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The Inseparables (Video)

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Vid Title - The Inseparables

Song performed by - Lorde

Characters - Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d'Artagnan

Genre/Rating - gen, no pairings, rating PG-13

Spoilers/Warnings - all of season one - some flashes and explosions, far too many boys with toys?

Beta - ash48 who keeps me centred and focused on what I'm doing and never fails to make things better - thank you.

Dedicated to - Gaelic, I couldn't have done this without your trust, this one's just for you.


Summary - A young man travels to Paris seeking revenge, what he finds is not what he expected.


Download - (always best viewing experience) - other formats/file sizes by request.


or from Vimeo - password - athos

The Inseparables from Ellie Dowd on Vimeo.