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How I Longed For You

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On nights where the patrolling soldiers take a break or exhausted adventurers finally settle down and order drinks is when the tavern becomes incredibly busy. Whether it be party members taking a break from their adventure, mysterious rouges who have escaped prison more than once, or even travelers who have a very interesting (albeit exaggerated) story to tell, everyone is welcome. Even when the waitresses and waiters have to carefully run back and forth carrying a tray full of food and drink through a crowded bundle of races and genders, everyone always seems to be in good spirits.

The name of the tavern is Forgotten Gold, and is nestled in a lonely little village properly given the title of Wisteria. That being said, the village's pride and joy is a giant white Wisteria tree in the center of town, where fireflies come to settle in the evening and brighten up the darkness with their soft yellow light. A lot of young couples confess their love for one another underneath that tree, and end up eloping almost immediately after.

The owners of the tavern, who are an elderly dark-skinned human male named Xander Yesate and an elderly tanned-skinned female woman named Teresa Yesate provide the food, drink, and music for their wide-variety of customers. While the couple were good people and showered one another in affection, they found the tavern to be their top priority and never once thought about having children of their own. However, despite never conceiving, they discovered a child wrapped in hand-stitched clothing on their doorstep on a cold Winter morning many years ago.

This child was a tanned-skinned half-elf, yet the only discernible feature of it was the long, pointed ears. She seemed more human than elf, unfortunately. With snowy white hair and gentle grey eyes, the local village would notice in a heartbeat that this child did not belong to the couple. Thus, they began the search for the young girl's parents. Xander and Teresa tried everything in their power to reunite the half-elf with her family, but it was no use. Whoever her family was did not want her, and it was quite obvious considering her mother or father left the little girl on their doorstep. Yet, despite everything, Xander and Teresa bathed her, clothed her, and fed her as if she was their own daughter.

She was given the name Erise Yesate, and from there, she was to live and work in the tavern to earn her keep.

From a very young age, Erise knew that Xander and Teresa were not her real parents. While they did love her and allowed her to have her own bedroom and furniture, neither her adopted father or mother gave her the affection a growing child requires. Even at mealtime, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Xander was counting the gold coins the tavern acquired while taking a few bites of his food at the table, Teresa was writing up a list of supplies they needed, and unfortunately for Erise, she was to sit perfectly still and not say a word as she ate. A book was always at her side to keep her company, as one of the tavern customers taught her how to read when they visited. The tavern was their top priority, after all, and they couldn't "waste time" by teaching Erise the ins and outs of life.

It was from there that Erise thought her life would never be as interesting as the people who walk in and out of the establishment, with hoods shielding their faces or swords at their hip. At one point in her life, she met a man with a face full of scars, who surprisingly had no qualms about telling her what happened to him. 

"Bandits," He said, tracing a bulging scar just under his eye, "Don't ever quarrel with bandits, unless you want to lose your good-looks, child."

At the age of eighteen, she thought her only world would be the building, the customers, and her imaginative mind. She was barely over five feet tall, so a lot of customers mistook her for a younger age, and at times, told her to run back home. Erise would only laugh and tell them that the tavern was her home, and that the owners were her adopted parents, and they would quickly shut their mouths in respect. Occasionally entertaining the customers on slow nights by singing or putting on a magic show was something she did best, but being a half-elf had serious drawbacks.

There were humans who thought she was an "adorable and innocent little bird" that shouldn't be shown the horrors of real life, and there were humans who thought she should return to her homeland because elves and humans do not mix. As much as she hated to admit it, she hated humans who thought they were better than her, or the other types of people out there in the world. Despite seeing a wide variety of Dwarves, Orcs, Elves, none would come close to the beauty, danger, and comforting nature radiating off a female Orc she met on a dreary, rainy day.

Tharja Liakos was an Orc woman travelling alone, surviving by simply making a name for herself in this untamed land. The green-skinned Orc was well over six feet tall and so muscular that she could potentially knock the entire tavern over simply by leaning on it, but Erise could tell just by looking at her that she meant no harm. 

Due to the rainstorm creating flooding on nearby roads, a lot of the travelers were holed up in the tavern as to not attract hypothermia in such cold weather. The local bard was performing on their lute and singing tales of triumph and glory, however the conversations and laughter eventually drowned out the music. Unfortunately for the bard, she was being paid by the hour, so she couldn't stop even if she wanted to, or if her voice turned hoarse.

Running back and forth through the abundant crowds was Erise, serving the meals and taking orders on a notepad and a quill. Her long white hair, which was tied into two ponytails, bounced and swayed as she continued to move.

"Hey, can we get a waitress over here? Our pints are empty again!" A male Orc called out amongst the crowd, his voice gravelly.

He rose the pint in the air as he demanded a refill, and his brethren quickly followed by letting out a roar in agreement. It caused a few of the less rowdy customers to hide their faces and furrow their brows together in some silent plea that the Orcs don't cause a ruckus.

The only female amongst the group, Tharja, who sat with them because it was the only table available, rolled her eyes and twirled her almost-empty goblet around with her thumb and index-finger. Her tusks were small, much to her dismay, but as long as they didn't get in the way, she was fine with them. Not happy, but fine.

"Hello! My sincerest apologizes for the wait everyone, there's just so many customers I almost forgot this table needed a refill! Here, let me get your drinks." Erise exclaimed, frantically picking up the pints and placing them on the metal tray.

"It's alright, young one. We know it's busy today, what with the storm and everything." The heavily-armored leader replied, giving her his pint.

Leaning over the table to pick up a few empty plates, Erise tried to make decent conversation. "Do you want the usual? Or were you thinking of something different? We have ale and mead as well, if you're interested."

A few of the Orcs whispered amongst themselves about their preferred choices, and finally came to a conclusion once they nodded. The leader began to dig out a large sack of gold from their pack, and dropped it on the table with a thud. Erise's eyes widened as she noticed the table beginning to tilt off the ground a little bit and her breath hitched in her throat. Whether it was from the weight of the gold, or maybe the table needed fixing, it was undecided.

"Ale. Pack us some food and drink for the road too..." He smirked, and his lips moved against his tusks as she continued, "Feel free to keep whatever's left, half-elf."

Tharja's lips curled into a sneer as he spoke. It couldn't be that easy, certainly there was something he wanted her to do. Giving such a large amount of gold to a waitress isn't usually something Orcs did out of the kindness of their hearts, that she knew.

A waiter walked by and picked up the coins for the order after Erise explained to him that they wanted a carriage of supplies for the road. Any and all gold not spent on supplies was to go to her, and her only.

