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We ended as lovers

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3 years later 

With a sigh of utter content, Felicity sank even more into the mattress. Her head almost disappeared in the fluffy pillow completely, and she could smell Oliver’s scent on the fabric although he hadn’t been living in this room for quite some time. His scent was still there though, and Felicity turned her head to take in a deep breath and enjoy the scent even more. It made her feel at home although the Queen Mansion had never really felt like a home to her.

She stretched out her arms over her head and arched her back off the mattress, trying to make herself as long as possible. It was the only chance she had at waking her limbs at least a little bit. They were feeling out of place and kind of disjoined. She felt like a marionette, ready to be pushed to do whatever the player wanted to do with her. At least that was what her body felt like.

Opening her eyes, she looked at Oliver. He was sitting at the foot of the bed, his naked body covered only by the blanket in his lap. It was the same blanket that was wrapped around her middle, not really covering any of her naked body. He was holding her feet in his hands, continuing to massaging them. He had been massaging them since she had mentioned that they were feeling a little cold.

Felicity chuckled quietly, shaking her head. She had mentioned her cold feet innocently, no second thought on her mind. Oliver had immediately felt like he had to warm her feet though. He did want her to show up at the end of the aisle tomorrow after all.

Showing up at the end of the aisle tomorrow and giving her hand to Oliver was everything she wanted too. She was ready to spend the rest of her life with him, being linked to him as closely as possible. Oliver was all she wanted, and she couldn’t wait for the rest of their life to start. Together.

“You do know that my feet are all warm and actually kind of sweaty now, right?” Felicity asked, cocking her head. “You can stop and come up here any time. I have a lot of ideas on how we can spend the last few hours of your bachelor life.”

Oliver’s jaw clenched, and Felicity could see in his eyes what he was thinking about. Twenty minutes ago, before she had mentioned her cold feet and made him slide to the foot of the bed, so he could take care of that, they had been making love to each other frantically. The couple of hours that they have to spend apart because of Thea’s traditional thinking and her superstition had been enough to make them desperate for each other again. They really weren’t good at being apart. They were all the better at reuniting though.

“As much I would like to come up there,” Oliver said, his hungry eyes ghosting over her naked body and filling with desire as they did so, “I’d rather take care of your feet. They are more important than anything right now. They do have an important role tomorrow.”

Felicity smiled. “My feet couldn’t possibly be cold enough to not show up tomorrow.”

After the three years they have missed out on, Felicity knew that she would never risk losing Olive again. She wanted to link herself to him as much as possible. She wanted to hold him as close to her as possible and never let her go. She loved him to no end, and really nothing could ever change that.

Watching Oliver, Felicity felt her smile widening all the more. She couldn’t wait for their life to begin. Technically, she knew that they had a life together already. They had had a life together since they had found each other again three years ago and had never let each other go again. Still, it would just be more official once they had said their vows.

With a sigh, Felicity pushed her bottom lips forward. There were still so many hours until they were finally going to say their vows – 15 hours to be exact, Felicity thought with a glance at the alarm on the nightstand. They should use those hours to catch some rest. They certainly wouldn’t get that rest at all when Thea found them. She had forbidden them to have any contact with each other for the last 24 hours before the wedding.

“You should go,” Felicity said with a long sigh that betrayed how little she wanted him to go, “because your little sister will kill us if she finds out you saw your bride the night before the wedding.”

“If only seeing her had been a problem, I should have blindfolded myself. I could have done anything I did with you before without taking a single look at you.”

Felicity hummed, thinking back to the great orgasms that Oliver had given her. If she didn’t loved Oliver as much as she did, she would have certainly gotten married to him for the good sex anyway. Nothing and nobody could make her feel the same way he made her feel when they had sex.

Groaning lowly, Felicity tried to shake the growing feeling of need. They couldn’t go for another round, at least not if they didn’t want to be found by Thea.

“You have to go,” Felicity whispered. “I don’t want you to go, but you need to go.”

“I can deal with Thea if she finds us.”

Felicity didn’t need him to say it for her to know that he’d do anything to stay here with her for just a little longer. They really were the worst at being apart. When Oliver had to leave their home in Hub City to get some work done, they often called each other late, so they could fall asleep to each other’s voice and each other’s breathing.

