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Sayo's Problem

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Sayo Samonji was having a problem.

A problem concerning with a silver head government person. Yamanbagiri Chougi to put the description to a name.

What was the problem you may ask? It was the fact that the Tantou was stuck with the Uchigata’s head on his lap, snoring away with redness on his cheeks. A clear indication that Jiroutachi had succeeded in making the newcomer consumed sake at the celebration party. Probably with reasons such as it was his welcoming party and all.

Now, how in the world did Sayo become the unwilling (or half-willing) pillow for Chougi. That was the result of a bunch of conveniently occurred incidents.

In this seemingly uneventful evening, as the Tantou was not expected to walk into the sight of a sitting newcomer, leaning against one of the pillar. Since his back was facing him, Sayo failed to notice whether Chougi was awaked or not. So he softened his footing, and approaching slow enough that the Uchigatana could have the chance to notice him. And as he peered over the mentioned man, the even breathing told him that the man was in deep sleep.

Sayo admitted he could have wakened Chougi, and guided him to his room, but the face he saw stopped him. The Chougi who was sleeping had on of the most innocently peaceful faces Sayo had ever seen. Replacing the snarky smile and arrogant aura that he always had on since he arrived at the Citadel, this Chougi was more relaxed. His face muscle smoothed out, his lips slightly parted allowing soft snores to be heard. Sayo was in lost of words or actions, just keep staring at the sleeping man.

And a breeze hit him, sending chills down his spine and the taller man let out a sneeze. Well, if he could not woke the man, at the very least he could keep him warm in his sleep. With that thought, Sayo took of the blue cloth he always wore as part of his expedition outfit, and wrapped it over Chougi’s shoulders carefully. The Tantou almost succeeded when suddenly the taller male pulled him into a hug, almost as if he was his personal teddy bear.

Letting out a startled yelp, Sayo had to resist the urge to push the sleeper away and run to his room. Instead, he tried to wiggle out of Chougi’s hold. But even in his sleep, the Uchigatana was annoyingly persistent, and Sayo only managed made the man moved his hug to his waist, and with him end up sitting down, Chougi comfortably used his laps as a pillow.

On the bright side, the blue cloth did cover part of Chougi’s body, providing enough warmth.

The downside was that Sayo could barely feel his legs now.

As he looked down the silver head, Sayo absentmindedly stroking the smooth strands, hoping someone would find them soon, and his brothers would not killed the Uchigatana when they found out.