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Wrath of the Ex.

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(Over in Gotham City on Earth 1 over at Kate's bar she's inside getting it ready for her grand opening tonight as she's inside getting it ready a group of women walk

in and head over to her. As they get to her one of them grabs her and kisses her getting her to laugh and pretends to beat on making her laugh along with her bandmates

as their laughing Mark walks in followed by Kara and Alex who start laughing and Mark walks over to Kate and pulls her away from Calamity whose laughing.)

Mark: Are right are right you two play nice.
Kate: I was playing nice. I wasn't actually beating her up.
Mark: Yeah okay. Let's not damage Beca's wife okay.
Kate: Yeah okay.
Mark: Bad Calamity.
Calamity: What they thought it was funny.
Mark: Their your bandmates they think everything you do is funny.
Calamity: True.
Serenity: Hey.

(She starts laughing at her as she kicks her in the butt making them laugh.)

Mark: They just proved my point.
Kate: Yeah this is true.
Mark: Anyway. How's it going?
Kate: Good. Getting nervous as the time ticks down to when i open this place.
Mark: You realize it's okay to be nervous.
Kate: Yeah i know that.
Mark: Where's Reagan?

(She looks at him and smiles.)

Calamity: Uh-oh.
Mark: What?
Calamity: I know that smile when i see it.
Mark: Yeah so do i. Speaking of wives where's mine?
Veracity: You walked right by me.
Mark: Oh there's my sexy wife.

(He walks over to her and kisses her getting her to smile in it as their kissing she continues to smile in it then he pulls away from her.)

Veracity: Hi.
Mark: Hi.
Veracity: You okay?
Mark: I am now.

(She laughs at him as she pushes him back and he walks over to Kate and hugs her from behind making her laugh.)

Kate: She's still at work.
Mark: Okay good.
Kate: But she said she'd becoming to the grand opening tonight so.
Mark: Oh good.
Kate: Anyway.
Mark: How you two doing?

(She looks at him and smiles at him.)

Kate: We're doing really well.
Mark: Okay good.

(Then he sees the look on her face.)

Mark: Kate!

(She looks at him and gets annoyed.)

Kate: You and Calamity got a minute?
Mark: Yeah.

(He taps Calamity's shoulder and she follows them into Kate's office as they walk in he closes the door and looks at her.)

Mark: What's going on?
Kate: I just have this gut feeling something is going to wrong tonight.
Calamity: Why?
Kate: Just a gut feeling is all.
Mark: Hey.
Kate: Mark I've been back in Gotham for a year close to two years and for the first time in my life i have someone who loves me for me and isn't using the military as

an excuse to break up with me.

Mark: So you're saying Sophie is going to try something.
Kate: Yeah i am.
Mark: If you're that worried.
Kate: What?
Mark: Why'd you even invite her and Tyler to come at all?
Kate: I didn't.
Mark: Who did?
Kate: My father did.

(Mark looks at Calamity who puts her head down annoyed.)

Mark: Oh boy.
Kate: I mean i know he wants us to be friends. But i can't be friends with someone whose always telling me my girlfriend is no good for me.

(Mark looks at Calamity again who looks even more annoyed.)

Calamity: Wow she's not being at all judgmental is she?
Mark: No not at all.
Kate: I just don't know what to do.
Mark: Look do you love Reagan?

(Kate looks at him and nods her head at him.)

Mark: Well then all you have to do is realize Sophie doesn't get a say in who you date. Much like James doesn't get say in who Kara dates.
Kate: Whose Kara dating?
Mark: Oddly enough Lena.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Kate: So she got the woman she wanted.
Mark: Yeah she did. Much to Olsen's objections but then again. Like i said he doesn't get a say in who she dates.
Calamity: He's right Kate. Sophie shouldn't have a say in who you date.
Kate: I know that. But then again you two know a lot about that as far as your wive's go.
Calamity: Yeah. Me and Beca still have Jesse on our cases.
Mark: Not so much me and Veracity. But he's still pain in the ass.

(She looks at him and laughs.)

Kate: Well i can't really uninvite her.
Mark: I can always talk to Tyler and see if he can't talk some sense into her.
Kate: Mark she's nearly lost him once because of what she's doing.
Mark: Okay i can talk to your dad or i can always talk to.

(Kate looks at him and then puts her head down.)

Kate: Mark I've treated Catherine so damn badly that i don't.
Mark: If she knows that Sophie has been bothering you and Reagan she'll find away to help you out.
Kate: I know. I mean we've been talking a lot since Alice tried to kill her and.
Mark: Let me go talk to your dad and see if he can't get Sophie to back off.
Kate: Okay. Thank you.
Mark: You're welcome.

