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Silence Falls

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It wasn't too hard to slip out of the Castle. Mirana was silent and fairly inconspicuous, and also even if the guards did see her, they wouldn't pay any mind to her leaving. After all, she was allowed. A sickening dread was beginning to build inside her stomach. Though she was a Princess and would never admit to her, Iracebeth's friends frightened her. Uilleam was a Dodo bird, and while seemed harmless Mirana had seen him rip apart a frog and eat him. He was practically silent though, and his beady stare felt like he was seeing straight through her. Joella, or 'BigEars' as Mirana called her behind her back wasn't remotely scary, however she was at court and she spread gossip like the kitchen maid spread butter on toast, and it was for that reason that Mirana was weary of the large-eared gossip. Harwall owned a great estate one side of the east river, and he was richer than even the King. He provided the group with all the funds, and he had spent half of his inheritance on sharpening each of his teeth to fangs. He was well known to slowly drag his teeth down the skin of victims, until they begged for mercy. He was always held back from Mirana by the presence of her sister, but alone Mirana knew she could know show him how she felt. Lugg was a half giant, or a half troll she wasn't really sure which. He spoke loudly and in one word sentences, but he could rip a man's head straight of of his shoulders, or crush his skull as it suited him. But he wasn't the scariest. The scariest by a thousand miles, was Ilosovic Stayne.
Stayne was never cruel to her. He didn't hurt her, or tease her or threaten her. But he shadowed her. He was often in the castle, helping Iracebeth with everything, but sometimes he was there even if her sister wasn't. He was always watching her, always there. She knew that he was the power behind her sister. A whisper from him and you wouldn't survive the week. He was the worst. He was by far the worst.
Mirana reached the door of the basement they held their meetings in, and swallowing her fear she knocked. The door opened slightly to BigEars.
"What do you want? Wheres Beth?" She snapped.
"She can't come," Mirana replied sharply with a courage that didn't quite reach her heart. BigEars scowled.
"Then what are YOU doing here," BigEars hissed.
"I have a note from her," She replied, softening slightly. A chilling voice drifted from the inside, a voice so soft you had to strain to hear it.
"Let her in, Joella," BigEars scowled even more, unlatched the door, and shoved it backwards, pulling Mirana in with such a force that she fell to the floor on her hands and knees.
"It's the whitey girl," Lugg said, his dimwitted brain working slowly. Mirana felt her heart stop. She was so scared, she couldn't even look up. She stayed there, on her hands and knees, staring at the feet and claws of the villains standing above her. A pair of sleek and shiny patent shoes took two steps towards her and stood directly in front of her for a moment. Stayne bent down and lifted her chin until he was staring deep into his eye. He stared at her, and she felt oddly exposed.
"A note, you say?" He said in his soft voice.
"I say we kill her straight," Harwall snooted. Mirana looked at him with panic as BigEars laughed cruelly.
"How do we know she's not lying? Uileam asked.
"She's not," Stayne vouched, looking deep into her eyes. She couldn't stare back at him, she couldn't make eye contact, she couldn't move. He was so close that she couldn't even breathe. He held out his hand, and Mirana stared at him for a while.
"The note," He nudged and Mirana came to her senses and handed him the note slowly. Still on one knee, he opened it and read it, and returning his eyes to her, he passed the note back behind him. She stared at the floor while the passed the note around them and read it.
"Beth will want to know we've got it," BigEars said. 'You could write a reply' She thought to herself.
"Perhaps, a little perminant mark?" Harwall suggested.
"Cut her," Lugg said, much blunter. Mirana could hardly hide her shoulders shaking. She would be strong. She would be strong. Stayne pulled out his knife, and pressed his fingers agaisnt the point. It was so sharp it cut his finger instantly, and he licked up the blood. He held out his hand, but Mirana didn't move. Harwall lunged upon her and used his body weight to pin her down on the floor. Her panicked and struggled, but it was no good. Stayne walked around into her line of sight and leaned over her. Upside down, she sent him a silent plea for mercy. He leaned over her, grasping her arm, and raised his knife, and Mirana screamed.
A Heart of blood, Iracebeth would like that.