“We have forever starting tomorrow,” Felicity said softly, “so it doesn’t matter how long we have to stay apart today.”

With a soft smile on her lips, Felicity thought back to the moment Oliver had proposed to her. She had known that he was hiding something from her because he really wasn’t good at keeping secrets, at least when he was supposed to keep them from her. She just hadn’t known what he had been hiding from her.

When they had been in Bali, he had eventually asked her to spend an evening sailing during the dawn. Oliver had designed her a white dress of some floating fabric that had moved in the gust of wind. He had told her that he had been dreaming of her wearing it when they were on the boat. That had been when Felicity had finally started realizing what Oliver had been up to, and she had barely been able to wait until the sun went down halfway and Oliver had finally popped the question.

Felicity remembered that they had been standing on the boat, looking at the setting sun. Oliver had his arms wrapped around her from behind. His chin had been resting on her shoulder. He had swayed them from side to side slowly, almost like they were dancing to the rushing of the ocean.

“Is this like in your dreams?” Felicity had asked eventually.

“Almost,” Oliver had answered and had brushed a kiss against the side of her neck, “there is just a little piece missing.”

With that, Oliver had let go of her. Felicity had turned around, wanting to know what was missing. She had found Oliver kneeling in front of her, holding out the beautiful diamond ring to her. He had told her how much he loved her, how happy she made him and how much he really wanted to make her happy. He had asked her to trust him with her heart for the rest of their life, and she had agreed. Oliver had slipped the ring onto her finger where it had stayed since that moment.

Felicity yawned, still smiling at the memory. She loved to think back to how perfect the proposal had been. It had been better than she could have possibly dreamed of, and she was sure that it was going to be the same for the wedding tomorrow. The venue in the mountains right outside of Starling City that they had chosen for the wedding had been magic when they had seen it without all the decorations and all the romance of the wedding day. It will be even more magical tomorrow.


At Oliver’s question, Felicity looked at him. He was smiling at her softly, already knowing the answer. It was written all over her face, and Oliver could read her so easily.

“Kind of.”

“In that case I will leave you alone, so you get some good hours of sleep.” He kissed the soles of her feet. “I have a lot of plans for us tomorrow night.”

Felicity chuckled. “We will party all night, and I will force you to dance with me a lot, so I’d say the wedding night has to be delayed.”

Oliver gasped for breath dramatically. “I am shocked.”

While they had been planning the wedding, they had already had the silent agreement that they would use their honeymoon in Bali to catch up on the wedding night. They were going to spend three weeks in Bali, and they were certainly going to spend an entire week of that in bed. Who needed the sun or food or anything when they were rolling around between the sheets all nakedly?

“We are not even married yet, and it’s already clear that we won’t have sex the moment we are married.” Oliver sighed desperately. “I will never get to undress you anymore.”

Felicity perked up her eyebrows. “Are you serious?”

“Have I failed to show you how much I love to undress you lately?” Oliver asked, his fingers taking a trail up her leg. “Maybe I have to do better than that. You can’t possibly step in front of the wedding guests with me tomorrow as long as you have no idea how much I love to undress you. It’s not a good start to our marriage.”

Felicity sighed at Oliver’s touch. When he reached a certain point at her calf, she let her leg sink even more into his touch. Oliver got the hint and massaged the tight muscles beneath her soft skin.

“So,” Oliver asked, still massaging her calf although his eyes were already directed at her, “why do you doubt that I love undressing you?”

Of course Oliver didn’t let go of that topic easily. He never failed to make her understand how much he desired her and how much he loved her. Maybe it was one of the longer lasting effects of their break-up. They needed each other to know how much they loved each other, so not even the worst misunderstanding could drive them to just leave without talking things out first.

“Oh, you always show how happy you are to undress me,” Felicity said, rubbing her foot high on his thigh, “but you also look very eager to put some clothes on me again as soon as I am naked.”

“Occupational disease,” Oliver replied immediately. “I love you. I love clothes. I love clothes on you.”

Felicity chuckled. “I knew there were going to be three in this marriage, and I am glad you state it that clearly now too.”

Smiling, Oliver chook his head. He lifted her feet to his lips and kissed them once more. Instead of letting go of them, he held them against his heart and looked at her though.

