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Omega of The Vongola House

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Vongola’s Main Library was huge and it was open for the public as long as it was with special permit. Mostly it was used by Vongolan’s officials though; as proven by the sights of them strolling about that morning when Enma arrived there.

It only took a golden sakura shaped brooch for the librarian to consider Enma eligible to go inside Vongola’s family library – the inner section of the library that was private and contained important books reserved for the main family members of Vongola. The brooch itself was a symbol of status among the palazzo guests. There were numerous brooches and this one gave you the privilege of most services in the palazzo.

The head librarian eyed the brooch. “Your name, Sir?” 

“Cozart. Enma Cozart”.

“Okay. Emma will show you the way,” The head librarian tilted her body toward a younger staff next to her. Emma bowed only slightly before she walked ahead, “Please follow me, Mr. Cozart”.

They walked past a number of tall bookshelves and a room filled with long desks before they stopped at an arched ornate door. The woman unlocked the door using a thin golden key then led Enma inside. 

“Come on in, Mr. Cozart,” she murmured. The whole room was more intimate than the main library common area. It had a huge fireplace, and by it was a thick desk. Facing the fireplace and the desk was a huge lush carpet and a number of couches. Ahead of that was two rooms filled with bookshelves, each partitioned with wide arches.

“Do you need my assistance in finding a book, Mr. Cozart?” Asked the librarian.

“No, thank you”.

Emma then excused herself out of the room and in return leaving Enma on his own accord. Enma preferred it this way.

It was Hibari’s suggestion to get Enma to visit the Vongola family archives; he even let it slip that The Primo hid two bottles of scotch inside the bottom right drawer on his desk. All Enma asked was a private room where he could do his work comfortably – even Hibari’s study should have been okay. Yet, Enma didn’t mind the change of scenery.

He chose a seat facing the fireplace and took a cushioned lap desk. He pulled out his hybrid computer, which he would always refuse to call laptop, and Sawada’s hard drive; then he started working.

By sight alone Enma knew these files in the second folder used multilayered coding. He had to check numerous methods before he could see which one proves to be effective. This would take a long time before he could see any results at all.

One hour had gone by when the door opened again, this time revealing a man – in black suit. Enma perked his head toward the door.

“Oh,” the man with the green hair said after he noticed Enma, “There’s someone here”.

He’s the Lightning Guardian, Enma noted in alert, and he’s drunk .

“Hello, Sir,” was Enma’s awkward greeting.

“Do you mind if I join you?” the man asked sounding very casual for someone who was currently in charge of the palazzo.

“Um, sure, Alpha Bovino” 

“Call me Lampo,” he said as he went to desk and threw himself to its leather swivel chair. He lifted his two legs to the top of the desk as he leaned way back to the chair and crossed his legs.

“So, who are you again?” The guardian asked conversationally. Enma stopped his work to look up from his laptop. He wasn’t sure if its okay for him to engage. He felt like he had intruded the young guardian – this was after all Vongola’s private archive room.

“Cozart, Sir. Enma Cozart”.

“Ohhh, you’re that detective Kyoya hired, arent you?” When Enma looked at him, the guardian already had a bottle of scotch in his hands. “Giotto always saves the good stuff for himself – would you like a drink, Mr. Detective?”

The line of leadership The Vongola had right now was not the most conventional. They were the youngest leaders of an alpha house in centuries; so they tend to take different approach to things. Yes, they were very progressive, and their achievements were worth the admirations they received from the public; still, they were quite the eccentric flock for leaders. “Um, n-no. Thank you, Sir”.

The man took a couple of chugs straight from the mouth of the bottle. He then slammed the bottle to the desk, “Those damned lot. They always leave me out of the fun. Leaving me here to take care of all the works,” the man grunted. Enma awkwardly averted his gaze from the man to his own work. He didn’t think its wise to join in a conversation to bash The Primo and his Guardians even when it involves another guardian.

“I mean if it was Kyoya who was kidnapped - though I doubted that anyone would want to mess with that kid - but if it was Kyoya, well, I don’t think any of them would want to chase after the kid to pick him up,” The Lightning Guardian drawled, “But now it’s Tsunayoshi . Of course everyone would want to go, because he’s Tsuna, he’s an omega. As if an omega doesn’t have a mind of their own. The kid wants a breather; they should let him be! Don’t you agree, Mr. Detective?” 

Now this got Enma’s attention a bit; but he didn’t respond.

“If the kid wants a short vacation from the palazzo, then let him. He’s a kid, they rebel a bit. And Giotto was like, Oh no. Tsu’s an omega and he doesn’t know what he’s thinking. And Reborn’s an Arcobaleno and he has a dangerous job. What if Tsuna got in the middle of danger. We should pick him yada yada yada. He acts as if he had never rebelled before,” he took another sip from the scotch bottle, “Giotto was pretty bad when he was younger. He had a sex party with twenty omegas on a private island, with gambling and stuff, along with other alpha heirs and Politician’s kids. And you know who was with him? Reborn”.

Enma blinked. Should he be listening to this?

“And now he wants to act like he and Reborn are sworn enemy? Saying words like Reborn had betrayed him and such just because. Hell, they both have done worst. Back then they both would sleep with each other’s lovers just so they could dump them together. And the illegal business, God, don’t make me start,” Lampo groaned, “All that to spite the previous Primo”.

“The Primo didn’t have a good relationship with the late Primo?” Enma found himself asking. He quickly covered his mouth afterwards. The question was way too forward. It was not his place to know all of these.

Lampo smiled lazily at the response, “You would have never guessed huh? Even a detective can be fooled. Vongola Is very particular when it comes to protecting the family’s public image. Look at Tsunayoshi; no one has figured!” The man shrugged, “The late Primo cheated on his wife with Giotto’s babysitter”. At Enma’s shocked expression, the man added, “Her name’s Sawada Nana”.

After a slight pause the man continued again, “Yup. It’s Tsu’s mother. And she’s an omega. Why do you think omega servants were suddenly banned in The Palazzo years ago? It was around the time their affair was discovered,” The guardian faced the ceiling solemnly, “It ruined Giotto’s home life, that’s for sure. I knew him since he was in high school and sometimes, I wonder if he acted that way because he wanted his Father to care”. The man took another sip, “That, or he simply wanted to despise omegas. Do you know that Giotto used to treat omegas poorly? He dated a lot of them and would dump them in the cruelest ways possible”.

Enma shifted in discomfort. The story made him feel so awkward knowing who The Primo’s brother is. “He matured right after the late Primo and Giotto’s mother died from the car accident. He rose to power around that time – only 22 years old. He’s not ready, none of us were. Although, I do think it’s a call for Giotto to sober up and finally be a proper adult. After five years in leadership, I would say this whole journey was not bad. Giotto is well loved by the public and he’s responsible. I mean, he’s Giotto. He’s a born leader. And Reborn should take the credit for honing that potential in him,” The Guardian’s words were slurred, “You know how Major Houses would look for mentors for their young alpha, right, Mr. Detective? Giotto’s was Reborn; and it was unconventional back then to get a beta to mentor an alpha heir. But Reborn proved himself in many ways. He might have encouraged Giotto’s past rebelliousness toward his parents, but Reborn could also control that rage. He brought both the best and the worst in Giotto; if I have to say”.

“So really, this whole drama between Giotto and Reborn is ridiculous,” now the Guardian hiccuped, “And I don’t think Reborn treated Tsuna the same was he treated Giotto in the past. No one would dare introduce Tsunayoshi to all the weird shenanigans Giotto and Reborn were up to back in the days”.

A tense silence ensued, though the tension was one-sided in Enma’s case. The redhaired young man braced himself. He was going to ask something very inappropriate.

“I’m sure The Primo was weirded out once he found out he had a brother,” he started. He was inclined to think so after the Lightning Guardian mentioned how poorly The Primo treated omegas. 

The Guardian took a couple other swallow of the scotch before he turned to Enma, “Yep. I mean, have you seen Tsunayoshi? He looks exactly like her,” he paused, “You know? Sawada Nana. Not that I know how she looked. Giotto was the one who told me. She, unfortunately - or fortunately for Giotto at least, has passed away”. Lampo finally let go of the bottle; letting the object land with a soft thunk to the desk, “Not saying Giotto was an absolute prick. By the time Tsuna arrived here, Giotto had grown. He had taken the initiative to be Kyoya’s mentor and everyone agrees he does a great job at that. It wasn't that he despised tsuna. It's just that… Tsunayoshi’s presence brought a lot of bad memories into Giotto’s life. It was complicated”.

Enma was reminded of Sawada’s excitement of finally finding a living family member. At the discovery that his arrival might not be as welcomed as he expected, Enma cringed.

“S’not the kid’s fault either – but I couldn’t blame Giotto for acting that way. It was awkward. Alaude said its important to take Tsuna in to avoid any treason or conflicts in the future. Giotto doesn’t need Tsunayoshi at that moment; he had Kyoya and he’s very close to the kid. Giotto and Kyoya were like… how Giotto and Reborn were, but way less destructive. And Kyoya’s an alpha – an overachieving alpha; so Giotto relate easily to that. Tsunayoshi…, well….,” another hiccup, “There’s really no place for him”.

Enma had a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. “And it was even more awkward when Reborn got invited here so Giotto could introduce him to Kyoya. As you know alpha heirs could take in multiple mentors. I remember Reborn had just successfully transformed this lousy alpha heir from Cavallone and Giotto wanted Kyoya to get mentored by him really bad,” Lampo paused as though remembering that day, “Reborn opted for Tsunayoshi instead”.

The Guardian then spurted in laughter, “I mean, it’s fitting for that man. He’s a bit eccentric – that Reborn. But Tsunayoshi? He’s an omega. We were looking for a tutor or maybe a mentor for him – the boy couldn’t even read that well – but not someone of Reborn’s caliber, you know? But Reborn was adamant; Giotto couldn’t change his mind. It was crazy and funny at the same time”.