Erise's soft fingers brushed against the leader's iron gauntlets as if to thank him, and as quickly as their interaction started, it ended. Another one of the Orcs handed the empty pints to her in gratitude and flashed a small smile, but even Erise could tell the smile was forced, what with the leader making such a generous trade.

As for Tharja, her mouth opened slightly as if to gawk at the little half-elf, who's beauty and sweet-demeanor caused the young Orc's heart to skip a beat once she walked over. Her waitress outfit was slightly revealing, what with the hem of the dress reaching just before the knees and the... visible decollete. She didn't look too happy wearing such a sultry outfit either, and Tharja concluded that the tavern has a special dress-code for the waitresses to make them look appealing to the male customers.

Although, Tharja's armor was almost the exact same, what with the fur and iron keeping her body safe. 

As the half-elf made her way around the table, her gray eyes met with Tharja's black ones. Erise mouth opened to speak, and her hand went to Tharja's hair in an attempt to feel it.

Erise giggled and flashed Tharja a small smile, before complimenting her, "Wow! Your hair is so... wild! Is it hard to maintain it, ma'am?"  

Was this love at first sight? It was hard to tell right now... maybe it was just the wine getting to her head. Tharja always knew she was a lightweight despite her thickset body, which was why wine was always the go-to drink. Beer, ale, and mead made her... hostile. With wine, she was a regular old drunk, although there was the occasional hangover where she remembered absolutely nothing. Often times, this led to a lot of bloodshed... potato-farm bloodshed, that is.

Lost in her thoughts, Tharja's voice came out as a breathy, "Uh..." and acted on impulse. As Tharja attempted to pick up the goblet so Erise could take it from her, Erise blinked in surprise and thought she was going to be hurt by said goblet for touching her hair without permission. Her brows furrowed together as she took the goblet and flashed the Orc a nervous smile.

"I'll come back with your drinks soon, everyone. Hold tight..." Tried as she might, her voice cracked.

Without another word, Erise placed more tankards and pints on the tray and timidly retreated back into the kitchen where Tharja and the others could not see.

Tharja blew it by scaring her off. Of course she did, and the other Orcs knew that.

With her hair still tingling from the sensation of being touched, Tharja consumed another spoonful of her beef stew, and narrowed her eyes.

Right now, Erise was in the underground chamber refilling a few wooden beer pints for the entire table of Orcs... for the third time in a row. While they had more than enough gold to satisfy their hunger and quench their thirst, there was one Orc who was different from the rest. Instead of ordering beer like her brethren, this woman ordered wine, which was insignificant to some, but Erise was determined to give her customers what they wanted.

As Erise picked up the blue goblet and swirled it around using her thumb and index finger, she found herself staring at the bottom, and watched the leftover wine spin in a counterclockwise direction. Without thinking, she brought her lips to the goblet belonging to the female Orc, and took a sip. The tiny drop of wine managed to find its way onto her tongue, and for a moment, she could taste the stew lingering in with the taste of wine. The woman most likely had beef stew on her lips when she drank from the goblet, which explains the taste. Erise sighed longingly as she felt what was left of the wine slide down her throat, yet the goblet remained pressed up against her lips. Her eyes dulled, and as she stared off into nothingness, a wave of thoughts overcame her.

What was the name of the Orc woman? Probably something intense and barbaric, and nothing pronounceable, no doubt. Was she alone? Was she dangerous? ...Did she have a mate?

Erise shook her head and made a noise, as if ridding herself of such thoughts.

The battleaxe leaning against the table certainly seemed like it had been through some rough patches. Erise swore there was some dried blood on the blade, as well.

What she wouldn't give to see such a powerful woman in action, such as letting out such a terrifying war-cry as she ran into battle. Erise could already imagine being right by the mysterious woman's side, with magic coming out of her fingertips as Erise attacked a bandit. Tharja's hair would bounce and fly about as she sprinted towards her target with the battleaxe in hand, her eyes would be wide and sweat would begin to bead at her forehead and trickle down the side of her head. Then, Tharja swings the battleaxe at her enemy, drawing blood as soon as it makes contact with the enemy, and they die without so much as a swing of their sword.

Erise would cheer and Tharja would wipe the blood off her armor once the interaction was over. Then they would embrace, ask one another if they were alright, and press their lips together-

A clap of thunder was heard in the distance and Erise was broken out of the trance once she blinked. The pints of beer were empty and in need of a refill, and throughout the entire time she was in the back room, none of them were filled. She was so busy lusting over an Orc that she missed out on her duties, much to her surprise.

"Damn it!" Erise whispered, frantically filling each and every one of the pints with ale, then practically tossed them onto the tray. 

She heard a fellow waitress call out to her as they brought in a pile of dirty dishes. "Erise! The customers at Table Four are waiting for their drinks! What's the hold up?"

Popping open a bottle of wine, she tried to carefully pour the wine into the goblet and bit her lip as she did so. "I-In a minute! The keg was jammed..."

Her coworker scoffed and began to clean the dishes. "Damn keg is always breaking. One of these days Xander and Teresa need to get a new one but they're so cautious with their money it's almost a miracle this tavern is still giving out supplies at such cheap pricing."

"I will talk to Xander and Teresa about it later." Erise replied.

Yes, that's a good excuse, Erise thought, I'll use that lie on the customers from time to time. She fell for it, after all.

Piling the drinks onto the tray, Erise once again pushed through the crowd and made her way back to the table. Flashing a grin their way, she balanced the tray on one hand and began to pick up drinks with the other in order to hand them to her customers. Thankfully, the female Orc was still there, and her bowl of beef stew was empty, so Erise picked up the bowl and placed it on the tray so it could be taken into the kitchen to be cleaned.

Placing the ales on the table, Erise said, "Here you are, everyone! Drink up!"

The Orcs cheered and immediately gripped the handle of the pint as soon as it touched the table. Bringing the drinks to their mouths, they began to chug the ale down their throats in an attempt to drink and leave before it got too dark. Making her way around the table, Erise caught a glimpse of the female Orc staring down at the table into nothingness.

Sighing through her nose, Erise carefully placed the wine in front of her as if to catch her attention. "Here, this one is on the house." The Orc looked up and gave a lukewarm smile to the half-elf, and picked up the goblet to take a sip, unbeknownst to her that Erise had placed her lips to the goblet just moments before.

Erise's heart skipped a beat as soon as the Orc looked at her.

With the tavern being closed for the night, and with all of the rooms rented out by wandering adventurers, Erise made absolutely sure to clean the tavern to the best of her ability for the early morning. Her adopted parents, Xander and Teresa, were getting older now, so she tries to take care of the tavern as best she can so the two of them can get their rest.