“You’re really the only woman that I love to dress as much as I love to undress her,” Oliver said with a chuckle. “It’s a deadlock between both which is not easy. Taking clothes off your body and putting clothes on your body is just so much fun. Both activities unite my passion for clothes with my passion for you. It’s a win-win.”

“Speaking of,” Felicity said, looking at Oliver, “did you already get over the fact that I didn’t offer you to design my wedding dress?”

Oliver snorted, but it turned into a grumble. Her wedding dress was still a sore spot for him. Two weeks after they had come back from Bali, she had come home from work to find him sitting on the floor of their living room with photos, sewing patterns and swatches all around him. He had been gathering her ideas, sketching some designs. He had been completely hyped about it. Pulling at her hand, he had made her sit down on the floor next to him, so he could have told her everything he had envisioned.

“You didn’t just not offer me the possibility of designing your wedding dress,” Oliver said with grumpy voice, “you told me that I was the last person to design your wedding dress. You said it right into my face. Cold-hearted and right out evil.”

Felicity chuckled. “It wasn’t that bad.”

“Worse,” Oliver told her, “so much worse.”

If the expression on Oliver’s face, right after she had told him that Thea was going to help her with the dress, had been any indication, his heart had indeed been broken a little. She wouldn’t have been surprised if he had backed out from the wedding. The designer’s spirit was quite strong in him after all.

“I told you that you could design my wedding dress,” Felicity replied honestly, “all you had to do was give up the role of the groom. I am sure I would have found someone else for that part.”

“Never,” Oliver replied, “never, never, never.”

Letting go of her feet, he crawled up the bed and lay down on top of Felicity. His naked body pressed to hers, and Felicity felt tempted to wrap her leg around his hip. She knew it would push the blanket a little aside and could feel Oliver’s cock against her wet folds. Lust would flood her body and take her with it into the ocean. She loved the idea of that, but she knew she’d regret it if she looked like a living nightmare in all of her wedding photos.

“I mean the designer in me really wants you to get married to someone else, so I can design the wedding dress,” Oliver explained, “but the fiancé in me would never let you go again, especially not to get married to anyone else.”

Felicity perked up her eyebrows. “How did they decide?”

“The fiancé has beaten the designer up, so the wedding can come.”

Oliver leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. She could taste in the kiss that he meant it. He would never let anything come between this wedding. It was a long overdue to finally take this step and link themselves together as tightly as possible.

As soon as their lips parted, Felicity yawned. The tiredness was overwhelming her. Soon, she’d fall asleep.

“Well, I guess that’s my cue to go,” Oliver said with a long sigh, “although I’d rather stay here.”

“I know,” Felicity replied, stroking her hands up and down Oliver’s warm back, “but don’t you worry. From tomorrow on, we will spend every night together.”

“Every night for the rest of our lives.”

It didn’t matter that they both knew it wasn’t true. Their jobs were keeping them busy, and they had to travel around far more often than they’d like. Since OJQ was still seated in Starling City, Oliver had to leave their home in Hub City quite sometimes. They managed to work their lives around it because they both loved their work, and they both loved each other. Still, staying nights apart was nothing they did easily. They just didn’t like to be apart for too long.

Oliver leaned down and kissed Felicity once more. Scrunching up his nose, he rolled off her. Felicity turned onto her side and propped her head up onto her hand to watch Oliver while he was picking up his clothes from the floor. She loved watching him, especially when he was naked.

“You know, I might have been a little too quick when I said that we get to spend every night together,” Felicity said eventually, making Oliver perk up his eyebrows at her while he was getting into his boxer briefs, “because your mother showed me a the three-year-plan she has set up for OJQ. After you are doing an exclusive wedding collection to celebrate our wedding, she thought it was a nice idea to do a maternity collection in two years and then regular collections with complementing designs for mother and daughter.”

“So it was more like a three-year-plan for our marriage.”

“Kind of, yes,” Felicity chuckled. “It was a little crazy.”

Oliver shook his head and sat down on the side of the bed. His hands stroked over her face, pushing aside some strands that had fallen into her face.

“I will talk to her,” he promised, “because my mom is not going to decide when we are going to have a baby.”

“I’m not sure that she will agree with you on that, but you can try.”

Felicity chuckled. Of course it was a little audacious of Moira to just assume that Oliver and Felicity would schedule the big events of their life in a rhythm that worked best for OJQ. As much as she tried, Felicity couldn’t be mad with Moira though. She was just excited that Oliver had finally found the happiness he had always wanted and that she had always wanted for him.