“To be honest, I’m happy for Tsuna,” Lampo smirked, “Everyone acts like it was a horrible thing though – a great mentor, wasted , on an omega”. 

“It’s not a waste,” Enma found himself grumbling.

“I agree,” Lampo replied with a tilt of his scotch bottle, “But, you know, I think they were expecting Tsuna’s presence to be almost non-existent in the palazzo yet the kid kept on further and further proving himself to be… I don’t know, present? Something? An annoyance maybe? To Giotto? I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyoya was a bit jealous of Giotto’s new younger brother”.

Enma’s brows flew, “He is?”

The Guardian shrugged, “Dunno. He’s Kyoya. His expression barely changes. But he really wanted to get mentored by Reborn and he was greatly disappointed when Reborn refused to mentor him. He even hit Tsuna in the face”.

This time Enma frowned, “Are you saying you know for sure Mr. Hibari hit Sawada?”

“Not really. Giotto is all tight-lipped about the incident if we are talking about the same event,” The alpha from The Bovino House glanced sideways, “But why else would Giotto ban Kyoya from his wing? Giotto also apologized non-stop at Tsunayoshi – probably in Kyoya’s place”.

“But I thought Reborn was also told to leave the palazzo,” Enma added to prove that there’s more than one person who got punished in this situation.

“To make peace to both Kyoya and Tsu, I suppose. Its better not to have Reborn mentor any of them rather than get them fight over him, right?” The guardian paused, “I’m not sure if you know this much, but Kyoya was the one who called both Giotto and Reborn to the library to talk that day”.

“This library?”

“No, another library nearer to Giotto’s office. That one is closer to a study. So they met there, and an argument could be heard taking place not long after. Tsunayoshi entered the room after that”.

Enma’s brows met. So Tsunayoshi shouldn’t have been there in the first place. 

“I believe, Kyoya was making a proposal to get Reborn to mentor him by confronting the hitman himself,” was the guardian’s last word before the door was opened to reveal two people dressed in suit.

“Guardian Lampo! There you are!” The two men entered the room with the deepest scowl on their faces, “We’ve been looking for you”.

“Oh, naw. You’ve caught me,” The Guardian landed the almost empty bottle to the desk and rose both of his hands in a surrendering pose. The two staff didn’t seem pleased.

“And drunk too! You still have your duties, Guardian Lampo!”

“Oh well,” The Guardian tried to stand, to no avail. He obviously needed some assistance to leave the room. His two pursuers continuously ranted as they departed with him. Enma was left alone in the end; blinking stupidly at all the information dump The Guardian had given him.

Enma didn’t hear from Hibari at all for most of the day. He saw the young alpha crossing the courtyard alongside a number of people who seemed to hold some importance to the palazzo. Yet it wasn’t until after dinner did Hibari hear from the Alpha heir.

He was summoned into the Hibari heir private study by a maid. Once he arrived, no one was in the room except for two maids who were in the middle of pouring tea and setting the coffee table with light snacks. “Young Master Hibari will be here soon,” the maids informed him before they left the vicinity. Thus Enma was left on his own accord for a while as he nibbled on some biscuits and fiddle with his portable computer.

Both Hibari and Kusakabe entered the room half an hour later. They were conversing as they came through the door, something about the guests they’ve met before and how troublesome it was negotiating with them. “You have a mock debate with Mr. De La Stella for the debate team meet-up tomorrow. Have you prepared your materials, Hibari-san?” Kusakabe reminded dutifully.

Hibari just plopped himself into a seat next to where Enma sat and rolled his white button up’s sleeves. He sighed and buried his face to his hand, “I just remembered the meeting. That’s tomorrow, right?”

“I take it you haven’t prepared for your debate against Mr. De la Stella tomorrow?” Kusakabe confirmed. The man himself had yet to sit.

“I can make time tonight. Have you made reservations at the Lazzerini Gazebo?”

“Everything has been reserved, Hibari-san and the team has been reminded of tomorrow’s meeting. They have all confirmed their attendance, Mr. De La Stella and Mr. Byakuran have”.

They had a couple more exchanges until Hibari sighed and directed a hand toward Enma, “Yes. Mr detective, we shall start”.

After being referred to with that title numerous times that day, Enma felt like correcting everyone and say, “I am not a detective, actually”. All he did was investigate his friend’s murder (and got fired because of that). Yet, after wasting some time to think of a way to deliver this correction, he lost the will. So he pursed his lips and said, “Okay. I have a number of decoded files here”.

“That’s a lot,” Hibari approved, “You did all of this in one day?”

“Yes,” Enma couldn't help but feel proud, “I haven't finished the rest. The coding is pretty complex for all of them”.

“Still, that is impressive,” Kusakabe added. Enma was silenced for a second.

“Thank you,” the red head finally said albeit awkwardly. He had never been complimented. “The first few videos are of Tsuna showing his room - “

“What did you say?” Kusakabe turned to him. His face was genuinely confused, maybe a bit surprised. Enma was stunned himself.

“I meant Sawada. Sawada was showing his room in it,” he didn't know why he slipped into saying Sawada’s first name - an omega of the Vongola House. “Yes, so there may not be anything… of much interest there”.

“No, no, that’s okay. We want to see everything,” Hibari murmured, eyes dead set on the large screen. Enma hesitated - for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out the eagerness behind the young Hibari’s calm facade. Enma swallowed and turned to the screen. The start button was under the will of his finger. Yet he felt guilty.

The video started with a very clear camera this time. The focus and the lighting were way better than the previous video. It showed the design of the orphanage wallpaper to such detail that you could point out every flaw and tear. Just a second later, a pair of brown orbs stared back. They were so round, as if the owner was in awe.

And he was.

“Woooah,” Sawada gushed, “This is like… those youtube videos. The picture is so clear!”

The video stopped at that unfortunately. The next video was still taken from a better camera. Sawada was holding the camera in one hand while erratically gushing over his new room. it was more vacant then when Enma last visited it. The last time he was there, the room had more cluttered objects. In the video, it lacked personal touches. You knew then, this was the first time Sawada arrived in his room. “Oh my Gosh, it has a fireplace. My room has a fireplace,” and once in the bathroom, he said, “Cool toilet, it has buttons! Oh my Gosh, there’s a bathtub. I’ve never had a bathtub”.

“This is activated by touch, so the sensor is over here”.

“Oh. My. Gosh. By touch???”

The face of The Storm Guardian’s was then put under the camera’s line of vision. he was bending next to the huge bathtub; giving the camera a deadpan and mirroring the expressions of the butler standing behind him.

“Are you recording this?”


“You’re not allowed to post this online”.

“No, I don't know how to post this online”.

The Storm Guardian watched the boy behind the camera as though he found it hard to believe that there’s kid in this day and age who doesn't know how to. “And the Orphanage’s internet was so slow so I couldn't do much with it”.

The Storm Guardian smiled thinly, but he only said, “Our internet here is a million times better, but you’re still not allowed to share anything to the public”.

“Okie Dokie”.

The omega showed other furniture his bedroom had with such exhilaration. The last clip of that day seemed to be the one where he stood in front one of the large floor to ceiling mirrors in his walk in closet. He was holding an iPhone yet wearing the same over-sized old shirt he brought from the orphanage.

The next clip was of Sawada lying on his stomach. The camera didn't take in much of the room because of the angle, but from the lush comforter and the ornate ceiling, you’d note that he was already spending the night in Palazzo Bianco.

His round eyes seemed even bigger as he eyed something behind the camera. “I’m still amazed by this night light,” he muttered. His eyes then went to the camera, “Oh my Gosh, this place has huge flat screen TV’s that can speak and a looooot of fireplaces. The orphanage only has one. One fireplace. And do you know they have many butlers? This wing where I am staying is where the Primo is staying and the butler’s name is Maximillian. He’s a butler and his name is fancier than mine,” Sawada was speaking a mile a minute. His hands were moving around and his round eyes were even wilder. “There was a welcome dinner, but a small one. Nothing big, G said. If that was nothing big, I couldn't imagine what a big dinner in this place would look like”.

“Anyway, there was The Storm Guardian, The Cloud Guardian and The Rain Guardian there. We were chatting a lot; like friends! I never had this kind of dinner, I said. They told me there will be more like this in the future,” the omega smiled hopefully before he leaned closer to the camera as if telling a secret, “And you know what? They told me Primo is on a trip but he’s been informed of my arrival. I know, right - the Primo, being informed of my arrival like its so important. Who am I right?,” a pause, “Oh, and they all told me I can call them by their name. And umm, I have a Japanese background so I’m not used to it so I asked them whether I can call them like G-san or Alaude-san. They said it was okay, for Asari-san, it was a given I should call him, y’know, Asari-san. He has Japanese blood in him, just like me! Hehe”.

He then proceeded to tell how the Guardians gave him his iPhone. It had a Vongola symbol on the back and some custom made features. He also explained how to use those features in such details that Enma was sure the Guardians had taught him earlier. However, mostly Sawada kept on rambling and chuckled on some parts; about how weird looking but brilliant tasting the dessert was, how fast and efficient the maids were, how he saw the guardians use the napkins.. It was a messy chit-chat, but he was happy - ecstatic even.

Until he made another pause. The smile on his lips was thin; his eyes went sideways as if he was holding a huge secret. “This is a secret between us. They told me,” Sawada smiled, to the camera this time, “The Primo is my brother”.

He rolled around then, making the camera disoriented again for a second before his face returned to the screen, “Could you believe it?? The Primo! He’s my brother! We’re related - I was like so surprised. We shared the same father,” he had one hand in front of his mouth, “Oh my God, I have a family. And they are in the Vongola Household - Oh my Gosh. I am now in the Vongola Household”.

He continued on gushing about his own surprise regarding the whole issue. He seemed blind-sighted on the fact that the previous Primo had an affair with his mom; thus destroying the previous Primo’s family life and in return destroying Giotto’s. Sawada Tsunayoshi was young and oblivious; it was blatantly clear to Enma.