As she swept the hardwood floors using a broom, she made sure to pay attention to any and all dirt or trash that the other waiters or waitresses might have missed during their working hours. While she cleaned the floors or dusted the decorations, she always stared off into space about some fake adventure she wished she could go on. At times, she hummed a tune she learned from the bard to herself to keep her occupied and awake, but the adventurers renting out a room on the bottom floor would bang on the door and tell her to keep quiet so they could sleep.

It always made her blood boil, how they get to rest in a cozy little bed while she was forced to clean up their messes during the late hours of the night when the tavern was closed. What she wouldn't give to tell them off about their behavior at least once in her life, and march off to bed to get a proper eight or more hours of rest.

While sweeping with her back towards the living quarters, she heard a door begin to open behind her and heavy steps that seemed to get closer. Her eyes widened and her grip on the broom handle tightened as she tensed up, not wanting to know if it was a friend or foe. She might die if she isn't careful, after all, the people in this tavern weren't exactly friendly.

Erise bit her lip to silence her breathing, and the heavy steps came to a stop right behind her. The candles created a large shadow that hung over Erise's own shadow, so she knew that whoever this person was could crush her as soon as she turned around. If Erise didn't know any better, she swore she could feel hot air hitting her back.

"Hey, you got a second?" A husky female voice asked suddenly, hoping to draw Erise's attention.

Her small frame wouldn't stop shivering, and no matter how hard she tried to regain her composure, her body wouldn't listen. "W-What do you want, ma'am?" She tried, her back still facing the stranger.

Erise tried to "pretend" to sweep, where the broom began to move but no dust particles could be seen as it didn't even reach the floor. It was bad enough that Erise felt like keeling over from exhaustion, and now she has to deal with her heart giving her a mini fight-or-flight response with how fast it was thumping.

"...Does this tavern have an outhouse?" The person replied back, completely oblivious to Erise's nervousness.

Erise's eyes widened and her mouth went agape as she spun around to come face-to-face with the female Orc from earlier that day. On accident, she dropped the broom onto the floor, creating a harsh thwack as the wood met with the ground. They both just stared at each other for a moment in bewilderment, almost like they wanted to say something, but couldn't find the words. This was yet another wonderful interaction where the two women had no idea what to do or say.

Erise was wondering why the Orc had to be so ominous when trying to get her attention, and Tharja was wondering why the half-elf almost had a heart attack from a simple question asked by a customer.

It's the Orc from before, no doubt, but why was she here? Erise decided not to pry just yet, but she thought the question to herself.

Tharja's eyes fell to the floor where the broom resided, and chuckled to calm Erise down.

"Sorry for startling you like that. Here, let me get that for you." She bent down to grab the broom, then handed it to Erise, who took it carefully.

Staring down at the floor, Erise's cheeks were beginning to feel hot and her head began to pound from the inability to get much needed rest, but she had to maintain a perfect image.

"I'm Tharja, Tharja Liakos. What's your name? You're that waitress who works in this tavern right?" The two locked eyes for a moment once they started conversing with one another, and Erise's heart once again skipped a beat. 

"I'm Erise, Erise Yesate. Pleased to meet you." She stated, then gave a slight bow in respect, "I live and work in this tavern, run by Xander and Teresa, Tharja."

Tharja's cheeks grew hot yet again once Erise tested out her name. It was a perfect pronunciation, and the way her hips swayed as she spoke was too adorable... But she looked worn out after a long day of working. The bags under her eyes were visible whenever Erise looked down at the ground.

Her large hand came to the back of her head as she scratched an imitation itch. She only ever did this to make herself seem easy to talk to, since she was extroverted. A big grin appeared on Tharja's face, and her tusks were shown in all their glory.

Erise gulped.

"Well, Erise, if you don't mind me asking... What in the world are you doing sweeping the floor so late at night? I can see bags under your eyes from a mile away." Tharja tilted her head to the side and her long, braided mess hair fell as she moved.

Without realizing it, Erise began to sway on her feet, almost as if the exhaustion was getting the better of her. Tharja was right, why didn't she just go to bed and leave the cleaning to the waiters and waitresses?

Erise yawned and her vision blurred once Tharja pointed out to her that she was, indeed, worse for wear. Apparently the excitement throughout the day caused her to forget all about her worries and woes, and she ended up doing more work than she expected. That being said, she was paying the price for it by acting like a drunkard in front of her new acquaintance, what with her swaying on her feet and tilting her head to the side. 

"Whoa, hey... Erise? You don't look alright at all. I should take you to your room for some rest, okay?" Tharja offered, interlocking Erise's arm with her own.

Whenever Erise tried to blink, her brain would try to shut off in order for her body to finally regain the lost energy from the day. The brain, however, failed to realize that Erise was not in a soft, comfortable bed.

If Erise hadn't been fighting to stay awake right now, she would collapse onto the hard floor below for the entire night and only be found in the morning. A groan came from her exhausted form, and for a minute, she swore she was seeing double, but she outreached a hand towards Tharja and allowed herself to fall into the Orc's arms.

"Erise!" Tharja tried to yell, but she bit her bottom lip to keep the patrons from waking up. She knew the townsfolk weren't too keen on having an Orc in their village, and the situation would look pretty suspicious if they see an unconscious half-elf in her arms. The guards would probably throw Tharja in jail without a proper trial. 

If Tharja didn't know any better, she could accidentally break Erise's arm simply by squeezing it a little too tightly. Fortunately for Tharja, however, Erise didn't make a fuss and dropped the broom almost immediately. Snuffing out the candles in the dining hall, Tharja makes her way upstairs with Erise being held... bridal style.

If Erise was still awake and alert enough to walk on her own, Tharja would have been more than happy to help her up with stairs. But as of right now, she was carrying Erise in her arms, who seemed to be light as a feather compared to the wild animals she threw onto her shoulders for mealtime.

Erise's eyes kept closing in and out of consciousness, and if Tharja hadn't kept her footing on the stairs as she watched her sleep, she and Erise would have tumbled. 

Erise had her head on Tharja's shoulder, and one of her arms were hanging to the ground. The other rested on her lap, but she was still so exhausted that she didn't even notice that she was being carried in the first place.

"Which room is yours? Can you point to it?" Tharja whispered, hoping to gain a reply from the little half-elf. 

Her eyes stayed shut, but her body reacted on impulse to her demands. Pointing to the door way in the corner of the third floor, which is where she, Xander and Teresa sleep, Erise confirmed that her bedroom was the very last room of the tavern.

Without another word, Tharja carried Erise to her room and opened the door as carefully are she could. It was pitch black inside, but the candles providing light in the hallway bathed the room in a creamy yellow glow, but the furniture was average compared to the dining hall or the room Tharja has rented.

