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my first love

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3 years ago..

Jimin dislikes boys. More and more after middle school started. He can’t stand them. They are violent, noisy and uncivilized in general. However in their midst, there is one boy that Jimin didn’t dislike at all. Min Yoongi, from the neighboring class. He’s somewhat different to Jimin. Yoongi has a small build, and his voice, rather than low and rough, it’s clear and smooth. Maybe that’s the reason why Jimin is okay with him.

School finally ended and as always, Jimin walked back home with his girl best friend, Sunjin. They were walking on a path beside a big, beautiful park.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors!!”

Jimin turned his head at the sound of the boys playing and laughing. Sunjin spots Kai with some of his friends. And, as always, she quickly ran up to him. She had a crush on Kai since forever.

“Oh, Kai! What are you doing?”

“We are playing cops and robbers. We’re splitting into teams.” Kai responded.

“Cops and Robbers??” Jimin was just standing beside her, looking at the boys. Ah.. Yoongi is here. Their eyes met for a split second.

“I want to join!!” Sunjin shouted.

“Huh really? Okay then!!”

“Yay!! Jimin you too, come and play!!”

“Oh no, no, I’ll just watch.”

“Oh come on, please?” Jimin could feel the stares at him. He didn’t feel like playing, he kind of thought that playing with the boys was a bit..

Jimin’s gaze traveled through the stares of the ones that were waiting impatiently for his answer. He stopped when his eyes met Yoongi’s again. Somehow, when he looked at Yoongi, he forgot about everything that surrounded him. “Okay.. I’ll play.”

“Great! Then let’s decide who the robbers and cops are!” Kai shouted.

After deciding, Jimin ended up being a robber, like Yoongi. The cops started counting and all the robbers started running away and look for a place to hide onto.

While running around, Jimin spotted a perfect place to hide at the playground, it was behind a small playhouse used by the kids. Jimin ran up to it, only to find someone hiding there already.

It was Yoongi.

“Oh, sorry. I’ll go somewhere else.” Jimin turned around to leave but he felt a strong grip on his arm pulling him back.

“Ah, right now is not good. The cops are here, they’re going to see you.”

“Oh true, thanks.”

“Hide behind me.”

“O-okay.” Jimin moved behind Yoongi, looking at his back while he was peeking to watch the cops. Yoongi is pretty strong, that’s surprising. The bones in his arms are really prominent. Ah, the nape of his neck is cute.

While Jimin is admiring Yoongi’s form, Yoongi suddenly threw himself back moving closer to Jimin, REALLY close.

“Woah. That was dangerous! They nearly saw me.” Waaaaaaah! He is really close right now!!

Jimin held his breath not wanting Yoongi to notice how close they were. He wanted to move back, but his body was not responding. His mind and body weren’t working together. Jimin felt like his head move on its own closer to him to smell some of Yoongi’s scent. His hair smells like shampoo, and there’s just a bit of sweat. Somehow, I like it. I wonder if that is how all boys smell like.

Yoongi noticing, turned around his head towards Jimin. Jimin is shocked, his eyes grew big because of how close their faces were. Yoongi stared at him. Seeing Yoongi close made Jimin realize how handsome he was. His eyes, nose, lips. Jimin were lost in thoughts and didn’t realize how much he was staring at Yoongi’s lips. He quickly looked up at Yoongi, hoping that he didn’t noticed him. But Jimin wasn’t able to keep eye contact with him after that. He looked away blushing.

Ahhhh what do I do? What if Yoongi can read minds and knows what I was thinking right now? I’m sorry. I’ll stop thinking weird things! Ahh Jimin Pabo! Think of something else!! Ehhh… pizza! Yes, I like Pizza!

Yoongi stared at Jimin and a small smirk formed at the corner of his lips seeing Jimin’s flushed and anxious expression.

Both of them froze when they heard someone approaching them. Yoongi quickly turned around and peeked to check on the cops again. A cop was about to find them.

“Stay here.” Yoongi said to Jimin.

“W-wait, wha-” Jimin wasn’t able to finish his sentence since Yoongi stood up quickly and started running away, catching the cop’s attention who started running behind him.

In the end, Yoongi got caught. But he somewhat seemed really happy. He was taken to the middle of the park inside a circle in the ground made with a tree branch that represented as the prison.

Jimin looked at Yoongi from where they hided. He got caught for my sake. Why does this make me feel so happy? Jimin could feel his cheeks getting hotter. If an ally touches him, he can leave the prison and hide again. OKAY! I have to help him. Wait for me, Yoongi!

Jimin started running as fast as he could to save Yoongi. He was half way there when Yoongi noticed someone approaching him quickly. He turned his head towards Jimin. Yoongi’s eyes were focused on Jimin as he ran, making Yoongi’s eyes grew big. Jimin’s hair was bouncing in the air, his breathing is heavy and cheeks were flushed. Yoongi was shocked.


“Caught you!!”

All the courage that Jimin built up to go and rescue Yoongi vanished when he felt a pair of hands grabbing him. “I was nearly there!!” Yoongi didn’t take his eyes off Jimin until the cop brought him to the said prison, right next to him. Yoongi then lowered his gaze looking at the floor. There was an awkward silence surrounding them. “..I was trying to help you.”


Silence fell again. Jimin looked down at the ground. Maybe he doesn’t want to talk to me.

Jimin rolled his eyes up to him, catching a glimpse of his profile. His sight focused on Yoongi’s bare nape. The shape of the neck of his nape is really cute.

“..Um, thanks.” He let out suddenly. He didn’t dare to move his gaze from the ground. D-did he heard what I said just now? Did I say it out loud?? “-When you came running for me, I was pretty- no, very, happy.” Jimin felt his heart thumping really loud and his cheeks flushing again. I thought he heard what I said about his nape oh my god.

Ahhh, Jimin really is different from the other boys. I don’t dislike him at all.

“Yeah..” Jimin’s voice trembled. As he was looking at Yoongi, he could see a faint blush on his cheek and a small smile.

Ever since that day, whenever our eyes met, without fail, we’ll look away once, and then our eyes would meet again.


A few days later..

Last period ended and Jimin went to his locker to pick up his bag. He said goodbye to his friends and left school, heading home. Today Sunjin didn’t come to school, so Jimin had to go home by his self. Jimin were walking home when he felt a drop on his head. He looked up. It was trickling. The sky was covered by dark clouds. Then little drops started pouring faster and faster and suddenly became a heavy rain.

“Great, just great. And I don’t even have an umbrella.” Jimin tried to cover his head using his hands while running to find shelter from the rain. He ran up to the first place he saw. It was under a roof of a small house.

He was waiting for the rain to calm down. His hair and clothes were soaking. Jimin were trying to fix his hair and clothes, which now were a mess, when from the corner of his eyes, he saw someone standing at the other side of the house. He looked over to see who that person is. His eyes grew big when he saw Yoongi standing there, also taking shelter from the rain. His heart started beating faster when the boy turned around and saw Jimin looking at him.

Yoongi politely bowed at him and Jimin bowed back, blushing a little. He looked away, not daring to look back at the pale skinned boy. There was a long silence. Somehow his presence made Jimin feel really nervous.

The silence was making Jimin feel really uncomfortable, he wanted to say something but couldn’t think of a single thing on what to say. He wondered if Yoongi is feeling nervous too.

“It’s pouring all of a sudden, huh?” Jimin looked at him, surprised by the fact that he was trying to create some kind of conversation with him. He felt so happy.

“Yeah..” Ahhh I could’ve come up with a better reply that ‘yeah’. I don’t dislike Yoongi, but.. I still feel kind of nervous. Why..? It’s kind of, as if, I liked hi- Jimin blushed really hard just at the thought. Wait! No way! Me? It can’t be, I mean, how embarrassing! I need to continue with some kind of conversation, this is too awkward!

Jimin looked around to find some inspiration on what he could possibly say when he saw a poster on the wall of the summer festival that was coming up. “Are you going to the festival?!”

“Huh?” Yoongi looked at him with big eyes and Jimin could see how he started blushing. Jimin blushed himself when he realized the words that came out of his mouth. Shit! Did that sound like an invitation? How humiliating! I have to try and fix this! “I wonder if Sunjin is coming, I have to ask her.” How embarrassing. I’m being lame. I wonder what he thought of to what I meant. Yoongi didn’t answer. He took a shirt from his bag. “You can use this if you want.”

“Huh?” Yoongi came closer to him and placed his shirt on Jimin’s head. “What? What is this for?”

“Use it to dry yourself, so you won’t catch a cold. Don’t worry, I haven’t used that one… only more than once.”

“WAAH! Then you already used it!”

Yoongi started laughing. This was the first time Jimin saw him laughing brightly. He has a cute gummy smile. That’s quite a mischievous laugh.

“Whatever, I’ll use it.” Jimin said, smiling. “Thank you.”

“Mmm.. Use it.” he said while turning around to hide his face. So Jimin is facing Yoongi’s back. I wonder what face he’s making right now.

Jimin stepped forward a bit, moving to Yoongi’s side to take a look at him. His cheeks and ears were red, and he was pursing his lips, trying not to smile like an idiot.

I wonder, whether Yoongi also, Maybe? Or maybe not.


The next day..

It was lunch time, and Jimin ran to Yoongi’s classroom to return the shirt he gave him. He was really nervous to face him again after what happened yesterday. Just in time, he saw him leaving his class.

“Yoongi!!” Yoongi turned around when he heard Jimin’s voice. Jimin walked up to him and handed him his shirt. “Your shirt. Thank you for lending it to me.”


“Then see y-” Jimin was cut off when Yoongi grabbed his hand before he could leave.

“The summer festival. Are you going?”


“Did you already made plans with your friends?”

“Umm, not ye-” Jimin wasn’t able to finish his sentence again when Yoongi cut him off.

“7 o’clock. At Dosan Park, by the clock.” Jimin could feel he was really nervous. He was confused. Uh what? Was that an invitation to go together?

“Uh, I uhm-”

“Oooooh?! What are you two doing, just the two of you?” Suddenly one of Yoongi’s friends appeared by the door and interrupted Jimin once again.

“He just returned me something.” Yoongi replied quickly, walking back inside his classroom.

“Oh, is that so? Huh.” The boy who cut off Jimin’s word said. Jimin started blushing. Did we just made plans? “Hey, say, you two, was that really all?” Jimin didn’t answer. “Hey, I’m talking to you!” Ugh I really don’t like boys. Yoongi is the only one I’m okay with. “Come on tell me!” Yoongi only. The boy grabbed Jimin’s arm, not wanting to let him go until he answer him. Jimin slapped that boy’s hand away from him.

“Stop it already, you’re annoying! This is exactly why I don’t like boys. You act like idiots! I REALLY HATE BOYS!!” The boy was shocked. Jimin was also shocked to the fact that those words came out of his mouth. He saw someone standing by the door, looking at him.

Yoongi.. Did he heard what I said?

Yoongi looked down to the floor, not being able to hide his shocked expression. Without a word, he walked off.

But he knows that he’s different right? I mean, our eyes have been, meeting all the time.


Since that day, whenever their eyes met, he looked down. Not meeting Jimin’s again.

It’s fine. He understands. He knows I think of him differently even if I don’t say it. Even if I don’t spell it out. He definitely knows.


The day of the summer festival arrived. Jimin prepared his self a lot for this day. But he still felt nervous after all. He arrived at 6:50pm at Dosan Park, not wanting to be late. He waited for Yoongi by the clock, as he told him.

Jimin waited there, watching the people who walked by while the clock is ticking.

7pm. He’s going to be there soon!!

Jimin were so excited yet nervous. He was thinking of what he could say to avoid any awkward silences.

7:30pm. Did something happen to him? He probably had something to do and couldn’t made it on time. I’ll wait a bit more.


8pm. Maybe he misunderstood after all. He thinks I hate him and he probably hates me too. Maybe he never invited me in the first place.

Jimin still waited until 8:30pm to see if he would come, but there was no sign for Yoongi anywhere. It was getting dark and Jimin finally went back home, with all of his hopes on the floor.

The summer vacation started the day after. Even though summer vacations are what students like the most, Jimin just wanted the vacation to end and for the second semester to start really soon. He really wanted to know what Yoongi meant that day and if he really thought if Jimin hated him. He wanted to make it clear that he was different. He waited impatiently to see Yoongi again.

The second semester started. Jimin is really excited. He arrived at school and greeted his friends. He was looking around finding Yoongi. He just wanted to talk to him and make things clear.

“HUUH?! Yoongi transferred??! He moved over the holidays?!”

“What? No one heard about him at all! Did something happen?”

“No one knows his new address? For real?!”

Jimin couldn’t believe it. By the start of the second semester, Yoongi disappeared. He could felt his eyes welling up. He felt a pain inside his heart that he never felt before. He quickly tried to stop his tears. He told his self to not let that affect him, but deep down, it really did. He tried his best to continue school as if nothing ever happened.


1 month later..

“Bye Sunjin! I’m going to leave first for today!”

“Okay! Take care!”

Jimin left school and started walking home. He felt a drop on his head. It started raining all of a sudden.

“Oh no, Not again.” He started running to find shelter once again, and without even thinking, he went straight to the same familiar place. Under the same roof. Under the same roof where he and Yoongi once were.

He looked at the other side of the house, where Yoongi once was, even though he knew no one would be there. And as he thought, no one was there.

Of course he wouldn’t be here right now.

He started thinking on what Yoongi told him that day.

“It’s pouring all of a sudden, huh?” Not just ‘Yeah..’ I’m coming up with something better next time.

Next time…

Jimin looked up at the sky, remembering his gummy smile. He couldn’t control his eyes that’s welling up and a tear rolled down his cheek.

Next time... When would that be?

Like the sky, Jimin started crying. Tear drops falling like the rain, as deep inside he felt the pain.

I want to see him right now. Will I ever meet him again?

I liked Yoongi, it was vague, and fumbling, but, I liked him.

But nothing ever even started. Nothing at all. Yoongi, what face are you making right now?

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The present day

Min Yoongi moved during the summer of their first year in Middle school, before Jimin could tell him how he felt. It's been three years since then. Even now, he exists within some corner of his heart, and there are times when he dreams of returning to those days. He was never able to take him away from his mind completely. He was always been there.


Park Jimin arrived at school and went inside his classroom.

"Good morning, Jimin!" Soo-a greeted him.

"Good morning, Soo-a!"

"Here, the book you lent me."

"Oh, right!" Jimin took the book and threw it into his bag.

"As usual, your bag is a mess. Even as a boy, you should pay more attention to appearances."

"Hahahaha.." Getting silly advice like that is tough on me. I act like this because I do pay attention to appearances! Jimin took off his scarf and rolled it into a ball and pushed it into his bag.

"Sometimes, I think your bag might have four dimensions."

"What are you saying! This side of him makes Jimin interesting, so there's no need for a change. Unlike that one over there." So-young said and pointed at a really pretty and cute boy. His name is Kim Taehyung. There were some boys around him greeting him but he seemed really shy. Even though he was popular with the boys, he was always alone. "Just look at that! That upward glance! Disgusting."

"Yeah, Taehyung act really cutesy. Why do guys like someone like him, really." Soo-a said.

"If you look at his face properly, he isn't even cute at all." So-young mentioned.

But he doesn't seem to mind being isolate like this. He must have a strong heart.

Me? I'm not okay at all with being alone.



"Hey, isn't Jimin pretty?"

"Yeah, he's cute, and calm as well."

"The rest of the girls and other boys should really follow his example!"

"I know right!!"


And then all of a sudden.. I was alone.


"Jimin puts on the cutesy act around boys, right."

"Yeah, he pisses me off!"


All of my 'friends' left me, even Sunjin. It stayed that way until graduation. So obviously, there's no way I'd let the chance to reset everything in high school slip away. That's the story behind the creation of a brand new me. If I act girly and cute, probably the same thing will happen again, that's why I changed myself in order to avoid being alone again.

End of flashback.

Jimin went to the canteen with Soo-a and So-young, and bought a lot of food.

"Let's hurry and eat, I'm starving!"

"This much again? You sure eat well." So-young said.

"Well ye-" Jimin didn't continue on what he was saying when he heard something that caught his attention.




Min Yoongi??!

Jimin turned around at the direction of the voice.

"Min Choong-ki!" The boy was calling out for a teacher. Oh, he's just a teacher. Jimin stared at him.

"Say, Jimin. Usually you never seem to have any interest in guys, but Min Choong-ki appears to be drawing some notice?" So-young came closer to Jimin. "Could it be love?"

"No way!!"

"So why were you staring at him?"

"Probably, because he has the same surname as my first love.."

"Huh? You've been in love?! What was he like?"

"W-well, he was short and reserved, I guess?"

"What about his face?"

"H-he had a cute and chubby cheeks. He was really handsome." While Jimin is talking with So-young, he heard two boys mumble behind him.

"Hey, isn't Jimin really cute?"

"Oh yeah, but Jimin-" Jimin started engulfing the lunch that he bought like a pig. Now check this out, look as much as you want! "Ah, I guess not after all. What kind of boy is he?" The boys walked away.

"Wait, what are you doing just now? At least you could've waited till we sit down!" So-young whined.

"I'm so hungry I can't take it anymore!"

"Hey, did you hear that just now? If you're a bit more careful and act more calm, you'd definitely be popular." Soo-a stated.

"Huh?! Like I care!" Jimin didn't want the same thing that happened to him back at middle school to happen again. He didn't want to be alone again. "I generally dislike guys anyway, as long as I have you guys to hang out with I could care less about bo-" Jimin bumped into someone and the sandwich he was eating slipped from his hands. Shit! Before it fell on the floor, the boy who Jimin bumped into grabbed it quickly. Nice catch! "Thanks, and I'm sorry." The boy gave it back to Jimin.

"What a plain lunch."

"Huh?" The boy continued walking. It all happened so fast that Jimin didn't get a chance to look at him properly. He turned around and stared at the boy's broad back.

Hm, that guy, why did he remind me of Yoongi? But he was nothing like him. His voice, his height and body are completely different.

But something is kicking up a fuss in my chest.

"Jimin, you okay? Let's sit down and eat." Soo-a said.

"..Sorry, I forgot something. Go ahead of me."


Jimin started following the boy. He was heading alone to the school's backyard. Once he was a few steps behind him, he stopped.


"Kim!" Jimin was cut by a bot who suddenly appeared calling out for the mysterious guy. Eh? Kim..? The boy turned around when he heard his name being called. Jimin's heart started beating faster when he saw his face. "Where are you heading to? I'll go with you." Before continuing walking, the boy named Kim looked at Jimin with a small smirk on his face.

What? His face is so similar, but, Kim? It's not him. I guess I'm just imagining again. Thank god I didn't call out to him.

Jimin started walking away when he saw Taehyung siting alone on a bench eating his lunch. Their eyes met. If I just keep on walking, it might look a bit, rude. Jimin came up to him.

"Aren't you cold? Why don't you eat inside instead?"

"Today's warm, so I'm fine out here, but thank you." He smiled really happily to Jimin.

I really think that this boy is just plain cute. Well, it's not like I don't know why So-young and Soo-a feel that way about him, I've been through the same, but he doesn't care what other people thinks of him.

Honestly speaking, I want to hang out with people like him, but it doesn't fit my current character. I just don't want to feel like that again. Getting along with the girls is my top priority!

"Sorry, I really am cold. I'm going inside, see you around!" Jimin waved at Taehyung and started walking away. He waved back cutely at Jimin, the smile not leaving on his face.


School finished and Jimin started heading home, lost in thoughts looking at the ground.

Come to think of it, that fake Yoongi I saw today, when our eyes met, he smirked at me didn't he? Ahhhh seriously, why would I think he was Yoongi.

When Jimin looked back up he was surprised when he saw someone who is walking a few meters in front of him. It was 'Kim'. Without even thinking, he couldn't help but let out an "Ah!" of surprise.

He turned around. Jimin stopped walking. Shit, he turned around! Did I just say that out loud?

"It's not like I'm following you or anything! My house is this way, that's all!" What am I saying.. No one ever accused me of following him, I'm stupid. Without saying anything, he turned around and continued walking. Jimin didn't share any other words.

He turned right two streets after. However, before leaving, he glanced at Jimin. Jimin still had to go straight but that street, that street he turned to, it seemed so familiar. This street, this street leads to the house where Yoongi and I took shelter from the rain! Did he glance at me as if he wanted me to follow him?

Is he going there now?! He must be, he is, he really is Yoongi!

Jimin started running behind him. His cheeks flushed and his heart thumping fast.


He was there, under the same roof, standing at the same place once Yoongi was. Jimin came up to him.

"Y-Yoongi?" He turned around to face Jimin.

"..I'm Kim, though." What? Gaaah! Did I really come and asked him?! I really am stupid.

"I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else!" Jimin quickly turned around embarrassed and started walking away.

"It's pouring all of a sudden, huh?" Jimin stopped. He looked up at the sky. What is he saying? It's not raining.. Wait, WHAT?! That is the same thing Yoongi told me! Jimin turned around to look at him, his eyes were big and his heart is beating really fast. The boy was smiling lightly. "You really are Yoongi!!"

"It's not Yoongi anymore though. It's Kim now. My parents got divorced and all, and they decided to change my name." His voice, his height, and his name have all changed. But still, the person in front of me now, is the first boy I liked. "Really though, you didn't notice me at all up until now. I was starting to wonder if you'd ever recognize me, you know? It took you this long! That cracks me up!" Eh? This guy, is Yoongi right? Was he always like this? "I knew it was you right away the moment I saw you, though you've turned out as you are right now. You used to be pretty calm and cute. You really changed, haven't you?"

"What?! Then you could've just talked to me couldn't you?! And haven't you changed completely yourself, Yoongi?!"

"I'm telling you, don't call me Yoongi. It's Kim, alright?" Excuse me, but who are you? I'm not really one to talk but.. "Well, anyways. Should we have a reunion hug or something? Come here." He opened his arms. Jimin blushed so hard.

"W-we should not! I'd n-never!"

"I guess not huh? You hate boys and all, right, since a long time ago. Seems that hasn't change." Jimin's heart stopped.

"Yeah, I've hated boys for a long time." He started. "But.. you were different." Jimin's voice was trembling. What he wanted to tell him for years, he finally said it. Yoongi got startled by his answer, he blushed a little.

"..Uh, what. I see." Yoongi paused for a bit. "Same here.. I liked you too." What? He liked me too? We can finally go back to those times! "There's no way back anymore though. I've changed since then, and so have you. This stuff are on the past." Huh? No, no, why?

Jimin couldn't help his eyes welling up and a single tear fell down his cheek.

I suppose he's telling me to forget about it, but how can I..?

Yoongi came close and flicked his forehead. "Don't cry, it's annoying. Stuuuuuupid." He walked away with a, "See ya."

Still though, while acting all cold-hearted, he must have been feeling lonely at some level.


Next day

It was lunch time and Jimin went to the canteen. As usual, he bought a lot of food. This, and this, oh and this too.

"Wooah, that's a lot!" I know right? This loads turns you off right? Hahaha. Jimin turned around to see who it was.


"I-is there something wrong with that?" Jimin said embarrassed. I'm just pretending to be a glutton to seem less feminine. "Excuse me, I want these please!" Jimin said to one of the ladies working at the cafeteria.

"Yesss, coming! Sorry, hold on a second, we're out of plastic bags. I'll go get new ones."

"Oh don't worry, I'm fine without the bags."

"You sure? Okay then." Jimin payed for his food. "Thank you, enjoy!"

Let's see, where are Soo-a and So-young? Jimin felt someone pulling his arm. He turned around to see who it was, it was the other lady who works at the cafeteria.

"Hold on. You haven't paid for those yet, have you?"

"Wha- I just did."

"Don't lie to me. You clearly don't have any plastic bags for your food."

"That's because-"

"This happens all the time lately! It's wrong to steal food, you know?!" So-young and Soo-a came.

"Jimin, what are you doing? That's really bad." So-young said.

"What? You too? There's no way I'd do that!" The woman was holding Jimin's arm really tight, it was hurting him.

"If you pay now, I won't tell your teachers, okay?"

"But I'm telling you-"

"He paid already. Just ask the other lady over there." Yoongi interrupted Jimin, and what he said caught the attention of the other lady who Jimin paid to.

"Hm? Oh yes, he already paid."

"Huh? Well, you're free to go then." The lady finally let go of Jimin's arm and started walking away.

"Hey. That's not right, is it? Apologize, old hag." Yoongi said. The lady turned around, angry.

"Old hag?!"

"You made a mistake. right? Apologize." Jimin gulped, feeling his mouth that suddenly dried.

"I'm sooooooo sorry." She said sarcastically.

"It's fine." Jimin said. Yoongi turned around and walked off.


"Ah! Wait up! Wait Yoongi!!" Jimin ran up to him and he stopped.

"What do you want?"

"Ah, I just wanted to say thank you. It really saved me that you saw me."

"No big deal. She was acting ridiculous anyway."

"Yeah. I got angry at first, but since you got angry on my behalf I feel so much better, thank you."

"That's all it takes? You are cheap. That's why your relationship with your friends as well is really weak. You call those, fake friends right? Pathetic." Yoongi started walking again.

Fake friends..

"It may look pathetic to you, but they're vital to me." Yoongi turned around.

"Huh? It's not like I care. Whatever makes you happy? It's none of my business anyway." What? First he helps me out, then he coldly steps back. I don't get it. Is he really Yoongi? "Oh, and one more thing. I'm Kim. There's no 'Min Yoongi' anymore."

Just like I've changed since then, the Yoongi I knew no longer exists. There's no way back anymore.

Chapter Text

"Jimin, you bought your lunch from home today?" Soo-a asked.

"Yep! It's still difficult to head down the cafeteria and buy my food."

"You mean that old lady? I think she has completely forgotten what you looked like." So-young said. "Ah! Speaking of which, that time, there was this guy that rescued you back at the canteen. We were lucky that he was there, hahaha."

"It's not funny, you guys even doubted me." "Fake friends".. No, no Yoongi get out of my head!

"Do you know that guy well? It seems like that." Soo-a asked.

"Ah, we studied at the same middle school but he transferred very quickly."

"Oh, I see." Why didn't I tell them that he was my first love?

'They are just pretending to be your friends.' Ahhh Yoongi get lost!! Don't come to my thoughts!!

"Oh, Taehyuuuung, where are you having your lunch today?" So-young and Soo-a turned around to hear their conversation.

"I'm heading outside with my friends from other classes."

"Isn't cold outside?"

"I'll be fine. It's fun because we are doing it like a picnic." Soo-a and So-young's mouths dropped to the floor.

"Wow, Taehyung sure is cute!"

"That Taehyung, he'll neeeeeveeeeerrrr blend in with us. He really pisses me off." So-young said and Soo-a nodded.

A teacher suddenly came towards Jimin. "Jimin, as you are the student in charge of classroom duties today, I need you to come to my office and collect the workbooks in my desk. Bring them to class later."

"Oh okay, I'll go right now."

"Good luck with it Jimin, take care." So-young said.

"See you!" Soo-a added. Aren't you guys coming with me..

Ahh, I'm fine, I'm fine. As long as I'm not left alone, I'm okay with anything.


Jimin had to cross the school's backyard to go to the teacher's office. He stepped outside. Oh god, it's so windy! Suddenly a cloth flew on Jimin's face.

"Ah! I'm so sorry!!" Taehyung came quickly running towards Jimin.

"It's okay, why aren't you eating indoors when the weather is like this?"

"But when the sun comes, it feels really nice!!"

"No way! It's freezing cold!"

"Hehehe. Oh, that's right, I want to give you this. I was so happy the other day when you talked to me, I wanted to give you something." He handed Jimin a small teddy bear that is placed on the phone as a decoration.

"T-thank you." Wow, his fingers are freezing cold too. That reminds me, didn't he mention that he was eating with his friends?

"I know very well that I appear like acting cute and all in front of the boys, but that's because I become extremely nervous with them. But of course when someone compliments you it feels good." Taehyung explained. "I see other people who want to look good in front of others, so how is that different to me? I know that some people are annoyed with the way I am, but I just want to be the person that I am in love with the most." He really knows what he wants, but that doesn't mean that he's okay with being alone.

"Here, take my gloves. My thanks for your present. Thank you so much!" Jimin waved goodbye at him and headed to the teacher's office.

Taehyung held the gloves Jimin gave him and stared at them with big eyes. He putted them on with a big smile on his face. He could feel Jimin's warmth.


While walking down the corridor Jimin heard someone.

"Hey are you listening to me at all?"

"Yeeeeeah, I'm listening." That voice, it's Yoongi.

"Didn't I tell you that you need to pull up your grades by the end of the term? What kind of grades are these then??" Jimin glanced at them before entering the teacher's office. Yoongi turned his head and spotted Jimin.

"What are you looking at?" Shit.

"I'M NOT LOOKING AT ALL!" Jimin poked out his tongue at Yoongi and quickly entered the office.

Jimin grabbed the pile of workbooks and headed on the door. Both of my hands are full, I should've left the door open, dammit. Jimin bring his foot up to the door handle and push it down, opening the door. His eyes grew big when he saw Yoongi standing in front of him.

"Nice way to open a door." Yoongi stared at Jimin. "It seems like you're carrying a lot of stuff all by yourself. So those whom you call your 'friends' doesn't even come and help you?"

"Since you know that I have too much to carry, why won't you help me out with it?"

"I don't want to. I'll be going."

"Are you really not going to help me?" Yoongi left. What the-! Arghhh Yoongi!!


Jimin headed with the pile of books to his classroom and left them on the teacher's desk. Soo-a and So-young were there.

"Welcome back! You took so long." So-young said.

Those whom I call friends..

Even so, this is much better than being completely left alone.

"Hmm? Is there something in your pocket?" Soo-a asked.

"Ah this? Taehyung gave it to me."

"Ewwwww isn't that gross! Since when did you guys become so chummy together?!" So-young screw her face in disgust.

"He was eating lunch all by his self." Jimin said.

"Ah, so he wasn't eating with his friends! What a liar!! Well, he often seems like the type that would be completely fine on his own though."

"I wonder if that's really true.."

"Eh? Even if he doesn't want to be alone, he could just head towards those guys. The way he changes his attitude, it's just disgusting."

"Aren't we all the same as well? We also want the guys to think that we are adorable. So we can't say things about him when we are also like that, right?"

"Huh? We never did those things! Anyways, I really don't like it when girls or boys are like that!!"

"Then it would've been better if we just leave them alone. Then we wouldn't be feeling somewhat envious to them." Jimin continued, "If you keep bad mouthing someone, you might feel like as if you are on a higher position than that person, BUT IT IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!" So-young and Soo-a became silent and shocked on the words Jimin spitted out. Sh-shit! I did it!! This is bad, this is bad, this is sooooo bad! "Hehehe, j-just kiddi-" Taehyung suddenly appeared.

"The fact that you guys don't like me, means that I'm actually existent within the depths of your conscience, right? SERVES YOU RIGHT!" W..what is he saying right now!! Jimin looked at Taehyung. His hands were shaking.

"What the hell is this all about?" So-young said, she and Soo-a stood up and headed to the door. "Oh and Jimin, I finally realized what your true feelings are when it comes to our friendship." And they left.

It ended, what the heck am I going? I just don't want to be excluded by the rest. I'm being an idiot.

"Jimin, thank you for standing up for me!" Taehyung said with a smile on his face.

"You don't have to thank me, I was actually standing up for myself."

"But even so, I'm so happy."


Jimin went outside by his self and he sat down on the floor, with his back leaning on the school's wall. Ahhhh, what on earth am I doing.. From the inside of the school, Yoongi spotted Jimin through the windows. He came up to him leaning on the open window.

"Hahaha, why are you all alone? Your so-called friends, what happened to them?" Jimin stood up, facing Yoongi.

"It's, it's because you said all those things."


"It's because you said that they were just pretending to be my friends!!"

"So it's my fault?" Jimin looked down to the floor.

"No, it's all my fault. I was so focused on my selfish needs that I failed to build up a good relationship with them. I apologize for blaming you.." It's all my fault, why, why did this have to happen.. Jimin could feel his eyes welling up and tears started falling down his cheeks. He turned around to leave. Eh! People are coming! He turned around again to hide his tears from them. "WAAAAAAH! YOU ARE STILL HERE!" Yoongi just remained silent. Oh no, people are coming from this side too!

Suddenly, Yoongi placed his hand behind Jimin's head, bringing it up to his chest. Jimin could hear Yoongi's heart beating. But his' was beating even louder. Is he trying to hide my crying face from these people? But even so.. Ah, his shirt has a scent of a cologne. It's a nostalgic scent.

"Well, if you only focused on your selfish needs you wouldn't have been involved in other's matters, right?" Jimin looked up at Yoongi.

"Yoongi, are you a gentle person or do you like to tease people?"

"I just did what I felt like doing, that's all. Also stop calling me Yoongi."

"I can't. If I don't call you Yoongi, I feel like that is not you, as if you were a completely different person. I don't want the Yoongi I know to disappear. So I'm always going to keep on calling you Yoongi." Yoongi wasn't expecting that answer and his eyes grew big. He moved his face closer to Jimin.

"..In that case, you are the only one who can call me Yoongi."

"Hey! I was looking for yo- ehem. Sorry, did I interrupt something?" Jimin and Yoongi quickly moved away from each other.

"N-no, nothing at all." Yoongi stuttered.

"Hey, I didn't know that you had a boyfriend? Why didn't you tell me before!"

"Him? My boyfriend? No way, hahahaha. He eats even more than me!" What the hell?! How can he change from a sensible and gentle person into a total jerk in a few seconds? I don't get him at all.

"But he's so cute! Oh sorry, I didn't introduce myself. I'm Jeon Jungkook, nice to meet you."

"I'm Park Jimin, nice to meet you too."

"Jimin..? I felt like I've heard that name before, Jimin.. AH! You are the boy that he like-!" Yoongi quickly stepped on Jungkook's foot, not letting him finish his sentence. "Ah! What are you doin-"

"You were looking for me right? Let's go then." Yoongi walked away, dragging Jungkook with him.

That was weird, what was Jungkook going to say? And Yoongi, why did he acted that way?

Ahhh, I feel like I don't know him at all, but, I want to know. I want to get to know the real Yoongi, I want him to open up to me.

Okay Jimin, you can do it! I'll talk to him after school!


School finally finished. So-young and Soo-a had been ignoring Jimin all day. Jimin wanted to talk to Yoongi so he looked for him.

Ah, there he is!

"Yoongi!" He turned around. Jimin ran up to him.

"What do you want?"

"Are you going home right now?"

"Yes, why?"

"Great! Then we can walk together!"

"Are you serious? Well, I've got nothing else to do so, alright."


They were walking next to each other.

I want to ask him things, I want to get to know him.

"So, uhm, where have you been since you left three years ago?"

"I had to take care of some stuff."

"Are you living now at your old house?"


"With your mom?"

"Nah, just me."

"Then why did you change you nam-"

"Alright, that should be enough. It's got nothing to do with you." Yoongi stopped walking. Did I say something wrong? Jimin stepped in front of him, looking at his eyes. Yoongi, why is it that I feel like you are not here, even when our eyes are meeting? Jimin gripped on his shirt. Where the hell has Yoongi's heart gone to?

"Y-you disappeared from my life all of a sudden, and now you reappeared without any notice! I'm supposed to have the right to ask you lots of questions!" Yoongi looked at Jimin. There was a long silence. He slowly moved his head down, placing his forehead on Jimin's shoulder.

"I'm sorry.." What? "The summer festival, you waited for me, right? That day at Dosan Park."

"Yeah, I waited. I waited for you all evening!" Jimin's eyes were starting to get teary.

"I'm really sorry. I thought since you really dislike guys, you wouldn't turn up. However, I was going to go anyways. But at that time, my family was in a total mess, lots of things happened. That's why I couldn't go." That's right, Yoongi had plenty of things going on at that time. He has way more to cope with than I did.