The next clip was of Sawada in various scenarios where he found something interesting in Palazzo Bianco and he would be all over it. Once he even ran up to the butler just to see how calm the man would turn to sim and say with the same calm tone, “Yes, Young Sir?”. In another scene, he was trying to show off how the huge flat screen would turn up by just calling the AI in control of the electronics in the Palazzo. “Genevieve!” The omega called.

“Yes, Tsu?” the woman’s voice answered, and just like that the young omega’s face lit up in amusement. The butler standing behind him didn't feel the same though.

“Young Sir, I believe that it is unbefitting for the artificial intelligence to address you in such fashion,” the butler could be heard saying. 

The omega didn't fully face the man as he was eyeing the man through the iPhone front camera, “Why not?”

“Because you are a member of The Vongola Household and you shall be addressed as such”.

“But a robot calling me Tsu is cool~~”

In most moments though, he would be recording out of excitement of finding something new and someone, mostly the Guardians or the butler, would either softly reprimand him or confusingly question the kid’s hobby.

What conflicted Enma the most, however, was when Tsuna was trying on clothes that The Storm Guardian had brought for him to pick. It’s not like the omega was changing in front of the camera; it was just that the idea of having an omega parading in different clothes in front of strangers he barely talked to did not sit well with Enma.

He was about to suggest skipping the video, but once he saw the young Hibari heir, he noted how the young man had his back straightened and he was eyeing the screen rather keenly.

“I think this top would match the khaki pants better,” Sawada commented on the attire he was trying on. Enma felt himself looking to the floor. Let’s just face it; Sawada Tsunayoshi, believe it or not, was attractive. Most people in Vongola are; but his is in his omegan features.

It wasn't like Enma didn't notice it. It was pretty clear in even his earlier videos. However, Sawada had grown and in a matter of days after his move to Palazzo Bianco, he had changed out of his over-sized clothes, he had his hair trimmed, and his cheeks started filling in as he started eating better. Not only that, the camera he was using was also better thus taking in his appearances even better.

Hibari, however, was taking all the details in a stride. And so was Kusakabe. They were both unhinged, and even adding comments here and there regarding Sawada. “He knows how to dress up,” was Hibari’s sudden comment.

“He does,” Kusakabe agreed absently.

“He’s also very fond of hats”.

“Like fedoras?”

Hibari didn't respond instantly like there was something implied in Kusakabe’s seemingly innocent question. “I suppose that is a given, seeing the circumstances,” Hibari finally replied.

Enma actually checked on the two just to see if he can figure out what they were talking about. Yet they were both watching the screen observantly and Enma thought he was just imagining it.

The next video had the camera standing on eye level to Sawada. The kid might have gotten himself a tripod. It saw Sawada sitting cross-legged in his reading nook. It was night time, it seemed, because he was wearing his night attire. Though he had started wearing better clothes in the day, he had a tendency of wearing something like what he usually wore in the orphanage though with better quality clothes. The young teen didnt seem particularly excited that night. He seemed somber.

“So, I met The Primo earlier today,” Sawada started, “Yeah. Umm, he… really does look as cool as on television. He’s handsome and he’s very kind. He asked how I was doing in the Palazzo. It was a small meeting. There were me, G-san, Asari-san, Alaude-san and umm him”. He paused. Enma knew the boy was conjuring the meeting from earlier that night in his mind. “He doesn't like being called Nii-san, he’s not very good with Japanese words he said. But its okay to call him Giotto-san, he said, because everyone in the family calls him Giotto except for some who couldn't change their old habit”.

"Umm, we then talked about decorum. So umm decorum is…, it’s like rules? So basically in The palazzo, there’s a briefing every morning. That’s like a short meeting to tell you what to do and what not to do that day - I know, the Palazzo is so cool right? And I have briefings too. Everyday, actually, with G-san. Usually its about where we’ll go or what we’ll do that day. But today the briefing was a bit more thorough. or so G-san said. Giotto-san was there so he could also decide on my decorum and the such ''.

Sawada gave a very weird smile. He looked almost disappointed. “So, the world… doesn't know that the previous Primo had me. They don't even know… mom and Primo were a couple. So of course, to the world, I don't exist and…,” He was moving his hand around as he explained, “That means I have to keep it that way. like, the world will be very, like VERY surprised if they knew I exist and that’ll be trouble for everyone. Including myself. So yeah, the briefing for today is about that like…, um, I’m allowed to have dinners with Giotto-san and the Guardians and close family members like the Secondo to Nono, but I’m not allowed to be out when guests are in The Palazzo. Like, there are places I’m allowed to go at certain times, there are some I’m not allowed to. So, yeah,” Sawada smiled thinly, “But of course I get it. This is Vongola, you know? They’re powerful so they’ve got enemies too. It’s important to do… stuff for the family and this is just my duty. So I totally understand it”.

Enma felt something sink to his stomach. This was an omega who was an orphan. He was just given the hope of having a family for the first time and this was what he was told to do?

Enma wasn't given much time to mull on this for Sawada was half hyperventilating in the next video.The boy was again in his reading nook, dressed casually, but nicely, in a pair of knee length shorts and a light sweater. What was more important, however, was his expression. His mouth was wide open, his two hands were holding the side of his face as though in disbelief. He worded it for everyone right after.

“You wouldnt believe it,” He started almost in a whisper, “I. Just. Saw. Kyoya”.

He looked away as if discerning his own statement. “I just saw Kyoya,” he repeated still looking like he couldn't believe himself, “He was on the same table as me and… Oh my Gosh, Giotto-san asked me to introduce myself and I looked like an idiot. I couldn't even form a sentence right”. He looked horrified, “We were sitting a distance away; he sat closer to Giotto-san, of course, and I was a bit away because of the decorum but I could see him so clearly!! He could see me from where he’s sitting too. And I looked like an idiot, he must’ve thought so. I was soooo stupidd!”

The boy folded his legs and pulled his knees to his chest as he sat on top of the couch. “He was talking and smiling. He actually looked so nice when he smiled. And he talked a lot . I’ve never seen him talk that much on TV. And he laughed, with Giotto-san, not like Knuckle-san’s HAHAHA but more like Heh, you know? And and he was talking about his school. It turns out that Giotto-san was on a trip to pick up Kyoya from this prestigious boarding school. And Kyoya shared how like… like the school has many cool rooms and traditions and Giotto-san happened to be in a lot of them because he was one of their most notable alumni. Yeah, alumni, G-san explained to me about that word. New word - yay,” he chuckled out of his own embarrassment, “Giotto-san laughed a lot too. Actually everyone laughed, but I didn’t get what they were talking about. They were talking about umm politics? And yeah, Kyoya can talk about politics. You know what, G-san was talking about putting me into a school. I’ve never been to a school before. I wonder if after going I would be able to talk about those things like them”.

It was obvious Sawada was referring to Hibari, Giotto and the Guardians. “I would really love to maybe talk about the environment with Kyoya. Maybe. Once I got everything figured out, I think,” he gave a little smile as if it was a promise. Something about it was so innocent. And Enma felt guilty for bringing such innocence in front of the alpha.

Said alpha, Enma noticed from the corner of his vision, had sat up straight on his seat the moment his name was mentioned by Sawada. He was taking in every word like it was his right to do so - despite it not being directed for him but it was supposed to be safe in Sawada’s own privacy. 

Kusakabe didn’t help to improve the situation with his comment; “Wow. Who knew the two of you could’ve started a conversation about the environment. That could be your first real exchange with him, Hibari-san”.

Kusakabe was laughing, but Hibari looked a bit peeved. 

The next videos were recorded on  separate dates and they were each set apart a couple of days. Most of the videos were shorter than Sawada’s normal videos and he didn’t talk as much. When Enma voiced this, Kusakabe explained, “If I’m not mistaken Sawada was rather busy around this time. He was scheduled for many lessons, am I right, Hibari-san?”

Hibari gave an almost unrecognizable nod. “G took it to himself to teach him math”.

“Yes, and he also had etiquette lessons, longer briefings of decorum, family history study, and some preparations before going to school,” Kusakabe finalized.

True enough, some of the videos showed how Sawada was caught recording in the middle of his lessons, such as when the butler found where the camera was hidden while teaching Sawada how to eat a banana using a fork and a knife. One of the videos shown was of a shot of Hibari, The Primo and The Cloud Guardian strolling across the courtyard. Hibari was walking between the two of them; dress shirt rolled to the elbow as his hands moved around animatedly in what seemed to be a rather novel monologue as the two adults next to him paid attention. The sight was a bit uncharacteristic for the teen aged alpha; but it also exposed the level of proximity between the Guardians and the young Hibari heir. 

But Sawada then could be heard whispering something behind the camera as the trio left the frame, “They’re so cool”.

The next video was dated at December the 26th and it was different. It was actually edited with Christmas themed songs and transitions. The opening credit stated “CHRISTMAS EVE” before a transition entered the frame and brought the viewers to a different scene. The song’s volume lowered in an obvious attempt of sound transition and came Alaude’s voice explaining to Sawada how he had his own bank accounts and he could make any purchases he likes. The scene itself showed Sawada ordering for gifts with the help of the Cloud Guardian. The video was then separated by a simple jumpcut before it showed a sped up video of himself wrapping the gifts, it sometimes jumped to a clip where he and the maids decorated the whole wing in some sort of a montage. 

“Oh, he’s learning,” Kusakabe commented.

“The music is probably copyright,” Hibari noted.

Not that Sawada was going to post it anywhere.

The video suddenly jump-cut to a scene where three people were sitting next to a large white and golden Christmas Tree in the frame of the camera. The transition from the music to the sound of people laughing was awkward and a bit painful, but Enma beared with it. “So this is Vongola Settimo, Ottavo, and Nono,” Sawada’s hand reached out from behind the camera as he pointed to each person, “Fabio-jisan, Daniella-baasan, and Nonno!”