(He stands up and looks at Calamity then walks out of the room annoyed.)

Calamity: You are right?

(Kate looks at her and nods her head at her.)

Kate: Yeah. I just hope i'm wrong and it's not going to be Sophie who causes the trouble tonight.
Calamity: Yup. But than again i have a feeling there's more of a reason why you wanted me to come back here.

(Kate looks at her and laughs.)

Kate: Yeah um. I have a favor to ask of you since you four helped out so much during the Crisis.

(Calamity nods her head at her.)

Kate: Would you guys play tonight?

(Calamity looks at her and smiles at her.)

Calamity: I some how had a feeling you were going to ask that.
Kate: Oh good. So.
Calamity: I'll go talk to them and see what they say. But then we'll have to go and get our instruments.
Kate: Okay.

(She pushes her making her laugh as she walks out of the room. As she walks out Kate closes the door and sits down as she sits down and she puts her head back annoyed.

Out in the main area of the bar Calamity walks up to the other girls and grabs Serenity from behind making her laugh.)

Serenity: Hey.
Calamity: Quick one of you get her.

(Just then someone gets her in the side making her lean over in Calamity's arms.)

Serenity: Hey.
Calamity: What?
Serenity: Who did that?
Emily: Me.

(She turns and looks at her as Calamity let's her go and she walks over to her as she kisses her getting her to smile in it then she pulls away from her as Calamity

laughs at them and grabs Beca getting her to laugh at her.)

Beca: Hey babe.
Calamity: Hi.

(She kisses her head then pulls away from her.)

Veracity: You are right?
Calamity: Kate's worried about tonight.
Charity: Why?
Calamity: Her dad invited Sophie and Tyler tonight and she's worried that she's going to try and pull something.
Serenity: Oh boy.
Calamity: Yeah. I mean i don't blame her for being worried about that.
Serenity: I know that.
Alex: If it gets to bad we'll all be here for her.
Calamity: I know that.
Kara: Like we were for you and Beca.
Calamity: I know that.

(She kisses her wife's head getting her to smile at her.)

Calamity: Anyway.
Serenity: What?
Calamity: Kate asked if we would perform at the grand opening tonight.

(They all look at her and laugh.)

Serenity: I'm in.
Charity: Me too.
veracity: You're not gonna hear a no from me. I mean performing here is going to be fun. And helping Kate open this place up with a live performance.
Serenity: It'll be worth it and well plus if we're here.
Calamity: I know we can help Kate keep an eye on her ex.
Serenity: Yeah.
Calamity: Okay. Well we gotta go and get our instruments then.
Beca: No need babe we've are brought them.

(Calamity looks at her and smiles.)

Calamity: Thank you.
Beca: You're welcome.

(She kisses her then pulls away as the guys walk in and put their instruments down onto the stage.)

Serenity: Okay than.
Kate: Why don't you go ahead and get their instruments set up and you four can start sound check.
Calamity: Okay.
Barry: Got it. But Charity i'm gonna need your help in setting up the Drums.
Charity: Okay coming.

(She kisses Cynthia then pulls away from her as she walks off to go help set up the drums. Over at Crow's headquarters Mark walks in and heads up to Jacob's office as

he's about to head up Tyler walks up to him.)

Tyler: Hey.

(Mark stops and looks at him.)

Mark: Hey.
Tyler: What's up?
Mark: I need a word with your boss.
Tyler: Why?

(Mark looks at him and then looks up but tells him anyway.)

Mark: Sophie's been harassing Kate and Reagan.

(Tyler looks at him and gets annoyed.)

Tyler: She told me she'd give that up.
Mark: Well apparently she isn't doing what she promised you.
Tyler: I can't believe this.
Mark: That's kind of the reason why i wanted to talk to Jacob.
Tyler: Okay. Go ahead and talk to him because i know if i say anything to her.
Mark: I know that.
Tyler: Thanks for telling me man. I could you didn't want to.
Mark: No i didn't. But then again.
Tyler: I know. Once i calm down enough i'll talk to my wife.
Mark: Are right. Look Tyler.
Tyler: Mark we were both drunk and we both said it wouldn't happen again.
Mark: I know that. I just don't want either one of our wives to find out.
Tyler: Yeah no shit.

(He walks off as Mark walks up to go and talk to Jacob as he gets up to his office he knocks on the door.)

Jacob: Yeah.

(Mark opens the door and walks into the office as he walks in he notices Catherine there and closes the door behind him.)

Mark: Oh good you're both here.

(They look up at him.)