"I'm also sorry for being insensitive and asking you about it.."

"It's okay, let's head home." Yoongi removed his head from Jimin's shoulder and looked at him before proceed on walking.

I'm happy that he got to open up a little more and told me something about himself.



In a blink of an eye, the first year of high school ended. So-young and Soo-a never talked to Jimin again. However, he and Taehyung started talking more. Jimin didn't see Yoongi during this holidays either. He was really excited to start his second year of high school. He wanted to start everything from scratch. "Let's begin!"

Jimin arrived at school and looked at the list of classes, looking for his name. Jimin, Jimin, There it is! Class 1. Ah! Taehyung is in the same class! That's good. Jimin started walking to his new classroom. It begins now.

He entered the classroom. Jimin spotted Taehyung and came up to him.

"Helloooo! I'm so happy that we are in the same class!"

"Yeeeees! Me too! I'm so excited!!"

"OH YEAAAAAH!! THIS CLASS IS SO COOL!!" Why is he screaming. Jimin turned around to see who it was. OH! It's Jungkook! He's in our class too!

"Jungkook can you calm down?" Someone else entered the room after Jungkook.


He entered the classroom.

"Hey.." Yoongi greeted Jimin.

"Hi.." No way, is this for real?!

I'm in the same class as Yoongi?!

Chapter Text

Yoongi is in my class?!

Jimin couldn't believe it.

After Yoongi greeted Jimin, he walked to his desk and placed his books on it. He approached a group of boys and started talking to them. He was really good at creating conversations.

"No way, are you serious? Hahahaha!!" A boy said, laughing.

"Of course I'm serious! Hahaha!" Yoongi laughed as well.

Wow, how can he make friends that easily, he doesn't even know those boys. Somehow I envy him. It's just so easy and comfortable to talk to him. I should do the same. If I stay like this I'll never be able to change anything at all. This year, I want to begin everything from scratch.

Jimin is staring at Yoongi and he noticed it. He looked at Jimin and poked his tongue to him playfully. Jimin quickly looked away, blushing so hard.

What the hell was that for?!

The teacher entered just at that moment. Everyone quickly sat down.

"Hello! I am Mr. Kim! And welcome to your second year of high school! I hope you study hard this year!" Mr. Kim started. "As you already know from these previous years, we need to choose a class representatives."

How should I start to change things? How do I want things to turn out? I t's absolutely necessary for me to summon up the courage to start these changes.

"Any volunteer?" Mr. Kim asked. Should I wait for someone to start first? Or should I just, begin?

Jimin raised his hand. Yoongi looked at him, surprised.

"Oh Jimin! Great! The class representative will be Jimin! I'll let you take over the call for the remaining candidates." Jimin stood up and walked to the front of the class.

He passed Yoongi and he was staring at Jimin.

I want to start a change.

"Okay! So, I just need one more student to take the class representative role! Any volunteer?" Everyone fell silent. Whoa, every single student is avoiding eye contact. I am the only one who's hyped up about this. But this is not the time to feel discouraged! "Is there someone who would be willing to take this class and achieve greater things with me? Anyone??"

Suddenly, someone raised his hand. Jimin looked at that person.


"I can do it." What? Is he serious? "Any objections?"

"..If there are no objections, then Yoon- I mean, Kim, will also be the class representative."

"Please come to the front as well." Mr. Kim said.

Yoongi stood up and walked to the front next to Jimin. Jimin stared at him, surprised.

"What's that look for?"

"N-nothing, thank you."

"Let's just get this over with. OKAY! We need another two event representatives! Anyone?"

"Me! I.. I will do it." Taehyung volunteered.

"You will do it?! Thank you so much! I have to let you know that there will be a leadership induction course, will that be fine with you?" Jimin said.

"Yep! That's fine with me!"

"Wait a minute.." Yoongi spoke.


"What is that leadership induction course all about..?"

"We are going to an excursion and we have to do some leadership activities. We are going to sleep there for one night."

"WHAT THE-! Oh god, this is so troublesome. If I knew this I wouldn't have taken this role."

"Seriously.." Suddenly, someone else raised their hand. "Jungkook!!"

"Jungkook???!!" Yoongi raised his voice.

"Okay then! The class and event representative have been chosen!" Well, we've got some pretty amazing members.

"The excursion is in two days, let's exchange numbers so that we can stay in touch." Taehyung suggested.

"Good idea!" Jungkook agreed.

No way, I'm going to get Yoongi's number?!

"Okay." Yoongi agreed as well. OKAY?!

Jimin exchanged his phone number first with Taehyung, then with Jungkook, and lastly with Yoongi.

"Okay, remember that for the excursion we need to get on the train at 8am so we can get there by 8:30am." Jungkook reminded them.

"Yes, I'll call you guys to make sure no one is late." Jimin said.

"Okay! I'm so excited!" Taehyung cheered.

"Me too!"


2 days later

Jimin's alarm started ringing. He woke up and quickly stopped it.

"Ughhh, I'm so tired.." He sat on his bed.

Today, Today is the excursion day. TODAY IS THE EXCURSION DAY!!!


Jimin jumped out of bed and went to have a quick shower. He got dressed and packed all his things in a bag. He headed to the kitchen and ate breakfast.

Okay, I'm going to call them to make sure no one is late.

First, he called Taehyung.


"Hiii! Just wanted to check if you're ready!"

"Yes, I'm ready! I'll leave home in 10 minutes."

"Perfect, then see you!"

Okay, now Jungkook.

"Hey Jimin!"

"Good morning! Are you ready for the excursion?"

"Oh yes I am!"

"That's good, then I'll see you soon."

"Yep, byeeee!"

And now, Yoongi..

Why do I feel so nervous for calling him? Ahhhh seriously.

Jimin's trembling fingers marked Yoongi's number and the phone started ringing. His heart was beating really fast.


"He-hello, it's Jimin."

"Oh.. hey.." Ahh, his husky voice in the morning, sound so.. Wait, did he just woke up? "What are you calling me for?"

"What do you mean by what I'm calling you for? Today is excursion day! Are you still in bed?!"

"Don't worry I'll get ready.."

"You need to hurry up, otherwise you'll be late." There was no answer. "Hey, are you listening to me?" No way, did he just fall asleep? "Yoongi, if you don't wake and hurry up I'll go to your house and wake you up by myself!!" There's still no answer. "Okay, that's it. I'm going."

Jimin hang up the phone. WHAT DID I JUST SAY?! AM I CRAZY?? But he's going to be late, arghhh. Jimin grabbed his bag and headed outside.


He told me that he lived in the same house he lived before, so it must be this one.

Jimin stepped in front of the door. He was nervous and his trembling fingers reached for the door bell.

Why am I this nervous..?

Suddenly the door opened.

Yoongi stepped out.

"Jimin? Why are you here?"

"When I called you earlier you fell asleep, and I told you that I would come to wake you up. ARE YOU STILL IN YOUR PAJAMAS?! HURRY UP AND GET READY!"

"Okay okay, don't yell, you can come inside while you're waiting for me." He wants me to wait for him?

"Okay, thanks." Yoongi led Jimin to the kitchen.

"I'm going to get ready then, wait here and get yourself a drink."

"Thank you." Yoongi left.

No one else is here, are we alone in this house?! Why am I thinking about that.. Anyways, I'll get a drink.

Jimin started looking for a glass. Where does he put it? When Jimin turned around, he saw Yoongi shirtless standing at the door.

"YOONGI!!! WHY ARE YOU HALF NAKED?!" What the hell is he doing?!

Jimin couldn't help but look at his bare body. His face became so red. Damn, his abs.. No, no, no, no what am I looking at, ahhhhh! Jimin quickly covered his face to hide how flushed it was. Yoongi started walking towards him.



"Yoongi? No- wait." Jimin hesitated. "I DIDN'T COME TO YOUR HOUSE TO DO THAT KIND OF THINGS!" Yoongi walked passed Jimin.

"Are you an idiot? Who would want to attack you? I was going to take a shower." WHAT?! I misunderstood, I'm feel so ashamed!! "By the way, the cups are here."

"Wait, you're going to take a shower? Do you think we have time to waste?!"

"Yes, don't worry about it. I'll be quick."

"Then hurry up and take a shower!" Jimin placed his hands at his bare back, pushing him out of the kitchen.

Ahh, I touched his naked body, somehow, his skin are so soft?!

With Jimin's face still flushed, he took a cup and drank some juice.

And a few minutes later,

"I'm ready."

"Wow, that was really fast."

"I told you, then let's go."



They arrived on the train station on time.

"OH NO.."

"What's wrong?" Yoongi asked.



"I'M SORRY!!!"


Both of them ran to Yoongi's house, grabbed Jimin's bag, and ran again at the train station.

"YOONGI! THE TRAIN JUST ARRIVED! RUN RUN RUN!!" Jimin grabbed his hand and pulled him to run faster.

They entered the train. Both of them were breathing heavily.

"Uff.. we made it." They sat down next to each other. "I'm so tired." Jimin said.

"Thanks to who."

"I already said I'm sorry."

"Hmmm." Jimin looked at Yoongi, his eyes were closing slowly.

"You can sleep if you want, I'll wake you up when we get there."

"Really? Then I'm counting on you."


3 minutes later..

Yoongi felt a strange weight on his shoulder. He opened his eyes and turned around his head to see what is was.

His eyes grew big when he saw Jimin sleeping on his shoulder.

"Seriously, I can't believe this! This boy.." Yoongi stared at Jimin who's sleeping so peacefully. "Ahhh, why is he like this?"


Yoongi didn't move until they arrived, letting Jimin sleep on him.

"Hey, Jimin, we arrived." Jimin didn't wake up. "Jimin!!" Yoongi grabbed his cheeks and started moving them around.

"Ahhh it hurts!!"

"Finally. Come on, let's go."

"Wait, since when am I asleep?!"

"Mhhh, you've been sleeping for 20 minutes now."

"WHAT?! Oh god, I'm so sorry.. again."

"Don't worry about it."


They finally arrived to the house. There were teachers waiting for them.

"You two! Why are you so late?!" Mr. Kim yelled.


"Being sorry is not enough! You're going to write a reflective paragraph on how you are not going to be late again!"

Oh no, it's all my fault.

"It was my fault, I will write it. But please don't make him do it too, it wasn't his fault."

"Jimin.. No, it was also my fault. I will also write it." Yoongi.. Why?


The day passed by really fast. Jimin did lots of leadership activities with Taehyung, Jungkook and Yoongi. Actually, Jimin had so much fun. The sky was getting darker so all of them went inside the house. Jimin was really tired.

Jimin went to the dining room, it was empty. He sat down on a chair and started thinking on what he could write on his reflective paragraph. What should I write, I have no idea. He placed his head on the table, giving up.

Yoongi spotted him.

"Jimin?" Yoongi approached him. "Did you finish writing your reflective paragraph?" He sat down on the chair in front of Jimin. Yoongi looked at his paper and it was empty. "I also don't know what to write.." He placed his head on the table, next to Jimin's.

"Yoongi, why did you say that it was also your fault? It was me who forgot the bag."

"But if I didn't fall asleep you wouldn't have to come to my house, right? You just wanted to help me."

"..Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me."

"I don't know why, but if I do something, it always ends up badly."

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that you are always trying your best. So stop underestimating yourself." Yoongi..

Jimin turned his head to look at him.

He did the same.

Their eyes met. Their faces are only one centimeter apart. Yoongi's face was blurred in Jimin's vision because of how close they are. Jimin could see how Yoongi's eyes grew in shock. Yoongi quickly turned his head away to the opposite side. Jimin stared at his hair.

The nape of his neck, makes me feel nostalgic. We didn't see each other for three years, I want to know everything about him.

Jimin's hands reached for Yoongi's hair. He moved his face towards it, smelling the scent that he's been missing for three years.

"Jimin, what are you doing.."

"Nothing.." Yoongi's hands caught Jimin's.

Both of them lifted their head from the table and stared at each other.

"Jimin.." Yoongi moved closer to him, their lips nearly touching. "Are you.. in love with me?"

Chapter Text

"Are you.. in love with me?" What?

I want to know more about him, is that feeling.. love? I was definitely in love with him, but I wonder, if I'm still in love with the present Yoongi.

Jimin looked at Yoongi directly in the eyes. Only centimeters away from him, Yoongi was waiting for his answer. Jimin's pulse was increasing. His face started getting hotter.

"H-how can you ask something like that so easily?!"

"What do you mean? You were the one who started touching my hair." Jimin looked away, not being able to make eye contact any longer. Yoongi grabbed Jimin's chin and moved his face to face him again. "Hey, I am talking to you. Look at me." Ahhh my face is so hot, it must be so red.

"You already know that I liked you Yoongi, a lot. But now that we've both changed, I'm not sure if what I feel for you now is still love."

"Jimin, stop looking for the old me. This is me now. Something like that is just depressing. You pretend as if you've moved on but you're still clinging to the past." Yoongi stood up. "A loser, aren't you?" He walked away. Wha- what was that.

No, there's no way I'm in love with him!!


As night fell, Jimin went to his bedroom. He shared a room with Taehyung. When he entered the room, he was already in bed.

"Taehyung, are you awake?"

"Yes, I'm awake."

"Did you have fun today?"

"Yeeeees! I had lots of fun! I can't wait for tomorrow, I've heard that we are going to play and compete with the other classes!"

"Really? That's awesome! We have to win!"

"YES!" Both of them started laughing. "You know Jimin, when you first came to talk to me, do you know how happy I was?" He smiled brightly, grabbing Jimin's hand and holding it firmly. "That's why, I will never leave you alone."

"Taehyung, I also understand the feeling of being alone. That's why I will also stay by your side, no matter what happens." Jimin placed his other hand on top of Taehyung's, holding each other's hand. It has been a while since I last held hands with a friend like this. Still holding hands, both of them fell asleep.


The next morning, everyone woke up. Jimin headed outside where Mr. Kim waited for everyone to get ready. There were other students from different schools as well.

"OKAY! Now that everyone is here, I'm going to explain what we will do today! First of all, you are going to clean this mess. Look at the floor, full of papers! Do you know that trash cans exists?!" Great. "Then, when you finish, you are going to play an orientation game. Each school is going to compete against each other. We are giving you a map, the first group who arrives where the red cross is, wins!" Yaaay! We have to win!!

Everyone started cleaning up the place. Taehyung, Jungkook and Jimin picked up the papers and plastic bags from the floor.

Where is Yoongi? Jimin looked around trying to find him. Ah, there he is. Is he trying to get away without cleaning? He started walking up to him.

"Hey Yoong-!" He stopped as when he noticed someone was talking to him.


That is definitely, a love confession!!

Jimin hid behind a tree, trying to listen what they are saying. Why am I listening to them?! This is none of my business! But a part of me is telling me to stay! Why am I so nervous? What am I feeling angry for? This feeling, what is it?!

He peeked at them and saw Yoongi smiling at her. WHAT WAS THAT?! WHY IS HE SMILING TO HER??!!

Wait, am I.. jealous?

Suddenly, two boys approached Jimin.

"Hey, what are you doing here alone cutie?"

"Do you want to come and walk with us?"

"Eh, I.."

"Come one, don't be shy." The boy came closer to Jimin. "It will be fun." He trapped Jimin between the tree and him, placing his hands on each side of Jimin.

Suddenly a hand strongly grabbed the boy's arm, twisting it.


"Ahhh, we are sorry, we didn't know!! Please let go of my arm, it hurts!!"

"Don't apologize to me, apologize to her."

"I'm so sorry.." Yoongi finally let go of the boy's arm. He grabbed Jimin's hand and started walking away from them.

"What were you doing?! You idiot!" Yoongi cursed.

"I didn't do anything.."

"Geez. You need to be careful Jimin."

"I'm sorry. Thank you for saving me."

"Hmm." Why is my heart fluttering? Why did it made me so happy when he said I was his boyfriend?

"Ehmm, when do you plan on letting go of my hand?"

"Until those two are not looking at us anymore, bear with it a little longer."

"I'm okay with it, but if anyone sees us, it can get you in trouble. For example if you have a girlfriend."

"It's okay, I'm not going out with anyone."

"Oh, I see." Then he said no to her, somehow, I feel relieved.


Everyone finished cleaning and the teacher gave each group a map.

"OKAY! Let's do this!" Jimin cheered and everyone started looking at the map.

"So, this is where we are now. Then we have to take that path over there." Taehyung said.

"Yep! Let's go!"


"There are three different paths, which way do we go to?" Yoongi asked.

"My intuition tells me the path is on the left!" All of them followed Jungkook.


"What is this place? This is not in the map!" Jimin whined.

"Jungkook, don't trust your intuition anymore." Yoongi said.

"Sorry guys! Then let's go back and take another path."


"Okay, the map shows that-" Jimin was cut off when Jungkook spoke.

"LOOK! There are people going that way! Let's follow them!"

"But the map-!" No one listened to Jimin and they started running after those people, taking the path on the middle.

I'm sure we have to take the path on the right, ahhh they're already gone!!

Jimin ran after them.


They walked for quite a long time.

"This place is so creepy.." Taehyung said.

"Guys, I think we made a mistake. We should've taken the path on the right." Jimin spoke.

"Really? Why didn't you told us earlier?!" Jungkook whined.

"I've been trying to tell you to look at the map all this time and you weren't listening!"

"That's true, sorry."

"Sooo, how do we go back?" Yoongi asked.

Jimin looked around, trying to find a way out.

"Let's just try to remember from where we came from." Jimin said and all of them started walking back.


They ended up in the middle of a forest.

"We haven't been here.." Jimin said.

"Oh no, I think, we are lost!!" Taehyung screamed.

"Hey calm down, we are going to find a way back." Yoongi said.

"I don't know if it's okay to keep on walking around randomly like this. Maybe we should wait for the teachers to come and find for us.." Taehyung said and everyone fell silent.

At that moment, Jimin heard the sound of water. "Hey, is that the sound of a river?"

"Yeah!" Yoongi moved close to him, looking at the map he was holding. "According to this map, the red cross is at the other side of the river, so the exit must be at the other side too, right?"

"Yes! Let's go!" Jungkook said.

"Okay.." Taehyung nervously uttered.


They arrived at the river, the current was pretty strong.

"Okay, we are going to cross the river by jumping on the rocks. I'll go first." Yoongi started jumping from rock to rock until he stepped at the other side of the river. "If you step on the same rocks as me, you should be fine!"

"This looks easy!" Jungkook also crossed the river easily.

"Okay, now me!" Jimin stepped on the same rocks Yoongi had stepped. He was nearly there when his foot slipped on the last rock.


Yoongi quickly grabbed Jimin's arms and pulled him up.

"Jimin, be careful."

"Thank you."

"Come one Taehyung!! It's your turn!" Jungkook cheered for him.

Taehyung stepped on the first rock, shaking. Jimin looked at him and he could see how scared he was.

"You can do it!!!" Jimin cheered.

Taehyung stepped on the second one, but then he stopped.


"Seriously.." Yoongi crossed the river to where he was. "Taehyung! Take my hand!" Taehyung grabbed his hand and jumped to Yoongi, hugging him tightly.


"You're not going to fall, I got you." Taehyung looked at Yoongi.

"Thank you.." Grabbing Yoongi's hand, Taehyung finally crossed the river.

"Taehyung, are you okay?!" Jimin asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay.."

"Let's keep on going then." Yoongi said. Jimin started walking, but then he stopped. Oh no, this is bad. The foot I slipped on just now hurts so much when I walk! But we have to keep going, we have to get out of here. "Let's take a break. Jimin, your foot hurts, doesn't it?" How did Yoongi know..

"It's going to get dark soon, we won't make it at this rate." Jungkook said.

"Don't worry about me! I can walk!"

"Jimin, you clearly can't. I know! I can carry you! I'll give you a piggy back!"

"No. I'll carry him." Yoongi bent down. "Get on." Whaaa- is this for real?!

"Um, t-thanks." Jimin placed his hands around Yoongi's neck and he lifted him, grabbing his legs close to him.

I hope he can't feel how fast my heart is beating right now.


After walking for a while, it started to get darker.

"Do you want me to carry him now? It's been 20 minutes, you must be tired." Jungkook said, concerned.

"No, I'm okay." Yoongi.. why?

"HEY GUYS! I CAN SEE LIGHT OVER THERE!" Taehyung screamed.

"Yes!! The exit is right there!!" Jimin said and everyone started running towards the exit. "Look! There's a house! The red cross must be there!!" Yoongi started running and Jimin jumped on his back.

They arrived at the house and saw a big red cross on its door.

"We made it!!" Yoongi screamed,

"YEEEEES!!" Jimin hugged Yoongi tightly around his neck. Yoongi's eyes grew big and a small smile appeared on his face.

Yoongi opened the door and teachers were waiting for them inside.

"Where were you?!! We're so worried!" Mr. Kim said worryingly.

"We got a little bit lost." Jimin explained.

"I'm glad you are all here, safe and sound."


After returning to the house and getting their bags, everyone headed back home. Jungkook and Taehyung caught a different train from Jimin, but Yoongi caught the same one. Jimin's foot was much better and he could walk properly now.

"Yoongi, you don't need to wait with me. My parents will come and pick me up, you can go home."

"Hey look! A cat!" Don't change the subject.

"Yoongi, are you listening to me?" Yoongi went up to the cat and started petting it.

"Isn't cute?" Why is he doing this.. Jimin went up to him and knelt down, petting the cat his self.

"It is cute." Jimin looked up at Yoongi and he was smiling like a kid. "Do you like cats?"

"Yes, I love them. Look how cute they are!" He loves cats. That's something new I learned about him.

"What else do you like?"

"Mhh.. My favorite color is blue, like the sky. I love pizza. I love warm and sunny days and I love spending time with who I love."

"And who are the ones you love?"

"Well, there's one person in particular.." Oh, does he like someone? "It's yo-" Suddenly a car started honking.

"Oh, my parents are here! Thanks for waiting with me."

"I was just playing with the cat." I knew he would say that.

"Then see you!!"

"Bye.." Jimin entered the car and left.

"What is wrong with me? Ahh, why would I say such a thing." Yoongi talked to himself. He turned around and started walking away.


When Jimin got home, he went straight to his bedroom.

Ahhh, I really wanted to know what he was going to say.

He heard his phone vibrating and checked it and saw Taehyung sent him a text message.



:How's your foot? I hope it's better!

:I had lots of fun these past two days!

:Oh and I have something to tell you.. I think I have fallen for Kim!! >.<



Chapter Text

Jimin arrived at school and went to his locker to leave his bag and grabbed his books.

"Good morning Jimin! How's your foot, does it still hurt?" Taehyung asked.

"Good morning! No, it barely hurts now. Thanks for asking."

"That's great!"

"Uhm, you know the text you sent me last night? I'm sorry I didn't reply right away. I fell asleep the moment I got home, so.."

"Oh, so that's why. I was a bit worried, actually. I wondered if I'd done something that annoyed you."

"Whaaaat?! Nooo, I'm so sorry! You didn't do anything wrong!"

"And then I thought, that maybe, you like him as well?"

"NO WAY, JUST NO WAY!" I ended up denying it again.

Suddenly, Yoongi appeared.

"Good morning Kim!!" Taehyung greeted him.

"Morning.." He grabbed his books and headed to class.

"Taehyung, if you act like that he'll notice right away that you like him."

"Yeah. but still, if all I manage is to exchange some words or eye contact, I think I'd be happy anyway." He has really, fallen in love. His rosy cheeks and glowing eyes, Taehyung in love is really, really cute.


School passed by quickly. Last period finally ended. Jimin was about to leave the classroom when Mr. Kim called him.

"Hey, class reps!" Jimin and Yoongi turned around and walked up to the teacher. "I was told to tell the both of you that you have to write a report on the excursion today."

"What.. Uh.." Yoongi complained.

"Don't worry, I'll do it by myself. You can go home."

"What are you saying? I can't let you do it all by yourself." He grabbed the paper and sat on a chair. "Let's just get this over and done with it."

"When you are done, please bring it over to my office." Mr. Kim left. Jimin placed a chair in the same desk Yoongi was, facing each other, and he sat down.

"Sooo, I'll do this part and you can do the other half." Yoongi said.

"Okay." He started writing.

For some reason, I feel nervous. Jimin stared at him. His neat handwriting, his hand, his shoulders, the glimpse of his eyes between the gaps of his hair. Every small thing, stands out. No, this is bad. He is the person that Taehyung likes.

Yoongi lifted his gaze from the paper and looked at Jimin. His expression completely changed to an annoyed one.

"WRITE! For a while now you haven't been moving your hand at all! Let me see." Yoongi took his paper. "YOU HAVEN'T WRITTEN A SINGLE LETTER?1 Seriously. And you even wanted to do it on your own."

"S-sorry, I got a bit distracted."

"Distracted by what? There's nothing to be distracted by in here!" You are here. "Just write anything. It doesn't have to be perfect."

"Oh, you've got something on your hair."

"Really? What is it?"

"It's just a fluff." Yoongi passed his hand through his hair. "It's still there."

"Yaaahh, can you take it off?"

"Oh, sure." Tch. This is not playing fair, he is way too cute.

Jimin's hand slowly reached for Yoongi's hair. His fingers interlacing with his hair while he tried to grab the little fluff. Yoongi stared at Jimin.

Ahhhhh this is not good. Whenever he makes my heart skip a beat, Taehyung's face appears on my mind.


"We finished sooner than I expected." Yoongi said. If I spend more time with him alone, I won't be able to turn back.

"Yoongi, I'll go hand the papers in so.."

"Oh, okay. Go do that then."



"Great, well done. Thank you." Mr. Kim took the papers from Jimin and left his office. He closed the office door once he went out and started walking back.

That night when I held Taehyung's hand and told him that I would stay by his side, I don't want to break that promise.




Yoongi was there, waiting for Jimin, resting his back against the lockers.


"Yoongi, why are you still here..?"

"Huh? Didn't you ask me to wait while you went to hand in the report?"

"No, I actually meant that you could go on ahead. Sorry."

"Ahh really? But I mean, we are going the same way anyway. Wouldn't that be a bit weird?"

"I guess." Yoongi smiled at Jimin.

"Let's head home."

If you do things like this.. I can't help but to fall in love with you.

But Taehyung.. What are you supposed to do when you fall for the same person whom your friend likes as well?


"Hey look! The train just arrived!" Yoongi said. At this point, I'd rather have someone else decide for me. Yoongi entered the train but Jimin stayed outside.

"Yoongi, I forgot something at school!"

Say for example, that despite Yoongi will stay on the train, I'll stop liking him.

But, if he gets off.. I'll continue on liking him.

"Seriously? I see."

If he doesn't get off, I'll give up. If he does get off, I won't give up.

The doors started closing.

If he doesn't get off, I'll give up. If he does get off, I won't give up.

If he doesn't get off.. GET OFF..!!

Jimin closed his eyes tightly. He heard the doors closing and the train started moving. The wind that the train caused as it passed in front of Jimin moved his hair in the air. He was scared for opening his eyes, but he did.

The train was gone.


Yoongi stayed.

"So? Let's go back to school then." Jimin's eyes grew big.

I'm such a liar.

"Sorry, I actually didn't forget anything."

"WHAAAAAT?! You haven't gone crazy, have you?" Pretending to worry about what to do next, when what I really want is so obvious. I wished he'd get off, so there's my answer. Jimin looked down to the floor. "Jimin..? What's wrong? Feeling sick?" He looked up at Yoongi. And I already knew that in this kind of situation, he would get off the train.

I'm sorry Taehyung, I'm also.. in love with Yoongi.


Days passed by, Jimin tried to tell Taehyung how he felt about Yoongi many times. But in the end, he never had the courage to tell him. He didn't want to lose him. But he doesn't want to stop loving Yoongi either.


Last period ended.

"Jimin! Do you want to go shopping with me today?" Taehyung asked.

"Okay!" Today, today I'm definitely going to tell him. Whether we'll be separated after this or not, he'll decide. "Let's go!" Today, I might lose an important friend.


After shopping for a while, they stopped by at a cafe. Jimin and Taehyung sat down and ordered two hot chocolates.

Ahhh, finding the right timing is really hard! Okay, I have to tell him today. If not, I'll shave my head!!! It's a promise!

"Taehyung, I have something important to tell you."

"Yeah? What is it?" I'm scared. Telling it to him is scary, but still..

"Actually, I also like-"

"Your hot chocolates, enjoy!" A waitress interrupted Jimin. Arrrghhhhh no way!!

"Thank you!" Taehyung said and the waitress left. "Sorry, what were you saying?"

"Oh, d-don't worry. It was n-nothing." What the hell is wrong with me?! I don't want to shave my head!!

"Are you sure..?"

"A-Actually I do have something to tell you.." I feel like my chest might break into pieces. "I.. like Kim.. as well." I said it. "I like the same person as you, I'm sorry."

"Jimin, you toooo!! Well, it's no wonder! He's really great and handsome after all~~!" What. Well, this was also a possible outcome. I should've told him right away. I feel so relieved, he took it this well! "Then, let's promise right now that there will be no hard feelings whoever each one of us succeeded, okay?"

"Yeah, I promise!"

"Oh, excuse me for a minute. I'll go to the bathroom."

"Sure!" Taehyung got up and headed to the bathroom.

Wow, I wasn't expecting this at all. He took it so well and he didn't look pissed at all. Taehyung, thank you.

"I'm back!" He sat down on the chair, smiling. Taehyung.. his eyes are red. Did he cried at the bathroom..? "Jimin, thank you for telling me. I know it must have been really hard. Let's give our best, okay?"

..Why is he retaining his tears and faking a smile. He is such a good person, he doesn't want to hurt me. He wants our friendship to continue..

"Taehyung, thank you."

"We promised right? That we will never leave each other no matter what. I won't let a boy break that promise."


"Thank you for today." Jimin said.

"No need to thank me. I'll get going okay? See you tomorrow!"

"See you!" Taehyung started walking off, and Jimin turned around to leave as well.

But then, Jimin stopped.

Is that..


Jimin came closer to him.

"Yoongi? Oh, it's that cat again!"

"Oh hey Jimin, don't you think it looks skinnier than last time? I wonder if it's getting enough food."

"If you are worried, why don't you keep it?"

"I won't. If I take it home, I'll start caring about it, won't I?"

"Isn't that the point?"

"When you care about things, it ends up wearing you out." He stood up. "See you." He started walking away.

"Where are you going this late?"


'When you care about things, it ends up wearing you out.' Does that mean that he doesn't care about his family, friends or anything? When he say stuffs like that, I get worried.


I ended up following him. What is this place?

Jimin hid behind the corner of the street and peeked at him. There's lots of young people here, does Yoongi know all these people? Yoongi walked up to one boy and started talking to him. I don't like this. Jimin got out from where he hided and walked up to Yoongi. Jimin stood up in front of him. Yoongi looked at Jimin, surprised.

"Jimin, what are you doing here?"

"I'm the one who's supposed to ask you that!"

"Uhh, what?"

"Because, I mean.." I don't know what to say. Then the boy who Yoongi was talking to interrupted Jimin.

"Hey, is he your boyfriend?"

"He's not." The boy whispered to Yoongi, so that Jimin couldn't hear what they were talking about.

"Then is it okay if I hit on him? He's pretty cute."

"Heh, you won't like him. He's pretty messy, he eats more than me and there's nothing feminine about him."

"He seems to be pretty feminine to me." What are they talking about? They are looking at me weirdly. "He got a bit of that going for him, ya know? PENIS." The boy laughed softly. Yoongi stared at him.

"Hearing a friend say that, creeps the hell out of me. I'm going home." Yoongi grabbed Jimin's hand dragging him away from them.


"If you go this way, you'll end up at the train station." Yoongi said.

"What about you? You're not coming?"

"No, I'm staying here for a bit."

"Then I'll stay with you."

"Do as you want." Both of them sat down on the grass.

"Yoongi, who were those people?"

"I don't know really. I just go there to kill time. Don't worry, I don't do anything bad. I just talk to them." He laid down on the grass.

"You know, if all you want is a conversation partner, you can just talk to me." Jimin blushed. "M-me or Jungkook, or Taehyung for example?" Jimin laid down on the grass his self, looking up at the dark sky.

"Jimin, don't you think you are being a bit careless? I could rape you right now, you know?"

"WHA-WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? HAHAHA.." Jimin blushed even more and laughed nervously. "You don't see me that way anyway, and I know you wouldn't do that kind of thing. I have no reason to wor-" Yoongi suddenly grabbed Jimin's hands placing them on each side of his head and knelt down on top of him.

"You take guys too lightly." He leaned forward. "Guys, can easily assault a girl or a boy whether they like that person or not." He leaned even closer, their lips nearly touching. Jimin could feel Yoongi's breath on his lips. He never felt his heart beating this fast.

Yoongi suddenly knocked Jimin's forehead and got off him.

"See? That scared you right? The only reason nothing happened to you is because that other person was me, okay?! If you don't want to experience that kind of thing for real, don't go to places like that on your own." Did, did he just do that to make me understand?

Tears started falling down on Jimin's cheeks.

"Huh? W-why are you crying..? I'm sorry, I guess I went to far.."

I was surprised, I was scared. But that is not the reason why I'm crying. I'm crying because my heart was really racing right now. I wasn't expecting this at all.

Yoongi hugged Jimin tightly.

"Hey, I'm sorry. Please don't cry.." He's so warm. I could stay like this forever. "Let's go home, together."

Chapter Text

"Good morning Taehyung! Good morning Jungkook!"

"Good morning Jimin!" Both of them greeted Jimin back.

"How are you guys?"

"We're good, you?" Jungkook asked back.

"I'm good as we-" He stopped when he saw Yoongi entering the school.

"Hm? What's wrong?"

"Oh n-nothing." Now every time I see Yoongi, I recall what happened that night at the park.

Sr. Seokjin suddenly stopped Yoongi.

"Kim, I need to talk to you for a second."

"Sure, what's wrong?"

"What's with your midterm exam results? All of them are below average. If you don't get back on track, you can't advance."

"Don't worry, if that happens, I'll just quit school or something."


"I'm kidding." Yoongi walked passed the teacher and entered the classroom.

"Guys, did you hear that just now?" Jimin asked.

"Yes.. Even if it was only a joke, I don't want him to say something such as quitting school." Taehyung said.

"We need to make sure that he won't say such a thing anymore."

"I have an idea! Why don't we go to his house this saturday to study? It will help him and us as well!" Jungkook suggested.

"That's a good idea!"

"Yeah, we can do that."

"But don't tell him anything, he probably won't agree to it. So let's just meet up at his house, then he won't have time to leave."

"Okay!" I really want Yoongi to open up with us, to have fun with us.


"Okay, you can pack up. It's lunch time." Mr. Kim said. Jimin was packing up when Yoongi walked up to him.

"Hmm? Your face looks kind of different."

"Oh yeah, I've put some makeup on." Jungkook joined their conversation.

"The reason why a girl or a boy starts wearing makeup is because.. of love, right?"


"Hmm, is that true? So, Jimin is in love?" Yoongi teased.

"N-no way.."

"Anyways, let's go buy some food." Jungkook said.

"Let's go." Jungkook and Jimin started walking away.

So there are no comments regarding the makeup, huh.

Yoongi suddenly stopped and turned around. He walked towards Jimin. He ran his thumb through Jimin's bottom lip, taking off his lipstick. Jimin instantly blushed at Yoongi's touch.


"It doesn't suit you." He turned around and left.

Wha.. How cruel is he!!


It was finally Saturday. Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin met up in front of Yoongi's house.

"Okay, let's do this!" Jungkook rang the door bell.

No one responded.

He rang again.

Is he not home?

Then Jimin heard slow footsteps coming closer to the front door. The door slowly opened.

"What the- what are you guys doing here?!"

"We came to study, yaaaay!" Jimin said.

"S-study? Is this a joke?"

"No it's not, are you letting us in?" Jungkook sarcastically said.

