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Still Friends

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Ness’ gut kept kicking in his stomach and twisting it all night. The feeling’s painful, the guilt that infested it’s way into his body. The cold dead of night giving off it’s gentle light into the window where the moonlight rests on the wooden floor. Somewhat, it doesn’t help him. It’s been a while since Jeff disappeared. He knew that he was gone, he can’t grasp his reach to wherever he is.

Wherever Jeff is, is absolutely unknown. All that was known is that he was taken by some people who wanted to use his intelligence just for whatever they were planning to do for the rest of his sad, pitiful life. Ness highly doubts that he can sleep. Simple, he thought. Make himself sleepier. He went over to what seemed to be some sort of computer that he was given by his dad.

It was nice that his dad did come for his birthday, but right now that’s not important. The beaming light from the screen blurring his sight before he snapped into his senses.

RockinBatter started to message TheUnbearablePaula at 12:35

RknBtr: Are you awake Paula?

TUbrPa: Ness, why are you up at 12:35 in the morning? Something going on again, better have a explanation for waking me up.

RknBtr: Uhh nope not really, I just can’t sleep right now. Feel a bit upset, maybe a little nauseous

TUbrPa: Hm, hope you recover.

TUbrPa:Say, doesn’t Tony have something like this? I don’t know if he does because I feel like as if he only has *him* and you.

Ah, she means Jeff, Ness thought.

RknBtr: I think so, because I think I left a message unread. I’ll brb

TUbrPa: Idiot

RockinBatter disconnected from TheUnbearablePaula at 12:37

Ness checked his Left Unread tab. Weird. Tony must’ve messaged him five times. Maybe the first one was about something while the other unread messages is just him being a little short tempered on leaving him unread and attempting to bash him for not seeing the messages.

Weird. Someone unknown

Three Unread Messages from LovelySunflowerBoy at 9:55 P.M, July 6

LlySfB: Hey, I know we’ve never talked at all but do you have a friend with a bowl cut and some unreasonably thick glasses?

LlySfB: I found them but I think I heard your friend say something about ‘Ness’ and the Army refers to you as RockinBatter to avoid your real name because “Master P” hates the name, even though I hate him. Well, if you are Ness, it’s nice to meet you! :)

LlySfB:P.S: I don’t like the internet but this is the only reliable source I can talk to you and maybe your friends. Also my friends are trying to connect to your other friends too! Please tell them to get along with StarPunchPrincess, NightlyThief, or maybe even my brother WildlifeCommando:O

Just mark it read Ness, just ignore it just ignore it just ignore it...

Two Unread Messages from TophatWinters at 10:21 P.M, July 16

TphWtr: Hey Ness, I know that this might end up becoming a bit long because of my excellence in writing, not attempting to flex or anything like that. Whoops! So you know how Jeff is um, missing, of course? Well, I think I might have PSI without knowing. Just the offense ones, just like You! Well, I may or may not have gotten my way into learning PSI Teleport and I teleported from Winters to this weird Village and back! Pretty cool, huh? Well, with a weird combination of a very friendly animal with the body of a snake and the head of a Hen. Don’t get me wrong, they’re very friendly! Well, with them on my side, I can try and get Jeff back! Whoops this is long. Well to put this on a emphasis:

TphWtr:Do Not Attempt to Help Me. P.S: If you meet the hen-snake thing, they want to go by they/them. Don’t mistake it, and again. Do Not Attempt to Help Me.

Oh gee, that’s way more ominous than the message from Sunflower Boy, if that was his name. This isn’t good, Tony can’t control his PSI and that weird chicken-snake thing that he mentioned would’ve probably go out of control and betray the boy from Winters. There’s no way he can get Jeff back, he’s only going to go missing as well.

He doesn’t want to end up something like Stonehenge Base, without the capability to save him. Ness could already guess that he would try and thrash and squirm his way out. Tony’s not that strong both physically and magically. He needs someone who can teleport out of nowhere he needs he needs he needs someone-

Oh yeah, him. He might as well contact Paula again first before going to Dalaam.

RockinBatter started to message TheUnbearablePaula at 12:41 P.M

RknBtr: Heeeey, Paula. Listen, I’m sorta in a situation where Tony, *his* friend is going to where *he* is and hasn’t returned any message in 5 days including today since it’s midnight.

TUbrPa: Oh Geez, that’s horrible!