Jacob: Yeah. Something wrong?
Mark: You could say that.
Catherine: Did Alice?
Mark: No. As far as both me and Kate know she's still locked up in Arkham.

(She nods her head at him.)

Jacob: So what's going on?
Mark: Sophie's been harassing Kate and Reagan. Well Reagan more than Kate.

(They both look at him and then look at each other.)

Jacob: Damn. She swore she would stop that.
Mark: Yeah well Sir something tells me she's not ever going to give up.
Catherine: How's Kate feel about it?
Mark: Frankly she's worried about her's and Reagan's relationship. And fears Sophie will find some way of making it worse.
Jacob: Oh boy.
Catherine: What can we do about it?
Jacob: Unfortunately there's nothing we can really do.
Mark: Yeah i know. But i just thought i'd come by and tell you what she's doing.
Jacob: Okay. So other then Sophie.
Mark: Oh she's so nervous i swear she's going to pass out before she opens the doors tonight.

(They start laughing as he turns and walks out of the office as he walks out he closes the door behind him and grabs out his phone and calls someone. As he's waiting

for him to answer he sees Tyler and nods his head at him as he answers.)

Mark: Hey man.
Oliver: Hey what's up?
Mark: You and Felicity still coming to Kate's grand opening tonight?
Oliver: Yeah we're getting ready to head out now.
Mark: Are right.
Oliver: Why what's up?
Mark: You know how Kate has one of those gut feelings surrounding Sophie.
Oliver: Yeah.
Mark: Yeah well i'm having them when it comes around to Reagan's ex.
Oliver: Have you seen her?
Mark: Not yet. But i have a feeling by the end of the night there's going to be a lot more drama than even Sophie can give out.
Oliver: Okay we'll leave right now.
Mark: Are right bye.
Oliver: Bye.

(Then he hangs up as Mark walks out of the building and heads out towards his truck. After the crisis and both earth's merged to together Mark had gotten a job with

the Crows and got himself a truck to him get to and from work. While he works for the Crows during the day he helps Kate out at night along with Luke with her Batwoman

duty's. After about month of being back together with Reagan Kate told her that she's Batwoman and their relationship had been going so well up until Sophie found out

and started giving them trouble and with the help of everyone else Sophie's been staying clear of Reagan while she's with Kate and the other's but that doesn't mean

she doesn't still try to cause trouble for them when Reagan's alone. Later that night over at Kate's Bar she's getting ready to open her doors. As Mark walks in as he

walks in he sees her pacing back and forth.)

Mark: Kate!

(She turns and looks at him.)

Kate: Hi.
Mark: You are right?
Kate: Not really.
Mark: What's wrong?
Kate: I'm a fucken nervous wreck Mark.

(He looks at her and laughs as he grabs her and turns around to face him fully.)

Mark: Okay look. Oliver's coming and if you need advice on how nervous someone is during opening night it'll be him.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: Okay. Look try and relax are right. I know that isn't something that should be said but try your best to relax okay.
Kate: Okay.
Mark: Besides Reagan should be here soon right?

(She looks at him and smiles as the woman they were just talking about walks into the bar and looks around it.)

Reagan: Wow.

(Kate looks over at her and smiles as she walks over to her.)

Kate: Hey.

(She looks over at her and smiles.)

Reagan: Hi.

(Kate kisses her getting her to smile in it then she pulls away from her as Mark walks off to go and talk to the Evermoist members. Then they pull away from each


Kate: Thank you for coming.
Reagan: I wouldn't of missed this for the world. Or for your ex always trying to come between us.
Kate: I know. But you need to know i love you. And i want to be with you. She had her chance with me and she threw it away.

(Reagan looks at her and smiles at her.)

Reagan: That's the first time you told me you loved me.

(Kate looks at her and laughs off the shock of realizing she said it.)

Kate: I know it is. And i'm not taking it back.
Reagan: So it wasn't the slip of the tongue?
Kate: No it wasn't i love you. And i want to be with you.

(Reagan kisses her again as their kissing Beca and the other's walk in and smile at them. Later that night Kate has opened the doors and everyone is in there enjoying

her grand opening of the bar up on the stage Evermoist is up there doing their set of songs. From old to new music. As their performing their lastest song Love Worth

Saving Beca's smiling up at her wife as Kara walks over to her.)

Kara: Hey.
Beca: Hi.
Kara: How are you and Calamity doing?

(Beca looks at her and laughs as she looks down at her ring finger and smiles.)

Beca: We're good. You know i know we've been married for two years but.
Kara: What?
Beca: I still can't believe i got the lead singer of the rival band.

(Kara looks at her and laughs.)

Kara: Their not really a rival band anymore.
Beca: I know.

