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Who Shot Robert Sugden?

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Chas was taken aback as she heard the gun go off and Robert’s face as he looked down; seeing the bullet hole as he started stumbling; Chas catching him and laying him down. “Oh my god, oh my god!” Chas stared down at Robert and looked at her hands, the blood on her face. “He’s dead, he’s dead!” 


  Aaron walked around the corner and saw his mum frantically wiping her hands on her shirt; he saw Robert on the ground as he ran over. “Mum!, what’s happened!?” Aaron gets on his knees and places his hands over Robert’s wound; trying not to let him bleed out. “He’s dead, he’s dead.” Chas keeps repeating over and over again. “Robert..please don’t die.” 


  Other people start showed up as someone called the police and an ambulance as Aaron kept his hands on Robert’s wound. 


 The ambulance showed up and the EMTS move Aaron away as they start working on him. Aaron wiped his tears with his knuckles as he stands by Robert; “What’s his name?” “His name is Robert Sugden.” Aaron watched them put Robert on a stretcher as he felt his heart drop. Victoria and Diane run over to him; “What’s happened?!” “Robert was shot.” Aaron lets out as Victoria gasps and Her and Diane both run to a car to drive to the hospital. 


  Aaron walked into the pub with his mom; washing his hands off as he stood in the kitchen; some others followed them inside. “You need anything Chas?” Chas sat at the table; not saying anything as he looked at her hands. “I need to take a shower.” “I wouldn’t wash your clothes, they might need them for evidence.” 


  Chas let a breath as she didn’t move. “I can make you some tea Chas.” Aaron sits next to his mom while Bob starts making some tea. Kerry and Dan stand and watch them. “You need anything Aaron? I can give you a ride to the hospital.” Aaron shook his head; “I-I’m going to stay here.” Bob puts a mug down in front of Chas; “Two shots of whiskey.” 


 “I need to take a shower.” Chas stands up as she runs out of the room and upstairs. “Do you need us to stay Aaron?” “No I got it.” Bob, Dan and Kerry sighs and all start walking out. “Call us if you need anything.” They all leave as Aaron sits back in his chair as he sees Paddy walk in. “Aaron, what the hell has happened?” “Robert was shot...he was just laying their Paddy and Mum was standing over him; freaking out and I don’t know what to do.” 


Paddy walked over and sat by him; placing his hand on Aaron’s. “We stay here and we figure this out like a family.” Aaron nods and wipes his tears. “I can’t lose him Paddy; I can’t do all that again.” Aaron lets more tears fall as he thinks back on Jackson. 


  “You won’t. Robert will be fine..he’s in the best hands he can be in.” Aaron nods and sighs. 

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Aaron had let the two detectives inside and sighed. “Mum, these guys have some questions.” “Okay, you want a cuppa?” “No thank Mrs Dingle..” Aaron sits by his mom at the table as the two detectives sat down across from them. “What happened last night?” 


Chas sighed; “I was talking to Robert; telling him that he should get out of town for awhile; that he was making others upset and that it would be best if he left for awhile.”  “what do you mean upsetting others?” “He had upset his brother, his ex wife and I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt.” The detectives were writing stuff down. 

“How close are you guys to Mr Sugden?” Chas sighed, “He’s my best mates step son.” Aaron licked his lips. “We uh have a relationship.”  “where were you last night Mr Livsey?” “I was walking around,clearing my head..when I heard the gunshot; I ran over to my mum.” “Where did the shot come from Mrs Dingle?” “Behind me..” “Did you see anything?” “No I had my back to the shooter.” “Anything at all would help us; even the smallest detail.” 


“She just told you that her back was to the shooter; she didn’t see anything.” Aaron snapped, getting annoyed with the line of questions.  “I understand that Mr Livesy, but I have to ask.” Chas sighed and placed her hand on Aaron’s. “It's alright love, just doing their job.” 

The detectives leave as Aaron looks at his mom; “what?” Chas raised an eyebrow; “you stumbled over saying you and Robert are together..” “okay and?” “Are you and Robert together or did you too break up?” Aaron sighed; “We are fine mum.” “why aren’t you with him?” “Because you witnessed him getting shot and I wanna make sure you are okay. Robert has Victoria and Diane.” 


Chas sighed and licked her lips; “what were you doing last night?”  “I was looking for Andy; you done with the line of questioning?” Aaron walked out of the back room as Chas lets out a shaky breath as she tries not to think about last night. 



Victoria and Diane with Doug wait in the waiting area as Adam has his arms around Vic. “Mrs Sugden, I’m detective Hart; I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering right now.” “of course..” “Do you have any idea on who would want to harm your step son? Diane sighed, “Robert had managed to make a few people upset but not enough for someone to shoot him, I can’t imagine someone hating him so much that they want him dead.” 

“I understand that Mrs Sugden but I have to ask.” “Well, his ex wife Chrissie White wasn’t too happy with him.” Detective Hart wrote that down; “I’m also worried about my other step son, Andy Sugden he ran off last night and I don’t know where he went.” “Do you think this could be connected to Mr Sugden shooting?” “She’s not saying that.” Victoria chimes in, “Andy has a history of depression, I’m just worried about him.” Detective Hart nodded. 


  “I will put out a missing persons for Mr Sugden.” Diane nodded; “Thank you.” 

The doctor walked over, Victoria held onto Adam, “How is he?” “Mr Sugden lost a lot of blood and oxgyen but we were able to stop the internal bleeding and removed the bullet but with how much blood he lost and how much oxygen his brain lost; we have put him in a medical coma.” Victoria wiped tears off of her face; “why?” “He brain is swelled up; when the swelling goes down; we will try and wake him up.” Diane nodded; “Can we see him?” “of course, follow me.”  The family follows the doctor as Detective Hart walks away, “Detective.” She stops, “yes?” “I’m Lawrence White, Mr Sugden’s father in law; How is he?” “They said he survived surgery but they have put him in a coma.” Lawrence nodded; “Oh that’s good, I uh...wanted to talk with you about Andy Sugden.” “oh?” 


“Andy is a nice man and I’m only saying this because I feel it's my duty to tell you this.” “Alright Mr White.” “Andy make an accusation that Robert killed his wife; Katie.” “That’s a big accusation to make.” “Yes, well I figured I should tell you.” “thank you Mr White; I hope your family will stay available if I have any other questions?” “of course.” 


Scrap Yard. 


Walking over as they undid their bag and pulling out a gun; opening the hood of a car. They wipe the gun completely as they place it under the gas tank and closing the door; wiping the hood off as well.  Taking a deep breath; they zip up their bag as they start walking away. Wiping their face as they walk away.

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Victoria and Diane sit by Robert’s bedside; “He looks so small in the bed.” Diane sighed; “I hate seeing any of you kids in hospital beds.” Adam walks in with food and coffee. “From Marlon and Brenda.” “Thanks pet.” Adam sets everything down and kisses Vic’s head. “No Aaron?” Adam sighed; “He’s wanting to be with Chas right now; I’m sure he will visit later.” Adam sits down by Victoria and grabs her hand. 


  “How is Chas?” “She’s putting on a brave face.” Diane sighs; “I’m just glad that we don’t have two people in this hospital.” Victoria grabs Robert’s hand and tries not to let tears fall. 




“No work?” Aaron looks at his mum; “Adam is at the hospital with Vic so..we are taking a few days off.” Chas wraps her hands around her mug, “why didn’t you go up with him?” Aaron puts his phone down; “I wanted to make sure my mum is doing okay after seeing someone get shot.” Chas clenches her jaw; “I’m fine; I’ve survived worse; Robert is the one laying in a bed.” Aaron sighs; “I just need time before I see him...lying in that bed.” 


  Chas sighs and walks over; kisses his head. “I know love, but you will hate yourself if you aren’t there when he wakes up.” 


Aaron nods as Chas walks upstairs. Aaron feels his eyes swell up with tears as he thinks about Robert. 


Home Farm. 

“Why did you and Mr Sugden split up?” Chrissie sighs; “He was having an affair..with Aaron Livesy.” Detective Hart wrote that down. “When did you find out?” “When he came back from Manchester, a week with Aaron.” “what were you doing on Friday night Mrs Sugden?” “I was walking around the village; I need someone air and then I came home.” “Can anyone colbreate your story?” Lawrence walks in. 


“I can.” Detective Hart wrote that down. “I think I have all I need.” “Oh, one more thing.” “Yes?” “Our safe was broken into; my late wife jewelry was taken.” “which is?” “A bracelet and a ring.”  Detective Hart wrote that down. “Anything else?” Chrissie looked at him, “That’s it.” Lawrence walked her out as he shuts the door. 


Chrissie stares at him; as he walks into the kitchen. 




Aaron was sitting at a table as Detective Hart walks in and sits down; “Got time for a chat?” Aaron nods. “Heard you and Mr Sugden were having an affair; you didn’t mention that when we last talked.” Aaron sighed; “Because it ended four months ago.” “When Mr Sugden told his wife about it?” Aaron nodded, “yeah.” “And you became a couple?” “Yes.” Detective Hart nodded; “thank you for your time Mr Livsey.” She gets up and walks out; Aaron clenches his jaw and walks back into the backroom. 


Chas is sitting at the table; “what’s wrong love?” Aaron sighed; “detective came by.” “why?” “Asking about me and Robert’s affair.” Chas swallows down the lump in her throat. “And?” “that it ended and we...are a couple.” “you might not want to stumble over that next time you get questioned.” 


 Aaron puts his hands on his waist; “what are you saying?” “when Jackson was in the hospital; I had to beg Paddy to try and get you out of that room. Robert has been in that room for three days and you haven’t been up their and you can’t say you two are a couple without stumbling over the words; I’m just wanting to know what happened between you and Robert.” 


 Aaron clenches his jaw as he sighs; “a lot is happening right now and I’m trying to figure it out.” 


The door opened as Diane, Victoria and Adam all walked in. “we interrupting?” “We are just finishing.” “Aaron.” “Bye.” Aaron walks out; Adam following after him. “How are you love?” Chas sighs; “I’m fine, how’s Robert?” Victoria folds her arms across her chest. “He still in the coma.” “Well, no change in good.” Chas sits down. “Aaron going to visit him or just ignore us and him?” 


  “Victoria.” “He’s preparing himself; this isn’t the first time someone he has loved has ended up in the hospital; figuring that you are one of his mates you’d understand that.” Chas snapping at Victoria. “Alright, we all are stressed; thinks its best we all just try to relax.” Diane interrupts as she walks into the kitchen; making some tea. 



The door opens as someone walks in; standing over the blond man who has tubes and wires all over him. The heart monitor steady as the breathing machine is steady. Reaches over and grabs the cord to the breathing machine. Sighs and moves their hand.

Chas walks down the hall and takes a deep breath; about to walk into the room when she hears a voice, moves closer so she can hear it. 


  “Do everyone a favor and drop dead.” 

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Chas sits on the couch as she runs her brian thinking of who could have been in Robert’s room. The door opened and Chas waited; Aaron walked in and sat down on a chair. “You alright?” Chas stared down at him; “where were you last night?” Aaron let out a breath; “me and Adam went out for a drink.” Chas lets out a breath. “You haven’t seen Robert yet?” “I’m going to go today.” Chas nods. “Okay.” Aaron looked at her; “You sure you're okay?” Chas nods, “I’m fine love.” 


  Aaron had left for work when Paddy walked in; “you alright?” Chas let out a breath. “I heard someone in Robert’s room telling him to drop dead.” Paddy let out a gasp, “I’m not the biggest fan of Robert but I don’t want him to die.” Chas ran a hand through her hair; “what if it was Aaron?” Paddy scoffs; “Aaron would never say that!” “He came home late last night and has been acting weird since the shooting.” 


  “The man he loves has been shot! He is just trying to understand how to process this.” Chas lets out a breath, “well they still can’t find Andy.” “It could have been Chrissie or Lawrence.” Chas bites her lip; “Just..give Aaron some space alright?” “Alright!” 



Detective Hart walks into the cafe and Pryia sees her. “Still questioning people?”  “The case is still open.” Priya nods and lets out a breath. “Have you spoken to the Whites yet?” “Why is that any of your business?” “I was just thinking that if anyone had it out for Robert; it be his stepson; Lachlan White.” “Why would you say that?” “He has a record and the kid is pretty...strange.” Detective Hart nodded; Pryia walked out of the cafe; letting out a breath. 


     Home Farm. 

Chrissie walked over to the door and opened it; “Detective Hart, what do I owe the pleasure?” She walked in; “I was hoping to speak to your son.” “My son? Why?” Lachlan walked down the stairs. “What’s going on?” “Where were you the night Robert Sugdon was shot?” Lachlan raised an eyebrow at her, “I was here.” “All night?” Lachlan nods. “You can ask my son more questions with my solicitor gets here, now I like you to leave; now.” Detective Hart nods; “Alright.” she walks out of the house. 


Home Farm. 


“Now Lachlan, what did you do that night?” Lachlan sighs, “I was up in my room playing video games. I came downstairs and didn’t see mum anywhere so I went out to look for her.” Rakesh nods, “What else happened?” “I looked around for a bit and then grand dad picked me up.” Lawrence cuts in, sitting down by Lachlan. “We went up to the hospital to see what had happened.” “They honestly can’t believe my son shot Robert! He’s just a child!” 


  “To speak out of turn; Lachlan does have a record so they will look into you and I doubt they had him listened as a suspect.” “what does that mean?” “Someone must have throw him under the bus; to avoid the police from looking at someone or themseleves.” 


Chrissie looks at Lawrence who rubs Lachlan’s back. 

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    Home Farm. 

Chrissie sat on a chair with Rakesh as Detective Hart went through her notes; “you went into town that night yes?” Chrissie nods, “yes I uh...was upset about my marriage so got drunk and walked around.” Detective Hart nods; “Did anyone see you?” Chrissie pauses for a minute as she lets out a breath. “Yes, Eric Pollard saw me. We talked for a bit.” Rekesh looks at Chrissie before looking back at Detective Hart writing it down, standing up. “I think that’s all I need; thank you for your time.” 


Lawerence walks detective Hart to the door as Chrissie lets out a breath; “Do you think Eric will confirm he saw me? After everything…” Rakesh lets out a breath; “Let's hope he does.” 


Hotten General.

Diane and Victoria sit in Robert's room; the heart machine is beeping, keeping steady as Victoria squeezes Robert’s hand. “Where is Andy?” Diane sighs; “I don’t know;hopefully safe.” the door opens and Chrissie walks in. “oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” “You're not pet; we can give you both some privacy.” Diane and Victoria both got up and walked out. 


  Chrissie looked over at Robert; sitting in the chair she looked at him. “You know, I really loved you but you just loved my money. I was very stupid for assuming you only loved me.” Chrissie reaches over and grabs Robert’s hand; “people assume I shot you. I don’t blame them; I'm the angry wife who you cheated on so...I get it. But I would rather fight you in the courtroom then shoot you. If i was the police i’d be looking at your lover. Word says he hasn’t been around to visit since the shooting.” Chrissie lets go of Robert’s hand and stands up; “Be a shame if the police caught word of that.” 


Chirssie walks out of the room and out of the hospital.  



Detective Hart walks in and sees Eric Pollard reading a paper; walks over. “Mind if we have a chat?” Eric looks up; “This about Robert Sugden?” Hart sits down across from him. “You have information about it?” Eric puts down his paper. “No.” Hart lets out a breath; “Chrissie White-Sugden says you saw her the night of the shooting.” Eric nods, “I did; she was walking around drunk.” Hart nods, making a mental note of that. “Anything else?” Eric looks around and leans it; “She pulled out what I thought was a flask but…” 


  “But?” Eric looked at the detective and sighed. “It was a gun.” 


Bartons Farm. 


Debbie walks out holding her bag when it starts ringing; she pulls it out and answers it. “Hello?” a quiet voice answers back, “Sarah?” Debbie freezes; “Andy?” Andy where are you?” “I’m safe.” “Andy!” The line hangs up and Debbie puts the phone back in the bag as she hurries to her car and gets in.

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Home Farm. 


A knock on the door made Chrissie set her mug down as she walked out of the kitchen and to the front door; opening the door. Chrissie lips go in a straight line as she opens the door wider. “Detectives; what can I do for you?” “we spoke with Eric Pollard about seeing you the night of the shooting.” Chrissie’s eyes go wide as she lets out his breath. “And?” “He said he saw you and saw you with a gun.” 


 Chrissie lets out a breath; “that’s outrageous! I didn’t have a gun, I had a flask filled with my dad's whiskey.” Detective Hart pulled out a piece of paper; “I have a warrant to search your home.” Lawrence walks over and grabs the paper; “he has it out for my daughter.” “because of the plane crash that killed his wife and another? We are aware of that” 


 Chrissie and Lawrence stood back with Lachlan as the police started to search the house. 


