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Bitter Adrenaline (Not my cup of coffee)

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As his desperate footsteps echoed in the streets, Shinsou knew he was fucked. Seeing a small alley, he dove for it and hid under a stray dumpster, cursing when a stray banana peel landed on his head. Oh well, it camouflaged him well enough. Angry voices cut through the air like knives into butter, into flesh. Shinsou was too familiar with the knowledge of just how easily knives can dig into flesh- his flesh- for him to be comfortable with the simile. He held his breath, heart beating out a staccato rhythm as they perused the entire area and let out a relieved sigh as they passed his makeshift shelter.

"What the fuck was that?"

Could his heart beat any faster?

"Nothing, mate. I think it was just a stray dog or some shit. I don't see any sign of the villain 'round here."

"...Alright. Move out, fuckers. There's no way the little shit could've stayed here."

He waited until he couldn't hear their footsteps anymore to pull himself out of his hiding spot. Peeling off the scraps of garbage stuck to him, he peeked out of the alley, heart in his throat, to see them huddled together, waiting for their turn to cross the road. Shinsou scoffed. 'These people are so weird. They'll beat the absolute shit out of someone and then wait to cross the road? They must've been dropped on their heads as babies.' He, hoping to stay unnoticed, tiptoed away from the group, but to no avail. His leg, finally done with the sheer amount of bullshit it was put through, collapsed from under him, and he fell to the floor in a heap. 'Damn it', he cursed in his head. 'Why now, of all times?'

"Hello, you little purple-haired bitch. Have you been here all this time?" A hand grabbed him by his uniform and lifted him off the ground. He smelled a faint scent of burnt sugar and.. was that the scent of burning flesh? He pushed the thought into the back of his mind, realizing that he was now being choked. "That's kinky," he gasped out before squirming in his captor's hold. Mustering up what little energy he had left, he kicked at the shadowy figure only to get a knee in the stomach. Wheezing, he collapsed to the floor in a haze of pain. They laughed and then all he felt was pain. Waves of pain. Red filled his vision. As another shadowy figure stepped into his line of sight, his last coherent thought was 'Fuck! Another one?' before everything faded to black.

As Shinsou slowly regained consciousness, the first thing he saw was a mini All Might plushie. He sat up, wincing from the bruises all over his body. What the fuck? He thought to himself as he carefully extracted himself from the bedsheets- wait hold on. Bedsheets? He didn't have bedsheets in his room. 'This must be the hospital,' his mind decided. He looked around dazedly at the sheer amount of hero paraphernalia. As his gaze rested on a particularly egregious All Might poster, ("I AM HERE TO BRING A SMILE TO YOUR FACE!" He totally didn't smile while reading that. Totally.) it finally sunk in that he was in not, in fact, in a hospital room, but someone else's bedroom.


His mind went, for the lack of a better word, batshit. 'Ohshitfuckfuckshitamiinoneofmyclassmateshouseohshitimsogonnadiekamisavemeohfu-'

"Hey there! Are you feeling better?"

..Oh damn.

Shinsou had a big storm coming.

Standing in the doorway, with a blinding smile and a cup of coffee, was his crush, Midoriya Izuku.

'...Oh yeah, I'm fucked.'