Oliver leaned down and kissed Felicity’s lips once more. “I’ll see you tomorrow. I will wait at the end of the aisle.”

“Good.” Felicity touched his cheek with her hand. “I will hold you to that.”


With one last kiss, Oliver finally got up and strolled over to the window that he had come in through. If Thea would have found him trying sneak in, she would have kicked him out and let him be taken away by the security staff. It wouldn’t be much different if she caught him here now.

“You do remember where we are supposed to meet tomorrow, right?” Felicity asked with narrowed eyes. “I mean I don’t want us to repeat old mistakes.”

“Don’t worry,” Oliver replied softly, “we won’t. I will be at the Lavender Farm, waiting for you to-“

Grunting, Felicity pulled her pillow away from under her head and threw it at Oliver. Of course he caught it easily, chuckling over her weak attempt.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, “I will be there. Nothing could stop me from doing so.”

“Good because it’s the same for me.”


* * *


Looking out of the window and at the wide fields to both of her sides, Felicity stroked her hands over the fabric of her dress nervously. Her heart was racing although she wasn’t even walking down the aisle yet. She just hoped that she would still get a chance to do so.

“It’s going to be okay, Felicity.”

John’s soothing voice and the warm expression in his eyes was exactly what Felicity needed right now. Her life had had a lot of bumps in the road, so she had really wanted everything to be easygoing today. Life just liked to put some hurdles in her way to watch her jumping over them. It seemed to find some fun in that.

The drive from the Queen Mansion to the wedding. “I just really want to be on time,” Felicity replied, “it’s my wedding day after all.”

“Don’t worry,” John said and squeezed her hand, “I think it’s said to be fashionable for the bride to be a little late.”

Felicity could only hope that John was right because she would really prefer to be on time. Since the universe seemed to hate her or Oliver or even both of them, there had been a terrible car crash on the highway. The limousine that was taking her and John, who had been assigned to make sure Felicity would really show up to the wedding, to the venue hadn’t been able to pass. That was why they had to take a long detour through the large fields towards the venue in the mountains.

“Maybe we should at least text Sara, so Oliver knows that-“ Felicity stopped when the limousine became slower and slower until it eventually stopped completely. “What is going on?”

The driver let down the black glass pane between the driver’s cab and the back of the limousine.

“I am sorry, Ma’am, but the engine is giving off clouds of smoke,” he explained, “I will hurry to take a look at it, so I hope we can continue our way in a couple of minutes.”

Felicity felt her heart racing even more. This was not how things had been supposed to go. She was expected at the wedding in a couple of minutes, and they were still quite far from the venue. If the car didn’t work anymore, they needed to contact another driver to pick them up. It might take over an hour until she arrived at the wedding.

“I will take a look at what is going on,” John said soothingly, still being completely relaxed, “and I am sure we will find a way. Relax. Breathe. Everything is going to be fine.”

With that, John got out of the car. Some rays of the blazing sun fought their way into the limousine. Felicity hurried to slide as far away as possible. It was incredibly hot today, the hottest day of summer so far, and Felicity could just hope that she hadn’t soaked her wedding dress when she had made the short way from the climatized car to the climatized pavilion that they would get married in.

She waited until the door was closed again before she took the small purse that held some of her most important things. Sara, as her maid of honor, would make sure that Felicity got everything she needed whenever she needed. She was the one who was taking care of Oliver right now too. They had thought that, in the light of their past, it was good to have a reliable help at their sides.

Pulling her phone from her purse, Felicity checked if she had missed any texts or calls, but there was nothing there. Unfortunately, this nothing included reception. There seemed to be no reception possible out here.

Groaning, Felicity leaned back in the soft leather seats and tapped her finger onto the floor nervously. It was a nightmare.

When Felicity had woken up this morning, she hadn’t felt the slightest of nervousness. She knew what she was doing, and of all the decisions she had made in her life getting married to Oliver was probably one of the five smartest decisions she had made. She knew that she couldn’t get married to any better man because nobody could make her feel as safe and as loved as Oliver did. He was the one.