After two hours; Detective Hart sends the others away as she stares at the Whites. “I’m advising you all to stay in the village and not try to leave incase I have any more questions.” Detective Hart walks out as Chrissie lets out a breath as she looks at Lawrence, “what are we going to do?” Lawrence lets out a breath; “Cover our tracks.” 




Diane and Victoria get out of the car as Debbie walks up to them; “Diane..I got a call from Andy.” Diane lets out a surprised gasp. “Is he okay?” “He said he was safe but then the call ended.” Diane sighs; “well, at least he’s alright; i’m gonna call the detective. Thank you.” Diane Smiles and walks into the Woolpack with Victoria behind her. 


Debbie smiles softly as she lets out a breath and walks away..


Hotten General 


 Walking into the hospital; the sterilized smell hit hard. Letting out a breath; they walked further into the hospital. Making sure their hood is up and their head is down. Can’t be too careful with the cameras and the police shifting around. 


  Finally at the room where He lays makes their stomach twist as they are about to walk in when the door opens so they quickly open the door to the bathroom and duck inside. After waiting for 5 minutes they open the door and while keeping their head down; they walk into the room and see the blond hair man in the bed while taking off their hood. 


  Aaron lets out a breath as he gets done checking in the nurse about Robert. He was doing well but still had to wait for the swelling to go down in his brain. Aaron rubs his neck as he walks to his room. It felt weird walking into his room; granted the last time he was he did say some vile things but it was justified.. 

‘You just keep telling yourself that.. ’ Aaron shakes his head as he puts his hands in his pockets as he gets to Robert’s room and sees someone standing over his bed. 


  Aaron got a sick feeling as he busted in, “Andy?” 


Andy looks at Aaron then back at Robert; “shame he’s in here; he should be in the ground.” Aaron lets out a breath; “Andy, the police are outside.” Aaron didn’t want Andy caught but if he did put Robert in the hospital then… ‘you can’t think like that!’ Andy scoffed, “even after everything he’s done he still survives while I have nothing.” Aaron lets out a shaky breath; “you Sarah and Jack! Diane and Vic have been looking for you, Andy….” Andy was about to speak when the door opened and Detective Hart walked in. “Andy Sugden I'm arresting you on the shooting of Robert Sugden.” 


The cops put handcuffs on Andy and escort him out of the room while Aaron watches and looks back at Robert; walking over to the bed and collapsing into the chair. 


“...What have we done…?”


Flashback-23rd September 2015. 


Andy stared at Robert as he gripped his phone; “Aaron wouldn’t need a reason to lie; he’s already out. weren’t.” Robert swallowed the lump in his throat. Aaron stood in the doorway. It was all making sense now; the mysterious number..the last number to call Katie was Aaron’s who called her to Wally's farm. 


  “ Andy, please….” Andy stares at Robert; “you were late to your was Aaron I never connected the two..until now.” Robert looks over at Aaron who looks away; trying not to show how he was feeling. “You were with each other, weren’t you?” Robert lets out a shaky breath, “weren’t you!?” Robert lets out a small sob as his chin quivers. “Yes.” says softly. 


Andy takes a deep shaky breath; “did you kill her?” Robert stumbles and sits on the back of the couch. Aaron looks over at Robert and Andy; it feels wrong..the whole thing. Him and Robert; how they ended up here in Victoria’s living room; talking about a woman they once both loved now dead. 


Two brothers battling each other once again….


“DID YOU KILL HER!?” Robert lets out a bigger sob as he nods slowly, “yes.” Before Aaron could process that small yes; Andy was grabbing Robert and pushing him to the ground before landing punch after punch.. 


End of Flashback. 

Aaron has his face in his hands as the only sound in the room was the machines attached to Robert. 

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Police Station. 

Detective Hart walks in with her partner into the interview room; she sits down at the table. Her partner turns on the recorder; “It's the first of October 2015;Decetive Hart and Detective Henry interviewing Andy Sugden.” 

Detective Hart looks at Andy; “I wasn’t here when Robert was shot.” “you don’t know what day he was shot on.” “I know where I was that day and I can say for certain that Robert or any of my family weren’t with me.” 




Aaron stood behind the bar with Chas as he let out a breath; “what else did Andy say?” Aaron shrugs; “Just that Robert should have been in the ground not in a hospital bed.” “all that hate…” “Did he ask about Jack or Sarah? She’s been worried about him; not sleeping giving Debs a hard time.” 

Diane looks over at Cain; “of course he cares about his kids.” “He certainly isn’t showing it, is he?” “Coming from you Cain? That's a stretch.”  “Do you think he did it? Shot Robert?” Aaron looks over at Victoria.. Her eyes were red and she had dark circles under her eyes as Aaron lets out a breath and shrugs; “I don’t know.”  “Of course he didn’t! This is all just misinformation.” Diane looks over at Victoria. “The things he was saying about Robert before all this, him disappearing and the hospital room...what if he did?” 


The door opens and Andy walks in. “what if I did what?” 

Diane and Victoria both get up and hug Andy. “are you on bail?” “No; they let me go. They didn’t have anything.” “Where were you?” “I checked myself in at a hospital;Figured that would be better than hurting myself or Robert.” Victoria lets out a breath and hugs him again. “I’m glad you're home.” 

“So you really all thought I shot Robert?” 

  Diane and Victoria sit with Andy as the door opens again and in walks Chrissie with Lawrence. “We were just wondering if there was any news.” “Well, Andy is back and is cleared with the police so..” Lawrence hides his disappointment; “oh well; that's good.” 

“Shouldn’t we be asking you that?” Chrissie looks at Aaron, “what?” “Saw the police heading your way yesterday.” “They were just confirming that Eric Pollard saw me that night.” Aaron studies Chrissie as he drinks his pint. “And suddenly Eric is your biggest fan? You killed his wife.” “It was an accident and anyway; since we are pointing fingers Aaron, have you seen him? Since he is your boyfriend.” Aaron clenches his jaw; “Saw him yesterday and I wouldn’t shoot someone.” “No, you just paralyze them and feed them poison.” Chrissie snaps back as Cain stands up. “Get your daughter out of here. Now.” 


Lawrence grabs Chrissie and walks out as Chas looks back at Aaron, “love…” “Save it.” Aaron walks to the backroom as Cain looks over at Chas. 

 “I guess we know who threw Andy under the bus.” Diane looks at Cain. “you think?” “A bit of a coincidence..” Diane looks at Andy and then back at Chas. “Can’t believe that she would think Aaron would do something like that.” “She’s a witch.” 


Chas walks to the backroom where Aaron is sitting at the table. “You alright?” Aaron lets out a breath; “Just a lot going on.” Chas sits down by him; “Cain thinks Chrissie shopped Andy to the police.” Aaron scoffs; “No way would Eric be helping her.. Me and Robert both saw how Eric was with losing Val..he shopped her and she’s going to find a way out of it.” 


 Chas reaches over and grabs his hand; “she’s wrong love; about Jackson.” Aaron shifts in the chair. “It wasn’t your fault.” Aaron nods softly. “I know just...hearing it from her brought it back.” Chas moves closer to Aaron. “Don’t pay her any mind alright?” Aaron nods and he lets out a breath; ” Chas lets out a shaky breath; “what Love?” the door opens revealing Cain. “I’m heading out; you two need anything?” Aaron shakes his head and Chas shakes hers as well. “No, say hi to Moria for me.” 


  Cain watches them for a minute before he walks out; Chas turns back to Aaron. “Go on..”  Aaron lets out a breath and looks at her. 


Flashback- 27th September 2015 


“Some would say I’m tapped; god I must be. For believing anything that came out of your mouth, for loving you. For going on that trip with you; for taking that call out all those months ago. If i hadn’t...this wouldn’t be happening. Katie would be alive, hell...maybe even Val and Ruby would be alive.” Aaron stares at the blond man in the hospital bed.  “Why do you get to live and they die? Why are you so much better then them? All you have done is hurt people and I’ve Let you.” Aaron lets out a shaky breath. “I could just end it all..right now.” Aaron reaches over to the plug; grabbing it and looking back at Robert. He shakes his head and moves his hand away. 


Aaron bends down and whispers; “Do everyone a favor and drop dead.” 


End of Flashback. 


“That was you?” Chas whispers as Aaron looks at her confused; “What?” “I heard a voice in his room; I was going to check on him.” Aaron's face fell as he looked down at his hands. “What happened between you two? “It was Katie...seeing Andy broken up about it.. I just couldn’t handle it anymore.” Chas rubs Aaron’s hands. “It's not your fault what happened.” Aaron scoffs. “I’m the one who told her to come to the farm. If i hadn’t…” Chas lets out a breath. “You didn’t know about that floor; nobody did.” Aaron lets out a breath as he stares at his mom; “I have something else I need to tell you..” Chas nods and squeezes his hand. 


Flashback-24th September 2015

Aaron got out of his car and walked over to Robert; “Finally; thought you weren’t going to show.” Robert lets out a breath. “Thought you’d be happy that I sorted it.” “What?” “I told the police what happened; left you out of it.” Aaron shakes his head, “you lied? Again?” Robert is taken back as he stares at him. “I thought you’d be a bit happy, I got them off our backs. We are safe.” Aaron wipes his mouth, “What about Andy?” Robert shifts on his feet, “he’ll be okay.” says softly. 


 “He was ready to kill you, he still is!” “I’ll deal with him okay?! I’ll figure it out.” Robert moves closer to Aaron, putting his hands on his arms. “But..this us...we are okay.” Aaron stares at him before shrugging him off. “No we aren’t.” 

Aaron walks away from Robert as he puts on his gloves and starts working. He can hear feet behind him as he sighs. “Thought you left..” “checking on my investment.” Aaron continues to work. “Y’know, I should have dumped you way back, I had different blokes on the go.” “and I'm the best you settled for? What does that say about you?” “Are you jealous?” “I don’t give a toss.” “but you do Aaron...god, you're a basket case. Got your whole family running after you; making sure you don’t cut yourself again. Or a goody but oldy...gas yourself in a Garage.” 


  Aaron grabs a spinner and turns around to look Robert in the eye; his heart beating in his chest as he lets out heavy breaths. “That is the last time you talk to me like that, do you hear me?” Robert stares back at him; his heart beating into his ears as he scoffs quietly and walks away; Aaron watches him before turning back around and kicking the car tire and letting a few tears fall. 

End of Flashback. 

Aaron runs a hand down his face as he looks at Chas; who is clenching her jaw and shaking her head. “The madding thing is; is I still…” Aaron doesn’t finish as Chas grabs his hands and moves her chair closer. “I know.” she says quietly. Aaron lets out a shaky breath and puts his head on her shoulder.

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Aaron walks over to the scrapyard and sees Adam and Vic with her phone; “you gonna do any work today?” Adam looks at him; “Making a video for Johnny...he can’t leave the hospital so i’m bringing the outside world to him.” Aaron nods, “I’m sorry mate.” Adam nods, “the uh...people to take the cars to be crushed are coming on Monday.” Aaron nods and sighs; “alright well, i’m gonna do paperwork then head back home to mom.” 


“how is she? Your mom?” Aaron looks at Victoria. “Good; be better once they find the shooter.” Vic nods, her face falling as Aaron clears his throat. “How’s Robert?” “the same; doctors are hopeful.” Aaron nods. “He’s tough; he’ll come out of this. And so will johnny.” Adam smiles and knocks his shoulder with Aaron’s as Aaron walks to the cars. 


Aaron lifts up the hood and looks over at it when he sees something black under the engine and reaches down; pulling it up his eyes go wide as he peaks over at Adam and Vic; Aaron stares at it as he puts it back and closes the hood and hurries into the portcabbin. Aaron runs a hand down his face as he sits in the chair, trying to control his breathing. “What the fuck?” under his breath as he pulls out his phone and goes to Robert’s contact; pressing it and waits. “Come on, come on!” before it hits voicemail. 


 Aaron’s face falls as he listens to Robert’s voicemail intro before it beeps and he hands up. “What am i going to do?” 




Chas is behind the bar when she looks over and sees Chrissie and Lawrence; “I don’t want any trouble.” Lawrence lets out a breath; “and you won’t get any; we just want a drink.” Chas lets out a breath; “what can I get yeah?” “A glass of white wine and a scotch Chas.” Chas nods; “I’ll bring them over.” Chrissie and Lawrence go sit in the back booth as Chas pours them their drinks and walks over; setting them down and Lawrence pays for them. “Thank you.” Chas nods as she walks back behind the bar. Diane walks in with Doug; “how is he?” Diane shrugs her shoulders. “He looks so small in that bed; all those wires on him. I wish he would wake up.” Chas nods, “I remember that feeling...he will wake up.” Diane smiles. “You go in the back I got it here.” Diane looks around, “I think I’ll work a shift and keep myself busy.” “you sure?” Diane nods; “yeah.” Diane goes behind the bar and starts serving people when Aaron comes in and sits down in a booth on the phone. “I’ll pay you double if you come today.” 


  Aaron runs his hands through his hair; “that sounds good thank you.” he ends the call. His mom walks over with a pint and sets it down. “You alright love?” Aaron looks at her and nods, “yeah; m’fine.” Chas nods and walks away. Aaron bites his lip as Adam and Victoria walk in and sit with him. “I know Robert upset a lot of people but to shoot him?” Aaron leg starts bouncing as he shrugs, “I have no idea..” Victoria lets out a breath and gets up; “I’m gonna work for a bit.” “alright babe.. See you in a bit.” Victoria smiles and peaks him on the lips and walks away. 


  “You sure you're okay man?” Aaron looks at him, “m’fine.” Adam raises an eyebrow at him, “he’s going to be okay y’know?” Aaron looks at him and nods, “yeah, i’m gonna go see him for a bit.” Aaron gets up and walks out of the Woolpack and gets back on his phone. 


Adam grabs his phone and looks at the video, starting to edit the video made for Johnny, Adam watches the video and sees Aaron in the background at the scrapyard, smiles as he zooms in a bit and watches. Adam watches Aaron pull out something from the hood of the car and his eyes go wide, “what the?...” Adam lets out a breath and pauses the video. “What the hell Aaron?” 



Adam walks up to the car in the scrapyard, opening the hood as peers down and reaches down, under the engine he feels something and brings it up. His eyes go wide as he stares at the gun. “What the hell Aaron?” he wipes off the gun and hides it again.  Adam shuts the hood of the car and walks back to the pub, texting Aaron. 



 Aaron had been sitting in a booth as he sat next down by him. “Mate, what the hell have you done?” Aaron looks at him, “what?” Adam looks around and whispers. “I found the gun Aaron.” Aaron's face fell, “It's not mine.” “Mate, I'll go back to you, you know that but you gotta tell me the truth.” “I Am!” “I found it in the car, the real shooter placed it in there. How did you find it?” “I saw you messing with the car in the video for Johnny.” Aaron felt cold water on his back. “Have you posted it yet?” “no, I saw you and went back to the scrapyard and found it.” 


Aaron ran his hand down his face. “I tried getting the cars taken care of.” “What?! Mate you are talking about destroying evidence.” “If the cops find that gun and the video, I'm getting sent down and I can't do time. It will kill my mom.” Adam stares at him. “”I’ve done time Aaron and I got a kid in the hospital...I can’t go down for this either.” “that’s why we need to get rid of the cars.” Aaron says in a loud low voice. Adam lets out a breath and nods, “Alright..I’ll make a call.” 


Victoria watches the video and uploads it as she puts her phone away and starts cooking with Marlon. 




Adam watches the company start to upload the cars when he hears sirens, “go in the portacabin..” Aaron feels his stomach twist and nearly drop as he runs into the portacabin and shuts the door, locking it and hides. Detective Hart steps out of the car as does the other officers, “find the gun.” Walks over to Adam, “where is he Adam?” “don’t know what you are talking about.” “trying to destroy evidence ? that's a felony crime.” “Just getting rid of some scrap for a few quid, no idea what you are on about.” Detective Hart smiles. “Save it Adam. I’ve seen the video and your mate has a record so to save yourself..where is Aaron?” Adam watches one of the officers pull out the gun and place it in a bag as he lets out a breath. 


“Don’t know about that or what you are talking about.” he says loudly as Aaron quietly opens the window and climbs out of it, running back to the Woolpack. 




Chas and Paddy are standing in the backroom, Chas has her arms folded over her chest as she lets out a breath. “Feel like I'm being watched like..just waiting for another moment to finish what they started.” Paddy lets out a breath. “You're under stress and not sleeping well. Have you been to see someone?” Chas ignores him, “Just wish I could remember..” “remember what? You had your back turned, what could you have possibly seen?” “I don’t know! But...maybe i did see something and.. That would prove that Aaron didn’t do it..” 