“Hii!” Greeted the woman who was the Ottavo. The two men waved.

“So what are you doing here?” asked Sawada in what seemed to be a conversation they’ve practiced.

“We’re here for the Vongola Banquet Party!!” The Ottavo answered enthusiastically before posing with a wink.

“Ooh, that’s interesting. What kind of party is it?” Sawada asked again from behind the camera.

“It’s a party celebrated by The Vongola House every Christmas Eve where we invite our employees and their families alongside some important guests. And this year, we also invite 50 orphans to our party!” explained the woman cheerily.

“The theme this year is circus,” The younger of the two men, which were the Settimo, winked, “And there will be a lot of women”.

“Fabio!! Oh, forgive him. He’s a bit crude,” The woman rolled her eyes.

The old man, who was referred to as Nono (ninth) and Nonno (Grandfather) laughed. “Daniella, every man was young once,” Nonno said.

“Yes, Nonno, but Fabio’s old!”

The clip then switched to another montage of food, clips of The Vongola’s Top 10 and Sawada himself chatting in the living room, and sometimes the sight of the maids waving to the camera. It then switched to a clip of Sawada sitting on the floor with boxes, gift wrappers and bows. The music muted and the video saw Sawada spreading his arms in his merry Christmas.

“Hello! So, everyone is already at the party. So now I can wrap the gifts. I’ve watched tutorials on how to do it and stuff. And I have bows!! Kyoko-san and Haru-san are going to help me; say hello to the camera!” Sawada exclaimed. Two young women in their maid uniforms shifted closer to Sawada and waved to the camera. “I have presents for everyone! Some of them I ordered online myself - now I know how to do that alone. And some of them I made bracelets. Umm I even made one for Kyoya but umm… I dont know how to give it to him”.

“Oh, Tsu-chan, you should just hand it to him. He’ll appreciate it!” Said one of the maids teasingly. Sawada flushed; “No!”

Enma’s brows met. The huge Grandfather clock behind Sawada showed that it was 8 pm already and Sawada had yet changed to the proper dress-code for a Christmas Party though he had stated everyone had departed to. It was then he realized Sawada didn't go to the party.

But both Kusakabe and Hibari didn't seem to pay much attention to that detail. Instead, they discussed something else; “Did he give you that bracelet, Hibari-san?”

Hibari was frowning, “No. I’ve never got any bracelets”.

“So he made one for you and you didn't get it?”

Enma decided he should interfere, “Wait a minute; he’s not going to the party?”

“No,” he heard Hibari replied, “There were many guests”.

“But it’s his first Christmas with his family,” Enma rebutted. Hibari sent him a look; but returned to his previous pose watching the TV screen.

“That’s the decorum”.

Not only that, the video from Christmas morning even showed Sawada opening presents with the maids without his family members. It was revealed that the rest of the family was having a Grand Breakfast with some high profile guests. In fact, Hibari and his family were also there joining the breakfast. Sawada had breakfast with the maids in the Primo’s wing instead. 

Of course, Sawada was happy with the gifts he received from the Guardians, some family members, and even from his brother; but Enma just felt it was strange that the boy didn't spend Christmas with his family members when they were practically in the same building. 

It was further proven on the new years, where Sawada spent his night with the maids and the butler yet again while The Primo and his Guardians spent it in one of the Palazzo’s gardens to celebrate with some veterans and important officials. Sawada recorded the fireworks from the tower in the Primo’s wing.

The video stopped right there, signaling that it was the last of the batch for that night.

“It’s kaa-san’s death anniversary yesterday,” The boy mumbled mournfully in his usual spot in his reading nook. This time he had his blanket and some pillows. Enma was watching through the screen of his device and it broke his heart.

“I’m used to it but I can't go to her grave. Not allowed to go out because there are guests. So I tried to make a small memorial for her here,” his face grew even sadder, “And I made Giotto-san mad”. Tears fell just then without any warning. “I disappointed him”.

He shifted like he was hugging himself even tighter under that blanket. He was looking down; which was mirrored by the corners of his lips. “I went out of the wing to give him a memorial bracelet. Two of his guests almost saw me. Giotto-san was very angry with me. I stayed up all night to wait for him to return so that I could apologize, but G-san told me Giotto-san is already on his flight. So he’s out there thinking I am such a lousy brother,” this time his face scrunched up and his whole figure shook as he sobbed. Fat tears dropped from the tip of his chin. 

“I want to apologize but I’m not allowed to call when Giotto-san’s on his important trip. I wanted to ask the Guardians but they all told me to forget about it,” the tears kept on falling, “I-I know everyone is busy and I keep on getting on everyone’s way. I just.. I don't know, I just feel so… so lonely”.

Enma stopped the video player and massaged the bridge of his nose. After watching Sawada since his move to the Vongola Household, he realized the boy had been so alienated from the main family Yes, they talked to him, provided for him, and they took him in; but they didn't involve him in the family affair.

On the other hand, Omegas need that connection; especially physically, with family and loved ones. It was one of their infamous traits to stick close to the person they feel most secure with. In most cases, these people are family members; in some other cases, these people are chosen by the omega. And thus they were sometimes referred to as ‘Marked’ by the omega.

Thus far it was obvious Sawada had no one he considered to be like this. It seemed like his instincts told him to look for one; hence why he seek out for The Primo when he needed a company the most.

It was painful to watch the omega struggled alone, but at the same time, the more Enma observed him, the more he couldn't let him go. So he returned to the screen of his laptop and checked another video.

Sawada was standing in his walk-in closet while pointing his iPhone to the mirror. “Hello!” He greeted, “Today is a new day. I was sad yesterday, but I decided I will be better. Everyone is very busy, so I should make sure not to bother anyone and work hard myself. So lets do that today!”

It was a cheerful message; but Enma knew it was the boy’s attempt to cheer himself up.

In the next clips, Sawada was doing his normal videos; food video, talking to the maids, trying the new cameras he got from Christmas, making bracelets. The video then cut to where Sawada was again seated on his reading nook. His eyes, that were already so round, grew even larger and he was so pale. He looked horrified more than anything. He had his two palms holding his cheeks as his eyes stared ahead blankly as though he had lost his soul to the abyss.

“Giotto-san has returned from his long trip and he brought someone with him to the Palazzo,” Sawada muttered lowly, his expression not changing, “Asari-san entered my room to tell me to get ready for a grand breakfast and he was giving me this lengthy briefing, lengthier than usual. He told me to get ready, dress nice but not too flashy, and to not say anything unless asked by someone I know and dont look, Just… dont look”.

“I was ready faster than expected so I went down on my own to the living room and… and I saw th-this man,” Sawada shivered and squeaked an awkward Hiiiee then continued, “A s-slender and tall man, in full black attire. O-only the Vongola’s main family members can wear black and t-this man while wearing it,-he looks like the G-Grim Reaper. A-and… he saw me!!!! Hiiieeee!”

Sawada hugged himself, his face scrunched to an indescribable form. The child was terrified for his dear life. “I ran away as fast as I could and hid in my room until Knuckle-san picked me up to go to the dining hall. A-and, HE WAS THERE!!! Hiee, he was there sitting across from Kyoya and talking with Giotto-san! T-they were talking about Kyoya’s school, I think. A-and w-w-when I sat down, h-he saw me!!! S-so I looked down but he was asking who I am. I-I-I should be silent because Asari-san told me to, b-but I dont know why I ANSWERED HIM”.

“I don't know what I was thinking but everyone on the table looked like I was about to die. G-san was glaring and Alaude-san - Alaude-san is never mad or anything - but he looked so surprised at my answer. And then he asked questions again, and I answered again!!! WHY DID I ANSWER AGAIN??? Even Kyoya was looking at me all weird. Giotto-san quickly got in the rescue and he pulled this man’s away from me. He started the breakfast so everyone could start eating. I couldn't swallow a single bite for the whole breakfast because t-that man - HE WAS STARING AT ME. I-I tried n-not looking back like Asari-san said, b-but I did and and and,” he paused, dramatically, “He looked like the God of Death”.

“T-then-Then Giotto-san was talking about getting t-this guest to mentor Kyoya. And and and, he p-pointed at me a-and he said he said he said,” at this point Sawada was stuttering so bad Enma was afraid his mouth would start to foam. But then Sawada’s face turned blank, “I want to mentor him”.

An ugly shriek of horror came out of the back of Sawada’s throat. “HE’S GOING TO KILL ME. I KNOW HE’S GOING TO KILL ME!” he then lowered his voice, “The Guardians protested but seeing how they couldn't even see this man in the eye, I know they would lose. I think they’re still at it now -”

Then there were some knocking on what seemed like Sawada’s bedroom door. Sawada jumped in surprise and craned his neck in the general direction of the source of the noise. “Tsu!! Why do you lock the door? Open it!” Said someone. Sawada, instead, shrieked yet again.

“I-I AM IN HIDING!” he defended while hugging all the pillows on the seat. 

The video jumped to another scene that was taken days after. The camera was facing down Sawada’s walk-in-closet mirror. He was staring back looking like he had seen a ghost. “I-I’m going to die today,” he said.

“No you’re not,” someone else said. the camera turned around to reveal Alaude standing not far beside him in the closet, “No one is going to die. I can assure you”.

“B-b-but you never know. H-he looks like he can kill!” Sawada insisted while Alaude was turning around to look for something in the closet. The man turned around to face him and there was small smile in his face. You could see it in his face that he thought of Sawada as a mere child with such statements.

“He can. Everyone knows that”.


“But he wont. Not while he’s mentoring you. Give it a couple of days - he’s eccentric, but then he’ll get bored and he’ll leave you. I promise,” Alaude said as he found a pair of shoes and put it in front of Sawada. In the next scene Sawada was on his way out of his room with Alaude. 

“Where’s my knife?” The boy asked. Alaude turned around to face him again and said, “What?”

“My knife. You cant leave me without a weapon to fend for myself, Alaude-san!”