Yoongi are still in his pajamas, he looked sleepy and annoyed at the same time. But seeing him like this made Jimin's heart flutter.

"Ahhh, come in.."


"You can study in my room, I'll just keep on sleeping."

"What are you saying, studying together is fun! I even bought chips and drinks!" Yoongi turned around on his head, facing the wall. Is he ignoring me.

"Since he wants to sleep, let's just start. He can join us later." Taehyung said.

"Okay. Soooo, who's good at math? I need help."

"I am!" Jungkook raised his hand.

"Really? That's surprising! Okay, so how do you solve this problem?" Jungkook moved closer to Jimin.

"Mhhhh, you have to multiply this by this and then find the square root."

"Ohh okay, I got it. Let me try it." Yoongi turned around in his bed, looking at Jimin.

"Yaaay! You got it right!"

"Really?! Thank you!" Jimin was about to hug Jungkook when a hand stretched between the both of them from the bed.

"I just want a chip." Yoongi said.

"You can't eat if you don't study!"

"Uhh, okay." Yoongi got out of the bed. "Jungkook, move over there." Jungkook moved away from Jimin and Yoongi sat next to him. Ahhhhh, Yoongi is too close. Jimin's cheeks flushed. "Sooo Jimin, what are you good at?"


"Hahahaha, I don't believe you."

"What? It's true!"

"Then.." He leaned towards Jimin. "..teach me." W-WHAT..

"Kim! Can you please go and get glasses for everyone so we can drink?" Taehyung suddenly said.

"Oh, sure. I'll go then." He stood up and went to the kitchen.

"I'll go and help him."

"Okay!" Jungkook said.

"Sure.." Jimin said.

Taehyung also stood up and followed Yoongi. Why am I feeling jealous about Taehyung going with him..


"Do you need help?" Taehyung asked.

"Oh, I'm just rinsing the glasses."

"Then, I'll help you wipe them."

"Thanks." Taehyung walked next to Yoongi and started wiping the glasses.

"Ehmm, do you, like Jimin..?" Yoongi turned the tap off.

"Hm? I couldn't hear you because of the sound of the water."

"Oh, sorry. It's nothing. Then I'll take the glasses." Taehyung took the glasses and started walking back to Yoongi's room, but he tripped with a bag of potatoes on the floor. The bag fell and all the potatoes started rolling on the floor. "Oh no, I'm sorry! I'll pick them up." He placed the glasses on the counter and started picking up the potatoes. One of them rolled inside a half opened door, and he entered the room to pick it up.

Taehyung picked it up, but when he looked back up at the room his face grew in shock. He looked at Yoongi with a worried looked on his face. Yoongi looked back at Taehyung, not saying a word.


"Why are they taking so long? I'll go check on them." Jimin stood up.

"Hm? No one is here? HELLOOO?" Yoongi slowly appeared by the door of the room. "Oh, there you are! What's wrong? You are taking so long, and where's Taehyung?" Yoongi stood in front of the room's door. Taehyung slowly appeared behind him, looking down to the floor. W-what is going on here. Yoongi walked up to his room without uttering a word. "Taehyung, did something happen with him?"

"Nothing happened.." He picked up the glasses and went to Yoongi's room.

Though he said that, the mood doesn't seem like nothing happened. What exactly happened between them? Did one of them confess? Or could they have possibly kis- NONONO!! What am I thinking!! I'm worried. I wonder if Yoongi.. likes Taehyung.


What is this atmosphere between them, it's so uncomfortable.

"Okay guys! We'll leave it here for today! We did quite a lot of work!" Jungkook said.

"Okay! Thanks for today! We should do this more often!" Taehyung said. "Then, see you on Monday!"

"Goodbye!" Jungkook and Taehyung left.

"Jimin, aren't you going too?" Yoongi asked.

"I.. actually want to ask you something." If I don't ask him now, I'll regret it later. "Did something happen, between you and Taehyung..?"

"..Not really."

"Taehyung was acting kinda weird but he said nothing happened."

"If he said that nothing happened, then that's how it is, isn't it?" This is unfair, why won't you tell me? It makes me feel anxious.

"Also, I want to know the reason why you've change."

"Really, this again? I told you to stop looking for the old me already."

"I'm not. I'm not looking for the old you anymore. I just want to know who you are right now. I want to know what happened to you. I want to know everything." Yoongi stared at Jimin.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes." Yoongi grabbed Jimin's arm and pulled him inside the house.


Yoongi dragged him to the kitchen and placed him in front of the door, leading to the room where he and Taehyung were.

"Go in." Jimin opened the door. His expression dropped when he saw what was inside.

There was a small sanctuarium. There were pictures of a woman with a bouquet of flower and some candles.

"That's my mom." Jimin turned around to face him with a shocked expression.

"I wasn't really trying to hide it or anything, it's just that when people found out about it, they started worrying. And I know that it will give people that look on their face. You and Taehyung, made the exact same face." Ah, so Taehyung found out about his mom. He probably felt uncomfortable spreading it around with permission so he didn't tell me about it. And yet I go and got jealous.. "Seeing my mom getting thinner and thinner each day at the hospital, her pale skin and her weak smile, I still remember that clearly." It must have been horrible for him.. I can't even imagine how much pain he's been through.

That time when he said 'When you care about things, it ends up wearing you out' ..Those were the words of someone who knows how scary it is to lose someone. That's all the pain he went through to become who he is right now.

"I'm so sorry.."

"Why are you apologizing?" Jimin's vision blurred. Little drops started streaming down his eyes. "You really cry a lot."

"Yeah, sorry." Yoongi patted his head. Jimin's hand slowly reached for his shirt, clenching onto it. "I'm so, so sorry.." His tears began to fall faster. Yoongi lowered his hand from Jimin's head to his cheek. He wiped his tears with his thumb and lifted his head to look at Jimin.

"Jimin.. It's not your fault that this happened. So stop apologizing." Even though I'll never be able to fully understand all the pain he had gone through, I want to do something for him. I want to comfort him. I want to stay by his side. "That's why I changed my name. I felt guilty, I hated myself for not being able to stay by my mom's side. So I wanted to start from scratch, but it didn't work.. I still feel guilty for what happened."

"I know you lost something so big and important for you, and that you may feel guilty because you couldn't do anything about it. But that's not the reason why you have to hate yourself! No one will blame you if you smile from the bottom of your heart, and if someone else does.. I will knock them down!" Yoongi's eyes grew big while staring at his crying face. Jimin could see how Yoongi's eyes started watering. Yoongi placed his arms around Jimin and hugged him tightly. With Yoongi's head on his shoulder, Jimin could feel Yoongi's tears falling on his skin. He hugged him back.

"I think I've been waiting this all this time for someone to say those words.. That if something were to move my heart, if I were to smile from the bottom of my heart, it's all okay.." Jimin hugged him tighter.

"Yoongi.. Why did you want to start from scratch when you did nothing wrong? Stop blaming yourself. Yoongi is who you are. Yoongi is a very kind and caring person. Yoongi is the first person I fell in love with. Yoongi is the person right in front of me. What's wrong with it?" Jimin broke the hug to look at Yoongi in the eyes. "Kim? Who the hell is Kim? That is not who you are." Yoongi stared back at him with his red and teary eyes.

"You're right. If I want to start something, I need to start accepting myself first." Jimin smiled up at him. Even if he's still walking in darkness, I'll become a sign, showing him the way out. "Thank you, Jimin." Yoongi hugged him tightly again, not wanting to let him go.



Jimin rushed into school, and ran up to his locker to grab his books. AHHHHHH MY ALARM DIDN'T GO ON TODAY!!! I'M DEAD, DEAAAAD! He quickly closed his locker and turned around to enter his classroom when-

-Jimin bumped into someone.

They bumped so hard that the boy fell on the floor, and Jimin fell on top of him.

"Oh my- I'm so sorry!!!" Jimin looked up at the boy and saw how his expression changed into a shocked and embarrassed one. His cheeks started to get red. The boy's gaze traveled down to where Jimin's hand was resting. Why is he reacting like that..

Jimin looked down at his hand as well.


He quickly removed his hand and stood up.

"I-I'm sorry for t-touching your.. GYAAAAAAAAAA!!" Jimin ran up to his classroom and entered.

"W-Who the hell is that boy?!"

Chapter Text

Jimin arrived to school and entered the classroom. I'm early today, Yoongi hasn't arrived yet. He sat down to his desk. When I think about what happened between me and Yoongi, the way he hugged me.. It was really embarrassing, even if there was no meaning in to it but friendship. Jimin's cheeks flushed at the thought. How should I face him now? And, what face will he make..?

At that moment, someone opened the door to enter the classroom. Jimin turned to see who it was.


Yoongi looked at Jimin, but quickly rolled his eyes.

"..Hey." Yoongi greeted.

"G-good morning!" Yoongi walked up to his desk and sat down awkwardly. And as Jimin sat at the last row, he stared at him from behind. Seems like he feels awkward as well, of course he would.

Yoongi slowly turned his head a bit to peek back at Jimin through the corner of his eye. When Yoongi realized that Jimin was looking at him, his eyes grew in shock and quickly turned his head, looking at the front and started playing with his hair, embarrassed. Jimin could see how his cheeks flushed a little bit. Yoongi then crossed his arms on the table and placed his head on them, hiding his face.

Ahhh what was that? So adorable!! Does Yoongi do this kind of stuff?! Oh my god I can't stop smiling..

At that moment, Jungkook entered the classroom. "HELLOOOOOO!!"

"Good morning Jungkook!" Jimin greeted.

"Good morning Jimin!" Jungkook walked up to Yoongi. "Good morning Kim!" Yoongi lifted his head and looked up at him. "Hey, why is your face so red?"

"What are you saying, it's just that it's hot in here."

"Yeah, summer is nearly here! Our final exams are in two weeks and then we have the summer vacations!! Do you want to meet up again to study?" Taehyung then appeared and joined their conversation.

"Yes!! Let's study together again, okay Kim?"

"Uhhh, alright." Yoongi looked at Jimin, who's still sitting at his desk, and then he looked back at them. "Guys, don't call me Kim anymore. Call me Yoongi. That's my real name."

"REALLY?! How come you never told me! I actually like Yoongi more!" Jungkook said.

"Yoongi.. that's a nice name!" Taehyung said. Yoongi looked at Jimin again and smiled. Jimin smiled back at him.

I'm glad that he started accepting his self.

Days passed by really quickly, so quickly that all the exams are already finished. Yoongi, Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin met lots of times to study, and today, it was finally the last day of school.

"Guys, our exam results are out! Let's check them!" Jimin said.

"Yes!" Jungkook said. They walked up to a desk where it had all the results, and the top 100 were hanged on the wall. It was full of people. "What the, how can Yoongi do better than all of us? We were supposed to be his teachers and he's in the 15th position!"

"Well, at least all of us made it in the top 100!" Taehyung cheered.

"That's true, good job everyone!!!"

"Our hard work paid off! Let's head back." Jimin was about to leave when he suddenly stopped at the sight of someone familiar..'s the guy he bumped into days ago.

Just at that moment, the boy turned around and spotted Jimin looking at him. Oh no, this is so awkward. Both of them quickly looked down at the floor, embarrassed. Jimin's cheeks flushed, remembering about the incident. Aaaaaaaaah so embarrassing!!

"Jimin, is there something wrong?" Taehyung asked.

"N-no, all good.." Jimin looked at him again and Taehyung followed his gaze.

"Hm? Who's that guy? C'mon, don't lie to me. Why is your face red? Did something happen with hi-" Jimin quickly pressed his finger against Taehyung's lips.

"Shhhhh! He can hear you..!"

"Ohh, so something did happen, huh?" Yoongi stood behind Jimin, looking at his embarrassed expression. He then moved his gaze and started at the other guy.

"Jimin, what happened with him?" Yoongi asked.

"N-nothing happened.." Yoongi furrowed his eyebrows.

"Then let's get out of here, there's too many people."


"Okay! School has ended! I hope you'll have a nice summer! Class dismissed." Mr. Kim said.

Yessss finally summer holidays!!

"Guys!! Let's make plans for the summer!" Jimin said.

"Yeeees let's do it!" Jungkook agreed.

"Let's go to a park or a cafe to think about it!"

"Can't we just make a group chat?" Yoongi asked.

"But planning together is way more fun!"

"That's true!" Taehyung agreed.

Yoongi then noticed someone peeking at Jimin behind a locker.

It was him again.

Yoongi stared at him, annoyed look are all over his face. He then looked back at Jimin and observed that he didn't notice the guy.

"Fine. If we're gonna do it, then let's go already." Yoongi said.

"Yaaaaay let's go!!" Yoongi grabbed Jimin's arm and pulled him towards his self. W-what is he doing.

While leaving, Taehyung noticed the other boy staring at Jimin. "Wow, Yoongi really does like Jimin a lot.. NO! Don't lose hope! This summer is my chance as well!"

This summer, I'd be nice if our relationship would grow a little beyond than just a friendship.

Summer began.

So, this was supposed to be a good opportunity for me to get closer to Yoongi, but Taehyung is more determined than usual. I can't keep up with him.

I'm just wearing this first thing I took out from my wardrobe and Taehyung is wearing a beautiful handbok (it's a traditional Korean dress for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies.) He looks so beautiful, and I'm just a potato. I'm not even wearing any makeup since Yoongi told me that it doesn't suit me..

"Yoongi!! Let's buy an ice cream!!" Taehyung grabbed Yoongi's hand and ran towards to the ice cream shop. Look at them, they look just like a couple.

"They are completely leaving us behind." Jungkook said.

"I know right.."

A few minutes later, they came back with their ice creams on their hands.

"Yoongi, why did you bought two ice cream? Are you that hungry? If you want we could buy something els-" Taehyung couldn't finish what he was about to say when Yoongi spoke quickly.

"No, this one is for Jimin." He handed Jimin the ice cream. "It's a chocolate ice cream, I know you like that flavor."

"O-oh, thank you.." Jimin grabbed it while his face started blushing.

"Oh, what flavor is yours Yoongi? Can I try it?" Taehyung asked.

"Sure, can I try yours too? It's strawberry, right?" Jimin stared at them while they tried each other's ice cream. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING?! Yoongi looked back at Jimin. "Do you want some too?" WHAT..


"Okay then." He continued eating his ice cream. Ugh, it pisses me off so much seeing them together like this. They just look like a couple. Plus, Taehyung looks so pretty today.

"Okay so where's my ice cream? I want one too!!" Jungkook pouted.

"Awwww don't worry, I'll buy you one, let's go!" Jimin said.

"Yaaaaay, Jimin you are the best!" Jungkook suddenly hugged Jimin.

Yoongi stared at the both of them, biting his botton lip. He watched Jimin as he left with Jungkook.

"Are you alright? You looked concerned about something." Taehyung asked.

"Oh, no. It's nothing."

A few minutes later, Jimin and Jungkook came back smiling and laughing.

Yoongi couldn't take his eyes off Jimin, but everytime Jimin would look at Yoongi, he looks away.

"Let's go and sit somewhere while we are eating out ice cream." Jimin said.


What do I do, Taehyung is always next to Yoongi. I want to sit beside him too.

"Did you know that there are fireworks tonight? Taehyung asked Yoongi.

"Really? That's awesome! We can watch them from here!" Both of them looked at smiled at each other. Ahhhh I really can't stand this. Jimin stood up. "Hm? Jimin, where are you going?"

"I just want to walk a little, I'll come back in a minute." I can't watch them being so cute and sweet to each other any longer.

Jimin turned around to leave when someone passed by walking in front of him. The guy looked at Jimin and stopped walking.

N-no way..

It's that guy again!! Why now of all times?! It's so embarrassing!!

The boy was also surprised to see Jimin there.

"Umm.." The guy spoke.

"Y-yes..?" Jimin was really embarrassed, he couldn't get out of his head on what happened that day when he touched his.. thing. His face started getting hotter and his voice are trembling.

"Can I talk to you for a second? Somewhere else?"

"S-sure." He started walking and Jimin followed him.

Yoongi stared at Jimin and the guy, his eyes narrowing.


The guy took Jimin away from the others.

Oh god, I'm sure he'll be so pissed about it, I'm dead, DEAD.

"Let's just.. forget about it, okay?"


"About the incident, don't worry about that anymore."

"B-But that's impossible! How can I just forget a thing like that? It was my first time!"

"No, but-" Suddenly Yoongi appeared and grabbed the collar of the boy's shirt, twisting it in his hand.

"You better give me an explanation." Yoongi seriously said.


"What did you do to him?! What do you want him to forget?! What was his first time?!"

"W-Wait Yoongi-" Jimin tried to explain it to him but Yoongi cut him off.

"No, I'm not going to wait. Tell me, right now."

"Actually.. It was me who did something to him."

"What?" Yoongi slowly released the boy from his grip and turned to face Jimin. "What did you do.."

"Well, h-hahaha.. it's a funny story." Jimin explained to Yoongi what happened.

"IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!" Yoongi turned to face the boy again. "Sorry, I misunderstood." He then awkwardly left.

"That guy is strong, damn." The guy said.

"I'm so sorry, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine I'm fine." Jimin fixed the collar of his shirt. The guy stared at him. "By the way, what's your name?"

"..Jimin, yours?"

"Jimin.. nice name. I'm Namjoon, but you can call me Joon."

"Nice to meet you, Joon."


"I'm baaaack!" Yoongi stared at Jimin as he walked up to them.

"I'm gonna go get some food, I'm hungry. You guys stay here just in case I don't make it for the fireworks." Yoongi said.

"I want to go too! I'm also hungry." Taehyung said.

"Okay then." They left.

"Looks like they left us alone again, huh?" Jimin said to Jungkook.

"Maybe they, like each other..?"



Looking at Yoongi, he doesn't look happy at all. I wonder if it's because Jimin went to talk to that other guy.. I tried to get closer to him, but it's no use. And these heels are killing me.. Taehyung thought.


"Are you okay?" Yoongi asked.

"It's my shoes. Can I put on a band-aid real quick?"

"Of course." They walked away from the crowd.

Taehyung look a band-aid from his bag and tried to put it on. At that moment, Yoongi received a call.


"Yoongi, it's Jungkook! Where are you guys? The fireworks just started! Come quickly!"

"Oh, Taehyung hurt his foot, but we'll be there as soon as possible."

"Oh really? Is he okay?"

"He's fine, it's nothing big."

I'm glad! Then see you!"

Yoongi hanged up the call and turned to Taehyung.

"Are you done?"

"Oh sorry, with this dress it's a bit difficult to reach my foot.."

"I'll help you." Yoongi bent down and grabbed Taehyung's foot to put the band-aid on. I think Yoongi is really in love with Jimin. Why.. why not me..

While putting the band-aid, a drop fell on Yoongi's hand. Surprised, he looked up at Taehyung. "Are you crying? Does it hurt that much? I can take you to-"

"No. It barely hurts now."

"Then why.." Even though I've put in so much effort, it's no use at all. But, if I don't say anything at all, someday, I'll get jealous of Jimin and become someone annoying. So, before that happens, I need to tell him.

"I like you. I like you, Yoongi." Yoongi's eyes widened while staring at him.

"Thank you, but I don't see you in the same way. I'm sorry.." I already knew.

"Yoongi.. Do you like Ji-"

"TAEHYUUUUUUNGGGGGGG!!!" Jimin screamed while running towards Taehyung. "WHERE DID YOU GET HURT, ARE YOU OKAY??!" Jimin.. He came running because he was worried about me, he came just for my sake. Because of that, because he's with me, nothing matters to me more than that. Taehyung smiled widely at Jimin.

"I'm okay!" Taehyung suddenly hugged Jimin tightly. "Thank you.."


Oh well, at the end we all missed the fireworks. And now I have to walk home by myself. Jimin thought.

"JIMIN WAIT!!!" Jimin turned around and saw Yoongi running towards him.


"Why didn't you wait for me? We have to go the same way, plus I can't just leave you walking alone this late." He's, worried about me? A small smile formed at Jimin's lips.

"Okay then, let's go together."

Now that I think about it, all this time, Yoongi and Taehyung have been talking casually. But since he hurt his foot, he no longer stayed next to Yoongi. That's why I think that he might have said something. But Yoongi still seems to act the same. Maybe he.. confessed? Or maybe he didn't.

They walked in silence for a while until they arrived at a railing crossing.

"Ugh, we have to wait. A train is coming." Yoongi complained.

If it were me, would I be able to confess? Would the words 'I like you' really reach him? How does it feel, to say it..? The train passed by in front of them, making a loud noise. I want to say it..

"I LIKE YOU!!!!!" Jimin screamed as loud as he could. The train passed by and left.

"Wait, there's another one coming. There's a lot of trains, huh?" Hahahaha he didn't noticed at all!

The second train arrived.


"WHAT????" Yoongi moved his face closer to Jimin's. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?" NO WAY.. From the shock, Jimin stumbled backwards. Yoongi quickly grabbed him. "Careful, there are people behind you." Jimin's cheeks flushed bright red.

"O-Oh, sorry. Thanks.." Thank god it'a dark and he can't see how red my face is, that really surprised me.

"Pay attention, stupid." Yoongi ruffled his hair while squeezing Jimin between his arm and chest.

Ahhhh, I wish time could freeze whenever I'm with him.

They kept on walking when Jimin noticed a poster on a wall. He stopped to read it.

When Yoongi noticed Jimin stopped, he also stopped and looked at the poster.

"Ah, that's the festival we never went to.."

"Yep, back then your words were really vague. And I got worried about whether we made plans or not. I always wondered why I never asked for confirmation."

"7 o’clock. At Dosan Park, by the clock."

"Ah, that was the sentence. Since you didn't say anything else, it was really hard for me to interpret.."

"7 o’clock. At Dosan Park, by the clock."

"Hahaha.." Why is he repeating it. Jimin looked down, not knowing what to say. He scratched the back of his neck nervously, and looked up at him. "..difficult to interpret." Yoongi looked at Jimin and a small smirk formed on his lips.

"When I said it the second time, I meant that I wanted to renew our promise." Jimin's eyes grew big while staring at him. "Let's go together this time.."

Chapter Text

"Let's go together this time.." Jimin stared at Yoongi, his eyes widened.

"But, on that day Taehyung and Jungkook will probably go out with their families."

"I know that already."

"So, it will be just.. the two of us?" Yoongi's eyes narrowed.

"It's fine if you don't want to go." He turned around and continued walking.

"No, wait! I want to go!" Yoongi stopped and looked back at Jimin, a smirk formed on his lips.

"You should have said that from the beginning, idiot." He walked towards Jimin and flicked his forehead.

"Ouch! That hurts you know!" Jimin flicked him back in return. Yoongi brought his hand to his forehead while smiling.

"Yaaa! What are you doing?"

"Oh, now you don't like it huh?"

"Oh yeah? You wanna fight?" Yoongi started poking Jimin's tummy with his fingers.

"Hahahaha, is this what you call a fight?" Jimin started tickling him playfully in return.


"Hahahaha this is my revenge!!" Jimin tickled him even more.

"HA-HAHAHA!! OK-K STOP, P-PLEASEEE HAHAHA!" Wow. He suddenly stopped playing with Yoongi. That smile just made my heart race. "Oh god, my face hurts from laughing that much!" Jimin suddenly realized what just happened and what he just did. His cheeks flushed bright red.

"L-Let's keep going." He quickly started walking in front of Yoongi, trying to hide his face. Yoongi followed behind Jimin, smiling like an idiot.


"So, I have to go this way." Yoongi said and he stopped walking and looked at Jimin. "Then it's settled."

"Yeah." There was an awkward silence.

"Alright, I'm leaving then-"

"Wait!" Jimin grabbed his arm before he could go. "I want to stay with you a little more.." Yoongi looked at Jimin's hand that's strongly grabbing his arm and them looked up at him, Jimin's eyes was glowing at the dark night.

"Why?" Did I just say something extreme?

"I-it's because, because I suddenly felt like it?" Yoongi grabbed Jimin's hand and pulled him closer to him. He lowered his head and whispered in Jimin's ear.

"I told you already, if you let other guys see that side of you, you don't know what might happen." Feeling Yoongi's breath against Jimin's skin gave him chills. Jimin moved his head forward, resting it on Yoongi's chest.

"But you.. won't do anything."

"Even if it's me, you can't know for sure." Jimin lifted his head from Yoongi's chest and looked up at him straight in the eyes.

"But.. what if, I'm not afraid of you?" Yoongi's eyes grew big and his cheeks turned slightly red. Did he just say- No no no, this could lead to something. Yoongi thought. Yoongi quickly pushed Jimin away.

"I-I'll take you home, let's go." He started walking.

Just now, I said something I wouldn't normally say. Jimin thought. His face turned red again.


"Thanks for taking me home."

"Oh, I wanted to ask you something. Earlier, when we were at the railway, you looked determined to say something. What is it?"

"Oh, really?" I want to say it more cutely, now isn't a good time.

"Oh, never mind then. Well, I'll see you at the festival."

"Yeah, see you at the festival!" Ahh, it feels so lovely. This feeling.


Jimin walked straight to his bedroom and threw his self on his bed.

Step by step, we are getting closer. We were just 1 centimeter away from each other. It makes me so happy that my heart starts to race. On the day of the festival, I want to properly say 'I like you'.

Jimin closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep with a smile on his lips.


The morning light reached Jimin's eyes.

Ahhh, I slept really well today.

He smiled to his self remembering the night yesterday. He stood up from his bed and went to take a quick shower.


Jimin just finished dressing up when his phone started ringing. Hm? Who could it be?

He checked who it was.

Y-yoongi?! Why is he calling me??

With his nervous and trembling fingers, he answered the call.


"Hey Jimin.." Huh? Somehow his voice sounds.. sad?

"What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry.."

"Hm? Sorry for what?"

"I can't make it to the festival."

"Eh- why..?"

"Something happened all of a sudden, so I can't go. I'm really sorry."

"I see! Um, I understand."

"Thank you, then see you."


Jimin hanged the call.


He threw his self in his bed once again, with a pillow on his face.

Using that kind of voice.. I couldn't say anything back. If he can't make it then it can't be helped. We weren't able to go this time either. That feeling of being 1 centimeter away from each other, is fading away.


Time passed by quicker than Jimin wanted it to. Since that day, he didn't see Yoongi at all and Yoongi didn't contact Jimin again. Jimin called Jungkook to see if he knew something about him but Yoongi didn't answer his calls either. So in the end, without knowing anything that happened to him, the summer vacation ended.

"Form a line everyone! Let's head to the assembly!" Sr. Seokjin said.

"Yoongi isn't here.." Jimin said.

"He's not answering any of my calls, maybe he overslept..?" Jungkook said.

"I hope so."

Yoongi, what happened? It can't be that.. you'll suddenly.. disappear like this again, right? It seems just like last time.


Jimin rushed back to his classroom, running like crazy. He stood in front of the door, his trembling fingers touching the handle. It can't be. He definitely got late. This time, right now, he definitely is in class. He has to be.

Jimin opened the door. He entered the classroom, breathing heavily. His eyes grew in shock.

"Hey." Jimin ran up to Yoongi and hugged him tightly.

"'Hey'?! What do you mean by 'hey'?! Do you know how worried I was?!" Yoongi was startled by the sudden hug, he placed his arms around Jimin, hugging him back.

"I'm sorry-"

"YOONGI YOU BETTER BE IN HERE!" They heard Jungkoook shout outside the classroom. Jimin and Yoongi quickly stepped away from each other. Jungkook entered the classroom. "YOONGI!!! Where have you been?!?!"

"I've been in Daegu."

"The place where you used to live?"


"Why didn't you say earlier?! We were all worried." Jimin said.


"Well, the good thing is that you are back now." Jimin smiled at Yoongi, and he smiled back.


A few days later

"Okay, class dismissed. You can go home!" Mr. Kim said and left the classroom.

Jimin looked at Yoongi. He was so focused on looking at his phone that it seemed like as if he didn't realized that class was over.

I feel like the distance between us is back to where it started. That day when we were only 1 centimeter away, I bet he doesn't even remember it now. And there's one more thing, at some point during the summer, Yoongi has developed the habit of checking his phone regularly. He never looks back this way now.

Jimin stared at him, he's still sitting on his desk. His profile looks so handsome. Handsome and strange. It's strange and I don't like it.

..Anyways, I need to confirm what this distance is between us right now.

"Yoongi!" Jimin walked up to his desk and Yoongi looked up at him.

"What is it?"

"Do you want to stop by somewhere together?"

"Mmhh, I'm a bit tired today."

"It could make up for the festival we didn't go to..?" Yoongi stood up from his desk. He leaned forward, bringing his face closer to Jimin.

"Oh, so that's all it will take?" Jimin nervously stepped back.

"Huh? N-No, no! Never mind, we'll do something else to make up for that. Forget about today!" Yoongi chuckled.

"Just kidding, it's fine. Let's stop by somewhere, I'm kinda hungry anyway. Let's go."

Yessss success!


They stopped by a little cafe.

"Hm? Are you only getting something to drink? Didn't you say that you were hungry?" Jimin asked.

"..Did I?"

"Yeah, Anyways, excuse me for a sec. I need to go to the bathroom."


Is it possible, that saying that he was hungry was just an excuse to stop by somewhere with me?

Jimin looked at his reflection in the mirror, his lips curving a smile.

I'd be so happy if that's true.


As Jimin walked out the toilet, he saw Yoongi sleeping on one of the tables. What? Is he asleep? Jimin walked up to him.

Yoongi had his arms crossed on the table and his head was resting on them. Well, he said he was tired but..

"H-Heeey.." Jimin was about to poke his cheek to wake him up, but he stopped before he could do it.

He just stared at his beautiful sleeping face. Woaaaah, he's looking completely adorable!! It'd be a shame to wake him up. He sat down on the chair next to him. Even if he tried, Jimin couldn't take his eyes off on Yoongi. His heart started racing. Ahhhh!! I just like him so much and it's messing with my head!!! I don't know what to do!

Jimin's gaze focused on his hair. He couldn't resist anymore and reached up to it, caressing the tips that rested on his arm. His hand then moved up to Yoongi's hand, touching his long fingers. He grabbed Yoongi's long pinky and compared it with his'. Oh my god mine is smaller!! Hahahaha!! Why do I find this so cute.

Yoongi then suddenly grabbed Jimin's hand. Huh?! Jimin looked at his face. Yoongi had his eyes open, staring at him. W-was he awake all this time?!

"Are you trying to make fun of my long hands vein?"

"What if I was?" Still holding Jimin's hand, Yoongi lifted his head from the table and looked at him.

"Then I will punish you." WHAT? He leaned towards Jimin even more and whispered, "Just kidding."

"W-what kind of joke is that??!!"

"Hahahaha! You should see your face right now!! Hahahaha!"

"Yaaah! It's not funny! You wanna fight again?"

"Nononono!! No tickles please, I'm sorry!"

"Mhh, that's better."


"Changing the subject, can I ask you something?"


"Why did you go to Daegu? If it's okay for me to ask."

"One of my old classmate's dad passed away. So I went to his funeral. Before he passed away, he stayed at the same hospital as my mom for a while. So I got to know that classmate of mine pretty well when we were both visiting our parents."

"Oh, I see. Sorry for asking.."

"No, don't worry. It's fine."

"Then, the person you've been texting with so much lately is that old classmate of yours?"

"Yeah.." I wonder why, even though I found out the reason why he kept checking his phone- "I understand how it all feels better than anybody." Ah, that's right. This is all part of something that I can't understand even if I try. That classmate of his must have a lot of things that is impossible to talk to other people about, only Yoongi knows the exact feeling because he's been through the same. Suddenly, Yoongi's phone started to ring. "Speaking of which, do you mind?"

"Go ahead."

"Hey." "Oh uhm, this isn't really a good time." "I'm with a friend right now."

"I'm fine, if something's going on you should go."

"No but-"

"It's fine! Go!"

"Alright, excuse me then. Sorry." Yoongi left.

Yep, that person is going through a hard time after all. Yoongi is just trying to be supportive. But for some reason, I still feel abandoned. He has other things in his mind now, I should have said I liked him when I had the chance.


Jimin started slamming his head on the table.

"Um.. are you okay?" What.. that voice.


"I just saw your boyfriend leaving, did you have a fight or something?"

"Oh n-no! He's not my boyfriend!" OMG Do we look like a couple?! I'm so happy!!

"Oh, I see. Then what's the matter?"

"It's nothing. I just felt down for a sec, thinking of something that I should have done differently." Jimin slumped his head again on the table, but he quickly lifted his self up. "No! I can't feel down like this! Instead of regretting it I should try to fix the problem!" Namjoon stared at Jimin the whole time. He sat next to him.

Looks like he might not be as well as he says, huh. But he's still doing his best to pick his self up, this boy.. Namjoon thought.

"Now your forehead is red for slamming it that much against the table, hahaha!" Namjoon laughed.

"Oh my- really? Hahahaha, well whatever. As long as it's only you in here!"

As long as it's only me, huh? Namjoon thought. Actually, I really really want this boy to like me.



Yoongi suddenly stopped walking and picked up his phone. He called his classmate.

"Hey, it's me. Sorry, today's no good after all." "I'm going to let the friend I made plans with first.. to be my priority." "Sorry."

Yoongi hanged up the call. He turned around and started running back to the cafe, hoping that Jimin would still be there.

His expression lightened up when he saw Jimin through the window, but it didn't last long. It quickly darkened when he saw who was next to Jimin.

"That guy again, what's he doing with him?!" Yoongi turned around and started walking away. "I really don't get boys like Jimin.."


Namjoon stared deeply at Jimin.

This boy, I really like him. Namjoon thought.

Chapter Text

"Okay everyone listen up! The school festival is coming up, and this class has been assigned with a 'gender-reversed butler & maid cafe'. It means that boys will dress like maids and girls will dress up like butlers while serving coffee to the costumers." Mr. Kim continued, "So, starting today, everyone is going to work together to transform this class into a beautiful cafe!"

"YESSSS!! NO CLASSES!!" Everyone screamed.

"Okay okay, calm down. This is just for the next 2 days. Now hurry up! Go and prepare the costumes, tables and everything else needed!" Mr. Kim said.

I'm happy that I got this chance to work together with Yoongi. The only problem is.. that he gets as many texts as ever, as well as phone calls. Every time I hear his phone ringing, I get really uneasy.


After working for a while everyone decided to take a short break. Jimin went to his locker to get something to eat. He had some chips in his bag.

When he turned around, he could see Yoongi inside the classroom as the door is open. He was sitting with the other boys but he wasn't paying any attention to them.

He's texting again, huh.


"Yoongi, texting again huh? Is it your girlfriend?" A boy asked Yoongi.

"Oh, no no. It's nothing like that. It's just a classmate."

"Oh, then, do you have a girl or a boy that you like?"

"What..?" Yoongi turned his face away from the boy. "No, not really."

"Ohhhh are you getting embarrassed?! He or she is definitely in our class isn't it!"

"I said no." Yoongi's eyes traveled to the open door and saw Jimin standing outside.

His eyes narrowed when Yoongi saw who approached him.


Jimin stood in the hallway eating his chips when someone approached him.

"Hey Jimin! Oh, those chips look good!" Namjoon said.

"Oh hi! You want some?" Jimin took a chip before offering Namjoon the bag so he could have some.

Jimin was about to eat his chip when Namjoon suddenly moved his face towards Jimin's, really close. Namjoon took the chip Jimin was holding with his lips and ate it.

"Thank you." Namjoon immediately continued walking. W-what the heck was that?! I didn't see that coming.. Oh, both of his hands are full so he couldn't take them.


Further up in the hallway

Namjoon’s friend, Seokjin came up to him and stared at his face.

"Damn, why are you so red? Is it that hot? Oh, wait, is it because of that boy?"

"I'm not red!!"

"Oh, come on. You're blushing so much! It's because of him, right?!" Namjoon stayed silent while looking down to avoid Seokjin’s stare. "I knew it!!"