 Aaron comes running towards them, his face red from running and tears stained his cheeks, sweat on his forehead. “Love what's wrong?!” Chas moves closer to him. “Uh..something bad as happened but it wasn’t me mum I swear!” “what happened?!” Aaron puts his hands on the back of his head. “Someone hid the gun that shot Robert at the scrapyard and the police think I hid it.” “Oh god..” “Aaron..” “I swear I only found out today about it I swear!” Chas feels tears pool in her eyes, “you need to get away love, quickly.” Aaron is about to say something when Detective Hart walks in with an officer behind her and Diane with Victoria behind them. “Whats going on!?” “Aaron Livesy I’m arresting you on suspicion of murder..” Aaron fills his hands, gets handcuffed behind his back and tears spill over his cheeks more. 


I’m being set up. Plays over and over in his mind.  

they stand off to the sides, watching as the police cars drive away with their suspect and smiles. Turns around and starts walking away, putting their hoodie up over them. 


“They found a gun in the scrapyard!” “Doesn’t mean he pulled the trigger! He loves Robert, he would never hurt him!” “Why was he running then?!” Victoria looks at Paddy. “Because he knows how it looks.” “He’s gonna need a solicitor.” Doug says as Diane looks over at Chas. “you're not saying much.” Chas has her back towards everyone as she lets out a breath and turns around.  “I know this looks bad… but he swore he didn’t do it.” “that doesn’t mean much to Chas since they found a gun and he ran. I can’t be the only one who had suspicions.” 


  Chas folds her hands together, “believe me, you aren’t.” Diane’s face falls as she walks closer to Chas. “you suspected him? You had me believing it was the whites, or even Andy!” “He didn’t do it! He loves him.” “But you suspected him and carried on like it wasn’t a big deal.” Doug lets out a breath as he stares at Chas. 


 “No wonder you've been so quiet about Andy getting arrested and then getting let out. Making sure the police knew about Chrissie and Roberts failed marriage. You were lying to save Aaron!” “That’s not true!” “Oh you would say that, wouldn’t you Paddy!?” Paddy stares at Victoria. Diane moves closer, “All this time, living under my roof..” “GET OUT.”


 “....What?” Chas asks softly as she stares at Diane. “You heard her.” Chas eyes flicks her eyes to Victoria. “I haven’t done anything… Aaron didn’t shoot Robert. He loves him.” “After Cameron and putting up with your lies. I want you out.” Chas shakes her head. “No, that's not happening.” “Maybe just a few nights…” “NO!” “I have been through hell and I’m still scared that whoever DID shoot Robert is going to come back so no i'm not going anywhere.” Chas sits on the couch. “This is my home too.”  


  Adam walks in and sees Victoria, “Babe you seen Aaron?” “just got picked up by the police about half hour ago; for attempted murder.” “What?” “Yeah, for shooting my brother.” Adam lets out a breath. “What? You are not surprised. You know it's your fault he got arrested.” “what?” “that video you made for Johnny; I posted it not seeing it but turns out, you filmed your mate hiding the gun.” Diane and Doug walk into the bar. “We can ask Eric love if we can stay at the BnB.” “No chance, you are staying with me and you..” turns to Adam.  “can stay here with her.” points at Chas as she walks into the bar. “Vic..” Victoria leaves with Diane and Doug. 


  “Chas..if you need anything..” James looks over at her. “I don’t. Not from you.” Chas turns back around and heads upstairs. 


Hotten Police Interrogation Room. 


Aaron sits back in his chair, arms folded across his chest. “I’m gonna make this simple for you Aaron.” Aaron looks over at her. “Does this look familiar?” Aaron looks at the evidence back that has the gun inside of it. “It looks like a gun.” “Correct. It looks like the one we found at your scrapyard.” “The question is, what was it doing there?” Aaron lets out a breath and shrugs. “No idea.” “really? Because we found it in one of the cars your mate was trying to have crushed..” Aaron shrugs and lets out a breath. “Nothing to do with us. Someone put the gun in that car to set me up.” Detective Hart smiles and sits back in her chair. “Who would do that Aaron?” 


 Aaron stares at her. “Have I really gotta spell it out for you? To set me up and to save their own.” 


“A tip. Don’t have cameras on you while hiding an illegal firearm Aaron.” Aaron clenches his jaw. 


“Well, it made our job a bit easier. See Robert Sugden cheats on his wife with him and she finds out.” Aaron cuts him off. “She didn’t find out. Robert told her.” “Sorry. Robert tells his wife that he's having an affair with Mr Livsey and kicks him  out.” “I already know all of this and are wrong again. She didn’t kick him out. He left on his own to be with me. Those detective skills are having to work overtime huh?”  “That's enough Mr Livsey.”  


 “You two get your happily ever after but something happened. Maybe he gets cold feet or maybe you catch him trying to repair his marriage.” Aaron’s jaw clenches. “He would never..” Says softly. “So things got out of hand. You fight and he storms off and haven’t forgotten..I mean..once a cheater always a cheater right?” Aaron shifts a bit in his chair. “So you get a gun..maybe even breaking into the whites home to get the gun.” Aaron looks at the detective as he continues.  “And you see him fighting with your mom and thing leads to another and you pull the trigger.” Aaron lets out a breath.. “Never change careers because I’ll tell yeah, you’d make a horrible author.” Detective Hart sits up and stares at Aaron. “We might not have enough but I do have enough to charge you with an illegal firearm.” “I’ve got a good solicitor.” “Maybe but you do have a suspended sentence and well with this new could be looking at going back inside prison. 


Aaron’s face falls a bit as he lets out a shaky breath. 


Aaron is given one phone call and his mind races with people he should call. A solicitor, Cain. His mom helped her from worrying too much, Paddy. All he wants is to call Robert. Aaron lets out a breath and dials Cain’s number; who after three rings picks up..confused. 


“Whats going on?” “Cain...I'm in trouble and I need a solicitor.” “Okay Aaron..breath okay? I’ll get a guy to come down and I’ll come and see you.” “No. Go see my mom and tell her I’m okay, okay?” Cain lets out a breath. “Okay. Anything else? Anything.”  Aaron licks his lips and lets out a shaky breath, remembering what the Detective said about the Whites house. “Look into the Whites. They know something Cain.” Cain nods as he clenches his jaw. “I will. Keep your head down and say nothing okay?” “Okay.” Aaron hangs up and an officer takes him into his holding cell.

Chapter Text



Chas awakes to a loud knocking as she gets up and puts on her robe, walking downstairs.. “Coming!” Chas sees the sink on and turns it off. Stares at the sink before the loud knocking made her groan as she walked downstairs. “Alright...I hear you!” Chas stops as all the tabs on the bar are on. “Oh god..” Chas turns them all off as she walks over to the door and unlocks it, opening it she sees Cain and Moira. “Oh my god...when did you get back?” Cain walks in. “Last night, what took you so long?” Chas walks in. “the sink and tabs were on. I don't know how…” Cain looks at Chas and lets out a breath. “Who has keys?” 


  “Me and Diane.” Chas sits down in one of the booths as Cain lets out a breath. “Okay, I’m gonna make one okay?” Chas nods as Moria walks over. “I’m gonna make a pot. Zak and them are coming up.” Chas nods as Cain sits next to Chas. “I need you to tell me everything.” 


Zak, Lisa and Sam sat on the couch as Moria sat at the table with Debbie who was holding hands with Ross. “you think someone broke in and is messing with Chas?” “Only way to explain it.” “not the only one.” Cain looks at Zak. “Diane is a good person, she would never resort to something like that.” “Maybe it's not her.” “Andy had Sarah and Jack last night dad.” “And Victoria would never, she's married to Adam.” Cain rubs his lips with his hands. “I’m making me a key so I can come and check on her.” Chas walks in dressed as Ross stands up, “here Chas.” Chas waves him off. “I need to stand and keep busy..” Ross sits back down. “Aaron said that they are keeping him on the illegal firearm.” Chas lets out a groan, “He’s on a suspended sentence.” 


 Zak looks at her, “Love, did you believe he could something like this?” Chas looks at Zak with wide, teary eyes. “No..he loves that idiot Sugden.” Lisa reaches up and grabs Chas hand who squeezes her hand. “Then it settled. We rally together and do what we can for Chas and Aaron. Agreed?” The rest of the Dingles all agree as Chas lets out a breath. Her thoughts only on Aaron. 


Diane and Doug come back as Chas is behind the bar, Cain is at the bar with Sam. “I’m only here to work my shift..” Chas shrugs, “so am I.” Cain looks at them, “we just had a pint before heading off the work right Sam?” Sam nods as he sips his pint. “Maybe we should make a schedule.” Chas nods as she lets out a breath. “Yeah maybe we should.” Diane walks back behind the bar with Doug. 


Home Farm. 


“Aaron was arrested?” Chrissie stares at her father. “They found a gun at the scrapyard..” Chrissie looks at him. “A gun? Dad…” “no reason to get upset. The gun isn’t anyway connected to us.” “of course it is. Eric Pollard says he saw me with a gun dad..I look just as guilty as Aaron.” Lawrence looks at his daughter. “Then fix it.” Chrissie stares at her dad as he walks out. She sits down and puts her head into her hands as she hears footsteps and looks up to see Bernice. 


  “Going to see my mom for a bit.” Chrissie looks at her, “Marrying my father is going to give you enemies and your family isn’t our biggest fans.” Bernice looks at her. “Well, no but it will all work out.” “you might have to figure out where your loyalty stands. With us or them.” She gets up and walks away as Bernice lets out a breath and puts on her coat, leaving the house. 



Chrissie walks in and walks over to the counter, “Can I just get a tea please?” Brenda nods, “Must make you relieved, Aaron being arrested for shooting Robert?” Chrissie looks at her; “I’ll take my tea to go please Brenda.” she pays for it as Brenda starts making her tea. Chrissie sits in one of the chairs. “An innocent man in bars and you're drinking tea? Seems about right.” Chrissie looks at Pryia who is sitting with Rakesh. “Pryia..” “What makes you think Aaron is innocent?” Pryia lets out a breath. “Because he wouldn't shoot Robert. What motive would he have to shoot the man he loves?” Chrissie rolls her eyes, “you don’t need a motive all the time.” “That's true. You didn’t have a motive when you made the helicopter crash and killed Val and Ruby.” Chrissie stares at her, “you little..” “PRIYA! That's enough!” Pryia stands up, “It is enough because I refuse to eat where she eats.. You belong in prison and your psycho son.” Chrissie stands up as Brenda comes out. “That is enough! You both want to fight, take it outside.” 


Pryia leaves as Brenda hands over Chrissie tea, “best you leave as well.” Chrissie lets out a breath and walks out of the cafe and sits down, running her hands through her hair. She sips her tea as she sees Eric and he stops to look at her. “Heard Aaron was arrested. They found a gun.” Chrissie holds her to go cup with both hands. “Well...going to the police station today to give my statement that I saw you with a gun that night.” Chrissie looks at him, “please Eric...I don’t deserve it I know but…how much?” 


  “Come again?” “How much for you to… change your story? That you saw me with a flash not a gun?” Eric stares at her as he sits down, “You in prison for killing my Val.” Chrissie tries not to let tears fall as Eric gets up and walks into the cafe. 


Hotten Police. 


Chas looks at Aaron wearing a grey sweater and sweats with his blue vest. “I went to look for Andy, afraid of what he might do again, checked everywhere I could but then..I heard the shoot so I came running.” Chas stares at him. “I swear I never saw that gun mum.” “I believe you love.” “You didn’t think so at first.” Chas lets out a breath. “You’d been acting oddly, not seeing Robert often and then what you said in his room.” Aaron runs his hands down his face. “What was I supposed to think?” 


  Aaron lets out a breath. “The detectives mentioned Home Farm. Saying that they think I broke in and took the gun.” Chas moves closer in her chair. “Chirssie had a gun?” “I guess.” Chas stares at him. “Why do they have you locked up and not her!?” a few guards looked at Chas as she looked at the ground; Aaron looked at her. “I had the gun mum and I was trying to get rid of” Chas bites her lips. “Plus I don’t have a good alibi for the night.” 


 Chas looks at her son, reaching over she grabs his hand. “You have me and the family by your side. You are not going to prison for this okay?” Aaron lets a few tears fall as he nods. “Okay.” Chas smiles a little at her boy. 

Chapter Text



Chas wakes up again to the tabs on at the bar as Diane and Doug walk in. “what’s this about?!” Chas turns off the tabs. “Someone turned them on last night again.” “Who could have done that if the doors were locked?” Chas stares at Diane. “Someone who made a key maybe o-or are locked themselves in at night before we close.” Diane looks at the floor all wet and bottles broken on the floor. “Who would do this?” Chas grabs a dustpan and a mop. “The shooter of course.” Diane lets out a breath, “the shooter is in jail Chas..” Chas stops what she is doing, getting angry. “Aaron didn’t shoot Robert. He loves the idiot sugden and since I don’t work today; you can get sweet Victoria to clean this mess up.” Chas walks back into the backroom. 


Butlers Farm. 


Chas sits at the table as Moria sets down a cup in front of her and sits down. “The bottles were smashed?” Chas nods as she holds the cup close to her. “And tabs were on again.” Cain stares at his sister, “maybe you should stay here..until Aaron gets out.” Chas looks at Cain. “I don’t wanna be trouble..” Moria shakes her head and puts her hand on Chas. “Don’t be daft.. You are staying here tonight. I’ll make up Holly’s old room for you.” Chas smiles at Moria. “Thank you.” Cain grabs his jacket, “Moria will go with you to get you a bag for the night. I’m gonna go see Aaron in a bit. I have Debbie and Ross covering for me.” Moria nods as Chas drinks her tea. “Tell Aaron I love him.” “of course.” Cain squeezes his sisters shoulder as he walks out. 




Bernice walks in, smiling at her mom. “Are you coming up to Home Farm today?” Diane looks at her confused. “Why would i go up there?” Bernice pouts. “Because its my engagement party.” Diane looks at Bernice, “I can’t go up there Bernice..not after what Chrissie did to Val.” Bernice lets out a breath. “But I’m your daughter and getting married… I want you to come and to be at my wedding.” Ronnie walks up to the bar with Nicola. “I’m coming sweetie.” Nicola lets out a breath. “So are me and Jimmy, not for long though.” Bernice smiles at her dad and sister before looking back at her mum. “Please Mum.” Diane lets out a breath. “Fine I’ll come but I’m not staying long; need to get back to the hospital.” Bernice smiles and walks out of the woolpack.


  “How is he?” Diane looks at Ronnie. “Same..the swelling in his brian is going down so the doctors are hopeful.” Ronnie smiles. “Good to hear.” “I’m just glad they found the shooter.” Just as Chas with Moria walked in. “I don’t want trouble.”  “Stop gossiping about my son and you won’t have any.” Diane stayed quiet. “Just here to get a bag..staying with Cain tonight.” Chas walks around the bar. “Good, maybe tonight there won’t be any smashed bottles and taps turned on.” Chas lets out a shaky breath as she walks into the backroom. 


Moria walks over to the bar, “you're not the only family going through hell Diane. Chas saw Robert get shot in the same place Carl king nearly attacked her at.” Diane stays quiet, looking down at the bar. “I know you want justice for Robert but letting an innocent man sit in jail isn’t the way.” Moria walks behind the bar and into the backroom as Diane looks at Ronnie who drinks his pint quietly. 


Dingle & Dingle. 


Cain walks over as Debbie looks at him, “thought you were seeing Aaron.” “I just needed to see how this place was.” Ross looks at him.. “I can work on cars you know.” “when you're not stealing them and scraping them.” Ross goes back to work as Debbie looks at him. “Andy called, said he wanted the kids today. Bernice and Lawrence are having their engagement party.” Cain shakes his head. “One of them shot Robert and now they're having a party to cover it up.” Debbie lets out a breath. “Don’t do anything crazy please. I’m angry as well but I need to keep the peace for the kids.” 


Cain nods, “I know.” Debbie walks over to Dan as Ross looks at Cain. “You think the Whites might have shot Robert?” “Only people who would have a good reason.” “I think Andy had a good one.” Cain shakes his head, “he doesn’t have the guts. He’s had a penalty of chances to kill Sugden and hasn’t.” Ross takes off his gloves. “I could take an early lunch..” Cain stares at Ross before looking over at Debbie who was talking with Dan as he looks back at Robert. “Meet me at Home Farm.” 


 Ross nods as he watches Cain walk away.  


Home Farm. 


Chrissie looks around as she lets out a breath, “I don’t think this is a good idea.” Lawrence looks at her. “It's for Bernice and I don’t want any fuss.” Chrissie drinks her wine as she looks at her dad. “Eric made a statement that he saw me with a gun.” Lawernce looks at her. “They can’t believe him; since he does have a venda against you and the gun was found at the scrapyard.” Chrissie nods as she finishes her wine in one gulp. “Lets just try to have a quiet party yes?” Chrissie nods. 