Alaude rose an eyebrow, “You think a knife can stop him?”


The camera was facing the floor this time as Sawada seemed to forgot to turn the recording off. “Are you going to record your meeting with him?” was Alaude’s question.


“Well, that one might really get you killed”.


The screen then froze to the sight of Sawada’s shoes. Enma swallowed as he thought of the last couple of clips. A person coming to the house, feared by many, was offered to mentor Hibari, then mentored Sawada. Wasn't that…

His phone rang right at that second. Kusakabe’s name greeted him from the screen.

“Hello?” Enma answered.

“Mr. Cozart, sorry for bothering you. Have you decoded some of the videos?” Kusakabe did not beat around the bush. From the sound of it, it seemed like the man still had something to do. After all, he and Hibari had left the Palazzo for Hibari’s dinner party with his debate club. It was a rather prestigious meeting for a school club - prestigious enough that they took their meetings in a luxury hotel for 3 days and two nights. Kusakabe informed Enma that the club was known to be the gathering place for future elites. Many respected alumni of the club were known names today. Therefore, the club had an insurmountable donation. 

“I have”.

“Brilliant. Hibari-san is wondering if you can send them to him today? He would like to see it tonight”.

Enma checked his watch. “I can do that now - actually, let me run a check on the videos first to see whether they can run smoothly or not”.

“That sounds great. You can inform us right after you’ve looked after all of them”.

“Actually, Kusakabe, before you finish the call, may I ask you something?”


Enma gazed at the video running on his laptop. The volume had been lowered to near silence; but Enma could understand the words the boy in the screen was saying. It seemed like he was having another meltdown about his scary new mentor.

“In the video, they were talking about this man The Primo invited to mentor Mr. Hibari at first,” Enma started, “Is that… Reborn?”


Enma should have expected it; he had already known; but that answer still surprised him however little.

“All the guardians seem wary of him,” Enma said.

“Ah. That’s nothing new. Isn't that the effect any Arcobaleno would have on you?” Was Kusakabe’s response. Enma honestly didn't know. He was a mere beta with no special background. yes, he had worked with CEDEf, who worked pretty closely with an Arcobaleno named Lal - but even then Enma had never communicated with her directly. It was said that only the elites get to work with The Arcobaleno. and you don't pick them for the job; they choose you instead.

“What kind of things are his specialties?” Enma couldn't help but ask.

“Many things,” Kusakabe started, “Vongola usually hires him for a hit. He’s a hitman, you can say. But he can do more than that. I heard he’s a master of disguise”.

“A hitman - like… an assassin?”

“Yes - I know, its hard to believe that kind of a person mentored an omega, right? They tried to convince Reborn not to mentor Sawada-san for about a week until they decided to just let Reborn be until he got bored. Two years later, he still wasn't bored”.

“What made him choose Sawada?” Enma asked again, leaving the over your Alpha behind.

“No one knows. The answer could be as simple as he’s Reborn. He’s a bit eccentric like that,” Kusakabe answered rather dismissively. It might be because he had questioned it a lot himself and at this point, he had given up wondering.

“And what kind of things did they do together?” Enma enquired again.

“Reborn and Sawada-san?” Kusakabe paused in thought before he settled with an answer, “I don't know. They would be gone for hours before they returned. Hibari-san told me even Giotto has no idea but no one would dare meddle with Reborn and his business. So no one asked either. Though Giotto has been open about the stuff Reborn taught him in the past, it wasn’t child play. Reborn’s other protege, Dino from Cavallone, became Hibari-san’s mentor for a while and his experience was almost the same, though with less drama”.

Kusakabe then added, “Though seeing the two of them, it’s hard to believe Reborn put Sawada-san through the same treatments”.

Their phone call ended without further discussion as the brown haired boy on the screen kept ranting about how scary his session with his mentor was. “And and and, he slammed the table when I misread the word collector until the tea cup fell to the floor and broke. And and that one time, w-when I just arrived, he was cleaning his gun - like he planned to use it very soon - maybe on my head - HIEEE!”

Now really, Enma felt bad for the boy; but he admitted there was something comical to this. He couldn't help but chuckle and Sawada’s misery. So far, the boy wasn't hurt in any way by the so-called mentor. Reborn honestly didn't have to lift a finger; Sawada was already so terrified by every single thing he did. 

Anyway, Enma was really only watching this to see what Sawada would do with the Arcobaleno who could put The Primo and his Guardians to silence in the rare case where a beta was feared by alphas. However, so far, Sawada only shared that Reborn asked him to read a book out loud over a serving of tea and snacks.

Enma didn't want to believe an Arcobaleno who was also a hitman was hired by Vongola only to mentor someone how to read.

“Come on, why don't you bring your camera to your lessons like usual?” Enma mumbled to his monitor. It's nothing new for Sawada to record his previous lessons in secret (and got busted in the end by the butler). Enma really wanted to see how this particular Arcobaleno looked like. So Enma fast forwarded some videos. Unfortunately for him, until the last video in his latest batch, it was all of Sawada whining about his reading sessions with his mentor.

Enma gave up at the last video. He was ready to exit the clip when he noticed that Sawada acted differently. This time, he wasn't moaning about his demise. Instead, he was very silent - but it wasn't because he was about to cry like usual. Sawada looked like he was in awe.

“I had another reading session today,” Sawada said. He took his time before he continued his speech. “And, you know, he taught me things about umm… like tracing letters and stuff. Today, I was simply asked to read a page of a book. And umm he said nothing”. Sawada paused again, “Once I finished, I looked over to him because strangely he didn't say anything. And you know what he told me? I made no mistakes”.

Sawada put both of his hands to his own mouth like he couldn't believe what he heard from his own mouth. “Could you believe it? Me. Not making any mistakes in reading. That was the first time I did that. All I did was trace the letters and try to spell out each syllable - I corrected some when it didn't make any sense as a word. And I made it. I can read. I can finally read”.

“He actually spoke to me too. Like, talk, like a normal human being. He said I can call him Reborn,” Sawada looked unsure, like he was still a bit afraid of the man, “And then he asked me about what i know about The Arcobaleno - you know, what his uh.., group is called. So I told him what I heard from G-san; stuff like how The Arcobalenos are made out of Betas and they’re very great and all that. Then he said, “You wanna know a secret?” So I leaned closer because he did too”. This time Sawada leaned closer to the camera as though someone will find out what he’s saying if he didnt. “He said, there’s an omega in the Arcobaleno; and she’s the boss”.

Enma his own eyes widening in surprise. His back straightened in reflex and - as if making sure - he turned left and right to see whether someone else could hear this. The Vongola family library was thankfully, as usual, deserted. 

“Its hard to believe - like, an omega? The boss of these betas who’re like feared by alphas?? Like, do you know how everyone acts around Reborn? G-san was like, ‘Be careful of him!! He’s dangerous!’ and such. That was like.. thats was so awesome,” it was new that Sawada would smile when he looked back at the day he first saw Reborn and everyone warned him of the Arcobaleno. There was adoration and awe in his dreamy expression. “This is the first time I heard of an omega who could be that cool. I don't know, this just… this just gave me a lot of hope”.

Enma realized then how monumental this moment was for Sawada. There was a glimmer in the omega’s eyes. It reminded Enma when the boy saw Hibari on TV for the first time and he would talk about him non-stop.

“Reborn asked what I would do after our lesson and I told him I would read more now that I know the tricks. In fact, I think I should do more readings in camera again! Yay!! Today, we will start with…,” the omega pulled a book from under the camera’s view, “The Ugly Duckling!! Yes!! I feel very confident I can figure out the whole story now! You know what, I should read this in camera and I’ll show Reborn the video on our next lesson! I cant wait!”

Enma’s lips perked to a small smile. This child; just days ago he was wailing about how he didn't want to go to his next meeting with his mentor. Now, he was all smiles and giddy about it as he opened the book.

Enma took a deep breath and propped his head on his fist. Then, Sawada read.

Enma was summoned to Hibari’s private office the moment the latter returned to the Palazzo. When the red haired young man entered the room, the alpha was already sitting on one of the lush couches. On the coffee table was a number of boxes - probably something he brought from his trip.

“Hello,” Hibari greeted with his usual flat tone, “Make yourself comfortable”. Enma did. He wasnt that rude to sit right next to the Alpha. He saw the alpha checking the contents of the boxes. They were shoe boxes. “Anything new?” The Alpha addressed Enma again despite not facing Enma fully. He was far too busy checking the particular pair of shoes in his hands.

“O-oh, uh, nothing peculiar so far. Sawada-san mostly recorded himself reading and talking about school in the latest videos. And he finally uses cameras instead of his iPhone,” Enma explained. In the last two days, Hibari was so distracted by his agenda in his debate club meeting so Enma didnt send any video of the latest batch he decoded.

“I see,” was Hibari’s only comment. The seventeen year old was twirling a shoe in his hand, he turned it around carefully as if checking every corner for any flaw. “Anyhow, what do you think, Mr. Cozart?” Hibari showed the shoes to him. Enma froze for a second.

“Um, it looks nice, but… dont you think the size is too small for you, Mr. Hibari?” And Enma secretly thought the color was too flashy for Hibari. He struck Enma as someone who would wear muted colors.

“It’s not for me. It’s for Sawada once he comes back. He could appreciate a welcome home gift. I thought clothes would be too forward for an omega, so I settled with shoes,” Hibari explained. Enma was half gaping at this point.

“Sport shoes”.

“Yes. He plays volleyball”.

“Oh,” Enma swallowed, “It’s umm nice. I think he’ll like it”.

“Really? I was thinking the color was too bright even for him,” The young Hibari mused before he put down the shoes and took another pair.

“Mr. Hibari,” Enma started suddenly. He didn't even know why he felt like talking more, “Sawada… surely cries a lot for someone who had just been adopted into a family”. Enma watched for his tone to sound not too accusing. It didn't seem to get the effect that he wanted on Hibari though because the guy didn't falter from checking the shoes. The guy took another pair from a new box instead.

