoon can’t possibly just move on after scolding Ryeowook for being late when the reason of him being late was because Jongwoon, himself. “I won't apologise for the nagging. You entered the class, which means I’m in control. You’re still late regardless so you deserved the nag” Said Jongwoon strictly. Ryeowook sighed in annoyance. Before he could open his mouth, Jongwoon puts on one finger on Ryeowook's mouth as a sign shutting him up. His lips felt soft but that’s not the point here. Said Jongwoon angrily to his mind.

“One more question, I’m taking the book back.” Said Jongwoon deeply earning a nod from Ryeowook. "Now Go. You don't want to be late for your other class"said Jongwoon.

After that, Ryeowook bowed and left the office, leaving Jongwoon alone with his thoughts.