 Everyone shows up as the music is at a good volume and Chrissie stands to the side as she talks with Lachlan who is bored. Chrissie looks up at the opening to the foyer as Cain, Ross and Adam walk in. “Guess invitations got lost in the mail.” As Lawrence stands up. “Get out.” Ross walks further in as he grabs a glass of champagne. “It's been awhile since i been here but I bet I still know where your safe is.” Ross smiles as Cain walks further in; his eyes on Chrissie. “What do you want?” Cain shrugs. “Well right now I want to play a game.” Ross looks at Cain. “You see the game is; Robert shoots so the weapon is a gun..” “But who did it? The angry brother? The more angry ex father in law or the betrayed wife?” Cain grabs some food as he eats. “Or the psycho step son?” 


 Chrissie moves from the wall. “Get out I mean it.” Cain lets out a breath; “Because personally I think it was the angry wife more than the boyfriend.” Chrissie lets out a breath. “Why did they find a gun then if it wasn’t Aaron?” “It's called planting evidence sweetie.” Ross says as he sits down. “Does Debbie know you're here?” Ross looks at Andy. “leave her out of it.”  


Cain lets out a breath as he looks at Chrissie, “You know; granted that Robert cheated on you and left you for Aaron you seem calmer than most would be. I mean shooting your ex itsn;t calm but Robert let you a while go so… either you were planning this or it was a means of opportunity.” Chrissie lets out a breath as she licks her lips. “Which means you had to get a gun and let's be honest no one is selling you a gun granted you are looking at a muder charge no matter what happens.”    


“I am surprised to see the Sugdens here; granted you killed their aunt.” 


 “That's enough Cain. you can come here and say what you want without bringing up my sister.” Cain nods as he stares at Chrissie again who is looking at him with wide eyes and starts breathing a bit more heavy. “So my guess is you bought that gun illegal and shot Robert then hid the gun at the scrapyard to frame Aaron.” Cain moves closer to Chrissie; “the question I have is why? In hopes that Robert would wake up and pick you again?”  


 Ross starts laughing;as he Ross finishes his drink as he stands back up. Chrissie scoffs. “It wasn’t me and I wish Robert had died!!” Diane and Victoria both stand up as Cain smiles a bit. “Better get going… Have a nice party.” Cain, Adam and Ross all leave as Diane grabs her coat as does Victoria. “Mom please don’t leave!” Diane looks over at Bernice. “I’m sorry love; but I can’t sit here as that woman who did cause a crash that killed my sister to say those mean things about Robert.”  


 Diane and Victoria leave as Andy walks over to Cain. “I think Aaron is innocent as well.” Cain looks at him. “You do?’ Andy lets out a breath, “Aaron is guilty for a lot of things; Katie manly.” Cain says quiet. “But shooting Robert? He wouldn’t. He loves him.” Cain nods. “I’m gonna go see him now; any idea on who it might be?” Andy starts walking to his jeep. “You just walked out of their home.” Cain gets in his car as he drives away. 


Hotten Police Visiting Room. 


Cain sits across from Aaron who doesn’t look so well. “I’ve been charged with a firearm and attemted murder. If Robert doesn't wake up I’m looking at 20 years here in Cain.” Cain lets out a breath as he takes in Aaron’s appearance. “You can’t think like that.” “The best years of my life spent inside...everyone would have forgotten about me.” “Don’t say that.” “You know it's true.” Cain bites the inside of his cheek. “This will kill my mum; knowing i'm in here because someone is setting me up and uncle Zak...I’ll be in my forties when I get out of here he might not make it.” Aaron lets more tears fall as the realization starts becoming worse.  


   “Aaron, you have got to keep your head straight.” “They got me on camera Cain with the gun.” Cain stays quiet. “I’ve been thinking about Jackson since I’ve been in here..he was in prison and he found a way out.” Cain looks at Aaron with wide eyes. “I have to go.” “Aaron…” Aaron stands up and walks to the gate as Cain stands up  watching Aaron walk away as he looks at Cain one last time before walking away. 


Cain gets in his car as he grips the steering wheel and nods his head as he comes up with a plan. “Alright.” mumbles under his breath as he calls Adam. He picks up; “how Aaron?” “where are you?” “Scrap Yard.” “we need to talk.” 




Adam looks at Cain as Cain has his hands in his coat pocket; looking at him with a straight face. “So that easy huh?” Cain nods. “That easy.” Adam shakes his head, breathing heavy. “You want to kill Robert and frame Chrissie White?” Cain nods. “It's the only way to save Aaron.” Adam runs a hand down his face as he looks around the scrapyard. 

Chapter Text


Chas stares at the detective wide eyed. “You want to do what!?” Detective Hart lets out a breath, “we want to do a staging of the shooting. Get an idea of how it happened.” Chas clenches her jaw; “my son didn’t shoot Robert and you want him to show you what he didn’t do?!” “Mrs Dingle..” “No! Listen here, the real shooter is out there and you have a statement from Eric Pollard that Chrissie White had a gun  on her the night of the shooting and instead of looking into that; you remain set that my son shot his boyfriend? How much are the Whites paying you a lot to look the other way?” Detective Hart lets out another breath. “We found a gun in your son’s place of employment and he ran Mrs Dingle. The evidence is stacked against him unless Mr Sugden wakes up.” Chas stays quiet as she lets out a breath. “Later today, we will be setting up the shooting and I will hope to see you there.” She leaves with her partner as Chas places her hands on the table, catching her breath.




“You stole earrings from Chrissie?” Cain puts the bag back into his pocket; “all you have to do is call Chrissie; play doctor and say she needs to come down to the hospital to sign a few papers. I will sneak into Robert’s room and whatever tube is keeping him alive, I will cut and place earrings on his bed. The police will look at Chrissie and then Aaron will be let out.” 


Adam shakes his head, “You are putting a lot of faith into the police Cain..” Cain lets out a breath. “It's your fault he got nicked in the first place.” Adam puts the scrap metal down. “The hell does that mean?” Steps closer to Cain. “If you had just deleted that damn video off of Victoria’s phone; she wouldn’t have posted it.” 


Adam scoffs and turns away; “You are the only one who can do this.. Please Adam. For Aaron.” Adam stops and lets out a breath. He knew it was a dumb plan, risky even as he thinks about Aaron. He runs a hand down his face as he turns around to look at Cain. “What time should I be at the hospital?”



Aaron is sitting in the police car as he looks out the window; looking around he sees a bunch of people from the village all outside the back of the Woolpack. They pulled up behind the Woolpack and parked, a copper opened the door and helped Aaron out of the car as Chas walked from the back and looked at him, with tears in her eyes. “You can’t make my mum go through this..please.” Detective Hart walks over, “You must show me how the shooting happened.” Aaron clenched his jaw as he walked over to the alley. “I came around from here when I heard the gunshot..I was looking for Andy Sugden.” Detective Hart walks over to Chas. “Mrs Dingle, can you show me where you were standing on the night of the shooting please?” Chas lets out a shaky breath and walks over, her legs shaking as she stands in the same spot. 

“Robert was facing me, I was trying to get him to leave the village and he wouldn’t.. Then..” Chas flinches as she remembers the sound of the gun and Robert

falling, catching him and laying him on the ground as he starts bleeding out. Chas started breathing heavily and her vision became blurry, as her eyes started ringing and she ended up falling on her butt. “Mrs Dingle!!” Aaron sees his mom fall and tries to run over to her but a copper stops him. “MOM!!”   Emma Barton and James Barton are in the audience when Emma runs over, “everyone move, give her some air!” Emma bends down and grabs Chas’s hands and makes her put them over her mouth, “Try to hold your breath Chas, just focus on holding your breath.” Chas stares at her as she finally feels her chest become light. “I think this little show is over now.” James stares at Detective Hart as she looks at him. “James help me get her upstairs.” James nods and helps Emma get Chas upstairs. “I need to tell Aaron that Chas is okay.” Emma nods as James lets go of Chas and walks over to Aaron but its stopped by detective Hart. “Aaron! Your mom is okay! Just keep your head down yeah? You will be out soon!” 


 Aaron is put back into the police car with tears in his eyes.


Hotten Hospital. 

Cain walked into Roberts room with his hood up, to cover his face from the cameras as he hid in the bathroom. Adam stands by the counter as a nurse walks away and Adam grabs the phone, dialing a number.  Cain comes out of the bathroom and walks over to Robert’s bed. “Always causing problems eh Sugden? The only problem is now you brought my family into it and well…. I can’t have that can I? I’m not letting you, Sugden, put my family in any more danger.“I have to protect my family. It's not personal Sugden.” Cain also pulls out the earrings and sets them down on the bed, Cain pulls out some scissors and grabs the ventilator. Cain is out to cut it when the door opens and Zak walks in. “What the hell are you doing?!” “What are you doing here?” Adam walks in behind Zak. “I told you to call Chrissie.” 

“It's a good thing he called me! Have you lost your mind!?” Cain stills holds on to the ventilator. “I’m trying to protect Aaron.” “How is this going to protect him?” “I planted Chrissie earrings and that idiot was supposed to get Chrissie here so it would look like she did it!” “Well she isn’t coming to Cain so let go!” Zak grabs Cain’s arm but Cain keeps his grip on the ventilator. “Cain, If you do this.. Aaron gets sent down on a murder charge and Chas will never forgive you.” 



Moria was sitting at the table with Chas as Emma explained what happened. “I think you had a panic attack, Chas.” Chas lets out a shaky breath. “All I could see was Robert falling into my arms.” Moria grabs her hand. “Thanks Emma but I’ll stay with her until Cain comes back from his call out.” Emma gets up, “I know we don’t get along with Chas but you should see someone about it. They can get you on medication.” Chas stares at her and nods. “Thank you.” Emma nods as she is about to walk out when James walks in. “hi..sorry Chas I just… wanted to come by and let you know, “I spoke with Aaron.” Chas’s eyes lit up. “And?” “I told him you were okay and to keep his head down. He wanted me to let you know he's sorry about all of this.” Chas feels a few tears fall. “It's not his fault.” James smiles sadly at Chas as him and Emma walk out of the room. 


“I’m gonna try and call Cain again. I don’t why this breakdown is taking so long.”


Hotten General. 

“This really what you want to do?” “I’m doing this to protect Aaron! Why can’t you understand that!?” Zak lets out a scoff. “This isn’t helping him. You are putting too much faith into people that aren’t on our side.” Cain keeps his grip on the ventilator as the machine starts going crazy as Adam stares at it in confusion. “Guys…” Zak stares at Cain. “You really want to put Chas through this? Her son getting sent down for murder because you are to thick to just let the bloke wake up on his own or find more evidence.” Cain lets out a breath, his jaw clenched. “Let go Cain.” Cain looks at Zak, “or what? Put me in a coma again?” 

Adam looks over at Robert and his eyes go wide as he sees Robert’s hand start twitching and his face start moving. “Cain let it go!” Cain looks at Adam and lets go of the ventilator as the machines continue beeping and Cain hides everything in his pockets as the doors open. “You need to get out! All of you!” Zak, Cain and Adam stumble out of the room as nurses and doctors rush into the room. 

“What did you do?” Cain looks at Adam, “nothing..I didn’t get the bloody chance did I?” 


The doctors remove the ventilator and get his heart stabilized as they let out a breath, “Mr Sugden...glad to have you back with us.” 


Chapter Text

Hotten General. 

Robert was sitting up slightly in his bed as Victoria and Diane walked in with Andy behind them. Robert gulped as he looked away. “Oh love, it's so nice to see you awake.” Diane has a few tears fall as he grabs her hand. “A bullet isn’t gonna stop me.” Victoria grabs his other hand. “Do you uh...remember anything?” Robert looks at Victoria as the night of the shooting plays in his mind. “I remember talking with Chas outside the Woolpack.” his eyes go wide, “is she okay? Was she shot?” Victoria shakes her head no, “No chas is fine.” “physically she’s fine. Mentally…” Andy doesn’t finish as Robert stares at him. “What does that mean?” Diane lets out a breath, “Diane...please what’s he on about?” 


“Love, they have who shot you in custody.” Robert raises his eyebrows. “Who?”  


“Robert is awake?” Chas nods as she drinks her tea. “Yeah, Diane and Victoria went over to see him.” Paddy nods, “well this is good isn’t? All Robert has to do is tell them it wasn’t Aaron and he will be back.” Chas holds her cup closer to her. “What if he doesn’t? What if he lets Aaron take the fall?” Paddy sits down on a chair. “Robert and Aaron had some complications but he does love him and I believe Robert will make the right choice.” 


Chas stares at Paddy as she drinks her tea slowly. “I hope you are right.” 


Home Farm. 


“He’s awake?” Rekesh nods his head, “he woke up last night.” Chrissie nods as she lets out a breath. “I have to go down there and fill out some papers. I can’t wait until the divorce proceedings start.” Rekesh smiles as Chrissie pours him a cup of tea. 


Hotten General. 


Robert shakes his head, “No, he wouldn’t do that.” Says softly as he feels his heart breaking slowly. “They found the gun love at the scrapyard.” “Two people work at the scrapyard.” “Adam would never.” “But Aaron would?” Robert looks at Victoria who stays quiet. “We had some problems, sure but… how could someone who says they love me want me dead?” 


 “If you believe that he didn’t do it. Call the detective, tell her they have the wrong man.” Andy stands in the corner, arms folded against his chest as he stares at Robert. “You think he’s innocent.” Andy lets out a breath, “Aaron is guilty for a lot of things but… this doesn’t make any sense. And I think you know that as well.” Andy walks out of the room as Robert lets out a breath. “I’m gonna go to the cafe and get some food for you.” Robert smiles. “Thank you Diane.” 


 Diane and Victoria both get up and leave as Robert lets out a breath, he closes his eyes. 

Robert wakes up breathing a bit heavy as he tries to sit up slowly, groaning at the soreness from his gunshot wound. 


“Having trouble?” Robert looks over and sees Cain sitting in a chair. “What do you want?” Cain stares at him. “I think you know why I’m here.” Robert lets out a breath. “How is he doing?” Cain raises an eyebrow. “What do you think?” Robert looks down at his hands. “What am I supposed to do? Take your word and Aarons that he didn’t shoot me?” Cain stands up, “You do what you want. I’m just here to let you know that He’s not coping well in custody and if Aaron did shot you..” Cain bends down to be at eye level with Robert. 


 “He would have finished the job.” Cain stands back up and walks out of the room as Robert lets out a breath as he closes his eyes again. 


 Robert wakes up and sees Victoria and Diane walking back in. “Hi love, you want us to come back later?” Robert shakes his head no. They all sat down and Robert started eating as he thought about Aaron. “Rob, are you okay?” Look over at Victoria. “Yeah, just tired.” Victoria smiles as they all eat. 


 Robert had said bye to Victoria and Diane as he let out a breath, the door of opening. “Forget something?” “Just my dignity on the altar of our wedding.” Robert sat up as he stared at Chrissie. “What do you want?” Chrissie stares at him. “Unfortunately I had to come and sign some papers seeing we are still married.” Robert let out a breath, “well now you have done that, you can go.” Chrissie smirks as she walks closer to Robert. “Your lover is in custody, must be a shock to your system huh? The honeymoon was over that quickly.” 


  “Ours was over a lot quicker than me and Aaron.” Chrissie stares at him, “must hurt. Thinking of the fairytale ending you were going to have with look at you both. One in custody and the other in a hospital bed.” Robert stares at her, “Even if he did shoot me, it didn’t work. I'm still here and I’ll make damn sure I stay long enough to get what I'm owed from your weak father.” Chrissie clenches her jaw as he moves closer to Robert, grabbing the wire that is monitoring his heart as she clenches it.  “You should have done everyone a favor and dropped dead.” 


Robert glups as he stares at Chrissie, she smiles. “I hope Aaron rots in prison.” She smiles and let's go then kisses his cheek, Robert flinching as she stands up. “Goodbye Robert.” 


Robert lets out a shaky breath as a nurse walks in due to the monitor beeping loudly and checks on him. 


Robert stares out the window as he hears the door open, “who now? Lachlan? Lawrence?” “not interested in whatever pay off you think you can get out of me so fuck off.” 


 “See, almost dying hasn’t made you any nicer.” Robert looks over and sees Chas, her hair up and no makeup on. She was wearing a black sweater with blue jeans. “Chas, uh…” Chas walks further in and sits down. Robert shifts a bit as he stares at her. “I’m glad to see that you weren’t also shot.” Chas shifts uncomfortably as she thinks back to the shooting. “What are you doing here?” Chas rubs her hands together, “Moria brought me, I haven’t been sleeping so I got some sleeping pills.” Robert frowns a bit as he looks at her. “I don’t remember much, just you yelling at me and then, the sounds.” 


  Chas lets out a deep breath, “probably for the best.” Robert lets out a breath. “I heard, the police found the gun at the scrapyard.” Chas nods. “I can’t wrap my head around that.” Chas sits up further. “I know we were having problems but to want me dead?” Chas lets out a breath, “Aaron was looking for Andy when he heard the gunshot, it wasn’t him.” 