Kusakabe entered the room just then and joined them on the couches. “He should’ve known Giotto is a busy man. It’s useless to expect much from that guy,” Hibari stated coolly, “Sawada understands this well”.

It didn't need much explaining from Enma for Hibari to make that conclusion; meaning that this didn't occur only once or twice.

“What are you talking about?” Kusakabe chimed in but mostly addressed Enma.

“... Sawada cried”.

“Oh,” Kusakabe nodded in understanding. It seemed like he also knew the situation.

“He was planning a surprise for The Primo’s birthday”. Enma just saw the video last night actually. Sawada was crying in his room because he had been waiting for his brother’s return from a trip all night. He had planned a surprise for Giotto in the Primo’s wing for it was the Primo’s birthday. It turned out that The Primo was given a surprise party in another wing.

“Oh, he did? I never knew,” Kusakabe commented, “yeah, he wasn't there when we celebrated The Primo’s birthday but I didn't hear anything about him throwing the Primo another surprise. He never said anything”.

“Well, it’s not like Giotto meant anything bad. Giotto wouldn't know nor understand if he didn't say anything. If he had known, of course he would do something to not make him cry,” Hibari grunted as he put the shoes in its box and dragged another box closer to him. Enma huffed in disappointment. “Besides, Giotto is a busy man. Sometimes he forgets stuff so you need to be very clear to him when you want something. Otherwise, he won't have the time with you,” Hibari continued.

Yet he seemed like he always had the time for you , Enma bit back his own words. It was true though. He had seen it through Sawada’s videos. In every ten videos, there would always be a short video of Hibari taken from far away by Sawada. In most of them the young alpha was with The primo or his Guardians. Hibari had even been seen wearing black, a signature color of Vongola’s family members and their guardians, right next to The Primo. Enma wasn't even sure whether Sawada had worn any blacks since he got into the Palazzo.

“Hibari-san,” Kusakabe called thus disrupting Enma’s line of thought. The tone in the beta’s words contained a warning that even Enma was a bit alarmed. Hibari finally stopped looking at the shoes and faced his beta. “Don't you remember what they say in Omega Study? An omega needs a lot of physical connection with their marked ones for they are very in tune with their senses. For Sawada-san, being deprived of that physical contact with The Primo must had been very frustrating because at that time The Primo was the closest candidate to mark. So don't you get it, Hibari-san? This was very difficult for Sawada-san”.

Hibari then nodded like he just got it. “I see. They did say that. That makes sense,” the Hibari heir muttered. Enma paid more attention to Kusakabe’s word choice. The use of at that time and the past tense told Enma that things had changed. 

“Hibari-san has just started taking an Omega Study Class,” Kusakabe explained to Enma.

“Hmm, what for? I thought The Hibari Household hasn't had an omega for three generations”. Enma had done his research before he applied for what he thought was a vacancy for The Foundation. Alpha Houses all over the world consisted of mostly alphas and, rarely, betas. After all, Alpha Houses were built on the foundation that they were a family of strong alpha genetics; thus they created potential leaders for the rest of the world. In the past, they would sometimes produce an omega or two in every generation; but as time goes, omegas were getting rarer and rarer not only in Alpha Households, but also in developed countries altogether.

This was partly  caused by today’s culture, where people don't date or pair up in accordance with their gender. The traditional pair of an Alpha and an Omega was seen as a gimmick. This was probably one of the reasons why omegas became so rare among the elites as they don't pair up with omegas anymore and omegas with a good background became harder to find.

This created some problems in developed nations and especially the Alpha Households as alphas had the lowest fertility rate among the genders. Among alphas, only the female alpha can carry a child  and this can only be done when the female alpha is paired with either a beta or an omega. Even with an alpha-beta pair, a successful reproduction was pretty rare. Male alpha with female betas had a slightly better success in procreating; and slightly below that number was pairing a male beta with an alpha of any primary gender. Of course, betas had more success when paired with fellow betas or even omegas. 

To solve this, some Alpha Household came up with the solution of an engineered child. Basically, they used science and technology to conjure a child using the genes of two alphas. Hibari Kyoya was a known product of such technology as his parents were both Alphas. However, this technology was considered new and the impact of such technology was still debated until today. In fact, the process could endanger the baby carrier’s life.

“Yes, The Hibari hasn't had an omega in three generations already; but that can change anytime soon; who knows? Besides, most Alpha Houses in Asia believe that having an omega is a sign of good fortune for years to come,'' Kusakabe responded. 

Enma didnt know why but something gnawed at his feelings. It was just that something told him there was more to this than what it seemed. If only he could figure out what it was.

They spent the next couple of hours watching Sawada’s videos. Some of them, Enma had watched in the privacy of his own room. The last video he had seen was the video where Sawada cried. No one made a comment on that one.

The next video was of Sawada in a uniform. It seemed like it was his school uniform. “It looks nice,” Sawada said as he turned around to check himself. He was in his walk-in closet and the camera was settled in a way that could capture his whole height. “Oh, I dont know. Everything could go wrong today; I’ve never been to school,” the boy moaned in worry. It was typically Sawada, actually.

That was until they heard a second voice from behind the camera.

“The worst thing you could do is lose your pants in school”.

“Wait,” Enma jumped in his seat, “Who - who was that?”

The person didn't show himself but the voice was unlike any other Enma had heard in the Palazzo.

“That’s Reborn,” Hibari said. Enma swallowed loudly. Sawada actually invited an Arcobaleno into his room - no, into his closet.

“Is he letting Sawada record him? That’s new,” Kusakabe stated, “The Arcobalenos don't like being photographed or have their faces in front of a camera”.

“No, I think he’s not showing himself,” Hibari added.

As Hibari said, the hitman did not walk into the view of the camera. “Imagine that. What's worse that could happen?” The same voice said. Sawada was staring at someone behind the camera now and a smile so genuine grew on his heart-shaped face.

Enma noted then how much this boy had grown. He believed it was only days ago he saw this boy looking so lanky and awkward in front of the camera. This time, Enma would even describe the boy as beautiful.

Omega and their puberty. It had to be that.

“Stop it, Reborn. If you talk too much it could really happen,” the omega retorted, though good-naturedly. The man behind the camera could be heard snorting.

“Its not that bad now that you’ve imagined it, is it?” The voice sounded closer and a silhouette could be seen towering over Sawada slightly but no real figure shown itself, “As I said, remember your origins. Always. You are born to inspire”.

Sawada was looking slightly upward. There was a spark in his brown eyes. It told everyone watching this video how much this boy adored the person he was talking to. Just like that, Sawada nodded to the man he called a mentor. There was such trust and confidence in that nod.

The next video was almost a month after. Sawada was in his reading nook. The improvements in the lighting was very clear in this video as it was far better than Sawada’s previous videos in the same spot. The omega had bought some lighting equipment so of course he better put some use into them.

“Hello!! It’s been awhile since I last made this kind of video. With school and all, I had no time to sit down and talk, basically. But today I do! So I want to talk about the latest happenings. Lets talk about school first! Wow, school - it was such a different place,” the boy chuckled. Enma unconsciously smiled along with him. Sawada somehow had become such an interesting character. In this video he beamed with such light and it was not because of the lighting. He was also more coherent this time. Enma remembered when the boy struggled to introduce himself in front of the camera.

“School is interesting. It's fun, but I hate homeworks,” the boy laughed again, “But there’s just a lot to do at school. So, in my school, most students are betas. There are also omegas, four of them; including me. It’s not a school for alphas so there’s no alphas at all, but its a good school so most of the students come from a House or a branch of a House. So yeah”.

“At first I thought the students would bully me like they did back in the orphanage, but they didnt. Actually, if I have to be blunt, they didnt even talk to me,” Sawada shrugged, “I was told its because the school has a very strict set of rules against bullying omegas so people are rather scared. On one hand, its good that the omegas arent bullied, but I also think that not talking to the omega students are also bad, you know? There’s a word for it… umm… alienate. The synonym is… uh… iso...late?” His expressions and his story were engaging; and even the question at the end was put in a way that made you sit still and listen; “Yes. So isolating the students because of their genders is also bad because it is also a form of discrimination. I talked about this with Reborn yesterday and we actually agreed that…”

“Sawada-san sure changes a lot after going to school,” Kusakabe commented. Enma nodded. Hibari was strangely silent.

“So Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto-kun are both actually cousins, or far cousins, of G-san and Asari-san. They also plan to be an intern in the Palazzo soon. So they’re like the goons G-san hired to watch over me at first,” a chuckle, “They were both students in my class and the only ones who know I’m from Vongola. The rest of the school thinks I’m from some Asian Household’s branch family.. I dont think Gokudera-kun likes me at first. But a thing and two happened and, I guess he’s okay with me now. Actually, I think we’re like friends”. Sawada smiled hopefully, “As for the omega students, they’re all from other countries and they’re all girls. It’s funny, we’re all omegas but they found it interesting that I’m a boy; because it’s rare, you know? Anyhow, I’ve only ever met two of the omegas in my school; the first one is I-Pin from China and the other one is Bluebell from UK. The other one is from India, but I forgot her name. We’re all in different classes”.

“This is actually the first time I met another omega my age. It’s really nice because we understand each others’ struggles. They’re all from well-respected families, so they told me they were mentored since young. They’ve also been to school since the beginning so they know how to deal with difficult tasks and the challenges of going to school,” Sawada took a deep breath, “They helped me a lot but it was still very difficult in the beginning. For example, once I was called to the front of the class to solve a problem on the board. The problem is, I couldn't trace the letters well because it was on the board and I was a bit nervous. So I made a fool of myself to the whole class. Everyone laughed. It was pretty embarrassing,” Sawada grimaced, “It was probably the closest thing I’ve had to bullying at school, but I know they didn't mean it. So I tried again in class, I tried ignoring the laughter. And I did it! I could answer the problem, though I struggled a bit in the beginning”.