The adventurers who rented out rooms in the tavern were gifted with the ability to sleep in a full size bed, complete with hand-stitched green sheets and fluffy pillows stuffed with the feathers of chickens. Aside from the bed, dressers with pleasant decorations gave the room such a homey feeling, and their walls were decorated with tapestries.

A bookcase allowed the renter to brush up on their reading skills, as well as relax and unwind in an atmosphere that was unfamiliar to them. It was no wonder this place was so popular, what with the seemingly endless amenities the offer.

As for Erise's room, hers was bland. Not unlivable, not dirty, and certainly not smaller than the average room. It was furnished nicely, Tharja knew, but the furniture almost looked hand-me-downed. 

Tharja swore one of the legs belonging to a dining table in the corner was hastily fixed by tying a rope around it. The rug was made of fur as well, and not hand-stitched like the other rugs of the tavern. It almost seemed like this room was a storage closet for the unusable furniture here, and Erise just so happened to live in it day and night. 

The only upside to this room, even if it was an upside, was the fact Erise had everything she could ever want. A completely stocked bookshelf, with the occasional hand-stitched doll sitting on a shelf, multiple dresses stashed inside the dresser, and surprisingly enough, a training dummy. A shield and sword was at its side, but dust coated all three objects, suggesting that Erise has to work so often that she can't practice swordsmanship. 

Tharja sighed to herself at such a waste of talent. Erise clearly wanted to become an adventurer or a traveler, but this shitty tavern was holding her down from her dreams. Everything seems so hard on Erise too, and Tharja was no better.

Ever since Tharja left her stronghold, she was deemed an outcast and was never allowed to step foot into her home as long as she lived. It broke her heart knowing that her family and her friends shunned her, not because they wanted to, but because they had to by Orc law. Tharja was having more fun travelling than being stuck in some village for the rest of her days, anyway.

Erise stirred in her sleep as Tharja held her in one hand, but continued to sleep nonetheless. 

"Here, let's get you to bed." Tharja whispered, and pulled back the fur bedding so Erise could snuggle inside.

She yawned and held the warm sheets with a content smile on her face, but she missed feeling the warmth emanating from the Orc. Because of this, she stopped Tharja from leaving by tugging on her armor. "Sleep... next ta'me." 

Tharja blushed and looked at the chair sitting beside the bed, thinking that was the better option. She couldn't sleep next to her in a bed, not when they only just met. The Orc sighed.

"I'll sit in the chair and watch you until you wake up. How's that?" Tharja winced and realized she should have rephrased the suggestion. Gods, she felt idiotic, but sat in the chair anyway.

Crossing her arms as she watched Erise sleep, her mind wandered to who Xander and Teresa were, and how and why they decided to place her in a room that seemed so out of place. 

Without really meaning to, Tharja's eyes narrowed and her lips curled into a sneer when realizing that she lived and worked in this tavern, most likely against her will. "...How often does she faint from exhaustion like this?"

It was still dark out and the stars were still lighting the night sky when Erise blinked awake. The last thing she remembered was sweeping the bottom floor of the tavern, then she met up with a woman named Tharja, and then she collapsed. Her mind was on overload; How did she get into bed if she collapsed? Where did the Orc go? ...Does she still have to work today if she fainted from stress?

"Mmm..." She groaned, attempting to sit up. Staring down at the covers and taking in her surroundings, Erise heard a female voice speak up out of the darkness. 

"Well, looks who's finally awake. You feeling any better?" Tharja asked, causing Erise to tense up. Her grey eyes locked on Tharja, who had lit a candle in order to read a book in her spare time until Erise woke up. Tharja didn't seem to notice how confused Erise was at the moment, and only continued reading.

"I'm feeling... alright. W-What are you doing in my room?" Erise tried to ask, but as soon as she attempted it, Tharja closed the book to silence her.

The two women glanced at one another curiously, as if they were sizing each other up like they did earlier in the dining hall. 

"You fainted due to stress and over-exertion, so I carried you to bed." Tharja stated matter-of-factually, almost expecting a "thank you" from her good deed. Erise's mouth opened to speak, but all she could do was throw the covers off her body and come to a stand.

Even when standing, her eyes barely managed to see the top of Tharja's head. "You carried me? That's it? You didn't think to alert Xander or Teresa? If they found out about what you did, who knows what they might do to you! Gods, are you delirious, Tharja?"

In her excitement, Erise came to realize that she had a splitting headache once she doubled over in pain, holding her head in her hands and falling into Tharja's lap. The Orc caught her and didn't say anything, and simply helped her back to her feet.

Erise was whimpering now, still covering her forehead with her palm and shivering. Whether it was due to the cold, or whether it was because her body could barely sustain her tiny form, Tharja didn't know... But she didn't want to find out either.

"...Thank you for the help. Usually when a customer," She shakes her head and corrects herself, "Normally when a person notices that I'm not feeling well, they go to Xander and Teresa. Oftentimes, this leads to them getting thrown out and banned from the tavern altogether... and then my adopted parents threaten to kick me out onto the streets."

Tharja realized that her situation was much worse than she thought. After all, she just poured her life story out to a complete stranger, and even then, Tharja couldn't do anything about it. 

"You do all this work... everyday, from dawn until dusk, just to live in this shitty old tavern?" Tharja's voice rose as her anger got the better of her.

Her lips curled into a sneer as she stood to her feet, causing the chair to creak as she did so. She began to encircle Erise, who in turn, took her hand off her forehead and clenched her teeth together. "You do realize they're taking advantage of you, right, Erise? They make you do all this work because you're expendable." 

Erise gasped and tried to calm Tharja down by grabbing her hand and squeezing it. Tharja stopped in her tracks and stared down at her new friend with a vicious look in her eyes, almost like if Erise didn't know any better, Tharja would be storming to Xander and Teresa's bedroom right at this very moment and demand that they treat the little half-elf with more respect and allow her the proper working hours an eighteen year old deserves.

"It's alright, I'm happy here. I get to meet knew people and work in a lively atmosphere, all while being paid and allowed to work and live here. Xander and Teresa gave me this room you see before you. Teresa knitted me the nightgown I'm wearing right at this very moment." Erise showed off the nightgown by grabbing the hem and giving it a twirl. "Xander buys me books and pretty dolls to keep myself occupied when they're not around. There are so many people out there right now who only dream of the life I'm living. I'm happy... You know I'm happy." Erise pleaded.

Tharja shook her head and pulled her hand away, causing Erise to stumble a bit in confusion. The Orc's eyes narrowed dangerously and she began to take a step towards Erise, who in turn took a step back. They stared at one another questioningly, almost like they were sizing each other up in case someone were to fight.