The thought of Oliver helped to relax Felicity at least a little bit more. All the chaos that had happened in their past or today wouldn’t matter once she was standing next to him and they were saying their vows. All that would matter at the end of the day was them and that they were together.

“Bad news.”

Felicity scrunched up her nose at John’s word. His words weren’t the only sign that things weren’t going to be worked out easily here. His face gave it away too.

“How bad?”

“We don’t get the car going, and our phones don’t have reception.”

Felicity nodded her head slowly. She already knew that she really didn’t want to hear what John needed to tell her.

“Rob is running back into the city to get us a new car and a new driver.”

Felicity perked up her eyebrows, looking through the darkened window pane towards the city. Even though she knew that Rob was fit and he would certainly be quicker than the usual driver, he would need at least two hours, probably longer, to be anywhere that would offer reception. This was all going to take too long.

“Oh, screw it!”

Sliding towards the door, she opened it and got out. Felicity had to blink against the sun and immediately wished she was still sitting in the cool car. It was really terribly hot. She hadn’t asked Sara to take the white dress she had worn during the proposal to the location for no reason. As much as Felicity would love to spend the entire day in her wedding dress, she wasn’t sure that she would manage to do that. She might need something easier if it continued to be this hot.

Felicity lifted the skirt of her dress to provide a little more air for her legs. With the sun shining down on them, she wasn’t sure it was a good idea though, so she lowered the skirt back quickly. Touching her already shoulders, she wished that she had put sunscreen on them. With the way she had ahead of her, they would probably be bright red by the time she was arriving at the venue. She couldn’t let that stop her though.

“What exactly do you think you are doing?” John asked, quickly stepping into her way with his arms crossed in front of his chest, when Felicity took the first step further down the long path through the fields. “And where do you think you’re going?”

“To my wedding,” Felicity said matter-of-factly, “because I have waited so long to finally get married to this man that nothing will stop me from getting married to him today. If I have to walk all the way to this wedding, I will.”

“Unfortunately,” John said pointedly, continuing to stand in her way when she wanted to push past him, “Oliver made very clear that I was fired as his bodyguard and his friend if I took my eyes off you for more than twenty seconds. Besides, this walk will take hours.”

“Well, the driver can catch up,” Felicity replied, shrugging her shoulders as she felt her belief in the greatness of her idea fading, “but I cannot sit here and do nothing, John. I’d rather walk for a couple of hours than spending weeks traveling around the world until I have found Oliver on some deserted island in the North China Sea because I am sure that is where Oliver is going to go when I don’t show up there anytime soon. I will go there whether you come with me or not, so…”

Felicity shrugged her shoulders and looked at John urgently. She knew that there was little to no logic in trying to walk this way. Walking would probably even take a little longer than it would take to organize a new car although Felicity wasn’t sure. Nobody could say how long Rob would take to get a new car. All of the Queens’ limousines and basically every other car was already in the mountains.

John took in a deep breath and looked back over his shoulder at the path ahead of them. Felicity could see in his face that he was anything but agreeing with her idea. He probably thought that Felicity was crazy and there probably was something crazy to Felicity’s idea indeed, but she couldn’t help it. She needed to do something.

“Fine,” John said, nodding his head, “but I warn you that this idea is crazy.”

Felicity shrugged her shoulders. “Then it is crazy. I don’t care.”

Side by side, Felicity and John started their way down the path towards the mountains. What started as a nice walk that Felicity was eager to make quickly and without losing any hope to make it to her wedding, eventually turned into something else, something she had much less energy for and something that made it much harder to stay hopeful.

The path changed from an asphalted street a graveled pathway. Felicity had to lift the skirt of her rock to not cover the hem in dirt. The high heels of Felicity’s shoes sank into the ground with every step, almost causing her to stumble again and again. John offered to carry her, but Felicity chose to just slip out of her shoes that had been terrible to walk in anyway and walk barefoot. The sharp stones scratched and pricked against the soles of her feet, but she knew it was better this way nonetheless.

That the entire path led through the glaring sun, making Felicity’s skin prickle from the heat. So far, her shoulders still looked okay, but Felicity was sure that a little time out of the sun and they would shine in a deep red color. The straps of her dress were probably burnt into her skin by then.

“What time is it?”

“The wedding should have started about an hour ago.”