“The teacher was understanding and he praised me for being patient in front of the class. I was really happy I did it. Reborn was right, once you’ve imagined the worst, it wasn't actually that bad,” Sawada concluded, “But that man; he came to school the next day. Turned out he has connections there. And the next week, I was given a different treatment. Like, for some subjects, I was given a special private session with a teacher. My exams and homeworks are also different from the rest of the students - not like the main topic is changed, but more like the questions and the format are changed slightly so it was easier to be understood”.

“At first I thought it would further isolate me, but it's actually very helpful. The rest of the omega students ask the school for the same studying methods so I guess they’ll be joining me next week”. He then proceeded to share how he’s going to give bracelets to the new friends he made at school.

The next video was of Hibari. It was obvious the video was taken from very far away because the video was unstable. Hibari was seen crossing the courtyard with a couple of men his own age. They all wore the same uniform - The Guilleford Academy uniform.


The camera spun around to find one of the maids - Haru, if Enma wasn't mistaken - with her hands on her hips behind the omega. “Are you recording the Palazzo’s surroundings again?”

“Um no…, I was just checking the zoom function of my camera!” Sawada poorly defended.

“You didn't just record someone without permission again, did you??”

The clip stopped there before it cut to Sawada in his reading nook. He looked like he was in deep thought if not a little worried. “Its Hibari’s birthday soon. It’s his sixteenth. The Palazzo is going to throw a huge party with his school friends and all because Hibari’s home is so far away. The Palazzo is also closer to his school so it was decided that Hibari's family is going to visit the palazzo for the birthday instead,” Sawada pursed his lips, “I don't know what to give him. I wonder what he’ll get from his friends. Last year Giotto-san gave him a car. He’ll also get lots of other presents from people,” the omega frowned, “Or maybe I shouldnt prepare a gift after all? I wouldnt be invited to the party anyway”.

Sawada brought his camera to school in the next videos. Enma finally saw Gokudera; who had his head bent to his book as he sat opposite to Sawada on the latter's desk. When the silver haired teen looked up, his eyes widened at the camera. “T-t-tenth, w-what are you doing??”

“It’s my camera. You know I like making videos, Gokudera-kun”.

“Y-yeah, but why are you recording me?”

“Huh? To make memories, of course!”

“M-m-memories?? Of me??? I-I dont deserve that, Tenth!!”

“Why is he calling Sawada Tenth?” Enma blurted, “Is Sawada the official Decimo in Vongola?”

There were ten positions in Vongola called the Top 10. Each person in the Top ten was given titles in accordance with their ranks. The head of the family would always be given the title Primo. The next numbers shall take over just in case The Primo can not lead the family. In a way, the numbers represent the line of inheritance; but it also signifies the capacity of your influence over the family. For example, the title Secondo means that Secondo had more responsibilities over the family, but they also had more votes to change the course of the family’s regulations.

So far, no one in the Top Ten had been an omega.

“He’s not. The tenth position has been empty for a while,” Hibari answered, “The previous one turned out to have no Vongola blood in his veins”.

“Sawada has,” Enma countered.

“He does, but he’s an omega. He doesnt have the flame”.

The Vongola Flame; one of the signatures of a true Vongola Alpha This was probably what set them apart from other Alpha Household across the nation. Each of them was powerful not only in influence; but also strength. 

Yamamoto was far calmer. The moment he found out the camera was on him he simply threw a peace sign and a grin. The rest of the class looked on with interest, but they made no further move to interact. Enma supposed that was what Sawada meant by isolation.

The rest of the videos were of Sawada reading and talking to his two schoolmates. One video had him in his reading nook with a small present, “I didn't give the present to Kyoya. Its not like I’m brave enough to go to him and give the present while he’s with his friends,” Sawada didn't seem very confident, “I heard he got a new car again. But it wasn't from Giotto. I heard on the dining table that Giotto gave him an antique weapon from his possession. That’s like so cool, right? They were like… real brothers,” Sawada looked down on his present, “All I got for him is a bracelet I made myself. Now that I think about it, I’m kind of glad I didn't hand this gift to him”.

The young omega flushed and put the present down on the seat right next to him, “I spent a lot of time making it but it's nothing cool like cars or anything. It would be embarrassing to give it to Kyoya after he got all of those gifts. Hey, I think it's good I didn't give that Christmas present too”.

“Did I receive any bracelet from my birthday?” Hibari asked suddenly. He was looking at Kusakabe in warning, “I didn't throw anything away, right?”

“No, Hibari-san. Nothing was thrown and I am sure there were no accessories and the sort”.

“Tetsuya,” Hibari shifted. His form showed that he discovered something, “Don't you think that the bracelets are him marking everyone around him?”

Kusakabe did not answer directly, “...Maybe -”

“He gives them to his friends and he planned to give one to Giotto right? He eventually gave them to Giotto. I saw the bracelets - it was gold”.

“Mr. Hibari, are you implying that Sawada was trying to mark you?” Enma asked instead.

Hibari stared at Enma for a moment before he fixed his sitting position, “Omegas love giving gifts to the people around them as a sigh of possession. They like it when the people around them wear something that carries their scent”.

“That’s not what...marking usually entails,” Enma felt somewhat guilty for interrupting Hibari’s line of thought. However, it was true that marking was more complex than giving gifts. When you’re marked by an omega, it would be very obvious to you. They’ll stick close to you to scent you, and then there’s the infamous clothes exchanges. 

“Ah, Mr. Cozart is right. The gifts are not marking but omegas usually gift the people around them with trinkets just so that they have a bit of the omega’s scent. Sometimes they’ll look after you too. It's more like a friendly gesture from an omega, I would say. So it's not marking, but it's nice to know that Sawada was considerate enough to think of giving a gift for you”.

Enma couldn't place a finger on it, but if he dared say; Hibari looked somewhat disappointed.

Sawada, who was still on the screen talking about Hibari’s birthday, was now about to finish his ramble, “It's a bit sad that I wasn't invited to the party but well, it's not like Hibari knows I exist. Umm, it's a bit lonely… now that everyone’s there and talking about the party; but, Reborn told me not to cry anymore for little things. Besides, I have Reborn, Gokudera-kun, and Yamamoto-kun. And the maids are nice; Maximillian’s a bit scary, but he’s kind when he feels like it”.

Sawada’s own fourteenth birthday was celebrated with a humble dinner inside The Primo’s wing. The guests consisted of some of Vongola's Top 10, The Guardians, and the maids. It was a simple occasion, but very intimate. Sawada recorded the cakes, the foods, the present piles, and the conversations he had with his family members.

Giotto was there too, and so far Enma had never heard the man talking to the camera. He was always crowded by his own Guardians. His interactions with Sawada was mostly heard from Sawada’s own account; in most of them he was scolding Sawada.

The same evening, Sawada also made a short monologue on his birthday. Overall he was very happy with the celebration despite how small it was. It was his first birthday party with a family or even with such a big tiered cake. “I thought Kyoya would be there - but who am I kidding? Of course he wouldn't be there,” Sawada flushed to the camera.

“He would if he was invited,” was Kusakabe’s comment before the player moved to the next video.

Sawada was in his reading nook again. This time, he was grinning ear to ear. “Guess what! I’m joining the volleyball club!!!” He announced, “All the omegas in my school have been talking about how good the sport is and how omegas can also join the club. At first I was in doubt because, I’m an omega and all, but, y’know, Reborn has always told me to try first. So I did,” he paused dramatically, “And I played so well!! Even against betas! Like, I think it’s because of all of those trainings Reborn is giving me -”

“Training?” Kusakabe pondered, “Like… physical training?” Enma questioned the same thing. So far in his videos, Saada didn't mention anything about physical training with Reborn.

“Yes,” Hibari didn't sound surprised.

“You knew, Hibari-san?” Kusakabe asked.

“I do. I have for a while”.

“Does The Primo know about this?”

“I dont think so”.

“Its like what Reborn has said, yes, Omegas don't have a lot of muscles, but we can make it up with our other attributes. In volleyball, I’m not the strongest spiker, but I make that up with my agility because I’m lighter than everyone else in the team,” Sawada lifted a fist, “So yes, omegas can also do it!! Yeah!”

The three of them watched on as Sawada brought his camera to volleyball practice. This time, he was not alone. Everyone treated him like he was part of them; which he was. In other videos, he would show the camera how he served and passed the volleyball. His play was not world class or even exceptional; but he enjoyed it and that was what mattered. He hadn't been crying about being lonely anymore for the last twenty something videos.

“The volleyball captain is actually an intern here too. He’s receiving training from Knuckle-san. Sasagawa-Senpai really is that great. He’s very accepting of the fact that I’m an omega, but I remember at first he was like, ‘Let me ask the people from the Palazzo first’, when I first applied for the club. So he’s among the very few people who knows I’m from Vongola,” Sawada rambled as he pointed the camera to himself. He was wearing light clothes and holding a volleyball. From the looks of it, he wanted to have another service practice outside.

From how the sun hit his face, Enma guessed he had reached an open clearing. Probably he was in one of The palazzo’s gardens. The boy had just arrived when a voice from quite a distance called out to him, “Hello Sweetie!! What’s your name??”

There’s a millisecond where Sawada looked panicked and whirled at the same time; but the next second was spent running to the nearest tree. In the next frame, Sawada sat with his back to the tree. He was hiding from the sight of his observer. The camera was on his lap and it had the perfect view of the boy’s fearful expression. This was maybe one of those rare times someone caught Sawada out in the open.

Sawada was strangely silent as the conversations behind him took place. It seemed like this person, a young man from the sounds of it; was located slightly above where Sawada was. “Hey, dont hide! D’aaw, I didnt mean to surprise you!” Said the same person.

“What the hell man, who’re you talking to?” Someone else said from the same direction. It was followed by some questions of the same nature. There were more than two of them; maybe five.

“There’s someone down there. I was calling him and he ran to hide,” said the first person.