Erise's heart was palpitating so fast she could almost hear it thumping to break free from her chest, and her cheeks began to feel hot unlike anything she's ever felt before.

She pressed her fingertips to the wall behind her as her back struck the wooden boards, and a small thump noise occurred once she finally made contact. Tharja stopped in front of her, and softened her eyes.

"Erise... no. They can't buy your love with frivolous items and the promise of a place to stay. Tell me, Erise," Tharja whispered, repeating her name once again for good measure. She pressed a palm against the wall to keep Erise from escaping as she continued, "Have they ever hugged you? Kissed you good morning or goodnight like the good parents you think they are?"

Her muscular body made contact with Erise's small and fragile form, as if she was showing her the wonders of an Orc's size and mass, "Have they ever shown you real and true love... like I can?" 

"T-Tharja, no... No, they have not." Erise whispered, silently hoping and praying that Tharja would take her away from all this. The life she's living may seem perfect, but there were horrible flaws.

With Tharja, even if she barely knew her a day, she felt special. Erise found solace with the Orc, and her tongue ran over her chapped lips in an attempt to ready herself.

The two finally broke the space between them, with Tharja's arms wrapping around Erise's waist and giving her a squeeze. A soft groan escaped her lips as her tusks brushed up against the side's of Erise's mouth, and her leg pressed itself against the half-elf.

In turn, Erise gasped and pressed the palms of her hands to Tharja's chest to steady herself, and in the heat of the moment her eyes met with Tharja's. Their lips caressed each other carefully, as if testing the waters. It was a cross between a kiss, and a simple touch of the lips, where they were silently asking each other if they wanted to kiss gently, or passionately.

"...Do it. Kiss me." Tharja demanded of Erise, running her hands over her white hair. "Show me how you can love me."

Obeying, Erise pressed her soft lips to Tharja's chapped ones only once. This was the first person she's ever kissed, so she wasn't the greatest at it. Tharja's harsh gaze softened and a small chuckle came out of her. "That'll do for now, Erise."

As Tharja's body came off Erise's own, Erise's breath hitched. She didn't want Tharja to leave, she wanted her to stay, she wanted to run away with her.

Erise wanted to love Tharja, but she had no idea how.

"Tharja, I want to run away with you. But I can't just yet..." Erise whispered, feeling tears come to her eyes. 

She wanted this, so why was it so hard to just do it?

Tharja opened her mouth to speak, "The adventures I go on are incredibly dangerous. If you died, I would blame myself for taking you away from such an easy life... But, I will make you a promise, then, Erise Yesate."

Putting some hair behind Erise's ear, Tharja stared down at Erise as the half-elf grasped her hand and began to sob silently.

"What? What is your promise?" Erise whispered, hoping to keep her voice down.

"I will return for you when my dangerous adventures are over. In six months, you will see me sitting at the table where we met today, and we will run away together on that very same night. We will elope to a different village, and you will be known as Erise Liakos from now on. But you must be patient, for now."

Erise's tears dried and her bottom lip quivered from sheer happiness. "...Oh, thank you... Thank you so much, Tharja."

"...Lavender and rosemary, by the way." Tharja said, her eyes locked on Erise's short form.

Erise tilted her head to the side, and on impulse, put her left hand over her right hand in a last ditch attempt to calm herself down after being promised that when Tharja returned, they would run away together. "Pardon?" 

Tharja laughed. "Before, you asked me if it's hard to maintain my hair. I use homemade lavender and rosemary shampoo to keep it... wild."

"Oh, I'll have to remember that then!" Erise replied, and the two smiled excitedly.

Despite mentally cursing all of the male customers who drunkenly squeezed her behind as she walked past, Erise Yesate was never one to wield a weapon to someone's throat, even if she really wanted to. In fact, the only weapon she had was a dagger gifted to her by her lover on the night she left, and even then, both her lover and the dagger were kept hidden.

As time went on, Erise patiently waited for Tharja's return in six months, where the two of them would elope and be together forever and always. It was hard to wait that long, especially since the days turning into months seemed to go on forever, but as long as she remembered Tharja, the days in which she was to work and clean were bearable for just a little while longer.

Even when drunken brawls broke out in the tavern or two wizards decided to have a magical duel to test their strength, Xander had to break it up by threatening to kick his customers out. Despite the good and bad situations, he ensured his adopted daughter that she would be kept safe. At times, Erise wondered if Xander really did love her, especially since she could read faces based on their personality or relationships.

Oftentimes, Xander had on a forced smile in front of her, especially when travelers called Erise his "daughter" when gifting her items he found at the general store.

As for Teresa...

With time, came age, and with age, came missed opportunities that Teresa wished she had done in the past. Teresa seldom loved Erise when the half-elf was an infant, and her nights full of adventure and fun were replaced with taking care of a child while Xander got to go hunting in the dead of night. While it was true that Teresa knitted clothes for Erise, taught her how to read and write, and surprisingly enough, bought the weaponry and the training dummy stashed in Erise's bedroom, she couldn't gain a strong attachment to the girl she's raised and cared for like her husband did.

This caused jealousy, although Teresa would never admit it. Erise was always so friendly with people, so it was hard to spread a false rumor about her in both the tavern and in the village. Her adopted daughter continued to grow and blossom into a beautiful, young woman, and Teresa knew for a fact that her husband would leave the tavern to Erise once they both died. 

Unfortunately for Teresa and Xander, they had no idea that tonight was the night that Tharja would return for her bride, and Erise would leave them, and the tavern, once and for all.


The sun was close to setting when Tharja Liakos stepped into the tavern she's been longing to see again after the six months were finally over, covered from torso to toe in steel plate armor she found in a cave while exploring. The corpse she found wearing it certainly didn't need it, anyway; and besides, she can put it to good use.

Her hair stayed the same, albeit messier and the braids were almost coming apart. During those six months, her tusks grew larger and poked at her upper lip, unlike before when they barely stuck out. Tharja's steel plate boots clanked against the hardwood floor as she made her way to a table and waited patiently for Erise to notice her through the crowds. The bard still continued to singing the tales of woe and victory up on stage, even if she could barely be heard through the dense conversations.

Sitting in the same chair she did six months ago, she fished out a garnet-amethyst ring and began to fiddle with the jewels using a cloth to keep them shiny. It almost seemed like a miracle that she could sit in this seat, especially with how many customers there were at this very moment. Save for three party members at her side chatting about their next adventure, Tharja was alone once again, despite being surrounded by people.

Her black eyes searched for Erise in her spare time, but for now, waiters and waitresses ran in and out of the kitchen carrying empty or full trays of food and drink. Something felt wrong; very wrong.

