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Guess Who’s Back

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"Daddy!" "Daddy!"

Severus looked up as his six year old twins, Imogen and Rhys, entered his private lab.

He had returned from the dead eight years ago, and in that time, he had married Hermione and then ten months after their wedding they welcomed a set of twins. Deciding that was enough for them and Hermione's wish to stop worrying about taking a monthly potion, Severus had gone to a Muggle doctor and had a little snip and tie done.

His business, STS Potions, had expanded rapidly within months of opening. Their first big breakthrough had come one month after they destroyed the amulet and had been the improved wolfsbane potion. It tasted like rare beef and Yorkshire pudding (according to his clients) and only had to be taken once a month instead of once a day for seven days. It had been called a 'cure' by papers around the world, even though some of the older werewolves still transitioned during the full moon.

Like the original, anyone who did transition kept their human mind during the change. Severus was still trying to improve it so no one transitioned. From all the research they could find, the less time that had passed between infection and drinking the potion, the better. Anyone who had been bit less than ten years didn't change at all. Those between ten and twenty years stayed human but fur sprouted from each hair follicle. Hermione had forced Severus to watch an 80's movie called 'Teen Wolf" after he didn't get her reference between their study and the movie. Anyone infected over twenty years turned into a wolf, but mostly slept through the night.

Severus had hired Astoria Malfoy at first, but it was clear they wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand. He had built a large lab and offices on the back acre of their property and now had twenty full time employees. STS was the number one supplier of potions to the British's Isles, Canada, Italy, and Spain. He had small contracts in other countries as well.

Wanting to keep the family home separate, they had moved everything work related off the ten acres that surrounded their house. He still brewed in the lab near the home, but only for personal potions. They had changed the greenhouse above it to grow food instead of potion ingredients.

Hermione had stayed on at the Department of Mysteries until a week before the babies were born. Deciding that she would rather be home with her children, she never returned. Not one to sit idle, she started helping Severus with order forms and other office work when the children were napping. By the time the babies were two she had become the head of Marketing and Distribution.

Their second breakthrough, and the one that had secured their contracts around the world had been when Severus decided to experiment with the Basilisk venom. He had added some to the improved wolfsbane potion and after three old, and very brave werewolfs took it, a true cure for lycanthropy had been found. Taken once, the venom in the potion killed the wolf inside while leaving the human untouched. Within six months, every werewolf found in the world was given a dose and cured.

Putting his potion under a stasis charm, Severus leaned down and picked up his children, setting them on the workbench. He smiled as he looked at them. They were the perfect mix of him and Hermione. Imogen had inherited Hermione's caramel colored eyes and thick hair. But instead of wild honey curls, she had stick straight black hair. Rhys had Severus' black eyes and hair, but Hermione's curls. Severus thanked all the gods that neither of them had inherited his nose.

"We have an idea, Daddy!" Imogen said.

"Yeah," Rhys cut her off. "A soap idea. Mummy said it was good."

"A soap idea?" Severus asked.

His company still made Prince Charming Creations, even if he still detested the name. It was a surprisingly good seller and, just like his potions, was sold all over the world. Over the years they had expanded the scents they offered. Severus still made a lot of the soap himself, finding the ease of it calming.

"Yeah. Mermaid soap!" Imogen yelled.

"No, Imogen. Dragon soap! No one wants to be a mermaid." Rhys glared at his sister.

The two of them got along well, but they were constantly in competition with each other.

"I want to be one!" Imogen pouted.

"Children, instead of fighting, maybe you can tell Daddy what you came up with?" Hermione asked calmly as she walked into the lab. "Hello, dear. I brought you lunch."

Severus leaned down to kiss his wife on the head while wrapping his arm around her waist as she set his lunch on the workbench.

"Thank you, love." Looking at his children, he said, "Now, explain your idea."

The children talked over each other at first before falling into sync. He had only seen this type of behavior with the Weasley twins. His children were constantly finishing each other's sentences. It was like they shared one brain in two bodies.

"Soap that will give you scales."

"Scales with glitter, but—"

"Only for girls. Boys don't want to—"

"Sparkle. I know Rhys."

"And scented to be manly—"

"Girly. Like-"

"A man."

"A girl."

"So, you think I should make soap for children?" he asked. "And when they wash it will make it look like they have dragon or mermaid scales?"

Severus pondered what they said as they nodded and had to admit it was a good idea.

"But it has to smell manly, Daddy. Like Uncle Charlie," Rhys said. "Like fire, and woods, and grass."

He was obsessed with Charlie Weasley and had been begging his parents to take him to visit the Dragon Tamer for the last few months. They both agreed he was too young, but Severus was contemplating taking him just so he didn't have to listen to the begging anymore.

"But not the mermaid soap. I want to smell like that drink Auntie Astoria likes. Penis something," Imogen added.

"What drink?" Severus asked, looking to Hermione for help.

Surely his daughter didn't want to smell like semen. What was Astoria teaching his sweet child?

"Pina Coladas. I introduced Astoria to them when we went to Jamaica," Hermione explained. The Snape, Potter, and Malfoy families had gone on holiday to the Caribbean island during the summer.

"Yeah, Penis Coladas! I want to smell like that."

"Pina, Imogen. Not Penis. Pina." Hermione had to work hard to keep the smile off her face.

"Penis sounds better," She muttered. "I think the soap should smell like Pina Coladas, daddy."

"I think you two have come up with an excellent idea. I'll work on it. Now, aren't you supposed to be with Grandpa Lucius today?"

With Hermione and Astoria becoming close friends when he hired her, and his friendship with Narcissa and Lucius, the two families had spent more and more time together. By the time Hermione was set to give birth, Narcissa had said she was going to treat them like she treated Scorpius. It didn't matter to her that she was only five years older than Severus. With his parents long dead and Hermione's still in Australia with no idea who she was, they were the only grandparents their children had ever known.

"He's taking us to the Manor so we can ride horses." Imogen smiled widely. She loved her 'Grandpa Lucy' and had him wrapped around her little finger from the moment he had first held her. "He said if we're good we can ride the flying ones."

"You two go get ready to leave. I am going to talk to daddy for a few minutes," Hermione said as she took them off the workbench and pushed them towards the door.

"Bye, Daddy."

"We love you."

As soon as the door closed behind them, Severus pulled Hermione close.

"Thank you for giving me such good children," he said.

Lifting herself onto the bench where her children had just been, Hermione spread her legs and pulled him between them.

"They are only good kids because they have such a great father. I am so thankful Kingsley brought you back. Even if he didn't mean to."

Putting his hands on her hips, he pressed into her. "Best mistake ever made."