Felicity groaned. Being sixty minutes was probably not that fashionable anymore. Oliver was probably panicking if he hadn’t run away already, scared that history was repeating itself again now. Even though he had sent John to take care of her, deep down, he certainly knew that he would help Felicity escape if that was what she really wanted. John wouldn’t force her to go to the wedding if she didn’t want to.

What did he believe she was doing and what was he going to do if she didn’t show up?

A fly buzzed right next to Felicity’s ear. Trying to slap it away, her fingers got tangled in a strand of hair and pulled it from the updo. She guessed the messed-up hair looked a little more fitting to the sunburnt skin and the – thanks to the sun and sweat – smudged make-up.

Maybe she needed some other plan or at least a break.

Seeing that the groveled path was soon continued as another asphalted street, Felicity quickened her steps. The relief of not having to walk over these stones anymore made her uncarefully though. She stepped right onto a stone, scratching the sole of her foot.


Jumping onto her left foot, she almost lost her balance. John’s arm wrapped around Felicity’s waist quickly while his other arm pushed beneath the back of her knees and lifted her into his arms. He took a few large steps and sat her down on a big rock at the side of the street. Kneeling down in front of her, he checked on her bleeding foot and wrapped his handkerchief around it carefully.

Felicity felt a sob rising in her throat and she let her face fall into her hands. “This is all a mess!”

When people talked about weddings, they always called it the most beautiful day in a person’s life. It was definitely said to be the most important and the most beautiful day in a woman’s life. Felicity didn’t give much about what most people said, at least usually she didn’t, but it was different today. It was her wedding after all.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like that,” Felicity said, still crying, “I barely ask for anything. I love my life. I love Oliver. I love the way we manage our life around the fact that we have companies in different cities. All I asked for was for this day to be perfect.”

Felicity wasn’t sure why she was crying. Usually, she could deal with a lot of things. Even the worst imperfections could make her laugh out loud in amusement, at least as long as they wouldn’t about her work. She could take pleasure even in the worst failures as long as she was with her family and her friends. Not today.

It was just that she was tired and exhausted and devastated. One single day in her life had been supposed to go well. She had wanted this day to be free of chaos. After everything that life had put them through already, she had felt like she had deserved this.

“It’s going to be okay, Felicity,” John told her, stroking a hand over her head, “I promise.”

“It feels like life is sabotaging us,” Felicity said, lowering her hands after wiping away some tears. “At first, it puts us through all this stress with Adrian and now this. It’s not fair.”

It wasn’t fair. Other couples met, fell in love and built a family by getting married and having kids. She and Oliver had been put through a lot. They had worked through their long-distance relationship. They had been driven apart by Adrian. They had through some miracle found their way back to each other. Now this.

“Maybe,” John said softly and tugged a strand of her hair out of her face, “life is just giving you another chance at doing things right this time.”

Felicity frowned at John, not quite understanding what she meant, but he just nodded his head to the side. Turning her head into that direction, Felicity saw the Porsche that she and Oliver were going to take tomorrow morning to head to the airport driving in their direction. Sara was sitting behind the steering wheel, honking the car horn as soon as she saw them, while Oliver was sitting in the passenger seat.

The car hadn’t come to a full stop yet when Oliver already got out. If his facial expression was any indication, he had been just as worried as she had been seconds ago. Seeing her provided him with as much belief as seeing him made her feel.

Dropping her shoes in place, Felicity ran the distance over the hot asphalt. As soon as she was in reach, Oliver wrapped his arms around her waist and scooped her up into his arms. Felicity put her arms around the back of his neck and tightened them as much as possible. She was never gonna let Oliver go again, and she knew that he was thinking the same.

“Are you okay?” Oliver asked and pressed a kiss to the side of her neck. “Are you hurt? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” With her nose pressed to his cheek, she breathed Oliver in. “I’m fine now.”

Although Oliver’s body was certainly as heated as hers, she felt her body cooling a little. Her panic had faded. Oliver had found her. She hadn’t come, so he had come to her.

“I am so sorry,” she hurried to say and leaned back, so she could look at him, “but there has been an accident on the highway, so we had to take this detour. Then the engine of the car failed. Rob went back into the city, but I didn’t want to wait there, so we started walking. There wasn’t a single square foot of shadow. My foot is bleeding. My hairdo is destroyed and I think I have a sunburn on my shoulders.”

