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It had been entirely unplanned. The both of them had just been joking in the Warrior of Light's room, nothing straying into flirtatious territory, until suddenly it had. Before they knew it, both of them were flushed and panting, each sat on one end of the bed, feverish gazes devouring the way the other was touching themselves, the lewd moaning and gasps tumbling from their lips.

If either was surprised that they soon ended up tangled together, neither could be bothered to care. Just as clothing was being discarded in earnest there came a knocking from the door that very nearly sent them both to the floor.


The warrior cursed under their breath between presses of Emet-Selch's lips.

They had completely forgotten about their plans to browse the markets with the small Elezen.

"War- nnng~ Wardrobe!"

Attempting to climb quietly from the bed without releasing their hold on the Ascian or cutting their string of kisses was a challenge, but they managed decently well.

Alphinaud could very well step in to check if the warrior was in residence at any moment, and they decidedly did not want him bearing witness to their bare ass or an Ascian's tongue down their throat (nor did they want to give up that sinfully talented tongue though), so within only a few seconds they had managed to somehow cram the two of themselves into the wooden cupboard amongst various articles of clothing. Sure enough only moments after the doors had been closed and 'locked' by a bit of void energy, there came the sounds of the younger twin letting himself into the room and going to peer around the half partition that kept the bed out of view.

Though he was only investigating for a minute or so, to the warrior it may as well have been an hour. Emet-Selch had, probably strategically, placed his thigh between their own and his face on their neck, and he was taking complete advantage of his 'fortuitous' position. Had Alphinaud been in the room any longer before deciding they might have gone down ahead of himself, their cover would have likely been blown by the noises Emet-Selch was now masterfully pulling from them.

The moment the apartment door had been closed they had accepted their fate. There were a lot of ways one could have sex in the confined space of a wardrobe apparently.