RknBtr: I know that, but do you wanna try and hear my plan?

RknBtr: I know it sounds like a lot but we can’t get someone else missing. I want me, you, and Poo to band back together an order to attempt to go to wherever Jeff went an order to get Tony back before anything bad happens. I’m sorry I’m just worrying too much, aren’t I?

TUbrPa: Are you dumb? It might take a while, hours, days, or even WEEKS just to reach The Lord knows wherever he is and it may exhaust you for a while!

RknBtr: Alright alright I understand you on that but we don’t want Snow Wood to get on our skin for it. I should try it *myself*.

RknBtr: I just don’t want this guilt on me, alright?

TUbrPa: I understand that. I also miss Jeff, but we need a while to recover from this.

TUbrPa: All of us are dealing with our own mental and emotional damages. But I’ll join you whenever you can. That’s okay to me, just feel free to be able to try and go to where Jeff is.

TUbrPa: Just get some rest, alright. I’ll always be there when you need me, I’m just a PK Teleport away. Or just a quick walk.

RknBtr:Alright I understand. Thanks Paula. Night

TheUnbearablePaula Disconnected From RockinBatter at 11:53 P.M

Something inside his mind while Ness was sleeping started to disturb him a bit. Not Tony, but the LovelySunflowerBoy messages...

Master P...Master P...Master P

That name is playing in a nonstop in Ness’ head throughout his sleep.

Master P...Master P...Master P

Next morning, Ness woke up and grabbed some of his equipment and useful items that for his quick travel to Paula. He rushed down the stairs an order to let his mother know that he was going away for a possible long time. Like the loving and understanding mother she is, let Ness be able to go off into wherever Jeff could’ve been.

The step to Twoson was a easy one. The nice and peaceful environment, the park used for selling junk and some useful stuff. Best of all, the Polestar Preschool. That was where Paula resides in, with all the small kids she’s befriended throughout her life living in the half-school, half-home.

Ness stepped in the school to first call for Paula’s mother. Luckily, she knew that Paula was in her room. He greeted some of the small and sweet preschoolers that were inside the room before going upstairs to get to where Paula was at. One of the first things his eyes landed to was the Teddy Bear that she always kept in her room instead of taking it out for it to possibly end up becoming a pile of fluff. Yeesh, it looks a bit weird now that it’s right eye is sewed from a nasty cut it must’ve suffered. Both button eyes weren’t actually the regular colors. The left one is a golden yellow and the other with the scar is a pine tree green color. The other is the cat sleeping on the bed.

Next to the cat, was Paula.

“Hey Paula.”

Paula put down her tablet an order to be able to start talking to Ness

“Oh, hey Ness, I thought you were going to teleport here.”

“Yeah, I would’ve, but it’d waste some bits of my PSI if we wanna try and get to where Jeff is. Also, were you talking to someone?” Ness questioned.

“Oh yeah, little ol’ unknown person named NightlyThief managed to get my name and end up going in my direct messages about some things I’m confused with. I just don’t understand...” Paula explained, her words slowly trailing away from her.

Wait, Ness heard that name before. It’s one of LovelySunflowerBoy’s friends! “Oh, I think I know one of their friends. He told be about his user and maybe some others.” Ness gestured to Paula about giving him the tablet for one moment. She handed him the tablet. He took a glance at the messages for anything that’s connected to where Jeff is or something about LovelySunflowerBoy.

NightlyThief started to message TheUnbearablePaula at 9:07 A.M

NlyTef: Hey. So Not To Bother You Or Anything Similar To That But Is A Friend Of Yours In Nowhere Islands?

NlyTef: You May Get More Questions From Some Others Because Someone Who Has A School-Like Uniform, Yellow Hair In The Form Of A Bowl, While My Friend Lucas Found His Glasses.

TUbrPa: Of course I have a friend like that, his name is Jeff! How come though?

NlyTef: Well The Last Time I Saw Him He Was Like That, But Someone Else Also Has That Uniform Was Also Around Here But None Of My Friends Have Found Him Yet.

TUbrPa: Another?

NlyTef: Well Yes, The Only Thing Was That He Seemed To Have Red Hair.

TUbrPa: Oh no no no. NightlyThief, could you hold by for a moment?