"Hey, are you listening?" Yoongi stared at Jimin's blushing and shocked face through the open door. He saw everything. "He or she's definitely in out class, isn't it? Tell me! I'll help you out!"

"Can't you shut up?!" The boy's face grew in shock. Crap.. Yoongi thought. "S-sorry, I didn't mean to say it like that.."

"O-Oh, never mind. I was bothering you, so yeah. Hah-hahaha.."

Jungkook suddenly appeared. "Hahahahaha! You see, Yoongi is really just a kid. Stuff like that makes him feel embarrassed."

"Oh, I understand." Out of nowhere a boy came and interrupted them.

"Well, how do I look as a maid?"

"Wow, you look great. If you really were a girl, I'll definitely have a crush on you." The boy Yoongi accidentally snapped over said.

"You need to do something about the leg hair though, hahaha!" Jungkook said while laughing a little bit.

The tension faded away.

All the boys got up and went to try their own maid costumes, leaving Yoongi and Jungkook alone.

"So, what's up? You're not acting like your usual self. You usually dodge that sort of questions easily." Jungkook said.

"Mmhh." Jungkook took that as if Yoongi didn't want to talk about it.

"Well, if you ever feel down or anything, I'm here to listen." Before standing up, he patted Yoongi's shoulder in reassurance.

"Jungkook." Yoongi called him.


"Thanks." Jungkook smiled warmly at him.



As a class representative, Jimin had to stay longer than the rest of the students. He finally finished everything he had to do for today and headed back to class to get his stuff.

Jimin entered the classroom, it was a bit darker outside. While he was walking towards his desk, he noticed a box full of suit costumes that the girls were trying before. He didn't hesitate and grabbed a suit. He putted it on.

How do I look? How do I look?

As there were no mirrors, Jimin looked at his reflection on the window. Ugh, it doesn't suit me. As he turned around, he noticed another bag on the top of a desk. Huh, isn't that Yoongi's bag? He's still here somewhere. I have to change quickly!! If he saw me like this, who knows what he'd say!!

Just as he finished thinking about it, he heard the door opening. Oh no!! Jimin looked at the person, nervously. By the look on his face Jimin could tell that he was also startled.

"Oh sorry, I saw the lights were on so I just came to check it out." Namjoon said.

"O-Oh! I was just about to leave anyways."

"With that suit on?"

"Oh ha-haha. I was just trying to see how I would look like with it, but as I thought it doesn't suit me.." Jimin scratched his neck and looked down shyly.

"Why are you saying that it doesn't suit you?"

"What do you mean why? Putting this thing on someone like me. I mean, it should be worn by someone more neat, you know?"

"How are you not neat? For me you are very neat Jimin." What..

"Um, thank yo-"

"Excuse me. May I come in?" A familiar voice interrupted Jimin. That voice..


He entered the classroom and walked up to his stuff.

"Well, I'm going then. See you later!" Namjoon said.

"Oh, see you!"

Jimin turned to look at Yoongi and his eyes grew big like plates. Jimin's cheeks were flushing bright red. He saw Yoongi's bare back as he took off his shirt. Woah, his back muscles..

"What are you wearing?" Yoongi asked.

"Oh, I-I just felt like trying it. How do I look? Hehehe." Yoongi turned his head to peek at Jimin.

Yoongi stared at Jimin for a second and quickly turned back, so that Jimin won't notice his slightly rosy cheeks.

He swallowed hard.

"It doesn't suit you."

What, this is the sequel to the makeup incident, this is the second time he said that to me!

Yoongi grabbed a new T-shirt and put it on, his back was still facing Jimin. "Don't get all high just because some guy treats you like a girl. You look pathetic. And also, you say you are bad with guys. But you hardly look like it, with the way you are always hanging around that guy." Yoongi continued, "If you want to flirt, go flirt somewhere else." Jimin stayed in silence, looking at Yoongi's back. As Yoongi didn't hear any response from Jimin, he quickly realized what he just said. "N-no, umm.. I didn't mean that."

Yoongi finally turned his full body around to look at Jimin. His eyes grew big when he saw Jimin crouched down on the floor covering his face with his hands.

He quickly ran up to him and crouched by Jimin's side. "I-I take it back! I'm sorry!" Yoongi stared at him worryingly. "I guess I just got a bit, no, I definitely.. got carried away right now. I apologize."

Actually, I'm not really crying. I'll just punish him a bit.

Jimin peaked at Yoongi through the small gaps between his fingers.

"I'm so sorry.." Uh oh, I'm going to laugh!

Jimin tried so hard not to laugh, but his shoulders started shaking in laughter. Yoongi noticed Jimin trembling, he quickly surrounded him with his arms and hugged him tightly.

"Hey seriously, Please don't cry. Sorry for saying something like that.." Is feeling happy in a situation like this.. okay?

Yoongi slowly moved his mouth next to Jimin's ear and whispered, "Don't cry." Feeling his breath on Jimin's skin sent him chills throughout his body. Yoongi placed his hand behind Jimin's head and moved even closer to him. Jimin felt a strange sensation on his hair. What.. right now, did he ki-

Jimin quickly uncovered his face and turned his head to look at Yoongi, who's still hugging him.

"Yoong-" Exactly the same, he also turned his head to face him. They were so close that their nose touched.

"'re not even crying."

"Yoongi, just now.. what did you do?" He saw how Yoongi's eyes shifted away shyly. But then came back to look at Jimin with determination.

"Jimin.." Yoongi started tilting his head to the side, moving closer. Jimin's heart was at the edge of exploding. There was less than a centimeter between their lips. "Jimin, I-"

Suddenly a phone rang. Ah, that sound again.

Yoongi chuckled, making Jimin feel his breath on his lips. He then moved away from Jimin and started laughing loudly. What, why is he laughing?

"This is just how it is with us, isn't it?" Yoongi said. What does he mean? He answered the call. "Hello."

Both of them stood up. As everything went silent, Jimin could perfectly hear the voice at the other end of the line. That voice, I don't like this.

"Oh, so you're coming to our festival?" "Well then, be careful getting here, okay?" "If there's something you don't know call again." "Later." Yoongi hanged the call.

"Was that your classmate?"


And with that, all of Jimin's confidence crashed.


Yoongi walked up to his house, looking down to the floor. He still couldn't believe what was about to happen between him and Jimin.

When he looked up from the ground, he noticed someone waiting for him in front of his house.

"Jungkook? What are you doing here at this time?"

"I just wanted to hang out with you, I even bought pizza!"

"What a surprise! Thanks, come inside."


They went up to Yoongi's bedroom. They sat down on the couch and started eating pizza while talking.

"Having someone with the same situation as you, I understand the feeling of wanting to protect that person. But at a new school, at a new environment, I think it would also be good for that person to establish new relationships, don't you think?" Jungkook said.

"Well, yeah."

"So, it's fine. Don't burden yourself more than that."

"But that's why until it becomes like that, until that person gets used to the new environment, I can't leave it alone. With feeling like that at the time, I think it good to have someone by your side."

"I see. Yoongi, you.." Jungkook looked straight into Yoongi's eyes. "It must have been really painful, huh." Yoongi's eyes grew big. "It would've been good if we could've met earlier. Because then, I would've been there for you from the start." Yoongi's expression grew in shock, but Jungkook could also sense the happiness in his face.

"I uhmm, I.. I'm gonna go get some drinks, I'll be back."

"Okay!" And with that, Yoongi left.

While waiting, Jungkook noticed a box under the bed.

"A box with stuffs from Junior School? He even still have his books and notes!" Without thinking twice he grabbed a notebook from the box and started looking through it. A page caught his attention. He looked at it. Jungkook's eyes grew in shock when he saw what was written in it. "T-this, this is.."

"I bought them!" Yoongi's eyes shifted to look at what Jungkook was reading.

"Yoongi.. you.. Jimin.." Yoongi quickly ran up to him and snatched the book out of his hand, his face turning bright red.

"I-I wrote this a long time ago!!"


"Y-Yeah.." Jungkook's mouth opened in astonishment.

"AND NOW? WHAT ABOUT NOW? DO YOU STILL LIKE HIM?" Yoongi's cheeks was flushing even more, he looked at Jungkook.

Yoongi went silent. He quickly looked away embarrassed. "So annoying.."

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Jungkook started rolling on the floor like a kid and starts kicking the air excitingly. "OH MY GOD YOU LIKE HIM A LOT!!!!"

"Okay, okay! Stop screaming."

"You should definitely confess!!"

"But I feel like that it wasn't the right time for that yet.."

"What do you mean?! It's the perfect timing!! You can confess at the festival!"

"Yeah, but-" Yoongi's phone started ringing. "Oh, it's the classmate of mine that we were talking about earlier. Do you mind?"

"Go ahead." Yoongi picked up the call.

"Hello." "Yes." "Oh, the time?" That voice, sounds deep. No don't tell me that friend is.. Jungkook thought. "Okay, see you." Yoongi hanged up.

"Yoongi, that's definitely not good. You should stop getting so involved."

"It's fine, because I'll be careful so that what you are thinking about won't happen."


The next day

Everyone is working so hard for the preparations for the festival, we finally got a break. Jimin sat down on a bench while drinking some juice. The festival is tomorrow. Tomorrow, that cell phone person will come. I'm kind of scared, because that voice was..

"What's wrong? You don't seem happy?"

"Oh, Namjoon! It's just that, there's a lot of thinks that I don't understand."

"Like what?" Namjoon moved closer and sat down next to Jimin.

"For example.. You guys, even with a girl or a boy that you have no feelings for, are you able to kiss that person?" Namjoon's face grew in shock.

"W-what? Are you saying you were kissed?!" Jimin quickly shook his head.

"No no no no! I haven't!!" Phew. What a relieve.. Namjoon thought. "I was just wondering, if guys could do that.."

"Honestly, I think there are lots of guys who can do that out of curiosity or if the situation called for it, even if they don't like that person." Even if they don't like that person, I see. "But obviously not all boys are like that, there are boys who think that it's meaningless if it's not with the person they like, like me." Jimin looked up at Namjoon and he was staring at him.

"That's true, there are people who can and people can't. Sorry for asking a ridiculous question, please forget about it." He didn't get my point. Namjoon thought. "Ahhhh I'm so pathetic!! I keep changing from feeling confident to feeling weak and insecure all the time.."

"..Sometimes changing and shifting is good."

"How is it good?"

"Well, if you shift a lot and look for new things.." Namjoon leaned closer to him, his eyes not leaving Jimin's. " might discover something new that you didn't notice before."

"Something.. new?"

"And it might be just in front of your eyes, you just have to see it."

"THAT'S TRUE!" Jimin stood up from the bench with full of energy. "CHANGING IS GOOD! EXCELLENT!" He turned around to look back at Namjoon. "I feel so much better now! Thank you! I have to go back to work, see you!" Namjoon watched Jimin as he left.

Ahh, he didn't get my point this time either. This boy. Namjoon thought. A smile formed on Namjoon's lips while watching Jimin fade away in the distance.

If I want to work my way into his feelings, I need to be more direct. I wonder if the one that almost kissed him was that guy, Yoongi. Does he also like him? I wish he would shift more, shift more and start to like me.


The day of the festival

"WELCOME MASTER!! What would you like?" Jungkook asked.

I'm happy that our cafe is a success! And we boys look so funny dressing up like maids! By the way, Taehyung looks so cute as a maid! Yoongi also looks so cute. I hope I look good as a maid too!

Jimin served everyone who came in, but he couldn't help but feel anxious. He looked at the clock.

I wonder when that cell phone person is coming, probably soon. I can't calm down after all, I'm nervous.

Just as that moment, Jimin heard Yoongi talking to someone.

"You didn't get lost coming here, right?"

"Yeah, I didn't get lost. That outfit is amazing by the way, hahaha!" There it is.. Jimin turned around and looked at the door.

"Yeah yeah, come in." Yoongi said.

"Okay then, excuse me." The person stepped inside. Jimin's heart clenched.

As I thought, that voice.. was from a boy.

Chapter Text

"Okay then, excuse me." The person stepped inside. Jimin's heart clenched.

As I thought, that voice.. was from a boy.

"Hoseok, come sit here." Yoongi said. Hoseok's his name.. Yoongi led him to an empty table and he sat down. "What would you like?"

"Mhh, a cappuccino please."

"Okay, I'll bring it to you." As soon as Yoongi left, some boys came up to him.

"Hey, are you his boyfriend? You are so cute!" W-what..

"Huh? No, no! We are not like that!" The boy named Hoseok said.

"Really? Then, an ex-boyfriend or something?"

"Hahahaha that's not it either. We are just classmates. We used to go to the same Junior School, I recently moved here." Mhh, he doesn't seem like a bad person. I feel a bit relieved now.

"Your cappuccino." Yoongi arrived.

"Oh thank you!"

"It's okay. Hope you enjoy it." Hoseok smiled brightly at him.

So that's the boy who is in the same situation as Yoongi. He lost his father in the same hospital that Yoongi lost his mother. When Yoongi suddenly disappeared, he transferred to the same school as him. They must have seen each other back then, and they must have a strong connection.

At that moment, someone entered the cafe.

"Oh, Namjoon!" Jimin greeted him.

"Hello! Wow, you look so cute, hahaha! But I have to say, you looked better as a butler." Namjoon gave him a mischievous smile.

"Shhhh! Don't bring that up in here!" Namjoon laughed seeing him get red suddenly. "Anyways, I'll lead you to a table." Jimin found him a seat and he sat down. "What would you like?" Jimin looked at Namjoon, but he was staring at someone else. He turned around and followed his gaze. He was looking at Hoseok and Yoongi talking. "Oh, he's Yoongi's friend from Junior School. He moved here recently."

"I see." So they're not together? That's too bad. Namjoon thought. "I would like an iced coffee, please."


When Jimin left, Namjoon kept staring at them. They were still laughing and talking. Somehow Yoongi acting like a big-shot here and there, I don't like it. A bit of a player? Namjoon thought.

"Thanks for waitin-"

"Jimin." Namjoon interrupted him.


"Today, after this, our band is performing. It's just a band that I and my friends put together for the festival. But, we practiced a lot and I'll be rapping." He looked up at Jimin. "So, can you come and see us?"

"Wow! That's awesome! What time does it start?"


"Great! That's my break time! I'll be going there for sure! It's in the school's gym, right?"

"Yes! Thank you so much!!!" Namjoon gave him a big, bright smile that his cute dimples were showing. And that made Jimin smile as well.


Those two, did they just made plans? 2:30pm in the school's gym, huh. Yoongi thought.

Yoongi kept staring at Jimin and Namjoon who's talking.

"Hey, are you listening?" Hoseok said.

"Hm? Oh yeah yeah, sorry."

"Then during your break you'll show me around the school, right?"

"Oh yeah, I will."


After working for a while, the break time arrived. Everyone changed into their normal clothes and walked around the school to see what the other classes did for the festival.

Yoongi was walking Hoseok around the school, showing him all the different areas. While walking, every now and then Yoongi looked through the crowd of people around him, and Hoseok noticed it.

"Are you looking for someone? You've been glancing around for a while now." Yoongi quickly shifted his gaze and looked at Hoseok.

"Oh no, not particularly." Yoongi paused before continuing talking. "Though there's a place I want to go to."


Jimin and Taehyung entered the gym, which no longer looked like a gym at all. There was a big stage with lots of lights, and a huge crowd waiting for the performance to start.

As Jimin looked up to the stage, he noticed Namjoon there, preparing his microphone.

Just at that moment Namjoon looked up and their eyes met.

"Oh! Jimin!" He didn't realize that the microphone was already on and Jimin's name was loudly heard through the speakers. Everyone in the crowd was startled and turned around to look at Jimin.

CRAP!! The mic was on!! Namjoon thought.

Jimin felt all eyes on him. W-what is this, I'll just-


The crowd looked back at Namjoon and started cheering and applauding for him. Still with his' gaze fixed on Jimin, a smile appeared on Namjoon's lips.


Yoongi looked at Jimin and Namjoon who's staring at each other from behind. His expression darkened when he saw Namjoon smiling at Jimin. He started walking through the crowd.

"Ah, wait!" Hoseok followed Yoongi from behind until he walked up to Jimin, standing by his side.

Jimin was startled by Yoongi's sudden appearance, he looked up at him.

"Yoongi? What are you d-"

"Yoongi, I said wait-" Jimin's eyes met Hoseok's only for a short period of time. Both of them quickly looked away, trying to avoid eye contact.

However, Yoongi's focus was on Namjoon, who was also looking at him now. Both of their eyes narrowed and looked at each other defiantly.

The music suddenly started and everyone began jumping up and down to the rhythm. Namjoon started rapping. Jimin's eyes grew when he heard Namjoon's deep, awesome rapping. He couldn't help but stare at him. Woah, his voice is amazing, and he looks really amazing on stage. As the music was so loud, Taehyung came closer to Jimin to say something in his ear.



As Jimin looked back at Namjoon, he noticed on the corner of his eyes Hoseok speaking at Yoongi's ear. Jimin, calm down. They're just friends, but still.

"HEY! ISN'T NAMJOON ONLY LOOKING AT YOU?!" Taehyung said loudly.



I wonder what Hoseok thinks of Yoongi, he said he understands his feelings better than anyone so, what happens from now on? I feel like this time is risky, so before anything happens between them, should I just.. confess?

W-Wait, did I just say c-c-c-confess? B-But it's too early!! No, no! I have to do it! B-But that's impossible! NO! This is a critical moment!!

While Jimin was having an internal fight on whether he should confess or not, Yoongi looked at him and noticed his anxiousness. He's weird, does he feel sick or something? Yoongi thought.

Yoongi tapped Jimin on the shoulder to get his attention and leaned towards him. "HEY.."

As Jimin felt him tap his shoulder, he turned his head towards Yoongi. "Hmm?"

Jimin didn't realized that Yoongi's face was right next to his ear, and as he turned to face him..

..his face blurred in Jimin's vision, and he felt a soft touch on his lips.

Huh, HUH?!

Both of their eyes widened in shock, and quickly separated from each other.

Just now, Yoongi and I, did we just k-kiss???!!!

Jimin looked up at Yoongi and he was gesturing that he'll say something to Jimin. O-oh. Jimin came a bit closer to him and Yoongi said something on his ear.

"ARE YOU FEELING ILL?" Yoongi asked. Huh?

"I'M FINE." Yoongi nodded and looked back at the stage in front of him.

I-I see, he was trying to whisper in my ear. I turned my head on reflex and then, then.. Jimin lowered his head as his face became really red.

Suddenly everyone in the crowd started cheering and screaming as the song finished.

"I'm going now, see you." Jimin looked at him as he walked off with Hoseok who's following behind him.

Huh? What was that, HE'S ACTING LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!! Was that a delusion mixed with desire? Our lips didn't touch? No, they surely did. So that means, it didn't mean anything at all to Yoongi?!

Namjoon stared at Jimin from the stage, feeling his inside burn in anger and jealousy.


"That was fun! The band was so cool!" Taehyung said and Jimin didn't answer as he was thinking about what just happened. Taehyung looked at him. "Jimin, what's wrong?"

"Um, well, actually, just now-" Jimin wasn't able to continue on what he was about to say when Namjoon interrupted him.


"Oh, Namjoon! Good job! It was excellent!"

"You didn't listen at all, right?"

"Huh? O-oh, well, something happened. But-"

"You should forget about something like that. It wasn't intentional for either for you, it was an accident. That thing." H-HE SAW THAT!!! Jimin's cheeks flushed bright red in embarrassment. "I think it's good to forget about meaningless things quickly." Meaningless, huh. "Anyways, I have to go. See you around."

"B-bye.." As soon as Namjoon left, Taehyung grabbed Jimin's arm.

"What is he talking about? What accident?"

"Well, ha-hahaha.." Jimin laughed nervously and told Taehyung what happened.


"But as Namjoon said, it was just an accident. So maybe Yoongi doesn't care, but for me, that way my.. f-first."

"Let's go right now and see how he's doing."


"Let's go, let's go!" Taehyung started pulling Jimin by the arm.


Hoseok and Yoongi walked through the school.

"Be careful Yoongi! The door-" Hoseok wasn't able to finish what he's saying when Yoongi bumped into the door with his face.

"Oww.." Yoongi brought hus hand to his forehead, groaning in pain.

"What are you doing?! Are you okay?!"

"Y-yeah, I was spacing out a bit."

"You've been out of it since earlier." Yoongi's face flushed just at the thought of what just happened.

"Oh, w-well, yeah. It's n-nothing." Hoseok stared at him in silent. "Excuse me, I'll go to the toilet."

"Sure, I'll wait here." He watched him as Yoongi nervously left.


When Taehyung spotted Hoseok, he pulled Jimin to run faster towards him.

"Hoseok, you're alone? Where's Yoongi?" Taehyung asked him.

"Oh, he just went to the toilet. But he'll be back soon."

"Did he say anything? Or did he look or act strange in any way?" Taehyung asked more. Hoseok shifted his gaze towards Jimin.

"Oh, could it be, about that thing earlier?" Jimin's eyes grew in shock and his cheeks flushed.

"C-could it be, that you also, saw that?" Jimin stuttered.

"Yeah, I was also surprised. With a thing like that, are you okay?" Hoseok suddenly flashed Jimin a smile. "But you don't need to worry! Yoongi doesn't seem bothered by it at all!" Huh, so that's how it is. "Well, as for Yoongi it's probably not his first time though!" Jimin's eyes grew even more.

"Huh, h-how do you know something like that about Yoongi? Perhaps, was it with you?" Hoseok falsely laughed.

"Oh, I guess saying this was bad." S-so they did kiss?! But Hoseok, he's not his boyfriend or ex-boyfriend either, so, why would they kiss?

Jimin then remembered what Namjoon told him before.'Honestly, I think there are lots of guys who can do that out of curiosity or if the situation called for it, even if they don't like that person.'

I guess Yoongi's that kind of person after all. I'm stupid. Every time that we were so close to each other, I'm the only one who's having a fluttering heart. Also the incident right now, only me..

Still in shock, Jimin suddenly saw Yoongi approaching him. He quickly turned his head to the side, avoiding him, and Yoongi noticed.

Jimin took Taehyung by the arm and pulled him to walk to the opposite way.

"Let's go."

"Why? Wait!"

Jimin pulled harder and Taehyung stumbled because of his' strength. He didn't utter a word and both of them walked away quickly.

"Hoseok, what were you talking about with him?"

"Nothing, really."

Yoongi stared at Jimin as he walked away.


After the festival ended, everyone except for the students and teachers left. Everyone was getting ready for the night festival which was about to start. It was already dark outside. Jimin walked through the school's yard while thinking.

I was convinced in believing that I was a little special to Yoongi, but I see that that's not the case. It hurts so much, how embarrassing! Why did he, with Hoseok. I wonder what kind of kiss it was. If he liked Yoongi, I've pretty much lost? I'm sure that Yoongi doesn't even care about an accidentally kiss like that.

"Jimin." He heard someone call his name behind him, but he recognized that voice immediately. Yoongi!! He didn't turn around to face him. W-what should I do?! I can't look at his face! "Jimin, look at m-"

"Jimin!" Namjoon suddenly appeared and walked to stand in front of Jimin. "Are you ready for the festival? It's going to be fun!"

"O-oh, yeah! It's about to start, we should get going."

"Right, let's go." Namjoon grabbed Jimin's hand and started walking away. Before they could go, Yoongi ran up to Jimin and grabbed his arm. Pulling him away from Namjoon's grip, and he turned Jimin around to face Yoongi.

"Jimin! I was talking to you, why are you ignoring me?!" Yoongi looked deeply into Jimin's eyes. "Are you worried about what happened earlier?" Jimin looked back at Yoongi, without even realizing his eyes getting teary. You probably don't care anyways. Jimin looked away. "Hey, look at me." I don't want to show him this kind of face. Jimin pulled away from him and started running away. "YA!! YOU-" Before Yoongi could go after him, Namjoon grabbed his arm, stopping him.

"Running away means that he doesn't want to talk now, right?" Yoongi stared at him, annoyed.

"Why don't you leave him alone? You're not part of this." Yoongi pulled away from Namjoon and started running behind Jimin.


Jimin breathed heavily as he entered the school. No one was inside because they were all outside for the night festival.

Oh my god what did I do?! After running away like that it's going to be extra hard to face him!

"Jimin." When he heard his name being called, he slowly turned around in fear. His eyes widened as he saw Yoongi a few steps behind him who's also breathing heavily. "Why are you running?!"

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" Jimin turned around and continued running at full speed.

"This boy.." Yoongi started running behind him. "JIMIN!!! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING AWAY??!"





Jimin entered a classroom where he knew there was a back door from which he could escape to. He ran up to it and tried to open it with all of his might, but he couldn't. SHIT!! IT'S LOCKED!!! He quickly turned around to get out of the room but..

Yoongi was already inside.

Yoongi slowly walked towards him. Every step he took forward, Jimin took it backwards. Jimin kept on walking backwards until his back reached the wall.

"S-stop, s-stop!!" He didn't listen and kept walking towards Jimin. "YOONGI I SAID STOP!!!" Jimin's harsh voice made him stop. Yoongi looked at him seriously.

"If you're acting like this because of that thing earlier, I apologize. It wasn't on purpose. But, if you hate it that much, then something like that was just an accident. It's fine not to worry about it." Yoongi paused before continuing, "I'll also won't worry-" Jimin took a pile of papers left on a desk and harshly threw them at him in frustration. He froze at Jimin's sudden action. "WHAT ARE YOU ANGRY ABOUT?!"



"I'M NOT!! I'M NOT ANGRY AT ALL." What is this.. "I'M NOT WORRIED ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT!" I'm just saying the exact opposite, but I can't stop. "THAT'S RIGHT. NAMJOON ALSO SAID IT. THAT, THAT KIND OF ACCIDENT WHICH WASN'T INTENTIONAL FOR EITHER OF US IS JUST MEANINGLESS!" Yoongi who can stay calm as if nothing happened. "IT'S THE SAME AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED!!" ..and me who can't act like nothing happened. Jimin could feel his eyes tearing up again. It's so frustrating.. Yoongi stared every inch of Jimin.

"So, it's okay if it's not an accident?" Yoongi stepped in front of him. He suddenly took both of Jimin's wrists and pinned them on the wall behind him. He fiercely moved his lips towards Jimin's, joining them in an intense kiss. Jimin's eyes grew big as Yoongi kissed him. Without releasing his wrists, Yoongi slowly pulled back and stared deeply into Jimin's eyes. "With this, you can't act like nothing happened." Jimin's face flushed like never before. He lowered his eyes embarrassed.

"W-what was that?1 How mean, t-this kind of surprise attack.." Yoongi continued staring at Jimin really closely, his face also blushed.

"Then, I'll do it again. But this time it won't be a surprise attack." He released Jimin's wrists from his grip. "If you don't want to, you can run away." Yoongi's face slowly started getting closer and closer to Jimin's. "But if you want to, then close your eyes." Jimin's heart was pounding like crazy. His legs were shaking and he couldn't move, but he didn't want to. He stood there, looking at his face as it came closer and closer. Their noses touched, and Jimin slowly closed his eyes.

Jimin felt his soft lips being caressed by Yoongi's. Unlike the other kiss, this kiss was sweet and gentle. Yoongi's mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips were softer than what Jimin could've ever imagined. Yoongi tasted Jimin's lips with his tongue, and Jimin opened his mouth with a low moan. Yoongi placed one hand behind Jimin's head and the other behind his waist, pulling Jimin closer to him to deepen the kiss. Jimin threw his arms around Yoongi's neck, losing his self in Yoongi's warm breath and plump lips. His sweet scent, his soft lips and his gentle touch, it was all perfect.

Jimin slowly opened his eyes. Both of them stared at each other. He was so embarrassed, he didn't know what to say. He looked down as he couldn't hold his gaze any longer. Yoongi placed his forehead on Jimin's.

"Why are you so quiet.."

"Y-Y-You too.."

"Me? Well, because it's embarrassing." Jimin looked up at him. Seeing Yoongi all red and embarrassed made his heart flutter.

"Why did you kiss me?"

"Huh? W-why are you asking something like that? Isn't it obvious?"

"Because sometimes it's just getting caught up in the situation, that's important!"

"Are you saying that I look like that type of guy?"

"It's because I don't really know.."

"About what?"

"Well, how come you kissed Hoseok even though he's not your boyfriend or anything." Yoongi's eyes widened.

"Hoseok said that?" Jimin nodded. "I see.." Jimin noticed how his eyes saddened as he looked away.

"So, is it true?"


"Even though you weren't going out?"


"Do you like him?"


"And yet you kissed.." Yoongi met his eyes again.

"We did."

"What's with the 'Are you saying that I look like that type of guy?" YOU ARE THAT TYPE OF GUY!" Jimin pushed him away and ran out of the class.


As Jimin ran through the corridor, he looked back to see if Yoongi was following him.

But he wasn't.

At least he could've given me an explanation, but this time he didn't chase after me. I guess that's his answer.


Yoongi walked out of the building and started wandering around. When he looked in front of him, he saw Jungkook walking towards him.

"Oh, Yoongi! What were you going up until now? I've been looking for y-" As Jungkook came closer to him, he noticed Yoongi's concerned expression. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" Yoongi told Jungkook what happened. "OH MY GOD!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Y-Y-YOU KISSED HIM?! KYAAAAA KYAAAAA!!"

"Stop screaming!!"

"Oh sorry sorry. But then, how did things turn out like this?"

"Hoseok told Jimin that we kissed."

"But that is already in the past, even if you kissed it doesn't matter anymore. It has no connection with the present."

"Hoseok, he isn't the type of person who would say something carelessly by mistake.."

"Then he told Jimin on purpose? Doesn't that mean that he's trying to interfere between you and Jimin?! That's why I told you, you shouldn't concern yourself with him anymore!" Suddenly, Yoongi's phone rang. "Oh, is it Hoseok?"

"No, it's his friend." Yoongi answered the call. "Hello." "Yeah, he already went home." "He had fun today."

"No, that's not what I was calling about.."

"What is it then?"

"I just heard this yesterday from my mom. Hoseok isn't living with his mom right now. His mother got remarried and it seems like the guy doesn't want to look after him."


"He is now living with his relatives, I called and heard it from him a while a go. Hoseok.. has been abandoned by his mother." Yoongi's eyes widened at Hoseok's friend's words.

"Thank you for telling me." "Bye"

As soon as Yoongi hanged up, he marked Hoseok's number and called him.

"Hoseok, where are you right now?" "You haven't gotten on the train yet?" "Oh, you're over there. Okay."

"Yoongi.." Jungkook said.

"I'm going there right now, so wait." Yoongi hanged up and quickly started walking. Jungkook took his arm, trying to stop him.

"Yoongi! Did you just forget what I told you just now? Don't get obsessed over a weird sense of duty!!"

"Put yourself in his condition! Imagine how he must be feeling right now!! I know that kind of pain, and I know how hard it can be. So don't try to stop me."

"Knowing that boy's feelings and still plan to stay by his side, you know what that means, right?" Yoongi took Jungkook's hand and released it from his arm. He didn't answer and started running away.


Jimin passed to walk through there and saw how Yoongi started running away. He approached Jungkook who was standing there worryingly.

"H-hey, what's wrong? Where is Yoongi going?"

"He went to meet Hoseok. It looks like he has been denied to live together with his real mother." What.. "Since Yoongi is an idiot, he's comparing Hoseok to his self." He's feeling sorry for him..

So Yoongi is.. planning to stay by his side?

Jimin started running towards the same direction that Yoongi went to.

Out of nowhere, Namjoon appeared and also started running behind him.

"Huh? Where did that guy come from?" Jungkook said to his self.


Jimin ran as fast as he could to catch Yoongi.

Yoongi, don't go over to him. If he knows that Hoseok whose situation he believes is similar to his own, is in a more painful position, Yoongi will..

Ugh, my throat hurts. I can't breath.. Still, I need to run. I need to chase after him, YOONGI!!!

"WATCH OUT!" Jimin felt a pair of arms surrounding him from behind, firmly grabbing him, stopping him from running any further. He looked behind him to see who it was. Namjoon.. "The light, the light is red."

"O-oh, thanks." When Jimin looked in front of him, he saw Yoongi and Hoseok standing at the other side of the road. "YOON-!" Hoseok suddenly threw his self on Yoongi, hugging him tightly. Yoongi's hand slowly reached up to him, hugging him back.

The lights turned green.

Jimin froze there, looking at them. He felt Namjoon's hand taking his'.

"Let's go back." Namjoon turned around and started walking away, taking Jimin with him.


After the night festival ended, Jimin ended up going to Yoongi's house.

The lights are off, it took me so much courage to come here and he's not even home.

Jimin sighed. I wonder if he's still with Hoseok..


Yoongi got off the train and started walking back home.

While walking, he started thinking and remembering things from the past.


Yoongi entered the hospital to visit his mother. He noticed Hoseok sitting in one of the reception chairs. He walked up to him, and sat down on the chair beside him.

"Hoseok, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, Yoongi. I'm just waiting to visit my dad, how about you?"

"I'm here to see my mom. She's really sick, I need to take good care of her."

"I'm so sorry to hear that, my dad is also in a really bad condition. He's been diagnosed with lung cancer." Yoongi's eyes widened.

"M-my mother too.."

"Really? Our parents got the same disease, and got admitted to the same hospital. We really have a lot in common!" He smiled brightly. Yoongi stared at him.

"How can you smile while saying such a thing, are you okay with all of this?"

"Of course not! But if I don't at least pretend that I'm okay, I won't be able to bear it!"

"But still, aren't there times when it all just gets too much? if you're always pretending to be fine.." Hoseok flashed Yoongi another smile.

"Yoongi!" Huh? Yoongi thought.


Yoongi came back to reality when he heard Jimin calling his name. His eyes grew when he saw Jimin waiting for him in front of his house.

"What are you doing here?"

"Have you been with Hoseok until now?"

"Yeah." He continued walking towards his house.

"Do you actually like.." He's not even turning back to look at me, I have no idea what he's thinking about.

Jimin ran up to him and pulled the back of his shirt, trying to stop him. Yoongi turned his head to look at him.

"What are you-"

"Why did you kiss me?" Yoongi got startled, he stared at Jimin.

'Because I like you' I just want to hear you telling me that.

Yoongi's lips curved in a vague smile.

"Sorry, I guess I got carried away by the mood." Are you stupid..? "I'm sorry." Your face makes it totally obvious that you're lying.

Jimin couldn't hold his eyes tearing up and tears started rolling down on his cheeks. Jimin couldn't say anything else, he turned around and ran away quickly.


"He really cries all the time, but I was the one who made him cry today.." Yoongi talked to his self.


"But still, aren't there times when it all just gets too much?" Hoseok flashed Yoongi another smile.

"I cry by myself when I'm home, so I'm fine!"


"The only place he ever used to cry isn't there anymore. Always holding back, pretending to be fine, holding back and holding back, only ending up losing everything." Yoongi shut his eyes in frustration. "Is it so wrong, to have given him a place to cry?"

Chapter Text

Yoongi chose Hoseok, the 'pain' that only the both of them have in common made it that way. In other words.. I was rejected.

Even since the festival, I haven't spoken to him. But he's acting like it's not really a big deal, it's irritating.


"Okay, then the lesson is finished. Today, there's a committee meeting. So class representatives, make sure to attend." Mr. Kim said. Huh, committee meeting. How awkward.

Jimin looked at Yoongi. He was still sitting down, with his arms crossed on the table and his head were resting on them. Jimin stood up from the chair and walked up to him.

"U-Um, there's a committee meeting.." Yoongi slowly lifted his head, he coughed and turned his head away from Jimin. Huh? I-is he ignoring me?! "Then.. I'm going ahead first, okay?" Jimin walked away.


Jimin entered the meeting and sat down.

