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Reaching blindly for his phone, Shinsuke squints at the screen when he finds it. The time says it’s 7:46. He doesn’t have any classes today, just a couple hours of work, and Wakatoshi doesn’t have any classes until the afternoon. He had memorized his boyfriend’s schedule down pat in case Wakatoshi missed anything.

It’s warm in Wakatoshi’s arms like every morning since they started dating. Shinsuke could feel his boyfriend nuzzling against the back of his head, and his morning wood pressed snugly against his lower back.

”Are you awake?” Shinsuke asks Wakatoshi as he reached back to pat his head. He gets a grumble back in response, which he took as Wakatoshi being neither awake nor asleep, just drifting somewhere in between consciousness and the world of dreams. He sighs, closing his eyes when Wakatoshi runs a warm hand to his chest, lightly thumbing at a nipple just the way he likes it and then moving to do the same to the other one, until Shinsuke's cock is hard and dripping against his stomach.

So he’s awake. Wakatoshi runs his hand down his chest and stomach to grip his cock, pumping gently, giving the head extra attention. Wakatoshi shifts behind him, peppering kisses on the back of his neck. "Can I..?" he asks against Shinsuke's back, voice low and still thick with sleep. He rubs his cock against Shinsuke's ass instead of asking the whole question. 

Reaching for the lube on the bedside table, Shinsuke nudges the bottle to Wakatoshi's hand. He touches his own cock while Wakatoshi gets to work on slipping a finger into him. He doesn't need much preparation, it was just a few hours ago since the last time the two of them had sex. Wakatoshi sure had the sex drive and the stamina to keep up with it. 

"I'm okay now, Wakatoshi," Shinsuke says after two of Wakatoshi's fingers had slipped into him easily. "You can do it raw." He was going to shower after anyway, and the sheets were in need of changing already, no need to be as thoroughly clean as he usually is. 

He grimaces when he feels Wakatoshi’s slippery fingers run down his side before parting his ass cheeks. He’d already told Wakatoshi that he didn’t like to have lube anywhere else on his body but he guesses Wakatoshi isn’t really thinking clearly yet. He closes his eyes again when he feels the head of Wakatoshi’s cock slip into him, and he moves his hips back to help Wakatoshi thrust into him balls-deep slowly.

“Hold your leg up for me,” Wakatoshi mumbles against his neck as he slides his hand up Shinsuke’s thigh.

Shinsuke holds his leg up with his hand under a bent knee and lets Wakatoshi take charge. Wakatoshi snakes an arm around his waist to thumb at the tip of Shinsuke’s cock, spreading the precum down the length of it so that his hand slides more easily as he pumps in time with his thrusts. The pace is slower than they usually go, but Shinsuke doesn’t mind the short, steady thrusts, as Wakatoshi still managed to still hit deep inside of him with every snap of his hips. It was also a little more intimate than usual, with Wakatoshi’s broad chest pressed against his back, and the kisses he pressed against his hair and his neck.

Shinsuke feels that familiar warmth pooling in his stomach when Wakatoshi starts thrusting a little rougher, and he squeezes his eyes shut, moving his ass back to meet the thrusts. It makes Wakatoshi groan and suck at a spot near his shoulder hard enough to leave a mark.

Wakatoshi doesn’t give a warning before he comes with a low moan, only letting go of Shinsuke’s cock to grab at his hips instead and fucking him through his orgasm. Shinsuke fists his own cock, trying to chase his own orgasm as Wakatoshi’s cock slips out of him and is replaced by two fingers. He cries out when Wakatoshi fingers his prostate at an almost brutal pace, letting go of the leg he was holding up and coming hard in splatters along his stomach and chest. He’s shuddering from the intensity of his orgasm when Wakatoshi continues fingering him through it.

“Stop,” he whines when he feels too overstimulated, slapping at Wakatoshi’s arm weakly.

Wakatoshi kisses his shoulder in apology and does as he’s told, slinging his arm around Shinsuke’s waist instead and burying his face against Shinsuke’s hair. They keep spooning for a while, trying to catch their breaths, which was a little harder to do when they were pressed against each other but no one made a move to separate.

“Feels gross,” Shinsuke mumbles. He could feel warm cum oozing out of his hole along with the always disgusting feeling of lube, and the two of them were both sweaty and had morning breath. He pats at Wakatoshi’s arm to let go, and sits up when his boyfriend’s tree trunk of an arm leaves him.

“Good morning,” Wakatoshi greets him sleepily. How he could still look groggy after sex was a mystery but that was how he looked, still sprawled across the bed with his muscular body glistening in sweat. He nuzzles against Shinsuke’s hand when the shorter man pats his head. “Hmm. Feels nice.”

