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Autumn, Year 1

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Monday, Fall 1 Year 1:

Autumn welcomed me with a fresh, brisk air that again made me grateful I left smoggy Zuzu City. The leaves on trees began to change colors. I’m looking forward to peak foliage season, which should arrive in a couple weeks in time for the Stardew Valley Fair. According to Lewis, the previous mayor strategically selected Fall 16th for the fair because that was around when the leaves became most brilliantly colored, and it brought more guests from outside Pelican Town to the fair.

The first thing I noticed when I checked my empty mailbox was that my pomegranate tree is now fully grown and had a single pomegranate hanging from its branches. This is going to be a good season, I concluded as I picked it.

My morning was spent clearing out weeds and hoeing the ground. It filled the time while I waited for Pierre’s general store to open. Once it did open, I once again bought a bunch of everything, even more seeds that I bought in the summer, much to Pierre’s great pleasure. I also decided to give the dozens of mixed seeds I collected over the past two seasons a try.

All afternoon, I fertilized, planted, and watered it all. Boy, I was exhausted when I finished late today. I do not regret stopping in the middle of what was left in the heat of the day to rejuvenate at the bath house. I was able to find a couple of new foragables while I was out.

My parents called this evening as well. They inquired if I had Grandpa’s shrine, which I had found weeks ago at the northwest corner of the farm. This was where Grandpa was buried, I remembered vaguely from his funeral years ago. I decided that I want to spend the winter in which I’ll have much less to do, to clear out that area and better organize and arrange my farm.

What I didn’t tell them about was the strange note I found at the shrine:


Taylor -

Wait for my return on the dawn of your third year.

~ Grandpa


I eventually shrugged it off as a sick old prank after wondering if Grandpa faked his death, followed by determining the idea to be highly unlikely. The funeral was open casket, and I saw his pale, lifeless figure there. It’s kind of difficult to recover from that.