TheUnbearablePaula disconnected from NightlyThief at 9:10

Ness was starting to build up panic into his stomach. Red head. It can’t be someone other than Tony. Oh no no no no. “Paula, I think we should go to Winters first. Jeff’s friend Maxwell might know where Tony first went before leaving.” Ness said to Paula. The other felt confused as to where Ness was turning in his plan to save Tony. “So we’re going to Winters?” Paula asked.

“...Yeah. We’re going to Winters first. Take that tablet along with us.”

The trip to Winters wasn’t that long. All that was needed was to PK Teleport to Winters, where Tony and Jeff resided in. They both arrived in front of Snow Wood Boarding School. The only sound that Paula and Ness could hear was the tender, cool breeze to their ears and yelling. “Tony! Tony! Where are you?” A red head from the boarding school yelled out, calling for Tony.

Seems to be one of Jeff’s closest friends Maxwell calling out for the burgundy haired boy. “Hey, Maxwell? Whatcha doing out here?”

Maxwell turned to Ness and stopped his calling just to talk to the boy. “Oh, Jeff’s friend! I’m just calling for Tony. He hasn’t been back for at least 5 days. He only left a note saying ‘Don’t attempt to find me’ before somehow managing to leave during the night.

All that’s left if his hat.” Maxwell explained, showing Ness the tophat that the boy would wear.

Ness’ guilt started to tighten his gut, his head echoing and taunting him over how he could’ve stopped Tony before he left for Nowhere. Paula took a deep breath before putting her hand on Ness’ shoulder. “Look, it’s not your fault. Your guilt is only making it worse. We can go through this together. We just need to recover or find a way to reach Nowhere, maybe even with Poo being with us.” Paula proclaimed, squeezing his shoulder before taking her hand off of his shoulder.

“Alright Maxwell, it may take a long time for us to be able to get Tony back, because both of us may have a idea on how to reach where Tony is. You may not believe us but we may need to reach Nowhere Island. Are you familiar with the place?”

Maxwell nodded his head. “Of course I am, but Nowhere Island doesn’t exist at all. Doesn’t it mean it exists somewhere in time?

“It does? Oh gee I should’ve thought this through and do some research.” Ness commented.

Paula, on the other hand, was already in a conversation with NightlyThief, or Duster, as he claimed himself to be. She’s already gathered some information that Ness couldn’t have researched if he thought himself through.

“I understand that, but it may take the Phase Distorter if you want to try-oh wait, whoops.” Maxwell replied. “Maybe try going beyond the limits of your PSI. It may end up painful but if I attempt some research, going beyond PK Teleport with the location yet to be discovered will end up actually giving the opportunity to truly end up in the area that you want to be. If that one friend of yours is Dalaamese and managed to be with you and being unaware of wherever you were at the time he joined you, maybe you could go on your way to Nowhere.” Maxwell hypothesized.

“So you think it’s possible?” Ness inquired. “I am not sure, but when you come back with Tony or maybe even with Jeff, it could make my theory correct.” Maxwell responded.

“I understand Maxwell. I think I can make it, but it may take a while. Thanks for the theory and the boost for my confidence from my guilt.” Ness acknowledged. “Oh yeah, you’re welcome!” Maxwell replied.

Ness went teleported his way to Dalaam. The floating land that strived was honestly a very impressive thing for Ness and even Paula. Stepping into the golden and shiny palace, with the red carpet that went from the entrance to the other room was introduced to both of the teen’s eyes. Halfway through walking. Ness’ eyes landed onto a peculiar part of the walls, stained with red that seemed splattered and must’ve spilled it’s way down. Dried blood?

He must’ve lashed out after telling him about Jeff. He heard that whole lashing out on the phone where he didn’t hang up at.

“Prince Poo! Do not lash out on the palace walls, you know that this palace is ancient.”

“I do not care about that. My friend is gone. This kidnapping will NOT be happening and if that is not enforced I will enforce that MYSELF!”

Only a hard punch would be heard onto the wall before the call hung up from there.

What the next room had in store was Poo’s master, the fellow with the phone shaped hair, and what was meditating on the Royal Throne of Dalaam, would be Prince Poo, one with the many responsibilities weighed on his shoulders. His hands are covered in bandages. Must be the wall shown.

Ness and Paula kneeled before Poo to show their respect, as he was prince after all. Only one eye from Poo opened to see them both before pausing his meditation.

“Ah, Ness and Paula. What is it that you would need if me?”

