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Riot Born

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A nine-year-old boy sat with his parents outside on a nice day. A truck pulled up in front of the house; catching the attention of the three.

A man stepped out of the truck and walked over them.

“K-Kenny?” The father asked in surprise.

“Hey.” He said before his eyes went to the boy. “Have you taught him to handle a gun yet?”

“A gun?! No I haven’t.”

“Well, you’re a riot cop, he’ll need to learn at some point if you want him on the force.”

“I don’t think Levi is ready for that...” The mother said.

“Nonsense Kuchel! I can teach the little runt.” Kenny said with a smirk. “Think of it as me saving you time and money of having to go to a shooting ground. I have stuff at my house on the outskirts of the city.”

“He won’t be staying with you will he?” Kuchel asked.

“Of course he will. It’ll be much easier that way.”

“How long will it take for you to train him?”

“As long as he’s a fast learner and he listens well, not long at all, but he needs to be tough to get through it; I tend to criticize differently than others.” The shaggy man said with a slight smirk.

“I still don’t think he’s ready for a gun...” Levi’s father protested.

“Oh you’re being too overprotective.” Kenny said with a little bit of reassurance.

Kenny looked back to Levi who was now just sitting back down; he had gone inside without a sound, and was now holding a couple pocket knives probably given to him by his father. “Only two?”

“Hm? Levi said as he looked at the shaggy man.

“Only two knives?”

“Father only wants me to have two...for now...”

“For now? By the time I’ve taught you how to use a gun you’ll have much more than just two.”

The young boy looked down at his knives. “More than two huh?” He thought.

“So what’ll it be kid?”

Levi thought as he stared at one of the blades of his knives.

“Levi is too young, Kenny.” Levi’s father said.

“Aw shut it. Let Levi decide if he’s ready.”

The father looked at Levi. “Make the right choice Levi...”

Levi looked at his pocket knife and then up at Kenny. "I-I think I'm ready..."

Kenny smirked. "I knew you'd come around kid!"


Levi looked at his dad. "I know you may think I'm not ready, but I feel like I am ready."

The father was taken aback by the sound of how mature Levi's voice was just then. He simply nodded.

The two parents hugged their son.

"I'll be waiting in the truck, just be quick to grab a couple things ok?" Kenny said.

Levi nodded and ran inside to get his things.


~Time Skip~


Kenny pulled up in front of his house and put his truck in park. "Ready?"

Levi nodded.

"Good. Let's get inside and we’ll get started with a couple things." Kenny said as he got out and shut his door behind him.

The young Ackerman did the same and walked alongside his uncle into the house.

"Ok..." Kenny started. "First we're gonna start with your hair."

Levi looked confused. "M-my hair sir? What's wrong with it?" He asked in a respectful manner.

"Don't ask questions just yet! I was just gonna explain!" The shaggy uncle scolded.

"Y-yes sir." Levi replied.

"Now, every self-respecting gunman needs a clean look."

"Is that even a real rule?" Levi thought before just nodding.

"So yours..." Kenny started before grabbing a razor. "Yours will be just that." He said as he motioned for Levi to come closer.

The raven-haired boy hesitantly moved closer.

"Now stand still." The man said as he turned the razor on.

Levi gulped; nevertheless, he still listened to his uncle.

Kenny began shaving the very back of his nephew's head.

The raven-haired boy was trying so hard not to laugh since the razor was tickling the back of his head.

"You’re doing fine. Just keep doing what you're doing." Kenny said as he shaved just above Levi's ears; only going around the bottom part of his head and leaving the rest alone.

Levi wanted to look, but he waited till Kenny said it was ok to look.

Kenny finished, turned the razor off, and set it down. He then took out scissors and trimmed the rest of his hair to the perfect length to suit the rest of the hair cut. Once he was done he set the scissors next to the razor "Ok, you can take a look now." He said as he motioned to a mirror.

Levi walked over to the mirror and saw what Kenny had done. "I like it, but I have a quick question..." He said as he looked at his new undercut.

"I will limit you to two questions a day."

“When are you going to actually teach me how to use a gun?” He asked as he turned.

“We’ll get you settled, then I’ll teach you a thing or two after dinner.”

“Sounds good.”

Kenny led Levi to his room and helped him to get everything that he brought with him put away.


~Time Skip~


After dinner, Kenny led Levi to room full of targets and shelves.

Levi looked around in amazement. “All of this must’ve been expensive…” He said.

“Not really.” Kenny said.

The raven-haired boy spotted a rack of pistols. “Wow…”

“Pick one.”

The boy nodded and picked out a pistol from the rack.

“Ok, now stand right here.” Kenny said as he moved Levi into the right place in front of and a good distance away from the target.

Levi’s hands were a little shaky from him being nervous.

“Stop shaking!” Kenny commanded with a slight snarl to his voice.

“I-I can’t help it…” He said nervously.

“Just calm down, take a couple deep breaths, and just focus on the target.”

Levi did as he was told and then his hands stopped shaking.

“Good, now shoot.”

The raven-haired boy narrowed his eyes and could then only see the target ahead of him. He then pulled the trigger; the bullet flying to the target and hitting the very center.

Kenny looked surprised. “D-do that again.” He instructed.

Levi repeated what he did and hits the very same spot.

“You’re a natural kid.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Take another another gun from the shelf.”

“One question.”

“Make it quick.”

"Do u want me to put this one back or use two?"

"Switch guns; you’re not quite ready for dual wielding."

"Ok." The boy said before switching guns as he was told.