It's the first time in a while that I talked to him and yet he's ignoring me.. At least I'm hoping that he'll be coming soon, it's about to start.

At that moment, Jimin received a text message. He checked to see who sent it.


He opened and read his text message.



:Sorry, but I'm going home.


WHAT? Is this for real? He's actually avoiding me!

Did he skipped this to go and meet up with Hoseok?! Aaaarrrrghhhhh!!


Next day

Lunch time ended and Jimin entered back to class. He sat down and looked over at Yoongi's desk.

It was empty.

"Yoongi isn't here today." A boy from his class said to another boy.

"He was also not here for the first and second period."

"Could it be, perhaps.."

"What, what?"

"Maybe, he's meeting up with that boy he's always texting with? I think they are going out!"

"Yes!! I also think that they're together!" If that's what really happened.. he's the worst.

Ahhh why do I need to get depressed over this, really. Just do what you want! I don't care anymore!

"Jimin." He turned his head and saw Jungkook standing next to him.

"Oh, Jungkook! What's wrong?"

"Can you please do me a big favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, I was going to visit Yoongi after school today. But something really urgent came and I can't go. Yoongi has a cold right now and also a bit of a fever, so I bought some medicines for him." H-he's sick? "So, could you please go to his place and give him the medicine I bought? He gave me a spare key to his house yesterday when I visited him so that I could go there today, but something came up. So here it is." Jungkook handed Jimin the key.

"O-Okay, I'll take them."

"Thank you so much!! I'm counting on you then." He walked away and sat on his desk.

So he didn't come today because he was sick.. I feel bad right now for jumping to conclusions. And another thing, DID I JUST AGREE TO GO TO HIS HOUSE?!

Jungkook smiled to his self. Hehehehe! My plan worked! He thought.


After school, Jimin walked up to Yoongi's house.

Ahhh I'm so nervous!!

Jimin slowly opened the front door, trying not to make such noise. He tiptoed to the kitchen and left the bag with medicines on the table. I need to be quiet so I won't wake him up. If he waked up because I came over and avoids me, that would be extremely awkward.

Before coming here, Jimin bought a bouquet of flowers to place them in the altar room for Yoongi's mother. He slowly walked up to the room and opened the door.

As he stepped inside, his eyes widened in surprise.

Yoongi was there, sleeping on the cold floor.

What is he doing.. He shouldn't be sleeping here if he has a cold, geez.

Jimin slowly walked up to him and knelt down beside him.

"Yoon-" Jimin stopped when he noticed a tear on his eye.

D-Did he cry?

Jimin looked up to the altar and saw the picture of his mother.

When I think about him lying in this room and crying like this, the pain becomes unbearable. It doesn't matter how much time has passed, this is a sadness that won't ever go away..

Suddenly, Yoongi started coughing and turned his body around facing Jimin. His eyes opened slightly but quickly grew wide open.

"GYAAAAA!!" Yoongi quickly sat up and covered his mouth with sweater paws, turning his head away from Jimin.

"I-I'm sorry to scare you. Jungkook asked me to come here and bring you some medicine. He had something urgent to do, so.." Jimin looked at Yoongi. "Why aren't you saying anything? Y-You don't want to talk to me anymore?" Yoongi turned his head to look at Jimin, he's still covering his mouth.

"I'll pass on my cold.." What, is he red right now because of the cold or..

Jimin took a shirt from his bag and rolled it around his head to cover his mouth.

"It'll be fine like this." Jimin moved closer to him, taking his arm to help him stand up. "Come on, you should be sleeping on the bed. Not on the floor." Yoongi shook his arm, letting go from Jimin's grip.

"I'm not a baby, I can go by myself." He stood up and started walking, wobbling from side to side out of the room.

Yeah, a baby is much cuter!!


Jimin followed Yoongi behind to the kitchen.

"Do you want me to make you a soup or something?" Jimin asked.

"I'm fine."

"Are you sur-"

"Yesterday.. I'm sorry for making you go by yourself to the committee meeting. I think I already had a fever at that time. Even sending that text message was tiring." Then, the brusque text was because of that, and also, he didn't talk to me because he didn't want to pass on his cold. Geez, this idiot. "I'm okay, you can go home now. You can leave the keys in the mail box." He started walking upstairs to his bedroom. "And.. thanks for bringing the medicine."

"It's fine, take care."


Yoongi entered his bedroom and closed the door behind him.

He leaned his back against the door, and slowly slid down, ending up sitting on the floor. He looked down as his face flushed.



Jimin entered the altar room again and placed the flowers that he bought.

Yoongi's sadness isn't going to disappear, and Hoseok isn't going to help him fade his scars at all..

If it's like this, the time that finally started moving for Yoongi will stop again.

You should not be with Hoseok, Yoongi. I want to see your bright gummy smile again, just like that time during the summer.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow after school, I will talk to Hoseok.


Next day

After school, Jimin walked up to the train station and waited for Hoseok. I hope he comes today. He looked through the crowd that got in and out of the trains and the ones that are walking. Ahhh, I'm really scared and nervous to confront him.

At that moment, Jimin's eyes caught a familiar face.

It's him! I finally found him!! What should I do? I'm scared but..

"Hoseok!" As he heard his name being called, he turned to face Jimin.

"Oh, Jimin? Were you looking for me?"

"Yes. Actually, I need to talk to you. Can we talk somewhere else? It's full of people here and it's really noisy."



Jimin and Hoseok walked up to a nearby park.

"So, what is it?" Ehh, what's the best way to start.. "About Yoongi, right? What is it?" Jimin looked at him in the eyes.

"I want you to let Yoongi go."

"Let him go..?"

"I hope you won't force him to stay tied down. I sympathies with your circumstances, but Yoongi finally started to move forward. And whenever he's with you, he remembers and brought back to that painful past again. That's why-"

"No, because I don't have anyone else but him." Hoseok paused before continuing, "You also like Yoongi, right?"

"Huh? What do you mean by 'you also', you like Yoongi..?"

"Yes, I've always like him. But I kept it as a secret because if I told him that I still like him, then I thought that he would definitely not talk to me." He continued, "It's fine that the reason he is with me right now is for sympathy or whatever. I want Yoongi no matter what. If that's the way to achieve it, I will use it whatever I can." Jimin's eyes grew big at his words. "If the positions were reversed, you would do the same thing I'm doing, right?"

"I.. I-"

"Why are you doubting? If your feelings are like that, then even more so you're the one who should give up! No matter what kind of method you use, if you are not certain that you want him, then give up!!" Jimin froze there. He couldn't say anything. "You came here to talk to me, not because of Yoongi, but because of your own sake right? Since he chose me, you are disappointed, desperately looking a reason to blame me and you just came to bitch me about it, right?!" Hoseok's eyes started to get teary. "You're deluded into thinking that his time will stop if he's with me. Don't force yourself on me!!" He turned around and started walking away.

As Jimin watched him fade into the distance, he felt his eyes rolling down his cheeks.

'You came here to talk to me, not because of Yoongi, but because of your own sake right?' Perhaps.. that's true. Perhaps that it's true that it's not for his sake that he shouldn't be with him, I don't have any proof.

More and more tears fell down from Jimin's eyes.

It's just my delusion..


The next day Jimin arrived to school and entered the classroom. He looked over at Yoongi's desk.

He was there.

"Oh, Yoongi! You're here today! Are you over your cold?" A boy asked him.

"Yes, I'm feeling much better."

I wonder if Hoseok told Yoongi about yesterday, making a complete fool of myself.

Yoongi's eyes shifted to Jimin.

"Oh, Jimin." Jimin quickly turned around avoiding him, pretending that he didn't hear anything. I can't face him, how embarrassing! I'm conceited and selfish. "Hey-"

"Okay, everyone sit down. Class is now starting." Mr. Kim said.

Yoongi walked back to his seat.

Uff, just in time.


It was lunch time. Jimin walked by his self to the canteen as Taehyung had to stay in class to catch up with some homework.

The corridor was empty. Suddenly, he saw someone walking towards his direction from afar. Oh no, this is awkward.

As both of them walked closer and closer to each other, Jimin tried to avoid making eye contact with him. Jimin tried to walk pass him, but before he could walk any further, Yoongi pressed his hand against the wall, stopping him. Trapped between the wall and Yoongi, Jimin's eyes grew at his action. He turned to look at him, Yoongi is staring deeply at him.

"After getting mad at me and asking if 'I don't want to talk', what's going on? What do you want me to do?" Yoongi placed his hands on Jimin's shoulders and turned Jimin's whole body to face him. "Just say so if you don't want to talk anymore, I won't approach you anymore." Jimin stared at him.

Even if you're with Hoseok, I see that you're fine. It's just that my heart doesn't want to admit that. Disappointed, miserable, restless.. what am I doing? He chose to stay by Hoseok's side, so there isn't really anything I can do anymore.

"It's okay, I was wrong."

"Wrong about what?"

"No, no, it's fine." Jimin took Yoongi's hands off on his shoulders and moved away from him.

"Hah? What are you saying?" Jimin walked away without answering, but then he suddenly stopped.

Actually.. there's one more thing I can do.

He turned around to face him again.

I still haven't told him 'I like you' to his face..

Yoongi met Jimin's eyes again, confused.

"Yoongi, what's that on your shirt?" Yoongi looked down at his shirt.


"I like you." Yoongi's eyes widened at Jimin's words. He quickly lifted his head to look at him. "Yoongi, I like you." Yoongi froze. "So I want you to reject me properly, to end this, so that I could move forward." There was a long silence. Yoongi's expression turned gloomy and rejected. As Jimin looked through his eyes, he felt the emptiness inside Yoongi.

"Yes, I can't go out with you." if the words Yoongi spoke, weren't really what he was feeling inside.

Jimin smiled up at him.

"Aaaaahhhh, so this is the end. Thank you, with this we are already just classmates. So.. I'll still talk to you from now on." Yoongi's expression remained serious as he stared at Jimin. "Then, see you around." Jimin turned around and continued walking away.

Yoongi continued looking at Jimin until he disappeared from his sight.

At that moment, his phone started ringing. His expression darkened immediately just by hearing that sound again. He took the phone out of his pocket and stared at it. His eyes narrowed furiously and his hand clenched in frustration.

Aggressively and with all of his strength, Yoongi started throwing his phone against the wall until it broke into pieces.


School finished and Jimin walked up to his locker with Taehyung.

Suddenly, Jimin saw Namjoon and one of his friends approaching him.

"Oh, Namjoon!" Jimin greeted.


"What are you up to?"

"Well, actually, I wanted to invite you to come over to our band practice today. Taehyung can come too, of course."

"Really? Well, I'm free today. What about you Taehyung?"

"Me too!"

"Yay! Then we're coming!" Namjoon smiled brightly at Jimin.


"Ufff, I'm so full! Thank you for the food!" Jungkook said cheerfully.

Yoongi laid down on his bed.

"That's okay." Jungkook sat on the sofa.

"So, continuing the conversation we had before. If you rejected Jimin, then did you come to like Hoseok?"

"No, we are not like that."

"Then what are you going to do if Hoseok asks you to go out with Jimin?" Yoongi turned his self around, facing the wall, giving his back to Jungkook. Ignoring me, huh. Jungkook thought. Jungkook's gaze traveled under the bed, where he saw the box will all of Yoongi's books from Junior School. He didn't hesitate and took the specific notebook that he read before. He started looking through at it until he found the page he was looking for. "Is it okay if Namjoon and Jimin get closer to each other? I saw them leaving school together today."

"Isn't it okay? I told you that I ended things with him."

"Idiot! Don't say that you ended things with her! Then what is this?!" Yoongi turned his head around to peak at him. Jungkook held the notebook in front of Yoongi's face, showing him the page where Jimin's name was written in it with lots of hearts around it. Yoongi sat up in a flash.

"Yaaa! Stop looking through my things!!!"

"I understand how you feel too, bu the death of Hoseok's father is not your fault!! It's no one's fault!!" Yoongi's eyes narrowed. He opened his mouth to speak, but quickly closed it again, not saying a single word. Jungkook stared at him, annoyed. "Say it!! What you were about to say just now!!"

"Even if it's you, this conversation is impossible! No matter how I say it, it doesn't make any sense!"

"Just say it already!"

"If I was in your place, I'd probably say the same thing. But if you were in my place, you'd probably do the same as me." Yoongi looked intensely at Jungkook. "If you.. If you knew this feeling, you wouldn't be able to refuse to help. Even though I don't know if what I'm doing is right, there are things you have to do even if you're not sure about it!"

"Don't pretend!! Not thinking of your own happiness and supporting others, don't be so conceited!!' Yoongi turned his head away from him.

"Go home already, stupid."

"Yeah, yeah. Going already, idiot." Jungkook took his bag and headed to the door. Before closing the door behind him, he stopped. "Get it through your head that it's not anyone's fault. Don't force sympathy. Don't comfort that way." He closed the door behind him and left.

"AARRGGGGHHHH!!!!!" Yoongi screamed in frustration while throwing his self on the bed and started kicking it irritatingly.


"Woohooo!! That was amazing!!" Jimin said and he and Taehyung clapped for them. Namjoon smiled shyly at Jimin.

"Sorry guys, but I have to go. I've got a part time job now." Seokjin said.

"Oh! That reminds me, I needed to go home earlier today! I'll be going too then, sorry Jimin!" Taehyung said.

"That's okay, take care!" Jimin waved goodbye. Both of them left the room.

Namjoon looked at Jimin.

"I guess we can' practice anymore then.."

"Yeah, I think I'll be going too then."

"I'll walk you to the station."

"Oh, you don't need to. It's fine."

"I want to."


Namjoon and Jimin walked together to the station.

"It's going to take a while for the train to come, let's sit down." They walked up to a bench and sat down.

"I feel like your atmosphere has changed, or rather it's changing to somewhat a more adult-ish feeling."

"Hehehe, yes. I'm trying to act a bit more mature and feminine."

"Why try being feminine? Why did you want to be more.. like that?" Namjoon looked at Jimin. "Is it for.. Yoongi?" Jimin smiled to his self.

"You found out after all.. my feelings for him. I got rejected, that's why I wanted to make him feel frustrated by becoming more feminine."


"I'm weird, aren't I?" Jimin clenched his fists on the top of his thighs and lowered his head. "In the end, I went to get rejected to be able to move forward."


"What am I supposed to do? Even though I thought my heart would become free once I got rejected, it's not free at all."


"Even now, I'm still attached to Yoongi like an idiot. I don't know how to face forward, what do I have to do for it?" As he was looking down at his fists, Jimin noticed someone kneeling in front of him. Surprised, he lifted his head. Namjoon's lips curved in a sweet smile.

"You're finally facing me." Jimin's eye grew. "Jimin, the way you are now is already fine. You don't need to change for someone like him. Facing forward like you are doing now, you are perfect this way." Jimin stayed silent, looking up at him. "It's really no good unless I'm direct.." Namjoon gently took Jimin's hands on his, Namjoon's eyes were glowing. "Jimin.. I like you." Jimin's eyes widened in surprise. "I like you." He kept staring at Namjoon, not knowing what to say.

"S-sorry, it's the first time I've been told something like this, so I'm not sure what to say.." Jimin felt his face getting hotter. "I didn't know about your feelings at all, and I haven't thought of you in that way."

"Well, of course. Because up until now, you've been only looking at Yoongi." Namjoon tightened the grip on his hands. "That's why starting from today, be aware of me. Little by little is fine, so look at me. I want you to really know me." To think that, there's someone telling me they like me this way.. "Don't feel rushed. Think about it and when you're ready, give me your answer." Somehow, I almost feel like crying.


"Oh no!" Jimin said.

"What's wrong?" Taehyung asked.

"I think I left my purse at the toilet, I'll be back!" Jimin rushed out of the classroom so fast that he bumped into someone as he left the room. "Ouch.."

"Watch where you're walking.."

"Y-Yoongi! I'm sorry!" Jimin looked at him. "Oh my god, on your shirt, by your chest area.."

"Huh?" Yoongi looked down at his shirt. His eyes grew when he saw the mark of Jimin's red lipstick on his shirt. "Waaa- what's this?!" Yoongi's face became redder. Jimin couldn't hold his chuckle. "Yaaa! It's not funny!" He placed his hand behind Jimin's head, bringing it closer while the other hand started rubbing off the lipstick out of Jimin's lips. "Something like that isn't decent, so quit it! And as I said before, it doesn't suit you! Stuuuuupid." Yoongi let go of him and walked out to clean the mark of his shirt.

Yaaa! What's up with him? He didn't have to say it like that.


It was lunch time, Yoongi asked Jungkook if they could meet up and he was waiting for him.

"I'm here."

"Thanks for coming.."

"It's all good."

"First of all, I'm sorry about the other night. I said things I shouldn't have said."

"Me too, sorry for calling you an idiot and screaming at you.."

"Don't be sorry, you had the right to do it because you were right." Jungkook stared at Yoongi, confused. "I've been thinking a lot about what you told me and about all this situation in general.." He continued, "Before getting involved with Hoseok, Jimin made me feel as if all the hardships I was suffering from were lifted off me. I started seeing life with better eyes and with a better attitude. Thanks to him, I started smiling more often." He paused for a moment and continued, "However, since I've been with Hoseok, I've been reminded every single day of my mother. And that engulfed me again in depression and sadness." He paused again, " But somehow, it made me feel secure knowing that I could support someone else who was suffering. So thinking about it now, I think that deciding to stay by Hoseok's side was only for my sake. I've been really selfish. I've realized that this kind of behavior, isn't right at all." Jungkook gave him a satisfied smile.

"You are finally thinking things through, so what's going to happen to Hoseok?"

"I'll talk to him properly about it. I don't want to mess up anything anymore."

"So can you now face your feelings for Jimin? Can you confidently say you like him now?" Yoongi blushed nervously.

"I'll definitely let him know properly."

"That's the best you could do right now. But regarding that, you gotta hurry and explain that to him. Because if you don't do it soon, you will lose him to Namjoon." Jungkook placed his hand on Yoongi's shoulder in reassurance. "Go and win him back."


"So that's it for today. There will be another committee meeting after this, so all members please go now." Sr. Seokjin said.

Yoongi quickly walked up to Jimin.

"Jimin, let's go."


Since when was he so enthusiastic about a meeting..?


Both of them entered the meeting, it didn't start yet.

Yoongi sat down and tapped the chair next to him with his hand, telling Jimin to sit down beside him. Jimin confusedly looked at him. Weird.. He sat on the chair.

At that moment, Namjoon entered the meeting room. Oh! Namjoon is here too!

Their eyes met. Namjoon's cheeks quickly flushed, remembering his confession. But he gave Jimin a sweet smile that his cute dimples showed while waving at him. Jimin smiled and waved back in return.

"You better keep your eyes to the front, the meeting just started." Yoongi coldly said. Huh, now you care about it?!


"So this brings our meeting to an end."

Jimin started packing up his things when Namjoon walked up to him.

"Jimin, I have something I would like to talk to you about."

"Sure, what is it?" Namjoon looked at Yoongi who was standing next to Jimin. "Oh Yoongi, you can head back to the classroom first. See you tomorrow." Yoongi stared at Jimin silently for a while.

"Okay." Yoongi turned around and left.

"So, what did you want to tell me?" Jimin looked at him, he could feel Namjoon's embarrassment.

"A-Are you free this weekend? If you are, then do you want to go out and have some fun?" Jimin's eyes grew in surprise. "I just really want to spend some time with you. And with this, you can also get to know me better." Jimin's face flushed slightly. "B-But you don't have to force yourself! If you think it'd be awkward just the two of us, you can ask Taehyung to join us, I will tell my friend Seokjin as well."

"Then, is it okay if I ask him and let you know later?" Namjoon's smile brightened.

"Yeah! Of course!"


Namjoon really is a nice guy..

Jimin returned to his classroom to wait for Taehyung to also finish his meeting.

As Jimin stepped inside, he noticed someone else in there. He looked at Jimin as he entered.

"Oh, why are you still here?" Jimin asked Yoongi.

"I'm waiting for Jungkook."

"Did you guys made plans to go somewhere?"

"Umm.. y-yeah!"

"I'm waiting for Taehyung too.." Jimin walked up to his desk, putting away all of his things.

"What were you talking about?"


"Just now, with Namjoon." Eh? Did he actually just asked me about it? Jimin spoke sarcastically.

"Why? Do you actually care about it?" As if..

"Yeah, I do." Huh? Jimin quickly looked at him. Yoongi was staring at him seriously.

"Sorry I'm late Jimin! We were discussing about next month's trip!" Taehyung suddenly walked inside.

"O-Oh! That's fine!" Jungkook entered too.

"Yoongi? Haven't you gone home yet?"

"How slow are you? I waited for you for so long!"

"Really? O-Okay, wait I'll get my stuff." Jungkook got his stuff and both of them quickly walked out.

Didn't he said they had plans? It doesn't look like that at all.

Yoongi has been acting strange today..

"By the way, Namjoon wanted to hang out with us next weekend. Are you free? I think his friend, Seokjin is coming too."

"You know that I'm always free!"


Jimin walked out of school and headed to the train station.

Yoongi was acting really strange today..

Ahhhhhhhh!! Why do I keep thinking about him?! He already rejected me, I need to get him out of my head!!

It suddenly rained really heavily. What's with this rain all of a sudden?! Shelter, shelter!


Oh this place again..

Jimin ran up to it and hid under the roof.

As he stood there, he noticed someone through the corner of his eye.


Both of them looked at each other, surprised filled their faces. Who would've thought that we would meet again here..

Yoongi took a shirt from his bag and threw it at Jimin. "You'll catch a cold, use it to dry yourself."

"Again with the shirt you've already worn?"

"I've worn it twice. And I've already wiped myself off with it too."

"YAAA! Then don't give me this kind of thing! It's useless if it's already wet!!" He threw the shirt back at Yoongi. He caught it in the air and quickly walked up to Jimin. He placed it on his head and started rubbing it to dry his hair.

"At least it's better than nothing!"

"Gyaaa!! Fine, fine!! Stop it already!" Yoongi continued rubbing it on his hair. Jimin placed his hand on Yoongi's, trying to stop him. He slid the shirt behind his head, taking it off. "I can do it myself!!" As Jimin looked up at him, he realized how close their face were. They stared at each other, Jimin's eyes widened. Time seemed to stop every time their eyes met.

Suddenly, Jimin heard a branch cracking. He turned his head towards that direction. It came from a bush. It suddenly started rustling, and making weird noises.

"W-W-W-WHAT IS THAT?!" Scared and without thinking, Jimin hugged Yoongi tightly in fear. Yoongi also hugged him back, also startled.

Then a cat casually walked out of the bush.

"DON'T SCARE ME YOU LITTLE CAT!! HOW DESPICABLE!!" Jimin let go of Yoongi. "Ah.. that scared me." But Yoongi didn't let go of him. "Hey, what's the matter? You can let go of me now." He tightened his hug, bringing Jimin closer to him.

"I don't want to.."

"Yoongi, you've been acting really strange today. Do you know what you're doing to someone you've already rejected?" Yoongi didn't answer and kept hugging him. Jimin bought his hands to his chest and pushed Yoongi away from him. "LET GO OF ME!!" Both of them stared at each other. "It's hard for you to see someone who has always liked you to move further away from you, isn't it right? Even if you have no intentions of liking me back, you still want me to continue on liking you, isn't that what you want?!" He continued, "Don't take me for an idiot even if it's me. If you think that I'll always like you like this, then you are terribly mistaken!" Jimin didn't give him any time to answer. He turned around and ran away.

Yoongi stared at Jimin as he ran under the rain, passing his hand through his hair, concerned.


Jimin arrived at his house, soaking. He took a warm shower and headed to his bedroom.


Yoongi got home after the rain calmed down and walked up to his bedroom.


Jimin took his phone and called Namjoon.


Yoongi took his phone and called Hoseok.


"Hi, Namjoon! Yeah, I'm free this weekend."


"Hoseok, we need to talk."

Chapter Text

"Hoseok, we need to talk."

"Sure, what is it?"

"No, not on the phone. I want to talk in person, it's important." Hoseok hesitated before answering.

"I-I'm a bit busy right now. I'll call you back when I'm free."

"I see, I'll be waiting for your call then. Bye."


Hoseok hanged up, his expression is growing anxious.

"W-Why does he want to talk? I have a bad feeling about this.. C-Could it be, that something happened to Jimin..?"


Next morning..

Jimin entered school and walked up to his locker. He was getting his books when someone spoke behind him.

"Good morning." That voice..


Jimin's thoughts flashed back to the day before, remembering how Yoongi hugged him while taking shelter from the rain. Jimin turned around, annoyed.

Tsk, he did such a thing yesterday and yet he talks to me normally? Who does he think he is?

"Are you mad about what happened yesterday?"

"Of course I am! Do you think you can do things with me whatever you want?!" Oh no, I sounded too harsh. Jimin quickly cleared his throat. "F-Fine, I get it. I'll forget about what happened, so just apologize." Yoongi stared at him before answering.

"I don't want to apologize." Eh? Yoongi left Jimin there with an open mouth and walked away.

W-W-Why??!! Why do you always say things that would make my heart flutter? I'm trying to cut ties with you so hard, you know?! It's not fair!


After school..

Hoseok waited at the train station, sitting down on one of the benches. Yoongi wanted to talk, I'm scared. I came here to meet him, but I have a feeling that he's going to end this and I'm really anxious. Hoseok thought.

As he stared at the crown that's walking by, his eyes widened when he saw Jimin. He was talking on his phone and didn't noticed Hoseok. I forgot that Jimin comes to this station as well! But at least he's not with Yoongi, that's good.

As Hoseok watched Jimin walk by, he heard him talking on the phone.

"Oh, the place we'll meet on Sunday? An amusement park? Seoul Land! I love that place! That sounds good! Okay then, see you there. Bye Namjoon!"

Hoseok's lips curved in a smirk.

He instantly took his phone and called Yoongi.


"Hi Yoongi, I'm free this Sunday."



Namjoon, Seokjin, Taehyung and Jimin entered the park. All of them were really excited. Jimin looked up at Namjoon and he had his mouth wide open looking around him.

"Wow! This is amazing!!" Namjoon said cheerfully.

"Who wants to go on that big roller coaster?!" Taehyung asked.

"MEEEEE!!" Everyone screamed.

"LET'S GOOOOO!!!" Jimin said.

Everyone got on the roller coaster and many other attractions. Jimin kept on laughing and having lots of fun.


"Okay, which one now?" Jimin asked.

"Mhh, what about that one over there? What do you guys think?" Namjoon asked. There was no answer.

Both of them turned around. Taehyung and Seokjin weren't there.

"Huh? Where are they? Did they got lost?"

"I don't know.. I'm gonna try calling him." Namjoon called Seokjin but he didn't answer. "This is weird.." Then he got a text message. "Oh, it's him." He read it.



:Good luck on your own! Thank me later!


Namjoon's eyes grew in shock and his face quickly flushed.

"What? What's wrong?" Jimin asked and Namjoon quickly hid his phone.

"I-In the middle of all this crowd, t-they lost us. But they're fine."

"Oh well, I guess we have to be separated for now until we find them."



Yoongi waited outside for Hoseok.

It's good that he contacted my but.. why would he want to meet here? Anyways, I need to tell him as soon as he comes. Yoongi thought.

"Yoongi!!!" Hoseok ran towards him.

"Ah, Hoseok-"

"Let's go!"


"I already paid the tickets! Come on, hurry hurry! It's fun! Let's go!"

"Wait-" Hoseok started running towards the entrance and walked inside. Yoongi followed him from behind.


Hoseok kept walking around the park really fast.

"Hoseok! Wait up! Hoseok!!!"

I don't know if we'll run into them on such a big park, and I really don't know what will happen if we do bumped into them. But as long as there's that possibility.. Hoseok thought.


Jimin walked around the park with Namjoon. Jimin looked up at him.

Namjoon is taller than Yoongi, and as opposed to him, he definitely won't tease me. When our eyes meet, he always smiles, unlike Yoongi.. And Yoongi-

Ahhhhh!! Why do I keep comparing him with Yoongi?! I'm going out with Namjoon today!

As Jimin shifted his eyes to look back around the park, his eyes grew wide in shock as he noticed Yoongi and Hoseok walking together. Jimin's feet stopped moving. He stood there in the middle of the crowd, looking at them. They were all he could see. Namjoon noticed it.

I guess Yoongi's really going out with Hoseok, I already knew that and yet I still feel like this..

Namjoon walked up to Jimin, standing in front of him.

"Jimin, we might get separated. So can I hold your hand?" Namjoon gave him a sweet smile. Looking at his innocent and beautiful smile with his cute dimples showing up, his eyes started tearing up.

"Namjoon, I'm a horrible person. I've been together with you all day and yet I kept on thinking of another guy.." Tears started falling down at Jimin's cheeks in frustration and anger. "I'm awful! I really have no right to be treated so kindly by you, I have no right to be loved by yo-" Namjoon suddenly hugged him tightly, cutting Jimin's words. Namjoon brought Jimin's head to his chest, hiding Jimin's tears.

"Don't say that! I already knew that from the start. No matter who is in your heart right now, I won't lose. So you don't have to say those things." He slowly stroked Jimin's hair. "Things like that, all of them.. I accept all of those things."


Yoongi kept walking behind Hoseok.

"Hoseok, stop already!! I have something important to tell you!" Hoseok suddenly stopped, a smile forming on his lips. "You know-"

"Yoongi, isn't that your friend from school there?" He pointed at Jimin. Yoongi followed the direction with his gaze. His eyes grew wide open in shock. He saw Namjoon hugging Jimin tightly. His eyes quickly narrowed, feeling his body burning inside.

Yoongi looked back at Hoseok and saw him smirking. He harshly took his arm and pulled him, walking away.


As the crowd walked passed Namjoon and Jimin, they couldn't help but stare at both of them hugging.

"I feel like everyone is watching us.." Namjoon said.

"I know what you mean." Jimin chuckled. Namjoon let go of him and gently took his hand. Jimin's tears stopped and he looked up and smiled sweetly to Namjoon.

"It's good that you're smiling now." Namjoon flashed him a smile in return. "Are you hungry? Let's go get some food." Both of them started walking together, they're holding each other's hand.

Gradually, slowly but surely, I'm starting to realize that I'll be able to like him. I know it.


Yoongi took Hoseok away from the crown and sat him on a bench.

I just wanted Jimin to see us together, bu what happened is even better. No matter how much Yoongi likes him, this will hurt him and he should like Jimin less. Hoseok thought.

Yoongi stared at him.

"You already knew, didn't you? That Jimin would be here."

"Huh? How would I know?"

"Come on, you asked me to come here of all places. You knew." Yoongi's eyes saddened and he lowered his gaze. "But this is my fault for leading you on and giving you false hopes, I'm sorry." He then met Hoseok's eyes again with determination. "However, I've decided on what I'm going to do." Hoseok's voice trembled.


"I can't stay by your side anymore."

"W-What? Why? You saw that too, right? You can't get between them now, it doesn't matter that you only think about him. You know that it's useless to try! Are you going to leave me alone?!"

"I'm sorry. I already made up my mind, and I won't change what I decided."


As soon as Yoongi got home, he called Jungkook.

"Hellooo! I've been waiting for your call all day! So tell me, tell me, how did it go? Did you tell Hoseok?" Yoongi paused before answering.

"Namjoon has taken Jimin away from me. Just when I finally ended things with Hoseok."

"What did Hoseok say?"

"He told me that it was useless to try and get Jimin, to just stay with him, to think about what I was doing.."


"I spent a long time trying not to hurt Hoseok and now I hurted him. What a heartless guy I am.. But, despite that, I'm not going to regret my decision."


"Are you not going to say 'I told you so'? It all turned out exactly as you say it would."

"Hah, you've just had too much of my wisdom. You're spoiled." Both of them chuckled. Yoongi then spoke again, seriously.

"I thought it would be easy.."

"What do you mean?"

"I thought it would be easy to forget about Jimin, but I was wrong. It's not easy at all.. I can't forget him." Jungkook kept quiet, startled by Yoongi's words. "Ahhhh, I don't want to give him to Namjoon." He sighed, feeling frustrated.

"When you rejected Jimin, you did it because if he was your boyfriend and you were still close to Hoseok, Jimin would feel really bad and uncomfortable right?"

"That's right, I didn't want to go out with him because I knew that I'm going to hurt him." Jungkook sighed.

"Yoongi.. you're not heartless. You're the complete opposite. You care too much about people and how they would feel. So don't ever put yourself down. Now, go and fight for Jimin." Yoongi's lips curved in a smile.

"Thank you.."


Next day

"Jimin, I have to go to the event committee meeting. Wait for me, it won't take long!" Taehyung said.

"Okay, I'll wait for you in the classroom!"


"I have to go to the committee meeting, it's about next month's school trip! Wait here 'til I finish." Jungkook said.

"Oh okay, I'll wait." Yoongi said and Jungkook left the classroom.

As soon as he left, someone else stepped inside.

Yoongi turned his head and saw Jimin entering the classroom.

"Oh, are you also waiting for them to finish the meeting?" Jimin asked.

"Yeah.." Jimin walked over to his desk and sat down. Even though we are alone together, I'm surprisingly calm..

"The school trip is in Daegu, right? Maybe we are going near to where you used to live.

"Yes, I think it's going to be quite close." He's calm too..

Seeing him with Hoseok made me realized how it really is, my last hopes and misunderstandings were all blown away. Maybe, just maybe. That my heart accepted the reality with Yoongi. I was finally convinced myself that it's an unrequited love.. well nearly. But at least I know now that it won't hurt me forever.

"Jimin, do you have some needle and threat that I could borrow?"

"You're lucky that I'm well prepared and I have a sewing kit in my bag." He took it from his bag and walked up to Yoongi. "Here."


"Oh, did you lose a button?"


"Maybe I could sew it for you if you treat me a drink?" Yoongi chuckled.

"That's okay. I can do it by myself, thanks though."

"Jimin, are you here?" Jimin turned around to look at the door and saw Namjoon peeking inside the classroom. "Oh, you are here-" His smile faded when he noticed Yoongi inside the room. They stared at each other, narrowing their eyes. "Jimin, would you like to walk home with me?"

"Huh? Oh, but I'm waiting for Taehyung.."

"I'm here!!" Taehyung entered the classroom. "Don't worry Jimin, you can go with him."

"Really? Then I'll go." Jimin took his bag and walked up to Namjoon, giving him a smile. "Let's go!" Before Jimin could even take a step, he felt a strong grip on his arm, holding him back. He turned around. "Yoongi?"

"W-What about your needle?"

"What about it? When you are done using it, just put it on my table."

"B-But, that's dangerous right?"

"Eh, then take it home and give it back to me tomorrow." Yoongi lowered his gaze, looking at his hand that's holding him tightly.

"Okay.." He slowly released his grip on Jimin's arm. Namjoon didn't take his eyes off Yoongi.

"Jimin, let's go." Namjoon said.

"Yeah.." What's up with Yoongi, he always does things like that but they're always meaningless. Yeah, that was meaningless..

Namjoon and Jimin left.

What the hell was this all about?! Could it be that.. Yoongi actually.. Taehyung thought.

"W-Well, I'm going too. See you!" Taehyung quickly left.

Yoongi pressed his head against the wall and started hitting it in frustration.

I should've just let him do the button for me, shit! Yoongi thought.


Jimin walked with Namjoon.

"Uhh, it's getting cold!" Namjoon looked at him. He took off his scarf and gently rolled it around Jimin's neck.

"I'll buy you a hot drink to warm you up, wait here!"

"Eh, you don't need-" He quickly left before Jimin could finish his sentence. He smiled to his self while feeling the warmth of Namjoon's scarf. He's so kind and warm.. He always makes me feel at ease.. He always takes good care of me.. He always- Jimin suddenly felt two arms embracing him from behind. "N-Namjoon.." Namjoon lowered his head, placing it on Jimin's shoulder.