Ness and Paula got back up before Ness started to explain himself, “Well, you see, we found out where he is and it may take some of your help an order to get him back to where he lives. Also his friend also got taken and may-”

“I will stop you right there, Master Ness. I will apologize for interrupting your plan, but I am still required to watch over my people. A prophecy had foretold me that only some could stop a tyrant from taking over Dalaam and I must enforce the safety and protection for those I must protect.” Poo protested.

Ness sighed before trying to make his point, “I know that Poo. It’s been hard since that day, but we need to save him and his friend. Both disappeared and do you want your anger, my guilt, and Paula’s distress to end up eating us alive as that prophecy may take it’s turn and Dalaam could be conquered. You don’t want that, right?”

Poo scowled, his face immediately showing the anger he had since Jeff’s disappearance. “I do not want that, do not even attempt to test my anger and what I can display. I am not going out of this palace until my people’s safety is enforced.” Poo snarled.

Ness forgot the anger issues that Poo ended up gaining after Jeff’s disappearance, especially that call where he lashed out on the walls. He swallowed, and before he could be able to make his point, Paula started to talk, “Poo, I know that you miss Jeff and-” Paula was interrupted by Ness who was about to yell at Paula for saying his name. Poo’s crossed leg immediately went back onto the floor as his face became enraged.

“Do not EVER say that name near ME. I will not tolerate that name until this whole situation is OVER. I won’t tolerate it near me, I can’t, I won’t!” Poo yelled out in anger.

Ness’ eyes dilated from the fear of what would happen next if he continued rambling about Jeff from the name accident. Poo’s anger quickly dissolved to a distraught face from Paula’s reaction to being scolded at.

Paula’s crying. She’s covering her ears with her hands. She’s apologizing the Dalaam way. Knee on the floor, head almost on the red carpet floor. She’s muttering something. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry...”

Poo pinched his nose bridge as before sighing, possibly attempting to gather his words an order to get Paula’s apology. “Look Paula, I apologize for screaming my rage at you. I may give as much apologies just for your forgiveness,” Poo exclaimed, as he got off of his throne, and apologized with his head all the way onto the floor, “I do not know how to gain your apology through a favor. With that, I am sorry.”

Paula got up and wiped her tears as he witnessed Poo’s apology. She gave a look at Poo before giving a glance at Ness. All he could do was shrug. “You could give your people’s safety to your master. I feel like you need a break from this prophecy you have, and maybe the ‘some’ is us, maybe even some new friends.” Paula responded, as she showed Poo her hand as a offer to get up with help. Ness’ lace lit up as a smile formed on his face. “You can do that for us, right?” Ness asked.

Poo took Paula’s hand in support to get back on his feet. “Of course I will. I must first speak to my master about this before we go.”

Poo quickly walked his way to his master before speaking to him in Dalaamese. Of course, Ness couldn’t understand this decided to take a while to talk with Paula.

“Anything else with Duster?” Ness questioned. “No, not that much about him. He said that he is sometimes accompanied by ‘Pigmasks.’”

The conversation quickly ended as Ness and Paula were familiar with the Dalaamese word that meant “thank you” and the signature bow. Poo walked his way toward Ness and put his hand on the other’s shoulders. “It is accepted by my master. I am allowed to accompany you for as long as you need me to.” Poo said. Ness glanced at Poo before responding, “Are you sure that you want to come along. The first part of this process may be painful.” Ness asked. Poo looked at Paula before both of them nodded. “We are ready.” Both affirmed.

“Okay it’s settled. First we need to go to Winters an order to see if Maxwell is still there though.”

Ness and his friends teleported back to the front of the school. Thank goodness, Maxwell is still there. “Maxwell, been a while.”

Maxwell turned around as he saw almost the whole gang together. “Oh Ness, it’s you! Now,”

Maxwell put both hands on Ness’ shoulders as he was ready to explain, “are you truly ready to try and pass your limits and teleport your way to a island unknown that is lost in time, and attempt to save my own friends?” Maxwell asked in a very ominous voice. Ness nodded. “Good, because I will not be held responsible for two of my friends’ disappearances. Do not screw it up for the both of us.” Maxwell commented, taking his hands off of Ness’ shoulders before backing up.

Ness and his friends backed up. All of them prepared themselves, taking deep breaths and clenching their fists tightly. They started the teleportation process.

And that was all Ness and co. could remember.