Tharja's lips curled into a sneer and she shoved the ring back into her bag to keep it safe from anyone trying to attempt a pickpocket. Standing to her feet, she was about to investigate Erise's bedroom, when her heart began to palpitate in excitement, relief, and eagerness as soon as she saw a white-haired head bobbing up and down to the music. There was Erise, up on stage and playing a lute in time with the bard's singing.

No wonder she wasn't running back and forth through the crowds of people. Tharja felt a wave of relief overcome her, and she sat back down to enjoy the rest of the song, no matter how short it might be. Tapping her foot, the liveliness in the tavern began to arise once the bard and Erise began to pick up speed. Everyone, including Tharja, clapped and yelled, "Hey!" every so often, as if knowing that the song was coming to a close.

Erise looked up for a moment to take in the audience's positive attitude, when her eyes met with Tharja's. The Orc was clapping and smiling along with everyone else, and Erise felt tears come to her eyes after realizing that Tharja had kept her promise to elope. For a second, her hands fumbled on the lute and ultimately messed up a few notes here and there, but everyone was in such lively spirits that they didn't bother to notice. Letting out one last, "Hey!", the cheering and clapping eventually came to a halt and the conversations began to start up again. 

Practically dropping the lute to the ground, Erise ran down the stairs near the side of the stage and shoved her way through the seemingly endless sea of adventurers towards Tharja. The Orc rose to her feet with a smile tugging at the side of her mouth, whereas Erise had tears of relief rolling down her cheeks and her mouth was agape. Her breathing was fast as she ran towards Tharja, who in turn, opened her arms in order for Erise to crash into her and give her a tight hug; even if the armor got in the way.

"Tharja, I'm so happy to see you!" Erise exclaimed, throwing her weight into Tharja's arms.

Holding her close, Tharja began to caress her hair with her gloved hand and took in every single detail that she might have forgotten about. Tharja could have sworn that Erise's hair smelled like rosemary and lavender, as well. "Erise..." Tharja longingly sighed out, "It's wonderful to hold you in my arms again."

As for the waitress uniform, it was exactly the same, save for the occasional patch of cloth. They continued to hold each other, simply blocking out the noise of the conversations just to have this special little moment. 

"You remember what I told you, right? We're going to elope once the tavern closes." Tharja whispered in Erise's ear, causing a shiver to run up and down her spine. "Once we leave and find us a place to stay, I can't wait to run my hands up and down your body... As wives." They were going to do this. They were really going to run away. Possibly even... Erise's cheeks grew hot at the thought of Tharja seeing her naked body in their home, or wherever they'll stay once they leave the village of Wisteria.

"Yes, I have a suitcase in my room," Erise stated while reaching up and placing a hand on Tharja's green cheek, "Whatever you want to do with me, I am yours... And you are mine."

They shared a brief kiss for now, after all, they could kiss one another everyday once they escape the tavern. For now however, with the waitresses and waiters retreating into the kitchen to return home, and the customers finding their way into their rented rooms, Erise's and Tharja's plan was put into motion. 

Although reluctantly, Erise and Tharja separated and began to act like nothing was out of the ordinary. Tharja would wait downstairs, as if pretending she was going to retire for the night, and Erise was going upstairs to pretend that she was going to go to bed and well and prepare for another day of work. Instead, however, Erise was throwing on leather armor she requested Xander to buy awhile back from the local blacksmith, complete with bracers and boots to keep herself safe.

She grabbed her pack stuffed to the brim with memorabilia and spell books, as well as the occasional snack if she and Tharja get hungry on their journey. There was no time to inspect the room one last time for something she needed, or to bask in the room she's known her whole life, it was time for her adventure with Tharja. Her braided hair flung to one side as she snapped her head back to look at the training dummy, and her eyes widened in surprise after realizing she almost forgot about the sword and shield.

Picking up the sword, she gave it a few swings, nodded to herself that her weapon was fine for now, and put it in the holster of her armor. She held the shield in one hand and threw the pack onto her shoulder with the other, then opened the door into the hallway. 

She had to be incredibly quiet, especially since Xander and Teresa were in their bedroom chatting with one another about supplies for the tavern they might need. Erise bit her lip and retreated back into her room after realizing that... this was it. 

Erise was eloping with Tharja, and Teresa and Xander had no idea. With a heavy heart, Erise put the shield and pack on the ground before making a break for the dresser. Inside was parchment paper, a quill, and an ink pot. Placing the paper on the dresser, with the quill in her hand, Erise froze.

What could she write to the people who raised her, and the people she's running away from? Tharja was still waiting downstairs as well, so it's not like she could poor her heart and soul out onto the paper within a matter of minutes. She and Tharja had to leave now, otherwise their plan would be ruined.

Clenching her teeth together, Erise mustered up her courage, dipped the quill into the ink pot, and began to write on the paper.

"Dearest Xander and Teresa, my heart aches as I write this letter to you. You have no idea where I am, but just know that I am with the love of my life, and I am eternally grateful that you decided to raise me like you did. I want you to know that I'm sorry," Erise stopped and scribbled out "I'm sorry", put in something much more fitting, "I want you to know that I'm disappointed in both of you for putting me to work, and that I will not be returning to this disgusting tavern for as long as I live." 

Erise found herself smirking at the last part, and signed the paper, "Sincerely yours, Erise." 

In a hurry, she threw the pack on her shoulder again and picked up the shield before carefully creeping her way downstairs and meeting up with Tharja in the dining hall, who was still cleaning the ring.

Startled, Tharja hides the ring and ushers Erise over to the door. "Nice armor, but what took you so long?" Opening the tavern door, Tharja checks to see if the coast is clear and grabs Erise's hand to drag her out into the cool night air.

Taking one last look at the tavern she's lived and worked in her entire life, she couldn't find it in her to miss it. Not when she was abandoned here, not when Xander and Teresa tried to give her a good life, not even the customers would be missed. This tavern was going to be a memory now, and Erise finally understood how ironic it was, what with the tavern being appropriately named Forgotten Gold.

With a smile on her face, Erise replied, "I had to say goodbye... Even if I don't care for them anymore." 

Their eyes locked as soon as Erise shut the doors belonging to the tavern. "The only person I care for is you." 

As much as Erise didn't want to stay in a tavern for the night, Tharja had no other choice but to rent a room since they had to save their strength for their upcoming adventures. For now, Erise was preparing her nightgown to go to bed, and Tharja had her back towards Erise as she put items into the dresser for safekeeping until tomorrow. The two women were still awkward around one another, even after promising to elope.

Surprisingly enough, the tavern wasn't as widely known as Forgotten Gold, so there were little to no customers/renters in this establishment. 