Robert looks at her, Chas continues. “I know about your argument at the scrapyard Robert.” Robert looks down. “And god knows, I could string you up for throwing my son’s past in his face because of what you did. What you had him cover up.” Robert continues to look down. “But if you really care about my boy like you say you do. Then please Robert, call the police and tell them it wasn’t him.” 


Robert licks his lips before he looks back at Chas, “Do the right thing for once.” Chas stands up and walks out of the room. 

They watched as Chas Dingle walked out of the room, and walked over to Moria who smiled at her and they both walked out of the ICU. They looked back over at the door and walked over, peeking in through the window and watched as Robert had moved around to get comfortable. 


Licks their lips before turning around, keeping their head down as they walk out of the hospital. 

Chapter Text

Hotten General. 


Victoria smiles at Robert, “I’m glad you are getting out; granted I think it's a little early.” Robert looks at her. “The doctors said that I was fine all night and that I’m healing nicely; also I hate being here. I need to go home.” Vic smiles and nods, “then let's get you home.” Robert smiles as he slowly stands up and walks out with victoria. Diane watches Robert, “I’m so excited to have you home Robert.” Robert lets out a breath, “I don’t think going back to the Woolpack is a good idea.” Diane lifts her eyebrows at him. “Oh Chas will just have to deal with it. It is my home as well and my pub.” 


 Robert lets out a breath, “And her son has been arrested Diane; and until I can see him. Look him in his eyes and know if he did or didn’t shoot me. I don’t think me being there right now is a good idea.” “Where will you go?” Victoria looks at her, “he can stay with me.” Robert looks at her. “You think Adam will like that?” Victoria shrugs her shoulders, “Not my problem, if he puts up a fight he can stay with his mum and Cain.” She smiles as Robert nods and smiles back. 




Chas puts on her coat as Cain and Moira walk in; “you ready?” Chas nods. “I’m ready as long as no Sugden’s show up.” Cain scratches his chin and stares at her. “You slept well last night”? Chas nods and smiles. “Yes, actually I did.” Moria smiles, “that’s good. Let's go; Belle and Lisa are waiting for us.” Chas smiles and walks out with them; sees Diane walk in. “heading to court?” Chas smiles as she lets out a breath. “Yes.” Diane stares at her, “okay.” Chas walks out with Cain, Moria and gets in the car. 


  Keepers Cottage. 


“He’s my best friend and he didn’t shoot him so yes I’m going in support of him.” Vic folds her arms over her chest. “What about me?” Adam looks at her. “You weren’t shot and anyway, you didn’t give me a choice about Robert staying with us.” Vic looks away. “He’s your mate too y’know or at least he was until now.” “They found a gun Adam.” “It was clearly planted Vic!” Victoria stares at him. “I’m done arguing with you, I’m going to support my best mate.” Adam looks over and sees Andy in his jeep as he walks over to the passenger seat. “Are you going as well? So much for staying with family.” 


 “Don’t start that Vic. Aaron didn’t pull that trigger; someone else did and is getting away with it.” Adam shuts the door and Andy drives off. Robert walks out and Vic looks at him. “You're supposed to be resting and where are you going dressed like that?” Robert fixes his tie as he looks at her. “To Court.” “oh not you too.” Vic stares at the sky as Robert watches her. “I have to see him, look him in his eyes. I’ll know for sure.” Vic looks at him. “You think you can handle this?” 


 Robert feels his heart nearly drop at the thought of Aaron actually being the one who shot him. “I can only find out one way.” He says holding back a sob. “Then let me get my coat.”


Court house. 


Chas, Moira and Cain all sat by each other as well as Debbie and Ross. Lisa and Belle sat behind them with Adam and Andy sitting next to them as well. Paddy behind them. “I wish they flaming start already...I hate sitting here.” Chas adjusts in her seat again. “Chas try to breathe, yeah?” Chas grinds her teeth as the doors open and Aaron walks in, he looked like he hadn’t slept in months and god, he looked like he lost weight. “Aaron..” Chas yells whispers as Aaron turns around and sees everyone; his heart feeling heavy as he smiles a little at his mom who smiles; tears gathering in her eyes. 


The judge walks in and Aaron turns around, “On the charge of an iligeal firearm and attempted murder; Aaron Livisy how do you plead?” As Aaron was about to speak the door opened and he turned, seeing Robert and Victoria walk in. His heart stopped as he saw Robert, he looked like he had lost so much weight and his hair was flat. 


 Robert and Victoria sat down as he kept his eyes on Aaron, god he looked...different. Robert’s stomach flipped as he let out a breath. “Mr Livisy?” Aaron turns around to look at the judge, “not guilty.” Chas stares at Robert. “Why is he here?” Cain squeezes her hand. “Don’t think about him, focus on Aaron.” Chas stares at Robert, sending a death glare at him as she looks at Aaron. 


Robert licks his lips as he watches Aaron clench his hands and Robert is losing his patience as he stands up. “Just tell the truth! Isn’t that what you always say to me!?” Aaron turns around, “you want the truth!?” you should have done everyone a favor and drop dead!” the gallery gasps and starts whispering as Chas sits up further and stares at Aaron. “What the hell is he thinking?!” she whispers, yells. “Quiet! Quiet! Or I will have you all in contempt!”


Robert hurries and wipes his face, feeling a tear fall as he stares at Aaron, whose chest is heaving as he stares at him. Robert sits back down as he tries not to cry any harder as Aaron turns back around. 


The judge not granting bail as Aaron is taken away in handcuffs, Chas starts crying harder as she watches Aaron. “I’m sorry mum!” Chas lets out a breath, “no please he didn’t do it!” Chas lets out a shaky breath as he looks at Robert and victoria. “Chas, let's go, come on.” Cain tries getting Chas up, “you couldn’t just stay away huh?! You just had to come here and mess everything up again huh!?” Chas stands up and walks out; the family behind her as Robert looks down and lets more tears fall. 


 Robert is outside the courthouse with Victoria as Adam and Andy walk over. “That’s the kinda man you both are defending!” Adam rolls his eyes, “Why did you bring him?! That’s the last person Aaron wanted to see.” “I wonder why!” “Okay, enough both of you!” Adam and Victoria stop as Robert stands up shaky, Victoria helping him stand. “Let's go home.” Robert says quietly as Victoria walks with him.  Andy watches them walk away, “guess I’ll be stopping at my mums for the night. Give us a lift home yeah?” “Mate?” Andy looks at him. “Of course.” “you alright?” Andy lets out a breath, “I don’t think I ever seen him like that.” “like what?” 






“Gonna need to find another person to put the blame on, shouldn’t be too hard. Man wasn’t liked anyway. I can find someone to blame and then just wait for the Opportunity..” The door opens and the person jumps, staring at who entered. 

“What opportunity and who to blame for what?” “nothing, just talking.” “No you weren’t...talking is when you talk about what curry you want or if you want to listen to Marlon talk about the specials. Who and what were you talking about?” 

They scoff and go to walk out but are blocked. “What did you do?” “Nothing, just stay out of it yeah?” “You need to tell me...I can protect you.”

The silence in the stalls was loud as you could hear the chatter from the pub, “I did..” Frozen in fear and doubt, the person walks out of the stalls and the other looks down at their phone, seeing the call hadn’t picked up, ends it and puts their phone in their pocket;letting out a shaky breath. 


Chapter Text

Keepers Cottage. 


Robert hadn’t missed sleeping on a box mattress, he really was missing Aaron’s bed. It was so comfortable and it really helped Robert’s back. He lets out a breath as he thinks about Aaron; sleeping on that cold, hard cell bed. Wondered if he was

sleeping or just staying up for as long as possible. Robert looks at Adam who looks at him as he sits down across from him. “Nice show yesterday at the courthouse.” Robert lets out a breath as he thinks about Aaron being denied bail and being escorted out  by police officers. “I didn’t mean for it to be like that. I just wanted to see him and his eyes.” Adam looks at him with an eyebrow raised. “His eyes?” “I can always tell when Aaron’s lying or telling the truth with his eyes.” Robert looks at Adam who’s staring at him. “I know you don’t get it..” 


 “I get it.” Adam starts eating his cereal. 




“Did you sleep last night?” Chas looked at Cain, “yeah and woke up with a knife on the edge of my bed.” Cain lets out a breath. “Your staying with me and Moria tonight and I won’t take no for an answer.” Chas lets out a breath and looks at who walks in. “You should probably leave.” Debbie looks at Robert as Ross stands behind her. “This is a pub and he wants a drink.” Victoria looks at them. “He should have thought about that before showing up to my son’s hearing and make a scene!” “Aaron is the guilty one, not the victim!” “He didn’t shoot him! The shooter is still out there!” 


Cain stands up as he walks over to Ross and Debbie; Ross stands straight up as he watches Cain. “You heard her.” Robert lets out a breath and walks out of the pub as Victoria shakes her head and leaves as well. 


  Chas lets out another breath; “I’m gonna go mind watching for me?” Debbie smiles, “of course not.” Debbie walks behind the bar as Chas walks into the back as Cain looks at Ross who nods to a table. 



Robert sits at a table as he stares at his mug with coffee that was getting cold. “You okay?” Robert looks at Brenda and nods. “Yeah I’m fine.” “At least he’s put away and you don’t have to worry about it happening again.” Robert stares at her and as he lets out a breath; holding back on biting Brenda’s head off when he hears Priya clear her throat. “Brenda? Can I get some service please?” “Oh yes.” Brenda walks behind the counter as Robert nods a ‘thank you.’ Pryia smiles as Robert grabs his phone and starts going through it. “You alright?” Robert looks at Priya and nods. “Yeah, just getting my new phone figured out.” “What happened to your old one?” “Got broken.” 

Priya nods and gets her coffee; “Have a nice day.” “You too.” Pryia leaves as Robert listens to his voicemail. Robert drinks his cold coffee and makes a face as he sets it down and listens to it. 


“You have one new message.” “first message.” 

“Gonna need to find another person to put the blame on, shouldn’t be too hard. Man wasn’t liked anyway. I can find someone to blame and then just wait for the Opportunity..” The door opens and the person jumps, staring at who entered. 

“What opportunity and who to blame for what?” “nothing, just talken.” “No you weren’t...talking is when you talk about what curry you want or if you want to listen to Marlon talk about the specials. Who and what were you talking about?”  

 They scoff and go to walk out but are blocked. “What did you do?” “Nothing, just stay out of it yeah?” “You need to tell me...I can protect you.”

 “I did..”  

Robert saves the voicemail as he lets out a breath as he hangs up and stands up; clenching his wound as he walks out of the cafe and walks into the alley and throws up as he leans against the cobble stones as he catches his breath. ‘ This isn't real.’ Robert lets out a breath as he tries to get his stomach under control. 

Butlers Farm. 

“Victoria is stubborn; thought you knew this since you did marry her.” Adam smiles a little. “I know that. I just...I don’t know if I hate him or feel bad for him.” Andy lets out a breath. “Welcome to my life.” Adam smiles winder and claps his hands together. “Better get cleaning or mum will have my head.” Andy watches Adam leave as he continues to drink his tea before the door opens again; Robert walking in. “Do you want another trip to surgery? Cain is going to

lose his mind if he sees you.” Robert shuts the door as he lets out a breath. “I need help and you are the only one right now who can help me.” “Ask Victoria.” “She will just say I’m reading too much into it or trying to find a way to get Aaron out.” “Are you?” Robert stares at Andy who has his arms crossed his chest. “I don’t know.” 

Andy lets out a breath; “Adam will be fine for a while alone. Let's take a drive.” 


Robert lets out a breath; looking through the window as he watches the farm go past them. “It looks so different but still the same.” Andy keeps his eyes on the road as Robert lets out a breath. “Moria has done a good job.” Andy squeezes the wheel before losing his grip. “Yeah she has.” Robert looked at Andy and then the road; the farm would always be a touchy subject for them both. 

 Andy parks to the side of the road and Robert looks around; his chest feeling heavy as he looks at Andy. “Did we have to stop here?” Andy looks at him; “yes.” Robert goes to protest when Andy cuts him off. “What is going on Robert?” Robert pulls his phone out and goes to his voicemails; playing the saved voicemail. 

‘“Gonna need to find another person to put the blame on, shouldn’t be too hard. Man wasn’t liked anyway. I can find someone to blame and then just wait for the Opportunity..” The door opens and the person jumps, staring at who entered. 

“What opportunity and who to blame for what?” “nothing, just talken.” “No you weren’t...talking is when you talk about what curry you want or if you want to listen to Marlon talk about the specials. Who and what were you talking about?”

They scoff and go to walk out but are blocked. “What did you do?” “Nothing, just stay out of it yeah?” “You need to tell me...I can protect you.”

 “I did..” 

Robert looks at Andy as he locks his phone. “Who is that?” “I don’t know; I had to get a new phone and this was the first voicemail I had.” Andy lets out a breath as he listens to him. “So what? You think whoever they are talking to is who shoots you?” “They admit to shooting me.” “They admit to something.” Robert lets out a breath. “I don’t know who it is so I need help.” Andy looks at him and then the road. “Why me?” 

“You could have asked Adam, Victoria. God even Cain would do anything to get Aaron out for Chas but you ask me. Me. After everything you have done to me.” Robert swallows down the lump in his throat as he looks at his hands. “I don’t know Andy, you are the only one who...despite everything that has happened and is bound to happen between us…” Robert looks at Andy who is staring at him. “I know you have my back. I’m sorry I haven’t had yours.” 

Andy watches Robert as he lets out a breath and looks out onto the road before licking his lips. “Hand me your phone; see if I can find the number.” 

Robert stands outside the car as he presses gently on his wound; the reminder that if Aaron isn’t the real shooter then...the real one is and will get away with nearly killing him. Andy honks the horn as Robert jumps; walking over to the door and opening it; getting back in as he looks at Andy. “Did you find out?” “yup.” Andy stares up the car. 

Home Farm. 

Robert and Andy walk into home farm and see Rekesh sorting papers and Robert shuts the door; making him turn around. “What are you doing here?

Both of you.” “Could you ask the same thing, Chrissie isn’t here so this isn’t for work.” Andy has his arms across his chest as he lets out a breath. “Pryia know you here?” Rekesh lets out a breath and fixes his jacket as he turns around; leaning on the desk facing them. “I’m here to help Chrissie.” Robert smiles; “trying to get her off a murder charge? Good luck.” 

“I’ll let Lawrence know you dropped by Robert. Bet he would love to hear that.” “Got a question for you first.” Robert pulls out his phone and shows his number. “Did you mean to call me when you got the confession of who shot me or was that just a lucky coincidence?” Rekesh looks at Robert as he sits up and stares at the two Sugden boys. 

“Look; I can explain.” “You can explain to Detective Hart; we just wanted to give you a heads up, get your story straight.” Robert smiles at him as Andy walks over to the door and opens it. “Let's go, Robert.” Robert turns around and starts walking to the door. 

“Wait!” Robert stops and turns around to face him; Andy shuts the door. “Either tell us who it was or we leave.” “I can’t tell you guys; I need to protect my client.” “Client? So it was a White family member.” Robert tilts his head, “which one?” “Its complicated.” “Not for me. It was either my ex father in law, my ex psycho step son or my bitch of an ex wife. Now who was it?!” 

Robert gets in his space, staring at him. “I was shot and the man that I love is banged up. You either tell me or I beat it out of you.” Andy walks closer, watching Robert. 


Rekesh lets out a breath as he puts his hands up and nods. “Okay, okay I will tell you.” 

Chapter Text

Home Farm. 


“And that’s all I know.” Andy shakes his head, “I knew it.” he says as he rubs his hands together, shaking his head. “I knew it when this all first started.” Rekesh lets out a breath. “I only was able to get the truth out if it was just us and I was..nice.” Robert stares at the family picture of Chrissie, Lawrence and Lachlan as he clenches his jaw. “I need more time. More time to get the truth.” “You say more time like Aaron had that kinda time! An innocent man is sitting behind bars as you wait around!” 


 “I found out more in the past forty eight hours then that damn detective has found out in this past week!” Andy turns to Robert. “Rob.” Robert pulls out his phone and dials some numbers. He turns to face the two men and lets out a breath. “Yes, I need to speak with Detective Hart. It has to do with my case she’s investigating. My name is Robert Sugden.” Robert waits as he watches Andy stand up and Rekesh hand his head down; “Yes I’m here.” Robert waits as he finally nods. “Yes I can meet her; I can meet her at the cafe in Emmerdale village.” 


 “Thank you.” Robert hangs up and walks over to Rekesh, pulling out his wallet and handing him some money. “Now you work for me.” putting the money in his pocket and smiling at him. “Get more information and record it. When I feel like you've gotten enough; I will do what needs to be done. Not you.” 