"Sorry, I don't want to rush you. But I've reached my limit." He turned Jimin around to face him. "The answer to my confession, could you tell me now?" Eh..? To go out with Namjoon or not.. I should give him a clear answer. There are just too many things in my mind. Jimin lowered his head, thinking. "Am I not good enough?" He quickly lifted his head up again, shaking it.

"No, no! It's not like that!" Ahhhh, I can't think straight right now. Um..

"Do you still like Yoongi?" I guess, I'll tell him what's on my mind.

"When I saw Yoongi and Hoseok together with my own eyes, reality kinda hit me. But it doesn't mean that I can forget so soon. It will take some time to forget everything, and I can'r also let you wait for me either, so.."

"So be my boyfriend." Eh? Did he listen to what I just said? He smiled at Jimin. "Like I've said, I won't lose. Even if someone else is in your heart right now, it's okay." Jimin stared up at him. "I will never let you feel insecure or cry. Jimin.. be yourself, and choose me." His voice is gentle and calm.. "I'll make you think of me only, until you've completely forgotten about Yoongi." ..while his words are strong. "I really mean it." He took Jimin's hand on his'. "So, will you go out with me?"


Yoongi and Jungkook walked together.

"You're worried about how Namjoon and Jimin left together today. That's why you asked me to walk with you around here, right?" Jungkook said.

"W-Was it that obvious.."

"You're not even sure if they're around here.."

"Ah! Jimin!"

"Huh? Really? Where, where!"

"Oh, never mind.. It's not him." He looked down in disappointment.

"Hahaha! You can be cute sometimes, you know?" Yoongi blushed.

"I just thought that he was Jimin, okay? You're annoying."


Namjoon stared at Jimin, waiting for his answer. Jimin smiled up at him, his cheeks flushed.

"Okay, please take care of me!" Jimin said. Namjoon's eyes widened while showing his beautiful dimple smile.

"Yes! I will treasure you!"

"Ahhh, this embarrassing. Really embarrassing.." He covered his face while flushing even more. Namjoon embraced him in another warm hug.

"Geez, I'm so happy that I won't be able to sleep tonight." When you say things like that, I feel at ease.. Winter has begun, but my heart feels very warm.


"In the end, we didn't see Jimin.." Jungkook said.

"Yeah, sorry about that." They started walking back home. "I wanted to end things with Hoseok first, but I think that was a mistake.."

"You mean, for confessing..?"

"Yeah, I think I should've told him today. Right now, it may already be too late.."


Next day

"Eh?! With Namjoon?!" Taehyung shouted.

"Yes, we are going out now.."

"Waaaaa! Really?" I feel bad for Yoongi, but Jimin had chosen Namjoon. I don't want to bring hip up, but.. Taehyung thought. "Does this mean that you like Namjoon like how you like Yoongi?"

"Well, my feelings for them are definitely different. But when I'm with Namjoon, I feel really warm and comfortable. He makes me feel at ease."

"I see.." If that's how Jimin feels, then I don't mind. As long as he's happy. "Congratulations!" Jimin smiled up at Taehyung.

"Thank you!" It'd Yoongi's fault for being slow.. Taehyung thought.


Yoongi peaked inside the class. Huh, his stuff are not here.. did he go home already? He went outside. Oh, Taehyung is there. But he's not with Jimin. Yoongi quickly ran up to him.

"Taehyung!" Taehyung turned around.

"Oh Yoongi, what's up?"

"Well, uhm.. Today, were you with Jimin?"

"Do you need something from him?"

"No, um.." I can't tell Taehyung that I was planning on confessing.. Umm, something else.. something else, ah! I know! "I borrowed something from him, I need to give it back." Taehyung looked up at Yoongi seriously.

"Jimin is with his boyfriend.." Yoongi's eyes widened in shock and his whole body froze. His voice trembled.

"W-What did you say?"

"He decided to go out with Namjoon." Yoongi clenched his fists tightly, trying to calm his self.

"A-A-Ah, I see.." Even if you are panicking right now, it's too late, idiot. Taehyung thought. "So.. he went home already?"

"No, they are at the library. Studying for exa-" He quickly disappeared before Taehyung could finish. It's too late now, idiot.


Jimin were looking through the books when he suddenly noticed someone standing outside the window. He looked at that person. Yoongi? What is he doing here? He walked up to the window. He placed his hand against the glass and came closer to it.

"What are you doing?" Jimin asked. Yoongi stared at him through the glass, his eyes were still wide from the shock. W-Why is he staring at me like that? Yoongi slowly moved up his hand placing it against Jimin's through the glass. Jimin's eyes widened. They stared at each other without saying anything.

Jimin suddenly heard steps coming towards him, and he quickly took his hand off the window. Yoongi kept staring at him as Jimin moved further away from him. Namjoon walked towards Jimin and noticed Yoongi outside. He walked up to the window and opened it.

"Do you need something?" Namjoon asked. Yoongi stared at him and then lowered his head.

"I uh, forgot to return this to Jimin." He took the sewing kit out of his bag.

"Ah that's right, thank you.." Yoongi extended his hands towards Jimin to hand it back.

"I'll take it." Namjoon took it from his hand and handed it to Jimin.

"Well, sorry for interrupting.." Yoongi gave Jimin a last glance before leaving. Yoongi..? He stared at Yoongi as he walked away.

He suddenly felt a soft bump on his head as Namjoon brought his head towards his'.

"Are you worried?"

"H-He just seems different.. I'm not worried though." Namjoon flashed him a smile.

"Let's play a game."

"A game? Okay!"

"Turn around at 180 degrees." Jimin turned.


"Okay next, close your eyes."

"Alright." He closed his eyes. "What do I do know?"

"Just stay still."


"This game.. is to only make you think of me." Jimin suddenly felt Namjoon's lips that's pressed against his'. He opened his eyes in shock. Namjoon parted his lips only to look at him and kissed him again. He brought his around around Jimin's waist and pulled him closer. Namjoon's kiss wasn't rough at all, it was warm and sweet. He parted his lips again and stared at Jimin, Namjoon's face were flushing bright red. "I like you." Jimin stared up at him. When you say such things, it makes me feel so happy. "My face is probably really red right now and it's embarrassing.. But I want to tell you that, I like you." Right now.. "I like you very much." I honestly feel that I don't want to hurt him.. Embarrassed, Jimin smiled up at him. So from now one, I will continue on this calm, gentle love..


Exams were coming up soon, so Jimin studied really hard. However, it was really difficult to concentrate as his mind always recalled Namjoon's kiss. Yoongi always acted weird around Jimin, he laughs really loud whenever Jimin were with Namjoon and he's just walking pass through them. But Jimin didn't give it any importance.

And just in a few days, exams ended. The only thing that's left before Christmas holidays was the school trip to Daegu.


Jimin walked up to the train station with Namjoon.

"Ahhhh, I'm so glad that exams are already finished!" Jimin said.

"Yes! Finally, we are free!" A train arrived. "Oh, this is my train. But I want to stay longer with you.. Should I take the next one?"

"My train is coming next, so you'll be waiting alone here.."

"That's true. Well then, I'll call you later! See you on the school trip!"

"Yes!" Namjoon kissed Jimin on the cheek before leaving. Jimin's lips curved in a smile while his cheeks flushed slightly.


Jimin walked out of the train station and started heading home, it was already dark outside. As he looked up, he noticed someone walking a few steps in front on him.

"Ah-!" Jimin quickly covered his mouth. Shit, shit, shit please don't turn around. This is going to be so awkward.. The person slowly turned around.

"Oh, Jimin. Seems like we took the same train."

"Yeah.." Yoongi stopped walking, letting Jimin catch up to him. Ahhhh what should I do.. If I keep on walking behind him, it will be even more awkward! Jimin walked up to him and both of them kept walking together. None of them said anything.


"I have to turn here, then see you." Jimin said.

"Yeah.. See you." Jimin started walking away. He looked up at the dark sky. He suddenly saw a shooting stay. OH MY GOD!! A SHOOTING STAR!! IT'S SO COOL! Jimin excitingly turned around.


"HEY!!" Yoongi quickly ran up to him. "Did you see the shooting star?!"

"Did you see it too?! It's my first time seeing one!!"

"Me too! I want to see more.." Yoongi looked up at the sky, his eyes were glittering in the moonlight. Jimin couldn't help but stare at his beautiful features. No, no, no! What am I doing?! Jimin slapped his self. Oh wait.. I remember this place. The day of the fireworks festival, Yoongi and I were standing here. We're so close to each other.. His legs started trembling. He took a step backwards and Yoongi looked at him.

"I-I'm going to miss my favorite TV show.. I have to get home quickly."

"Ah, is that so? Then, see you.."

"Bye.." Jimin started running away, faster, and faster.

He grabbed my arm, he touched my hand through the glass, his face laughter.. I always notice him!

The shooting stay was only visible from my side.. How come he saw it?! It must have been.. because, he was looking at me, right?!

Jimin's legs felt weak as he ran. He breathed heavily. His vision blurred as tears started forming in his eyes.

He always makes me think that he likes me.. I don't want to be burdened with thinking like this anymore!! I need to run faster!! I need to take Yoongi out of my heart faster!!

His legs couldn't take it anymore. He stopped. It was difficult to breath. He took a long sigh to calm him down.

Okay.. I'm fine.


The day of the school trip arrived. Everyone gathered outside the school, it was full of students. However, the first person he noticed among the crowds was..


Chapter Text

"Okay, is everyone in the bus? Let's pass the roll." Mr. Kim said.

Jimin sat on a seat that is next to the window. He turned his head to the person sitting next to him.

"Why?!" Jimin said and that person turned to face him.

"Don't ask me, we were seated according to our classes." Yoongi said. Jimin just sighed and looked out of the window.

"Anyways, I might sleep during the trip 'til we get there. So I'm sorry if I don't talk to you that much."

"Yeah, good night."

"What? I was just apologizing to you because I felt bad!"

"Huh? Just go to sleep. I'll listen to music, I'm fine."

"Tsk.." Jimin leaned his head against the window and closed his eyes to sleep.

Yoongi plugged in his earphones and started listening to the music. He glanced at Jimin through the corner of his eyes. Huh? He's already asleep?! How fast does he sleep?! Yoongi thought.

At that moment, the bus passed through a bump in the road which made Jimin move, his head turning in Yoongi's direction and Jimin's hand falls down on Yoongi's lap. Yoongi's eyes grew in surprise. His gaze slowly traveled up to Jimin's hand. He slowly moved his hand placing it on top of Jimin's. Yoongi then looked up at his face. He stared at Jimin, analyzing every single one of his beautiful features. Yoongi tried to look away, but his eyes would always come back at him. Yoongi couldn't resist it.

Yoongi's eyes suddenly grew in shock when he noticed Taehyung peaking at him through the front seat. Yoongi quickly let go of Jimin's hand and looked away, blushing so hard. Acting as if nothing happened.


"Okay, we are here! This is where you'll all be sleeping at. Make sure to go to your assigned bedrooms and put all your stuffs in there." Mr. Kim said. "There is only one rule in this house. That after 10pm, you CAN'T get out of your room and you CAN'T make some noise. Got it?"

"YEEES~" Everyone responded.

"Good. As it is already a bit late, you can have some free time for the rest of the day. Tomorrow, we will starts visiting nice places around Daegu." As soon as Mr. Kim finished speaking, everyone quickly left to enjoy their free time.

Jimin suddenly felt someone that bumped into him and he turned around.

"I'm sorry!" The boy said.

"It's fine.." As soon as the boy noticed who Jimin was, his cheeks flushed. His friend who was standing next to him, started elbowing him teasingly.

"Oh, but if it's Jimin~" The boy's friend said. The boy's face become redder. "Say, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?" The question caught Jimin off guard.

"Yes, I do." Jimin said.

"Oh really? That's too bad for you.." The boy's friend looked at the boy that is now looking devastated. "I already thought so, it's the guy that you're always with right? Yoongi?" Huh?

"T-That's wro-"

"Wrong. He's going out with me." Namjoon stepped in front of Jimin in a protective way.


"He's my boyfriend!"

"S-Sorry for the misunderstanding.." The boy's friend said and both of them awkwardly walked away.


Namjoon took Jimin to a nearby lake. Jimin looked up at him. His eyes were fixed on the view in front of him. He hasn't spoke a word since then.. is he angry? What should I do..?

"Those boys just now, I think one of them likes you. I don't like it."

"Really? But I told them that I have a boyfriend." Namjoon lowered his head, looking down on his feet.

"But they didn't think that it was me.. it's so disheartening." Namjoon narrowed his eyes. "They even thought it was him.."

"S-Sorry.." As soon as Jimin apologized, Namjoon lifted his head and finally turned to face him.

"I-It's not you who needs to apologize! I-I'm sorry.. I guess I got a bit jealous. This only means that I need to work harder." Jimin bumped his hip into Namjoon's playfully.

"You apologize too much." Namjoon smiled at his action. He leaned his head on Jimin's and placed his arm around Jimin's shoulders.

"Did we just had a fight?" Both of them laughed. "I think it was just me getting jealous.." Namjoon turned his head to face Jimin, giving him one of his beautiful smiles that shows his cute dimples.


Yoongi stared at Jimin and Namjoon from the distance, his eyes narrowing.

"What's with them?!" Angry and annoyed, he turned around to leave..

..Only to find Taehyung right behind him.

"WAAAAAA! OH MY GOD, YOU SCARED ME!" Yoongi screamed. Taehyung just stared at him without saying anything. "Taehyung about me, like.. you know, right?"

"That you still like Jimin? Yeah, it's obvious."

"Yaaaa! How can you say it so easily.." Yoongi started blushing. Taehyung stared right back at him.

"If you still love him, I can't help that but.. please stop confusing Jimin. If you can't suppress you feelings, then it's better if you leave him." Yoongi stayed silent, not answering back.


"Namjoon, I left Taehyung alone and I feel bad.. I'm gonna go back." Jimin said.

"Sure, don't worry."

"Thanks, then see you!" Jimin smiled up at him before he started walking away.

"Wait!" Namjoon placed his arms around Jimin from behind. He leaned towards his ear and whispered something to him. Jimin's eyes grew at his words and he quickly flushed.

"O-Okay.." Namjoon smiled happily.

"Okay then, see you!"


Yoongi moved from one side to another, not being able to sleep.

"Ugh.." He checked the time on his phone. "11pm.." I feel like having a drink.. He thought. He slowly stood up from his bed, trying not to wake anyone up.

He went outside and walked up to the vending machine to get a drink. As he got closer, he noticed someone that's already there.

"Jimin?" Jimin turned to face Yoongi. "What are you doing?"

"I wanted to buy some juice but my coin got stuck.."

"Wait, let me try." Yoongi walked in front of him and inserted his coin in the machine. He pressed the juice. "Nothing is coming out, it's stuck."

"Oh reaaaaaaally? I already told you that!" Yoongi noticed his sarcastic tone. He stood in front of the machine and started slamming it.

"Give back out precious money!!" Jimin quickly punched his arm and whispered loudly.

"Hey, if you make so much noise the teacher will come!!" Yoongi placed both of his hands on the machine and started shaking it backwards and forwardly to spill out the money. "Really, you're so noisy!" Jimin checked the time on his phone. "Oh no, I'm gonna be late! I'm going, be careful not to get caught.." He started walking away when the coins suddenly dropped.

"THEY'RE OUT JIMIN!!!" Jimin ran up to him, pressing his fingers against Yoongi's lips.

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! You are too loud!!"

"Sorry, sorry. I got excited, here." Yoongi extended his hand to give back his coin. Jimin opened his hand to take it but Yoongi wasn't giving it to him.

"Eh, why are you not giving it to me.." Yoongi suddenly became serious and looked straight into Jimin's eyes.



"Are you meeting up with him?" Jimin quickly blushed. H-How come he knew.. but-

"I-It has nothing to do with you. Well then, see you." Jimin started turning around when Yoongi screamed.

"YOU CAN'T!" Jimin looked back at him, surprised.

"Eh.. what?"

"Ahhh, this is terrible."

"What's terrible?" Yoongi suddenly grabbed his wrist, pulling Jimin to walk with him.

"Come on!"

"Ehhhh-?" Jimin was cut off and Yoongi pulled him and they hid to a nearby room, which was the stock room.


"Okay.. why are we here? Explain properly." Jimin said.

"I saw a shadow, I think it was a teacher."

"Really? It seems alright now though." He slowly walked up to the door and peaked outside. "I don't see anyone." Jimin was about to open the door fully, when Yoongi screamed "HERE YOU ARE!" imitating the teacher's voice and scaring the hell out of Jimin. "GYAAAAAAAAA!" He threw his self away form the door, hitting Yoongi with his back. He started laughing so hard at Jimin's reaction.

"HAHAHAHAHA!! You should've seen your face!!"

"Y-Y-Y-Y-You!!! Don't scare me like that!!" Jimin glared at him while stepping away. "Anyways, aren't you supposed to go back too? Won't Jungkook be worried?"

"Don't worry, that guy is already asleep.."

"Well sorry, but I have to go. I don't have time for this.." He headed back to the door.

"Are you gong to meet Namjoon after this?" Jimin turned to face him.

"It's okay, right? Because he's my boyfriend." Yoongi scoffed at his words, becoming annoyed and irritated. "Being here, doing something like this with someone who isn't my boyfriend is even worse. He's been waiting this whole time.." He reached for the door knob. "I don't want to do anything that might hurt him." Before Jimin could open the door, he felt his arms being pulled. Yoongi quickly pulled Jimin behind him.

"Damn, they're really coming now.." Jimin heard two voices speaking outside.

"Eh? Didn't you hear something?" The teacher asked the other teacher.

"Ah, yes I did. The door over there is half open, let's check it." They'll find us!!

Without thinking, Jimin pressed his self against Yoongi's back, trying to hide. Yoongi's body tensed at his touch.

"I-If they find us together, it will be a big problem.." Yoongi said.

"W-What should we do?"

"I'll do something, you stay here." Eh? Yoongi quickly walked up to the door and stepped out. Jimin heard the voices outside.

"HEY! What were you doing in there?!" The teacher asked.

"I dropped my coin and it rolled into that room."

"We told you not to leave your room at this hour. We'll teach you a lesson, come here!" Yoongi..


Jimin quickly rushed up to the rooftop. Namjoon waited there for him. As soon as he saw Jimin, his lips curved in a smile.

"Namjoon! I'm so sorry I'm late!"

"I was a bit worried, I thought that maybe a teacher caught you.." Should I tell him that I was with Yoongi just now? That he sacrificed his self to save me so that I could come here? Or, is it better not to tell him anything.. If I tell him, he might get angry. "Did something happened?" But I feel guilty keeping it from him, because I didn't do anything wrong. Maybe it's better to tell him..

"Actually.." Jimin told him everything.

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, that's why I was late. I'm sorry.."

"Well, it wasn't your fault. Nothing happened and you've told me everything, right? I'm happy for your honesty." Namjoon looked at him and noticed his worried expression. "Hm? Is there something that still worries you?" Jimin lowered his gaze.

"The teachers must be still scolding him now.. and I'm here, so I'm feeling a bit.."

"If the teacher had found the both of you, then the two of you would've got an even worse scolding. So I think it's better like this."

"I guess you're right.." Actually, it must've hurt for him to talk about Yoongi. I don't want to do anything that might make him sad. Jimin looked up to the sky. "The stars are beautiful tonight."

"Not as beautiful as you." He quickly looked at Namjoon, his were cheeks blushing in embarrassment. Namjoon slid his hand around Jimin's waist and pulled Jimin closer to him.


Yoongi walked back to his bedroom after being scolded by the teacher. He threw his self on the bed and tried to sleep again.

But he couldn't.

He couldn't take Jimin's words out of his head.

'Because he's my boyfriend.'

He tossed and turned, trying to find a good position to sleep. Ahh, it's really depressing. But this is all my fault. He thought.


The next morning, Yoongi walked up to the toilet. He was about to open the door to leave when someone opened it to step inside. It was Namjoon. They stared at each other for a moment. As Namjoon walked passed Yoongi, he glared at him.

"Don't secretly make a move on someone else's boyfriend."

"Huh? Is this about last night? Sorry, sorry."

"I hate your halfheartedness the most. Stop confusing him."

"Heh, so you don't have confidence?"


"Namjoon." Seokjin stepped inside, stopping them from arguing. Yoongi glared at him one more time before leaving.


During the day, all the classes started visiting lots of beautiful places around Daegu. Students were separated by classes, so Jimin couldn't avoid staying close to Yoongi. Every now and then they would make eye contact but they quickly look away. He couldn't help but feel being worried about him. Surely this place brought him really painful memories.

Jimin and Taehyung entered a cute souvenir shop. Both of them started looking around and something caught Jimin's eye. It was a matching pair of a heart shaped strap. He found it really cute, so he bought it.


After that, they continued visiting the beautiful sceneries of Daegu. Namjoon noticed Jimin crossing the bridge from afar. His eyes lightened up just by seeing Jimin.

"Oh, it's Jimin and his friends!" Seokjin said. And a boy suddenly came up to Namjoon and Seokjin.

"I don't understand why he's always with that guy, Yoongi. He should be more be concentrating on you, Namjoon and avoid Yoongi. You are his boyfriend right? He's such a bitc-"

"SHUT UP!" Namjoon flashed the boy a glare, narrowing his eyes. "How dare you trying to call him a bitch?! It wasn't his decision to be with him, Yoongi's in his class so he can't avoid him!" He was about to punch the guy but Namjoon held his hand. The boy took the opportunity and ran away. Namjoon took a deep breath to calm his self. He looked back at Jimin.


As Jimin crossed the bridge, he noticed Namjoon's class in the distance. He tried to look for Namjoon, and he found him. Without hesitating, he quickly ran up to him.

"NAMJOON!!!" Namjoon's eyes widened as he saw Jimin running towards him. He also started running towards him. As soon as they met, Namjoon bought his arms around Jimin, embracing him in a tight hug. Jimin's eyes grew at his sudden action. "I thought I was going to bump into you even more, but we hardly see each other.."


"You know, I've got something for you!" Namjoon pulled away from Jimin only to show him his bright smile that's showing his cute dimples.

"Really? What is it?" Namjoon was really excited. Jimin handed him the heart-shaped matching strap. Namjoon's eyes grew wide.

"Y-You might think it's a bit uncool, but if you put your part together with mine, it makes a heart!!" He kept staring at Jimin without saying anything. "It's really uncool, isn't it..? I-I just thought it was cute and-" Namjoon cut his words with another hug. But this time it was warmer and tender. He lowered his head, resting it on Jimin's shoulder.

"Thank you.. I'm so happy. I'm really, really happy." Jimin smiled softly.

"That's good. If you're happy, I'm happy as well."

Yoongi stared at Jimin and Namjoon, his body tensing up. He quickly looked away, trying not to give it importance, but it was no use. His heart ached in pain.


The rest of the day went by quickly. Everyone finished visiting the remaining places and doing all the activities for the day.


Next day

"Okay, you can have 1 hour free time for lunch. Don't go too far away, stay around this area." Mr. Kim said. Everyone started running and playing around the beach.

"Wait Jimin, I need to go to the toilet." Taehyung said.

"Sure!" Taehyung quickly left. As Jimin started looking around the beach, he noticed Yoongi walking away. He was leaving. Jimin looked at Mr. Kim and he didn't noticed. Jimin quickly ran up to him. "Yoongi, this is the exit! Mr. Kim said not to go too far!"

"I know."

"Huh? Then where are you going?" Yoongi looked at Jimin, his gaze were serious.

"Do you want to come with me?"

"W-What are you saying, I'm not coming."

"My old house, it's not far from here. I was hoping to go and get rid of all the pain that's still left inside me by creating a new memory." He continued, "To overcome something, sometimes you need something new to replace it. If you come with me, whenever I'd think of this place, I will see you with me so it will no longer be painful." Jimin felt his head ache at Yoongi's words. He didn't want to see him hurt. Jimin wanted him to smile and overcome the pain that has been suffocating him for years. And if he were the one who could help him, Jimin would do it.

"I will come."

Taehyung camr back from the toilet and Jimin were nowhere to be found. His phone started ringing.

"Oh Jimin! Where are you?!" "EH?! YOU LEFT WITH YOONGI?!" "Okay, I see. See you then.."


Jimin walked with Yoongi through beautiful streets.

"I remember this street, I used to walk here everyday to go to school." Yoongi uttered. Jimin stared at him, a sad smile spreading across Yoongi's lips. He's trying to kill the painful feelings and in his own way to move forward. He wants a new memory, I need to make him happy, right? Jimin took two cans of coke that he had in his bag.

"Wanna drink?" Jimin offered him a can.

"Okay, thanks." Before Yoongi could take it, Jimin started shaking it up and down at full speed. "What are you doing.." Jimin hid both cans behind his back and started changing them from one hand to another. Then he placed them in front of Yoongi.

"Which one?"

"Mhh, this one!"

"Are you sure you want that one?" Yoongi took the can while grinning.

"Let's open them at the same time. One.. Two.. Three!"

"KYAAAAAAAAA!!" All the gas and bubbles exploded out of Jimin's can.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!! You got tricked by yourself!!" Yoongi couldn't stop laughing. Seeing him laugh like this.. I'm glad I came. After laughing for a while, he stopped and looked seriously at Jimin. "You don't have to strain yourself too much.."


"Just accompanying me has already given me enough strength and courage." Yoongi smiled at Jimin. He knew..


"So this is where you used to live.."

"Yeah.. I thought this would be the worst place but, I actually feel really calm." Yoongi looked around, contemplating his old memories. "The town, the scenery, my house.. I'm now looking at them calmly, it's surprising. I was an idiot of being scared of coming back."

"You were scared?"

"Really scared.. On the way my stomach ached. I'm so weak."

"That's why.. I'm with you now." Yoongi looked at Jimin surprisingly, but then his lips curved into a tender smile.

"Yes, that's true. If you weren't with me right now, I don't think I'd be this calm. Thank you." Yoongi's eyes sparkled while looking at him. "But I also, want to become stronger." Jimin couldn't help but stare back at him. He looked so confident, so determined, so strong. See, I came because I wanted to see this moment. To see him move forward on another step. I'm happy to see him grow. Jimin smiled happily to his self. "Can you accompany me to one more place?"


"Skipping the school trip, your mom might get angry. Hahaha!" Jimin said and Yoongi chuckled.

"She'll be angry but she'll also find it funny as well, hahaha!" Both of them stopped in front of Yoongi's mom's grave. "I came here last summer, but it felt completely different right now.." Yoongi crouched down. "Sorry for making you worry mom.. I can't believe it took me this long to get over everything that happened and stop my self-hatred. From now on, I will come here feeling good like this." Yoongi bowed respectfully. Jimin quickly crouched down next to him.

"Ni-Nice to meet you! I'm Jimin.." Jimin also bowed. "I think you also know that Yoongi has a weak point, but he was a stronger one because he managed to accept his weakness. But still, whenever he feels discouraged, I will be right next to him. So don't worry about anything." Yoongi was shocked by Jimin's words. Jimin looked at him, smiling brightly. "Would that have helped her feel at ease?"

"I'm sure it did." Yoongi's heart was beating fast. Jimin looked so happy, so bright, so handsome. And hearing him say those words didn't help calm Yoongi's heart either. Yoongi's cheeks started flushing while his voice trembled. "J-Jimin.."

"Yes?" Yoongi hesitated for a moment. He quickly stood up.

"L-Let's go back.."

"Oh right, let's go."


Both of them took a bus to get back faster. Yoongi's heart aren't still calm down, he was so nervous. He then suddenly felt a strong breeze.

"Uhh, so cold. Should we close the window?" Yoongi looked at Jimin and his eyebrows rose in shock. Again! How can he sleep so easily? He's even trembling but he's not waking up! Seriously.. Yoongi thought. As Jimin were sitting next to the window, Yoongi stretched his arm over Jimin to close the window, bringing his body right next in front of Jimin's. Yoongi quickly closed it. He started pulling back but then he suddenly froze. Yoongi's eyes grew in shock as Jimin suddenly brought his face to Yoongi's neck. Jimin's lips caressed his skin while he sniffed Yoongi's sweet scent.

Instantly, Yoongi's face became bright red. He quickly pulled back, covering his neck with his hands surprisingly. "Wha-What did you.." He's still sleeping! And he's smiling! Yoongi slowly brought his hand to Jimin's cheek, caressing it. He's so cold.. Yoongi's gaze was sweet and tender. He cupped his cheek while bringing Jimin closer to him. Yoongi rested his head on Jimin's, both giving warmth to each other. Yoongi stared closely at Jimin, admiring every inch of him. His gaze then traveled to Jimin's bag, where he had the heart strap hanging from it. Yoongi started feeling an emptiness inside him, he couldn't bear it anymore. Yoongi slowly lifted his head from Jimin, placing a soft kiss on his forehead.


Jimin quickly ran back to the beach. Taehyung and Jungkook were waiting for him there.

"Jimin! Don't make me worry like that!" Taehyung screamed.

"I'm sorry!"

"Where's Yoongi?" Jungkook asked.

"Oh, I think he'll be here soon." Taehyung looked at Jimin worryingly.

"Are you going to tell Namjoon about this?" Taehyung asked.

"Yes, I'll tell him. I just went to help, plus I didn't do anything wrong. I don't feel guilty! I'm gonna go find him." Jimin quickly left. As soon as he left, Yoongi arrived.

"I'm back."

"Hey Yoongi, I think you didn't understand what I told you.. Stop confusing him!" Taehyung said loudly, and Yoongi stared right back at him.

"That's exactly what I want. I want to confuse him, and once he gets confused, I'll steal his heart back. I can't suppress my feelings anymore." Taehyung was taken aback by Yoongi's words.


"I don't care. I'm gonna get him back."


Jimin walked along the beach, trying to find Namjoon's class.

And he found him.

"Namjoon!" Namjoon quickly turned around at Jimin's voice, a smile spreading across his face.

"Jimin! Where were you? I've been looking for you!"

"R-Really? Sorry.." Eh? What's wrong with me, I want to tell him but I can'r say it.. This happened just when I decided not to hurt him, that's why it's hard.. But Yoongi really needed someone! But, by 'someone' it could've been Jungkook..

"Jimin, are you okay? You look worried.."

"Oh, I-I'm, fine!" But still what I did.. "Actually.."

"Yes?" I didn't want anyone else to go with him. I wanted to see the moment in person, the moment where he steps forward..

"Oh, never mind. Maybe later."

"Hey, are you sure you're fine? You seem a but sick.."

"Sick? I think I just have a big headache.." Namjoon quickly stepped towards him, pressing his hand against Jimin's forehead.

"Mhh, I'm not sure if you have a fever because my hand is cold." Jimin's eyes widened at his tender action. He's so kind, I feel so bad now. This is all my fault..

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry Namjoon.."

"The one who is feeling unwell right now is you, you don't have to apologize." Namjoon smiled at Jimin. N-No! It's not like that! Jimin tried to speak but words couldn't come out. Silly me.. In the end, I can't say it. Why..


Jimin walked back to where his class were.

"Okay, now we are going to the city. This is going to be your last free activity and your last chance to buy souvenirs. And an important warning, be careful with thieves!" Sr. Seokjin said.

They arrived to the city and Jimin walked with Taehyung around the shops. Since he loves clothes, he entered a shop.

"You don't look good, was Namjoon angry?" Taehyung asked worryingly.

"Even worse. In the end, I couldn't tell him. If I don't tell him soon I'll be actually keeping it from him but-"

"I think he already knows."


"When you called me to tell me that you left with Yoongi, I didn't realize that Namjoon was behind me because he wanted to ask me where you were. So, I think he heard everything.." Eh? He knew about it and yet he didn't mention it at all.. Maybe he wants me to say it first..?

"I'll call him now, I'll but this later."

"Don't worry, I'll help you buy it. You go and say it quickly so you'll feel better."

"Yeah, thank you." Jimin gave Taehyung the shirt that he wanted and he also gave Taehyung his wallet.

Jimin stepped out of the shop and took his phone out. H-How do I start.. err..errrr.. Forget it! Just call him! Jimin opened his phone only to find that it was only 5% battery. Wait, I think I brought my charger. He took his bag and started searching for it. Found it! He left his bag on the floor while connecting his phone to the charger, but it suddenly slipped off his hand and fell to the floor.

"Oops.." Jimin stepped forward to grab it when he heard a noise behind him. He quickly turned around. "Eh.. my bag?" He looked further up the street and saw a man running with his bag. "HEEEYY!!! THAT'S MY BAG!!" S-Should I go chase him? But my phone and wallet aren't there anyway, is there anything else important? Then something came to Jimin's mind. No!! I have to get it back!! Without thinking twice, he started chasing after the thief.

Taehyung got out of the shop, not seeing Jimin anywhere. Yoongi and Jungkook, who were a few shop s further, saw Taehyung alone and anxious and decided to approach him.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jungkook asked.

"I-I just came out of the shop and Jimin disappeared! I don't know where he is! I'll try calling him!" Taehyung called Jimin. "Hey Jimin, where are you?!" "EH?! SOMEONE STOLE YOUR BAG AND YOU ARE CHASING AFTER HIM?!" "EH.. WAIT!" Taehyung looked at his phone. "Eh, it disconnected.."

"Are you saying that someone stole his bag?!" Jungkook screamed.

"Yeah, but I don't know why he's chasing after the thief.. I have his wallet and he has his phone." Yoongi stayed quiet and lowered his gaze, knowing what Jimin were chasing after for. As he was looking down, he noticed the charger on the floor. "I'm gonna tell Namjoon." Taehyung called him. Jimin gave him Namjoon's number just in case something important happened. "Hi Namjoon, it's Taehyung." "Actually, Jimin-"

"WHAT?! I'll go search for him right now, thanks for telling me."


I've already done one stupid thing, and now I've lost the pair strap.. I don't know how to face Namjoon anymore!! Why am I so stupid?! When I gave it to him, he was so happy.. I'll definitely get it back!! Jimin chased after the thief and he finally stopped in one of the streets. The thief didn't notice Jimin. He started looking through the bag and throwing everything on the floor.

"What?! There's nothing in here! This is rubbish!" The thief harshly threw the bag on the floor and started stepping on it in anger.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT.." The man slowly turned around to face Jimin, only to be smacked on the face by Jimin's shoe. "TO SOMEONE ELSE'S PRECIOUS THINGS!!" The man grunted in pain. He quickly fixed his eyes on Jimin. He frowned in anger, his lips pursed together, his eyes unblinking and his nostrils flaring. His hands closed into fists and started stepping forward towards Jimin. Oh no.. This is scarier than I thought. This is bad, he's coming!! His dark eyes stared at Jimin as if he was going to eat him alive.

He suddenly started running towards Jimin. Jimin gasped as he quickly turned around and started running away at full speed. Now, Jimin were the one who's being chased.


Luckily, Jimin were faster than him. And Jimin turned in an alley. He quickly hid behind the trash cans. Jimin sat on the floor, breathing heavily. He lifted his knees and brought his arms around them, making his self as little as possible. Wh-Where am I? My battery is flat and I lost the charger. I have no wallet, so I can't buy anything. And if I'm not careful, the thief will find me and beat me up. It's scary.. my head hurts. It's cold.. This is a punishment. Even though I promised not to hurt Namjoon, after what I did. I couldn't tell him out of guilty and conscience.. Moreover, he already knew about it.. I deserve this, I even lost the strap.. Jimin's eyes started watering and tears started falling down. He was scared, angry and disappointed. The thief will find me, and viciously attack me. I'm sorry Namjoon, I'm so sorry..

Suddenly, Jimin heard some clattering noises from the entrance of the alley. He also heard steps, coming closer and closer. H-H-H-He's coming!! Jimin's body trembled in fear. From the trembling, his phone slipped off his pocket and fell to the floor, making a big noise. NOOO!! Shit, shit, shit. I'm dead, I'm so dead!! The steps stopped for a second, and then started running faster towards him. Jimin covered his face, tears falling non-stop. He found me!!!

