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My Mirror Speaks

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As Maria heads towards the designated conference room, she catches glimpses of agents of various levels scattering about. Mobilizing. Since the fall of the SHIELD before their current incarnation, their force has been small. But elite. She catches glimpses of agents suiting up as she passes equipment rooms. It looks to her like the majority of their small force is definitely mobilizing, and it causes her to wonder just what is going on. The building they currently call HQ is small, and within minutes she reaches the conference room. The door is closed, but it doesn’t bother her. Coulson wants her in there, so in she will go. She opens the door to find Coulson in there. What surprises her is that there is also Agents Skye, Triplett, Barton, May and Natasha. If the activity she passed hadn’t clued her in that something was wrong, the gathering of their current top agents not on missions located in one room would. She seats herself in her usual position, on Coulson’s right side, despite the director standing at the head of the table. Natasha glances at her for a moment, letting confusion flit briefly across the redhead’s face before she schools it into neutrality and turns to face their director. She, well, they all, wait for him to speak, but Maria can tell he’s trying to gather his words to phrase them just right.

“We have a situation.” He starts and Maria almost cracks a smile at how similar he sounds to Fury. He looks taken aback for a moment before collecting himself again, and she’s sure he caught it too.

“An entire office building has been taken hostage by a group calling themselves the Network. We received a call for help from one of the employees through email, the group themselves have not made any demands. They were in place when the building opened for the morning, most of the staff inside have been taken hostage.” He continues, flicking his wrist so that the data that has been gathered rises up onto the screen behind him.

“We have most of the teams mobilizing, this is going to be our largest operation since the fall. We must do this right, no casualties. Civilian or our own.” Coulson adds and the rest of the room nods in response to his words. Skye clears her throat, and Maria turns to the young agent with the rest of the room.

“These Network people aren’t usually this militarized. Someone is funding them. They’re usually peaceful protesters, something has changed. I’ve tried digging, and I can’t find anything. It’s super suspicious.” She says, and not for the first time Maria is impressed with Coulson’s young agent. Coulson nods at her words.

“Exactly. Which is why we’re breaking this into teams. Romanoff, I want you with Hill. You two go in, scope the situation out. We’ll only move in on your word. You’ll have a small team of agents with you, feel free to hand-pick them. Barton, I need you in the next high-rise with our snipers, watching from afar. You’ll only move if Hill and Romanoff give the word or something goes wrong. May, Triplett, you’re in command of the back-up. Skye, I want you on the ground, figuring out just what made a group of peaceful protesters take up arms and take hostages. We need to do this quickly and quietly.” Coulson turns to bring up further information on the screen.

“There are two-hundred and sixty-seven hostages, they’re being kept between the thirty-second and thirty-seventh floors. We don’t have an exact number on the attackers, but we estimate there are about seventy-five of them. From what little information we have, they are armed with semi-automatics and explosives. We’ve been unable to determine the actual specifics. The building itself is forty floors, with a roof access. They’ve locked off the elevators, and seem to be guarding the stairwells. Your best bet is the elevator shaft.” With another swipe of his hand, blueprints of the building in question fly up on the screen. Maria studies it, and she knows the others are doing it as well.

“Go suit up, we’ll stagger the mobile units and place them around the building so we don’t arouse suspicion. Hill, Romanoff, pick your team and have them meet in the garage, you’ll be taking the first unmarked vehicle.” Coulson finishes, and before he has even turned to face them, most of them are on their feet and heading for the door. Maria is a little puzzled that she’s been paired with Natasha, Coulson tends to keep both of them separate. But she knows he has his reasons, and recon tends to be both of their specialties. She waits behind for Natasha, and they leave the room together.

“I want Fredricks, Liesen, Keller and Jordan with us.” Natasha says, leading them both in the direction of their particular equipment room. Maria nods, it’s a good list.

“Add Rueller and Karlowe.” Maria says, sweeping into their locker room and heading for hers.

“Sounds good.” Natasha calls from the other end of the room, and Maria can hear her fiance shuffling to get dressed. Maria is doing the same, shedding her civilian clothing and getting dressed in her tactical suit. Also kept in her locker are her weapons, and she arms herself after she finishes dressing. She moves to wait by the door, double-checking her fire-arms. Natasha takes longer, simply because she carries more weapons on her person. Maria tends to only carry two guns, ammo and a few knives. Natasha’s arsenal is legendary, not that Maria minds. It keeps her fiance safer, and Natasha does plenty more field work than Maria. Still, it doesn’t take Natasha long to meet Maria by the door.

“Let’s go collect our team.” Natasha says, and Maria wishes they could hold hands at that moment. But Natasha is all business, and Maria tends to be as well. They head out together, to track down their team and lead the group to the parking garage.