Robert stands up and looks at Andy. “Let's go.”


Detective Hart walks into the cafe and looks around, not seeing Robert she walks up and orders a coffee black and sits at a table as she waits. Pulling out her notepad and pen, then her phone she sits and waits for Robert. 

Robert walks in and sees her, “Hi, thanks for meeting me; sorry for keeping you waiting.” Robert sits down across from her. “You didn’t. I just got here.” Robert nods and orders a coffee to stay as he clears his throat. “How are you feeling?” “Good, sore but healing nicely.” Detective Hart smiled, “good, now what can I do for you  Mr Sugden?” Brenda brings them coffee and Robert takes a drink before sitting it down. 


“I remembered something about my shooting, it just came back to me today.” Detective Hart sits up; “I'm listening.” 

When I was standing, talking with Chas; before the gun went off. I remembered seeing someone in the place the shooter stood and they were taller than Aaron Livsey.” Detective Hart put her pen down and stared at him. “You're staying Mr livsey didn’t shoot you?” “yes.” “but we found the gun and his prints on the gun.” “I know but I’m telling you Detective Hart; the real shooter is out there and taller than Aaron. He didn’t shoot me. I saw him that night.” “you did?” “Yes, he was looking for my brother and was going to go see his kids; his mom had asked him too.”  “why didn’t Miss Dingel tell us that when we questioned her?” “She had just seen me get shot. She was in shock.” Detective Hart stared at him. “If I call her right now; she will say the same thing?” Robert drinks his coffee to hide his nerves as he nods. “Yes she will.” 


Detective Hart reached for her phone and called Woolpack. 




Chas had walked back to the bar when the phone rang and answered it. “Woolpack?” “Hello Ms Dingle, I just have a few more questions about the night of Mr Sugden’s shooting.” Chas groans as she shakes her head. “My son is already banged up and you haven't been listening so why should I keep talking?” “I’m speaking with Robert Sugden and he says he saw Mr livsey that night he was shot and says Aaron was going to go see Andy Sugdens children; that you had told me to go and see them; is that true?” 

Chas looked around the pub as she fought to keep her breath and tears pulled back. “Mis Dingle?” “yes.” Chas voice cracks as she clears her throat. “Yes, that’s right. God; I forgot I-I did ask him to go see my niece Debbie.” Debbie turns around and stares at Chas confused as Chas mouths, “Cain.” Debbie nods and grabs her phone, calling her dad. “I wanted to see how she and her kids were.” 

“Thank you Mrs Dingle. I will be in touch.” Detective Hart hangs up as Chas stares at the phone. “He’s not answering, Chas. What's going on? Is Aaron okay?” Debbie starts to panic as Chas looks at her. “Yeah, I think he’s going to come home.” Debbie stares at Chas as Chas dails Cain’s number, putting the phone to her ear. 




Detective Hart puts her things in her coat pockets as she stares at Robert. “I’ll make some calls. Should hear back in a few hours or most a day.” Robert nods as he licks his lips. “Thank you.” “If you remember anything else.  Please call.” “I will.” 


The only thought Robert had as he was alone at the table was 





Chapter Text

Hotten Jail. 


Aaron was curled up on the bottom bunk, he felt tired, sore from sleeping on the small bed and dehydrated. Crying in the shower and when he should have been sleeping. The gate had opened but Aaron figured it was his cellmate who kept to himself so Aaron just stayed staring at the wall; looking at the photo of him and his mom last christmas. 


“Livsey!” Aaron looked over his shoulder at the guard, “grab you stuff; getting released.” Aaron sat up as his heart picked up speed. ‘This had to be a joke.’ He lets out a breath as he stares at him. “What?” “Pack your stuff, lets go unless you want to stay in here for admitted murder?” Aaron nearly ripped the picture of the wall and started putting his stuff in the bag that Cain had brought him. 


 His mom would be raving at how fast he packed as he walked with the guard to where he had been giving his clothes, watch and wallet. Aaron changed and had to fill out paperwork. The whole process was a blur as he stepped out of the building. 


 Aaron squeezed his eyes closed at the sudden brightness before blinking a few times to adjust to the sun as he let out a breath, the cold hotten hair hitting his lungs as he looked over and saw Cain leaning against his car, smiling at him. 


 Aaron dropped his bag as he hugged cain; who let out a grunt and hugged his nephew back.




“Chas it looks great here, you can relax.” Chas looks over at Marlon who is holding a clipboard. “I just want it boy is finally coming home.” Marlon smiles at her. “It does and besides Aaron, he's just gonna want a nice cold pint and his favorite curry which I have.” 


Chas smiles as Marlon goes into the back and Zak, Lisa with Sam and Belle walk in. “He’s not here yet is he?” “No not yet.” 


 Cain and Aaron stop at the doors, “what Cain?” “Your mom doesn't know how bad it was there for you.” Aaron shifts a little. “Thanks for telling her.” Cain nods. “Stay between us.” Aaron smiles a bit before walking in and getting a big surprise. “Mum.” Chas walks from behind the bar and hugs Aaron tightly who hugs her back. “Oh I missed your hugs.” Aaron smiles and takes a deep breath. “Mum, you can let go.” 


Chas lets go and cups his face between her hands, “just happy to see you love.” Aaron nods. “I’m happy too.” Chas smiles bigger.

Keepers Cottage. 


Robert’s coffee had gone cold as Vic stared at him. “So you remembered the shooting?” Robert looks at her. “I remembered seeing someone in the shadows that wasn’t Aaron.” “But how? It was dark and Chas was in front of you.” “She’s not that tall.” “Robert I know you love Aaron but lying to keep him from getting justice is…” Robert pushes his chair back against the floor and stands up. 


  “I didn’t lie.” “ Aaron didn’t shoot me; the guy who did or whoever it was was taller than him.” Victoria goes quiet as she stares at him. “I need to get changed.” Robert walks back into his box room as he closes the door and leans it against it, bracing himself before starting to get ready. 




“Alright, three, two, one!” Aaron, Adam, Sam and Zak all take shots as they put the shot glasses on their head once finished. “And Same as the winner!” Cheers and claps go around the bar. Aaron smiles and puts his glass down as the door opens, Victoria walks in, Aaron sees her. “Hey.” “hi.” Chas stares at her. “He was let out today.” 


 Victoria nods, “I know. I’m happy to see you.” “yeah? Seemed real sure it was me who shot Robert.” “I was confused Aaron, they found a gun at the scrapyard, you ran and video proof of you touching the gun. I’m sorry I doubt you but my brother nearly died.” 


Aaron scratches the back of his neck. “If the roles were reversed I’d probably have thought the same thing..” Victoria smiles a bit. “Friends?” Aaron nods. “Friends.” Victoria smiles bigger. “I think Marlon has left some washing for you.” Victoria nods. “We can talk some more later.” Victoria kisses Aaron’s check as she walks to the kitchen. 


The door opens again and Robert walks in; the Dingle’s go quiet as Cain stares at him. “Pubs closed, family events.” “Cain leave him be.” Cain looks at Chas who is staring at him. “Go sit down, love, bring you a drink.” Robert nods, “thanks Chas.” Robert sits at the corner table close to the darts, looking over at Aaron’s back. “What's that about?” “He just called and got my boy out of jail; who’s to say he won’t make another phone call to get Aaron thrown back inside?” 


Cain thinks for a moment before nodding; Chas walks over with Robert’s glass sitting it down. “On the house.” Robert looks at her. “Why?” “For doing the right thing for once.” Chas walks away as Robert stares at his glass before taking a sip and looking over at Aaron who quickly looks away. 


Robert’s lips twitched nearly into a smile as he looked down.

 Aaron lets out a breath and sends the text as he puts his phone in his pocket before grabbing his bag. “Alright?” looks at Adam and nods, “yeah just got put this load in the wash be right back.” Aaron walks behind the bar but not without shooting a glance at Robert who was looking at him. 


 Chas pours more shots for everyone as Cain looks back at Robert, “Sugden? A Shot? No pun intended.” Moria hits Cain on the arm as Robert rolls his eyes, before looking at his phone and seeing Aaron’s text. 


‘Meet me at the back of the pub.’  


Robert lets out a breath and finishes his drink before getting up slowly and walking out of the pub, Robert lets out a breath and walks behind the pub to see Aaron standing by the door. “Free man looks good on you.” Aaron stares at him. “I’m alive and you are free man… things have worked out quite nicely.”  


 “What are you playing at?” Aaron finally says, Robert is taken aback. “I’m not playing anything Aaron.” “Why did it take so long for you to say it wasn’t me who shot you?” “Because I was confused about everything. I woke up from being shot and I'm being told that the man I lov…” Robert lets out a breath, the cold September air wasn’t affecting him as much as Aaron was. 


 “And let's not forget about what you said at your bail hearing.” Aaron lets out a breath as he stares at Robert. “So yes Aaron, I thought you shot me.” Aaron tries not to let his hurt show as he shifts on his feet. “What changed your mind?” 


 Robert stares at him, “I remembered that whoever it was was taller than you.” Aaron nods a bit. “What else do you remember?” Robert shakes his head, “nothing.” Aaron raised an eyebrow. “You're lying. Again to me.” Robert licks his lips as he inhales. “I’m not lying Aaron, I just don’t remember anything.” “Then how am I out?” “Why does it matter?!” 


 Robert yells as he moves closer to Aaron, lifts his head a bit to look up at Robert. ‘God he still looks beautiful.’ “you are out and I’ll make sure you don’t get set down again alright? happy, yeah?” Aaron knows Robert is lying, he’s keeping something from him and god, he smells good as Aaron licks his lips. “I gotta go back inside..” Aaron forces himself to step back from Robert and turns around, opening the door as Aaron walks in about to close the door when Robert stops him and grabs his arm, making Aaron turn around. “Robert..” Robert cuts him off when smashes his lips against Aaron’s. 


Chapter Text


Robert grabs his jacket as he leaves the note and walks out quietly as he walks downstairs and walks out through the backdoor. Robert puts his hands in his pockets as he walks to the cafe. His head still reeling with Aaron being back and what Rekesh told him and Andy. 



 He walked into the cafe and saw Chrissie and Lawrence. His stomach turned with vile as he stared at them, digging his nails into his palm as he counts to 100. He had to remain civil if he didn’t want Rekesh getting caught or himself getting caught. Chrissie and Lawerce both turn around as Robert got to 30. “I don’t want any trouble.”


Robert looked at Brenda letting out a breath. “Not gonna get any from me. Just want an Americano Brenda please.” Brenda nodded and started making it. Chrissie


folded her arms across her chest. “Must hurt; knowing Aaron is sitting in a cell for life. The honeymoon is over so soon.” Robert tilted his head as a smile broke out on his face as he put his hands in his pockets, moving closer to Chirssie and Lawrence.  “Do you smell that cologne on me Chrissie?” Chrissie's face scratched up in disgust as Robert kept smiling. “It's not mine...It's Aaron’s.” Chrissie's face falls as she stares at him. “Chrissie lets go.” Lawrence says as he grabs Chrissie's arm to leave. 


“Aaron’s out and has been out since yesterday. I remembered something from the shooting; it wasn’t Aaron and I was with him last night.” 

Chrissie blinked back tears as she let out a shaky breath. “What?” Says in a low voice.

“My solicitor will be in contact.” “Let's go!” Lawrence drags Chrissie out of the cafe as Robert smiles and walks up the counter. “Thanks Brenda.” pays and sits down at a table, feeling like he won a small battle before sitting back and drinking his coffee. 




Aaron woke up with a start; sitting up quickly as he looks around the room; remembering he’s home and not in a jail cell he digs his palms into his eyes as he moves the blankets off of him and gets up; walking out of his room he walks downstairs and into the kitchen, seeing Diane and Doug. “Oh hi love...breakfast if you are hungry.” Aaron nods as he feels sad that Robert apparently left early. 


 “Seen my mom yet?” “not yet.” Aaron nods and lets out a breath as he turns around and goes down to the bar. “Mom!” doesn’t see her as he turns back to go back into the kitchen when he hears a knock. Stops and looks over at the cellar door; his heart in his throat as he slowly grabs the door handle and turns it; it being locked he undoes the lock and opens it slowly.  


 A heavy force opens the door wider as Aaron catches his mom in his arms. “Mom!” “Mom!” Aaron carries her over to a booth and slides her in, holding her up he shakes her gently as she starts to wake up. “Aaron?” Says in a confused voice. 


 Diane and Doug run over as they watch them. “What happened?!” Aaron looks at them. 


“I don’t know.” 


Chas is drinking water as Cain and Moira walk into the pub. “You should go see a doctor.” Chas shakes her head. “I’m okay.” “What happened?” Chas finished her water and Aaron hurried and went to refill it. “I came down here to start opening up and I heard footsteps down to the cellar so I slammed the door to lock them in and went to call the police when I heard a door in the bathroom slam so I walked over there and then it went blank.” 


 Doug comes in and lets out a breath. “One of the lines that connects to the kitchen was pulled; the gas would have killed you if Aaron hadn’t found you.” Chas feels her stomach twists as she rubs her hands down her thighs. “Why are they doing this to me?” Tears start to fall as Aaron comes back, grabbing her hands tightly in hers. “I didn’t see them.” 

Cain watches his sister; his anger getting worse. “You're not working today and you ain’t staying here either.” Chas looks at him. ‘I’m not leaving. I won't let anyone else get hurt Cain. I’m staying here.” Cain clenches his jaw as Aaron holds back tears.  “I’m staying too.” Chas smiles as Aaron. 

“You both should stay somewhere else.” Diane looks at Chas and nods. “I think I can agree to that.” Chas smiles sadly at her as she lets out a breath.


Keepers Cottage. 


Robert stares at his phone; his piece of toast long forgotten as he stares. What he was waiting for he wasn’t sure. A text from Aaron, a call from Rekesh. He just kept staring when a knock on the door woke him from his trance as he stood up and walked over; another knock turned into a banging on the door. “Alright, alright!” Robert opens the door and sees Aaron; his black vest with his black hoodie on as he stares at him. “Aaron.” 


 Aaron stares at Robert; he showered and had changed into his blue jumper. Aaron loved that jumper as he stared at him before remembering why he was there. “I need to talk to you.” Robert nods and moves so he can come in. Aaron walks in and Robert shuts the door; they both walk into the living room.  “What’s up?” Aaron stares at him. “The shooter nearly killed my mom.” Robert looks at him and lets out a breath. “What?” 


Aaron puts his hands in his vest pockets. “They locked my mom in the cellar with the gas on. She could have died Robert.” Aaron lets out a breath as he holds back tears. Robert sits down on the arm on the chair as he stares at Aaron. “Is she okay?” Aaron nods, “Physically she’s fine but….she’s shaken up and I don’t know what to do.” 


 “What do you think I can do?” Aaron clenches his jaw. “ you know who shot you? Because if you are protecting them…” Robert shakes his head. “I don’t know Aaron and why would I protect the person who shot me?” Aaron scoffs. “For money maybe. Leverage.” Robert clenches her jaw as she shakes his head. “You think I'm that desperate for that, cunning that I would protect someone who wanted me dead and from the sounds of it wants your mom dead for money?” 

‘That might not have been the smartest move.’ Aaron thinks as he lets out a breath. “No, I know you wouldn’t.” Robert watches Aaron sit at the table. “I don’t

know what to do.” Robert bites his cheek as he watches Aaron before standing up and sits across from him at the table. “We could catch them.” 


 “What?” “We could stay up and keep an eye out. If we find someone in the woolpack tonight then we know that’s the shooter.” 


Aaron watches Robert. “You really wanna do that?” “Yeah.” Aaron nods. “Okay, come by the Woolpack at 6. After tea time.” Robert smiles a bit as he nods. “Okay.”  Aaron lets out a breath. "You left early this morning."Robert lets out a breath, clenching his wound as he sighs. "I left a note." Aaron frowns as he lets out a breath. "I uh…”  

“I’ll bring snacks and stuff to keep us up tonight.” Robert says as Aaron stares at him; taken aback as he nods. “Okay, I’ll see you then.” Robert watches Aaron leave as he lays down on the couch, groaning as he lets out a breath. “God give me strength.” 


Victoria walked in with Andy right behind her. “Did you hear?!” Robert sits up and nods, “I heard and I’m helping Aaron tonight.” “What do you mean?” “I mean that I’m going to help Aaron catch this guy.” Victoria stares at him. “Are you mental?!” Robert rolls his eyes as he stares at Victoria. “I need to help him, Victoria, this is my fault.”  Victoria licks her lips as she lets out a breath. “I get you to feel responsible Robert but I just got you back and we don’t have a lot of family left.” Tears fall as Robert stands up and hugs Victoria who buries her face in his chest. 


 “I promise you I will be safe.” kisses her head as he looks at Andy who is staring at him. 