(She laughs at her as they go back to watching them up on the stage as they finish up with Love worth saving everyone screams for them.)

Calamity: Thank you. And now we're gonna wrap up our time up here with what we all know is a crowd favorite. Here we go.
Mark: Again.

(They start laughing as Calamity gives him the finger and he leans into Oliver who laughs at him.)

Oliver: You are so messed up.
Mark: I know.

(Then they play the music for How heart unbreaks which makes everyone in the bar scream at them making them laugh.)


Step one, take his pictures off the wall
Getting myself up after the fall, the fall
I'll be better off after all
When the pain's a hundred proof
There are ways to change the mood, it's good
Getting it like I should
Mr. What's-his-name?
Oh, they're all the same
Mr. What's-his-name

All three of them.

I'm gonna smile when it hurts
Going out tonight with all of my girls
Party 'til I can't see straight
This is how a heart unbreaks
Find someone new
Somebody who'll love me the way you loved you
Can't you tell I'll be okay?
This is how a heart unbreaks.



I can't believe it got this far
It's like the wheels came off of the car, bizarre
Belligerence in my heart
I've been broken in the past
But the feeling doesn't last, collapse
I always survive the crash
Mr. What's-his-name?
Bet you feel the pain
Mr. What's-his-name.


All three of them.


I'm gonna smile when it hurts
Going out tonight with all of my girls
Party 'til I can't see straight
This is how a heart unbreaks
Find someone new
Somebody who'll love me the way you loved you
Can't you tell I'll be okay?
This is how a heart unbreaks.




Oh, the devil is in your eyes
But heaven was in your kiss
And these are the things I'll miss
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
Smile when it hurts.


All three of them


Tonight with all of my girls.




Party 'til I can't see straight.


All three of them.


This is how a heart unbreaks.
Find someone new
Somebody who'll love me the way you loved you
Can't you tell I'll be okay?
This is how a heart unbreaks
Smile when it hurts
Going out tonight with all of my girls
Party 'til I can't see straight
This is how a heart unbreaks
Find someone new
Somebody who'll love me the way you loved you
Can't you tell I'll be okay?
This is how a heart unbreaks.

(As the music for How a heart unbreaks ends everyone screams at them making them laugh as someone walks up to them.)

Theo: Excuse me.

(They all turn and look at him.)

Mark: Oh my god.
Oliver: What?
Mark: You'll see.

(Up by the stage the girls are looking down at Theo.)

Calamity: Yeah.
Theo: We're doing another USO tour and we were wondering if maybe you guys would go out on it and beat up Mark for me.

(He looks at him and gets up to run after him only to have Oliver stop him laughing.)

Oliver: Oh my god.
Mark: Oh i'm so going to get him for that.
Veracity: Can i be there for that?
Mark: Only if you really really want it.

(They start laughing at Reagan's face as she throws popcorn at his head making him laugh.)

Theo: Kidding.
Mark: No he wasn't.

(They start laughing then calm down again. As Mark walks up onto the stage and kisses Veracity getting her to smile in it then he pulls away from her as he claps hands

with Calamity and Serenity as they walk off laughing.)

Veracity: That was so mean.
Mark: Oh i know. And you were hot as hell up here.
Veracity: Was i really?
Mark: Very much so.
Charity: Eww don't wanna hear this.

(They start laughing as she walks off of the stage laughing at them.)

Mark: Anyway. You okay?
Veracity: Yeah i'm fine. I gotta tell aye performing here tonight was awesome.
Mark: Yeah well maybe it'll finally open some doors for you guys.
Veracity: I can only hope so. If they do finally open it'll all be because of Kate and her asking us to perform here.
Mark: Kate would be happy to take credit for you guys finally getting the chance to go out on tours.
Veracity: Babe we've been on tours.
Mark: In small bars and theaters.
Veracity: And for us that's all we really need.
Mark: Okay. So what you think of this anyway?

(She looks around the bar and smiles at it.)

Veracity: Mary did one hell of a job on this place.
Mark: That she did.

(Then she gets a text and grabs her phone out and sees who sent her a text as she's looking at it she looks at Serenity and laughs.)

Mark: What?
Veracity: There's something I've been wanting to tell you.
Mark: Okay.

(But before she can tell him someone else walks into the bar getting them all to look over at her seeing her walk into the bar Reagan falls silent while she's talking

to Kate when she sees her.)

Kate: Reagan!

(She looks at her and then looks back at the woman who just walked into the bar.)

Woman: I'm looking for Reagan Queen.

(Oliver turns and looks at her as he walks over to Reagan and stands next to her along with Felicity and Mia.)

Reagan: Olivia!