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Silence Falls

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"Was there a reply?" Mirana's eyes flew open and she woke immediately. She felt tired and groggy, but also wary. She blinked and yawned and shied away under the covers slightly.
"Was there a reply?" Iracebeth asked, her voice more urgent and threatening. Mirana coughed and sat up. She held out her arm bitterly, and Iracebeth grinned.
"I bet Ilosovic gave you that didn't he? I bet he made you SCREAM. I bet you begged for mercy," Mirana withdrew her arm, ignoring her sisters cruel laughter. She wanted to ask her what the plan was, to find out what they were up to, but she didn't dare. She stayed silent, wishing her sister would leave. Iracebeth paced the room.
"I'm having the guard at the gate beheaded today, and his wife," She said casually. Mirana looked up in horror.
"What for?" She asked
"Treason," Her sister said, and Mirana cursed herself for mentioning those names yesterday.
"Beth please! They have three children! Young children! One of them's just a baby! Please Beth! Please!"
"Quiet," Iracebeth snapped. "Or I'll have you executed as well," Mirana shut her mouth, feeling sick. A silence grew as Iracebeth paced the floor, and Mirana tried to push down the hideous feeling in her stomach. 'Here goes' she thought.
"I thought I'd visit Marmoreal today, I thought i'd-"
"Oh No," Iracebeth cut in "You'll be watching the execution," A sickening grin lit up her face. Her head was so large it nearly touched the ceiling. "And besides, other than by my orders I've decided that being as you sneaked on me, you shall share my punishment," She sneered. Mirana didn't look at her. "You'll be stuck here for the next forty days as well as me, So you can't go running off to Marmoreal today to cry to Mummy! Mummy can't help you now! And neither can Daddy for that matter," Her sister spat at her in fury, before sweeping off and out of the room. Mirana listened to her descend the stairs, before throwing the covers over her and wishing it was all a bad dream.

The execution was horrific. Yorn the executioner was there, standing on the raised heart, all clad in black. Yorn scared Mirana almost as much as her sister's friends did. She looked over at her sister, sitting next to her, a cruel grin spread across her face. 'She's actually enjoying this' Mirana thought. BigEars stood right behind her, whispering in her own gargantuan ears. 'THEY'RE FAKE!' she wanted to shout, but she didn't. Iracebeth would never believe her anyway. The poor guard cried for mercy, not for him but for his wife. For his children. Mirana wished he wouldn't bring up his children so much, Iracebeth might actually forget about them. Yorn took his head off with one swing, though Mirana couldn't bear to watch. She closed her eyes, and listened to other people's cries of disgust. She didn't open them again until soft voice whispered into her ear "It's over now," Mirana opened them suddenly, and looked up into the haunting face of Ilosovic Stayne.
"Ah! Stayne! You're here. Good," Her sister proclaimed, having a servant bring him a chair directly in between them "Ilosovic's here to keep an eye on you, Mimi," She said "To make sure you don't leave the castle," He sat down, and Mirana couldn't help but feel like he was too close for comfort. Then they brought the wife out and took her up onto the stone platform, her husband's blood still dripping off the executioners block. Unlike her husband, she didn't beg for mercy, she remained completely silent. Yorn told her to put her head on the block, and she looked up solidly at the acting Queen.
"Down with the bloody Bighead!" She screamed violently, and immediately sent riots going up the crowd. Outraged, her sister stood up and screamed next to her.
"Kill her! Kill her kill her kill her! Cut out her tongue! Off with her head! Off with her head!" Joella was shouting too, and Iracebeth's 'Loyal Subjects'. Mirana swallowed nervously. She could feel Stayne's eyes on her, she knew he was watching her. With that knowledge, she wouldn't dare close her eyes again. Stayne would tell her sister, and her sister would execute a hundred peasants, and make her watch all of them. She kept her eyes open, and tried not to look scared. This time, it took Yorn three blows to remove the woman's head. The long blows, all of which the poor creature remained silent through. Mirana couldn't stand it. She had had to endure beheadings before of course, several. But nothing could ever prepare you for it. Her sister laughed and clapped her hands in delight. Throughout the entire ordeal, Stayne's eyes never left her.