 Robert promised to have tea with Victoria as he walked out with Andy who pushed him against his cars. “Fuck Andy, still recvering from a god damn bullet wound.” “Are you insane?!” “Why haven’t you gone to the police?!” “You know why Andy!” Robert looked around and stared at him. “I only have a voicemail and a lawyer who isn’t exactly honest when it comes to me,I need more and if this is really happening to Chas; then I get my proof.” Andy let's Robert go as Robert stands up straight. “I know you don’t like this and I get it; believe me I don’t either but...this is the only way.” 


  Andy lets out a breath; “watch your back.” Robert nods. “You too.” 




Chas was sitting with Cain and Moira as Aaron walked in. “What's going on?” “Me and Ross are going to be watching outside. If this shooter really is breaking in, we 

find them.” Aaron walks over and sits by his mom. “I told Robert.” Cain raises an eyebrow as Chas looks at Robert. “Did he know anything?” Aaron shakes his head. 


“No but he said he wants to help so me and him are going to stay here and keep an eye out.” 


Cain stares at him as Moria lets out a breath, “you sure that’s a good idea?” Aaron looks at Moria. “Yeah I do.” “He is the reason this is happening...maybe him being here will bring out the shooter.” Aaron scoffs at Cain. “He’s not bait Cain. This is Robert.” 


 Cain stares at him; “Did I say he’s bait?” “You didn’t have to say it Cain, I heard what you meant.” Chas lets out a breath. “Are you sure he’s okay with this?” Aaron looks at her and nods. “Yeah, I’m sure.” 


Aaron looks at the time and sees it's 6:10 and Aaron lets out a breath, “it's only ten minutes.” Aaron stands in the kitchen as he taps his nails on the counter. “Damn it.” Aaron goes to grab his coat when the door opens and Robert walks in carrying two bags. “I got us some snacks and I ordered two burgers from Marlon.” Aaron nods and sits down on the couch as Robert sets his bags down and sits down on the couch. “Does Chas and them know?” 


  Aaron nods and lets out a breath; “I told them and they were hesite but Cain and Ross are watching outside.” Robert nods and sits back more comfortably on the couch as Aaron tries not to check him out. “What should we watch while we eat?” “You pick.” Aaron hands Robert the remote as he lets out a breath; sitting back and folding his arms over his chest as Robert turns on the tv and surfs threw the channels. 


 Robert and Aaron are eating at the table when Chas walks in wearing her pink robe with her hair up in a bun. Robert looks at her and wipes his mouth with a napkin. “Aaron told me.” Robert stays quiet. “You really are an idiot.” Chas folds her arms across her chest as Robert stares at her. “Must be. Protecting a Dingle.” the corners of Chas mouth go up to smile as she lets out a shaky breath. “I’m going to call it an early night. My sleeping pills are going to hit soon.” “Okay, goodnight mum.” “goodnight love, goodnight Robert.” “Goodnight Chas.” Chas stares at Robert for a moment before walking upstairs, closing the door behind her. 


 Robert looks at Aaron, whose face is filled with worry as Robert clears his throat. “Aaron.” Aaron looks over at him. “How long is this going on?” Aaron sits back in his chair. “From what Cain and her tell me. Since I got banged up.” Robert shakes her head as he stares at his chips on his plate. “I remember her coming to see me; when I woke up. Said she was getting sleeping pills.” Robert looks at Aaron who's

staring at him confused. “You knew she wasn’t sleeping?” “Figured it was because of you not being here and seeing me get shot.” Aaron licks his lips as he drinks his beer.  “I didn’t know the damn shooter was coming after her. Not when I was laying in a hospital bed; would have been so easy to finish me off.” Aaron shifts uncomfortably in his seat, not liking the way Robert is talking.  


 Robert stares at Aaron. “I’m sorry.” “for what?” “This. this is my fault.” Aaron bites his lip and reaches over; grabbing Robert’s hand who smiles a little and squeezing his hand. “No it's not.” Robert feels his heart beat a bit faster. “The bandage on my chest says otherwise.” Aaron stares at Robert for what seems like forever before he clears his throat; “You gonna finish your chips?” Robert smiles and starts laughing, “keep your hands off my food; dirty grease monkey.” 


 Much later; Robert and Aaron are sitting on the couch; Aaron tippin the bag of crisps into his mouth to get the last bits out as Robert laid out; his feet on Aaron’s lap as he watched him; smiling as some fell on his chest. “Are you okay with me like this?” Aaron titled his head up as he put the bag on the table before looking back at him. “Yeah, it's fine. Your wound was hurting and besides I can do this.” Aaron smiles and starts tickling Robert’s feet; making him laugh and starts kicking his feet. “Stop! Aaron, I’m in pain!” Aaron giggles as he continues to tickle him; holding his feet down as Robert struggles to move his feet away; giggling as well. “Stop, please!” Robert continues to laugh when a noise has them stopping and Robert moves his feet off of Aaron’s lap; stilling up as he ignores the pain from his wound. “Did you hear that?” 


Aaron nods as he stands up; Robert hurrying and putting his shoes back on as he stands up; grabbing Aaron’s arm stopping him. “Go check on your mom.” “What?!” whispers, yells. “Go check! I’ll go check the bar.” “Robert no!” Robert cups Aaron’s check with his free hand; “I’ll be okay.” He says as he stares into Aaron’s blue eyes. “I’ll meet you back here, okay?” Aaron's tears start to fill his eyes as he lts out a shaky breath. “Watch your back.” “I will.” lets go of Aaron as he opens the door and walks to the bar; the lights were off and it was dark but Robert’s eyes adjusted as he walked further into the bar; grabs a bottle off the shelf as he continues to walk around the bar to the tables. 


 Aaron bites his lips as he walks upstairs quietly; praying Robert is okay as he gets to the top and walks to him moms door; gripping the doorknob he twists it and opens the door; looking inside he blinks a few times so his eyes adjust to the darkness as he flips on the light and doesn’t see his mom in bed; his heart falling to his stomach as he walks to the bathroom and opens that door; turning on the light and doesn’t see her. “Mom?” walks over to his room.  Robert walks out of the stalls; putting his phone back in his pocket. “False alarm.” as he walks back around the bar; Robert fills something hit the back of his head as he grabs the shelf; his head feeling heavy as he turns around and sees who hit him. “Chas?” Robert’s eyes close as he falls onto the ground.

“Stay away from us Cameron.”

Aaron turns on the lights to the bar and sees Robert on the ground; “Robert?!” gets on his knees and checks his pulse;  finding it. “Thank god.” “Robert!” Aaron shakes him as Robert groans and blinks open his eyes as he stares at Aaron. “Aaron?” Robert looks around and goes to sit up; Aaron helps him as he stares at him. “You are going to send me to an early grave Sugden.” Robert smiles a bit as he stares at Aaron. “Save me a spot?” Aaron shakes his head at him. “My mom is missing.” Robert stares at Aaron as he remembers. “Aaron, your mom is the one who attacked me.” 


 “What?” Robert takes a breath; “go get Cain.” 


Cain, Ross And Aaron were all inside the Woolpack; staring at Robert. “I heard her say that before I went Unconscious.” “you heard her say Cameron?” Cain looks at him as Robert nods. “Yes.” Ross shakes his head; “you outta your mind Sugden. Cameron died before I showed up and you came back. Hell lover boy over here wasn’t here when he died.” “I know that Ross, I’m not an idiot!” Ross was about to make a comment before Cain cut him off. “So what? She forgot who you were and mistook you for her and Debbie’s psycho ex? No, no you heard her wrong or did something.” 


 “He didn’t do anything Cain.” Cain stares at Aaron with an eyebrow raised. “She’s not well Cain. Something is wrong and we need to find my mom before she hurts herself.” 


 “Or someone else.” Robert kept a towel on the back of his head. 


  Wishing Well. 

Lisa sat up at the table, nursing her pot of tea when the door opened; Zak and Sam walking in. “No luck?” Zak shakes his head. “None. Debbie and Ross are looking at the moors.” Zak sits at the table as Sam gets him and his dad some tea. “Any news from Cain?” Lisa shakes her head no. “Not yet.” Zak shakes his head. “Should have done more. Should have checked in with her, have her stay here. Now shes running, thinking her ex who killed her sister is out there after her!” Lisa grabs Zak hand and squeezes it.  “Yelling and blaming aren’t going to help her. We must stay strong for Chas and Aaron.” Zak lets out a breath before nodding. “You're right.” Kisses Lisa's hand and smiles but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “A cup to get us warm and going back out.” Sam walks over with two mugs and sits next to his dad. 

Butlers Farm. 


“I should be out there.” Robert watches Aaron pace in the kitchen. “I know but it's better to be here. Incase she shows up.” Aaron scoffs and stops before grabbing his coat; “you stay. I’m going to find my mom.” Robert stands up and grabs Aaron’s arm. “Let me go Robert!” “Where are you going to go?!” Aaron clenches his jaw. “Zak and Sam are looking for her! Debbie and Ross are as well! Cain and Moira! Adam as well!” Aaron bites his lip. “You need to stay here and wait. I know it sucks but please Aaron. 


 Aaron gives him and puts his coat on the chair before sitting in a chair; Robert silently says thank you as he sits next to him. “Aaron, I’m not a medical professional and I might be way off.” Aaron raises an eyebrow and lets out a breath. “What are you going on about?” “The way your mom has been acting and with her calling me Cameron..” 


 Aaron motions Robert to keep talking; “What if she had PTSD.” “What?” “Post traumatic disorder.” “I know what PTSD is; just no way my mom has it.” “She found a knife in her bed, the cellar and now this? Aaron, It's just...none of this is adding up.” Robert rubs his hands together. “I think she needs to go see someone, to talk with and maybe be committed.” Aaron’s eyes go wide as he stares at him.  “Mum really did a number on you when she hit you huh? No way is my mom getting committed.” Aaron shakes his head as he rubs a hand down his face. “Aaron..” “Enough Robert.” Robert stops talking as he watches Aaron pace around the kitchen. 


 The door opens, stopping Aaron as Debbie and Ross both walk in with tired eyes. “Did you find her?” Ross shakes his head. Debbie lets out a breath; “my dad is looking for her and so is moria. They will find her, Aaron.” Aaron lets out a breath that is mostly a sob as he feels tears fall. “I can’t imagine how scared she is right now.” Debbie walks over to him and hugs him; Aaron buries his face in Debbie's shoulder. 



Chas stops and looks around; her lungs hurt with the cold air as she can’t feel it. She can’t feel her feet either; her socks now covered in mud and dirt. She just looks around as she shakes her head. “No, you need to go!” Carl’s voice booms as

she backs up against a tree. “ I killed my father for you!” “GO AWAY!” Chas screams as she starts running again. She goes down a hill as she slams into someone, nearly knocking them down. “God!” grunts as they wrap their arms around Chas and stare at her. “Chas?!” Chas looks at Cain and lets out a shaky breath. “Carl is coming.” “what?” “Carl is after me! We need to run!” Chas tries to run again but Cain tightens his grip on her. “Chas, Chas listen to me!” Chas looks at Cain. “Carl is dead. Cameron killed him. Remember?” Chas shakes her head a little, a small sob escaping. “He took a brick and hit him in the head.” 


  Chas feels her heart finally calm down as she lets out a breath. “Cameron is dead too.” Chas looks at Cain. “Cameron died in the Woolpack that night he held you and Debbie hostage.” Chas shakes her head. “No! No, I saw him!” she struggles to get of Cain girp. Cain holds her as she finally head butts Cain. Cain grunts and his girp is loose as Chas breaks away and starts running again. Cain, holding his nose runs after her. 


Butlers Farm. 


The door opens aagin and James walks in with an annoyed Emma behind him; Robert stares at them both. “What are you two doing here?” “Is Chas okay?” “Like you care.” James clenches his jaw. “She’s a mate. Of course I care.” “Funny way of showing it.” James looks at Aaron who walks in from the living room. “Aaron, I heard from Ross. what happened?” Aaron lets out a breath. “She thought Robert was Cameron and hit him over the head. James scoffs as he lets out a breath. 


  “What else?” “The bottles in the woolpack have been smashed, the tabs left on over night. She found a knife in her bed before I was let out.” Aaron holds back tears as Robert cuts in. “Aaron found her in the celler the other day, the gas was on she could have died.” Emma gasps as she stares at the two. “My god..” James bites his cheek.. “Who would be doing this?” “The person who shot Robert! They think my mom saw something.” Emma licks her lips. “It could also be PTSD..” Robert looks at her before moving his line of sight to Aaron, who biting his lip. 


 “You think?” Emma looks at Aaron, “she would have to see a doctor, maybe a Psychiatrist to be for sure but what you have all said and tonight; thinking Cameron who nearly did kill her was back from the dead. It could be PTSD from the shooting.” the wheels in Aaron’s head are turning as James clears his throat. “If you need anything…” Robert nods as James and Emma leave. The door closing behind them as Robert goes to speak but Aaron cuts him off. “I need to call Zak.” 

Robert finishes making them tea. 

Under the Bridge. 


Chas is running when she feels two hands grab her and push her against the bridge; Chas tries fighting as Cain pins his arms to the side of her. “Cain, let me go!” Cain shaky breath as he stares at Chas. “I need you to count to ten.” Chas stares at him. “You remember when we were kids?” Mr Jelly.” “Of course you remember.” Chas stares at Cain as she lets out a breath. “When the door use to slam and the shouting would begin.” “When dad use to come home drunk.” “I would tell you to count to ten like Mr Jelly.” “And everything would be alright.” Chas stares catching her breath as sobs come out. “Come on Chas, count for me.” Chas lets out a sob, “one.” Cain nods. “Two.” Chas starts to finally feel the cold in her toes. 


 “Three.” The air hits her and she shivers. “Four.” The mud on her socks makes the tip of her toes curl. “Five.” She isn’t at the woolpack anymore. “Six.” not in her bed sleeping. “Seven.” She’s outside and god, it's cold. When did it get so cold?” “Eight.” She’s with Cain. Her big brother. “Nine.” She isn’t being chased or hunted down. “Ten.” Cameron and Carl are dead. Cain smiles a little as Chas shivers, her teeth starting to chatter. “Let's get you inside and warmed up.” Cain takes off his coat and puts it on Chas, who takes it and wraps it around herself as Cain and her starts walking. 

Butlers Farm. 


Robert is nearly half asleep in the chair when the door opens, making Aaron shoot up and Robert to rub his eyes before looking over. Cain, Moira and Chas walk in. Aaron gets up and nearly runs to his mom before hugging her. Chas let's Aaron wrap his arms around her as she does the same. “You're warm.” Aaron chuckles as she rubs her back. “I wasn’t running around in September weather.” Chas smiles against Aaron’s shoulder. “You can shower here. I should wear clothes you can wear.” Chas pulls away as Moria leads Chas to her bathroom; Robert looking away and hiding her face as Chas looks at her as she climbs the stairs to the bathroom. 

Aaron looks at Cain. “what happened?” Cain pours himself some tea as she he sits down and drinks it. The warmth helping him as he holds both hands around the mug. “She thought Cameron was after her.” Aaron feels tears fall as he sits down. “We need to talk.” 


 Chas came down after a while wearing a white sweater with grey sweats. She had a white blanket around her as she sits next to Aaron at the kitchen table, looks at Robert. “I’m so sorry..” Robert shakes his head. “Its okay, just a hit on the head. Not like I haven’t had one of those before.” Chas stares at Robert before Aaron rubs her back. “Oh love.” Aaron smiles at her as Cain moves closer to her. “We uh… been

talking and we think… something else is going on. With you.” Chas looks at Cain confused. “What is it?” Cain lets out a breath. “We think you have...PTSD Chas.” Chas starts to get teary again as she shakes her head. “No, that's something soldiers get. My truma ain't nothing compared to that!” “Truma can hurt anyone Chas, doesn’t matter what happened or how it happened.” Chas wipes away tears. “We can get you help. If you want it.” Chas nods as she looks at Aaron. “I need it!” Aaron hugs Chas again as he rubs her back, staring at Robert who is looking at the floor. 


  Chas and Cain had decided to go to the hospital. Chas has kissed and hugged Aaron who tried to hold back tears but failed as they said goodbye for the night and Chas and Cain were gone. 


 Robert watched Aaron. The boy who had been threw way too much in his youth and now his young adult life. Robert never wanted to be the cause of Aaron’s pain or the reason his family is in pain as he clears his throat. “Aaron.” “save it Robert. We can talk later.” Aaron walks over to his car as Robert walks behind him. “I know who shot me!” 

 Aaron stopped walking, ‘ Did he just say?’ Aaron turns around to stare at him. “What?” “I know who shot me.” Aaron must have gone deaf or this is a game. “H-how?” “it doesn’t matter who just….i know who it was and I have plan. Will, did before this.” Aaron tlits his head a bit. “Who was it?” 