“And on your face,” Oliver said, stroking the knuckles of his fingers over her skin that was indeed aching a little, “I fear.”

Sighing, Felicity rested her forehead against Oliver’s. She was sure that she looked like a nightmare which was not what she had wanted. She had wanted to be as beautiful as a bride could be, surprising Oliver with her entrance.

While all of this sucked and it had made her cry seconds ago, Felicity didn’t really care anymore now. Oliver had found her. Although she hadn’t showed up to the most important date they had had so far, he had looked for her. He hadn’t let her disappear like it had happened three years ago. They had learned from their mistakes.

“How did you know how to find me?” Felicity asked, still keeping her forehead against Oliver’s. “When you didn’t show up, I just knew something was wrong. I tried to call John and you, but you weren’t available, so I figured that I had to find a different way to find you. I knew something happened. You wouldn’t have left. I knew you wouldn’t.”

Felicity smiled. It seemed like life had indeed just tried to show them how much they had grown in the last six years. They didn’t make the same mistake of letting each other go twice. They had lost each other once, and they had both suffered greatly for it. This time around, neither of them would have rested until they had found each other again. They wouldn’t lose each other ever again. No matter how long they had to look for each other, they wouldn’t give up on each other and they wouldn’t give up on what they had together.

“We should get you into a hospital,” Oliver said, setting Felicity up onto the ground and framing her face with his hands, “to take care of your foot and your burnt skin. You might have a sunstroke.”

“I am fine,” Felicity replied quickly, “really fine. I really just want to get married to you. I don’t care about my foot. I don’t care about the sunburn. I mean I will look like crap on all the wedding photos, but I don’t care. I really just want to be your wife. Once we have put the rings onto each other’s finger and signed the marriage certificate, you can drag me to the hospital. I just want to be your wife first. I don’t want to wake any longer.”

Oliver looked at Felicity urgently. He seemed to be taking in her sunburnt skin, checking how bad her condition really was. She could see the fight in his eyes. He wanted to get married to her right now and right here, just like she wanted to get married to him. It was just time for the both of them to finally tie the knot.

“As soon as we are announced husband and wife, I will scoop you up in my arms and take you to the hospital to have you checked up, just to make sure you really are alright.”

“Agreed,” Felicity said, “absolutely agree.”

Oliver nodded his head slowly. He didn’t seem exactly convinced that this was what was best for her, but he was selfish enough to put his need to be married to her over her medical condition. Luckily, as it played right into what Felicity wanted right now.

Still unsure about the decision he had just made, Oliver puckered his lips and lowered his gaze. There was a break of second that he hesitated before he took a step back and looked her up and down. His eyes moved up and down her body again and again, taking in the dress she was wearing intensely.

Felicity rolled her lips over her teeth and pressed them together. She looked at Oliver, watching him narrow his eyes at the dress to take it in more closely once more. She could see the different emotions playing on his face as he was taking her in.

When Oliver lifted his forefinger and circled it, Felicity chuckled slightly and turned around for him. Oliver’s first priority had been making sure that she really was okay. He had needed to know that she was fine and that she didn’t need medical help. His second priority had been making sure that the wedding was going to happen. He had had to make a compromise between his need to make sure she wasn’t injured and his need to finally be married to her, and he had found a way to compromise between both. Now, his next priority was a dress since he was a designer after all.

Smiling softly as this was finally what she had expected her wedding day to be like, Felicity turned around herself. She let Olive take in the thin straps that were attached to the tightfitting top of her dress. With the deep V-neckline on the front and the deep neckline on her back it was quite fitting for summer. The semitransparent fabric also made it quite sexy. The fine lace that decorated the top and the first couple of inches of the skirt also made it look very classy and valuable. The skirt was put into fine folds. The fabric was so light that it was swaying even in the slightest of wind.

Oliver’s eyes met Felicity’s, and the expression in them was intense. It seemed to burn into her eyes and right into her soul.

“This is the dress I designed for my second collection,” he said and his voice proved how speechless he actually felt, “the one that the board didn’t agree to, so I trashed it.”

Felicity nodded her head. “I picked it up from the trash and kept it. I thought it might still have its use one day. It was a good design, so it didn’t deserve to be trashed just because it had been done at the wrong time.”