Tharja wanted to stay discreet around Erise for now, especially since she's been waiting all day to give her bride a ring. The "ceremony", if it could even be called a ceremony, was just the two of them. There will be a small exchange of rings and a promise to one another, then they would kiss. If both of them felt like it, they would consummate their love gently and curiously... yet devotedly.

Unbeknownst to Tharja, however, Erise had hidden a silver-emerald ring in a small bag normally used to stash gold coins.

Teresa wouldn't be missing it anytime soon anyway; after all, she already had so many.

As of current, Erise slipped off her leather armor and put on the white nightgown knitted by Teresa to make herself more comfortable. As for Tharja, her steel plate armor was already on the floor and ready to be used tomorrow once the two of them set out again. Her nightwear was a beige shirt with ruffled sleeves for more room to move around. Her pants were a dark brown, and began to tear and come apart at the bottom.

Making the last of the preparations, Tharja closed the dresser drawer slowly to ensure that no one heard the noise. Turning around, Tharja huffed through her nose and said, "All of our stuff is put away... Did you want to-"

Before Tharja could finish her sentence, Erise was already sitting on the bed with the ring in her hand. One leg was over the other and her two braids were undone; her hairstyle looked much better this way in Tharja's opinion. Erise's long, snow white hair fell just below her clothed breasts, and for a moment, Tharja swore she could smell rosemary and lavender lingering in the air around her. Erise's cheeks were a mix of pink and red, either from the stuffiness of the room or from sheer nervousness alone.

Regardless, Tharja clasped her hands together and stared Erise up and down with a sideways glance. The ring meant for Erise was in Tharja's pocket, so all she had to do was take it out and put it on Erise's finger, but... Tharja couldn't stop staring. Somehow, seeing Erise in a nightgown was more appealing than the waitress uniform... Maybe it was because a nightgown was so much easier to take off.

Erise tilted her head to the side and she let out a breathy chuckle. Her grey eyes met with Tharja's black ones, and she pat the soft sheets, beckoning Tharja to sit beside her.

"Are you going to keep gawking or are you going to take me as your wife like you promised?" Erise asked softly, narrowing her eyes towards Tharja.

In turn, Tharja began to take a step forwards and took the ring out of her pocket. The ceremony wouldn't take too long, they hoped, just an exchange of vows and rings and they were married. Erise was getting impatient, it seemed. Not that Tharja minded, of course, she was just as excited.

"Ooh, you naughty little half-elf..." Tharja growled, beginning to caress Erise's soft chin with her thumb and index finger, "All you have to do is wait just a little bit longer, I promise, and I'll give you what you want. For now," She held up the silver ring with garnet and amethyst jewels, and Erise's eyes lit up, "We have a wedding to get through."

Sitting beside Erise, Tharja took hold of Erise's hands and stared her in the eyes. She had been practicing, so her vows won't be too difficult to remember. All she had to do was speak, and put the ring on Erise's finger. Erise will do the same immediately after, then the two of them can finally do what they've been wanting to do for a very long time.

Tharja began, "Erise, when I first you in that tavern so many months ago, I had no idea how important you were going to be to me. Though we had only just met, you and I both knew that we were meant to be. I promise to be your sword and your shield in the face of battle, and will be there for you forever and always. Through the pros and cons of life, I will help you through everything. Perhaps one day, when we have a house of our own, we can adopt beautiful children and raise them to be fine young men and women. By giving you this ring, you will be known as not Erise Yesate, but Erise Liakos, my one and only wife." The ring slipped onto Erise's finger and she smiled while inspecting the sparkling jewels.

Erise sighed shakily as she began to speak, then looked into Tharja's eyes as she vowed, "Tharja, I'm not going to lie to you. That tavern, the people who raised me, the people I met... they never gave me as much love and care as you have. A-And, while I'm not the greatest warrior in the land, I promise to be right by your side, protecting you and cheering you on in battle. My love for you is so... so much larger than I am able to show." Erise started to become choked up, but she couldn't cry, "No matter how hard life will get, even when we're down on our luck, I swear on my life that I will be there for you. You were the one who took me away from a repetitive life, and if I hadn't met you, I would have been stuck as a bar-maiden for the rest of my days. As for children, that sounds lovely. A home... a real home... with you. I love you, Tharja Liakos, and I am proud to call myself Erise Liakos."

Breaking the space between them like they did six months ago, Tharja and Erise pressed their lips together and began to run their hands through their hair. Tharja was the first to moan and pulled Erise closer to her, to which the half-elf accepted it rather easily. Unfortunately, Tharja's tusks got in the way of their kiss once Erise's teeth clacked against the tusks. Pulling apart, they placed their hands over their mouths and laughed to themselves.

Slipping the ring onto Tharja's finger, the two women continued to hold hands for a brief moment to take it all in. They met a long time ago, they eloped, they promised each other they would have a home and children, and now here they were; married.

"So..." Erise whispered, making Tharja laugh. Her stomach moved as she did so.

"So... I have a promise to keep, don't I? How should we go about this, then?" Tharja wondered, running her hands and up down Erise's arms.

Closing her eyes in bliss, Erise pressed her hands against Tharja's torso, and began caressing the muscles under her shirt.

"We should remove our clothing, for one." Erise stated matter-of-factually.

Tharja's cheeks grew hot as Erise opened her eyes again, and a mischievous grin adorned her lips. Tharja did as she was told without another word, but she pretended she didn't want to be ordered around. Standing to her feet, Tharja glanced down at Erise and pulled at the hem of her beige shirt, almost like she was taking it off without doing so.

In turn, Erise began to roll the hem of the nightgown above her knees and stopped once Tharja playfully narrowed her eyes. "...What is it?" Erise asked, her voice soft.

Tharja smirked and took her shirt off quickly, exposing her slightly large and full breasts to Erise. Her nipples were already quite perky due to the cool night air, to which Erise nervously outstretched a hand.

"Are you a virgin?" Tharja asked, pressing her body against Erise's slightly flat chest, "Because if you are, you're awfully excited."

In turn, Erise winced and furrowed her gray eyebrows together as Tharja's cold body made contact with her own. She found herself tracing the scars she discovered on Tharja's forearm and torso, and tried to smile.

"What? I can't be excited? Especially since," Erise fell back against the bed and rolled up her nightgown, exposing her underwear underneath, "You're the one who's going to be my first time?"

Tharja's heart began to beat even faster now, and she licked her lips while climbing on top of Erise. Soon enough her pants were going to come off, but for now, she had Erise pinned to the bed using her weight.

"You know... you're my first time too." She said, making Erise's mouth open slightly.