 Robert walks closer to Aaron. “I tell you this, all of this and we either go with my plan or we make a better one. Deal?” “Just tell me who is was Robert!” “Deal?!” “Yes!you have a dea! 


 Aaron shakes his head as Robert holds back a big smile. “The person who shoot me is…”  


Chapter Text


Home Farm.

Rekesh pours himself and Chrissie some tea. “Are you sure you want to make him an offer that big?” Hands Chrissie her tea as Lawernce nods his head. “Hopefully its big enough for him to leave us alone.” Rekesh puts the kettle down as he listens to daughter and father. “Where is Lachlan?” Chrissie looks at him, “Oh he’s playing his game. Figured I’d go easy on him. So much going on…” Rekesh nods and smiles a little as he feels his phone vibrate. 

Pulls it out of his pocket and sees Roberts name and a text,  We need to talk. Now.’ Rekesh lets out a breath and puts his phone away as he puts his mug down. “I need to go. In laws need me.” Chrissie smiles, “I remember that feeling, go. We can have lunch at the woolpack later.” Rekesh nods, “order me a scotch; have a feeling I’ll need something strong.” Chrissie chuckles as she turns back to her father, Rekesh grabs his coat and briefcase, walking out of the house and into his car, grabbing his phone he sends Robert a text. 

‘On my way.’ 



“Are you out of your mind?!” Robert lets out a breath as he folds his arms over his chest. “He needed to know, his mom thought the damn shooter was after her!” Rekesh lets out a breath as he stares at Robert and Aaron. “I need more time. I haven’t gotten a chance to be alone with them again.” “I’m sure you are capable of thinking of something.” Aaron sits down and lets out a breath, looking at Rekesh.  “Me and Aaron could help with that.” Aaron raises an eyebrow at Robert who looks at him, “It's not like we haven’t messed with them before.” Aaron bites his lip as he looks back at Rekesh who’s rolling his eyes at the two. 


Aaron is behind the bar when Cain walks in, “How is she?” Cain nods, “stable. They are moving her into an inpatient treatment center. We can visit her again in two weeks, when she has time to adjust.” Aaron nods, letting out a breath. “Two weeks isn’t long.” Look at Robert then back at Cain. “I’ll get you a pint.” “Cheers.” Aaron busies himself while Cain sits next to Robert, who watches him then drinks his pint. “How is he this morning?” “Busying himself with this place.. Nearly bit off Diane’s head when she said he didn’t have too. I’m keeping an eye on him.” 

“Here. on the house.” Aaron puts Cain’s pint in front of him and Cain smiles at him. “Cheers again.” The door opens and Chrissie, Lawrence walk in. Chrissie purses her lips as she walks to the bar. “They really let you out?” Cain sits up straighter. “Yup; what can I get you Chrissie?” Chrissie stares at Aaron and looks over at Robert. “Of course he’s here with you.” Shakes her head, “I’ll have a red wine and dad will have a glass of scotch.” 


Robert stands up and walks behind the bar; putting his hand on the lower part of Aaron’s back. “I’ll get these, yeah? Go sit and have a drink with your uncle.” Aaron looks at him. “You sure?” “Yeah.” Aaron nods and walks over to Cain but not without whispering in Robert's ear; making Robert blush as he clears his throat and looks at Chrissie. “I’ll bring them over.” 

Chrissie watches Robert, “Where is Diane or Chas?” “Taking the day off. Aaron and I said we could watch the bar for the day.” Chrissie scoffs as Lawrence watches, “Lets go sit.” Chrissie and Lawernce sit down as Robert walks over with a glass of wine and scotch. “Anything else?” “That’s all Robert.” Robert nods and walks back over to Aaron, wrapping his arm around Aaron. 

“Anything from Rekesh?” Robert shakes his head. “Not yet.” Aaron lets out a breath as he looks over and sees Chirssie and Lawrence eating. “They aren’t going to be staying long.” Robert lets out a breath as he rubs his chin. “I have cards I could play but I don’t really wanna cause a scene right now.” Aaron stares at him, “Are you sure you don’t want a doctor to check on your head? My mom did hit you pretty hard.” Robert looks at him and rolls his eyes as he lets out a breath, “Okay; I usually like to cause a scene but since this is sensitive..maybe now's not the best time.” Aaron smiles a bit as he hears someone clear their throat; looks over and sees Chrissie staring at them with her mouth in a straight line and her face stone cold. 


 “I would like a refill on my wine.” Aaron nods and grabs the bottle that was opened, pouring some in as Chrissie grabs a check, sliding it across the bar to Robert. “What is this?” “My father’s offer.” Robert grabs the check, looks at it before scoffing. “Are you serious?” “It's a good offer.” “It's crap, it's what it is. I deserve way more than this.” Robert slides the check over, “And I get it in court.” “You are lucky to get this much more than anything else!” “I deserve a lot more from the man that faked a heart attack when I was trying to remember my mother!” Robert gets off the bar stool as Aaron comes around the bar, “Robert drop it.” 

Lawrence gets up and walks over to Chrissie; “You really are a greedy bastard Robert Sugden.” Robert stared at Lawrence, “Only for what I owned.” Aaron stays behind Robert as Chirssie stares at him. “You see the kind man he is and you stand behind him?! Say you love him?!” Aaron stays quiet as Robert snaps at her. “Leave him out of this! Aaron's affair has nothing to do with what I owned.” “It has everything to do with it! You married me because of my money while sleeping around! He’s the reason why you won’t see a penny from me or my father!” 


 “We will see about that won’t we sweetie?” Chrissie slapped Robert; who felt Cooper in his mouth; his lip bleeding as Aaron finally got in front of Robert. “That’s enough from all of you! Get out Chrissie!” Robert feels his phone vibrate and grabs it, seeing a text from Rekesh. 

‘I got what you need. Do what you want with it.’ with an attachment; Robert’s eyes go wide as he looks at Aaron. “We need to leave.” Aaron looks at him. “No we don’t, they do!” Points to Chrissie and Lawrence. “Aaron. We. Need. To. Go.” Aaron stares at Robert before it clicks and lets out a breath; nodding as Marlon and Victoria walk out from the kitchen. “What is going on?!” Aaron looks at them. “Watch this place won’t you?” “Now you want help!” “Just do it Marlon!” Aaron looks at Robert. “Let's go.” Robert grabs his jacket and walks out of the woolpack with Aaron; getting in his car as they buckle up; Robert starts it up and starts driving.

 “He really got it?” “Yup. Just need to pay a visit; make a call for us yeah?” Aaron digs for his phone, pulling it out he presses a few buttons and the phone starts ringing as Robert starts driving out of the village; a smile growing on his face.

Home Farm. 

Rekesh opens the door when he hears the bangs and opens the door wider as Robert and Aaron walk in. “Why did you come? Did you call the police”? Robert smiles; “Didn’t wanna miss the show.” Rekesh shakes his head as Lachlan walks in. “What are they doing here? Mums gonna go mentel when she sees them here.” Robert stares at Lachlan, “Just wanted to be here. No way I was going to miss this.” “Miss what?” Chrissie and Lawrence walk in. “Here to fight about money again? In front of my son?!” Aaron scoffs as he puts his hands in his vest jacket. 

Detective Hart walks in with two other police officers. “What are you doing here?” “Lachlan White you are arrested for the shooting of Robert Sugden.” The two police officers walk up to Lachlan and put his hands in handcuffs as he stares with wide eyes at his mom and granddad. “Mom, it wasn’t me!” “This is ridiculous! He’s a young boy, he couldn’t shoot someone!” 

Lachlan has tears in his eyes as he’s escorted to a police car and Chrissie has tears in her eyes as she follows behind, begging them to let him go. Lawrence looks at Robert and Aaron. “How much more pain are you going to put my family through Robert?” Robert walks over to him, “Until you either leave Emmerdale or drop dead Lawrence. You decide” Lawrence stumbles back as he stares at Robert with horror

as Aaron pulls out a folded piece of paper and hands it to Rekesh. “Think you are going to need that; after Chrissie fires you.” Rekesh takes the paper and unfolds it, seeing it's a check.  “Robert.” Robert looks back at him, “Right, see you later Lawernce.” Robert and Aaron walk out and walk to his car as they watch Lachlan in the back of the police car, he stares right at them as the police car drives off. Chrissie on her knees as she sobs, Lawrence runs out and over to her as Robert gets in his car and Aaron does as well. 


  “Are you okay?” Robert looks at Aaron and thinks for a moment before nodding, “Yeah. I’m okay.” Starts up the car as they both buckle up and Robert drives away; Home farm in the rear view mirror. 

Chapter Text

Hotten Police. 

“I Uh...saw mom with the gun early, said she found it under the bridge and just was holding onto until she could get rid of it the right way.” “And what happened next?” “I grabbed some of her jewelry; I was going to give it to Belle.” “and Lachlan?” “I walked to the village, he had upset so many people. He killed his brother's wife and cheated on my mom. He had to pay.” 


 “So what did you do?” “I saw him arguing with Chas; one of the owners of the woolpack. I hid in an alley and pulled out the gun. I aimed for it and took off safely.” “And?” “I closed my eyes and pulled the trigger; it backfired and messed up my shoulder; I nearly fell from the impact but I opened my eyes and saw Robert fall into Chas’s arms. I knew I hit him.” “What did you do after shooting Robert?” “I jumped the fence and started walking home.” 


 “Grandad saw me and I got in the car; we went to the hospital. Grandad had thrown Robert’s brother Andy to the police; saying he thought Robert killed his wife which he did but of course got away with it.” A deep breath is heard as Lachlan continues. “I already knew who to pin it on.” “Who?” “Aaron of course.” “I went to the scrapyard and put the gun in the car; wiping my prints from the gun and walked away.” “What happened to the jewelry?” “I never gave it to Belle, never got the chance. It's in my room in my bag under my bed.”  “Anything else you want to tell me?” 

“No. You know everything now.” 

The recording ends as Detective Hart stares at Lachlan White who is staring at the recording. “This and the bag under your bed we found is enough proof to charge you for the attempted murder of Robert Sugden. Are you aware of that?” Lachlan stays quiet as Detective Hart ends the interview and gets up; walking out of the room, a police officer walks in and escorts Lachlan back to his cell. 


Keepers Cottage. 

“I knew Lachlan was…” “A psycho?” Victoria looks at Adam who sits down next to her as she lets out a breath. “But to go as far to try and kill someone? That kid needs locking up.” Robert looks at Andy who lets out a breath. “How’s Chas doing?” Robert shrugs, “Cain said they were moving her to a different place to get help and to figure out her medication. Can’t go see her for a while but said she was stable when he saw her so..”

“Does she know that Lachlan was who..?” Robert shakes her head, “Aaron doesn’t want to tell her until she’s out.” Victoria looks at Robert. “Are you okay?” “Yeah, why?” “Your ex-step son nearly killed you Robert, no way you are just okay.” Robert shrugs, “Its odd because you think I’d be mad or even maybe sad but..I’m fine. Finding out that it was him; it felt like a...relief.” “Man, he and Chas did a number on you.” Adam takes a drink of his tea. “It felt like I wasn’t crazy or even..Alicia wasn’t crazy. That he was what I knew and others knew what he was.” Victoria grabs his hand and Robert smiles. “I’m alright. He’s locked up and I don’t have to worry about him again.” 


Aaron sits at the desk, his hands around his mug hoping the heat will warm him up as the door opens and Robert walks in. “Hey.” “hey.” Robert shuts the door as he walks to his desk and sits down. “Back to work?” “Yeah, told Adam he could have the day off. Seems far since I haven’t been around much.” Robert nods as he stares at Aaron. “Detective Hart called me this morning.” “Yeah?” “They are charging Lachlan with attempted murder.” Aaron nods. “Good.” Robert nods as he continues to stare at Aaron. “Do I have something on my face?” Robert shakes his head as he looks at the desk. “No.” Aaron nods as he looks at his coffee as Robert grabs some papers before getting back up.  

 “See you around?” “Yeah.” Robert leaves And Aaron puts his mug down. “Muppet.” to himself as Robert gets in his car. “Idiot.” as he drives away.


Aaron is sitting in the back when Paddy walks in. “I just heard, Aaron, I'm so sorry I haven’t been around. I 've been so busy…” Aaron waves him off. “It's okay Paddy,you have Leo and I heard you and Rhona are planning on adopting.” Paddy nods. “I was going to talk to you about that but then everything happened..” “Again, it's okay. Are you free now for some food?” Paddy nods, “Yes I ordered us some food and two pints.” Aaron smiles and nods, “Definitely could use that.” Paddy smiles. 

Aaron eats as he looks at Paddy, who isn’t eating. “Spit it out.” “W-wwhat?” “What you've been wanting to say since you walked in Paddy.” Paddy lets out a breath. “I-its just… What’s going to happen with Robert now?” Aaron bites his lip as he shrugs a little before fidgeting with his hands. “I-I know you care about him and l-loved him at one point..” Aaron looks at Paddy before looking at his chips. “Do you still love him?” Aaron licks his lips as he thumbs his nose as he hears Paddy let out a breath. “I-I don’t think I will ever like Robert..” Aaron scoffs and rolls his eyes, “b-but if he can make you happy, then I won’t get in the way of that.” Aaron looks at him. 

Aaron drinks his pint as Paddy eats his chips, “How is my godson doing?” Paddy smiles and starts telling Aaron about Leo as he listens. 

Andy walks in with Robert and Victoria, Adam. “Get us some drinks Sugden.” Robert rolls his eyes. “Which one Barton?” Adam smiles as Aaron and Paddy walk from the back, Robert and Aaron make eye contact as Daine sees them. “Love will it be?” Robert continues  to stare at Aaron as Andy walks over; three pints and a glass of wine for Vic Diane.” “Bring it over love.” Andy smiles and walks over to the booth as Adam waves over Aaron. “Oi if you two are done eye screwing, a game of darts Livsey!” Aaron looks away from Robert, a blush on his cheeks as walks away and over to Adam and Andy, hitting his shoulder as Adam laughs. Robert helps Diane bring the drinks over to the table. 

Adam and Aaron are playing against Robert and Andy as Victoria talks with Diane; “Losers buy the next round, Sugdens!” Robert shakes his head as he drinks, his eyes on Aaron as Aaron laughs at Adam. “God, wish you two would get a room.” Robert looks at Andy. “Sorry.” “Don’t be sorry, just get your head straight and make a move already.” Robert watches Andy get up and walk over to Victoria and Diane.

The doors opened and the chatter from others in the pub is quiet as Robert stands up, seeing Chrissie and Lawrence walk in. “We shouldn’t be here.” “No, I wanna say something.” Chrissie whose eyes are red and swollen and her makeup is smeared down her cheeks. “My son didn’t shoot you!” Robert lets out a breath. “Chrissie just went home.” “No! You Robert Sugden deserve every ounce of pain you get! My son didn’t shoot you but whoever did, did a crappy job because you deserve to be in the ground!”  “Go home Chrissie!” Adam holds back Victoria as Aaron lets out a breath and looks at Robert, who lets out a breath. “Lawrence take her home for god sake.” 


 Robert looks over at Aaron who puts down the darts, “Your son shoots Robert and sets me up Chrissie. Deal with it and get out of my home. Now.” “You heard him, now get out.” Lawrence grabs Chrissie and drags her out of the Woolpack. Chatters start up again as Diane claps her hands together, “Now who wants some drinks?” Victoria goes and helps Diane as Robert grabs his jacket and sneaks out  through the back as Aaron grabs his jacket. “Mate!” “Be right back!” Adam lets out a breath as he looks at Andy who is shaking his head. “Drink?” “yes.” 


“Robert! Wait!” Aaron Robert turns around and looks at Aaron; who has his jacket on and zips it up. “What?” “Where are you going?” “Home.” “home.” “Victoria’s box room is home now?” “I don't really have any other place Aaron.” “Yeah you do.” “Where?” “The Woolpack idiot.” Robert puts his hands in his pocket. “Aaron..” “no listen to me.” Moves closer to him. “I forgive you alright?!” Robert stares at him.. “I forgive you for what you said at the scrapyard, I forgive you for Katie.” Robert swallows the lump in his throat as he lets out a breath. “Robert...let me be your home.” 


 Robert holds back tears, “I’m a disaster Aaron.” “So am I.” Aaron moves closer. “We can be disasters together.” Robert stares at Aaron who lets out a shaky breath and Robert closes the distance between them and kisses Aaron, who cups his face; kissing him back. Robert wraps his arms around him; deepening the kiss. 


  Aaron grips the back of Robert’s head, slipping his tongue in his mouth as Robert groans and presses Aaron closer to him before having to pull away to catch his breath; Aaron pulls away and they both take a breath. “Fuck.” Robert mumbles as he lays his head against Aaron’s. “Are you coming back with me?” Robert nods as he takes a deep breath. “Yes.” Aaron smiles and pulls away, both walking back towards the Woolpack, hand in hand.