“Really? Where??”

“There, can you see him there? Behind that tree!”

“Ooh, I see a hat!”

Sawada was wearing short brimmed sun hat. After hearing that, he held the brim tightly as if to protect his face from being seen. “Hey!! Hello there!!” The people behind him called, but they made no effort to approach him.

“He’s shy,” One of them said.

“Trust you to call someone and make them so afraid of you!”

“Hey, I was just asking him for his name, okay? He’s small and cute, so I was curious. I thought at first he looked like an omega”.

“Yeah right,” most of them seemed to wave it off. After all, people outside of the Palazzo believed that there was no omega in the Palazzo’s ground.

“Hey, believe me. He has this cute brown hair and small frame. Pretty face!” the voice were getting farther.

“Whats this ruckus all about?” A new voice asked; and it was not a voice that was foreign to anyone in the room. It was Hibari’s.

From where the sound came from, you could conclude that he was together with the group of guys. “Yo, Hibari, do you know any cute guy in the building? Brown hair? Small?” Asked the first guy.

Hibari ended up growling instead, “Stop messing around and just go inside”.

Once it was clear that the group of men had cleared from the area, Sawada made an evident sigh. That was until his eyes seemed to catch on something. Someone was coming his way. “Oh no,” The boy whimpered, “It’s G-san”.

The video paused over there. Enma was surprised to find that Kusakabe was the one who stopped it with a movement of his hand (The TV had movements sensor). “So is that why your friends keep on asking about a cute guy?” Kusakabe faced his Alpha. The Hibari didnt turn to meet his Gaze. The Alpha huffed in annoyance.

“They’re idiots”.

“They’re your friends?” Enma wondered.

“Schoolmates. They were there on a visit. It wasnt really Sawada’s fault. He usually uses that spot to practice and it was a place he’s allowed to go to most of the time. I just happened to be there that day and my schoolmates were visiting. The maids brought them to me without giving me a head up first”.

Just happened,” Kusakabe repeated. His tone was playful; Enma felt like he was missing something. All Hibari did was send his assistant a glare and a warning of, “Tetsuya”.

After that, a soft knock was heard from the door to Hibari’s office. Kusakabe volunteered to open the door before their group of three was joined by two maids and two young betas. The latter was a familiar face. They were Gokudera and Yamamoto; Sawada’s two friends and guards in his school.

“Hibari-dono!” Gokudera bowed. In the videos he had always been the overly courtly kind - to the extent of being borderline embarrassing. Yamamoto was next to him; and he merely gave the young Alpha a short nod. Hibari was not an alpha head yet.

“Young Master, I apologize for disrupting your investigation with Mr. Cozart but these two young men are Young master Sawada’s classmates and they are pressing to see you,” explained the maid when the Hibari heir went to them.

“Hibari-dono! We heard you are running an investigation on Tenth’s disappearance!” The silver haired beta exclaimed. The desperation was thick in his words. 

Hibari was taken aback by the forwardness. However, he answered with a short, “I am”.

“H-Hibari-dono! You need to figure this out fast otherwise Tenth will be in grave danger!” The silver haired teen leaned closer.

“Danger?” Hibari pointed sharply.

“Yes! Before he went missing, Tenth came to me looking like he was going to war. He gave this to me with the order of keeping it until Reborn comes,” Gokudera handed a white envelope to Hibari, “But reborn never comes and I’m getting more and more worried everyday. So I come to you. Please, Hibari-dono, please! We have to find him fast!”

Hibari opened the envelope and took a card from inside of it. Enma stood closer to the alpha so that he could see the content of the card. It only contained four numbers; 1827; and that was all. “Do you know what this is for?” Hibari asked the beta.

Gokudera flinched, then looked down. “N-no, Hibari-dono. Tenth didnt say anything else”.

Hibari sighed. Enma sensed the young man was disappointed. The alpha returned the card into the envelope then handed it back to Gokudera. “Whatever it was, Sawada can inform Reborn himself because apparently he ran away to Reborn”.

“What?” Gokudera didnt seem like he believed in it, “Tenth ran to Reborn?”

The two betas were put to silence at first; but the other beta stepped forward and faced Hibari head on. “Hibari-dono, I apologize, but we are very confident Sawada did not go to Reborn-san!”

“He did. We have done our research and all evidence pointed to that conclusion. The Primo and his Guardians are on his way to pick him up from Reborn as we’re talking,” Hibari cleared, “Besides, if you are coming here to say he’s not with Reborn, then what prove do you have to say that?”

“I -,” Yamamoto’s voice faltered, “I… I have nothing - But, his behaviors and words leading to his disappearance just didnt add up with him going to see Reborn himself. I dont know why, but I just feel like he’s taking it to himself to do something dangerous alone!”

Hibari was massaging the bridge of his nose. He was not happy with this sudden turn of events. An agent, who was like a clerk in The Palazzo but they work under direct supervision of the Guardians, entered the room uninvited then. The man was obviously in a dire need to speak to Hibari that he forgot common courtesy to knock before entering.

Enma made room when the man went to Hibari’s side and whispered something to the young alpha. Hibari’s face changed from mild exhaustion to alert. “What?” The Hibari heir muttered before the agent continued saying something to his ear. “Where?” Hibari muttered again. No one could hear the answer, but Hibari quickly said, “How about Lampo?”

The agent gave Hibari his answer then excused himself to leave. He left the door slightly opened, and it was then they noted how some agents were running in the hallway to the same direction the previous agent departed to. “Tetsuya, get my tonfas ready,” Hibari ordered calmly, “We’re leaving for a moment. The rest of you, stay here. It’s too dangerous outside right now”.

“B-but, Hibari-dono!” Gokudera called, but the alpha and his assistant had left the room and closed the door behind them. The maid that took Gokudera and Yamamoto then excused herself with the message of, “I’m a maid, and us maids of The palazzo are trained in moments of emergency,” Whatever that meant.

The two teenage betas were discussing amongst themselves. Enma coughed to steal their attention. 

“So,” Enma started once those two stopped speaking, “What makes you guys come here with the confidence that Sawada is not with Reborn currently?”

The two teenagers looked at each other before they both faced Enma. “Because he wouldnt ask us to deliver a message to Reborn when he can tell the man himself. Furthermore, if he was meeting reborn, He wouldnt look that way,” Gokudera stated, “Like… like he was about to die or something”.

“Why not? Reborn is an Arcobaleno. He’s a dangerous guy,” Enma shrugged.

“No! Not to tenth he wasnt!” Gokudera defended. The younger beta’s confidence surprised Enma a little; but he supposed the teen wouldnt act that way unless he strongly believed what he said.

“Okay then, how about you show me what you’ve got there?” Enma pointed at the envelope Hibari had returned. The two now looked wary.

“Wait a minute. How about you? Who are you? What are your motives?” Yamamoto asked.

“Oh? You dont know? I’m the person they hire to investigate. My name’s Enma Cozart - I’m the detective, you can say”.

Their eyebrows skyrocketed at the mention of ‘detective’. “We had no idea, Mr. Cozart. I apologize for our behavior. Please, if you would, find out where Sawada-kun is,” Yamamoto bent his body forward while extending the envelope to Enma. Enma took it and opened the envelope again. He checked the cxard inside it with great scrutiny. It was really just a card with four digits on it; nothing else.

“Any idea what the number is for?” Enma enquired. The two teen shook his head.

“We’ve discussed about it before and couldnt figure it out,” Gokudera said. Enma tilted his head at the card. Four digits; it could be anything. It could be a year; or a date, or maybe a password.

Enma turned to his laptop and pondered. There was one place that required a password to answer; not that Enma couldnt crack it; but it’ll take some time. “Let me try something,” Enma said while walking to his laptop. He opened his explorer and opened Sawada’s harddisk. The third folder - the one he had yet to touch - contained the most sophisticated codes among the three folders. It could be easily accessed if Enma could enter the password, but there were eight box for the password; and not four.

“Lets try anyway,” Enma murmured. He typed in the four digits in the password boxes and clicked enter.

To his surprise, the folder unlocked itself. Enma gaped.

Those eight boxes in the password was a trick! It didnt need to be all filled in.

Gokudera gasped loudly, “Is that what the numbers are for?? Mr. Cozart, can we find tenth with this???”

Enma honestly had no idea - but if so far these kids words had proven to be something true, then the rest of what they were saying might be also true. That would mean that Sawada might be in danger and not with his beloved mentor. Therefore they didnt have much time to waste. Sawada could be needing their help now.

Enma settled with “I dont know” as his answer to Gokudera’s answer. He absently clicked on a video file at the top of the list. He wondered what exactly was hidden with such great measure in this folder and Sawada wanted to show it to a particular Arcobaleno. The video player opened to reveal a scene that none of them expected.

“Holyshit!” Gokudera cursed, “HOLYSHIT”.

Meanwhile, Hibari Kyoya and his assistant were running across the large hallway. On their left and right were the remains of a huge fight that left many agents fallen on the floor; either unconscious or losing their stamina. Yet this young alpha was unfazed. He headed for the source of this problem; only slightly ahead of him.

It didnt take too long until he reached one of the main dining rooms. More and more agents were crowding the place as they got closer to the grand entrance. Hibari pushed them all aside until he reached where The Lightning Guardian was standing. The man stood by the door frame with one hand holding the door open. “Lampo,” Hibari called.

“Ah, Kyoya. You’re late to the party,” the Guardian complained light heartedly, “Our main performer right here had just finished his main show of the day”.

Hibari stopped next to Lampo to see what was inside. The whole dining room was an absolute mess. The long dining table was even broken into two.

“Or maybe, he’s about to throw us another good one,” kusakabe warned from behind Hibari. true enough, the smoke from the fallen debris had started to clear. They could now see the tall slender form behind it. he was dressed in black like it was a funeral.

“Here he comes,” Lampo muttered. 

Hibari tightened his grip on his tonfa. His teeth clenched, “Come at us, Reborn”.


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