Oliver took in a deep breath and his shoulders tensed at whatever thoughts were going through his mind. He looked up and down her once more, only briefly though, like he needed to assure himself that this was really happening. She was really wearing one of his designs, one that he had put a lot of heat in, but that had been taken down by the board.

“This is my design.”

“It is,” Felicity replied and framed his face with her hands, “so now you got to design my wedding dress after all.”

Oliver took her in once more, looking at her dress intensely. It was like he was comparing his design to what Felicity and Thea had made out of it. The difference between Oliver’s own sketched designs and the ones he was actually having made at the end could be miles apart. When two other people’s style mixed into it, the difference could be even more.

Biting down on her tongue, Felicity wondered if she had made the wrong decision. Oliver was very strict when it came to his designs. He was a perfectionist, so he didn’t really like to agree to changes that had been made without his consent. For every dress he designed, he had a vision. That vision couldn’t be changed easily.

“Felicity Megan Smoak,” Oliver said eventually before Felicity could voice any of it, “you are making dreams come true.”

With that, Oliver put his hands to her cheeks, sensitive of the most sunburnt parts of her skin, and angled her head back. His lips captured hers in a gentle kiss. It tasted like happiness, and Felicity could see the same happiness sparkling in his eyes when they pulled apart.

“Let’s get married.”

Felicity nodded her head and laced her fingers through Oliver’s to make the way to the car. She hadn’t taken a single step yet when Oliver already lifted her into his arms. Felicity screeched a little, but she relaxed against his muscles quickly, wrapping her arms around his neck. She let herself be carried towards the car where Sara and John were already waiting for them.

Oliver gave her a bottle of water, making sure she was hydrated and cooled down a little. His fingers massaged after sun crème into the skin of her shoulders, her cleavage and the back of her neck. His lips whispered sweet words into her ear, taking all the stress she had felt seconds ago from her.

As soon as they arrived at the venue, Moira hurried towards them, asking what had happened. Felicity and Oliver told her a shortened version of the disaster they had just been through. She urged Felicity to freshen herself up, while she would take care of the guests. Oliver as well as Sara and Thea joined Felicity. Sara made sure Felicity’s make-up was freshened up and her hair looked okay, Thea was taking care of the dress and Oliver washed her feet and wrapped her injured foot.

That was what the models for Oliver’s fashion show had had to feel like. Three people working at her to make sure she was as beautiful as possible within a short time was just not what Felicity would like to experience regularly. Right now, she was just relieved that she was being taken care of. She didn’t want to wait even longer for her wedding.

Within twenty minutes she looked less like the trouble she had just gone through and much more like the bride that had left the Queen Mansion full of excitement at the prospect of finally getting married to the love of her life. She did look like she had been in the solarium for a little too long the night before, but Sara had managed to hide the worst of the red well. Photoshop would do the rest.

When Sara tried to usher Oliver out, telling him to wait for Felicity to come down the aisle, Felicity held Oliver back. Her hand grabbed his and she shot Sara and Thea urgent gazes, making them leave them alone.

“Did you change your mind?” Oliver asked, cupping he jaw with his hand. “Should we go to the hospital?”

“No,” Felicity replied firmly, shaking her head and squeezing his fingers, “I just think that we should go down the aisle together. Whenever we get somewhere separately, one of them gets lost on the way. The universe seems to be willing to tear us apart.”

Oliver nodded his head slowly and wrapped Felicity’s arms around his middle. Putting his own arms around her loosely he kissed the tip of her nose. His smile was soft, his eyes full of amazement.

“I don’t care what the universe is planning to do because I won’t let anything tear us apart anymore.” Oliver brushed his fingers over her head. “What we have is just so much bigger than the friggin’ universe.”

Yes, Felicity thought to herself. What they had was so much more than anything the universe could want for them. They were stronger than anything the universe could do to tear them apart. Whatever the universe would try, they would be stronger.

Oliver lowered his head. His lips brushed against hers in a gentle kiss. Moving a hand into his hair, Felicity straightened up onto the tips of her toes and deepened the kiss. It was as much of a promise as their vows would be. They loved each other, and they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, turning it into one shared life. Nothing and nobody should ever get in their way again because they wouldn’t let anything break them apart. Not anymore. Not ever again.

Hand in hand, they left the room and hand in hand, they walked down the aisle, taking their first steps to a shared life.