"I found you." Eh? That voice.. Jimin slowly uncovered his face, and looked at the person in front of him. His eyes grew wide open. "At last, I found you." Yoongi crouched down in front of Jimin.

"Why? Why is it not Namjoon.." He hit his chest in frustration, Jimin didn't know what to do anymore. "Why is it you..? Why is it always you?! Right now I'm bothered if it's not Namjoon, I wanted Namjoon to find me.. Namjoon.." Jimin continued hitting his chest while more tears rolled down on his cheeks. Yoongi suddenly grabbed his wrist, making Jimin look up at him. Yoongi's eyes were fixed on Jimin's.

"But, I'm the one who found you." Jimin felt all his strength leaving his body. He couldn't move. He was about to collapse. Yoongi gently caressed his cheek. "Jimin, you have a fever. And you lost your shoe.." Jimin's eyes closed by themselves, he felt a strong pain in his head. He felt two strong arms lifting him from the ground. It felt warm. He leaned his head against Yoongi's chest, hearing his heartbeat that was really calming.


Jimin slowly opened his eyes. Everything was blurry, but his vision slowly cleared up. He saw Yoongi sitting on the chair next to the bed.

"Where.. am I?"

"You collapsed, so I brought you to the nearest hospital. Don't worry, Namjoon will be here soon.."

"Yoongi.. thank you. Just now, I said horrible things at you. I'm sorry." Yoongi looked down at Jimin.

"It's okay, forget about it." Jimin touched his own forehead, it was burning.

"My bag.. I couldn't get it back. What should I do? The strap.."

"You did too much just for a thing like that.." Yoongi looked away, his eyes narrowing. He quickly stood up, grabbed his jacket and left the room.


Namjoon rushed to the hospital. Just as he was about to enter, he saw Yoongi leaving. Namjoon was so focused on his thoughts that he didn't even noticed him.

Namjoon quickly entered Jimin's room and walked up to him, holding his hand.

"Jimin! I was so worried! Are you okay?!" Jimin looked up at him, his eyes half-closed.

"The pair strap.. I lost it. I'm so sorry.. I tried to get it back but I failed. And also today, I left with-" Namjoon tightened his grip on Jimin's hand.

"You chased after the thief just to get the strap? You even got lost, and now you're here!" He bought Jimin's hand to his mouth, placing a soft kiss. "Jimin.. you're an idiot.."

"I think like that about myself too.."

"Don't force yourself to talk, you need to rest. Let's buy another pair next time, okay?" Namjoon leaned towards him and placed another kiss on Jimin's forehead.


Even though I know what happened with Yoongi, I didn't ask. It's not because I want to test him, I'm just too afraid to ask. Actually, I've been scared even from the start but.. The feelings that made him chase after the thief just for the strap, I'll trust myself to them. Namjoon thought. As he stepped out of the hospital, he saw Yoongi approaching him. They glared at each other.

"Give this to Jimin." Yoongi threw Jimin's bag to him.

"Huh.. you searched for this? The reason why he was looking so desperately for this, don't you realize it?"

"It's the strap." Namjoon stared at him, confused.

"..I thought you like Jimin?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then, should I assume you're backing away?" Yoongi scoffed.

"No way. It's meaningless just to be connected by a thing like that. I don't mind at all." Namjoon narrowed his eyes.

"What do you know? You don't have the right to say that. To make him feel uncertain now, I've never looked at anyone other that Jimin. I'm not like you, that's why I won't lose." He turned around to leave.

"The one who'll decide.." Namjoon turned back to face Yoongi. "Is Jimin, right?"

Chapter Text

It's already Saturday after we came from the school trip. My fever has gone down completely. Jimin lay down on the bed, covering his self with the blankets. I still feel guilty for escaping with Yoongi.. Jimin quickly sat up. In the end, I couldn't stop minding him.. without even realizing that I'm starting to chase after him again! Jimin covered his face with his hands. I already knew.. what the truth is, didn't I?


The first person Jimin noticed among the crowd was.. Namjoon.


That was a lie.

The first person I noticed in the crowd.. was Yoongi. It's always been him.

Jimin threw his self backwards, lying on the bed again while looking up at the ceiling. Does this mean.. I can't go out with Namjoon anymore?



"Like I said, I won't lose. Even if someone else is in your heart right now, it's okay." "I'll make you think of me only, until you've completely forgotten about Yoongi." "Be yourself and choose me."


That's what he said to me..

That's why, I also have to seriously face Namjoon..

Jimin sat up again. He took his phone and called Namjoon.


"Hey Namjoon, can we meet up?"


Jimin dressed up and got ready to leave. As it was cold outside, he took his scarf and rolled it around his neck. Ah, this is the scarf that I wore during the trip, and somehow.. He lifted it up, covering his mouth and nose with it. smells like Yoongi. Jimin's cheeks slightly flushed just by remembering him. No! What am I doing?! He took the scarf out and threw it on the floor. "T-This thing, I don't need you!"


"Namjoon!" Jimin ran up to him.

"Jimin! How are you? Are you feeling better?"

"Yep, I feel much better. Sorry for making you worry.." Namjoon nodded while smiling. Okay, I need to tell him.. "Namjoon, during the school trip I left with Yoo-"

"Oh my god! Look at that bird! It's beautiful isn't?"

"Eh? Oh.. y-yeah!" Jimin scratched the back of his neck nervously. "As I was saying, during the school trip I-"

"Oh, my shoelace is loose." Namjoon crouched down, tying his shoelace. W-why is he cutting me off, I have to tell him! Jimin breathed in and exhaled, trying to find the right words.

"Namjoon, I-" Namjoon pressed his finger against his lips. Jimin looked up at him, surprised. He doesn't want to talk about this, I think he realized that my feeling for Yoongi haven't completely vanished. I guess he doesn't want to press the matter. 'Don't touch on it, pretend it didn't happen'. This is Namjoon's way of erasing Yoongi from out minds.

But then again.. I'm not facing him properly. This is not healthy. This is not good! "Namjoon!" Jimin took his wrist. "Listen to me! Listen, and let's talk properly!" Namjoon looked at him, shocked. He swallowed hard. "I'm really sorry for leaving with Yoongi during the school trip. I didn't think it would be wrong since I just wanted to help him, but because I still have feelings for him, it's unforgivable! I'm sorry! Jimin's eyes softened. "The truth is that, somewhere inside my heart, I already knew. But I tried not to face my own feelings." Jimin's grip on Namjoon's wrist became weaker. "But ignoring the truth is damaging."

Namjoon lowered his gaze, not being able to look at Jimin as he imagined what he was about to say next. "My feelings for Yoongi aren't gone. I'm angry at myself for it, but.." Jimin tightened his grip on Namjoon again. "You said 'I won't lose', didn't you? 'Be yourself and choose me', 'I'll only make you think of me', you said. I want it to be like what you said." Namjoon quickly lifted his gaze, looking at Jimin with wide eyes. His eyes softened, while a smile curved up to Namjoon's lips.

"Yes, even when you accepted my confession, I knew that you were still confused. I'm aware that I kind of forced you to accept me. I was so afraid that, evading everything concerning Yoongi, I hoped it would all be forgotten." Namjoon smiled up at him. "But you're right, it's not good. That's why, from now on-"

"Let's be honest with each other."

"Yes, let's be honest."

"Let's express more."

"Yeah, let's express more." Jimin smiled up at him. Namjoon leaned forward towards Jimin. "Then it's decided."

But.. Namjoon thought.


"..that's why, I won't lose."

"The one who'll decide.. is Jimin, right?"


Why..? Namjoon slipped his hand around Jimin's waist and pulled him towards Namjoon, placing a kiss on Jimin's lips. Jimin's eyes grew at his action. Namjoon parted his lips and hugged him tightly, bringing Jimin's head to his chest. Why am I still afraid..? Namjoon thought.


Yoongi sat on the bench, waiting for a certain someone to come. As soon as he saw the person approaching him, he stood up.

"I can finally talk to you, Hoseok." Hoseok looked up at Yoongi.

"Why did you want to meet me?"

"I didn't like how we ended things last time, so I wanted to properly talk to you about it." Hoseok sat down.

"Okay." Yoongi also sat down, next to him. He looked at Hoseok, Yoongi's gaze is serious but strong.

"I can no longer stay beside you." Hoseok lowered his gaze.

"I knew you'd say that."


"You really want to leave me alone?" Yoongi looked down himself.


"I don't understand.. Jimin has a boyfriend. It's impossible for you in any way you look at it! Why can't you see reality?!"

"I know it's a bit late.." Yoongi looked back at Hoseok, meeting his eyes. "But I also know that Jimin is the center of my feelings, and he won't move away. That is my reality." Hoseok's eyes widened at his words.

"B-but the one who understands you the best isn't Jimin! It's me! And you are also the only one who understands my feelings!"

"But.." Yoongi's eyes softened, sparkling with the rays of light. "I can't think about anyone except Jimin." Hoseok's eyes started watering, his hands clenched onto his pants.

"You're so cruel, I never thought you'd say something like that to me.." Yoongi didn't answer. He looked away, not being able to see how broken Hoseok was. "I got it.. that's enough. Then, goodbye."

"Goodbye.." Both of them are still seated on the bench, waiting for the other one to leave.

"And? Go home! If you tell me to go first because you feel guilty, I'm going to punch you. Don't you dare regret this. Leave me and go you idiot!!" Yoongi's eyes grew big at Hoseok's words. Yoongi quickly stood up, and without saying anything back, he started walking away. Hoseok stared at Yoongi's back as he walked further into the distance. This time.. we really won't see each other again. I don't want this, I really don't.. Hoseok thought. "Yoongi!" Yoongi slowly turned around when he heard Hoseok's voice.

Yoongi's eyes widened as Hoseok threw his self on him. He grabbed the collar of Yoongi's shirt and pulled him towards himself. Hoseok leaned in towards Yoongi, their nose touching, but then Hoseok suddenly stopped before their lips met. "Kidding. I won't do that like last time. I won't do it again." Tears started falling down on Hoseok's eyes. "But I don't want my last words to be 'you idiot'." He slowly let go of Yoongi. "Sorry for stopping you. This time, go for real." Yoongi stared at him for a moment.

Through my decisions, I hurt a boy who doesn't deserve to be hurt. It's all my fault. Yoongi thought. He lowered his gaze and slowly turned around, continuing to walk away. That's why, if Jimin got confused, even just a little because of me, I definitely won't give up.


Christmas was nearly here. Jimin was really excited because there were only two more days left of school before Christmas holidays.

Jimin arrived at school pretty early. He entered his classroom.

"Oh Taehyung! You're already here!"

"Oh, hi Jimin!" Jimin walked up to him.

"Do you want to watch a movie with me today after school?"

"What is it about?"

"It's a horror movie!"

"Oh.. I don't like scary movies.. I'm sorry."

"Ouh.." Jimin pouted his lips.

"Why don't you go with Namjoon?"

"He said he doesn't like this kind of movie either.."

"Then, wanna go with me?" Huh? Jimin turned around. "Let's go together." Yoongi said. Ehh..?

"What are you saying.. I'm not going with you."

"It can make up for the summer festival I never showed up to, let's go."

"I've forgotten about it, it doesn't matter."

"But I want to go!"

"Then ask Jungkook to go with you!"

"It's not like that.." Yoongi's dark, piercing eyes locked with Jimin's. "I said I want to go with you, Jimin." Jimin's eyes widened at Yoongi's words. Wh-what's with him? Somehow.. somehow..

He's annoying me.

Jimin crossed his arms and glared at him. "I want to talk to you, come with me." Jimin walked outside the classroom and Yoongi followed him behind.

Jungkook approached Taehyung.

"Seems like Yoongi's talk with Hoseok went well, Yoongi is finally attacking for real." Jungkook said.

"Yeah.. but his attack is too late. I think he already realized what Jimin is going to tell him.."


They walked up to a quiet place. Jimin turned to face Yoongi, he didn't take his eyes off Jimin.

"I think you already know this, but I have a boyfriend. His name is Namjoon, you remember? If you say something like that in class and everyone heard about it, they'll misunderstand. It's upsetting me."

"I don't think you and Namjoon are suitable." Jimin narrowed his eyes.


"Tell me, do you want to go watch the movie with me?"

"I'm not going!"

"That's not what I asked." Jimin looked at Yoongi, confused. "I'm not asking if whether you're going or not. I'm asking you if you WANT to go, or if you don't want to go?" Eh? W-why is he asking this.. "Just now, you hesitated didn't you? Why?"

"I-I was shocked because you said something so bold!"

"Then.." Yoongi lowered his gaze. "Is it true that there's nothing left of me inside of you?" Jimin's eyes grew wide. He gulped hard. Yoongi's fiery eyes quickly lifted up again, focusing in Jimin's. "Every time you hesitate, that is because you're confused." What.. "I know that I'm going to win you back." Jimin's eyebrows raised from shock at his words. W-why is he saying this.. I can't believe it.

"Don't be ridiculous." Jimin's hands clenched into fists. "STOP ACTING LIKE THIS IS A GAME!!" The way he's twisting me around is his way of making fun of me. "Namjoon and I are a good couple!" You were the one who rejected me, aren't you?! "We are facing each other seriously now, don't disturb us!" I won't be sidelined by Yoongi anymore. Jimin started walking down the stairs. "Why don't you face your boyfriend Hoseok seriously too?!"

"He's not my boyfriend, he never was." Jimin's feet suddenly stopped. "And I already talked to him. I ended everything." Jimin slowly turned around to face Yoongi again, he froze. He couldn't believe it. Jimin turned around once again and rushed down the stairs, running away from Yoongi.


"E-Eh? So you already knew?" Jimin surprisingly asked Taehyung.

"Yeah.. but because you were already dating Namjoon, I thought it was better not to tell you. I'm sorry.."

"That's right, you don't have anything to feel sorry for. I already have Namjoon, Yoongi was too late." After all this time.. it's useless for him to feel like this.


Jimin walked with Namjoon during lunch time.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"O-oh, I'm fine, I'm fine?" He smiled sweetly to Jimin.

"You know, at Christmas, our band is performing at a live show."

"Really? Wow, that's so cool!" Namjoon chuckled embarrassingly.

"And umm.. we are also performing an original song.. I wrote the lyrics."

"What? That's amazing! What kind of lyrics is it all about?" Namjoon scratched the back of his neck while blushing a little.

"Well, I wrote them while thinking of you." Jimin's eyes widened. "That's why.. at the live show, I want you to co-"

"Of course I'm coming!!" Namjoon quickly smiles and his cute dimples showed.

"That's great! Ahhhh but I'm getting nervous now, don't laugh at me, okay?"

"I won't!"

"I'll practice hard!" Jimin smiles at how cute he was. "Let's have dinner together after the concert finishes, okay?"

"Okay!" Jimin exclaimed then, they heard some two random boys talking about something that caught their attention.

"Hey, hey! The end of semester exam results up to the 100th position has been posted up!"

"Ohh! Let's have a look!" Namjoon looked at Jimin.

"Let's go too!" He said to Jimin.



Woah.. position 83th! At least I made it in the top 100!

"Namjoon, in which position are you at?"

"20th position!"

"Wow, that's really good!"

"EEEEEEEHH?!" Namjoon and Jimin turned their heads towards the person who screamed. It was Jungkook, who was standing next to Yoongi, at the other end of the list. "Yoongi, aren't you great?! You are in the 4th position!"

"Wow.. I really am capable." Yoongi said and Mr. Kim suddenly approached him.

"Yoongi, if you carry on like this, you can change to the advanced class next year. Apply to it if you want, okay?"

"Okay.." Eh? Is Yoongi moving to the advanced class..? Jimin stared at him. Yoongi shifted his gaze towards him and he noticed that he's staring at him. Jimin quickly turned his head away, hoping that Yoongi didn't notice. But he continued to stare at Jimin.

Namjoon suddenly stepped forward, covering Jimin from Yoongi's sight. Yoongi glared at him defiantly. Namjoon took Jimin's hand. "Next year, we won't be changing classes. I can't be in the same class as you." He.. heard what Mr. Kim said as well. He linked his fingers with Jimin's. "Oh no, the bell rang. I'll see you soon."

"Yep.." Namjoon slowly let go of Jimin's hand and walked to his class. Jimin also started walking back to his class when someone suddenly bumped into him. "Oh, sorr-"

"Jimin, were you always such a bitch?" Huh? He turned around to face the boy, his eyes widened. "You are, aren't you?" The boy turned around and continued walking away. Jimin stood there, frozen, staring as he walked off. His vision started to blur as his eyes started watering. Bitch.. is really a harsh word.


But, from his perspective, I perhaps would see the same thing.. Jimin walked out the school, still thinking about it. His gaze was focused on the ground as he walked.

"Jimin." He lifted his gaze as he heard his name being called. He looked up at the person standing in front of him.


This is all.. because of you!

Jimin turned his head away from him and kept walking away angrily. Yoongi quickly stepped in front of him, stopping him from walking. "Hey, wait. I want to talk to you."

"Well, I don't!" Again, Jimin tried to walk pass him, but he was faster than him. Yoongi quickly lifted his arm in front of him, stopping him from going away.

"It's not going to go away. Whatever I do, I can't stop feeling this way towards you. I thought I could forget you, but I couldn't." Jimin's eyes widened as he felt them welling up again. He looked at Yoongi.

"Why are you only saying this now?! You are too late!" Jimin pushed him away from his self. "It's too late now!! Every time I thought that we were starting something together, it never happens!"

"But we can start something now!" Yoongi's gaze was so intense. "Choose me." Jimin's eyes grew big. Yoongi's voice was soft, yet strong. "Do you really think.. you can erase everything about me?" Jimin couldn't hold his tears anymore, they started falling down his eyes uncontrollably.

"I will!!" His heart was beating really fast, he was really anxious. "You've hurt me so much, you have no idea on how many times I've cried because of you!" He tried to clean up his tears but it was useless as they couldn't stop falling. "I think it's better if you move to the advanced class next year." Jimin didn't wait for him to answer or say anything back. He quickly ran away.


Jimin quickly entered his room and closed the door behind him. His eyes were so red, he didn't stop crying all the way home.

"Do you really think.. you can erase everything about me?"

I will. I have to. I decided to properly face Namjoon, of course I have to forget about Yoongi! But then, why can't I stop crying? Why does my heart hurt so much? I feel as if something is missing in me..

Jimin looked at his bed and noticed his scarf on it, it was clean and folded. He walked up to it and took it. The scarf from the school trip.. why does everything come back to Yoongi? My mom must've washed it as I threw it on the floor last time. He lifted it up to his nose and breathed in. Of course.. the smell of him is gone. He sat on the bed. Just like this scarf, I can let go of Yoongi.. He breathed in again. There's really.. nothing left. The scarf that lost Yoongi's scent is making me so lonely. I can't take it.. He pressed it against his chest. He shut down his eyes as tears started falling down again. The thought of losing him hurts, so much.. no.. I don't want to let him go. He opened his eyes widely as he realized what he was just thinking.

I think, I just realized.. what my true feelings are.

I don't want Yoongi to be gone from me.. those are my true feelings.


The next morning Jimin arrived to school, it was the last day before the Christmas holidays. He entered his classroom. Taehyung, Jungkook and Yoongi were already there.

As soon as Taehyung saw him enter, he approached Jimin.

"Hey Jimin! I heard that Namjion is doing a live show on Christmas, you're going right? Can I come too?"

"Taehyung.. about that.." Jimin's gaze traveled to Yoongi, who was staring at him. "Let's talk about it outside.." He pushed Taehyung to the door and both of them walked outside.

Yoongi sighed while lowering his gaze. Jungkook walked up to him.

"Namjoon has taken him away for Christmas, huh?" Yoongi turned his head away, annoyed.

"Yeah. of course. Because they're dating."

"Yoongi, what's wrong? Did something happen?" Yoongi shut his eyes tight in frustration.

"He rejected me."

"Ehhh? When?!"

"Yesterday. He said I'm annoying him and that it would be better if I move to the advanced class next year.."

"So.. are you going to give up?" Yoongi clenched his hands into fists.

"No way, I'm not giving up. Just not happening." Yoongi's eyes softened. "But I wonder.." He passed his hand through his hair while blushing a little. "How would I steal him back? I always make him mad, even though I'm not trying to.."


School finally finished, Jimin walked up to his locker. He was taking his bag out when, through the corner of his eye, he noticed someone approaching him. His heart started thumping fast and loud. Jimin quickly closed his locker and turned around.

"Jimin, wait!" Yoongi called him. I need to do something first.. Jimin started walking away quickly.

Namjoon waited for him at the front door, so Jimin walked up to him and both of them walked out.


This is something I've decided..

He looked up at Namjoon, Jimin's eyes were strong with determination but it's also filled with sadness and anguish.

"Namjoon." I've decided this on my own free will. Namjoon turned to face him with a smile.

"Yes?" I need to tell him..

Chapter Text

This is something I've decided..

He looked up at Namjoon, Jimin's eyes were strong with determination but it's also filled with sadness and anguish.

"Namjoon." I've decided this on my own free will. Namjoon turned to face him with a smile.

"Yes?" I need to tell him..

"Could we stop at a park? I need to tell you something."


They walked up to a nearby park and sat down on a bench.

"Yes? What do you want to talk about?" Jimin lowered his gaze, trying to find the right words to say. "Is it something hard to say? You are freaking me out with this silence.." Jimin's legs were trembling, he was really nervous. Namjoon turned to face him. "It's okay, just say it. I'll listen to anything.. just breaking up is off limits." Jimin quickly looked up at him with wide eyes. Namjoon's lips were curved in a tender smile, as if he knew what Jimin was going to say. Jimin clenched his hands on the top of his thighs.

"I'm happy that you said I could just be the way I am.. for treating me so kindly, for treasuring me. I also think that I have to respond to your kindness.. but.." I thought I didn't want to hurt him.. Jimin sighed, trying to find the strength to speak. "I can't go to the Christmas live show. I have no right to listen to the song you wrote, because.." Jimin shut his eyes tight, trying his best not to cry. "..I just can't be together with you anymore." Namjoon stared at him, his tender smile starts to fade away.

"I thought I said anything was okay, except for breaking up? Didn't we just agree to face each other more?" Jimin couldn't look at him in the eyes.

"I'm sorry.."

"I don't understand.. which part of Yoongi is good?" Jimin smiled slightly to his self.

"The imperfect him. The weak part in him. The goodness in him, which is still a mess, but he changes little by little, and I don't want to miss those changes out." He lowered his gaze. "In other words, even I don't understand what makes Yoongi good.. but what I do understand is that.." Jimin turned to face him, looking straight into Namjoon's eyes. "..I don't want Yoongi to disappear from the inside of my heart. I don't want to lose him." Namjoon sighed while looking up at the sky.

"You know, I knew this would happen since the time when we talked about facing each other more. If we are more honest with each other, one day you would come to this answer. That's why I was feeling anxious everyday." Namjoon is feeling sad but he just smiled slightly to hide that sadness. "But I don't mind that, I don't mind feeling scared or miserable. I just wish our relationship wasn't going to end." He looked back at Jimin, he gently took Jimin's hand on his'. "Thank you for giving me a chance. I knew from the start that it was going to be hard for you to forget him, but I still took advantage of the situation when you were heartbroken." Namjoon's lungs were feeling really heavy but just smiled it off once again and said, "You are my first love. It was short and fumbling, but I don't regret it." Namjoon's face started blurring in Jimin's visions as tears started forming in his eyes. "Your happiness is what matters the most, even if it's not with me." If I cry right now.. he may think that I'm being insincere, but it hurts so much..

Namjoon slowly let go of his hand. "Well then, you can go on ahead first. I'll stay here a bit longer." Jimin nodded, not being able to speak as he would break down in front of Namjoon. He held his tears as best as he could. He slowly stood up and glanced at Namjoon one last time before turning around and started to walk away.

Namjoon stared at him as Jimin walked further away from him.

Did he ever realized that.. he never even told me that he 'liked' me? Namjoon's lips curved into a sad smile. Well.. he definitely didn't notice that..

I wanted him to like me more than Yoongi, but.. that was the hardest part to do..


As soon as Jimin were at some distance away from Namjoon, he became a crying mess. He let out a loud, agonizing cry as all the tears that he was retaining fell from his eyes at once, soaking his chest.

He couldn't control his breathing and it was hard to take in air. His whole body trembled, but he did his best to keep on walking.

It hurts so much to let him go, but it hurts even more to hold on..


"So you finally told everything to Namjoon?" Taehyung asked him as he sipped the tea he ordered.

"Yeah.. it was really hard, but I did it. I couldn't keep hiding my own feelings. I was just going to keep hurting ourselves."

"I'm happy that you finally realized your true feelings." Taehyung smiled at Jimin. "So, when are you going to talk to Yoongi? Christmas eve is in two days."

"Well.. I just broke up with Namjoon today. I can't talk to Yoongi about it yet."

"Then why don't you invite him for Christmas?"

Jimin took a sip of his coffee. "Telling him that when I can't go to Namjoon's live show, was a bit.."

"Then when will be a good time to approach him?"

"When? I don't know.. but if I do it completely out of the blue, I'll feel bad for Namjoon. Plus, I'll feel like a total bitch." Taehyung sighed.

"Well, that's something you're going to have to decide on your own.."


Christmas Eve

Jimin lay on his bed, looking up at the ceiling.

Today is Christmas Eve and I'm here, all alone.. even Taehyung is busy today.

"Then why don't you invite him for Christmas?"

No.. I can't do that.

Just don't think that today is Christmas Eve.. it's just another normal day.

Jimin sighed, feeling frustrated.

Ahhh.. I'll just go buy some snacks.


"Thanks for agreeing to work on a busy day like today, Yoongi." The manager said.

"I don't have anything to do anyways.."

"Well then, you can start delivering this order. You have the address here."

"Alright." He took the pizzas and the address and walked outside the store, hopping up on one of the delivery motorbikes.


As Yoongi was riding, the traffic lights turned red in front of a convenience store.

His eyes grew big when he saw someone entering the shop.

Eh? Jimin?!

But isn't today Namjoon's live show? What is he doing here?

He kept staring at him and didn't realize that the light had turned green. The car behind him beeped the horn for him to move. Yoongi quickly looked back at the road and started riding again.

Was it really him.. or am I just hallucinating?


After finishing with some deliveries, the boss allowed him to take a break.

Yoongi stepped into the private worker's room. Luckily, it was empty. He sat down on one of the chairs.

He quickly took his phone out of his pocket and called Jungkook.


"Hey Jungkook.." Yoongi's eyes slightly flushed. "Do you know anything about.. whether Jimin is going to be at Namjoon's live show today?"

"Huh? And how would I know? Dude, if you want to know, why don't you just call her? See ya."

"Wait-" Jungkook hanged up.

This guy.. he told me to make sure of myself, but how can I 'just' call her? Anyways, I might just have been seeing things, it happened before too.


Jimin came back from the shop.

Today is a normal day.. today is a normal day..

Then why the heck did I bought a Christmas cake?!

Jimin sighed.

Ahhh.. I want to do something!


But if that was really Jimin.. and he didn't go to the live show.. does that mean..? Crap, I'm getting anxious!

Yoongi took his phone and searched for Jimin's name in the contact list. But before he could press Jimin's name, he quickly placed it on the table, his hand trembling.

But wait! If Jimin is going to the live show.. he's so gonna think that I'm a weirdo for calling him..

Yoongi stared at his phone, with Jimin's name on the screen, as his heart started beating faster.


Jimin curled his self in a ball, thinking on what he should do.

So, what should I do from this point on-wards?

No.. the question shouldn't be 'what should I do?'.. It should be 'what do I WANT to do?'

I know what I wanted to do, so that's what I should do.

At this point, I shouldn't give a damn about what other people would think, I don't care anymore.

Jimin quickly sat up straight on his bed, feeling determined.

Even if Yoongi might go away again, even if it's not the right time, even if it's any other thing, none of it matters.

Now, what I want to do is..

Jimin quickly extended his hand to get his phone, but before he could take it, it suddenly started ringing. His eyes grew wide when he saw 'Yoongi' on the screen. His heart started thumping at full speed. His trembling fingers reached for the phone and answered the call.


"H-hey Jimin.. err.. it's me." I don't care anymore. I don't want to regret anything. I'd rather be a weirdo. Yoongi's face started getting hotter as he nervously played with his hair. "So.. um.. where are you?"

"I-I'm at home.."

"Aren't you going to the live show?"

"No.. I'm not go-"

"I want to see you." Jimin's eyes grew wide at Yoongi's words. His whole body froze. He felt as if his heart was going to explode with emotions. "Jimin.. I want to see you." Yoongi repeated it. Jimin couldn't hold back anymore. His eyes started filling up with tears. Tears that held so many emotions inside of them. Jimin smiled in happiness while they rolled down on his cheeks.

"7 o’clock. At Dosan Park, by the clock!" Yoongi's lips curved in a smile as his heart wouldn't calm down.

"Okay, I'll see you there."


Yoongi hanged up, his face becoming bright red. He scratched the back of his neck, unable to relax.

Oh god, I'm so happy.. He couldn't stop smiling like an idiot. Mhh, I haven't prepared for a present for him yet.. Flowers? Should I get him some? He brought his hands to his face, feeling embarrassed. T-that is sooooo not my style.. He sighed, trying to calm his nerves. Ahhh.. I just want to see him quickly.

At that moment, someone knocked the door and stepped inside the room.

"Yoongi.." He turned to face the manager.


"I'm sorry but.. could you work overtime today? The guy whose supposed to be starting at six is coming late.."

"I'm sorry.. I got plans after this, I don't think I can make it."

"I mean.. it's only for 30 minutes.. is it still not possible for you?" Yoongi could see how worn out and exhausted the manager was. He bit his bottom lip in concern. Well.. I understand that today is extremely busy, and I can make it to Dosan Park in 20 minutes from here..

"Okay, if it's just half an hour."


At last.. Jimin sat on the bed while brushing his hair. Many things happened that led up to today..

So many mistakes. I hurt somebody, I hurt myself.

But whatever people would talk about, I won't regret it anymore.

The promise that has never been made.. the first time, the second time.. But this time, this time for sure.


Here it is.

Jimin walked up to the clock.

Ahh.. I arrived too early, still thirty minutes to go. I should've prepared myself better.. His cheeks slightly flushed while his heart raced.

But I'll be able to see Yoongi soon, and that's all what matters.


Geez! In the end, I couldn't finish by 6:30! That manager.. I only have then minutes left!!

"I'm leaving!"

"Thanks for your hard work!" Yoongi quickly walked out of the door and started running.


Faster, faster! While Yoongi is running, he passed in front of a flower shop. He stared at the flowers, his cheeks blushing.

This.. this is so not me..


What the hell?! I can't believe myself! I ended up buying him flowers!

And w-why is everyone looking at me..?!

Ahhhhh I feel so embarrassed while buying this, but.. I wonder what kind of expression he'll make when I give this to him? Yoongi's heart couldn't stop racing. Maybe he'll make fun of me.. or act surprised.. or.. be happy? I really want to see him happy! Kyaaa! I can't wait! Yoongi kept running as fast as he could.

His thoughts were so focused on Jimin, that he didn't even notice that the traffic lights turned red. Yoongi wasn't stopping for anything. He didn't want to be late. His eyes were only glued to the flowers while thinking about Jimin. He started crossing the road, not being conscious on what was going on around him.

Suddenly, he noticed something coming towards him really fast. He turned his head towards it, but it was already too late.

In an instant, he felt his body hit the ground.

His whole body was in pain. He couldn't move.

His vision started to blur, everything was dark. His eyelids slowly closed as he started losing his consciousness.


Yoongi, where are you..?

It's already 8pm, you know..?

Jimin checked his phone.

He didn't even contact me, maybe something happened..

Should I stop by his house?

At that moment, his phone started ringing. Jimin quickly checked who it was.

Ah! It's Yoongi!

Jimin picked the call.

"Yoongi! What happened? I was so worried!"

"Jimin, I'm not Yoongi.. I'm Jungkook." Why does his voice sound so..

"Oh, Jungkook.. why are you calling me from Yoongi's phone?" Jungkook made a long pause, Jimin felt so uneasy.

"Yoongi.. got into an accident. He's currently unconscious." Jimin's heart stopped.

"W-what are you saying.. this joke is not funny, you know..?"

"Jimin.. I'm not joking." W-what.. no..

"N-no.. it can't be.. WHERE IS HE NOW?!"

"He's in Central Hospital, room 619."

Jimin quickly hanged up and started running towards the hospital, his heart beating so fast in distress, while tears rolled down on his cheeks.


Room 619.. room 619..

Here it is.

Jimin stood in front of the door, his legs shaking.

I-I'm scared to go in.. why.. why did this have to happen..

His trembling hand reached for the door knob and he slowly opened the door.

Jimin entered the room. His eyes desperately searched for Yoongi.

He was laying on the bed while Jungkook sat on the chair next to him.

"Yoongi.." Jimin said while trembling. "Y-you're awake? I thought you were in a critical condition..!"

Yoongi glared at Jungkook. "What? Critical?"

"I-I didn't say that.. I-I didn't say that!" Jungkook stuttered and Yoongi sighed.

"Well, what I got are mostly bruises and a few cuts. It seems like I did lose consciousness though. But.. if I were in any serious trouble, I think they would've took me to the ICU, right?"

"S-so you're okay? B-but you are in a private room like this.."

"The hospital said that there were no more vacant rooms except for a private one. If the results of the checkup are okay, he can stay here just for the night and leave tomorrow." Jungkook said. Jimin's eyes filled with tears. "W-well.. I'll leave you two alone.." He quickly stood up and left the room.

Yoongi stared at Jimin while moving his hand, telling Jimin to come closer to him. Jimin stared back at him, even though he couldn't see Yoongi properly because of his tears. He slowly walked up to him, sitting down on the chair beside the bed. Jimin's sparkling eyes stared right at Yoongi's.

"I-I was so scared.." Jimin softly let out as a tear rolled down on his cheek. "I thought.. I wouldn't be able to see you again.." His hand slowly reached up to Yoongi's, caressing his cheeks softly, as if Jimin needed to make sure that he was really there with him. "I was really.. really scared." Yoongi's eyes widened at his touch.

He took Jimin's hand and pulled him towards Yoongi himself, embracing him in a tight hug. His face landed on Yoongi's chest. Jimin closed his eyes, feeling secured in his arms. "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry I made you worry." Yoongi rested his head on Jimin's while he gently caressed Jimin's hair. "How could I have left you.. when we're about to start something together?" Jimin sobbed, his heart racing at Yoongi's words.

Jimin could also feel Yoongi's heart beating faster and faster. "Jimin, I will word hard.. I will work hard to be a better person each and every day, so.." Yoongi pulled back, only to hold Jimin's chin and stare deeply into his eyes. "..would you please stay by my side?" Jimin's eyes grew wide.

"Yes, I will." Yoongi's lips curved into a beautiful smile, his eyes shimmering. "Yoongi.. do you honestly think you're okay with me?" He took Jimin's hand.

"I have never loved anyone else besides you." His gaze was so intense. His beautiful dark eyes were so tender, yet filled with strong love and passion, which sent shivers down Jimin's spine.

Yoongi slowly started tilting his head to the side, while moving it towards Jimin's. "Jimin.." Yoongi placed his hands behind Jimin's head and pulled him towards himself, placing a soft kiss on his lips. He rested his forehead on Jimin's, their noses touching. "I love you." Jimin's heart fluttered. He wrapped his arms around Yoongi's neck and reached for another kiss. His lips met Yoongi's again, this time more passionately. Yoongi's life were so soft and warm that Jimin lost his self in the kiss.

Yoongi's scent, touch and presence.. him. He was finally Jimin's.

