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Let Me Teach You Something

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"Harry, she's called twenty times," Louis tried to reason with him.

"I can't talk to her right now, Lou."

Louis groaned in frustration and took Harry's phone, still ringing, from his hands. He pressed the green answer button and put it to his ear. Harry reached for it but Louis turned away and said a quick, "Hello?"

Louis I presume.

"Yes ma'am."

Where's Harry at?

"He's, um, in the shower at the moment," as soon as Louis said it he knew it wasn't the right thing to say.

He showers with you there?

"Um, I'm not in the bathroom, ma'am. I promise." Louis couldn't believe he was actually trying to get this woman, this twisted, manipulative woman, to like him. Harry wrapped his arms around Louis to try and reach the phone, but I just tickled him and he laughed and squealed, "Harry!"

What? Is he alright?

Louis pushed Harry back and cleared his throat. "What can I help you with, Mrs. Twist?"

You? You can do nothing for me. I would like to speak to my son, not his puppet master.

Louis eyes narrowed at the comment. Not because she insulted him, but because she insinuated that Harry wasn't in control of his own decisions. Which he very much was. Louis was this close to telling her as much, but he took a deep breath and said instead, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Twist, right now he's busy. But I know Harry would like very much to see you. Talk things out."

Harry hit Louis on the shoulder and gave him the 'what the fuck??' look. Louis gave him the 'what??' look back and kept talking.

"He'd like to explain some things you might have heard. Maybe I can explain some things as well."

Look Louis, Anne cut him off, I'd love to see Harry and you at our house tomorrow night for dinner.



"We'd love to! We'll see you then," Louis agreed. He hung up and dropped Harry's phone on the couch. He turned around to a very annoyed looking Harry. "What?"

"So we're meeting my mom for, what, drinks? Brunch?"

"Dinner. At the house. Tomorrow night."

"Louis!" Harry threw his hands out.


"You know I don't want to see her. She'll have nothing to say that I need to hear."

"I don't know. She seemed very eager to see you Harry."

Harry was barely convinced. Whatever is was she wanted, Harry refused to give it to her. "You don't know her like I do."

Louis flinched at that. "I know. And that sucks. I want to. I want to get along with my boyfriends mom."

Harry broke and pulled Louis in to hug him. "I know. I'm sorry. I can't wait to go home with you on holiday and meet your mom."

"That's great. Meanwhile, your mom still hates me."

"She hates me too if it makes you feel better."

It didn't but Louis laughed softly anyway. "Give me a chance to change her mind. I can be very persuasive."

Harry ran a hand down to Louis' ass and gave it a squeeze, "Don't I know it."

Louis giggled and pushed into Harry. "Please?"

Harry sighed, loud and long, "Fine. Fine, but I don't want you to expect too much."

"I expect the world, Harold. That's why I always win," Louis said as he squeezed Harry in his arms.


Knock! Knock!

A minute later the large wooden door swept open in front of Harry's face. Louis peeked over Harry's shoulder to see.

"Harry, son." Robin reached out a hand and shook Harry's firmly.

"Robin. Thank you for having us over."

"Of course, Harry. This is your house too." Robin looked over Harry's shoulder and saw Louis straining to see without being seen. "Louis."

Harry rolled his eyes and pulled Louis next to him with an arm around his waist. "He's nervous."

Robin barked a laugh. "With your mother around, I don't blame him."

Harry squeezed around Louis and said, "Can we come in?"

Robin shook his head, "Of course, sorry." He opened the door wider and let them in.

Anne appeared from around the corner. "Harry, sweetheart," Anne gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and turned to Louis, "Louis." No kiss on the cheek. No hug. No handshake. One word. Well this was going swimmingly.

"Mrs. Twist. Nice to see you again."

Anne just hummed at that and walked back to the kitchen. Not sure why, Harry thought, she doesn't cook, she just stands in the doorway and orders the chef to do things her way.

Robin gave them an apologetic look and lead them to the family room. Harry sat down and pulled Louis to him. He locked their fingers together and knocked his knee against Louis'.

"How've you been Harry? Since the surgery I mean. Everything feel alright?"

The surgery. Wow, that seemed like a life time ago when really it was only a couple months. He should really still be reeling from major, life-saving surgery.

"Fine. Yeah, fine. How's work?"

"Going well. I'm working on closing a very big deal for a partnership with a rival company."

"Oh wow. Who is it?"

"I'm working closely with a very savvy business man named Cameron Reynolds," Louis nearly choked on air, "He's got everything from corner stores to major markets under his thumb."

Louis was taking short breaths and Harry turned to him, "Babe. Are you okay? Breathe." Harry put a hand on Louis' back and rubbed in big circles. Louis sputtered in and out, trying to control himself.

"Who did you say?" Louis coughed out.

Robin looked concerned but answered, "Cameron Reynolds. Why? You can't possibly know him. No offense, of course." Harry spared him a 'yeah, right' glance and checked to make sure Louis was inhaling properly.

"And you're going into business with him?" Louis asked a bit more composed.

"Yes. Well that's the plan. We're nearly decided. And once it's done, we'll be the two most powerful business men in the country."

Louis was nodding numbly, while Harry watched him closely. "Wow. That's...something," Louis feigned nonchalance, a little late.

"It should be," Robin agreed.

"Dinner is ready," Anne announced from the entry way. They all rose and made their way to the dining room while Harry shot Louis suspicious or concerned glances.