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Key to my heart.

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It was late at night, but I couldn’t sleep. I looked at small clock, standing on my bedside cabinet. It was after 02:00 am. I swear aloud. Our last case was full of shit. Serial killer, not typical one, but a massive children murderer. I’ve never seen so many graves in one damn place. Oh irony, it was in old Christmas Theme Luna Park. Fucking Santa Killer. We found a body of one kidnapped child. His parents found a peace after many years of hope and fear. I couldn’t imagine their pain, their loss and kind of relief, when they at least knew the truth.

I got out of bed, lit a cigarette and move to kitchen. Another terrible case. Another sleepless night. I start to think about my partner. I knew Mulder too well. After 4 years of working together I just knew his rituals. This case was a really hell even for him. In every kidnapped child he sees his abducted sister. I was worried about him, but I just knew that he needs more time for himself. He run a lot and exercises even more. Sometimes we just have sex. It’s a perfect solution for us, when the level of stress is going to be insanely high. He is my best friend, my FBI partner and my… my lover. I puff a cigarette, leaving a few circles of smoke. We decided for it nearly a year ago. Of course I had my remorse, the rational one. Our behavior is highly unprofessional… What if our boss find out about it in some twisted way? What if we just fell in love with each other? It could be so fucking messy. I finish my cigarette and put it into ashtray.

I remember our first time together in a motel room far away from the whole world. I bit my lower lip, trying to hide my smile. It was so rough and pure. We were completely wild and we need that damn release so much. Mulder felt amazing. His broad hands had a journey into my whole body. His magical fingers did their job. I smiled again. Honestly he is such a good lover. I’ve never had a better sex in my life. With time he started to knew what kind of touch I like the most and when… He started to tell me his fantasies. Oh boy, few of them are really hot. His whisper could drive me more wild. We have a rule to not talk about this “after work” events. I collect all emotions from our time together and put them into my inner-soul box called “Fox Mulder”. I’m trying to cut work from personal stuff. Sometimes it’s hard as hell.

I took another cigarette from crumpled pack. Lit it and put it between my lips. I sighed so loud. Few weeks ago a lady named Phoebe joined us during one case. It was Mulder’s ex girlfriend and he could read all from me, like from good book. I screwed it up. I was so jealous about him. I tried so bad to play that nothing like that is happened. I pretended, but I’m pretty sure that Mulder knew the truth. When Phoebe left to UK, he didn’t say a word. I puff cigarette, inhaling deeply.

I have that feeling that my professional shield is half-broken. All those pure emotions, which I collected from that one god damn box is trying to escape. I’m afraid… I’m so afraid to be in love him. I’m afraid that I could screw our “relationship”. I’m afraid that I could break his heart. I’m the only one person, which he truly trust.

Firmly knocking on my door rip me out from my thinking. I knew pretty well, who’s standing in the front of my door in that late night.

- Yes? - I asked.

- Scully – it’s me. - I heard Mulder’s voice.
I opened the door with a cigarette lying between my lips. Mulder didn’t ask. He knew.

- I couldn’t sleep. - he said quietly.

- Same. - I replied. I let him in, looking at his casual version. He took off his leather jacket and hung it on a wooden hanger.

- I know that’s late. Sorry. - he started and leaned closer to me. He put a cigarette from my lips to his own and inhaled deeply. - I bought some wine and our fave Chinese food. I hope that you’re hungry.

He gaze at me with some fascination, with pure desire. I could feel it on my own skin. I felt a goosebumps on my hands. He put nets on my table and stub out cigarette into ashtray.

- Don’t be, please. Our last case was so fucking hell. I’m glad that Skinner gave us a few days off. - I cut, but I added after a while. - I’m glad that I have you, Mulder. You just can read my mind. I had no appetite during whole day, but now I released that I’m starved.

Our eyes met again. Mulder didn’t ask. He didn’t wait. He thrust me into kitchen wall. His hot breath brushed my cheek.

- God, Scully. I missed you so. - he whispered into my ear. His lips touched my ear lobe, then he bit it - slowly, teasingly. I gasped. His masculine scent hit my nostrils and I feel like home again. This thought killed me, but his lips crushed with mine. I completely forgot about my rational thinking.

- I missed you too. - I whispered quietly between our kisses. His lips feel amazing. I noticed that he kissed me differently. His lips play with mine. Mulder took my lower lip between his teeth. I moaned loudly. - Oh god!

He giggled.

- Not god, but your Spooky man! - he whispered with amusement.

I smiled. This is the way, how I like my Mulder. His sarcastic, funny side. His pretty full lips and this boyish grin.

He picked me up. I wrapped my legs into his waist, kissing him with full passion. He put his long fingers into my hair and hold my head through our kiss. Our tongues met in a dance of domination, but no one would like to win. I heard his moan crushed into my mouth. I felt his hard manhood pressed into my inner thigh. I moaned louder, broke from our kiss. Mulder’s lips pressed into my neck. He didn’t want to stop even for a moment. His hips thrust into mine. I cried louder. I felt this tension building between us in a huge flame. I’ve never felt like this before. Mulder looked into my eyes with huge lust.

- Fuck me here. - I begged.

He laughed.

- Here? You deserve for better place, Dana. - he said and I felt like my mouth dropped to the floor. He said my first name with flame-ish tenderness. His voice crush in the end a little. I felt his thumb brushing my cheek. - Are you ready? - he asked me with smile.
I laughed, then squealed, when he took me firmly into his broad arms. His hot breath brushed my lips, then he kissed me with all of his might. Mulder took me to my bedroom. He put me delicate in the soft mattress of my king sized bed. His tongue met with mine again and I felt that my inner shield broke on a thousand pieces. I fell into him and there's no way back.