Jimin parted his lips to catch his breath. "From now on wards too, I will never love anyone else but you." Yoongi said and Jimin's heart was beating like crazy. He threw himself on Yoongi, hugging him tightly. Yoongi placed his arms around Jimin, hugging him back. He slowly lowered his head, burying it on Jimin's neck.

"Me too, Yoongi. Forever, it will only and always be you." He could feel Yoongi's lips curving in a smile on his skin.

After a long hug, both of them pulled back and stared at each other.

"By the way.. tomorrow, can we make an appointment again?" Yoongi asked and Jimin nodded happily.


Next day..

7 o’clock. At Dosan Park, by the clock.

"Jimin!!" He turned his head at Yoongi's voice and saw him running towards Jimin. Yoongi stopped in front of him, with a mischievous smirk on his lips. "Here I am.. we finally meet." Jimin smiled up at him, his cheeks slightly flushing.

Suddenly, Yoongi took out a beautiful bouquet of flowers that he hid behind his back. "TA-DAAAAH!" Jimin's eyes widened in surprise. Yoongi shyly handed him the flowers. What will his reaction be? Yoongi thought.

Jimin's eyes instantly brightened up. He gently took the flowers, bringing them to his chest, while showing the most sincere, happy and beautiful smile he could give.

"Oh my god! Yoongi, this is so cute! Thank you so much, I'm sooooo happy!! They are absolutely beautiful!" Jimin's smile was so beautiful that it made Yoongi's heart race.

Yoongi smiled happily in return, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

That's just what I wanted to see.. your bright and happy face.

Chapter Text

Christmas holidays finished in a blink of the eye, and the last semester of school started faster than they wanted it to.

Yoongi and Jimin decided to meet up today to finish the homework together.

"Jimin. are you done?" Jimin didn't respond. As Yoongi didn't hear any response, he lifted his head from the work book and turned to look at Jimin.

Yoongi chuckled as he saw Jimin leaning back on the couch, sleeping.

Geez.. he really can't be helped. Yoongi smiled softly. But.. he's really cute when he sleeps.. He placed his hand on Jimin's thigh, gently moving it for him to wake up.

"C'mon, wake up, you need to finish this first!" Jimin whined while slowly opening his eyes.

"Ahhhh.. I'm tireeeeed."

"Just one more question, that's it." Not cute.. Jimin thought.

Jimin sighed while sitting up straight. He grabbed Yoongi's pen and continued with the work.

A while ago, I was the one who used to teach him, and now he's the one teaching me.. That is sooooo not cute.

Even though on that Christmas eve.. he was just adorable at that time.

But somehow.. somehow..

Jimin lifted his gaze and stared at Yoongi for a while.

He noticed Jimin's stare, and looked straight back at him.

"Jimin.. your concentration really sucks." See? Not cute!

Yoongi continued on with his work.

I know it's impossible for him to be in the tension of that Christmas Eve all the time, but..

I want him to be more absorbed in me.

I want him to say that he loved me all the time.

I want him to be crazy for me, till it makes him look like an idiot.

Am I the only one.. who thinks like this?


"Sorry, one second."

"Oh, s-sorry.." This greedy feeling of mine.. is so embarrassing.

Yoongi quickly finished writing. "Okay, I'm done. Is there something you don't understand?" He looked up at Jimin with a smile.

"No.. it's okay." Well, he's not treating me coldly though.

As Yoongi stared at him, he noticed his troubled expression. He brought his hand to Jimin's head, ruffling his hair.

"What's wrong?" Waah.. just by his touch.. I feel much better, I want him to keep doing it.

I can't believe I'm actually such a dense boy.. I don't like this, Yoongi must've not like it either.

"There's nothing wrong, really, I'm fine!"

"Mh.. but it feels weird.." Yoongi said and his phone suddenly rang. "Oh, it's Jungkook." He answered the call. "Hello?" "Yup" "Ah, Jimin is here today.."

"Oh, Jimin is there?"

"Yeah, that's why.."

"I see, got it. I'm on my way there right now!"

"What? I didn't mean it that way!"


"I'M HEREEE!!" Jungkook said cheerfully as he entered Yoongi's room.

"HELLOOOOOO!!" Jimin greeted back cheerfully.

"Why are you guys so loud.." Yoongi said and a bit of irritation were shown on his face.

"I brought chocolateeeee~"

"Yaaaay!!" Jungkook sat down on the couch with Yoongi and Jimin. He opened the box of chocolates.

Yoongi reached out for one and started munching it like a cute little cat.

"Ahh.. this is delicious! It's so good!" How adorable! He loves chocolate! So I can give him chocolates next Valentine's day! Jimin continued staring at Yoongi as he ate.

"It's.. it's almost time for me to come out to the match." Both of Yoongi and Jimin turned around to face him, with a confused look on their faces. He was serious.

"Huh? What are you talking about so suddenly?" Yoongi asked confusedly.

"What match?" Jungkook stared back at the both of them.

"The match for love!!"

"Ehh?" Jungkook inhaled deeply, ready to let it all out.


"KYAAAAA!! SINCE WHEN DO YOU LIKE HIM??!" Jungkook got red all of a sudden.

"Well.. a long time ago.."

"That is so cute!! You should totally confess!!"

"Dude, you knew for so long how much I like Jimin, and you didn't even tell me you like Taehyung?" Yoongi's words made Jimin's heart race.

"Sorry.. I just felt really embarrassed.."

"Aish.. so when are you planning to confess?"

"That's why I've come here to ask for advice.. when is the best time to do it?"

"What about on Valentine's day?" Jimin suggested.

"That's a great idea! Should I call him to the school's backyard? Oh no, I'm getting nervous!"

"February 14th is a Saturday.." Yoongi said.

"Ehhhh..?!" Jungkook lowered his head, thinking. "Let's go out together that day, the four of us!" Jimin and Yoongi looked at each other at the same time. "I know you want to spend Valentine's day together, but once we are there we can separate and do our own thing.. please!" Yoongi looked back at Jungkook.

"Wouldn't it be a better idea if the two of you go together from the start?"

"There's no way he will especially go out to see me on a weekend!" All of them became quiet. Jungkook brought his hand to his face, ashamed. "Why did you make me say something so sad.."

"Sorry, sorry.. let's go together!"

"I will tell him Jungkook, he will definitely come!"

"Thanks guys.. you're the best!" Jungkook smiled happily and his cute bunny smile showed up.

Jimin and Yoongi looked at each other again, and smiled happily in return.

"Well then, I'll go bring something more to eat." Yoongi said.

"Okay!" He stood up and left the room. Jungkook shifted his gaze towards Jimin, smiling. "Good for you, Jimin!" He looked at Jungkook, confused.

"Hmm? About what?"

"Of course I'm talking about Yoongi!" Jimin's cheeks flushed.

"O-oh.. thanks!" Jimin paused for a second. "But.. somehow I hate myself."

"Eh? Why?" He sighed.

"For some reason, every now and then, I want to make sure of Yoongi's feelings. He's not cold or anything to me, he's really treating me so nicely, but.. ahhhh I'm so annoying!" Jungkook chuckled.

"That makes me want to tell you about so many things.. all kinds of things about Yoongi." He met Jimin's eyes. "But I'll tell you this.. he loves you a lot." Jimin's eyes grew big at Jungkook's words, his heart instantly raced.

"Wh-what are the 'many things' you were talking about?"

"Mhh.. there's way too many, but.. one of them, is that under his bed, he has a noteboo-" Suddenly the door opened at full speed, cutting Jungkook's words.

"THE FOOD IS HERE!" Yoongi entered the room, flashing Jungkook a death glare.


"About my confession, please keep it a secret from Taehyung!"

"Don't worry, our lips are sealed!" Jimin said Jungkook smiled.

"Well, I'll be going then, thanks guys!"

"No problem, see ya!" Yoongi waved him a goodbye.

"Bye byeee!" Jimin also waved him a goodbye and Jungkook walked away. "Then, I'll be going too-"

"Why? I'll take you home." Jimin looked up at Yoongi, his heart thumping.



Yoongi glanced at Jimin.

"Jimin, you've been so quiet.. are you sure you're okay?" Jimin lowered his gaze.

"Actually.." Jimin stopped walking, making Yoongi stop too. "Yoongi, you treat me so nicely.. and I know that you treasure me, but.. I wonder why, I don't understand it myself.." He looked up at him, meeting his eyes. "I want more and more.. I think love has turned me greedy, sorry." Yoongi's eyes widened at his words, he looked away while blushing.

"Your hands.. they're cold, right?"

"Eh? N-no, they're fin-" Before Jimin could finished, Yoongi suddenly took his hand.

"They are." Jimin but his bottom lip, feeling his face getting hotter. "It doesn't mean that I don't like it though.." Eh? "I don't hate it when you become greedy.. rather, I hate it if you don't tell me that I do in fact make you feel lonely." Really? "That's why, don't worry and be greedy." Is it really okay.. to be greedy?

Jimin pulled Yoongi's hand, bringing him closer to himself. Jimin looked up at him, his face blushing. Yoongi stared down at Jimin, his heart racing on seeing how cute he looked right now.

Yoongi knew exactly what Jimin wanted.

He slowly leaned in towards Jimin. Yoongi locked his lips with Jimin's while bringing his body closer to him. Yoongi, I really love you. He pressed his forehead against Jimin's, looking straight into his eyes.

"The Jimin right now.. is very cute." Jimin's heart was beating like crazy. He felt his body burn in desire. He wanted more.

Jimin kissed him again and again.

Yoongi stared down at him, forming a smirk on his lips.

"Are you still not satisfied? Do you still want more?" Jimin swallowed hard, he nodded his head while biting the inside of his lip, feeling embarrassed. Yoongi's smirk quickly grew wider. "Damn, I can't hold back anymore." Yoongi turned around and started running back to his house, pulling Jimin with him.



Both of them entered Yoongi's room, panting hard.

Yoongi closed the door behind him and turned around to face Jimin.

His soft skin and dark eyes, the hair strands falling on his forehead, his plump lips, everything about him was to die for.

Standing so close to him, he couldn't help but notice just how muscular his arms were. Jimin let his gaze slip lower, noticing the shape of Yoongi's abs through his thin, sweaty shirt.

He examined the rest of his body, which Jimin had seen a thousand times, but seemed so utterly different now.

"Wow, when did you get these?" Jimin said teasingly, reaching down to run his hand along to Yoongi's impressive six-pack.

But Yoongi caught his hand in his just before Jimin touched him, startling him.

When Jimin looked into his eyes once again, his expression was intense, almost threatening.

With Yoongi's eyes locked on Jimin's, he took a step closer. Jimin wasn't sure if his heart has ever pounded so fast in his life.

Yoongi yanked Jimin to himself and covered his mount with Yoongi's in a hungry kiss. Jimin responded immediately, kissing him back. Yoongi's mouth was so warm. He teased Jimin with his tongue, sucking and biting Jimin's bottom lip. Jimin opened his mouth with a low moan, letting him in. Yoongi moaned while sliding his tongue in, swirling it with Jimin's. Jimin's whole body consumed in the kiss, he could feel the rapid beat of his heart. Yoongi placed his arm around Jimin's waist, pulling him even loser towards himself. Jimin wrapped his arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

His kisses were so fierce and powerful. Yoongi never kissed Jimin like this before, but he loved it. The warmth of Yoongi's mouth sent a current running through Jimin's body. Yoongi slipped his hands down to Jimin's thighs, lifting him up. Jimin moved his legs, pinning them around Yoongi's hips. Yoongi smirked while turning around, pinning Jimin's back against the wall. He began to leave light kissed down on Jimin's neck, and his body shuddered at the new, amazing feeling.

Jimin moaned in pleasure, causing Yoongi to instantly smirk. He could feel him smiling against his skin. Yoongi's kissed moved down to his chest, but he stopped as Jimin's shirt wouldn't let him continue. Jimin whined.

"D-don't stop.." Yoongi licked his lips, seeing how hot and flustered Jimin were.

"I won't. I'm not done with you yet." Yoongi slipped his hands under Jimin's shirt, roughly pulling it off him. Jimin also quickly took Yoongi's shirt off, leaving at full sight of his muscular body. Jimin licked his lips as he stared at his body, hungrily. Yoongi noticing, a wide grin was formed on his lips.

Yoongi carried him to the bed, laying him down. He knelt on top of Jimin, his dark eyes piercing into his soul. Yoongi lowered his head towards Jimin's ear, biting and sucking his earlobe. Jimin titled his head back at the sensation, exposing his neck. Yoongi ran his tongue along with Jimin's jawline, making his way to Jimin's neck. He started kissing and sucking it, leaving soft hickeys on Jimin's skin. Jimin's hands moved to Yoongi's hair, slightly tugging it, as Jimin steadied his self as Yoongi continued sucking on his neck. Jimin moaned in pleasure as Yoongi kissed his soft spot. Yoongi smirked.

Yoongi's plump lips were so amazing, just the feeling of them gliding along Jimin's body sent shivers down his spine. Yoongi continued leaving sloppy kissed on Jimin's skin as he arrived down to Jimin's chest. Jimin left out a soft moan as Yoongi's tongue started playing with them. Yoongi groaned.

"I love your moans." Jimin bit his own lip, feeling flustered. He couldn't resist them coming out from his own mouth.

"Y-yeah? Then it's my turn now to make you moan." Jimin pulled him down to the bed, and he sat up on top of Yoongi.

The sweaty bangs of hair falling on Yoongi's dark eyes, his strong well formed muscles, his tongue teasing Jimin as it slid across his lips, all of Yoongi was enough to drive Jimin crazy.

Jimin started kissing Yoongi's bare chest, leaving soft love bites on his skin. He made his way down to Yoongi's abdomen. He traced the shape of his abs with his tongue, biting softly every now and then. Yoongi's body twitched at Jimin's touch, a soft grunt escaping his mouth. Yoongi's groans were so hot. He was so hot.

Jimin placed both hands next to Yoongi's head, he lowers his body. He started kissing the corner of Yoongi's mouth, his chin, everywhere but his lips. Jimin wanted to tease him, he wanted Yoongi to beg for him.

"Stop teasing me.. that just makes me want you more." Jimin smirked.

"That's exactly what I want." Jimin said while running his finger across Yoongi chest playfully.

"Fuck, I'm desperate. Just kiss me already." Jimin grinned devilishly. He reached up to Yoongi and kissed him roughly, Jimin's lips devouring him. Yoongi moaned at Jimin's roughness. He brought his hands behind Jimin's head, pulling him even closer.

Both of them closed their eyes as they lost themselves in the kiss, their tongues exploring every corner of each other's mouth. Their breaths were unsteady, Jimin's heart were beating faster than ever.

They parted their lips to catch their breaths. Jimin slowly reached up to Yoongi, moving his finger across Yoongi's forehead, removing his hair from his face. They stared at each other.


"I love you." Yoongi told Jimin while smiling.

"I love you too."

Yoongi slipped his arms around Jimin's waist, pulling Jimin's body down towards his'. Yoongi quickly embraced him, hugging Jimin tightly.

"I love you so much." Yoongi said again as Jimin smiled as he rested his head on Yoongi's chest. "I'm only yours and you are only mine, got it?" Jimin lifted his head to meet Yoongi's eyes.

"Always." Yoongi smiled and slowly sat up and looked at Jimin.

"I.. um.. want to take this chance to tell you how I feel.." Jimin also quickly sat up, feeling suddenly nervous.


"Uh.. It's just.. I don't know.. I'm just- You- You became mine all of a sudden, so all my thoughts are still mixed up. No, not mixed up.. That's not what I meant.. It's just.. It's really hard to express all these feeling inside me. Yeah.." Yoongi paused for a while then continued. "Every time.." Yoongi paused and looks embarrassed, but he still continued. "Every time I saw you with Namjoon.. my heart started aching so bad.. I couldn't stand it. But, I.. I never knew that I could feel this way to someone... because of you." He paused and continued,

"I realized how important you are to me. So.. I'm sorry that I took so long to confess my feelings to you. It's just.. that.. I was just a mess. Everything got so complicated. I didn't know what to do anymore. But the only I knew for certain, was that I didn't want to lose you." Yoongi smiled shyly. "I've never been so scared, of losing someone in my entire life. Because nothing in my life, nothing in this whole universe.. has ever meant.. as much as you do." Yoongi smiled. "That's why I think, if I.. did something right in life, that was not to give up on you." He continued,

"You know.. one night I started thinking so much about you, that suddenly.. out of nowhere PAH! I started crying like a baby, because I wanted to see you so badly. I tried to retain my tears but.. I couldn't stop wishing that you'd be right next to me like you are right now. I was so surprised, because that was the first time I cried in a long time, and it was because of you. You are everything I think about, everything I need, everything I want. You are the only one who makes me feel like this.." Yoongi kept on talking while smiling,

"You give me a feeling.. that I couldn't put into words. Everyday that goes by, there is something new that.. how do I say it.." Yoongi chuckled as he move around his hands, trying to say what he wanted to say. "..that makes me love you more than the day before." Yoongi hid his face, feeling really shy. "Yep, that's right. You have no idea.. how fast my heart races every time I see you."

"Ahh.. I still remember the first day I met you and smile, because... that was the best day of my life. Right from the start, I knew I had to make you mine. I knew it. Do you remember.. the day we were playing hide and seek at primary school? I.." Yoongi smiled as the memories flashed back on his mind. "I already.. liked you back then. When I think about those times, I.." He moves his hand, trying to express his thoughts. "Get.. really emotional.. Because, in the same way you came running to save me that day.. my eyes are getting teary!" Yoongi said embarrassingly and still continued, "Now that you are with me, I feel... like you saved me once again.." He smiled and kept on going,

"Good relationships don't just happen. They take time, patience, for two people who truly want to be together. A true relationship.. is.. two people refusing to give up on each other." He smiled and chuckled a bit. "That's just what we are. The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart, and come out even stronger than before." He paused for a bit and went on, "So I think that all of our struggles made out bond stronger."

"I remember the first day I looked into your eyes.. Wahh... I felt.. my entire world flip because of you. You.. entered my life really.. out of nowhere, and suddenly, you became the center of my world. Yeah.." He smiled shyly. "Ahh.. saying this.. it's embarrassing.." He chuckled. "That's why.. please never leave me because I can't survive one day without you. I don't want anyone else to have your heart, kiss your lips, or be in your arms, because you are only mine. Forever you will only be mine." Yoongi said as his eyes were getting blurred. "Hey.. why does my eyes keep getting teary? I'm just letting everything out, that's why." He said as he wiped his eyes,

"I just wanted to say.. I love you. I love you with all my heart."

Jimin listened carefully on each and every words Yoongi said.

He noticed that Yoongi was about to tear up and he quickly hugged him tightly. Yoongi buried his head at Jimin's neck, bringing his arms around him.

"Thank you. Thank you so much." Jimin tightened his grip. "Thank you for existing, thank you for meeting me, thank you for loving me, thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for everything." Jimin felt his own eyes getting teary now. "I choose you and I'll choose you, over and over again. Without a pulse, without a doubt, I'll keep on choosing you and only you." He pulled back to look at Yoongi's face. Jimin's hand reached up to him, gently cupping his rosy cheek, and continued,

"The first time you fall in love, it changed you forever, and no matter how hard you try, that feeling just never goes away." Jimin smiled. "That's why, forever, you will be the only one whom I'll truly love." Yoongi's eyes slightly widened.

Yoongi reached for Jimin, brushing the stands of his hair on his face, getting a full view of him. Yoongi's glowly eyes stared right at Jimin's.

"Jimin, I'm so lucky to have you. I'm so happy that you are mine."

Chapter Text

Jimin entered school and noticed Yoongi in front of his locker. He walked up to him, tapping his shoulder.

"Good morning!" Jimin greeted cheerfully and he turned around.

"Good morning Jimin." Jimin stared at him.

"What's wrong? You look tired.."

"Yeah, I didn't get much sleep. I was up late."

"What were you doing?" Yoongi smiled.

"Mhh.. just thinking about you." Jimin wasn't expecting Yoongi to say that and his cheeks quickly flushed. Yoongi started laughing. "Hahahaha! You're so cute."

Ahhhh why is he like this!!

Jimin cleared his throat and tried to regain his composure.

"A-Anyways.. I'm going to talk to Taehyung about the 'date' today."

"I hope everything turns out well. I really want to see Jungkook happy. Jungkook is such a good guy.. there aren't many people like him.'

"Yeah.." The way Yoongi thinks about Jungkook is so.. touching.

"Well, I'm going to class."

"Okay, I'll see you later!"

"See you!" Before Yoongi left, he placed a soft kiss on Jimin's cheek.

I even thought about how good it would be if Taehyung liked Jungkook back, but.. I can't say too much about this.

Namjoon's face appeared in Jimin's thoughts.

People's feelings in trying to love, until you can really love someone..

It isn't easy..

But, I've decided this myself.

That's why, even thought I still have this guilty feeling, I have to keep moving forward.


Jimin entered his classroom.

Great! Taehyung is here!

Jimin walked up to him.


"Oh, hey Jungkook!" Okay.. I need to ask him.

"Taehyung, on Valentine's Day we are planning to go out together. Yoongi, Jungkook and the two of us. Wanna come?"


"So? So? What did he say?!" Jungkook ask excitingly, but he was also feeling a bit nervous.

"Well.. he looked like he knew something strange was going on because he said that Yoongi and I are a couple, it's strange that we decided to go out with you two on that day, but.."

"BUT?!" He was so impatient. Jimin smiled softly.

"He said he'll come!" Jungkook's smile grew wide.

"Omg omg omg omg!! Yeeeesssss!!" He started jumping up and down.

Jimin smiled seeing how happy and excited Jungkook was.


Valentine's Day

In the end, all of them decided to go and watch a movie at the cinema.

"Jimin, let's go buy some drinks!" Yoongi said.


Jimin and Yoongi left, leaving Jungkook and Taehyung alone.

Jungkook looked at him, smiling nervously.

"Next?" The employee that was selling movie tickets said.

"Oh, let's go." Jungkook said nervously.

They walked up to the counter and ordered the movie tickets.

Jungkook's gaze traveled to the popcorn.

"Ahhh.. I really want to order the popcorn, the super large one!"

"Hahaha! Can you even finish it?" Taehyung asked.

"Mhh.. probably not." Taehyung stared up at him.

"Okay, let's eat it together."


Taehyung ordered the largest popcorn.

Jungkook stared at him with wide eyes. Taehyung noticed and turned to look at him.


"Uh.. nothing.." Jungkook's pulse fastened. "Today you dressed up.. really cute." Taehyung's eyes widened, his cheeks flushing slightly.



Everyone entered the cinema room. Yoongi and Jimin sat together on a row in front of them, purposely leaving them alone.

Jungkook and Taehyung sat down, putting the large popcorn between them.

I never thought sitting in a cinema next to Taehyung would make me this nervous! Jungkook thought.

Jungkook started eating the popcorn to try and calm his nerves. He glanced at Yoongi and Jimin from behind.

"You eat too fast! The popcorn are gonna finish before the movie starts!" Yoongi moved the popcorn away from Jimin while placing his other hand on Jimin's forehead, pushing him back, as he tried to reach for them.

"Yaaaaah! We're gonna eat them anyways.. just let me eaaaaat!"

Jungkook's lips curved into a smile.

Those two are sooooo in love! They're making me jealous.. Jungkook reached for more popcorn.

"That's.. my finger." Jungkook looked down. His eyes grew big as he saw that he took Taehyung's finger instead of a popcorn.

"Ah! S-sorry!" Jungkook quickly let go of him.

Taehyung chuckled at his reaction. Jungkook's cheeks flushed.


Dude, dude, dude, dude, dude, dude!! My elbow!!

Jungkook froze, not moving a muscle.

Our elbows are touching!! I am so not moving it! He's not moving it either.. does this mean.. does this mean..

Ahhhhhhhh I don't think I can concentrate on the movie!


"The movie was so good!" Jimin said cheerfully.

"It really was! Did you like it Jungkook?" Yoongi asked.

Jungkook snapped back to reality.

"Huh? O-oh! Yeah! It was really good!" He laughed nervously as he glanced at Taehyung.

"Well guys, Yoongi and I will be going alone from here. It's Valentines day after all, so you two.." Jimin looked up at Jungkook, giving him a teasing smile on his lips. "Have fun~"

"Wait, are you really leaving?" Taehyung asked.

"Of course! We want to spend our own time alone.."


Yoongi quickly took Jimin's hand. Jimin looked up at him and Yoongi winked at him. "Let's go."

They quickly walked away, leaving Jungkook and Taehyung alone.

Jungkook looked at Taehyung, he was already staring at him.

"So.. this was all planned from the start, right?" Jungkook's eyes widened.

"You found out.." He lowered his gaze while scratching the back of his neck, embarrassed.

"So, where do we go from here?" Jungkook looked at Taehyung, his eyes widened.

"We will walk together at a romantic park!!" Taehyung chuckled.

"Okay, let's do it." Jungkook's mouth dropped.

Oh my god, is this for real?!


Jungkook and Taehyung walked together through a beautiful park.

"Wow! This place is beautiful!" Taehyung said while walking and glancing around the beautiful park they were at.

"Y-yeah!" Jungkook's heart was beating fast, he was nervous, really nervous.

I just need to find the right timing.. while suavely giving him the chocolates as I confess!

Taehyung noticed Jungkook was a looking a bit uneasy.

Taehyung stopped walking and stood in front of him.

"Jungkook, what's going on?" He looked at Taehyung, his hands shaking.

Now. Confess. Just say it.



"I-I have something to tell you." Taehyung stayed quiet, letting him continue. "Taehyung.. I.." Jungkook gently took Taehyung's hand on his'. Now Taehyung's heart was also racing. Both of them stared at each other. "I like you." Taehyung's eyes widened at his words. "Since the very first moment I saw you, I've always liked you." Jungkook slowly took a box of chocolates from his bag. He tenderly placed the box on Taehyung's hand. Taehyung watched his every move, his every touch. "I really like you.. please, accept me." Taehyung took the chocolates.

"Actually.." Taehyung opened his bag and took out another box of chocolates. He handed it to Jungkook, his cheeks flushed. "I also want to give you this." Jungkook's eyes widened in surprise. "I also like you, Jungkook." Taehyung smiled up at him. "So, please take care of me from today on wards." Jungkook was so shocked, he couldn't believe it.

Jungkook wrapped his arms around Taehyung tightly. "I will. I will always treasure you!"

Taehyung's lips curved into a tender smile as he hugged Jungkook back, resting his head on Jungkook's warm chest.


Jimin and Yoongi started walking back home after spending some time together.

"Thank you for the chocolates Yoongi, they were delicious!"

"Of course they were.. I made them myself!"

"Wait, what?! Did you really?"

"Yes! I've put all my blood, sweat and tears into them!"

"Wow you really worked hard, hahaha!" Yoongi held Jimin's hand, linking his fingers with his'.

"But the most important ingredient, was my love for you." Jimin chuckled at Yoongi's cheesiness.

"Yep, that's the most important ingredient!" Yoongi smiled.

"Well, so.. do you have anything for me?" Jimin suddenly stopped walking.

"Actually.. hehe.. I, uhm.. forgot to bring it.. are you angry?" Yoongi started laughing so hard.

"HAHAHAHA!! Oh my god that is so like you! This is too funny!"

"I'm sorry.." He kept on laughing.

Jimin's lips curved into a mischievous smile.


After walking Jimin home, Yoongi went back to his house.

As Yoongi was about to open the door, he noticed a pink box on the floor with a note on it.

Yoongi smiled as he reached for the note.

He started reading it.


How could I forget to bring you chocolates on a special day like today..

I know you love these, so enjoy!

I love you so much. I love you with all my heart. Always.

-Jimin <3


This boy.. Yoongi thought.

He ran his hand through his hair as he felt his heart accelerate.

What's this.. I'm so happy.

Ahhh.. I love him so much.



And just like that, in a blink of an eye, the year of school ended. There was only one more year left of school until they could finally graduate.

During the holidays, Jungkook, Taehyung, Yoongi and Jimin, hanged out a lot. Jimin always had lots of fun together. They were really happy seeing their relationship go so well.

Day by day, Jimin felt his love for Yoongi grow deeper and stronger. He never knew he could feel this much love about someone.


First day of the last year of school..

"Jimin.." He looked at Yoongi.

"Yes?" Yoongi stared at him with a serious looking gaze on his eyes.

"You know.." Yoongi lowered his head, slightly shaking it. "Nah, never mind. It's nothing." Jimin looked at him uneasily.

But.. the way you said it.. it doesn't seem like it's just 'nothing'.


Jimin quickly opened his eyes.

Everything was blurry.

He slowly sat up as he looked around him.

Huh? Taehyung's bedroom?

"Oh, you're up! Let's go get ready for school."

That's right.. I'm at Taehyung's house.

"Wait, I'm gonna make a quick phone call."


Jimin called Yoongi, but he was not answering.

"Huh? That's weird.."

"What's wrong? Who are you calling?"

"Yoongi. But it's really weird that he's not picking up.." Jimin was about to call him again when Taehyung stopped him.

"Jimin.." He looked at Taehyung confusedly. He was really serious. "Yoongi is not here anymore." Jimin's eyes grew in shock. His whole body started trembling in fear.

"W-what do you mean he's not here.. WHERE IS HE?!"

"He disappeared, just like last time." Jimin felt tears start to form in his eyes.

This is not possible. He would never leave me. He would never do that to me.. right?!


Jimin suddenly opened his eyes and found himself in his bed. He quickly sat up, touching his own face as he noticed tears falling down on his eyes.

Was this.. all a dream?

But.. why would I have a dream like that?

At that moment, his alarm started ringing.

Just in time.. I need to hurry up and go to school. I need to see Yoongi's face. I need to feel secure.


Jimin entered his new classroom. It was way bigger than the one he had before.

His eyes moved through the class, desperately searching for Yoongi.

He wasn't there.

Instead, he saw Taehyung. Jimin quickly walked up to him.

"Good morning." Jimin greeted.

"Hellooo!" I'm glad the classes haven't changed.

"Taehyung, do you know if Yoongi already came?"

"Mhh.. I haven't seen him." Jimin started to feel the uneasiness build inside him again.

"Do you know which one is his desk?"

"No, but there's a seating arrangement list on the teacher's table." He quickly ran up to the table, looking at the list.

Okay, at school Yoongi's name is still officially Kim, so..

Kim, Kim, Kim.. there's no Kim!!!

"His name is not here!"

"Eh? That's odd.. maybe he's taking the advanced class?"

"I'll go have a look!" Jimin ran out of the classroom.


Jimin entered the advanced class, breathing heavily.

Everyone stared at him weirdly.

Jimin looked around, but Yoongi wasn't there either.

"Excuse me, does anyone know if there's a Kim in this class?" One boy walked up to the teacher's desk and checked the list.

"Mhh.. no, there's no Kim here." Eh?

So.. where is he?

"I see.. thanks."


Jimin started walking back to his classroom. He felt so anxious. He didn't know what was going on.

Don't tell me he dropped out..

Did he went to Daegu again..?

He can't disappear again. He can't leave me just like this.

Not again..

Jimin felt his eyes starting to tear up, his heart rate increases. His body was trembling.

"Jimin?" He turned at the voice. "Morning!" Yoongi smiled cutely at him.

Jimin stared at him with big eyes, a tear rolling down on his cheek.

"Whoa.. w-what's wrong?" Jimin threw himself on him, hugging him as tightly as he could. "Jimin? Seriously, what's wrong?" Yoongi was really concerned.

Jimin started sobbing at his shirt. "It's.. b-because.. uuhh.. I-I thought.. uhuhuhu.." People around them stared at both of them awkwardly.

Yoongi patted his head, trying to calm Jimin down.

"Let's talk in the courtyard.."


Both of them walked outside.

Jimin is still clinging to Yoongi, not daring to let him go.

"Hey.. Jimin.. sticking to me like that.. can you tell me what's going on?"

"I-It's because I had a bad dream.. I was looking for you but you aren't anywhere! You aren't even listed in our class!" Jimin tightened his grip. "I thought you left me without saying anything again.. I was so worried.." Yoongi brought his arms around him, resting his head on Jimin's.

"I told you that I would never leave you again, didn't I? I will definitely not leave you. Never." His words calmed Jimin's anxious heart. He felt reassured.

Jimin pulled back a little to look up at him. "Then.. where's your class?"

"I'm in your class."

"Eh? But I checked.. 'Kim' wasn't on the list." Yoongi's lips curved in a smile. "Oh- Don't tell me.."

"I'm Min Yoongi again!" Yoongi's smile grew that his cute gummy smile showed. "I did all the paperwork during the holidays and I changed my name back to Min Yoongi. I'm officially Min Yoongi again!" Jimin's eyes widened as a big smile formed on his lips. Yoongi is practically shimmering. "I wanted to surprise you, that's why I kept quiet about it.." His name is back to being 'Min Yoongi' again. He's not the Yoongi I once knew in primary school, nor the Kim I met at the start of high school.

"You are the latest version of Yoongi!" Yoongi chuckled, a bit embarrassed. "But I love all the Yoongi's, and I love the Yoongi right now the most."

Right now, I love the current version of Yoongi the most. Tomorrow, I will love the tomorrow Yoongi the most. I'll love the Yoongi of the next day, and the day after that too.

Yoongi stepped closer to Jimin, his hand caressing Jimin's cheek.

"Until I grow up, till the day I become an adult, I'll probably keep changing little by little." And the Yoongi of that time.. I'll love the most. "And, about you being by my side.." Yoongi held Jimin's chin up, pressing a soft kiss on his lips. "I thought about how good it would be if that never changed." Jimin felt his face getting hotter. Yoongi chuckled seeing how flushed Jimin was.

At all times, I'll love you the most.

At that moment, the school's bell rang.

"That just ruined the moment." Yoongi said.

"Ahhhh man.. the opening ceremony is gonna start. I don't want to go back.." Yoongi moved his arms around Jimin's waist, pulling Jimin towards himself as he pressed his forehead against Jimin's, a cute grin formed on Yoongi's lips.

"Let's just skip it~"


After school finished, Yoongi and Jimin walked back home together.

It suddenly rained heavily all of a sudden.

"Huh? What's with this rain all of a sudden?" Jimin said.

Both of them looked at each other at the same time, a smile curving on Jimin's lips as he knew that they were thinking the same thing.

Both of them started running.

"In times to shelter from the rain, this is the only place, huh?" Yoongi said and Jimin chuckled.

"It is.." Yoongi looked up at the cloudy sky.

"The first time I took shelter from the rain here with you.. I was seriously really nervous. I didn't know what to talk about, but I really wanted to talk to you. So I ended up talking about something of absolutely has no importance." Jimin remembered the moment. It's pouring all of a sudden, huh? "But as long as I talked to you.."

"That happened to me as well." That time, instead of 'Yeah..' I'm coming up with something better. If there was a next time, I'd come up with something a lot better. Jimin looked at Yoongi's profile as he's still staring at the sky.

He slowly reached for Yoongi's sleeve, and slightly pulled it to get his attention. Yoongi turned to look at him. Jimin smiled up at him, his cheeks slightly flushing.

Eh.. what? Does he want a kiss? Yoongi thought.

Yoongi placed both of hid hands behind Jimin's head, holding him as he deeply kissed Jimin's lips.

Jimin's eyes grew wide at Yoongi's sudden action, but he slowly closed them as he lost himself in the kiss.

After a long kiss, Jimin pulled back, a bit embarrassed.

"T-That's not what I meant.." Yoongi's cheeks flushed.

"E-Eh? It's not?" Jimin pointed at the rain.

"C'mon, say it!" Yoongi formed a 'o' on his mouth as he realized what Jimin meant. He placed his arm around Jimin's shoulder, leaning his head on Jimin's.

"It's pouring all of a sudden, huh?"

And then, this time, a better one..

I want to tell the me that was crying, thinking that nothing had ever even started back then.. that something actually started.

It had already started.