Erise's legs moved underneath Tharja, and for a moment, Erise forgot how to speak. Her breathing became rough and quick, almost like she wanted to beg and plead with Tharja to do with her what she wanted. Erise's hands trailed down Tharja's torso, then to her pants.

"Come then," Erise pleaded, "Show me your love."

Tharja was staring down at Erise with a proud look in her eyes as she obeyed her demands. Almost hesitant, as if testing the waters, Tharja ran a hand through Erise's white hair, and nipped at her lips. Erise attempted to pull her closer, but Tharja pulled back, almost like she was teasing the little half-elf. 

Kissing once, Tharja then began helping Erise with her nightgown, it slid off fairly easily, and the cold air of the room made Erise tense up. Regardless, the nightgown was tossed to the floor, and Erise's hands were atop her breasts in an attempt to hide them. Because of her petite size, they never grew too large, and barely poked out even when wearing a corset.

As much as she hated to admit it, she was easily embarrassed when it came to their size, despite having a slight roundness to them. Tharja gently gripped Erise's wrists and brought them away from her chest, and licked her lips in anticipation. Erise brought her arms above her head and grasped one of the pillows, and her back arched.

"Erise..." Tharja whispered, leaving Erise an impatient and wanting mess. Tharja began to leave kisses and bites along Erise's exposed neck and caressed her small waist as the kisses made their way to her breasts. She brought a breast to her mouth and began to lick, all while rubbing the other one with her index finger. "Tharja... Mm, it feels so good."

Erise tried to hold in a moan and squeezed her eyes shut, but Tharja got the better of her once her pants began to slide off her muscular dark-green body. As she bit into Erise's chest, the half-elf's back arched and she clenched her teeth together. Now, aside from their underwear, Tharja and Erise were almost completely exposed to one another. The Orc's eyes trailed down to Erise's underwear, which, by closer inspection, was wet from the juices that seeped through the fabric.

It was no surprise to Tharja that Erise couldn't contain herself around her, especially when she's been waiting for such a long time. Oh, the things Tharja wanted to do to Erise with the time they have... it was unspeakable.

Tharja wants Erise to beg and plead for more when she eats her out, she wants Erise's voice to go hoarse from the sheer pleasure of it all when she rubs her vulva against her own, and just when Erise thinks it's all over, even when Erise can barely move or take a breather from the lack of breaks, Tharja will have her on her knees when she isn't done yet. 

"D-Don't stare, Tharja." Erise managed to get out, her right hand coming to her cheek. "It's awkward, my love."

Tharja smiled and began to slide her fingers between Erise's legs, taking into account that Erise was more than willing to give herself to Tharja, but also anxious since Tharja was going to be the first person to see and hear her moan and cry in pleasure.

Erise bit her lips in suspense, almost like she was waiting for Tharja to reply. Gods, so much has already happened on this day, it was almost too good to be true.

The Orc huffed and began to tug Erise's underwear down her waist, "Well, my dear, it's fun seeing you get all riled up," Erise rose her legs in the air to help Tharja get the article of clothing off as Tharja continued, "It gets me turned on. It makes me want to do things to you... things you could only dream of."

Tharja slipped off her own underwear while caressing Erise's thighs, simply taking in how gorgeous she looked in full, unclothed view. Erise stared at Tharja as well and outstretched a hand as if wanting something. Gently grasping Erise's hand, Tharja blinked and planted a kiss to her lips.

"Tell me what it is you want to do to me then." Erise says as she begins rubbing her clit against Tharja. 

"I want to make you mine. Claim you... mark you... Fuck you over and over tonight so you know who you belong to, Erise. Gods, I won't be able to sate this lust for too long... Just thinking about it is making my heart pound... But this is also about you, dear. Is this fine for now?"

Biting her lip to calm herself down, Erise puts her hands around Tharja's back and nods. "This is alright, b-but... nothing penetrative just yet. I don't think I'm ready." 

Reassuring Erise, Tharja nods and presses a hand to her cheek, and the other hand holds Tharja up on the bed. Tharja begins by allowing Erise to get used to the feeling of their vulva's rubbing against one another for the first time, even if Tharja had no idea how to do this as well. Her teeth clenched together as she heard Erise's cry, even if she barely rubbed against her. Perhaps she pressed too hard? Or maybe she wasn't used to the sensation. Regardless, Tharja began the process again.

"Sorry! Sorry... How's this?" Tharja moved her hips in a circular motion to gain a reaction out of Erise. Not surprisingly, it worked, and Erise stared into Tharja's eyes as they continued rubbing their clits against each other to gain some sort of stimulus. Tharja groaned as she began to go slightly faster, all while creating circular motions and vertical motions as they had their first time.

They still kept quiet, aside from the heavy breathing and sharing of sloppy kisses, although there was the occasional whimper if something felt especially pleasurable. This went on for several minutes, just the two of them relishing in the fact they had each other now and forever, and there would be no more waiting between them. They were here, holding each other in the candle-lit bedroom, in complete and utter bliss.

Tharja began to thrust faster and Erise tried to help by bucking her hips, and by then sweat had began to bead at their foreheads. They rubbed against each other faster now, their voices rising and falling as they completely forgot about being respectable in the tavern. Erise's grip on Tharja's back tightened and she used her nails to scratch Tharja's scarred skin.

Tharja would then rub her clit against a sensitive area, causing Erise's back to arch and tears to come to her eyes from over-stimulation.

"Oh, Tharja... Keep going... Gods, I'm so close. Don't stop, don't-" She was silenced by Tharja who pressed her lips to Erise's mouth, and watched her close her eyes as she cummed almost as quickly as she announced it.

Tharja's tongue slid down from her chin to her neck once again as she continued rubbing, and with a few shakes of the legs and a soft groan, Tharja came as well with a few extra thrusts.

Even when they've finished and they were too tired to continue moving their hips, they could still feel their clits tingling from the orgasm.

Both Tharja and Erise laid beside one another, giving each other quick kisses and moving their legs against the soft sheets as they calmed their breathing after having such an intense first time. For now, they were holding each other tight and staring at the rings on their fingers. 

Tharja was the first to speak. "You know, for such a genuinely innocent looking half-elf, you're quite lusty," She placed her lips to Erise's lips, "Not that I'm complaining, of course."

"Hm," Erise grunted, and stared down at Tharja, "Says the one who pressed me up against the wall the first night we met... Not that I'm complaining." Erise chuckled back.

With a yawn, Erise turned on her side, not really wanting to place the bed-sheet over her exhausted form. Even if she would wake up cold, Tharja could be her blanket. "I love you, Tharja. Let's make new memories together. Promise?"

Tharja nodded, and placed another kiss to Erise's lips. "I promise, and I love you more than anything."