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No Choice But to Fall

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Run, run, run.

That was all she could do right now.

She didn’t know where she was going, and she didn’t care as long as she lost her pursuers.

This time, the moon minister had lost all patience and decided to take a more direct route to acquiring the power of Prominence.

All he had to do was separate the two princesses and their pet, making them unable to use Prominence and teleport together, and then his henchmen could do all the rest.

Of course, he didn’t forget about Eclipse. He had already taken care of that by causing a distraction for him at the castle and delay his entrance for as long as possible.

And that’s how Fine had gotten into this situation, being chased by three men in black and yellow clothes.

How could they have known that this would happen? They thought that someone was in danger and so they’d transformed, but the moment they did, they realized that it was just an illusion.

It was too late though, and they were captured.

They managed to escape thanks to Poomo and the henchmen’s idiocy, but they were soon after being chased down.

The princesses and Poomo decided to separate, so that they’d each have fewer henchmen to deal with, and so they went their separate ways. But what they didn’t have time to think about was how they were going to deal with them.

Before she realized it, Fine was driven to the edge of a cliff, the henchmen right behind her. She tripped on a rock on the ground and fell face first

“Ow…” she said in mild pain, her forehead starting to ache

“We’ve got you now, little girl.”

“There’s nowhere to run now~”

“Unless you want to die, of course.”

The henchmen all said, coming closer and closer, making her take more steps back towards the edge. If only Poomo was with her, they could have teleported somewhere else, or, at least, create a distraction so that she could get away.

‘Why did we ever agree to split up?’ she thought, starting to panic a little on the inside

There was no escape. And that's when an idea came to her. She turned her head to look down the edge, at the bottom of the cliff. It didn’t look too high up, if she was lucky, she would get away with only one broken bone. She wished so, at least. But, there was no time to waste on thinking, with her pursuers ready to capture her and do Princess Grace knows what afterwards.

There was no choice but to fall.

And so, she jumped.

"FINE!" she heard a male voice shout just as gravity had started to take control of her body.