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Let Me Teach You Something

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Here's all the social media stuff I told you I'd give yall. I'll also put this in my other fics, and my one shots, and on my profile.

I just started a Twitter and Tumblr specifically for my AO3 and Wattpad accounts. So you guys can ask questions about the fics or me. You can send in requests on either one. I know Tumblr allows anonymity so that's nice!

I'd love to talk between posts, see what yall are thinking as I'm writing. Maybe even get some input on where my stories go!

The Twitter is: @purpleeyeslie

The Tumblr is: 1dand5sosobsessed (you know!)

They're nothing fancy I just wanna connect, ya feel me??

Add me and I'll follow back real quick! I'm excited to see where this goes!