Shinsuke can’t help but smile fondly. “I’ll shower first.”

“Okay.” Wakatoshi shuffles to lie on his stomach, hugging a pillow to his face. “I’ll change the sheets.”

“Thank you.” Shinsuke pats the space between his boyfriend’s shoulderblades before getting up to shower.

Shinsuke thought Wakatoshi wouldn’t get to the sheets any time soon because it looked like he was going to sleep more but after his shower he finds that they have been changed to the pale blue ones that Wakatoshi seems to like. He fixes one of the corners that isn’t tucked under the mattress correctly before finds Wakatoshi in the kitchen, making tamagoyaki only clad in his underwear. The television is showing the news channel. Shinsuke knows Wakatoshi is only interested in the health drink ads and the sports news, but he doesn’t comment on it, settling for patting one of Wakatoshi’s bare shoulders. “I’ll finish breakfast. Go take a shower.”




"Are you going home for New Year's?" Shinsuke asks when they're both seated at the table for breakfast.

"Home," Wakatoshi repeats. His eyebrows furrow a little and there's a little pout on his lips he's probably unaware of, which is recognizable to Shinsuke by now as a look of confusion. "I always come home."

Maybe Wakatoshi really is confused, like he is about a lot of things in daily life. "Home, as in Miyagi," Shinsuke clarifies patiently. He digs into his food: microwave-heated rice, some tamagoyaki he and Wakatoshi had teamed up on, fried fish and miso soup. 

"Oh. I could." Wakatoshi starts eating again, his usual serious expression back on his face. "Mother and Grandmother tell me to visit sometimes."

"Maybe you should. You haven't been home in a while." It's true that Wakatoshi has been with him for almost a year now and he hasn't gone home even once. He rarely even talked about his family. Shinsuke knew that his parents were divorced, that his father was living overseas, and that his mother's family have several agriculture-related businesses, but nothing about Wakatoshi's relationships with them. 

"Would you like to go with me?"

Shinsuke looks up from his rice bowl. "You want me to?"

Wakatoshi nods. "I want to introduce you."

Shinsuke busies himself with picking out the bones from his fish. "Do they know?" he asks quietly. 

"Know what?"

"That we're dating." 

It wasn't like they hid their relationship. They're both private individuals, rarely talking to people about their personal lives, but they did tell most of their friends. And if Shinsuke's grandma was alive she would have been the first one to know. She had been supportive when Shinsuke dated Ren back in high school. However, Shinsuke didn't know about Wakatoshi's family and their views on gay relationships.

"We don't really talk about our personal lives," Wakatoshi says calmly. From the phone conversations Shinsuke has overheard he could tell that they mostly talked about money and Wakatoshi's sports scholarship. "But I'll tell them. I'll introduce you properly. Maybe I will brag."

Shinsuke smiles a little at that. Honestly, he was terrified of meeting Wakatoshi's family. If they were in a heterosexual relationship it would probably be a little less scary. He tries to shake off the anxiety as they finish their meal and clean up. 

"What are you thinking about?" Shinsuke asks when the two of them are standing at the bathroom sink after brushing their teeth. He had been observing Wakatoshi's expression on the mirror the whole time and couldn't really tell if he was worried or anything. 

Wakatoshi looks down at him as he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. "This morning's love-making. It was good."

"Oh." Trust Wakatoshi to say things like this with a straight face.

Wakatoshi bends down to kiss his lips and Shinsuke opens his mouth in response to let Wakatoshi lick at his tongue leisurely, tasting of mint toothpaste. He pulls back to his full height after pressing a wet kiss on Shinsuke's forehead, looking satisfied with himself for following the no kisses before everyone has brushed their teeth rule Shinsuke had imposed. 

"Classes today are at 2pm," Wakatoshi reports as he drapes an arm over Shinsuke's shoulders and maneuvers them out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. 

Shinsuke hums in response. He already knew that, which was why he agreed to have sex so early in the morning. "I have no classes today but I have a shift at around 3."

"Okay. Dinner will be ready when you come home." Wakatoshi pushes him to the bed gently so that he was lying down again. "Let me hold you until 2pm."

"Not until 2pm, you need time to get ready for your classes, " Shinsuke scolds him. He opens his arms anyway and lets Wakatoshi nuzzle against his collarbone as if he wasn't a whole head taller than Shinsuke, running his fingers through his dark hair. No use in worrying about meeting Wakatoshi's family now, he would just brace himself for it and hope for the best.