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The PokeGems

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It was just a normal day for Steven – well, as normal as it can get – as he was driving the Dondai to Little Homeschool. He was listening to the radio as he was heading there, which was currently playing ‘Sixteen Tons’ by Tennessee Ernie Ford – “You load sixteen tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.” Steven turned the radio off at that point, saying “Man, that’s real depressing.”

After that had happened, Steven noticed something new. A free-floating pink coloured bipedal creature that looked like a mammal, and it even has a long, thin tail. As soon as he noticed it, though, it vanished out of sight, to which he muttered “Ok, that was………odd.” A few hours later, when Steven was about to have his lunch, he noticed it again, this time when it appeared out of nowhere and sat on his head. “Oh, hey there, little feller.” He said to the pink creature, who was curiously looking around whilst perched on his head. When it noticed Peridot walking towards him, it vanished, leaving Peridot confused about it. “What was that?” Said Peridot, as Steven said to the curious being “It’s ok, they’re a friend, they won’t hurt you.”

The creature reappeared, and floated down in front of Peridot, looking at her Gem, much to her surprise. “What is this?” She asked Steven, who replies “I don’t know.” Suddenly, it shapeshifted into an exact duplicate of Peridot, shocking the two of them. “Well that was surprising.” Said Steven, to which Original Peridot responded with “Well no kidding. It turned into me!”. However, Duplicate Peridot had noticed Original Peridot making a soda can float with her mind, so proceeded to try it out themself with the Dondai, to which Original Peridot angrily said “Hey! That’s my thing. Don’t even think about copying my metal powers and using them better than me!” Steven then said to Original Peridot “Maybe they’re trying out new things, Peridot. Though, the fact that they just turned into you and somehow used your powers is impressive. But, we should be getting on with the classes, now.”

So, after Steven was finished with teaching classes for the day, he noticed that the Dondai was back in its original spot, where he left it. But, upon opening the car door, saw a Peridot sitting inside, and was unsure which one it was, so decided to ask them “Can you, erm, turn back into that little pink feller?” To which it did. Steven got into the car, and when he looked back, the friendly pink creature had shapeshifted into HIM! So, Original Steven decided to get Duplicate Steven fasted in with the seatbelt and started driving back to the Temple. After reaching his destination, OS said “Oh, I know you’re a bit shy, but don’t worry. Everyone here are real good friends.”
DS decided to go inside the Temple with OS, to see Peridot telling Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, and Bismuth about what had happened earlier that day. “So, after that clod turned into me, they lifted Steven’s car! I thought I was the only one with metal powers, but that clod was a real show-off.” Peridot said, only for everyone to notice the two Stevens standing there. Pearl and Lapis Lazuli were surprised by this, Bismuth was shocked, Amethyst was just loving this, and Garnet just said “Oh, wow”. Peridot then said to the Stevens “Alright, I’ve had it with that phony clod! I demand to know which one of you Stevens is the real one!” DS then transformed back into the bipedal creature and a pink orb appeared around it.

Steven then said “Peridot, really? You’re scaring them!” to which Peridot said “Oh, I’m scaring them?” with Amethyst responding with “Well, yea dude! Of course you are!” to which Garnet, Pearl, Lapis Lazuli and Bismuth agreed with. But then the bipedal creature senses something nearby, and hides, much to everyone’s confusion. Garnet, though, isn’t confused, as she saw something in her future vision, and exits the Temple followed by Steven and Peridot. The three of them then look up to see a bipedal humanoid creature with a purple tail float downwards, and, using telepathy, says “Where is Mew?”

Garnet, Steven and Peridot seem confused by it, so Steven asks the newcomer “Who are you talking about?” to which they reply “You’ve seen them. I know they’re with you. So, don’t play dumb and tell me where Mew is.” Garnet then realises who Mew is and tells the purple-tailed humanoid creature “We won’t tell you. I know why you’re here.”, much to their surprise. “Really?” They said, with Garnet saying, “You’re thinking of hurting them, aren’t you?” to which they reply “I’m surprised that you know of my plans, despite feigning ignorance. So tell me how you found out about my plans with Mew?”. Peridot then says, “That’s enough out of you, you clod!”, only for the floating humanoid creature to lift Peridot with their mind, and throw then aside, then afterwards says “You are just a pathetic little being, so do not try to stop me from exacting my plans, weakling.”

The Crystal Gems, who were inside the Temple, saw this happen, so rushed outside with their weapons as Garnet summoned hers, which lead the bipedal humanoid to say “So, you all wish to fight me? The amount of stupidity I am seeing here actually impresses me. But you saw what happened to your friend, so prepare to lose, for I AM MEWTWO!”, which is followed by their eyes starting to glow in bright purple, but then gets crushed by Steven’s Dondai Supremo. “HA! Who’s the stupid clod now?” Said Peridot, after climbing on top of the car. Garnet then went down, pulled the car off Mewtwo, and kept a hold of their arms and tail, with Bismuth walking up to say “You really thought you could beat us? There’s one thing you can’t beat, though.” Mewtwo responds with “And what’s that? Stupidity?”.

Garnet then tells Mewtwo “No. That would be my future vision.”. At that point, Mewtwo uses their psychic power to free themself, and floats upwards, saying “Very well. If you can see into the future then you will see me return. But, I won’t let myself be beaten so easily by a bunch of fools.”, as they left the area. Pearl then inspects the Dondai, saying “It’s only got a few scratches on it, nothing too serious.” To which Steven says, “That’s not what I’m worried about, but thanks.” Lapis Lazuli then says “Well, what are you worried about?” to which Steven responds with “Them.” as he turns to look at Mew.