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Living a lie

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“Living together and we aren’t even public”Mary Jane sighed

“I have so much to lose if we are exposed”Andre said

“I can’t quit you”Mary Jane said to Andre

“I already filed for divorce and everything”Andre explains yet again

Mary Jane has been battling inner demons while hiding her steamy affair with Andre

“Now I’ve mastered the art of homewrecking”Mary Jane says dryly


Mary Jane wished she could put an end to her fling with Andre

She thought she was on the way to never going back to him but she ended up back in his arms

Andre was smooth and always knew what to say to make Mary Jane swoon

“I should have told you I was married”Andrew replies his head hung down a bit

“Now I’m in a world of trouble”Mary Jane facepalmed

“I’m living a lie”Andre says

“You’re no better than I am”Mary Jane shrieked her voice raising a few octaves

Andre has snaked his way back into her life and she hated that she fell so easily for him all over again

“You’re not the only one who has anything to lose”Andre yelled back

“My career and entire life is on the line”Mary Jane said to him