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A Beautiful Summer is Calling

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Timothy Drake’s summer started with a gala. 

It was the first night of summer and his parents had forced him to dress up and socialize with Gotham’s ‘finest’. He’s wearing a suit more expensive than half the clothes in his closet, drinking sparkling water in Wayne Manor with a bunch of grown ass adults gossiping like it’s a private school and they just found out that Ashley Sinclair got caught doing lines of coke with the gym teacher.  All (two) of his friends were off doing nefarious things that his parents would completely disapprove of. Like playing video games and drinking soda straight out of the can; It wasn’t hard to gain Jack and Janet’s disapproval. Ben and Ives were probably in an intense game of Mario Kart, and here Tim was stuck listening to Bethany (insert high society Gotham member last name here) talk about her family plans to go somewhere elusive sounding for vacation. 

“Daddy was thinking Punta Cana, like what are we, poor?” She punctuates the question with a laugh, like it’ll somehow make what she said funny. It just comes out stale and bitter, the laugh sounding as fake as the necklace his English teacher Mrs. Brewster wears. Maybe if he’d bought her a real one for teachers appreciation day she might not have tried to fail him for falling asleep in class all the time.

“So, Timothy,” Bethany ’I prefer Beth’, starts again with a fierce smile, she looks annoyed he didn’t laugh at her joke, and she’s got lipstick staining her teeth. Perfectly applied of course, she may only be fifteen but she’s been a pageant girl since birth like every other girl at Bristol Prep. “Where is your family going over the summer?” 

“We are going to…” His words trail off as he looks to his right where a drink tray is sitting, truth be told his parent’s were flying off to wherever they pleased for ‘business’ and Tim would be spending his summer on Gotham City rooftops chasing danger, not that he could say that. He watches Mr. Valentine down his nth glass of Brignac and wonders how he hasn’t pissed himself yet,  “The bathroom.” 

Bethany Schultz (Schueler?), scrunches up her nose, (her mom’s nose, pre-surgery.), the disgust rolls off her tongue smoothly when she speaks, “…You’re going to the bathroom?”

“No, sorry. I have to go the bathroom. Will you excuse me?” He’s says apologetically with a spot on impersonation of Janet Drake’s infamous business smile, his blue eyes sparking with nothing but professional kindness.  He’s halfway across the room before she could even get a response out.

Tim’s been to enough Wayne gala’s to know where the guest bathrooms are located and he’s not actually headed towards them. He just needed a viable excuse to get away from Bethany …Schafffer?  He could at least find a corner somewhere to hide in. Maybe even discreetly pop in some headphones and watch some bad reality tv show. Imagine a reality show about batman, Tim would watch that. 

Beautiful panned takes of Gotham’s skylight and Batman shadow lurking just out of frame. He’s laughing to himself when scenes start playing in his head, fast paced brutal fights interrupted with input from the  bad guys in reality tv style confession booths. “This is when Robin punched me in the ribs. That sh*t hurt for f**kin’ weeks.” It would be a literal garbage fire of a disaster and he could already see Robin’s messy curls and mischievous grin as he recants the story from his perspective- wait. 

Wait, no he can literally see Robin’s messy curls and grin. Jason Todd-Wayne stood in front of him, with a raised brow and a wide grin. His hair looking just as messy as Robin’s, probably from his habit of running his hands through his hair at any given point.  

“You good bro?” He asks like he knows something you don’t, like there’s a joke you missed and suddenly Tim understands why all the girls at school talk about how cute he is. That’d they would totally risk it if their parent’s wouldn’t kill them for not dating someone from old money, just because he was adopted doesn’t actually make him a Wayne. Which, yea, it literally does make a Wayne. 

Tim didn’t know what to say, of course he wasn’t ‘good’. Robin was standing right in front of him, talking to him, like he’s an actual person and not the Robin. Well yea, he’s Robin II, Dick Grayson is pretty awesome, but Jason is his Robin, and Tim is supposed to be ‘good’. Oh god Tim, it’s been too long you need to speak. 

“Yea, I’m fine. Sorry, did you say something?”  ‘Sorry’, wow Tim could you be less of a dweeb. He’s staring at you like you should say something, quick say something else before you make a bigger fool of yourself than you already have. “Uh, I’m Tim.” 

“I know, you were in my chem class in second tri, nice to know the whole…”Robin, no, Jason says, his hands moving as he speaks like he’s physically trying to sort through his mind for the word he’s looking for, ”spacing out thing isn’t a school exclusive thing.” 

“I wasn’t spacing out,” He defends himself, trying to come up with a better excuse than I was exhausted I stayed out all night stalking you and your father, by the way I know yo’re Robin, so what’s up man, it’s good to finally personally meet you, “I was…” 

The other lets out a laugh that rolls through one of Tim’s ears and out the other, it’s the first genuine laugh he’s heard all night, it’s amazing how much the upper crust will fake a laugh. 

“Spacing out. Also, 8 o’clock.” He pointedly looks to the left behind him, and if it wasn’t for the cue Tim would’ve completely misunderstood what he was saying. He looks behind himself and there’s Bethany slowly making her way through person to person to where he and Jason were standing. 

Great, just what he needs another half an hour of her pretending to flirt with him, even though, he knows for a fact she doesn’t like him, it’s just boredom. If Tim was any other rich kid he’d go right along with it to satiate his boredom, but he had his own hobbies, and relationships shouldn’t ever be built off of boredom. Speaking of which. 

“Oh thank god, It looks like my parents are ready to head out, It was nice meeting you R-Jason.” He walks away before Jason could catch the slip-up, at least he hopes he didn’t catch it. He’s getting pretty good at this whole disappearing thing, maybe he could be a bat himself.



He lifts the camera to his face, squinting into the view finder where Batman was mid flight. He released a breath he didn’t know he was holding as he squeezes the shutter release. He snaps a couple more shots before Batman disappears in the shadows like he wasn’t ever there in the first place. 

Tim finally inhales again as he brings the camera away from his face, he takes a second to look back on the photos he’d taken so far tonight. The fight between Batman, Robin and group of small time thugs had produced a beautiful display of shots. He smiles to himself at his favorite picture of the night, Robin giving Batman a cheeky smile after quipping a dumb joke and there’s a ghost of a smile on Batman’s face. 

“Oh hey make sure you email me that one.” A voice says just next to his ear and Tim’s pretty sure his heart stops beating. He lets out a startled squeak, sounding very much like a wounded animal and turns to face the person. Oh-He could totally play this to his advantage.

“Oh my god! You’re Robin!” Tim exclaims excitedly, a huge grin spreading across his face, he tries to hide the camera behind his back, “I’m a big big fan!” 

 ”Yea I am, and who are the hell you?” Jason asks, in all his Robin glory, Tim can’t see his eyes behind the mask but he’s sure he’s glaring.

”Well I was just walking by whe-“ He gets cut off when Robin grabs him by the front of his hoodie. 

 ”Cut the crap kid, you’re on top of a building right now, you weren’t just ‘walking by’” Robin makes air-quotes with his fingers with his free hand, the other still holding Tim close, “Besides, I’ve seen you taking pictures for weeks. B was convinced you were just a figment of my imagination.”


"So I can explain-"