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Who Shot Robert Sugden?

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Chas was taken aback as she heard the gun go off and Robert’s face as he looked down; seeing the bullet hole as he started stumbling; Chas catching him and laying him down. “Oh my god, oh my god!” Chas stared down at Robert and looked at her hands, the blood on her face. “He’s dead, he’s dead!” 


  Aaron walked around the corner and saw his mum frantically wiping her hands on her shirt; he saw Robert on the ground as he ran over. “Mum!, what’s happened!?” Aaron gets on his knees and places his hands over Robert’s wound; trying not to let him bleed out. “He’s dead, he’s dead.” Chas keeps repeating over and over again. “Robert..please don’t die.” 


  Other people start showed up as someone called the police and an ambulance as Aaron kept his hands on Robert’s wound. 


 The ambulance showed up and the EMTS move Aaron away as they start working on him. Aaron wiped his tears with his knuckles as he stands by Robert; “What’s his name?” “His name is Robert Sugden.” Aaron watched them put Robert on a stretcher as he felt his heart drop. Victoria and Diane run over to him; “What’s happened?!” “Robert was shot.” Aaron lets out as Victoria gasps and Her and Diane both run to a car to drive to the hospital. 


  Aaron walked into the pub with his mom; washing his hands off as he stood in the kitchen; some others followed them inside. “You need anything Chas?” Chas sat at the table; not saying anything as he looked at her hands. “I need to take a shower.” “I wouldn’t wash your clothes, they might need them for evidence.” 


  Chas let a breath as she didn’t move. “I can make you some tea Chas.” Aaron sits next to his mom while Bob starts making some tea. Kerry and Dan stand and watch them. “You need anything Aaron? I can give you a ride to the hospital.” Aaron shook his head; “I-I’m going to stay here.” Bob puts a mug down in front of Chas; “Two shots of whiskey.” 


 “I need to take a shower.” Chas stands up as she runs out of the room and upstairs. “Do you need us to stay Aaron?” “No I got it.” Bob, Dan and Kerry sighs and all start walking out. “Call us if you need anything.” They all leave as Aaron sits back in his chair as he sees Paddy walk in. “Aaron, what the hell has happened?” “Robert was shot...he was just laying their Paddy and Mum was standing over him; freaking out and I don’t know what to do.” 


Paddy walked over and sat by him; placing his hand on Aaron’s. “We stay here and we figure this out like a family.” Aaron nods and wipes his tears. “I can’t lose him Paddy; I can’t do all that again.” Aaron lets more tears fall as he thinks back on Jackson. 


  “You won’t. Robert will be fine..he’s in the best hands he can be in.” Aaron nods and sighs.